TTT56 - Triumph & Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ

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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 56 - Triumph & Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ

The Spreading of Spiritualism by the Envoys of God

Thus saith the Lord:

1. My Law will be the ark of salvation in this period; when the floodwaters of sin, of grief and misery are unleashed, truly I say to you that men of other nations, will arrive in caravans to this country, attracted by its spirituality, its hospitality and peace, and when they know about this revelation and have faith in what I said in My new coming as the Holy Spirit, I will also name them Israelites in the spirit.

2. Among those multitudes will be My emissaries, whom I will send to their people to convey the Divine message of My word to their brethren.

3. But not everyone will come to this nation to learn of this teaching which I brought to you, because many will receive it spiritually. (10, 22)

4. Each of you shall receive peace, depending on how you have shaped it, but I promise you better times.

5. After the purge that must take place on earth, beings sent by Me, virtuous spirits with great missions, will come to form the obedient family.

6. Four generations after your own shall pass for My Doctrine to extend over the earth and harvest wonderful fruits. (310, 50)

The Fight for the Recognition of the New Word

7. Today it is a small portion that surrounds Me, but tomorrow the multitudes that will be around Me will be immense; among them will be the pharisees and the hypocrites, searching for errors in My Doctrine to arouse the mind of the multitudes against My Work. They do not know that before they scrutinize My word, they will be scrutinized. (66, 61)

8. In that era, three judges, Annas, Pilate, and Herod judged me, and the people fulfilled their sentence on Me. Now, I tell you, many are My judges, and more of them there are who will make Me feel pain in this era.

9. But just when men show the greatest aversion to My Law and Doctrine, just when I am most rejected and persecuted, the voice of the men of faith shall rise up, for what happened in the Second Era shall not occur again; now I am not alone. (94, 67)

10. There shall be a moment when My word given in this Era will seem to have been wiped from the face of the earth.

11. Then men will surface inventing spiritualist doctrines, teaching new laws and doctrines. They will call themselves masters, apostles, prophets, and envoys. For a time, I will let them speak, and sow, and I will permit them to cultivate their crop, so that when they gather their harvest, they will understand what they have sown.

12. Time and the elements shall pass over their seeds, and their passage shall be like a judgment for each of these beings.

13. It is necessary for the world to know impostors, so that they may recognize truth. It is then that the truth and essence that I have bestowed upon you in this time shall rise up in humanity in all its purity and spirituality. (106, 9 – 10)

The Power of the Doctrine of The Holy Spirit

14. A new Era has unfolded before mankind; it is the Era of light, whose presence indicates a halt along the spiritual path of all men; this will enable them to awaken, meditate, and rid themselves of their heavy burden of traditions, fanaticism and errors, in order to arise later to a new life.

15. Some sooner and others later, all religions and sects will be arriving before the invisible Temple, before the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is present in My Work, firm as a column which rises toward infinity, awaiting men of all peoples and lineages.

16. When all have penetrated the interior of My sanctuary to pray and meditate, one and all will reach the same understanding of My truth; that is why, once that “stop” along the way is ended, everyone will arise together guided by the same Law and will have to render worship in the same manner to the Father. (12, 94 – 96)

17. I, in union with the people I am forming and who I rescued from darkness and ignorance, shall give fulfillment to the prophecies made in past times, and before My trials and prodigies the world shall tremble and the theologians and interpreters of prophecies will burn their books and prepare to study this revelation. Men with titles, men of science, men with scepters and crowns, shall stop to hear My Doctrine, and many will cry, “Christ, the Savior, has returned!”

18. Verily I say to you that My Word will change the face of your present world and all of your life.

19. For the men of this era, the world and its pleasures are the reason for their existence; however, soon they will place the spirit before the flesh and the flesh before its garments, and instead of seeking mundane glories, they will go in search of the immortality of the spirit.

20. In the beginning there will be a fanaticism toward the spiritual; its fulfillment will be carried toward an extreme, but then the hearts will calm down and spirituality will emerge filled with truth and purity. (82, 30 – 31)

21. My doctrine shall cause great revolutions in the world, there shall be great transformations in the customs and ideas and there shall be changes even in Nature; all of these shall be signs of the arrival of a new Era for humanity, and the spirits that I shall soon send to the earth will speak of all these prophecies to aid in the restoration and elevation of this world; they shall explain My words, and analyze events. (152, 71)

22. A new song will arise from the spirit of all those who before were not able, but who have finally seen Me because, in spite of their imperfections, they sought Me, and you already know that He who seeks Me will always find Me.

23. But those who have denied Me, those who have fled Me, those who have hidden My name, and those who deny My presence, shall have trials put on their roads that will open their eyes and make them also see the truth. (292, 35 – 36)

24. Like the river that flows headlong for the sea, wiping away all before it, so shall the torrent formed by the spiritualist multitudes that none can impede, for its strength will be invincible, and any who might wish to place themselves as obstacles will be carried away by the current.

25. Who on earth could have the power to detain the evolution of the spirits, or the course of the designs of God? None. The only Being of absolute power and justice is your Father, and He has ordered that each spirit advance toward perfection.

26. If at moments My Divine laws have been disobeyed by men, I shall make My voice be heard like the echo of a clamoring bell even by those dead to the spiritual life. (256, 40 – 42)

27. When humanity knows My teaching, and penetrates its meaning, they will put their confidence in it and confirm themselves in the belief that it is the right road: a guide for all who yearn to live in justice, love, and respect for their fellow men.

28. When this doctrine has settled in the hearts of men, home life will be enlightened, fortifying the parents in virtue, married couples in faithfulness to each other, children in obedience; it shall fill the wisdom of teachers, make leaders magnanimous, and inspire judges to do real justice; scientists shall be enlightened, and that light shall reveal great secrets for the good of humanity and their spiritual evolution. And thus shall a new Era of peace and progress begin. (349, 35)

The Acceptance of the Return of Christ in All the World

29. When man has fallen to the depths of the abyss, and tired of struggle and suffering, no longer has the strength to save himself, marveling, He shall see how springing forth from the very depths of his weakness, his desperation, and his disillusion, shall come an unknown force that emanates from the spirit, which upon seeing that the hour of its liberation has arrived, shall take wing and rise from the ruins of a world of vanities, selfishness, and lies to say: “There is Jesus, the repudiated one. He lives. In vain have we wished to kill him every day and at every step; [yet] He lives, and comes to save us and give us all his love.” (154, 54)

30. Truly I tell you that just as the kings in the past were amazed at the humble manner in which I was born, people of this Era will also be amazed at the humble manner in which I chose to manifest Myself. (307, 52)

31. Humanity is now in a stage of preparation. It is My justice that prepares them without men yet realizing it because, in their arrogance, in their materialistic pride, all the events of their lives which are inevitable they attribute to chance.

32. But My call shall soon come to the hearts [of men] and then, contrite, they shall come to ask me that their pride and their errors be pardoned.

33. This shall be the crucial hour for the spirits of humanity, in which after their great disillusionments, for a moment they will feel an absolute emptiness when they see evidenced the falseness of their greatness, the fragility of their power, and the wrongness of their ideologies.

34. Yet that state of confusion shall not last long, for by then My emissaries will be moving forward, disseminating My new message.

35. Again, just as in past times when My missionaries advanced from east to west spreading the knowledge of My word, in this time My envoys will return to this world, taking the light of this message to peoples and homes.

36. Will it seem strange to men that this time My light moves from west to east? Shall they for this reason reject the message carried to them by My bearers in My name? (334, 42 – 45)

37. There are entire races that do not accept Me, there are peoples who stubbornly distance themselves from My laws; who persist in not knowing My Doctrine, or in opposing it after judging it inappropriate for these times.

38. They are those who have not understood Me, who have remained stubborn in their earthly liberties, and who many times practice good for their own convenience and not for the elevation of the spirit.

39. But for each people and each race, My justice and My trials are ready, and they shall be coming day by day finally to fortify their hearts and spirits as though they were fields to be planted; and when they are prepared, My seed, the eternal seed of My love, My justice, and My light, will be planted in their bosom.

40. And those peoples will speak of Me with love, those races will be born to hope in Me, and there shall be hymns in the spirits of all the peoples of this humanity, choruses of praise and love for the one Lord of all men. (328, 12)

Main Page The Third Testament TTT56 - Triumph & Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ Chapter