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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 58 - Christ’s Kingdom of Peace

The Determining Power in Christ’s Kingdom of Peace

Thus saith the Lord:

1. Just as I announced these bitter times to you, I also say to you that once this confusion has passed, harmony will come among humanity.

2. Those beings who are proud, vain, and who lack charity and justice will remain for awhile in the spiritual valley in order for goodness, peace and justice to progress on earth, thus allowing spirituality and science to flourish. (50, 39 – 40)

3. In the lives of men, evil has always been ahead of good, but again I tell you, that evil shall not prevail, My law of love and justice shall reign over humanity. (113, 32)

4. The spirits incarnated in those days shall, in their majority, be faithful to the good, so much so that when men who are inclined to evil arise, no matter how strong they might be, will be forced to bend before the light of truth that the majority present to them. Very different from that which occurs today, when being more numerous, the twisted ones have made of evil a force which suffocates, pollutes, and immobilizes the good ones. (292, 55)

5. Then, oh, My disciples, the New Jerusalem shall be in the hearts of men. You shall reach high levels of spirituality, and I shall send to incarnate among you not only the greatly evolved spirits to bring you My messages, but also the spirits needful of your virtue, who upon finding themselves among you shall cleanse themselves of their sins.

6. In those times, the opposite shall occur of that which does today, when I send you clean spirits and you return them soiled. (318, 46)

The New Man

7. Men will surge from the scum, the mire, and the sin to Law and virtue, and will walk along the roads of love and grace. My Spirit will be felt everywhere, every eye shall see Me, every ear will hear Me and every mind will understand My revelations and inspirations.

8. Men regarded as slow to comprehend and rude will suddenly become illuminated and converted into My prophets; from their lips will pour forth words which will be like crystalline water upon they withered hearts.

9. The prophets will take that water from the fountain of wisdom and truth which is I, and there they will find health, purity and eternal life. (68, 38 – 39)

10. My Kingdom is reserved to the sons of good will, who embrace their cross from love of their Father and their fellow men. That Kingdom of which I speak is not in any one place, but can be found in the world which you inhabit, just as in any of the spiritual mansions, for My Kingdom is formed of peace, light, grace, power, and harmony. All of these things you may achieve, though only partly, in this life full spirituality you will achieve only beyond this world you now inhabit. (108, 32)

11. In truth, I tell you, if men today are more material than spiritual, tomorrow they will be more spiritual than material.

12. Men have tried to materialize their spirit completely, but that complete materialization they will not accomplish, because the spirit is like a diamond, and a diamond never ceases to be one, even when it falls into the mire. (230, 54)

13. Men, without giving up their duties and missions in the world, will put their science, their strength, their talent, and their hearts into the service of My Divine cause. They will seek the healthy pleasures, those that are good for both the spirit and the material. They will fight for their regeneration and for their freedom, and they will not pollute themselves or take what is not necessary to them. And that is when evil and frivolousness shall disappear from the earth; the spirit will have achieved its complete dominion over its shell, and while still inhabiting the material form, will create a spiritual life of love, brotherhood, and peace.

14. That shall be the time when wars disappear, when there is respect and charity towards one another, when you realize that you cannot dispose of the life of another, nor even of your own; you will then know that you are not the owners of your own life, nor of those of your spouses and children, nor of this earth; rather, it is I who am the owner of all Creation; however, because you are My beloved children, all that is Mine, you too possess.

15. And I, being owner and holder of all things created, am unable to kill My creatures: to hurt or wound any one of them. Why then, do those who are not the owners of life take what is not theirs to dispose of?

16. When this teaching has been understood by men, they will have taken a step upward in their spiritual evolution, and this world will be the dwelling of advanced spirits.

17. You do not know if after this time you will return to inhabit this planet. I shall mark those who shall have to see those times of grace, those who will have to come to behold this valley which was in another age a vale of tears, destruction, and death.

18. Those seas, those forests, and those fields that were the witnesses of such pain, shall thereafter be converted into a dwelling of peace, into an image of the Beyond.

19. I have proclaimed to you that when the battles cease, My Kingdom will be near to you; that your spirits will then flower in virtues, My Doctrine shall be present in all spirits, and I will manifest Myself through the channel of men and women. (231, 28 – 30)

20. I have prepared an Era in which humanity shall rise up in obedience, and when the children of your children will behold the greatness that I shall pour forth over this earth.

21. In this world, which I gave to you as an earthly paradise, My will must be done, and a time will come when the spirits that have greatly battled and greatly evolved will come to this planet, and My Divine light will bathe the earth; and in it will be the fulfillment of My Law. (363, 44)

The Earth as Promised Land and Reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven

22. This world, profaned by sin, stained by crimes, and marred by greed and hatred, must recover its purity. Human life, which has been a ceaseless struggle between good and evil, shall be the home of the children of God, a home of peace, brotherhood, understanding, and noble yearnings; however, to reach that ideal, it is necessary for men to pass through trials that awaken them from their spiritual lethargy. (169, 14)

23. I shall not raise a new world upon sin, hatred and vice; I will raise it upon a firm foundation of regeneration, experience and repentance; I will transform it all through you. Light will emanate from the very darkness, and from death I will make life pour out.

24. If men have blemished and polluted the earth, tomorrow with their deeds they shall dignify this mansion, the one that will be regarded as a Promised Land, so as to enter it and carry out noble missions. Who will then doubt the conversion of the world? (82, 44 – 45)

25. I am building a temple of the Holy Spirit, and when it has been constructed, the gathering places, temples, and sanctuaries will have ceased to exist, or will have lost their reason for existing, as will their symbols, rites, and traditions. That will be when you feel My presence and My greatness, you shall recognize that your temple is the universe, and as your form of worship, the love of your fellow men.

26. From the bosom of mother nature new lights shall spring forth, which will transform your science into a road of bonanzas, for it shall be channeled by the conscience, which is the voice of God.

27. The brain shall no longer be the master of the world, but will collaborate with the spirit, which will guide and enlighten it. (126, 35 – 36)

28. When the world reaches its new liberation, and guided by the light of Elijah comes into that good and just life, you will have here on the earth a reflection of the spiritual life that awaits you beyond this life in which you will enjoy eternally the peace and the light of your Father.

29. Yet, if you ask how all the nations of the world can come to unite in one single people like those of the tribes that made up the people of Israel, I will tell you: Do not fear, for once carried into the desert, the trials themselves will unite them, and when that comes to pass, a new manna shall fall from the heavens to each of the needy hearts. (160, 39)

30. Just as the people of Israel shared out the Promised Land, so too shall humanity share the earth. That will happen when the time is right, after the purification. As it is My will that sharing out, in it there shall be justice and fairness, so that all men may work together in one single work. (154, 49)

31. Think of the advancement of a humanity whose morality proceeds from spirituality; imagine a humanity without borders or limits, sharing like brothers all the means of life that the earth offers its children.

32. Try to imagine what human science will be, when it has as its ideal the love of one another, and when man obtains the knowledge He seeks through prayer.

33. Think of how pleasing to Me it will be to receive from men a worship made of the love, the faith, the obedience, and the humility shown by their lives, without the need to resort to rites or outward forms of worship.

34. That will truly be a life for men, within which they will breathe peace, enjoy liberty, and sustain themselves only with that which contains truth. (315, 57 – 58)

35. The sins of men will have been erased, and all will seem as new. A light of purity and virginity shall illuminate all creatures, a new harmony will greet that humanity, and it is then that a hymn of love that I have so long awaited will ascend to their Lord from the spirits of men.

36. Mother earth, which has been profaned since the first times by her children, shall cover herself in her most beautiful adornments, and men shall no longer name it a vale of tears, nor to convert it into a field of blood and death.

37. This world shall be like a small sanctuary in the middle of the Universe from which men will elevate their spirits to the infinite in a communication full of humility and love for their Celestial Father.

38. My children will carry My law imprinted upon their spirit and My word upon their heart, and if humanity in times past found pleasure in evil, and enjoyed sin, yet in these times they will have no other ideal but goodness, nor find any greater pleasure than to go forward upon My path.

39. Yet, do not think that because of this man will give up his science or his civilization, hiding in the valleys and mountains to make for himself a primitive life; no, He will have yet to taste the fruits of the tree of science that He has cultivated with such interest, and when his spirituality is greater, so too will be his science.

40. Yet, at the end of time, when man has traveled all the road, and has plucked the last fruit from the tree, He shall recognize the pettiness of his works which before seemed to him so grand, and He shall understand and feel the spiritual life, and through it, admire as never before the work of the Creator. For inspiration He shall receive the great revelations, and his life shall be a return to simplicity, to naturalness, and to spirituality. There is time before that day arrives, and yet all My children shall see it. (111, 12 – 14)

The Consummation of Creation

41. I am preparing the valley where all My children must unite for the Great Universal Judgment. I shall judge with perfection, My love and charity shall envelope humanity, and on that day you shall find salvation and the balm for your ills.

42. If today you atone for your faults, allow your spirit to purify! Thusly will you be prepared to receive from Me the inheritance that I have destined for each of you. (237, 6)

43. My love will unite all men and all the worlds. Before me will disappear the differences in races, languages and lineages and even the differences which exist in the spiritual evolution. (60, 95)

44. My Spirit has poured out over every spirit, and My angels are sown all over the universe, fulfilling My mandate of putting all in order and bringing all again to its [proper] channels. And when all have fulfilled their missions, ignorance will have disappeared, evil will no longer exist, and only good will reign over this planet. (120, 47)

45. All of the worlds in which My children are perfecting themselves are like an infinite garden; today you are tender bushes, but I promise you that the crystalline waters of My teachings will not be lacking, and with its watering you shall continue growing in wisdom and love, until one day in eternity, when the trees are crowned with fully mature fruit, the Divine Gardner shall revel in his work, tasting the fruits of his own love. (314, 34)

46. I wish that at the end of the struggle, when all My children have reunited to spend eternity in the spiritual home, they shall participate in My infinite happiness as the Creator, taking into account that each of you have taken part in the Divine Work, building, or rebuilding.

47. Only in the spiritual will you discover that of all that I have created since the beginning, nothing has been lost, that in Me all lives again, all grows, and is renewed.

48. And so, if so many beings were for so long lost, if many, instead of works of life created works of destruction, they shall find that the time of their disturbance was fleeting, and their works, as bad as they were, shall find repair in the eternal life, to be made into collaborators of My unceasingly creative Work.

49. What are a few centuries of sin and darkness, such as humanity has had on earth, if you compare them to eternity, with the endless time of evolution and peace? You have parted from Me, by means of your free will, and you shall return induced by the conscience. (317, 17 – 20)

50. This world is not eternal, nor is it necessary that it be so. When this dwelling ceases to have the reason it now has to exist, it will disappear.

51. When your spirit no longer needs the lessons that this life gives, because other more elevated lessons await it in another world, then, with the light acquired in this struggle, it will say, “How clearly I understand now that all the vicissitudes of this life were only experiences and lessons that I needed in order to understand better. How long this journey appeared to me in the moments when suffering drained My strength, but now, in contrast, when all is in the past, how brief and fleeting it appears before eternity. (230. 47)

52. I have received tribute from all Creation, from the greatest of heavenly bodies to the beings least perceptible to your gaze.

53. All is subject to evolution, all moves, all progresses. All is transformed, elevated, and perfected.

54. When it has reached the peak of perfection, My spiritual smile, like an infinite aurora, shall be in all the universe, from which all stains, all misery, all pain, and all imperfection will have passed. (254, 28)

The Song of Praise for the restored Harmony of Creation

55. In My Spirit there is a hymn whose notes none have heard, it is unknown to any in heaven or earth.

56. That song shall be heard in all the universe when pain, misery, darkness, and sin have been extinguished.

57. Those Divine notes shall find echo in all spirits, joining the Father and the children in that song of harmony and happiness. (219, 13)

58. I wish to raise Myself triumphant in you, I wish you to behold the King of Armies as your Father, victorious over your evil; and yourselves as soldiers filled with spiritual dignity, filled with satisfaction and peace.

59. Then shall you hear the hymn of universal harmony in the greatest of victories, the triumph that must come, but of which neither your Father, nor you, shall be offended to be a conqueror through your love.

60. Our defeated [enemies] shall not be the spirits, but evil, all darkness, and all sin and imperfections.

61. The victory of the Father shall be in the salvation of all the backward spirits mired in darkness and evil.

62. You are mistaken if you believe any will be lost; I would cease to be God if even one spirit did not find salvation.

63. All those whom you call demons, are also spirits who sprang from the Father, and if today they are in confusion, they too shall find salvation.

64. When shall the true light be in them? When you, united to the legions of the spirits of the light, combat their ignorance and sin with your prayer and with your works of love and charity.

65. The perfect happiness for both you and the Father will be the great day of the Lord. The universal feast shall be when all of you sup at his table on the bread of eternal life. (327, 47 – 48)

66. Have I not told you that you are the heirs to My Glory? You need only to earn merit for it to be yours to enjoy.

67. All that I have created has not been for Me, but for My children. I only long for your enjoyment and your eternal happiness. (18, 60 – 61)

68. All of the energy that has animated the beings and given life to the organisms, and all the light that has illuminated the worlds shall return to Me; and all the beauty spilled out over the realms of creation shall be in the Spirit of the Father. And once within Me again, that life shall be transformed to a spiritual essence that will be poured out once more over the spiritual beings, the children of the Lord, for you shall never be disinherited of the gifts I have given you.

69. Wisdom, eternal life, harmony, infinite beauty, kindness, all this and more, will be in all children of the Lord when they dwell with Him in the perfect mansion. (18, 54 – 56)

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