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THE THIRD TESTAMENT, Revelations of Jesus Christ

Chapter 61 - Exhortations & Warnings

Mandates and Obligations

Thus saith the Lord:

1. Israel: Do not comply only with your obligations incurred in the world. Comply also with the Law, for before the Father you have undertaken a mission and its fulfillment should be strict, elevated and spiritual.

2. I am teaching you so that you will withdraw from materialism and cease to be fanatical and idolatrous; that you may not venerate or render worship to man – made idols. It is not My wish that within your heart there would exist roots of idolatry, fanaticism, false worship; do not present any offerings that will not reach Me, I only ask for your regeneration and your compliance within spirituality.

3. Transform yourselves from your past customs, do not look back or contemplate what you have left and should no longer practice; understand that you have penetrated the path of your evolution and you should not detain. The road is narrow and you must know it well, because tomorrow you will have to guide your brethren through it and I do not want you to get lost.

4. I am a patient Father who awaits your repentance and good will in order to fill you with My grace and My charity. (23, 60 – 63)

5. My word always advises righteousness and virtue, you must not spread malicious talk about your brethren, causing their disgrace. Do not regard with contempt those who suffer ailments that you call contagious; do not favor wars; do not have a disgraceful occupation which destroys morality and protects vices; do not curse anything that is created. Do not take what belongs to others without permission of its owner, or spread superstitions.

6. Visit the sick; forgive those who offend you; protect virtue; give good examples and you will be loving Me and loving your brethren, because My entire Law is based on those two precepts.

7. Learn My lesson and teach it by practicing it. If you do not learn, how do you expect to preach My Doctrine? And if you do not feel what you have learned, how do you expect to teach like a good apostle? (6, 25 – 26)

8. People, if you want to progress, leave aside the laziness in you; if you wish to be great, apply My maxims to your works; if you wish to know yourselves, analyze yourselves through My word.

9. Understand that you need My word, which pours forth love, wisdom, counsel, and assistance, but feel responsible, at the same time, for what I give you; for you are not the only needy ones in the world, there are many who have hungered and thirsted for these teachings, and you must think of preparing yourselves to go to them with the message of My love. (285, 50)

10. The responsibility toward humanity that this people has before it is very great; they shall have to give an example of true spirituality, teach the way to offer up the inner worship that is the pleasing offering, the worthy homage, to God.

11. Open your hearts and hear the voice of the conscience so that you may judge your actions and you may know that you are indeed faithfully interpreting My teachings, or if you too are mistaking the meaning of My Doctrine. (280, 73)

12. My Doctrine loses all meaning if you do not practice it.

13. You know well, beloved disciples, that the purpose of My law and Doctrine is the practice of good, and that therefore who bears it only in his memory or on his lips, without applying it to his actions, is lying. (269, 45)

14. You men who bear the light of experience of this life in your heart and spirit and the light left by the evolution in different existences: Why do you busy your spirits in that which is superfluous to it? And why do you so often cry over things that do not justify your pain? Seek the truth in all things; it is on every path, as diaphanous and clear as the light of day. (121, 48 – 49)

15. Do not forget and keep always in mind, the awakening of faith in your brothers depends on your righteous and virtuous life. This means that they will scrutinize and observe even the intimate parts of your life, seeking in your works a confirmation of the Doctrine you preach (300, 57)

16. Tell Me: Have I ever rejected you for your faults? Have I left you behind, abandoned, when some obstacle has delayed you? Have I been cruel when, overcome by pain, you have fallen?

17. Yet I see those who I so lovingly call My disciples abandon their brothers who have fallen into misfortune and ignore those who make an error; and instead of bringing those in with charity to help them to reform themselves, at times they make themselves judges, taking up cases that do not correspond to them to judge.

18. Is that My teaching? I can hear your consciences saying, “No.” And yet I wish you to judge yourselves in detail, so that you may smooth the burrs that your feelings suffer from, and begin to be My disciples. (268, 46)

Faith, Hope, Love, Humility, and Trust

19. When you are humble, you will be great. Greatness does not lie in pride and vanity as many believe. I have told you throughout the times to be meek and humble of heart.

20. Acknowledge Me as your Father and love Me. Do not seek a throne for your material body or a name to distinguish you from the rest. Do not seek to be different from others and always practice good will. (47, 54)

21. I want to see in you the faith that the sick people showed during the Second Era, when they appeared before Me: that of the paralytic, the blind and the incurable woman. I want to feel loved as the Father, to be solicited as a Doctor and to be listened to as the Master. (6, 46)

22. Do not weaken in faith or hope, keep always in mind that the end of this journey will come. Do not forget that in Me you had your beginning, and in Me too shall be your end; and that end is eternity, for there is no death of the spirit.

23. Keep eternity as your ideal, and do not weaken before the difficulties. Do you even know if this is your last incarnation on earth? Who can tell you if that body you now have is paying back all of your debts with My justice? That is why I tell you, make use of your time here, but do not hurry. If you accept your sufferings and with patience drain the cup, I can tell you truly that your merits will not be sterile.

24. Keep your spirit always moving forward so that you never cease to perfect yourselves. (95, 4 – 6)

25. Live for the Father who loves his children, who are your brothers, and you will reach immortality. If you fall into selfishness, and wrap yourselves in self – love, with difficulty shall your seed and your memory last.

26. Be meek and humble of heart, and you will be always full of My grace. (256, 72 – 73)

27. Great is your destiny! Yet do not be thereby dominated by sad presentiments, but fill yourselves with hope and courage thinking that the days of bitterness that approach are necessary for the awakening and the purification of men, without which you can never see the triumphal entry of the time of spirituality.

28. Learn to impose yourself over adversities, do not allow sorrow to take hold of your heart, and be careful of your health. Raise the morale of your brothers by speaking of Me and teaching them My Doctrine, which ignites faith and hope.

29. Look at the way many men walk with their heads bowed, they are spirits who have allowed themselves to be defeated in the contest; see them prematurely aged and gray, their faces wilted and with a melancholy expression, and if those who should be strong weaken, youth must wither, and childhood will look sadly at their surroundings.

30. You, people, do not deprive your hearts of all those healthy but fleeting pleasures, you may enjoy them, eat your humble bread in peace, and I promise you will find it sweeter and more substantial.

31. Deduce from My words that what I want of you is trust, faith, optimism, calm, and steadfastness, and that in spite of your labors and penalties there is no bitterness in your hearts. What sweetness or happiness can you offer to the needy if you had the heart occupied by sorrow, worry, or dissent?

32. It is precisely in your trials that you must give the highest examples of elevation, faith, and humility.

33. He who can give that spirituality to his life will never cease to feel peace, and even his dreams will be peaceful and refreshing, for his spirit will use his sleep to detach itself towards the beyond to receive those Divine emanations from which it is nourished and in which the body also participates. (292, 45 – 51)

Prayer, Study, Alertness, Renovation, and Spirituality

34. Beloved disciples, once again I tell you: Be vigilant and pray, for the material is fragile, and in its weaknesses it can detour the spirit from the straight path.

35. The spirit that knows how to keep watch never leaves the road marked out for him by his Lord, and is able to employ his inheritance and his gifts until He achieves elevation.

36. He will move ahead in the trials, because He lives alert and never lets himself be dominated by the material. He who is vigilant and prays always emerges triumphant from the difficult times, and knows how to walk with firm steps on the path of life.

37. How different is the conduct of He who forgets to keep vigil and pray! He voluntarily renounces to defend himself with the best weapons I have placed in man, which are faith, love, and the light of knowledge. It is He who does not hear the inner voice that speaks to him through intuition, his conscience, or in dreams. The heart and the mind do not understand this type of language, and do not believe the message sent by their own spirit. (278, 1 – 3)

38. Pray for the troubled spirits, for those become materialists, for those in the bowels of the earth who have not yet managed to separate themselves from their bodies; and for those who suffer and weep because of the ignorant mourning on earth that follows them.

39. Pardon and cease judging too those who have sown ills in your heart; if your eyes could behold them on their knees begging your forgiveness you would not be so unjust to them. Help them to fly toward the infinite, raise them up with your charity, understand that they no longer belong to this world. (107, 15)

40. Do not be satisfied with your first works, believing that you have earned sufficient merit for the perfection of your spirit, but dedicate a time each day to the study of My Work, so that you may learn new lessons and discover greater revelations daily.

41. The studious disciple will always hear the answer to his questions and will always hear My Fatherly counsel in the instants of testing.

42. The diligent disciple will be a source of love for his brothers, He will feel truly rewarded by his Father, and will recognize the moment to rise up and carry out his great spiritual mission among men. (280, 40 – 42)

43. As you perfect yourselves you will see the goal to be closer, though you will not know if you are one step from your salvation or if you still have far to go on the road. I tell you only that you must allow yourselves to be guided submissively and obediently by this word, which is the voice of My Divine Spirit.

44. Absolve yourselves of breaking the Law, of falling repeatedly into the same error. Heed this call, which is an invitation to reform, a plea that your Father makes to you, for I do not wish to see you live uselessly on earth and cry afterward for your disobedience. (322, 60)

45. Do not fear the murmurs of humanity or their judgments; fear the justice of your God. Remember that I have told you that as a judge I am inexorable. Seek me out therefore always as Father, as God, so that you lack nothing on your path. (344, 31)

46. Do not allow yourselves to be surprised, My people, live always alert and be faithful sentinels. Do not fear the words spoken to you by your own brothers to convince you that you are wrong.

47. Keep firm, for great will be the honors I give to the soldiers faithful to My cause, those of you, who know how to face these difficult times of confusion of ideas, creeds, and religions.

48. Respect all your brothers in the same way that you respect My Work, and demonstrate the teaching that I have come again to show you. If men mock you, let them; the light of My Holy Spirit will come to them and repentance will be in their hearts. (336, 18)

49. Do not halt in your steps, oh disciples, but let them be always firm on the path of good and progress as I have always told you, for times are coming in which only the good can open a breach for mankind, and in which only virtue and truth can maintain them on the path of struggle and combat.

50. The days are near when imposture must fall, in which falsehood, hypocrisy, selfishness, and all the bad seeds will find their end through great trials, obstacles, and reverses.

51. That is why the Master tells you: Pledge yourselves more and more to the good. Be convinced, My people, that you can receive no evil for the good you do. If for the good you do on the earth you gather poor fruits or repayment, that result is temporary, not the final one. In truth, I tell you that you must persevere until the harvest. (332, 31)

Warnings to the Communities of the Revelation (…as well as for all readers and successors – Theo)

52. Unfortunate is He who interprets My word according to his will, for He will answer to Me because of it.

53. On earth many men have dedicated themselves to altering the truth, without realizing the responsibility that they have as collaborators in the Work of love of the Father.

54. During this period of judgment which many ignore, because they have been unable to interpret the events that they are living, justice is found in each spirit taking into account its deeds within or outside the Law of love in the course of its pilgrimage in this world.

55. He who alters the essence of My revelations in these writings revealed through inspiration, will answer for his actions before Me.

56. Therefore, you must proceed with uprightness, for these lessons are My legacy of love for My children who, incarnated or in spirit, are awaiting greater teachings. (20, 12 – 14)

57. I do not wish to see lies in you, oh Israel, for one day they will be uncovered, and then the world will say: “Are these the disciples of the Master? If the disciples are false, so too was the Master who instructed them by giving them lies. (344, 10)

58. You are the ones entrusted with alleviating the pain of humanity and teaching prayer to the blasphemers who have passed much time without elevating their spirits in prayer.

59. For this, however, you must spiritualize yourselves, putting materialism away from you each day.

60. I do not wish you to be exaggerated spiritualists, No. Fanaticism is abominable to Me, and that is why I have come to remove it from your midst. The conscience will tell you how you must live in harmony with all. (344, 17 – 18)

61. Hear Me, people; listen, disciples; I am giving you the light and I am freeing you of the chains, the ties, and the darkness. But I am not empowering you so that you can make of this Work just another religion, nor so that you can fill it with forms and rites according to your convenience. No!

62. Distinguish well what is the liberty I have come to give you, so that you do not exchange it for a new fanaticism.

63. Have you not realized yet that your minds, and with them your spirits, have been stalled in their development? Do you not remember the mound of false fears and prejudices inherited from your antecessors from which I have freed you so that you may look the truth in the face and receive the light? (297, 20 – 21)

64. The soil will be watered and open in waiting for the seed of My sowers. Would it be just for this people to arrive with a new idolatry after humanity has been freed of fanaticism and materialist adoration? No My beloved disciples and students, that is why the lessons and trials are found on your path at every step. (292, 44)

Chapter 61 – Exhortations and Warnings from The Lord – PART II

Warning about the Continuation of the Revelations after 1950, and False Revelations of Christ – Thus saith the Lord…

65. After the day marked by My divinity, you will no longer hear My word, but it will have been engraved in your conscience, your heart, and in the books.

66. He who rises up as a speaker invoking My Ray does not know the sentence that He imposes upon himself.

67. I warn you not to lend your ears to false prophets, false spokesmen, and false Christs. I alert you so that you may avoid the confusion in time, and avoid the coming among you of spirits of darkness. Be vigilant, for you will answer to Me for these teachings if you are not prepared. (229, 40 – 41)

68. These are already the final times that I stay among you in this form. Believe in this, and believe too, that I will not return to this world to give My word material form, and much less to make Myself man.

69. Prepare yourselves, for rumors will come to you of men who claim that I have returned, that Christ has come to the earth. Remain faithful and say firmly, that the Lord is with all his children in spirit.

70. If you sleep, and do not spiritualize yourselves, you will deny that I raised up My word and transforming yourselves into blasphemers, invoke My Ray upon the multitudes, saying to them: “We ask that He who gave us his word continue speaking to us, let us raise up canticles and hosannas that He may hear us.”

71. Yet, I tell you truly that My Ray shall not be turned again upon human understanding, for I will not come to feed your foolishness.

72. To what will you be exposing yourselves? To the words of apparent light leading you to confusion. Is that what your heart wishes? Prepare yourselves for that test, and the light of My inspiration will shine over your obedience and humility.

73. I proclaim to you that if by 1950 there is no unification of these multitudes into one single people, confusion will soon reign, for there will be some who say that the Master continues to manifest; woe then to this people. Have you not sensed this threat in advance?

74. That spirit of brotherhood and unity has not yet awoken in you; you hope that events will bring you unity, yet if that is what you await you will see the plagues unleashed, the disorders, the wars, and the justice of the elements, until there will not be one place of peace in the whole world, not on its surface, in its bowels, at sea or in the winds. (146, 24 – 26)

75. You will prepare yourselves and always when you are gathered, be it in these gathering places, in your homes or your valleys, there, in these meetings, you feel My presence spiritually.

76. But be watchful, for false disciples shall arise announcing that they communicate directly with the Father, and transmit false orders and inspirations.

77. I have taught you to distinguish the truth from imposture, to know the tree by its fruit. (260, 65 – 66)

78. I have announced that the moment will come when you see many “spiritualisms” arise, and that you must be prepared to discover in which ones truth exists, and in which imposture.

79. You will see false communications attributed to Me, rumors of Divine envoys that bring messages to the world, sects with the name of the Seven Seals and many confusing and undefined doctrines.

80. All this will be the product of the great spiritual confusion that humanity has been preparing, but do not fear, try to live keeping watch and praying, and you will not succumb to the confusion, for My word, in the moments of greatest darkness, shall be the light that makes you behold My clear and perennial truth. (252, 15 – 17)

Bad Habits, Hypocrisy and Vice

81. Vanity is harbored in those who, believing themselves to have reached the complete knowledge of the truth, have considered themselves wise, strong, infallible, great and absolute, without realizing that many times they have been confused.

82. I do not desire that from among these people who have barely begun to develop under the light of these lessons, tomorrow emerge men who are confused because of their vanity, boasting that they are the reincarnation of Christ, or that they are the new Messiahs.

83. Whoever commits such acts, will be those who, believing they have reached the understanding of all My truth, in reality, are far from the path marked by Christ. which is of humility.

84. Study the life of Jesus on earth and you will find a profound and unforgettable lesson of humility. (27, 3 – 6)

85. One of the most serious defects is that of hypocrisy; do not proclaim love while incapable of loving Me in your fellow men.

86. How many of those who have judged the kiss of Judas, do not want to see that they have given a kiss of apparent fraternity to their brother and behind his back have betrayed him! How many of those who say that they are serving the needy I see delivering light, truth and charity in exchange for coins.

87. Why is it that when someone has intimidated you with questions, you have done as Peter did during his moments of weakness: denying Me and declaring that in truth you did not even know Me? Why do you fear human Justice and not mine?

88. Verily I say to you that between the Divine justice and your Sins, the intercession of Mary intervenes, your celestial Mother who always pleads for you. (75, 37)

89. No one is authorized to judge the actions of his brothers, for if He who is clean does not do so, why should He who bears stains in his heart?

90. I tell you this because you are constantly examining what is sown by your brothers, expecting to find defects in it, to then show them your own sowing to humiliate them saying that your own work is cleaner and more perfect.

91. The only judge who knows how to assess your works is your Father in Heaven. When He presents himself with his scales, it will not be He who understands the most who has the highest merit in his eyes, but He who has known how to be the brother to his fellow men, and child to his Lord. (131, 55 – 57)

92. Learn and practice; teach, feeling what you say and do; confirm My doctrine by your works. I do not wish the corrupt among My disciples. Think of what would become of humanity and of you, if this Work, initiated with such love and patience, were to be toppled from a lack of morality, virtue, and truth in your life. (165. 25)

93. Go no longer in pursuit of the pleasures or frivolities of the world, but pursue instead the elevation of your lives, so that throughout your lives I may give you the satisfactions that serve as encouragement for your hearts. (111, 61)

94. Woe unto you if your evil tendencies ore stronger than the virtues possessed by your spirit or if My teaching does not bear fruit! If you do not meditate or analyze My word, believing you are doing My will, My light will awaken you. And when you know all truth, you will remember that I have sent you to the world to do good works. (55, 6)

95. Woe betide those who during this period with their profanations and disobedience set a bad example in front of the children, whom I have sent with a spiritual mission! Do you want to imitate the multitudes who between shouts and mockery led Jesus toward Golgotha, sowing terror within the hearts of the children who could not explain to themselves why a man who only delivered blessings was being tortured and put to death?

96. Each time that Jesus fell, those innocent ones wept; but verily I say to you that their weeping came more from the spirit than from the flesh. How many of them followed Me afterward and loved Me, even when the memory of what their innocent eyes beheld was not erased from their hearts! (69, 50 – 51)

False Penitence and mistaken Expectations

97. Do not practice wrongful understood penance; do not deprive your body of what it needs. On the other hand, avoid those things which might harm your body even if it requires a sacrifice on his behalf. That type of penance benefits your spirit and also pleases the Father. (55, 40)

98. You already look at God as more of a Father of perfect and inexhaustible love than as a judge. And I tell you that it is well that you look at God as your Father.

99. Nonetheless, I must tell you, so that you will be alert, that you too could fall, as did that ancient people, into a new error, and that error could be to cease worrying about improving morally and spiritually, or it could be to carelessly sin seriously and repeatedly because you are confident that the Father is above all love, and therefore must forgive you.

100. Certainly, God is love, and there is no fault so grave that He will not forgive it, but you must know that it is from precisely that same Divine love that his inexorable justice proceeds.

101. Know all this, so that bearing in you the knowledge of My doctrine, which contains truth, you destroy all the mistaken concepts that may be in you.

102. Do not forget that the love of the Father pardons you, but that the stain remains inscribed on your spirit in spite of the pardon, and that you will have to cleanse it through merits, returning the love that pardoned you. (293, 43 – 44)

103. A voice has come to awaken you, a voice sweet and consoling that calls you to the Kingdom of Light and Life, but which can become one of justice if you choose to continue profaning your spirit and ignoring the Law.

104. To the humble and obedient My word says: “Persevere, for you will accomplish much by My grace, and much will you reach for your brothers.”

105. To the foolish My voice says: “If you do not make use of this holy occasion to leave the mire of sin or the darkness of ignorance you inhabit, you will see the times and eras pass over your spirit without knowing what the Lord brought in his message, nor what were the gifts revealed to his people.

106. It is true that there will be a good time to save yourself and scale the heights, but woe to He who delays that day. Woe to He who misses the opportunities to achieve the evolution of the spirit because He dedicated himself to the superfluous of this world! He does not know how long it will be until the next opportunity, nor how bitter will be the restitution.

107. There is not the smallest bit of revenge or the least bit of punishment on the part of the Father in this, but only his strict and inexorable justice.

108. Now that I have presented Myself among you, by any chance do you see that you have missed or not taken advantage of prior opportunities, or how long your spirit has waited to receive this new opportunity to fulfill a mission that some time ago was entrusted to it?

109. What do your heart and mind know of the past of their spirit, of its destiny, its debts, its missions, and its restitutions? – Nothing.

110. That is why you should not block the perfection of the spirit, nor tempt it with the love of the things of this world. It must follow another road, other ends, and other ideals. (279, 16 – 19)

Warning to the Peoples and Powers of the earth

111. Woe betides Humanity if in her heart mercy and charity should not emerge! Woe betides men if they should not come to have a complete knowledge of their bad deeds! Their own hand is unleashing upon themselves the fury of the elements and trying to spread upon the nations the chalice of pain and bitterness, and when they are gathering the result of their deed, even then, there will be some who will say: “It is a punishment of God!” (57, 82)

112. Woe to those peoples who are stubborn in their idolatry, their fanaticism, and their routine! They shall be unable to behold My light, nor shall they feel the infinite joy of the awakening of the spirit.

113. Certainly My Doctrine will move the world, yet when the struggle has ceased, true peace shall be felt on earth, the peace which comes from My Spirit. Only the foolish, those resistant to understanding, and the hard of heart will continue to suffer. (272, 12 – 13)

114. I am making Myself felt in the hard hearts of men, in those which bear the purpose of fomenting war, so that they may recognize that My will is stronger than their warlike purposes. If the hearts of these men is hard, and is not moved by My will, My justice shall be felt in all the universe. (340, 33)

115. Again, as in the times of Noah, men shall laugh at the prophecies and will begin to believe and repent only when the waters begin to cover their bodies.

116. My charity has come always to restrain you in your senselessness, yet you have never wished to listen to Me. Sodom and Gomorrah were also warned so that fear and repentance might enter them and prevent their destruction, however, they did not wish to hear My voice, and perished.

117. I also invited Jerusalem to pray and return to true worship, but its unbelieving and carnal heart rejected My Fatherly warning and waited for events to reveal the truth. How bitter were those days for Jerusalem!

118. Do you see how it is true that you have always been the same, and have never wished to leave behind your spiritual infancy in order to grow and elevate yourselves on the road of wisdom that there is in My word?

119. I send you all this message, which serves you as prophecy, as an awakening, as a warning to peoples and nations. Blessed are you if you believe in its content.

120. Meditate on its essence, but then pray and keep watch, for if you do this, an inner light will guide you and a higher strength will protect you until you are safe. (325, 73 – 77)

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