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The Book of the true Life

Teaching 17

The Lord says:

1. O My beloved people: here is one more message from the Divine Master which will allow you to give a progressive step toward the understanding of My teachings; for you must not be detained along the path of spiritual progress.

2. I have not come to encourage habits in you of standing still or retrogressing, I always guide you toward the path of evolution.

3. My word brings you various fruits, all with an exquisite spiritual taste.

4. With your lips you have pronounced: "Glory to God in the Highest," but when have you glorified Him with your deeds? You have idolized yourselves and have glorified your idols, but God, your Creator, when? Jesus was the one who with His life glorified His Father and it is He whom you should imitate.

5. You have also stated: "Peace on Earth to men of good will" and in truth I say to you that, even to those of evil will I have given peace; but you, tell Me: When have you bestowed peace? For many centuries you have repeated the words of that psalm, with which the people received their Master in Jerusalem, and the only thing that humanity has done since then is: to repeat those words, for in their deeds, they have done everything the opposite.

6. Say those phrases if you wish, but understand that neither those, nor other words will have any virtue whatsoever if you do not feel them within your heart; when you feel them manifest them, in good deeds to your brethren, with gentleness and humility, and then I will respond with My infinite love, making your spirit vibrate with the immaculate grace of My peace.

7. In that way today I have come to speak to you as the Holy Spirit. Different are the times and therefore, different should be the preparation of men.

8. Do away with all verbal prayers and superstitions and surrender yourselves to Me, the Master, the Father, who will always receive you and understand you.

9. Do pray, but with a prepared heart, speak to Me with your spirit, just as you feel it at that moment; approach Me with your thought full of love, but come near, speak to Me as disciples or as beginners, and I will make you feel My wisdom and My love.

10. Ask Me with humility, but never ask for miracles or expect to receive them.

11. The miracle, according to the way you understand it, does not exist; there is nothing contradictory between the Divine and the material.

12. You attribute many miracles to Jesus and truly I say to you, that His deeds were the natural effect of love, of that Divine force which although present within each spirit, you still do not know how to use it, because you do not want to know the virtue of love.

13. What existed in all the miracles which Jesus performed, if it was not love?

14. Listen, o disciples: In order for the love of God to manifest itself to mankind, the humility of the instrument was necessary, and Jesus was always humble, and as He came to give an example to men, He said to you on a certain occasion that without the will of His Heavenly Father, He could do nothing. He who does not penetrate in the humility of those words, will believe that Jesus was an ordinary man, but the truth is that He wanted to give you a lesson of humility.

15. He knew that humility, that unity with the Father, made Him Almighty before mankind.

16. O! Immense and beautiful transfiguration that love,humility and wisdom gives!

17. Now you realize why Jesus, although saying that He could accomplish nothing without the will of His Father, in reality could master it all, because He was obedient, because He was humble, because He became the servant of the Law and of men, and because He knew how to love.

18. Recognize then that, you yourselves knowing some of the virtues of the spiritual love, still do not feel it, and that is why you cannot understand the reason for that which you call a miracle or mystery, but which are deeds made possible by the Divine love.

19. What teachings did Jesus give you which were not of love? What learning, methods or mysterious knowledge did He employ in leaving you His examples of power and wisdom? Only the sweetness of love, with which everything can be accomplished.

20. There is nothing contradictory in the laws of the Father, simple in their wisdom and wise because they are saturated with love.

21. Understand the Master, He is your Book.

22. The child Jesus astonished the so-called doctors of the Law; Jesus the preacher, disclosed to you great revelations for all time. Jesus the Redeemer, sealed His words with His life, with His supreme sacrifice upon the cross.

23. Now then, O My beloved disciples, if you truly wish to be great and strong in spirit, why do you not imitate Me in the deeds which I performed through Jesus? He said to you: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life," demonstrating with humility and meekness the obedience to the Divine will. What should that humility be that you should demonstrate to Me?

24. Listen: God, the Supreme Being, created you "in His image and likeness," not in the material form that you have, but in the virtue with which your spirit is endowed, similar to those of the Father.

25. How pleasing it has been to your vanity to believe yourselves the image of your Creator. You believe yourselves to be the most evolved creatures created by God and you are in grave error to assume that the Universe was created only for you. With how much ignorance you call yourselves the kings of creation!

26. Understand that not even the Earth is created only for men. In the endless ladder of the Divine creation, there exists an infinite number of spirits who are evolving in fulfillment of the Law of God.

27. The goal which all that contains, is great and perfect, as are all designs of the Father, and as men you would not be able to understand, even if you wanted to. But truly I say that you are neither the greatest nor the smallest creatures of the Father.

28. You were created, and at that instant your spirit took life from the Almighty, bearing within it as many attributes as was necessary to fulfill a delicate mission within Eternity.

29. Not even today are you aware of all the faculties that the Father gave you, but do not fear, because you will know them later.

30. By chance, do you know of the existence of the great spirits, who are destined to watch over the harmony of everything created, and are always occupied in noble missions ignored by you? No, that is why I say to you again: Your spirits are not the most evolved, they have only developed the attributes that God has given them in a limited form.

31. Nevertheless, those attributes will be sufficient to guide you happily toward the summit which corresponds to you if you direct your steps along the straight and shining path which My Law marks for you.

32. I have come to help you. Now is the time of restitution; awaken, arise.

33. You have sinned, adulterated, offended, and now that you find yourselves before the truth of My word, which points out your errors, you forget your faults and believe that your Lord is unjust when He speaks to you of ordeals and restitution.

34. You have enveloped yourselves in a darkness of wickedness and of ignorance, preventing your spirit from beholding the dawn of the Third Era and when I have come to uplift you up with the light of My word, so that you may behold the brightness of the new dawn, you do not want to awake from your lethargy and sometimes you arise with displeasure. Many are the ones who prefer to sleep in their ignorance without wanting to awaken to the Supreme truth. They prefer the valley of tears, pestilence, hunger; they want to prolong that long period of centuries in which vice and bitterness have been their only encouragement; they prefer all this to the pleasing call that My love dictates through their conscience.

35. You listen to Me as if I were very distant from you, opening your eyes with laziness; but unable to understand the meaning of the Divine message, because your mind is saturated with materialism, you prefer to live in sin. At that instant you forget Me, you turn your back on Me, you only want to continue in your lethargy, suffering. But I say to you that if you prefer to dwell in that abyss of materialism and ignorance, if you only wish to gather the taste of frivolous enjoyments and lowly passions, at least do not blame God for your afflictions.

36. If you do not have the dignity of being able to love your fellowmen as your Father loves you, at least have the courage and resignation to bear the consequences of your faults. If you prefer your false peace as well as your destructive wars, do not say that God wants it thus, nor should you clamor to the Father asking for His charity when you feel yourselves dominated by your enemies so that He may come and make you victorious, with which only your vanity would be flattered and your perversity encouraged, which is not within My Law to grant you.

37. If in the midst of laughter, enjoyments and vanities, men forget and even deny Me, why are they fearful and tremble when they are reaping the harvest of tears which torment their spirit and body? Then they blaspheme saying that God does not exist.

38. Man is bold to sin, and determined to deviate from the path of My Law; but I assure you that he is very much a coward when it concerns making restitution and settling his accounts. Nevertheless, I strengthen you in your cowardice, I protect you in your weaknesses, I awaken you from your lethargy, I dry your tears and I give you new opportunities so you may recuperate the lost light and find the forgotten path of My Law again.

39. I have come to bring you as in the Second Era, the bread and wine of life, the same for the spirit as for the body, so that you may live in harmony with everything created by your Father.

40. In My pathways the virtues are blooming, on the other hand, yours are covered with thorns, pitfalls and bitterness.

41. He who says that the paths of the Lord are filled with thorns, does not know what he says, because I have not created pain for any of My children; but those who have withdrawn from the path of light and peace, once they return to it must suffer the consequences of their faults.

42. Why did you drink that cup of bitterness? Why did you forget the mandate of the Lord, as well as the mission which I entrusted to you? Because you substituted My Law for yours and there you have the results of your vain knowledge: bitterness, war, fanaticism, disappointment and lies which hinder and fill you with desperation. And the most painful thing for the materialistic man, for the one who submits everything to his figuring and subjects it to the material laws of this world, is that after this existence he still will find himself carrying the burden of his errors and of his tendencies. Then the suffering of your spirit will be much greater.

43. Rid yourselves here of your burden of sins, comply with My Law and come quickly. Ask forgiveness of everyone whom you have offended and leave the rest to Me, for your time will be brief to love if you truly decide to do it.

44. Again I say to you that I have not left thorns or pain along the pathway. Through Jesus I taught you how to withdraw from all weaknesses to demonstrate My love and the power it has, and to teach you the true joy which is found within the spirit with true humility. And with My farewell and My promise for these times, I granted you peace, the light of hope and a desire for My return. But you did not want to understand it thus and you kept on crucifying Me so that I would continue to forgive you indefinitely. But you must understand that My pardon will not prevent the consequences of your faults, because the errors are yours, not Mine. My pardon will encourage you and comforts you for in the end you will come to Me and I will welcome you with the same love as always; but as long as you do not seek Me along the paths of righteousness, of love and peace, you well know and must not forget: the harm that you do or intend to cause, you will receive a hundredfold.

45. You are reaping the harvest of your materialism and although you would wish Me to approve your deeds you are wrong, for I am immutable in My Law; I do not proceed as you would wish, for I would cease to be "the Way, the Truth and the Life."

46. I have come to nullify your erroneous laws so that you will be governed only by those that are formed by My precepts and are in agreement with My wisdom. My laws are of love, and on proceeding from My Divinity, they are unalterable and eternal, while yours are temporary and at times cruel and selfish.

47. The Law of the Father is of love, of goodness; it is like a balsam which gives hope and strength to the sinner, so he can bear the restitution for his faults. The Father's Law of love always offers a generous opportunity to the delinquent to regenerate himself, while your laws on the contrary, humiliate and punish the wrongdoer, and many times the innocent, the weak. In your justice there is hardness, vengeance and lack of mercy. The Law of Christ is of gentle persuasion, of infinite justice and supreme uprightness. You yourselves are your judges, on the other hand I am your tireless defender; but it is necessary for you to know that there exist two ways of atoning for your offenses: one is through love and the other through pain.

48. You yourselves choose, for you still enjoy the gift of the freedom of will.

49. Do you wish to cease suffering, O humanity? Love, do good along your way, reconstruct your life. Do you wish to be great, to be happy? Love much, love always. Do you want to weep? Do you wish bitterness to overcome you? Do you want wars and desolation? Continue just as you are living, allow egotism, hypocrisy, vanity, idolatry and materialism to take over your life.

50. You can clearly behold the chaos among men, so that you will not continue to make the Law to your liking.

51. I want disciples and beginners of My Doctrine, to carry nobleness in their heart and clarity in their understanding, for only thus will they be capable of learning from Me and afterward teach mankind.

52. This time I have not come to raise the dead in body, as I did with Lazarus during the Second Era, today My light comes to lift the spirits which are the ones that belong to Me. And these will arise with the truth of My word to an eternal life, because your spirit is the Lazarus which today you carry within your being and which I will resurrect and heal.

53. Now you know that the Divine justice is of love, not of punishment like yours. What would become of you if I made use of your own laws to judge you, before Me where appearances and false arguments have no value? If I judged you according to your wickedness, and used your own laws of terrible harshness, what would become of you? Then you would certainly be justified in asking Me for clemency. However, you should not fear because My love never withers, changes, or passes on; on the other hand, you do pass on, you die and are reborn, you depart and then return and thus you are journeying, until the day comes in which you will recognize your Father and submit to His Divine Law.

54. You are temporarily here, but I am eternal; you go along weeping because you deviate from the path which My Law indicates, while I am unchangeable.

55. Dry your tears; hasten your awakening and arise. Feel My presence in you; it is necessary that you reach Me, for you still have not recognized Me, O My people.

56. You are unaware of the reward that belongs to the one who truly repents and returns to Me, and you ignore that it is not necessary to wait for your entry into the spiritual realm, for you to receive the reward which the love of God gives you.

57. It was necessary that I come to speak to you thus, for men have become confused with their acquired knowledge in the books which they have studied; on the other hand, they do not want to hear the voice of their conscience, the voice of their spiritual knowledge which invites them to proceed toward the Divine light from which all wisdom originates.

58. I say to you: Useful study is good and science is also good; but above all is love. Love will give you the inspiration to dignify and increase your science, for you must understand that all your knowledge is only a message which My love gives you.

59. Ask your wise men and if they are sincere they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration. And I would give them more inspiration, if they would request it with greater love for their brethren and less vanity for themselves.

60. Truly I say to you that all true knowledge that you have accumulated, comes from Me, all that is pure and elevated I will use during this period for your benefit, for I have granted it to you for that purpose. But you must take care, o peoples of the Earth, for if you continue to make use of My Divine lessons to provoke the elements, if you apply the limited knowledge that you have toward unrighteousness, you will receive when you least expect it, the painful and just response. You provoke the wind, fire, earth, water, and all forces and you are well aware of what your harvest will be if you do not correct your activities in time, to stop the unleashed elements because of your foolishness. I warn you that you are reaching the limit that My justice permits of your free will, you are greatly provoking Nature. And since you are like children who feel themselves superior, this word comes as a warning of the danger in which you find yourselves.

61. And the word states: O My children, soften your heart, loving your brethren and everything created. Seek reconciliation and peace among all. If you do not want the cataclysms that you yourselves are cultivating to exterminate you, make amends in time, o My very beloved children, calm them with your love, transform them with peace. O humanity, if you would listen to Me, how much suffering you would have been spared, and I would have already transformed your world without the need of your suffering! I would give you the beginning of your reward in this life, I would give you peace and tranquility. Make up your mind to do it, O My children, that is why I have transmitted My word to you during this time, to save you from the abyss.

62. To you who are listening to Me, retain in your spirit what you need, and teach the rest of your brethren. What is for one is for all, therefore not one of My sheep shall lack spiritual nourishment.

63. I want you to be united, so that I may reward your harmony pouring My benefits and My grace upon everyone. Up to now I have seen you assemble for brief moments, while you try to elevate your worship to My Divinity. Be convinced that through your unity of love, you will be able to perform marvelous deeds, but in truth I say that there is still time to work to rebuild what you have destroyed.

64. You have sinned and offended Me very much, but I love you, and My love is greater than all your faults.

65. If you seek Me as a Judge, My judgment is inexorable; if you seek Me as the Master, My wisdom is infinite; if you seek Me as the Father, I am most loving gentleness; but in truth I say to you that I am still much more than all that, because I have no beginning or end. My Peace be with you!

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