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The Book of True Life

Teaching 18/366

The Master teaches:

The Children of God as the Heirs to his Glory

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. Just as was announced, you have seen My new manifestation realized today: I have come in Spirit and surrounded by angels and spirits of light.

2. Those who do not know those prophecies, doubt My presence, but I also behold among those who have scrutinized the Scriptures, those who do not believe in My manifestation, because their interpretations are almost always erroneous.

3. Those who give the prophecy a material meaning, to them will have to happen what befell the Jewish people, who expected in the promised Messiah a powerful earthly King, and when they saw Me humble and meek, they did not believe in Me in spite of the deeds which I performed before their eyes.

4. Those who felt My presence, who loved Me and followed Me, were the simple of heart, the meek of spirit, those of clean mind, those who endured hunger and thirst for love, justice and truth.

5. To those who study the Scriptures of past times, I say that only with spirituality in their life, will they be able to find the truth which exists in that language.

6. I will help those who analyze and teach the truth, but anyone from whose lips confusion emerges, I will stop in his course until he corrects his errors.

7. On the contrary, those of cleansed heart who sow My seed of light, explaining the Divine word and clarifying the teaching which was concealed, I will send them to other lands and to the nations to propagate My Doctrine of love.

8. The true propagators will be sound of heart, humble of spirit, and therefore, they will be able to receive My new message with joy and faith.

9. Blessed are those who thus receive Me in their heart and believe in My word, for they will see Me in the Heavenly cloud surrounded by My spiritual followers, and although I will not touch the dust of the Earth as in the Second Era, they will feel My spiritual presence; then they will combine this new message to the one which was not complete, for it remained for Me to add My revelations as the Holy Spirit.

10. O My disciples: Spiritualize yourselves so that you can penetrate into the true meaning of My word, so when you find yourselves with your brethren who only know My revelations of the Second Era, you will coincide in your interpretations, and begin the spiritual unification of mankind.

11. Many times you teach erroneous concepts through the lack of study and penetration of the spiritual, that is why I recommend that you dedicate yourselves to meditation of My teaching, so that you will not perform deeds which though you might believe are righteous, before the Father they are imperfect.

12. Recognize that the ones responsible for humanity to understand with clarity the spiritual meaning of My present and past teachings, are all of you who feel within your spirit a hunger for knowledge, those who have penetrated the channels of study, of meditation and analysis. I cannot say the same for those who live only for rituals, ceremonies and material worship, they are satisfied with the superficial, for they have not yet known the taste of the fruit.

13. When My disciples cross the paths of the world, it will be the beginning of the spiritual awakening of religions and sects, which have been at a standstill for a long time.

14. Often I repeat: keep watch and pray, but I do not want you to make just a habit of this gentle advice, but rather to study it and put it in practice.

15. I tell you to pray, for he who does not pray gives in to thoughts which are superfluous, materialistic and sometimes unsound, with which he unconsciously encourages destructive wars; on the other hand when you pray, your thought as if it were a sword of light, destroys the veil of darkness and the bonds of temptation which are enslaving many spirits, it fills the environment with spirituality and counteracts the forces of evil.

16. Do not weaken before the struggle nor despair if you still do not see any result from your labor. Recognize that your mission is to work to the end; and only thus will you fulfill a minimum part of this Work of regeneration and spirituality among your brethren.

17. Tomorrow you will leave your position and others will come to replace you, interpreting My Work better, and in this way from generation to generation My Law will be fulfilled.

18. In the end, all the branches will be one with the tree, all nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on Earth.

19. Pray, o disciples, and perfect yourselves with your prayer so that your voice not only will be heard by Me, but it will find an echo within the heart of your brethren.

20. In truth I say that if this people, besides understanding their destiny, were complying with their mission, they would attain grace for all mankind with their prayers. But you still lack charity, to feel your fellowmen as true brethren; even so, you truly need to forget the differences of races, dialects and creeds and besides, erase from your heart all trace of hatred and resentment for all who have offended you.

21. When you are able to elevate your feelings above all human miseries, the most sensitive and sincere petition in favor of your brethren will flow out from your heart; and that vibration of love, those pure sentiments, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy in their battle the darkness that the wars and passions of men have been creating.

22. Pain has prepared you, through trials you have purified yourselves and that is why you have been chosen to watch over all those who suffer some form of slavery or for those who wander through life draining their cup of bitterness.

23. Keep watch O My people, be like those birds which on announcing a new dawn, awaken those who still slumber, and are the first to receive the light. Blessed are you always when you seek in Me the promised Comforter.

24. In man there are two forces which are always in struggle: his human nature, which is temporary, and his spiritual nature which is eternal; that eternal being is well aware that very long periods of time will pass for him to be able to reach his spiritual perfection; he anticipates that he will have many existences and that in them he will go through many ordeals, before gaining his true happiness. The spirit foresees that after his tears, pain and passing many times through bodily death, he will reach the summit which he has always sought in his longing for perfection. On the other hand the flesh, that weak and small being, weeps, rebels and sometimes refuses to follow the dictates of the spirit, and only when the latter has evolved, is strong and experienced in the struggle with the flesh and its surroundings, is it able to dominate the flesh and manifest itself through it.

25. The spirit makes itself felt through human manifestations, but it never uses violence to subdue the flesh. The spirit wants the flesh to unite with full knowledge with its will; it wants an obedience that will manifest meekness.

26. In spite of the error of some in remaining obstinate in their rebelliousness, still feeling that the flesh is sensitive and capricious, they wish a throne for it, and if I do not please them in everything they desire, it is because there is another being within My children who vibrates with greater purity and love, who aspires to a more elevated life; in it exists the spiritual thought which reflects the Divine. On the other hand, your mind only reflects human thoughts.

27. Long is the pilgrimage of the spirit, extensive his path, many and quite variable his existences, and his ordeals different at every moment, but while he complies with them, he elevates, purifies and perfects himself. In his passage through life he is leaving a trace of light, that is why many times the whims of the flesh are of no concern to the spirit, for he knows that they are temporary, and that he will not be detained in his journey by incidents which he regards as insignificant.

28. Momentarily he fixes his attention on the weaknesses of his body, but he knows that he cannot love very much something that is short-lived and which soon disappears into the inner surface of the Earth.

29. Of what use are your desires and ambitions to render worship to the flesh and place it upon a throne of vanities? No matter how much it lasts, it is very little compared to the eternal life of the spirit.

30. You need to obey the most elevated part of your being which is the spirit that dwells within each one of you, to allow it to manifest itself clearly and guide its steps toward the purpose for which it was created.

31. Tell Me: Who are you? What are you? Who do you believe you are? What do you feel you are? Are you by chance the flesh that descends into a grave, or the spirit which elevates itself toward eternity, toward infinity?

32. Truly I say that during all your existence you are confusing your sensations, necessities, anxieties and aspirations, without knowing which pertain to the spirit and which pertain to the flesh.

33. The spirit who truly knows his destiny, transmits his vibration to the body which he animates in order to help it and participate in his mission; but when the instant of leaving the body on Earth arrives, he does not feel sadness, for he knows that is the law, nor is he concerned how his body dies, whether of illness, old age or destroyed. He knows that his mission is above everything else.

34. Do you know how My apostles died during the Second Era? What was the end of Peter and all those who carried Me in their heart? Peter died upon a cross and he said that he was not worthy of dying like Me, therefore he requested to die with his head down. And who influenced Peter and gave him the strength, firmness and serenity to withstand his martyrdom? It was his true being, his spirit which is the son of God and is able to dominate the weakness of the flesh. In the supreme moment he manifested serenity, tranquility, like his Master when He exclaimed from the cross: "It is finished."

35. If you analyze those examples you will have the conviction that man is more spirit than flesh and when the latter is spiritualized, it is submissive to the supreme mandates of My Law.

36. To those who attain that spiritual elevation, the doors of My Kingdom are open and they will reach it without an "alas", without a complaint.

37. With that obedience, with that resignation and love those disciples reached the presence of the Father. And you, when will you obey the call of your spirit? You are fearful of pain, and all that touches the flesh, because you are not fully conscious of the truth, for if it were so, who would prevent you from speaking and manifesting the truth even if you were threatened with death?

38. Do you know why John the Baptist was beheaded? For speaking the truth, for being devoted to justice and for pointing out the faults of those who call themselves kings in the world and are seated in a throne of corruption. But if the great spirits have great afflictions and elevate themselves above misfortune, misery, pain and death and fulfill their mission with such dignity, who are you who at dawn complain and at dusk lament your nonconformity or rebelliousness? You are flesh and only flesh, for still you are not able to elevate yourselves above pain and above all that you call misfortune.

39. It is good that you analyze all that I have said today; understand that the higher the incarnate spirit dwells, the less his afflictions and the effects of pain upon his body.

40. John the apostle was submerged in boiling oil, and he did not die. The power of the spirit which elevated itself toward the Father was manifested depriving the fire of its power.

41. He was removed from there and when they saw that no harm befell him, he was exiled and still he kept on fulfilling the high designs of the Father, without being held back in his spiritual compliance because of that ordeal.

42. You who listen to Me today and from whom My new disciples will emerge, are fearful before the trials and you tend to deviate from My path.

43. How long before you will be able to carry My Doctrine within your heart and be capable of giving your life to testify to the truth?

44. Are not the examples enough of so many martyrs who have given their life for the love of mankind, to uphold the truth or defend justice? Are not those examples enough to understand what My disciples are capable of doing?

45. You become annoyed if the wind blows harder than you would wish; if the sun warms excessively you protest and if the clouds conceal it you are not satisfied; if there is a storm you complain while seeking shelter and if the earth shakes you flee with fear.

46. Are you by chance a people born to rule in a throne and should the elements of Nature obey your mandate, only for your benefit?

47. The elements will obey you when you comply with My Law and when you ask it of Me for the benefit of your brethren.

48. I want each one to be an apostle of the truth, to be useful in your lifetime because you have come in fulfillment of a mission which is within the plan of the Creator.

49. During this period I say to you that the wheat seed of My teaching is abundant and still it has not been sown. Weep if you have love for this work, for the Divine Sower who gave you His seed and showed you the fields, still carries on alone. Weep, and may your tears be used to water the pathways where you will work afterward.

50. Do not fear if you are hurt by your brethren; what you call an offense, is for your own benefit, it is an aid in the fulfillment of your mission. Are you not aware that those who are in the path of evolution have to suffer? Do you not know that the spirit should not take into account all those weaknesses, because they are insignificant things which only concern the flesh?

51. I want you to be strong during your lifetime, during your vicissitudes and your suffering.

52. Be strengthened in the practice of charity and do not be concerned if you are judged in this or that manner. You do not need to say what you are, you only have to be prepared to give a caress, to be charitable and your lips ready to manifest gentleness, sound advise and forgiveness.

53. Your destiny is to journey throughout the Earth doing good.

54. Understand that the material creation that you call Universe, is a dwelling for spirits in evolution, it is a dwelling for perfection. When the spirits have reached the elevation which will enable them to inhabit superior mansions, those worlds which they previously inhabited will disappear, since they will have concluded their mission.

55. All the energy which animated all beings and gave life to the organisms will be returned to Me; all the light which illuminated the worlds will return to Me, and all the beauty which was spread on all realms of Creation, will be within the Spirit of the Father and once again in Me; that existence will be transformed into spiritual essence, which will be spread over all spiritual beings, over all children of the Lord, because you will never be disinherited of the gifts that I gave you.

56. Wisdom, eternal life, harmony, infinite beauty, kindness, all this and more, will be in all children of the Lord when they dwell with Him in the perfect mansion.

57. Today you find yourselves far from that goal; proof of it is that on Earth I have come to reclaim what you have done with your spirit and when you reach the spiritual realm, I will exact of your spirit what he did with his body in his passage through the world. While you are beginners in this teaching, these worlds, this Nature, this material life will have to exist.

58. As God I illuminate and safeguard you; as the Father I love you and I await you; as the Master I teach and guide you, but as Judge, I judge you inexorably.

59. There is someone who will say that I am like a wealthy miser who wants all for himself, for he guards everything, protects it and reclaims it; but truly I say to you, that in the same way that I placed everything in the world for you and not for Me, also in the eternal life I will safeguard everything for whenever you enter and become its possessors.

60. Have I not said that you are the heirs of My Glory? Therefore, you only have to earn merits in order to attain it and enjoy it.

61. All that I have created has not been for Me, but for My children. I only long for your enjoyment and your eternal happiness.

62. Do not be afraid of losing yourselves trying to find Me, because I am not only your goal but also the Way. He who wishes to reach Me, must come along the path of humility, charity, submission and also enhance his longing for perfection within love.

63. In order for your step to be firm, you must realize within your being an inner unification. That the spirit always guides the flesh along a righteous course and that the latter, in turn, knows how to obey it. When you achieve this triumph over yourselves, it will be easy to obey the will of the Father.

64. Turn away from what is superfluous; withdraw from your life what is unnecessary, and do not pay attention to what is useless.

65. Avoid all vice, thus you will keep your spirit clean and your body healthy to struggle with weapons of love for the conquest of the Promised Land, that awaits you as a supreme reward in the spiritual life.

My Peace be with you!

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