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The Book of True Life

Teaching 20/366

The Master teaches:

Freedom of Will, Conscience, and the Comforting Spirit

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. The book of My word is the book of Divine and true love, in it you will find the unchangeable truth. Turn to it and you will find the wisdom that will help you to evolve and attain peace in eternity. He will be at fault who will alter or modify its essence and will greatly infringe My Law, who should take or add a single word which will be in disagreement with My perfect Doctrine.

2. Safeguard this word with its original purity, for it is the most beautiful heritage that I will bequeath to man. Record My teaching and allow it to be known to your brethren; keep it faithfully because you are responsible for that heritage.

3. Tomorrow man will find in it the essence of My revelation, which will guide them along the path of truth with the light of its teachings.

4. From parents to children these writings will be passed on as a spring of living water, whose current will flow endlessly and will go from heart to heart. Study in the great Book of Life, the book of spirituality, that which will explain the Divine revelations which you have received throughout the ages.

5. Did I not promise you that all knowledge would be restored to its original truth? Well this is the time which was announced to you.

6. Truly I say to you that he who meditates and analyzes the teachings of My Book, with a true desire to elevate his knowledge, will acquire the light for his spirit and he will feel Me nearer to him.

7. The myths of yesterday and those of today will fall; all that is mediocre and false will crumble, for the moment will come in which you will no longer be nourished by imperfections and then the spirit will arise in search of the truth, so that this will serve as its only sustenance.

8. In these teachings mankind will find the essence of My revelations, which up to now have not been comprehended due to your lack of spirituality. Since ancient times I have entrusted it to you through My envoys, My emissaries, My interpreters, and you have only used it to create myths and traditions. Meditate and study this lesson with respect and love if you wish to avoid centuries of confusion and bitterness; but remember that you will not fulfill your mission, if you are satisfied with possessing that book only; no, it should awaken and teach you if you truly desire to become My disciples. Indoctrinate with examples, with the love and charity that I have taught you.

9. Prepare yourselves with the lecture of this book dictated by me and decide to teach with your actions, with dulcet words, with good deeds, with glances of true charity and love.

10. This period of My communication with you, will be unforgettable for your spirit, in it will remain an indelible impression of My words, as well as the memory of My past lessons.

11. Beloved disciples: Learn to grasp with your spiritual sensitivity, the Divine essence contained in My word and following it you will never deviate from the true pathway.

12. Unfortunate is he who interprets My word according to his will, for he will answer to Me because of it.

13. On Earth men have dedicated themselves to altering the truth, without realizing the responsibility that they have as collaborators in the Work of love of the Father. During this period of judgment which many ignore, because they have been unable to interpret the events that they are living, justice is found in each spirit taking into account its deeds within or outside the Law of love in the course of its pilgrimage in this world.

14. He who alters the essence of My revelations in these writings revealed through inspiration, will answer for his actions before Me. Therefore, you must proceed with uprightness, for these lessons are My legacy of love for My children, who, incarnated or in spirit, are awaiting greater teachings.

15. The spiritual message that you hear, is the Heavenly light which is manifested through human instruments who perceive it in a state of ecstasy. If you do not believe that it is Christ who is vibrating spiritually through this means, then give Me any name that you wish; but feel the essence of the word which emanates from these lips. Only thus will you realize that the One who so gently calls you toward the path of peace and righteousness, cannot be any other than Christ, whom you rightfully call: the Divine Master.

16. Afterward you will know that in the same way that I send thoughts, which are flashes of light throughout the Universe, you will be able to convey your love toward the mind and spirit of your brethren as a spiritual message, from the spiritual level of perfection in which you find yourselves.

17. Saturate yourselves with love, feel it spiritually so that you can manifest it to your fellowmen. Do not remain indifferent before My teachings, so that you will not again be confused among men, lacking in faith and spirituality.

18. l am delivering a lesson to you similar to the one that I brought to you during past times, so that you will know yourselves through it, knowing who you are and for what purpose you were created. That will be the most firm step that you take to come to know Me. That is why I ask you: How can you expect to know the Father when you do not even know yourselves?

19. I am He whom you still cannot understand in all His fullness, because you still dwell in the flesh and you do not comply with My mandates; you are subject to the flesh and having in it a limited mind, you analyze Me according to your materialism. Cease to study Me outside the path which My Law indicates, for that will only cause you to deviate from the pathway; on the other hand, know yourselves, loving one another and study the Divine manifestations which form My perfect lesson throughout the times. Do not try to seek Me with your poor and limited knowledge that you presently possess, because with it you will confuse yourselves.

20. Be aware that the natural state of the human being, is that of kindness, peace of the spirit and harmony with all that surrounds him. He who maintains himself in the practice of these virtues throughout his lifetime, is following the true path that will lead him toward an understanding of God; but if you deviate from that path forgetting the Law that should guide your actions, you will have to repent with tears the moments that you lived separated from the path of spiritual elevation, which is the natural state in which man should always keep himself.

21. You do not feel love toward your fellowmen and that is why you are continually afflicted by pain. You have forgotten My mandate which states: "Love one another" which teaches you the greatest of all knowledge. Where has your analysis of God led you, o humanity? Toward a destructive war, toward chaos, there you have the consequences of your error; today you purify your faults with your blood, with tears and desperation. That is how My Spirit beholds you. Therefore, withdraw from what is superfluous, comply with My Law, recognize yourselves as brothers and in that harmony of your understanding and love, you will know your God.

22. Analyze My teachings which are clear and simple, but do not try to analyze what is infinite first, because you will be confused.

23. How can you say that you love your God when you have not loved Him in your brethren? Feel within your heart the sweetness of this word, o disciples, remember that its essence is Mine, as well as its truth and its love. The word and its writing are yours, for it is a human work. Translate and interpret one and the other, and your analysis will be profound, firm and just.

24. Be healed from your materiality taking the healing balsam from My word, behold how My emanation and My charitable love remain among the pages of your book.

25. Share with the needy this bread of eternal life which today you receive in My word, and tomorrow do not hesitate to offer it, through the reading of these teachings, to the spirits who are without hope of redemption, because of their little elevation. Have pity on those who suffer.

26. Sow My word of love among your brethren; with love in your heart, it is impossible for you to be wrong. If you are able to keep this Divine treasure, you will avoid many hardships, and you will progress in your evolution, o beloved disciples, helping your brethren in their closeness to Me.

27. Among mankind there are some who have been purified through pain and they eagerly await My message of peace from you. I have said to you that the number of spirits chosen for this delicate mission is infinite, that you cannot calculate, or imagine. Spread this seed of love among everyone.

28. Everyone travels along the ladder of spiritual perfection; some have attained the evolution that for the time being you cannot conceive, while others are behind you.

29. The great spirits, who are great because of their struggle, their love and their effort, seek harmony with their minor brethren, with those who are distant and with the negligent; their missions are noble and elevated, their love toward My Divinity and you is also great.

30. Those spirits know that they were created for activity, for elevation; they know that inactivity is not for the children of God. Within Creation everything is life, movement, equilibrium, harmony; and thus, those innumerable beings work, thrive and rejoice in their struggle, with the knowledge that in that way they glorify their Father and help toward the progress and perfection of their fellowmen.

31. Today while you find yourselves outside of the path that My Law indicates, you ignore the influence that those brethren exert over you, but when you have the sensitivity to perceive the emanations, inspirations and messages which they convey, you will have the presentiment of the countless occupations and noble deeds to which they dedicate their existence.

32. It is necessary for you to know that those spirits, in their love and respect for the laws of the Creator, never take what is not theirs, neither do they touch what is prohibited, nor penetrate into places where they know they should not, so as not to disharmonize the elements of Creation.

33. How different men on Earth act, who in their desire to be great and powerful in the world, with little respect for My teachings seek with the key to science the destructive elements, open the doors to unknown forces, and in that manner disrupt the harmony of Nature which surrounds them!

34. When will man prepare himself to listen to the wise counsel of the spiritual world, and in that manner be guided by their inspirations?

35. Truly I say to you that it would be enough to lead you along the safe road toward the summit of the mount which belongs to you, there you will behold before you a straight and shining path through which the spirits have traveled who at present exist only to make sure of your well-being and to help you in your troubles, drawing all nearer step by step to the end of the road, where your Father awaits all of you.

36. Since I have spoken to you about the kindness and elevation of those beings, I must tell you that they, just as you, had from the beginning the gift of the freedom of will, that is to say, a true and holy freedom of action which is proof of the love of the Creator toward his children.

37. What would become of the spirit deprived of its freedom of will? In the first place it would not be a spirit and therefore it would not be a dignified creation of the Supreme Being; it would be something like those man-made machines that you create; something without life of its own, without intelligence, without will, without aspirations.

38. Your science, just as I announced, little by little is discovering for you that in everything there is energy, movement, transformation.

39. Would you have been able to discover all that mankind has found by means of science, if you had been deprived of the freedom to investigate, study and experiment? Likewise, would you have received this spiritual communication in the manner that you now have, if these manifestations had been prohibited to your spirit?

40. You say to Me that because of the freedom of will you have fallen into faults and errors. I also say that through that gift you can infinitely elevate yourselves beyond the point from which you departed in the beginning of your elevation.

41. In addition to the freedom of will I endowed each spirit with My light in its conscience so that no one would be lost, but those who did not want to hear My voice or did not want to penetrate into their innermost in search of the spiritual light, were quickly tempted by the countless beauties of the human existence, they lost the support of My Law for their spirit and they had to stumble and fall.

42. Just one fault brought many painful consequences and the fact is that imperfection does not harmonize with the Divine love.

43. Those who yielded and repented returned immediately to the Father and they humbly asked Him to cleanse and liberate them from their sins committed, the Father received them with infinite love and charity, He comforted their spirit, He sent them to correct their faults and He strengthened them in their mission.

44. Do not think that everyone returned meek and repentant after the first disobedience. No, many arrived filled with arrogance or hate. Others, with shame, realizing their guilt, tried to justify their faults before Me, and far from purifying themselves through repentance and atonement, which is proof of humility, they chose to create for themselves a life of their own choosing; outside of the laws which My love dictates.

45. Then My justice manifested itself, not to punish them, but to correct them, not to destroy them, but to preserve them eternally, providing them with an ample opportunity to perfect themselves.

46. How many of those first sinners, still have not rid themselves of their blemishes, because fall after fall, they kept descending more and more into the depths of an abyss, from which only the practice of My Law can save them.

47. I will also say to you, that among those spirits of whom I have spoken in the beginning of this lesson and who are your guardians, teachers, advisers, guides and doctors, are also the ones who learned about the downfalls and a bitter cup which are the result of disobediences; but they were able in time to reconsider their deeds, purifying themselves in the waters of righteousness, love, charity and restitution.

48. Imitate them, o My children, elevate yourselves above sin just as they did, so you will also have the Divine pleasure of working together with the Father, for the happiness of all beings.

49. Understand that you are on trial along the path of your evolution, receiving the lessons of life and these lessons are the happenings that you encounter along your way.

50. You are similar to the birds, who have built this nest where you gather to await the return of the lark. Sometimes the storm lashes at the tree and you flee with fear, seeking refuge and in confusion you ask: Why has the Master permitted this? The Master says to you: I permit these ordeals so that you yourselves will know if what you have erected is firm or still fragile.

51. This house of prayer, as are all places where you congregate to hear My word, is subject to the vicissitudes of the times, which I have said are lessons and tests for you.

52. Live in spiritual unity so that always when you see yourselves lashed by the storm, each one occupies his position and remains firm until the tempest passes and peace again comes to you; but if you consider yourselves powerless to unite and stand up to adversity, then you will imitate the paralytic, who no longer makes an effort to move, knowing that his limbs are useless. Of what use are the faculties that exist in your spirit, if when the moment of recognizing their value comes, you doubt, weaken and abandon your spiritual mission?

53. Do you doubt My presence because the ordeals lash at the place where you gather? I say to you, I am the One who manifests Himself and speaks even if these places cease to exist.

54. Do not become fanatical with the material houses of prayer. Do you not understand that the indestructible and eternal temple is the one that you are erecting within your heart?

55. In the hours of peace examine yourselves so that your conscience can tell you whether the value of your deeds is real or apparent, if your merits are only as such before you or if they have reached Me.

56. Although you have My communication and take delight in listening to My phrases of wisdom and love, you have not prepared yourselves for the future times. On the other hand, behold your brethren who do not receive this message, how they construct, work and build, even if the greater part of their work is material! Imitate their efforts and their unity.

57. They are also contradicted, persecuted and judged, nevertheless they do not doubt Me; and you who have been named My new disciples and are hearing My manifestation as the Holy Spirit, are doubtful because you have seen this house of prayer at times subjected to the rigors and ordeals, characteristic of your existence.

58. The children grow and become men, they in turn become parents, but you in your spirit continue to be like children, and you do not wish to grow or multiply in knowledge and love.

59. Everything created has a just explanation and a reason to be, in accordance with the perfection of the Father, but you do not behold perfection or justice or reason. If things are not as you conceive them, you doubt; if your hopes are not realized, you doubt; in each of our miseries you doubt Me, and if you behold the elements of Nature unleashed, your doubt grows.

60. In what position do you place Me if you do not love Me as your God and Lord? You think in a limited and insignificant manner, without analyzing the message that I give you in each trial. Truly I say to you that when you interpret the meaning of the teachings that I send you throughout your lifetime, you will realize who I am, and you will know the reason for each lesson.

61. Just as you learn to read in the world, learn to analyze the teaching of the spirit and its language of love.

62. There are some who believe that this world is only material, so that in it the passions of the body will triumph, but with it you are obstructing the elevation of the spirit. O insignificant and vain humanity, how you wish to make life according to your will! Realize that this world is the same for the flesh as for the spirit; for that reason I have always come to teach you to comply with the material law, at the same time help the spirit in its evolution. In order to make them understand, I had to say to the materialists of the Second Era: "Give to God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's."

63. In order to master weakness, smallness, misery, passions and to destroy all doubt, faith and good deeds are necessary which are virtues that triumph over the impossible; before them what is difficult and unattainable disappears like shadows.

64. I said to men who believed in Me during the Second Era: "Your faith has saved you." Thus I announced it because faith is a powerful remedy, it is a force which transforms, and its light destroys all darkness.

65. Truly, truly I say to you that the impossible does not exist. In cases as small as your physical ills, speak to God with true faith and hope in His presence, and that God who dwells within each one of you, who knows what you need and what you feel, will give you according to His will.

66. In the Doctrine that I preached when I was on Earth, and in the one which I teach you now through a human spokesman, My spirit manifests Itself; for that reason My teaching delights you and at the same time it strengthens you, because it is not only a word that gratifies the physical senses, but sustains the spirit as well.

67. That is why from among the multitudes who listen to Me some come to be healed with the word of wisdom, with the comfort it sheds; others come to lighten their burden of sins listening to My teaching of justice, forgiveness and love.

68. Upon hearing Me speak thus, your fibers, sensitive to pain, are shaken, and if you call upon Me as a Doctor, I will approach to heal you.

69. Feel that My love is upon you like a mantle of hope.

70. Blessed are those who place their hope and their faith in Me. Feel Me near you and tell Me with your heart your sorrows; do not fear, O My beloved sheep, no one as I is able to understand your stuttering prayer. Show Me your wound, indicate your pain to Me, and there I will deposit My balsam of love and charity.

71. I receive the sorrows that you confide to Me in silence. Penetrate into spiritual communion with Me, so that you may deeply feel My presence in you.

72. You will see how the serenity of the spirit quiets the turbulent sea of your passions. You have only listened to Me a few moments through the spokesman, and nevertheless, how your hearts have spoken to Me. How much misery and bitterness reaches Me! How many hearts that suffer because of ingratitude, become withered later like detached and forgotten flowers! How much weeping which does not show in the eyes, but is concealed in the heart, awaiting that moment of peace! The suffering of men, of wives and of mothers, I gather all with the power of My love.

73. I have come to strengthen and protect the weak from pain, but once they are healthy, illuminated and strong, I want to see them comforting those who suffer. When love for one another exists, your world will glow with the light of harmony and truth that will emanate from their incarnated and discarnated children, who were granted this world as a temporary mansion.

74. I have spoken to you once again through lips that are not pure, but during the moment of My communication, they have been able to interpret My word of love. Do not think that I am using imperfect means to speak to you, I reach their understanding but not their sinful flesh. My light draws near when the spokesman, in ecstasy, offers Me his heart, and his being, then I use him as a vehicle in order to reach the multitudes in a limited and humanized manner.

75. This was My promise through Jesus and I have come to fulfill it. I said to My apostles during the Second Era: "If I do not leave, the Spirit of Truth will not be with you." I meant to say: if I, as Jesus in the flesh, will not leave, I will be unable to return and manifest Myself to you in Spirit. Therefore, it is I, the Comforting Spirit, the Holy Spirit that I promised, it is My word, it is My message of love.

My Peace be with you!

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