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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 205

The Lord says:

1. Come receive the essence of my teaching. Allow your spirit to rest and your heart and mind to feel spiritual tranquility.

2. Come to me in spirit so that you may feel the peace of the Divine Master.

3. Similar to how you arrived to witness my manifestation, your brethren will also arrive from distant lands seeking enlightenment from these teachings.

4. Initially, I will give everyone teachings that they can understand, thus preparing their spirits for the teachings that I will give later.

5. Carefully analyze my word to seek the essence of my doctrine. Be aware that it is man who needs to follow my laws. Man should not change my laws for his convenience or because of his beliefs.

6. If I allowed you to practice my doctrine according to your will, then you would remain spiritually stagnant forever. You would never allow your spirit to evolve and to perfect itself.

7. The different religions practiced by mankind have failed to progress spiritually because they have not followed the divine laws of God. Man has chosen to fill his religious practices with myths and misinterpretations.

8. During this period many have had to separate themselves from religion to seek me with their spirit so they can develop their spiritual gifts and abilities. Intuitively, they knew that they possessed those gifts.

9. These individuals have listened to their inner voice which speaks of the spirit and eternal life.

10. I had to separate you from the different paths that you were traveling so that you could begin your journey to the Divine Father and receive my spiritual enlightenment and revelations. I want you to evolve spiritually so you can perceive life with an evolved spirit.

11. What is the physical body without a spirit? It is a mass of lifeless cells. Although the spirit and the body both originate from God, the spirit is the one that reflects true eternal life.

12. Have you ever considered that since everything originated from God that God is in you? Why is he in you? Could he be in you without ever manifesting himself? Then he would not be God, for God is present everywhere, communicating, illuminating, and manifesting himself. Do not assume that God will keep from giving you his message of love. Let it be known that God wants to manifest himself spiritually through you.

13. Would you know how to answer me, if I were to ask you why God is in you? Since he is omnipotent, why is he in that part of your being who you refer to as the spirit? Why does he want you to humbly practice his teachings? You are unable to answer me, disciples, because you have not been taught how to meditate. Thus, you do not know why the Father is in you and why he expresses himself through each one of your deeds. However, if you truly dedicate yourself to studying and to practicing my doctrine, you will soon be able to answer these questions and others that are more profound. Once you attain that enlightenment, you will truly know why the Divine Father dwells in each of his children.

14. Some say that God does not exist, while others, although believing that he does exist, are not interested in him. However, they both ignore that God dwells in each being and that no one can live without God.

15. When each of you becomes aware of this truth, and truly believe that you are spiritual children of the Divine Father, you will then begin to ask yourself to what extent you have allowed God to manifest himself through you.

16. As you journey through the path of life you will one day become astonished of the many deeds that the Lord has performed through you. You will then remember Jesus, the Divine Master, who truly fulfilled the will of the Father.

17. When will you realize that God, who gave you life, wants to manifest himself through you? Behold how sometimes one of these teachings is enough to make you comprehend and to perceive more clearly than you had previously. That comprehension will enable you to do marvelous things, because you will get to know yourself and how to utilize your spiritual gifts.

18. Oh my beloved disciples, you need to learn to offer spiritual love and charity to your brethren. If you give others spiritual enlightenment and make them aware of the power and greatness of the spirit, you will be fulfilling the will of the Father.

19. You need to become familiar with the spiritual gifts that you possess, so that the true essence of your being will manifest itself. Then, you will observe how much easier it is to solve the problems of life and to evolve spiritually.

20. Misery, suffering, and illness will disappear through true spiritual prayer.

21. Prepare yourself spiritually to welcome me and to communicate with the Lord.

22. If you truly believe that God dwells within you, would it be possible for you to become ill or to yield to temptation? How could the weak flesh dominate you?

23. I am freeing you and strengthening you so that you will triumph over the world and the flesh, because I am guiding you to attain perfect communication with the Father.

24. Do not assume that this communication through the human spokesmen is the perfect communication. Although you are sometimes illuminated through intuition, that is also not the perfect communication. The most elevated form of communication with the Divine Father is spiritual, rather than through the material body.

25. Disciples, the material body is only a covering. Inside the body there is the spirit that is like a beautiful fragrance. Is it fair for the spirit not to manifest its beautiful fragrance? Today, it could manifest it through your material body; tomorrow throughout the world, and later throughout the universe.

26. My people: Allow your spirit to penetrate into the essence of these teachings. If you listen to these teachings and fail to penetrate into their essence, you will be unable to overcome your weariness, illnesses, and disillusions.

27. Learn from those who prepare themselves spiritually to penetrate into the essence of my word. They acquire spiritual strength and are healed with my message of love.

28. If you had faith?in the Father, you would face the future without fear and distrust, knowing that the Father will always be with you.

29. You are often ill due to your manner of thinking, always believing that suffering and illness are your destiny. Thus you attract darkness with your thoughts,-and your material life and spiritual journey are surrounded by that darkness. But I have come to help you to renew your faith in life, in the truth, in the eternal, and in spiritual peace. I come to help you become spiritually enlightened.

30. Disciples: My divine plan is for you to attain spiritual perfection. If that is God's divine plan, why would you want to change it? Be aware that man is similar to the universe, and that the universe is similar to man. The universe is a great mansion with many homes. It belongs to the children of God to help them in their journey to spiritual perfection. The spirit of man is the sanctuary where the Lord should dwell.

31. Once you comprehend my word, you will say: Father, starting today I will open the doors to my inner temple so that your essence, which is life, health, wisdom, and strength will penetrate into my spirit.

32. When you speak to me in that manner, it is because your spirit has accepted its mission. You will then observe that I will manifest myself through you, although your material body is mortal. Nevertheless, that body embodies perfection.

33. Today you dwell on earth, but tomorrow you will dwell in a different mansion. Each mansion will bring you a step closer to attaining spiritual perfection.

34. - Your brethren are everywhere in the universe because they are all children of God.

35. Everything and everyone belongs to God, from the most elevated angel to the most basic living thing, including the stars, suns, planets, beings of all species, atoms, elements, and forces. All treasures belong to someone, and the treasures of the universe belong to God.

36. Disciples, I now ask you: Is it possible for you to be ill and unhappy, even though I have brought you these teachings so that you will achieve freedom and joy?

37. You need to be spiritually prepared for these revelations, and I, the Divine Master, have come to prepare you.

38. If you feel that you are spiritually weak, I come to help you become spiritually enlightened. Thus, you will attain redemption, salvation, and peace.

39. Sometimes you ask why you suffer more during this period than mankind did in the past, or why you have to fulfill a spiritual mission you never had to fulfill before. I say to you: Your spiritual mission has always been to journey through the path of enlightenment in order to ascend to the top of the divine mountain. Furthermore, during this era, you have come to settle debts that you acquired in the past and to conclude the work that you have not yet completed.

40. The individual, who is unable to comprehend the significance of a new life, will renounce my justice, and believe that his restitution is a punishment from God. But the one who views his new existence on earth as an opportunity to settle past debts and to purify his spirit will bless the Lord's name.

41. Although you are still learning to become spiritually strong, you should continue to be sincere. Do not worry if you pray for things that you feel are insignificant. Remember, what is important is to pray, and to allow me to guide and inspire you.

42. Pray, and be healed with the spiritual strength and faith that my teachings give you.

43. Once you no longer pray to heal your illnesses but rather to communicate with the Father, the spirit will begin to journey to unknown regions. You will journey to those regions to offer spiritual enlightenment, to receive messages, or to experience spiritual joy and acquire strength.

44. God, who dwells in you, will manifest his messages through you, once your body and spirit are able to interpret those messages.

45. You ask, How is it possible for God to speak through man? And I say to you: During the Second Era, the "Divine Word" became man in order to speak the word of God. The "Divine Word", which manifested God's divine wisdom, took human form through Jesus.

46. Why should God not manifest himself through your spirit and material body since you are disciples of Jesus, the "Divine Word"?

47. Today, as beginning students, you are not always able to comprehend my teachings. For now, speak to God with your heart and mind and he will respond to you deep within your being. You will hear his message in your conscience. It will be a clear, wise, and loving voice that you will gradually discover and become accustomed to hearing.

48. It is necessary to meditate on those messages that you receive through prayer. Thus you will be able to recognize messages from the Father and not confuse them with the voices, ideas, thoughts, and revelations that you may receive from your confused spirit. Only in silence and meditation will you be able to do this.

49. Who is able to truly say what spiritual region he has penetrated while he is in prayer and meditation? No one is able to do that. Thus, the one who fails to pray, to meditate, and to communicate with God is often confused. Instead of penetrating into the light while praying, he penetrates into the darkness, receiving bad inspirations and false messages.

50. Make a true effort to progress spiritually and to acquire spiritual wisdom and enlightenment. Your final destination is to return to God from whom you originated.

51. My word emits an abundance of healing balsam. If you prepare yourself to receive it, you will be healed. Your own spirit will heal you through the spiritual enlightenment that it acquired from my teachings.

52. Pray to me. Ask me for your needs, and seek me. I will grant you more than what you request, but strive to practice deeds of virtue.

53. Practice harmony in your life. Establish only one family with all of your brethren. Your family should include those who are present and those who are absent, as well as those who are visible and those who are invisible.

54. Only then will you experience true inner peace, because you fulfilled the divine mandate that tells you to love one another.

55. My beloved workers: I observe that you are anxiously cultivating the fields, preparing the land, and sowing seeds that will later produce fruit, a true reward for your efforts. Select the seed and prepare the soil, because my present manifestation will continue for only three more years. Thus, only a short time remains for you to prepare yourself. When the time comes for my departure, I do not want you to still be beginning students but rather advanced disciples who become teachers.

56. After my departure you will be responsible for the interpretation that others give to my teachings. Humanity will judge my doctrine according to your deeds, words, and manner of living.

57. You will never lack my inspiration. Through my inspiration you will know when you need to speak and what you need to say. You will explain to your brethren the teachings that I have revealed to you about the spiritual valley using precise, clear, and simple words. You will outline the spiritual path that they need to follow and you will always accompany your words with deeds of love.

58. Gradually you are learning to feel the pain of others as if it were your own. It is because your spirit saturates itself with my teaching, elevates itself, and is able to penetrate into the divine mysteries. It discovers that all beings originated from the Divine Father, and are therefore brothers.

59. Your spirit has not only evolved with my teachings but also your mental abilities because you are attaining greater spiritual inspiration. Thus, you now comprehend things that previously you thought were confusing and mysterious.

60. If you are unable to fully penetrate into the spiritual world to comprehend it, it is because your flesh still dominates the spirit, becoming strongly influenced by material things. Although I have revealed many things to you, truly I tell you that you will never be able to truly comprehend what awaits you in the spiritual valley while you live on earth. You will never truly comprehend how a spirit lives in the spiritual valley, the joy it experiences living in the presence of God, and how a stained spirit attains purification.

61. The human mind is unable to truly comprehend the joy experienced by a purified spirit in the spiritual valley because of the limitations of the human body. That is why I say to you that while you live on earth you cannot truly comprehend those things that pertain to the spiritual world.

62. Also, you cannot imagine the intense pain a spirit will feel once it begins to listen to its conscience. That is why I tell you to prepare yourself and to elevate your spirit, for it will receive many teachings that it needs to know. Behold that true harmony needs to exist between your spirit and your mind, so that you will become aware of some of those spiritual teachings and truths while you are on earth.

63. I have allowed your intelligence and spiritual enlightenment to grow. I have granted you free will to select the path that you want to follow. Nevertheless, I have also given you my laws which show you the right path to follow and how to purify your deeds. If you do not want to follow that path, you are free to separate from it. However, you can no longer deceive yourself, because you will continually hear the voice of your conscience. Furthermore, when you come in spirit before me, you will be judged by your conscience. It will tell you what path of purification you will need to follow. The conscience is the voice of God, that dwells in you to teach you to love all things that are virtuous and to reject all things that are evil.

64. Study my teachings during these years of preparation, for there are many whom you will need to teach. Men are weary because of so much perversity. They hunger to live spiritually.

65. The disciples of these teachings will offer spiritual nourishment to humanity and will help correct its false beliefs. They will help their brethren as they announce the good news of this period. Also, they will announce that life and ideas will evolve on earth during this era. My disciples will not differentiate people of different classes, sects, religions, or races. They will be sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs of all their brethren. They will be similar to a shining lighthouse that guides a ship that is lost at sea, or a bright star that offers light to one who walks in darkness.

66. They will not build temples that are made of stone nor will they erect altars to publicize their deeds. Instead, they will build a great spiritual temple whose stones will be the hearts of humanity and become united through the power of love.

67. Listen carefully to my teachings during these last three years, because the disciples who learn these teachings will become teachers after the year 1950. After 1950, when you congregate and truly elevate yourselves toward me, I will enlighten and inspire you so that you may perform great deeds. But you need to prepare yourself because after 1950 I will no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen.

68. I will illuminate each of my children who truly prepares himself to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. However, I will not illuminate those who sell my work and who convert themselves into merchants. Prepare yourself so that when my manifestation ceases you will continue to follow my path. Listen carefully: Confusion will arise among all those who have failed to prepare themselves.

69. My beloved people, be aware of the manner that I want you to teach humanity my word. Be aware that you will not be able to quickly change the traditions that mankind has had for centuries. Offer my teachings to your brethren and they will become aware of the errors in their life. The power of conviction that my doctrine possesses will illuminate mankind, and its truth will be acknowledged. Thus, my doctrine, which some thought was a false doctrine, will shine with infinite wisdom.

70. My beloved children: I have been with you, and I have touched your heart so that I may eternally dwell in it. My Peace be with you!

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