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The Book of True Life

Teaching 22/366

The Master teaches:

The inner Silence & The Search for the Signs of the Second Coming of Christ

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. This is a period of great enlightenment for the people of Israel, in which I am awakening the spirits of diverse mansions, in the different pathways of the Earth, so that all My children will come to Me filled with comprehension and love to receive their heritage.

2. I am choosing from among humanity men, women, elders and children, in whom are lodged the spirits of Israel, for they are the first-born of My Divinity, responsible for My revelations.

3. In the three periods I have reunited and assembled My people, and during this Third Era your spirit has been surprised by My presence and My word through a human faculty, for you did not believe that Christ, the Divine Word, would come to communicate with you in this manner. Having announced My return as the Holy Spirit through the prophets, you did not keep watch awaiting My arrival, and now that you have My manifestation among you, you have not recognized Me, because of your lack of spirituality, of study in the Divine teachings. But you should understand that in whatever form I manifest Myself to you, I will always be essence, presence and power, truth and love.

4. Then why have you doubted Me during the three eras in which I have manifested Myself before you? By chance, have I concealed the signs and the time of My arrival, so that humanity would be confused? Truly not. Those who doubt My presence, be silent, seal your lips, keep on listening to Me untiringly, unless you confess that it is I, your God, who has come to communicate Himself through a human faculty. If I manifest Myself through the faculty of men and women, whose imperfections and weaknesses are similar to yours, it is because I have searched for someone through whom I can communicate, and I have not found a chaste and pure heart to manifest Myself in all My splendor.

5. I have searched among children and I behold that while the flesh is innocent, the spirit bears with it a chain of vices which it has gathered in past periods, and it has forgotten that it has come to incarnate again on this planet, merely to purify itself in a new body. I have searched among the juveniles for a pure heart, and I beheld that the young man has become soiled and bears wounds in his spirit; and in the young maiden is the germ of temptation. Among the elderly, I see only beings who are tired and confused due to the vicissitudes of life. Among men of science, materialism and vanity prevails, for after I showed them the secrets of Nature, they felt important and they desired to be converted into gods in this world. And from among those so-called ministers of My Divinity, I only discover the hypocrite and the Pharisee of the Third Era. For that reason I say to you: I have chosen from among sinners the ones whom I have named spokesmen, who are like yourselves, and through this gift that I have given them, they are making restitution and are being saved. At the moment when My ray of light descends to illuminate and thus prepare them so that I can communicate through their faculty, I withdraw their blemish, I receive their elevation, and My spiritual beings, to whom they have been entrusted to keep watch over them, will prepare and dignify them.

6. I could manifest myself visibly or make My voice resound as you heard it during the First Era on Mount Sinai, but through that method what merits of faith would you accomplish before Me? None, because the virtue of faith is a step along the ladder of your evolution. But I do not conceal Myself because of that, and if I communicate through the faculty of man it is because I love you, and I am revealing to you a more elevated lesson so that you may recognize Me in its perfection.

7. Within the spirit of man, which is My masterpiece, I have placed My Divine light, I have cultivated it with infinite love, as a gardener cultivates the favorite plant of his garden. I have placed you in this mansion where nothing will be lacking for your livelihood, so that you will know Me and know yourselves. I have given you power in your spirit to feel the life of the hereafter and senses in your body so that you can enjoy and perfect yourselves. I have given you this world so that in it you will commence to take your first steps, and in this path of progress and perfection, you can experience the perfection of My Law, so that during your lifetime you can recognize and love Me, and through your merits you can reach Me.

8. I have granted you the gift of freedom of will, and I have endowed you with a conscience. The first is for your freedom to develop within My laws, and the second to be able to distinguish good from evil, so that it will tell you like a perfect judge whether you are complying or are at fault with My Law.

9. The conscience is light of My Divine Spirit which never separates from you at any moment.

10. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am peace and happiness, the eternal promise that you will be with Me and also the fulfillment of all My words.

11. If you feel uncertain toward life, if you consider yourselves powerless for the struggle, pray, communicate with Me and remain within the path of peace that My love marks for you. Correct your errors, regenerate yourselves, and forgive those who offend you. Resign yourselves to your ordeals, and you will feel My strength and peace, in spite of the vicissitudes of life.

12. The Master is ready to teach you and to pour His wisdom within your spirit and your heart, for I will speak to you by this means only a short time. I want to leave you as heirs of My word, so that you may guard it zealously. It is the truth, and if you let it be known to your brethren with its original purity and with your good deeds, you will have fulfilled your spiritual mission.

13. Those who at the moment of My departure say to Me, "Master, you are departing from us, and you leave us like orphans," are the ones who have been deaf and blind before My manifestation and they have not made an effort to understand My lesson.

14. For a long time I have beheld fanaticism and idolatry in your worship; you bring to these houses of prayer material offerings which do not reach Me; for that reason I have invited you to analyze My word, so that your spirit can evolve, because the phase of preparation is ending and it is necessary for you to take a step forward toward the comprehension of My teachings.

15. The unrighteous will be converted into beginners, the beginners into disciples and the disciples into living examples of humility, charity and wisdom. Many of them are among these multitudes, but they are also dispersed among scientists and among religions and sects.

16. Do not become vain with the fruits of your science, for now while so much progress has been made through it, is when humanity suffers more, when there is more misery, unrest, illness and destructive wars.

17. Man still has not discovered the true science, that which is gained through the path of love.

18. Behold how vanity has blinded you; each nation wants to have the greatest wise men on Earth. Truly I say to you that the scientists have not penetrated deeply into the secrets of the Lord. I can say to you that the knowledge that man has of life is still superficial.

19. The time draws near in which the spiritual revelations will disclose to mankind the shining path to reach and know the mysteries which are concealed in the bosom of Creation. The light of My Spirit will reveal to you the manner of obtaining the true science which will permit man to be recognized and obeyed by the creatures that surround you, and by the elements of Creation, thus fulfilling in this way My will that man would be lord on the Earth, but that will take place when the spirit of man illuminated by its conscience, will exercise its power and its light over the weaknesses of the flesh.

20. How can the forces and the elements of Creation submit to the will of men when men are motivated by egotistical feelings, while Nature is guided by My Law of love?

21. It is necessary for the ideals of mankind to be directed by the pathways of justice, guided by the truth of a perfect teaching, which will reveal to it the meaning of eternal life and that teaching is this spiritual Doctrine which, during the course of time, will transform your spiritual and human life.

22. Man by himself is incapable of receiving My word and modifying his customs, tendencies, ambitions and ideals, that is why I have permitted pain to shake him for a time, but when his cup becomes more bitter and he recognizes his errors before the judge of his conscience, he will invoke My name, he will seek Me, the lost sheep will return to My fold of love, and all My children will be filled with the light of My Spirit to begin a new form of life.

23. I have not come to place defects on your work on Earth. No, I come to point out your errors, for I want you to attain the perfection which belongs to you as an eternal heritage. Your spirit will not be lost because it is a spark of the Divine light and image of your Lord and Creator.

24. What would become of your spirit if I devoted Myself to exalt your human works and left it abandoned indefinitely to earthly passions?

25. If I have come to you it is because I love you, if I speak to you with apparent severity, My justice and My love are within My word. If I make you aware of the truth, even though sometimes it might cause you pain, it is because I desire your salvation.

26. Do not reject My word, analyze it so that in its essence you will find the Doctrine capable of performing the miracle of transforming this valley of tears, which today has been converted into a field of bloody battles among brothers, into a valley of peace where only one family will live, humanity, practicing the just, perfect and loving Laws that your Father has inspired, for in their fulfillment you will find happiness.

27. Few disciples I have had in this world and even less in number the ones who have been like the image of the Divine Master. In the spiritual realm I have many disciples, for that is where there is more advancement within the study of My teachings. That is where My beginners, those who thirst and hunger for love, receive from their Master what mankind denied them. That is where those who were ignored on Earth, on account of their humility, glow because of their virtue, and where those who glowed with false enlightenment in this world, weep with sadness and repentance.

28. In the hereafter, is where I welcome you in a manner that you did not expect on Earth, when you restitute tearfully but blessing Me. It does not matter that along your journey you had a moment of desperation. I will take into account that you had days of great distress and that in them you demonstrated resignation and you blessed My name. Also in your smallness you have experienced some Calvaries, although these were caused by your disobedience.

29. Behold, that for a few moments of fidelity and love for God, you obtain times of life and grace in the hereafter. In that way My eternal love responds to the temporary love of man.

30. Blessed be those who falling and arising, are weeping and blessing Me, those hurt by their own brethren, confide in Me deep within their heart. Those small and sorrowful, ridiculed, but meek and for that reason strong in spirit, are truly My disciples.

31. Be rejoiced for with these lessons you will progress in your evolution, even when there are those who allowing themselves to be guided by hasty judgments, think the opposite. For centuries you have been divided by religions and sects, because you always had a thirst to know something more than what you knew and you still have a heart withered for lack of love, in spite of as many beliefs as you have had. But soon you will gather around the perfect love that emanates from the Book of the True Life which is this word.

32. You are dying of spiritual thirst, you are withered for lack of the dew of love and pure affection; you feel alone and for that reason I have come to pour among you the unmistakable fragrance of My love which will allow your spirit to be reborn and to flourish in virtue.

33. Listen to Me, o disciples, so that you will erase from your mind ancient beliefs. Christianity was divided into sects which do not show love among themselves, which humiliate, reject and threaten their brethren with false judgments. I say to you that they are Christians without love, therefore, they are not Christians, because Christ is love.

34. There are those who represent Jehovah as an oldster, full of human imperfections, vengeful, cruel and more dreadful than the worst of your judges of Earth.

35. I do not say this so that you will ridicule anyone, but that your concept of the Divine love be purified. Today you are unaware of how you worshiped Me in your past.

36. Practice the silence which favors the spirit so that it will find its God; that silence is like a fountain of knowledge and all who penetrate into it, will be filled with the clearness of My wisdom. The silence is like a closed place with indestructible walls, to which only the spirit has access. Man constantly carries within his innermost, the knowledge of the secret place in which he can communicate with God.

37. You can communicate with your Father wherever you are, for the place is of no consequence, it can be at the top of the mountain or if you find yourself in the depth of a valley, in the commotion of a city, in the peace of your home or in the midst of a struggle; if you seek Me in the interior of your sanctuary in the midst of the deep silence of your elevation, the doors of the universal and invisible temple will be opened instantly so that you feel yourself truly in the house of the Father, which exists in each spirit.

38. When the pain of your ordeals overwhelm you and your afflictions of life annihilate your senses, if you experience an intense desire to obtain a little peace, retire to your chamber or seek the silence, the solitude of the countryside, there elevate your spirit guided by its conscience, and enter into meditation. The silence is the kingdom of the spirit, a kingdom that is invisible to human eyes.

39. At the moment of penetrating the spiritual ecstasy, the awakening of the superior senses is obtained, intuition surges, the inspiration glows, the future is perceived and the spiritual life touches what is distant, and makes possible what before seemed impossible.

40. If you wish to penetrate the silence of this sanctuary, of this Ark, you yourselves should be the ones to prepare the way, for only with true purity will you be able to penetrate it.

41. In it exist gifts and missions which only await the arrival of the hour of your preparation, to lodge within your spirit and convert you into prophets and teachers.

42. In that Ark is all the past, the present and the future of all beings, there is the manna of the spirit, the bread of eternal life, of which I said through Jesus that "whoever eats of that bread, will never die."

43. Your spirit has rejoiced while listening to My word and has found an opportunity to fulfill its mission, among this group of laborers that I am forming.

44. How many afflictions you forget while you are dedicated to this blessed work of advising, healing and comforting your fellowmen!

45. Your spirit has been strengthened and the flesh has been healed, therefore I tell you that he who gives peace, healing balsam or practices charity in any of its countless forms, will see multiplied in himself that which he gave.

46. In that manner I am separating you from the false pleasures of the world, from what is superfluous, so that your heart will be cleansed and always be worthy for My charity to pass through it to the needy; thus you will not go back to contaminate yourselves by the wickedness which prevails everywhere.

47. That inner and outer clarity is essential in My disciples, for only thus will you be believed by your brethren when you arise to extend these good news. Only by having the heart healthy and clean will good deeds emanate from it, and from your lips words of light.

48. Along your way you will find darkness and confusion, and the only strength and power that you will have to overcome falsity with the truth, will be precisely the clearness of your feelings, the purity of your deeds; do not forget that although before your fellowmen you might pretend to manifest the truth without possessing it, you will not be able to deceive Me.

49. Your transformation should be profound and truthful, to such an extent that you will notice it in the spirituality with which your children come to the world, those new generations which are a promise for mankind, men healthy of body and spirit, not slaves of temptation, or victims of the falsehood of their brethren, but beings capable of loving Me with dignity and loving their fellowmen with truth. The time approaches when the adversaries of My Doctrine will arise and lie in wait for you, wanting to destroy your seed, but I tell you that if you look after it as your sacred heritage, if you are vigilant over what I have entrusted to you, no power will destroy what you sow with love and in My name within the heart of your brethren.

50. Practice My word, preach with actions, testify with good deeds, words and thoughts, and your testimony will be worthy of My teaching.

51. Watching and praying, you should wait for those, who, sooner or later, will come to seek you. The soldiers will come from the wars with a depressed heart and a sobbing spirit; the governing heads will recognize their mistakes and will publicly weep for their faults and the multitudes who thirst and hunger for justice will seek those fountains of spiritual light where they can drink until they satisfy their need for faith, peace and love.

52. My Spirit keeps vigil over every being, and I am watchful even to the last of your thoughts.

53. Truly I say to you that there among the armies who fight for earthly ideals and ambitions, I have discovered during their moments of rest, men of peace and good will who have been made into soldiers by force. From their heart escapes a sigh when My name emerges from their lips and the tears run down their cheeks with the memory of their loved ones: parents, wives, children or brothers. Then their spirit, without any other temple than the sanctuary of their faith, without any altar other than their love, without any light other than that of their spirit elevates itself before Me asking forgiveness for the deaths it has unintentionally caused with its weapons. They seek Me to ask with all the strength of their being to permit them to return to their home or that, at least, if they are to fall under the attack of the enemy, to cover with My mantle of mercy those whom they leave on Earth.

54. To all those who seek My forgiveness in that manner, I give My blessing for they are not the ones to blame for killing, others are the assassins, the ones who will answer to Me for what they have done with human lives, once the moment of their judgment arrives.

55. Many of them who love peace, ask themselves why I have permitted them to be taken to the very fields of battle and death, to which I say to you that if their human understanding is not able to comprehend the reason that underlies all this, their spirit on the other hand, knows that it is fulfilling a restitution.

56. I am also aware of those, who, forgetting their own, think about all people, in order to weep with sorrow before the realization of the false Christianity of mankind. They, in their prayers, call Me, in their meditation they remember that the promise of My return exists and that even the signs of My new coming were predicted and written. They carry these words within their heart, and that is why they ask Me each day when My return from the East or the West will be, thus they seek the signs everywhere without discovering them, and they feel confused.

57. They do not know that all signs have already been verified and that is why My Spirit begins to manifest its new phase at this time.

58. How many times while listening to My spiritual voice, and not understanding the significance of My message, they have awakened and asked themselves: Who has called Me? On other occasions the light of intuition has been so clear in their understanding, that they have realized surprising deeds which have filled them with amazement.

59. The healing balsam for the wounded or the dying, as well as the bread or water, have come to them in a miraculous way and they feel how peace and hope strengthens them spiritually and physically during the moments of greatest danger.

60. These happenings have made those who live in vigilance and are praying, exclaim inwardly: "Lord, are these manifestations that you give us daily not proof of your presence? Does all this not prove that your Spirit seeks ours during this period to communicate from Master to disciple, or from Father to son?"

61. Yes, o beloved disciples, they are proof that My Spirit is vibrating over yours, fulfilling in a new form My promise to return among men.

62. The signs which announced My new manifestation, are already fulfilled, you did not see them, nor did you have any news about them, but I say to you: Do you feel My presence? Do you feel the coming of the new era? Is your heart nourished when you pray spiritually and does your spirit feel strengthened if it allows itself to be guided by the light of its conscience? If that is so, then why do you need material signs that will announce My presence and give testimony of the fulfillment of the prophecy? Let the Pharisees and the scribes of these times do the scrutinizing. Let the heads of the priests, fearful of My presence, be the ones to explore space and the earth in search of the promised signs. For them these were granted, for those men of little faith, for those who boast of spirituality and who have their heart and spirit more hardened than a rock; the signs were for them, which were like voices of trumpets, originating from Nature when My spiritual manifestation was near giving its light upon mankind.

63. In this moment of prayer dedicated to the communion with the Father, forget all your worries, reject the temptations which might keep your spirit from the fulfillment of My Law, free it from all restlessness. During these sublime moments, allow your will to be the Divine will; submit yourselves to the love of your Heavenly Father. It will be then when you will see realized as in the Second Era the deeds that you call miracles.

64. When you feel engulfed in My peace during your prayers, it will be a sign that you have entered into a communion with My Divinity. The conscience will glow like a shining sun within your spirit and you will behold the light of the Holy Spirit, upon the altar of your sanctuary. You will see everything illuminated during those moments by the love of God.

65. The veils that through your unpreparedness have prevented you from understanding the significance of My teachings, will be unveiled and you will behold in the interior of the eternal Tabernacle, the secret sanctuary of the Lord, which is the origin of life, where true wisdom emanates.

My Peace be with you!

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