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The Book of True Life

Teaching 23/366

The Master teaches:

Laborers in the Lord's Work & The Task of the Guardian Angels

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Blessed are those who seek to be in peace with their conscience. Blessed is he who sows the seed of My peace along the path of his fellowmen.

2. Always when you find yourselves dejected by the afflictions or lack of faith, come to Me, for I am the light and the strength that will restore your spiritual tranquility.

3. When I cease to manifest Myself in this manner, where will you listen to Me? In your conscience, for through it I am indicating to you the path of love.

4. When the world goes through an era of spiritual disorientation, when man does not understand the mysteries which involve the spiritual life, or is unable to analyze or meditate on his mission, in spite of being capable of it. the clearness of My word comes to illuminate him, Mankind is a witness that during this period the scientists dedicate all their time and their mental strength, to discovering within Nature the answer to many questions and doubts which life offers them. And Nature responds to the call of men, giving testimony of its Creator, who is an inexhaustible fountain of wisdom and love, but also of justice. Nevertheless, the freedom of will with which man has been endowed has not awakened him to the light of My love, and the spirit continues to drag the chains of materialism from which it has not been able to liberate itself. It seems as if he is afraid of taking a progressive step in his evolution, accustomed to being at a standstill in the traditions which his predecessors have left him with. Man fears to think and believe for himself, he prefers to submit to the tradition of others, depriving himself of the freedom to know Me. For that reason he has lived in backwardness; but the time of light has arrived for mankind and with it man acquires his own knowledge, he awakens, he progresses and he is amazed before the truth of My teaching.

5. Why when humanity has witnessed the development of science and has seen discoveries which it would not have believed before, does it resist believing in the evolution of the spirit? Why is he obstinate in that which makes him stationary and lethargic?

6. My Doctrine and My revelations of these times are in accordance with your evolution. Let not the scientist be vain in his material work or his science, for in it My revelation has always been present and also the help of the spiritual world who inspires from the hereafter. Man is part of Creation, he has a mission to fulfill, as do all creatures of the Creator, but he has been given a spiritual nature, an intelligence and a personal will so that through his efforts, he can attain the development and perfection of the spirit, which is the most elevated thing he possesses. By means of the spirit, man can conceive his Creator, understand His benefits, as well as admire His wisdom.

7. If instead of being conceited by your earthly knowledge, you would identify yourselves with all My Work, there would exist for you no mysteries, you would recognize yourselves as brethren, and you would love one another as I love you: in you there would be kindness, charity, love, and therefore, union with the Father.

8. How small you are, when believing yourselves to be all powerful and great, you resist in confessing that above the limit of your power and your science is the one who truly knows all and does all! Then you confine yourselves to be flesh and only flesh. And you appear insignificant, for you remain subject only to the natural law which governs mortal and short-living beings, who are born, grow and die, without leaving any trace along their path. When will you arise from that state in which you find yourselves? You will have to make an effort to see beyond that heaven that you have created, in order for you to comprehend that only through spiritual merits will you reach the Father.

9. Do not wait for others to start the march toward Me; come, elevate your prayer and in that manner, you will understand what you should do and you will know the mission which you must fulfill. I come to invite you to come near Me, but to do that, it is not necessary for you to abandon the missions, responsibilities and enjoyments of the human existence.

10. You have come to dwell on Earth during a time in which men live under the domination of human science, and nevertheless, at this time you will develop your spiritual virtues: you will heal the sick, you will prophesy and you will reach a greater height in your spiritual evolution.

11. The light which illuminates your innermost, will help you to predict what is to come, but you should prepare yourselves so that this virtue will flourish. Nothing should remain at a standstill, everything should proceed in harmony with Creation.

12. I do not deliver My teaching to you just as a moral restraint for your body, but with it you can attain great elevation toward your spiritual perfection.

13. I do not come to create a new religion among you, this Doctrine does not come to deny the existing religions, when they are based on My truth. This is a message of Divine love for all, a call for all institutions. He who understands the Divine purpose and complies with My precepts, will feel guided toward the progress and elevation of his spirit. While man does not understand the spirituality which he must have in his life, peace will be very far from being a reality in the world, on the other hand he who complies with My Law of love will not fear death nor the judgment that awaits his spirit. You should know that it will not be until death reaches you that your Father will judge you, but that the judgment begins as soon as you become aware of your deeds and feel the call of your conscience. My judgment is always upon you. At each step, be it in the human existence or in your spiritual life, you are subject to My judgment, but here in the world, while in the flesh, the spirit becomes insensitive and deaf to the calls of its conscience.

14. I judge you to help you open your eyes to the light, to liberate you from sin and save you from pain.

15. In My judgment, I never take into account the offenses that you could have caused Me, for before My tribunal, hatred, vengeance and even punishment are nonexistent.

16. When pain reaches your heart and touches you where it is most sensitive, it indicates to you some error that you are committing, to make you understand My teaching, and give you a new and wise lesson. In the depth of each of those trials, My love is always present.

17. On some occasions I have permitted you to understand the reason for an ordeal, in others, you cannot find the meaning of that touch of My justice and the fact is that in the Work of the Father and in the life of your spirit, there exist profound mysteries that the human mind is unable to decipher.

18. I give you these teachings, so that you will not wait for death to come to begin to settle your accounts, but take advantage of the ordeals which your life offers, knowing that with the love, patience and elevation with which you receive and fulfill them, will depend that your spirit arrives before the threshold of the eternal life, free of its burden of sins and imperfections which it carried in its stay in the world.

19. The time is long past when you were told: "The measure you give is the measure you will get." How many times that law was used to take vengeance here on Earth, leaving aside all feeling of charity!

20. Today I say to you, I have taken that rod of justice, and with it I will measure you according to the way you measured others, although I should make it clear to you that in each of My judgments the Father, who loves you very much, will be present, the Redeemer who has come to save you.

21. It is man who with his deeds dictates his own sentence, sometimes terrible sentences, and it is your Lord who provides help so that you can find the way to bear your restitution.

22. Truly I say to you, that if you wish to avoid a very painful restitution, repent in the opportune time and, with a sincere regeneration, guide your life with deeds of love and charity toward your brethren.

23. Understand that I am the door of salvation, the door that will never be closed to all those who seek Me with true faith.

24. If you want proof as to the truth of My teachings, I say to you that before your eyes you have the proof that you ask in order to follow Me. What is the proof? The regeneration of these men and women who today serve Me as laborers in My fields.

25. On occasions this journey is slow and painful, but never impossible to travel. The mission of the spiritual disciple is delicate and difficult, but not impossible to fulfill, for which I say to all those who are undecided, that if you are doubtful of being able to obey Me, it is because you are men of little faith.

26. I offer My farmstead of love to all those who wish to earn merits serving their brethren. Those who have understood it thus, have anxiously approached Me, asking for an opportunity to work in My blessed fields, where the seed is charity.

27. Here all merits have to be real in order to be recorded by me in favor of those who realize them. Appearances before others have no value whatsoever before Me, that is why My laborers are learning to work in silence, to be humble and sincere, to detest vanity and never to publicize charity.

28. This people do not know the history of each one of those laborers who day by day serve them; they ignore the efforts, the sacrifices and renunciations that My servants have to realize in order to be worthy to be named My disciples.

29. Many of these men and women who through their spiritual gifts convey so much joy to your heart that they make you feel My balsam and with their word restore the peace, bear within their heart a hidden pain that only My gaze beholds.

30. How many of them have been denied and even rejected by their loved ones, because they have taken this path! And though they are hurt, slandered and threatened, they keep on fulfilling their mission with love, feeling the lashes and the blows of the multitudes while they travel under the burden of their cross, like their Master.

31. I see that you wish to know why some of them withdraw from following this mission, to which I say to you that it is not because they could not bear the burden of their cross, but the world tempted them and they yielded to temptation, for whoever takes the cross of love upon his shoulders, in reality, it is not he who bears it, but rather the cross which sustains him, because each one of the steps of the laborer is always accompanied by an inner feeling of infinite peace. But just because you know that My peace is with all those who follow Me, do not behave with ingratitude toward them, because they are as human as yourselves. Just because you see them smiling and peaceful, you persist in ignoring how they suffer in order to be useful and to serve you.

32. Who has known how to repay with love and charity those who many times leave their work to come and welcome those in need of peace and health? When have you come to stay by the cradle of an infant who had to be left alone, because his mother is a laborer who had to go and fulfill her mission among those who suffer? Truly I say to you, that in the same way that I have called you so that you learn to receive, I will also ask that you learn to repay the charity of your brethren with love.

33. How many times you show disgust and judge them as unrighteous laborers, because they are late in arriving! You show impatience if you see an error in them, for you know that they have a responsibility to fulfill.

34. O, Multitudes, who, instead of taking with humility the bread which is offered, you devour it together with the hand that is extended to offer you nourishment!

35. What do you know about the struggles that My elect endure to keep themselves cleansed in order to serve you? What do you know about the ordeals with which they are tested in order to keep them on the alert? And still you regard them as weak, and you publicize that temptation has dominated them, without realizing that it is the burden that you yourselves have laid upon them, since you refuse to accept that part of responsibility which corresponds to each one within My Work.

36. How soon you forget all that you received through them! But in your heart you reassure yourselves, arguing that they gave you nothing, but truly I say that as long as you do not love one another, it is not true that you love Me.

37. The legions of spiritual beings, who, invisible to your physical eyes, assist in the manifestation of My word, are the ones who give My teachings their true interpretation, so that you will know what the mandates are that I gave to the spirit, and in what manner they are fulfilled; that is why I sometimes turn to them, through the spokesman through whom I transmit My teaching. By chance, do you believe that it is necessary for Me to speak to them through a human means? No, My people, I have just said that I do it only so that you will feel their presence and listen to the orders that I give them.

38. The legion of beings that I have destined to accompany and help you in your journey, is very great, so much in fact that you could not imagine it. In its bosom exists an absolute harmony. The light which glows in them is that of wisdom and love, because the ideal to which they are dedicated is that of spreading charity among mankind, their greatest desire being to guide their brethren to the summit of spirituality.

39. How beautiful is the mission which they fulfill, and how you hinder their work! You must not say that your lack of collaboration with your spiritual brethren is due to ignorance, since you have already listened to the orders that I give them through My spokesmen, so that you will know their mission of love and charity and dispose yourselves to help them in their fulfillment.

40. You still have not been able to identify yourselves with that realm of the brethren of light; nor do you know how to harmonize with them. Why? Because of your lack of spirituality which does not permit your senses to perceive all the calls, warnings and inspirations with which they would like to guide your steps on Earth.

41. Many times you confuse spirituality with material practices which instead of drawing you closer to them, makes them more distant. You believe that in speaking to them, it is more efficient to call them by some name than by attracting their attention with a prayer. You are in error in believing that there is a better preparation if you invoke them by lighting a candle or praying in a loud voice.

42. They definitely answer your call, they interpret your wishes and give you their help, for their mission is inspired by charity; but you did not gain their help because of your spirituality, for then you would certainly have harmonized with your guardian angels, forming with them the people of God, who are able to comply with My mandates, which state: "Love one another."

43. Truly I say to you, the cleaner your thoughts and the more simple and pure your practices, the greater the clarity with which you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual realm in your life and the greater the miracles you will receive from them.

44. Do not think that these your brethren, will mingle with your impure deeds or associate with your unrighteous purposes, nor manifest themselves through your conduct if you are not properly prepared to receive them.

45. In order to attain spirituality, o My beloved people, you must pray and have faith.

46. Prayer and faith will realize the miracle of receiving bread on your table, day after day, just as Israel in the First Era was rewarded with the manna for its faith.

47. If other people steal your bread, you should forgive them so that I may forgive everyone.

48. If you were turned away from your home, you can head toward the mountain, which will offer its bosom so that you may be protected during the ordeal.

49. Just as in the First Era the faith of the people was strengthened through the great tests which it experienced in the desert, so in this period will it be tested many times so that its spirit will acquire the necessary fortitude to be the warrior of this cause.

50. What disciple of this Work would be in need of a material temple to seek refuge, during the time of trials? No one, because everyone knows that your Father does not seek temples of stone to dwell in them, but sanctuaries and altars within the spirit of mankind, and those temples are with you wherever you are.

51. Your predecessors have lived very much in ignorance, encouraging religious fanaticism and for that reason, they attained very little progress for their spirit. They were not able to behold here on Earth, the light of this Era which is illuminating you, but they will also receive the light in its fullness, when the time comes.

52. My Doctrine comes to teach you to harmonize with your brethren, whether they dwell on Earth or in the infinite spiritual valley.

53. These will be the aspects of your future life if you persevere within the Law, but very different will be your journey if you travel outside of the path that I have devised for you with My word, because then hunger, epidemics and wars that will emerge on Earth, will not have any respect for you, for those destructive forces will not find anything in you that will stop them.

54. O beloved disciples: Benefit by all the tests, small or great, which present themselves daily during your lifetime, so that when greater ordeals come, they will be like hurricane flashes that will disappear when they clash against the solid walls of the fortress which the practice of My Law offers.

55. Form a people with your spiritual unity, whose defense against your enemies will be prayer. Then the elements may be unleashed, for this people with their spirituality will be able to triumph over all vicissitudes.

56. Arise, men and women; elders, youths and children; arise firmly to travel along the path that My word has come to outline for you at this time which is but the reestablishment of the way that in previous times I came to trace with My sacrifice on the cross.

57. Comply with My Law so that your children on forming the new generation, may attain a greater evolution than you achieved and so that your disobediences will not separate them from this Work making them live further from spirituality.

58. In this Third Era I have come to give you the warmth which you lack, to withdraw from you the coldness that you sowed along the paths of your existence. You have listened to the bell that Elijah has set ringing that you may come to receive the light of the Holy Spirit with My teaching.

59. Prepare yourselves to feel My presence and be like the apostles of the Second Era, who, while listening to Me, renewed their faith each day, and prepared themselves to give fulfillment to their delicate mission.

60. Israel: Do not comply only with your obligations incurred in the world. Comply also with the Law, for before the Father you have undertaken a mission, and its fulfillment should be strict, elevated and spiritual.

61. I am teaching you, so that you will withdraw from materialism and cease to be fanatical and idolatrous; that you may not venerate or render worship to man-made idols. It is not My wish that within your heart there would exist roots of idolatry, fanaticism or false worship; do not present any offerings that will not reach Me, I only ask for your regeneration and your compliance within spirituality.

62. Renew yourselves from your past customs, do not look back or contemplate what you have left and should no longer practice; understand that you have penetrated the path of your evolution and you should not be detained. The road is narrow and you must know it well, because tomorrow you will have to guide your brethren along it, and I do not want you to get lost.

63. I am a patient Father who awaits your repentance and good will in order to fill you with My grace and My charity.

64. Do not judge the occasionally dull word of My spokesmen; if they lacked preparation, leave it to me; understand that even if I communicate through the dullest faculty, you will always find within the depth of that word, essence, light, truth and teaching.

65. This Era will reveal to men the lessons of the Book of the True Life, which has not been known by mankind.

66. In truth I say to you that just as Elijah, who was the one who opened the doors of the Third Era, did not need to incarnate his spirit in order to speak to men, so I am communicating with you and the same thing has been done by the many beings who today dwell within the spiritual region.

67. They will communicate with you through your faculties until the year 1950, in which the materialized communication of the spiritual world will cease; and after that period, many times, when men least expect it, the spirits of light of past eras will speak through their lips, the liberators, prophets, patriarchs, benefactors, apostles of righteousness, the sowers of justice, and from the Divine teaching of your Father, in the culmination of His love for His children, communicating spirit to Spirit.

68. Those who are watchful and praying will become aware of the presence among humanity of the spiritual beings of light, as will those who become spiritualized and prepared, in order to perceive the moment in which those envoys approach, speak or perform some superhuman deed.

69. It will not be necessary for them to communicate through men who have knowledge of this Doctrine in order to speak through their faculties. Their presence, their influence and their inspiration will be so subtle that only he who is prepared, will perceive their presence among humanity.

70. The peoples of the Earth will feel the presence of Moses as each one of them is being liberated. The different religions will experience the presence of Elijah, when the light which emanates from the truth, destroys the darkness of the spiritual ignorance of mankind, making clear before their eyes all falsehood which they have worshiped.

71. The lords of the world who continue to be kings over humiliated peoples, will feel the spiritual presence of Daniel, when the prophet approaches their chamber to awaken them, so they may pray, because destruction is near.

72. The day will come in which every eye will contemplate the light of these works, as it is written, in order for man to know that, for the spirit, there are no boundaries or material limits, and little by little, everyone will draw nearer towards the goal, where harmony and enlightenment will reign.

My Peace be with you!

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