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The Master teaches:
The Master teaches:
Laborers in the Lord's Work & The Task of the Guardian Angels
The Tribulation of Mankind & Humility, Forgiveness and Selflessness

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The Book of True Life

Teaching 24/366

The Master teaches:

The Tribulation of Mankind & Humility, Forgiveness and Selflessness

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. O disciples: You must learn to give without expecting any reward.

2. Practice true humility, that, which, being proper for the elevated spirit, is reflected in the sentiments of the heart. Sincerely regard yourselves as the last of all, never wish to be first.

3. Learn to forgive whoever has offended you. I said to Peter that if he were offended seventy times seven by his brother, he should forgive him that many times; with this I gave him to understand that he should do it always, the same with the small as with the greater offenses. How many beings have passed through this world calling themselves Christians and they were not capable of granting a single pardon during their entire life!

4. Now then, I ask all those whom I have called the sons of light: Would you not wish that at least once during your lifetime, you had put into practice this sublime mandate, in order to become aware of the miracles it produces, both in the one who forgives as well as in the one who receives it?

5. Enlightenment is nobleness, it is love and understanding among spirits; now you know how you should conduct yourselves in your life if you truly wish to be the sons of light.

6. Now, when on being offended you return the blow and you both repent, do not hold back your hand because of pride, be the first to extend it as proof of humility, and do not fear being humbled, for I say to you that he who humbles himself in the world, will be exalted in the hereafter.

7. How do you think I desire My disciples to be among this humanity? I want them to be cleansed and meek of heart, that with their examples they will shine along the path of their fellowmen; that each one will be like those stars which sparkle at night, as guardians or guides of their brethren.

8. I wish that your heart will be filled with joy so that you will spread it upon the sorrowful; that from your hands will flow the balsam that will give health to all the sick; that your lips will be able to transmit My word with its original purity and essence, for then you will be able to redeem through your example those who are lost.

9. In the Second Era I said to you on contemplating the city where My people dwelt, to whom I was promised as their Savior, and who because of the materialism, was not aware of My presence: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who has killed the prophets and has denied My messengers, how often would I have gathered your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not."

10. I had sought to offer them a true happiness and nevertheless, I knew that they would take Me to Calvary, but My love was not overcome by the wickedness of men and as proof of it, I have returned, saying to you: Blessed are those who believe in Me today, for I will take from their hearts all grief, but I also bless those who during these times will be My new judges, for I assure you that they will be the believers of tomorrow, like Saul of Tarsus who persecuted those who believed in Me, and who will approach Me with repentance, in order to arise filled with love and faith to spread the seed of truth among their brethren.

11. My light illuminates human understanding. I come to this people as in that time I went to another people who preceded you, and to whom I said that you are bound to them spiritually. How many of those men denied Me! How their heart became so cruel as to shout: Crucify Him! O, blessed crucifixion, which gave a testimony of what the Divine love can do for His children and of what human ingratitude is capable!

12. Many of them were sick, blind and confused; they did not realize what they had done and that is why they judged Me, even today all those who do not travel along My path of love also do not know what they do. Human wickedness wants to finish off the love that I sowed through Jesus, but throughout the centuries, millions of men have wept because of that unspeakable ingratitude. But those who thus weep for Me, have hated and cursed those who crucified Me, when I have not taught you to hate or to curse. I do not hate, curse or punish, those feelings are not within My Divine Spirit, but I do contemplate them in your worldly justice.

13. I taught you to love, forgive and to pray for those who offended you, and to bless them.

14. If you always had those deeds during your life and on carrying them out, you truly felt them without telling anyone, you would attain much in atoning for your faults, and with them, through your clean thoughts, you would receive the light. That is how My word teaches you, that is how the spirit should work, silently and without any boasting.

15. When from your mind emerges an idea or a thought of light, in that manner it reaches its objective to fulfill its beneficial mission. If instead of kind thoughts, impure emanations surge from your mind, they will only cause harm wherever you send them. I say to you that thoughts are deeds, and as such they remain written in the book which exists in your conscience.

16. If your deeds are good or bad, you will receive multiplied what you wished for your brethren. But it is better to do yourselves some harm than to wish it upon one of your fellowmen.

17. That is why during the Second Era I said to you: "What you sow, you reap!" for it is necessary that you be aware of your experiences in this life and that you remember that your harvest will give you back the same seed that you sowed, although multiplied.

18. O! Humanity, how you have neglected to meditate, feel or live the teachings of your Master!

19. If to your hands come altered writings of My disciples who in the Second Era passed on My word to you, I will make you recognize which are the true words of Jesus; your conscience will regard as false, those which are not in harmony with the Divine concert of My love.

20. You have read My teachings hastily and you have interpreted them to your liking, then you seek new books, where men deliver Me from Herod to Pilate again, but you find very little there about that sweet word, about that simple Doctrine that the Divine Master taught you.

21. Everyone keeps on judging Me, some regard Me as God, others as a man, some call Me Divine and others a human prophet; some believe Me the son of God and others of David. Some call Me a prophet and others an agitator. Some say that I am illuminated by the Most High, others say that I have a pact with the devil, and thus this humanity goes on in pursuit of My name, to place upon Me the new I.N.R.I. in imitation of the timid Pilate.

22. You judge Me through My words and My deeds, but you fail to put in practice the mandate: "Love one another." You fear to practice that sublime teaching, because you think of the mockery of your brethren.

23. Truly I say to you that if I had felt fear along the slope of Calvary and at the cross, you would still be waiting for the Messiah.

24. Do not fall into theologies complicating what is simple, do not imitate those who pretend to confine God, the truth, within a material book, for as humans, you will never be able to analyze God.

25. Do not make difficult what is easy, do not minimize what is great, or exalt what is insignificant. Do not become doctors without doctrine, or religious without love.

26. Seek your Father who today reaches you as a Divine thought, emanating love. Behold My light made word for all men.

27. It is the light of the Holy Spirit, which as a message of love comes to tear the veils which obscure human understanding.

28. If you seek with sincerity the knowledge which this word contains and you find its essence, you will have found the truth.

29. The light of this teaching will be the star which will indicate the way where you will have to proceed: you must not remain stationary for by doing that, you would hinder the progress of your brethren along the spiritual path.

30. I do not come to encourage habits which will delay you spiritually, and although many times you conceal them with a false glitter of elegant words, deep down they contain ignorance and confusion.

31. The book which I open before you, is like an exquisite nourishment for the spirit; its essence, once it reaches your heart, will make changes in it, which will help you imitate the Messiah, the Master, who as Man, rendered a tribute of perfect love to the Father. When will you glorify the Father in a similar manner?

32. You have unfolded your passions in the world, you have worshiped your idols, but God in the infinite and in your brethren, when?

33. It has been nearly two thousand years of you repeating that phrase, which the shepherds of Bethlehem heard: "Peace on Earth to men of good will." But, when have you put into practice your good will to make yourselves worthy of peace? Truly I say, that you have actually done the opposite.

34. You have lost the right to repeat that phrase, that is why I have come today with new words and lessons, so that it will not be the phrases or prayers, that will be engraved in your mind, but the essence of My teaching which will penetrate into your heart and spirit. If you wish to repeat My words just as I come to reveal them, you may do so, but you must keep in mind that as long as you do not feel them, they will have no virtue whatsoever. Pronounce them with gentleness and humility, feel them vibrating within your heart and I will answer you in such a manner, that I will make your whole being tremble.

35. Those through whom I manifest Myself interpret Me poorly; that is why My lesson is for them also, so that they will remove from themselves all superfluous ideas, fanaticism, ancient prejudices and all that might be mixed with the inspiration which they receive. As time passes by, new and better prepared men will come to listen to Me.

36. Elevate your thoughts to Me, O beloved spokesmen, ask the Master that during your ecstasy His teaching may be manifested in a cleansed and pure manner; allow My will to be done in you and you will see that from your mouths will emanate lessons which will guide these multitudes along the road of love and truth.

37. O My people: Forget the superstitions that you were taught in the past and pray before Me with true faith; I will liberate you from any attack and I will send you guardian angels.

38. The Law of God is infinite, it embraces all, it is the harmony within everything created. That Law does not regard only what is spiritual.

39. You like to learn from memory the precepts of the Law, the names of the spiritual virtues, the maxims and phrases of Jesus, but I say to you: It is necessary that you feel all this. To know it, does not mean that you feel it. He who wishes to possess My Truth, should feel it from the bottom of his heart.

40. You think of exalted ideas, of good deeds, but you do not perform them according to My will, because you do not feel them and for that reason you ignore the Divine taste which they leave when they are practiced. You do not practice them with cleanliness for you believe that you are unable to and you are not able because you are unwilling. And the fact is that in order to do good it is necessary to love.

41. He who loves, understands, he who studies, has willpower; he who has willpower, can accomplish very much. I say to you, he who does not love with all the power of his spirit will neither have elevation and knowledge, nor will he be able to do great deeds.

42. He who separates himself from the spiritual Law, which is a superior Law, falls under the domination of the inferior or material laws, which human beings know very little of as well. But he who obeys and remains in harmony with the supreme Law, is above all rules that you call natural and feels and understands more than the one who only possesses knowledge which he has found in science or in the religions.

43. Behold why Jesus surprised you with the deeds that you call miracles, but recognize the lessons of love that He gave you. Understand that there is nothing supernatural or contradictory within the Divine which vibrates in all Creation.

44. You find your journey through this life filled with bitterness and vicissitudes, in which you behave like your children when they are discontented or sick, contradictory to the love of the Creator. You live in continuous weeping because of your miseries, but these are the natural result of your disobediences and faults against the Law, and the bad use you have made of the freedom of will that My love has given you.

45. This lesson which is so easy to comprehend, for it is within the reach of your understanding, you refuse to consider as the truth.

46. Only regeneration and the ideal of perfection will enable you to return to the path of truth. Those who regarding themselves as interpreters of the Law of God will tell you that infernal suffering awaits your perversity and rebelliousness, and that only by demonstrating your repentance, mortifying and injuring your bodies and rendering to God material offerings, will He forgive you and guide you to His Kingdom; in truth I say that they are in confusion.

47. Where will you go o humanity, guided by those whom you admire as great teachers of the holy revelations and whom I see as confused? That is why I come to save you with the light of this Doctrine, which will allow you to evolve along the path of My love.

48. During this period I come to give you new teachings in which you should meditate, lessons of love which will redeem and elevate you, truth which even though bitter, will be enlightenment along your path.

49. Spirituality of this period, like Christianity of the past era, will be contested and pursued with anger, cruelty and fury, and in the middle of the struggle, the spiritual will emerge working miracles and winning hearts.

50. Materialism, egotism, pride and worldly love, will be the forces which will arise against this revelation, which is not new or different from the one that I brought you in past times. The Doctrine which I have come to reveal to you now, and to which you give the name of Spirituality, is the essence of the Law and the Doctrine which was revealed to you in the First and Second Eras.

51. When mankind understands the truth of this teaching, its justice and the infinite knowledge that it reveals, they will reject from their heart all fear, all prejudice and they will adopt it as a norm of their life.

52. My Law does not enslave, My word liberates. He who believes in Me and follows Me, is not a slave, he ceases to be a subject of the earthly passions, he ceases to be of the world and he becomes master of himself; he overcomes temptations and the world is at his feet.

53. Only spirituality will save this humanity from its chaos, do not wait for another solution, O peoples and nations of the Earth! You can make peace treaties, but while that peace is not based upon the light of the conscience, you will be foolish, for you will be building on sand!

54. During the Second Era I said to you: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven", and now you are seeing it. The powerful ones wish to buy peace with their wealth but they cannot attain it.

55. Thus mankind will understand that the spiritual benefits are essential in the life of man, benefits which cannot be obtained with money, but through spirituality.

56. Spirituality does not mean mysticism, but elevation of your feelings, goodness of your heart, righteousness in your deeds, love toward your fellowmen.

57. In order to give you this lesson of charity and love I have not come to humanize Myself nor to manifest myself in palaces, in the midst of vanity and surrounded by luxury. In the humble district of your city, among the poor, among the humble, thus I have come to you, as is fitting for the One who in another time said to you: "My kingdom is not of this world."

58. This humanity, who has evolved to some extent, lives in a profound lethargy spiritually, because it has not been able to search its innermost where the true temple exists. That sanctuary is deserted, its lamp does not burn, its altar is without any offering, but I ask you: Why has all this happened? Because for a long time man has been nourished with external worships, substituting it for what should be completely spiritual.

59. He has tried to satisfy the needs of his spirit with ceremonies, traditions, feasts and material offerings. To which I say, that only the deeds which contain elevation and spirituality, will truly strengthen and nourish the spirit.

60. Certainly I receive all the offerings and in all of them I deposit My love. Do you not believe that it would be more reasonable and pleasing to both the Father as well as yourself, if you would offer Me something which would be worthy of Me and of yourselves?

61. Many men and people still believe they please Me by presenting material offerings; they believe that the greater the splendor and luxury of their liturgies, the greater the enjoyment of the Father and the greater the benefits received from Him; and the fact is they have forgotten that if as a Man I avoided all that was vain and superficial, today that I have manifested Myself to you in Spirit, much less will I receive from men objects and material ceremonies.

62. When will you come to the point of interpreting My Law with truth? When will this humanity cease to violate and adulterate My mandates?

63. I offer you this time to meditate on the spiritual teachings, those which have already been revealed to you since the first eras.

64. Withdraw from habits, vices, superstitions, traditions, fanaticism and idolatry, I want you to be cleansed so that you can spiritualize yourselves and I want you to be humble in order for My light to glow within you.

65. Just as in past times, the places of Jerusalem and Rome, were for mankind promised lands and fountains of grace where the Lord manifested Himself. To this nation, belittled and humiliated, I have designated for it an elevated mission for this era. It must be prepared, for both the echo of My manifestation, as well as the rumor of My miracles and the fervor of its witnesses, will attract the attention of mankind.

66. The first to come will be the poor, the ignorant, the needy, the innocent, the slave, those who hunger and thirst for justice, and later will come the skeptical, the lords, the scientists.

67. Be vigilant and pray, be prepared for the arrival of the great multitudes. Be watchful in your deeds, pray in the corner of your chamber or wherever the moment of your communication with Me comes to you, and there I will be with you.

68. I have not told you to forsake your worldly responsibilities, but to withdraw from what is not within the Law, mainly, to relinquish from your life what is unnecessary and superfluous and that you take with moderation what is permissible.

69. What has your freedom of will given you, when you have used it to pursue and seek material enjoyments? Only pain and disappointments.

70. From the New Jerusalem I am beholding this humanity without being felt by it. Some who have awaited Me and others who follow Me, know that I have returned as the Holy Spirit and that I am speaking to them through a human faculty. Do you know how I find the peoples of the world? They are disappointed, men are indifferent toward men. One does not ask another for help anymore, because he knows that he will not gain anything from his charity for he knows that his hand is empty. Today materialism reigns, and from all that is good and elevated, only a very weak reflection of light remains.

71. You are surprised that I speak to you thus and you believe that I am strict and demanding with you, to which I say to you, that your evolved spirit should offer Me a better harvest than the one which you present to Me today.

72. Do you not believe that the division of humanity into peoples and races is something primitive? Do you think that if your progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud, was true, the law of force and wickedness would not still be prevalent, but instead all the deeds of your existence would be guided by the light of your conscience? And you, My people, do not put yourselves outside of this judgment, for also among you I discover conflicts and differences.

73. Since olden times I have spoken to you about a judgment and this is the time announced which the prophets represented as if it were one day.

74. The word of your God is that of a King, and it stands firm. What does it matter that thousands of years have passed since then? The will of the Father is unchangeable and must be fulfilled.

75. If men would be vigilant and pray, besides believing in My word, they would never be taken off guard, but they are unfaithful, forgetful, unbelieving and when the ordeal takes place they attribute it to punishment, vengeance or the ire of God, to which I say to you, that every ordeal is announced with anticipation, so that you will be prepared, therefore you should always remain vigilant.

76. The Flood, destruction of the cities by fire, invasions, plagues, sickness, scarcity and still more ordeals were prophesied to all the peoples of humanity, so that you would be prepared and not be surprised. In the same way today, the love of God always has sent a message of alertness, of preparation, so that men will awaken, prepare themselves and be strengthened.

77. Through the gifts of the spirit and the faculties which man possesses, My messages reach his heart. Those gifts are: spiritual vision, presentiment, intuition and the prophetic dream.

78. Then why, most of the time do you receive ordeals without being prepared? It is not that I failed to send you the message, but you have lacked prayer and spirituality.

79. I have said that a very great ordeal draws nearer to mankind, so great that in all the history of its centuries and ages, it has never had anything like it, and now you must understand that I am speaking to the heart of all of you. I am allowing My messages and warnings to reach you in many ways, in order for men to meditate and to awaken to My Law, like the prudent virgins of My parable.

80. Will the peoples and the different nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people, to whom I am manifesting Myself in this manner, listen to Me? Only I know, but My responsibility as a Father is to establish along the path of My people, every means toward their salvation.

81. O My people: Do not forget this word, do not slumber nor close the doors of your heart to My call of love; be the messengers of this light, conveying your thoughts, like spiritual messages, toward the mind of your brethren.

82. Now you will better understand why I constantly repeat: "Be vigilant and pray."

My Peace be with you!

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