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Main Page The Book of the true Life Teaching-26 Teaching

The Book of the true Life

Teaching 26

The Lord says:

1. O disciples: after listening to My teaching and judging your past before the light of My word, spiritually you have said: "The leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God."

2. You think thus because you begin to understand, that the hardships which you are enduring as a bitter cup, have been like steps which have brought you closer to the Tree of Life, where the Master awaits you to grant you your heritage.

3. When you have arrived before the manifestation of My word, all of you have asked yourselves what could be the reason for My return and while listening to My greeting which states: "My peace be with you," those who recognize the value which peace offers, are filled with joy, while those who only believe in acquiring material benefits, ask Me with disappointment inwardly, if I have come to offer you only peace.

4. These who think thus do not offend Me, because their incomprehension arises from their ignorance and this is precisely the confusion that I have come to combat, illuminating the spirits with the light of My Doctrine.

5. O hearts which today are hardened by the passions and vicissitudes that have embittered your life: Understand that you will attain the peace when you have obtained spiritual elevation.

6. Peace in your spirit speaks to you of light, of morality, of virtues. He who does not aspire to reach that state of elevation, shall not dream of enjoying My peace, for he is still captive to the impulses of the flesh and to the false visions of happiness which the physical world offers.

7. He who fosters within his inner self an ardent desire for peace, tired of worldly pleasures, is the one who seeks the liberation of his spirit, anxious to reach the goal for which he was created.

8. From the beginning 6f mankind, there have been few who have sought peace or once they have attained it, remained in it, because man only seeks it when pain overcomes him. That is why you behold how, after one of your inhuman, destructive and unjust wars, thousands of beings arise thirsty for peace, which they were not able to esteem before, because they were not aware of the value that Divine gift holds.

9. You must understand that it is not in the knowledge of men where you will find peace, since the fountain from which it derives, is spiritual. Gold, human knowledge, science, the power of men, have not been sufficient to obtain that grace which you will only attain by practicing good deeds, guiding yourselves during your lifetime along the path of love which My Law designates.

10. It will not come as a surprise that men whom mankind regard as wise men, when they come looking for My revelations in search of My peace, they will take their place as beginners to study the first lessons of the Book of Life.

11. No one better than I, knows the infinite thirst which exists among mankind. My compassion like a ray of hope penetrates each heart, to make him conscious of the nearness of the struggle through which he will attain the true peace and the liberation of his spirit.

12. My teaching is the voice of the celestial trumpet, which has been heard by the spirits to whom I have announced that the day of judgment, of atonement and also of salvation has arrived.

13. Everything had been prophesied, but you preferred to wait for the events without being prepared, to be able to face the struggle and obtain your freedom. You lacked faith, obedience to My Law of love and today you find yourselves weeping for your faults.

14. The multitudes that congregate to hear My Divine lessons, appear to you great in number, but how small they are if you compare them with your brethren who are lacking My peace.

15. In these multitudes I have placed My peace; some have been able to safeguard it, others forsake it as soon as they cease to hear My word and enter into the routines of life. They are those who, on returning to the humble place where I manifest Myself, ask Me: Lord, why is it that only when I am listening to you I find the peace, or is it that it only exists in these places? And I answer them that if only at the hour of listening to My word they have found peace, it is because only at that moment their spirit is cleansed from the influence of the flesh. Then on leaving the threshold of these houses of prayers, they return to their life of imperfections, egotism, passions, resentment and vices, without putting into practice the precepts of the Doctrine which they heard, because listening does not mean learning, and only he who analyzes and puts into practice My Doctrine, will truly be named My disciple, because he will always be spiritually prepared to convey to his brethren the example of dedicating their life to the fulfillment of My teachings.

16. In this lesson you will find the knowledge of the moral responsibility that you have pledged, for having received within your heart the gift of My peace, which you must share with your brethren.

17. Understand and analyze how many times I have said to you: Welcome to the humble dwelling converted into a house of peace and prayer where I manifest Myself as the Master.

18. Through My word you have understood your mission and the restitution which falls upon your spirit. Today you recognize that in order to reach Me, it is necessary to attain the purity that will make you worthy of entering the mansion of the just, which is the land promised to your spirit.

19. Not all who listen are with Me, "for the thought of some is far away On the other hand, there are those who are distant physically, but they are present in spirit.

20. If you knock at My door, I have also approached yours, not to ask but to give you what you need.

21. I come to give light to your spirit for I behold that it does not want to continue in darkness; it wishes to rise above the ignorance and impulses 6f the flesh, it wants to contemplate and understand the Father, knowing the purpose of its own existence.

22. Awaken, be aware of the time you are living in, so that when the moment comes in which men arise profaning and erasing all worship from the human heart, they will have nothing to take away from you, because your sanctuary and your worship will be spiritual. Then your spirit will be able to communicate directly with My Divinity; that will be its liberation.

23. You live in a world transformed by human science, this is its era, it is the time of its reign.

24. Men have erected a new Babel, a new tower of arrogance and vanity. From its loftiness they defy My power and humiliate the weak. Truly I say to you, that man will not reach Me through that path; it is not that I am against science, since it is the light that I, your Creator, have placed within the human mind, but that men have made bad use of it. I entrusted science to you as a tree which you should cultivate with love, respect and zeal so that from it would emerge fruits of good taste, those which give life. Do you believe that you have properly cultivated that tree? Behold that its fruits have been of destruction and pain, that instead of giving life they have sowed death. How erroneous human science is! But in spite of that, I bless it because it is a work of My children.

25. Materialism has enveloped mankind. From many hearts My name has been erased, men forget to pray, which is the spiritual way of conversing with God. My Doctrine and My examples through Jesus have been forgotten and those who try to persevere in My lessons and to comply with My Law, do so by means of idolatrous worship, seeking Me through forms and man-made images. Is that the way My Law should be fulfilled?

26. Many have made of Nature their God, exalting it as a creative fountain of all that exists. But in truth I say to you that this Nature from whose bosom have emerged all beings, the forces and material elements which surround you, is not herself creator, it was conceived and created before by the Divine Maker. It is not the cause nor the reason for life. Only I, your Father, am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega.

27. The shade of the tree of human science has enveloped mankind, the majority of its fruits have poisoned it, and the time approaches in which the sickle of justice will appear to cut out every impure branch and all imperfect fruit.

28. When man was innocent, his state of purity made him worthy of the grace of God. Science was not necessary for him to find the means of living, it was not necessary for his eyes or his intelligence to make an effort to penetrate the secrets of Creation to find the light which would illuminate the path of his earthly life.

29. Nature, like a gentle mother, brought its bosom nearer the lips of the child to nourish him, but the child grew and seduced by the external beauty of the fruits of the tree of life, he extended his hand, plucked and tasted them, awakening the need and eagerness for knowledge within his heart and all his being; the age of innocence passed and a new stage began for man, that of science, in which the spirit was desirous to know the human existence and its mysteries. That was the beginning of the struggle, experiences, development, evolution and restitution.

30. The child who placed his happiness in feeling the maternal caress, became the adolescent who filled with curiosity and anxiety, and amazed before the greatness of the existence which was a mystery to him, went forth along the pathways eager to learn. Who else but I, made possible for man to feel that ideal of knowledge and understanding? Everything was foreseen and prepared by Me to guide the steps of man on Earth; that is why at every step he found a surprise and a new wonder. There was no obstacle, necessity or difficulty without a solution. If man had his awakening for the world, there also surged within his spirit, in his anxiety and presentiment, a profound eagerness to learn and contemplate the existence which is beyond material creation, beyond the flesh and science.

31. Thus the spiritual worship toward God was born, so that through it the spirit woul4 be nourished and would attain elevated knowledge, living in accordance with the science inspired within My Law of love.

32. Not all men have conceived Me in the infinite, in the spiritual and in the invisible, that is why since the beginning of mankind, while some have sought Me beyond what is physical, others have done it by means of material worships. These are the ones who searched for Me in the stars, in the elements and in other creatures, until they realized that whoever had created all that they venerated, must be in infinity, and it was He whom they should worship.

33. From time to time humanity was evolving in its beliefs and in the knowledge of the spiritual, perfecting its worship, illuminated by the Divine inspirations. Nevertheless, even now during this time many of My children feel Me only by means of forms, rituals, images and symbols. The fact is that the spirit, still distracted with traditions, is satisfied with what little he obtains with his limited elevation, but for him the moment of preoccupation with the mysteries has come, experiencing the need and going through ordeals, as he had never encountered before along his path; then he will awaken, and will arise to inquire and search as he did before when he wanted to know the reason for his existence on Earth.

34. What is it that you desire most on Earth during these moments? Peace, health and truth. Truly I say to you that these gifts will not be given to you by your science as you had imagined it.

35. Wise men question Nature and to each question she answers them; but behind those interrogations there are not always noble purposes, good feelings nor charity. Men are the small and foolish, who tear from the mother her secrets and profane her intimacy, not with the purpose of honoring her, taking from her fountains the elements to do good toward one another, as true brethren, but with egotistical purposes and sometimes evil.

36. All of Creation speaks to them about Me and its voice is of love, but how few have been able to listen and understand that language!

37. If you consider that Creation is a temple where I dwell, do you not fear that Jesus will appear there wielding a whip to drive out the traders and those who profane it?

38. O My beloved people, analyze and understand My teaching, open your understanding and allow My light to penetrate there; that light will speak through your deeds, although your word may be humble. It pleases Me that your speech is simple, for it will be your spirit that will give testimony of Me.

39. The destiny of each one of you is different, but the goals of everyone is the same: to reach God.

40. Some of you suffer and with it you restitute for your faults against My Law in previous times, others drink the cup of bitterness, due to the wickedness of their brethren; the first are purifying themselves in the ordeals of life, the second will have to drain the same bitter cup which they made their fellowmen drink, but truly I say to you that the loving and perfect justice of your Father is manifested in one and all.

41. "Love one, another." Comply with My Law of love, so that the light of peace and harmony shines in the East where now there is confusion and the bitterness of war. Feel the pain of mankind and observe how they seek a savior, like the lost sheep that weep, calling for their shepherd.

42. How much pain overwhelms mankind during this era! No sooner is a child born when already he begins to drain his cup of bitterness because of his brethren. Some lose their mother before feeling the first caress, others turn deaf with the clamor of war, without having heard the sweet maternal lullaby.

43. The paradise of the first people became a valley of tears and now it is only a valley of blood: That is why today when I have come to fulfill the promise that I made to My disciples, I awaken mankind from their lethargy, giving them My teachings of love, to save them, and I seek the spirits who are destined to arise during this period to give testimony of My manifestation and My word with their deeds. When those chosen by Me find themselves reunited round My Law, the Earth and the stars will be shaken and in the sky there will be signs, because at that instant the voice of the Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the just, of the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and material realms.

44. Then the time of the Holy Spirit will reach its plenitude. In order for you to make known to your brethren this prophecy, I ask you: When will you arise to fulfill your mission as the disciples of this period? When will you make your brethren listen to you and be moved before the voice of their own conscience? When are you going to convey this word of light and love to mankind?

45. It is My will that you unite so that in each house of prayer and in each congregation the taste of your fruit will be only one. Why should they offer a different taste when all are branches of the same vine?

46. Study, practice and arise in unity so that your strength may be respected. Do not allow false manifestations to rise from My Divinity within the bosom of sects or religions, do not be the cause of false prophets arising, surprising the multitudes with their word.

47. Be alert, o seers. If you have been tested by your Father, if your people have denied you, do not fear, remember that Jesus was denied in His homeland, and He had to go to other lands in order to be believed. He said to you, "No one is a prophet in his own land."

48. If they are doubtful about your virtues, there will be hearts who will truly believe you; some of you will enter into strange lands where you will find more trust in your testimony than in the bosom of this people.

49. In order to help you in your mission the Master has given you His teaching and He is never tired of doing it for He is the Word of the Father.

50. O My beloved disciples: provide the sick with the healing balsam, do it with love, with true spiritual preparation, so that the needy may experience the Divine consolation.

51. On some occasions I have permitted true miracles to be realized, without your preparation having made you worthy of it; but now I say to you that you must not neglect your preparation, because I will surprise you, I will test you by not granting what you hoped for, to make you understand that you do not know how to prepare yourselves to impart a true act of charity.

52. Do not allow that only the sick be the one who because of his pain makes himself worthy of My benefits, you should unite to his merits your charity and in both My grace will be manifested.

53. Maintain your spiritual and material preparation, for you may not be aware of the moment in which you will need to perform an act of charity and it would be very pleasing for Me, to make you keepers of My balsam, of the peace or that which your brethren need most. Understand the magnificence of the mission that you have come to fulfill during your restitution, so that you may embrace your cross, with all the love of which you are capable.

54. Here in the world, you do not perceive the voice of your conscience as clearly as you will hear it when you are in spirit, that is why many times you neglect the fulfillment of your mission; but keep in mind that regardless of how far away may be the date of your departure to the hereafter, it will always be awaiting you, and when you open your eyes in a new world, you will only receive the light that you have obtained in your struggle and you will possess the peace of which you are deserving through the merits that you have gained.

55. Do you know how I want you to approach the next mansion where I await you? Filled with peace, illuminated by the light of wisdom, which should glow in every cleansed spirit, without doubts, without tears.

56. No one should think that in coming to this world, My Work came as a surprise giving him a mission; no, that would be to be at fault showing ignorance, living in the light. I have come only to make you recognize what you received in spirit before you were sent to Earth.

57. Now then, O beloved disciples, if your spirit came for that purpose because I ordered it that way, and each one of you desired it and accepted it thus, keep in mind that you must not return to Me without having complied with the mission that you promised to fulfill, otherwise it would be very painful for your spirit.

58. Analyze My word, do not let anything or anyone hinder you in the fulfillment of your mission, that nothing makes you renounce all that as a reward, belongs to those who knew how to be warriors of God in the world, apostles of His truth.

59. In order to help you in your restitution I am giving you My word, and its light will guide you toward perfection.

60. Hear Me tirelessly and learn from Me. Listen to Elijah and follow his example of virtue so that you can imitate him, as pastors of a portion of spirits which My will has destined for you.

61. I behold everyone with love and I say to you, that during this era I have not only come to caress and give you My peace, but I also come to teach you, to make you understand that you are possessors of spiritual gifts with which you should help mankind in its tribulation, to guide it toward its final restitution.

62. The time of great trials is at hand, and the spirit is still weak. Great afflictions and disorders await it, and that is why I approach as an ark of salvation to protect My children and help them to evolve along the spiritual path.

63. All the spirits have been made deserving of My justice; even that of the infants, in their mother's arm, have experienced pain.

64. I am preparing you, o disciples, to spread My Doctrine of love and peace to all nations, so that through your compliance you can save your brethren. Approach the humble and the great; many times you will find yourselves before scientific men, and before them you must give proof of spirituality. How ashamed some will feel when they realize the futility of their material knowledge and they will confess that what science could not accomplish in healing and in the solution of the problems which afflict mankind, was achieved by the love and charity of My disciples.

65. This Nation, little known in the world, will have plentiful blessings. Its soil will be prosperous and its coffers will be opened to send nourishment to the nations devastated by war; the spirit of its dwellers inspired by My love, will convey thoughts of light to the needy, and when the time for preaching comes, they will carry My word and with it comfort and heal those who suffer.

66. Many foreigners will come to join with you in your ideas of peace and harmony. Spirituality, as a beneficial seed will be spread and the truth that it preaches will be acknowledged. Then the son will be able to love Me with purity and the fountain of grace from which all righteousness originates, will be spread upon mankind.

67. I want you to fulfill your mission during this period, and when you pass on to the hereafter you will continue your spiritual work. Teach your brethren that only one Law filled with justice governs all spirits, that everyone occupies a place in My Creation and each one is stimulated by Me in its compliance. Everything obeys the Divine immutable laws.

68. If humanity during this time of trials judges you unjustly and holds you responsible for the war of ideas, for the destruction of nations and lack of peace, do not be intimidated or confused, remain prayerful and vigilant. Do not fear, if you are complying with My Law.69. Understand that I have permitted wars to become unleashed for the spirit of mankind to purify itself. Every nation, institution and dwelling, are touched by My justice to reveal the degree of progress in which they find themselves.

70. Be active as I have taught you; regenerate the sinners; mend lives, and bring before Me those who have parted. And when this phase has passed, the light of knowledge and experience will be within all spirits, My Doctrine will inspire men, and there will be no adulterations, or unrighteous interpretations of My Law.

71. If sometimes I call you children, it is because before My Divinity, you are still small, and before eternity your existence is very short. Do you not at times evaluate your happiness in a trifle? Do you not sometimes weep for something that should not be cause for your pain?

72. Truly I say to you, that I have not come only to seek the poor and the humble, but also the one who has excelled in the world, whether through his power or his knowledge. I am calling all, so that they can obtain the purification of their spirit.

73. If among the poor I have allowed Myself to be felt through what little they possessed, to prepare and awaken them, also those who have accumulated material benefits I will touch so that they may heed My call. He who is deaf to My voice I will lift from this world and in the spiritual realm I will indicate to him the work that he failed to fulfill on Earth.

74. May this teaching serve you as a lesson; accumulate merits before leaving this world; leave hope, health and peace as a mark of your passage; if you do not do it, you will weep tomorrow.

75. Your heart should be strengthened to resist the trials awaiting it. I have said that you will suffer persecutions and slander, that you will be blamed for the religious confusion that is to take place; but I will be watchful over you and will allow you to go forward.

76. Remove from your heart the horror that you might feel for those who suffer diseases that you call revolting and reject the repulsion that you might experience in finding yourselves before the homicidal or the one who has gone mad in vices. Extend your hand, give to them deeply felt words. Pray for them. Only I am aware what is concealed in each one of those existences, only I know the causes for their downfall.

77. Only I can forgive and absolve those who are persecuted and condemned by human justice.

78. I am strengthening your spirit with My word, for you still have much to experience and feel within your heart.

79. I am sensitizing your feelings which are lethargic because of your materialism. Yesterday you did not feel the affliction of others, but soon your eyes will shed many tears for the suffering of your fellowmen.

80. The fields are abundant and the laborers are few, be of those laborers who will learn to sow this blessed seed, do it now while you live on Earth, so that you may reach the hereafter with merits. My Peace be with you!

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