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The Book of True Life

Teaching 028/366

The Master teaches:

How Elijah leads the willing Human Spirits into God's Kingdom

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. O disciples, the time draws near in which your brethren will come before you, anxious to question you, asking you for the testimony of the revelation that I am revealing to you during the Third Era, to illuminate their understanding. When this happens, do not deny Me by secluding yourselves; if, during this stage of My manifestation, I am educating you with so much love, it is precisely to teach you to relay My teachings each time that you are questioned.

2. I am reminding you to begin to practice My Doctrine, with the sole objective of developing your spiritual gifts and faculties, so that, once the time of propagating My word among mankind comes, your lips will not be hesitant and your understanding slow to manifest My truth.

3. Your mission is to imitate your Divine Master the way he was during His stay on Earth; remember that when I visited the homes, I always left a message of peace in them, I healed the sick, I consoled the sorrowful with the Divine power that love possesses.

4. Never did I hesitate to enter a home just because I would not be believed there; I knew that upon leaving that place, the hearts of its dwellers would still be overflowing with joy, for, unknowingly, their spirits had glimpsed the Kingdom of Heaven, through My teaching.

5. At times I was the one looking for their hearts, at others, they were looking for Me instead; but in all cases, My love was the bread of eternal life, which I delivered to them in the essence of My word.

6. On some occasions, when I retired to the solitude of a valley, I remained alone for only a few moments, because the multitudes, eager to hear Me, approached their Master, in search of the infinite gentleness of His gaze. I received them, pouring upon those men, women and children the tenderness of My infinite charity, knowing that, in each creature, there was a spirit that I had come to seek in the world. Then I spoke to them about the Kingdom of Heaven, the true home of the spirit, in order for them to soothe their anxieties with My word, and be strengthened with the hope of attaining eternal life. There were occasions when there was someone concealed among the multitudes who harbored the intention of shouting denials of My truth, assuring that I was a false prophet; but My word would surprise him before he even had a chance to open his mouth. At other times, I permitted a blasphemer to offend Me, to prove before the multitudes that the Master was not disturbed by offenses, thus giving them an example of humility and love.

7. There were some who, ashamed before My gentleness, left immediately, repentant for having offended with their doubts the One who, with His deeds, was preaching the truth, and as soon as an opportunity presented itself, they came to Me, they followed Me along the pathways, tearful, moved by My word, not even daring to speak and ask forgiveness for the insults they had previously inflicted upon Me. I would call them, caress them with My word, and grant them grace.

8. Those same roads you will now travel upon, o My beloved people, they are pathways which have been prepared with My examples of love, and which now await you, o disciples of the Holy Spirit, so that you may convey redemption to mankind, with My word and your example.

9. Do not forget that the chaff and weeds can only be destroyed through deeds of love and charity, which I taught you through Jesus.

10. You will find the roads full of rough stones, and the fields covered with nettle, but your spirit, guided by Elijah and strengthened in its faith, with the desire of delivering the balsam of love to those who suffer, will bathe the path of those who live in darkness with the light of truth; they will not feel the thorns along the road, nor the pain, which doubt and incomprehension might inflict upon them.

11. Travel along this path and the greater the number of hearts in which you spread charity, the greater your intuition will be and the deeper and more constant your faith in the deeds which I will manifest through you.

12. If your mission seemed impossible or difficult to fulfill before you started, afterward it will seem easier each time, thus confirming your spiritual progress.

13. This is the time in which I will allow all spirits with whom I will form My very beloved people to incarnate on Earth, so that, with their deeds of love and charity, they will give humanity the testimony of the true knowledge of the spiritual life.

14. You, who were chosen to fulfill this mission and who have the knowledge and certainty of belonging to My people; delight yourselves with this revelation, but do not be intimidated before the struggle that approaches, for truly, I say to you, that the warriors who shall struggle for the truth, must not be afraid when faced with the adversaries that mankind presents to them.

15. To all those who, within your spirit, feel the eagerness for spirituality, for freedom, to elevate yourselves to Me along the path of love, charity and justice, I declare, you belong to My people and you will be warriors of the truth, but to succeed you must be watchful and praying, struggling against your weaknesses, so that the testimony that you give about My Doctrine will be truthful.

16. I will also tell you that anyone who wishes to belong to My people will be welcomed and loved by them, when he gives testimony with his thoughts and deeds, that the ideal of love is the light which illuminates the path of his existence.

17. In order for you to better understand My lesson, listen to My parable:

18. Two travellers walked slowly through an extensive desert, their feet hurt from the burning sands. They were headed towards a distant city, and only the hope of reaching their destination encouraged them in their arduous journey, their bread and water were nearly exhausted. The younger of the two began to weaken, and he begged his companion to continue the journey alone, because his strength was fading.

19. The older traveller tried to encourage the young man, telling him that perhaps they would find an oasis soon, where they would regain their lost strength, but the latter did not take heart. He thought of leaving him in that lonely place, but in spite of being weary as well, he placed his dejected companion upon his shoulders and continued his journey laboriously.

20. When the young man was rested, thinking of the weariness he was causing the one who was carrying him upon his shoulders, he let go of his neck, took him by the hand, and so they continued on their journey.

21. Immeasurable faith encouraged the old one's heart, which gave him the strength to overcome his weariness. As he had foreseen, there appeared on the horizon an oasis, and in its shade the coolness of a spring awaited them. Finally they had reached it, and they drank from that strengthening water until they were satisfied. They slept a refreshing sleep and, upon awakening, they felt that their weariness had disappeared, and neither did they experience any hunger nor thirst; they felt peace in their heart and strength to reach the city they were seeking. They did not really wish to leave this place, but it was necessary to continue their journey. They filled their flasks with the pure and clear water, and they continued moving forward.

22. The older traveller, who had been the young man's support, said: "We should use the water we are carrying sparingly, it is possible that we may meet some pilgrims overcome by fatigue along the way; they may be thirsty or sick, it will be necessary for us to offer them what we are carrying." The young man protested, saying that it would not be sensible to share that which might not even be enough for themselves; and that in such a case, since they had gone through so much effort to obtain that precious element, they could sell it at a price they desired.

23. Not satisfied with this answer, the old one replied that if they expect to have peace in their spirit, they should share the water with those in need.

24. Annoyed, the young man said that he preferred to consume the water in his flask himself, before sharing it with anyone he should encounter along the way.

25. Again, the presentiment of the old one was fulfilled, for they beheld before them a caravan, composed of men, women and children, who were lost in the desert and on the verge of perishing. The kind old man promptly approached those people, and he gave them water to drink. The travellers felt strengthened at once, the sick opened their eyes to thank the old traveller, and the children ceased weeping from thirst. The caravan arose and continued on their journey.

26. There was peace in the heart of the generous traveller, while the other one, seeing his flask empty, with alarm said to his companion that they should return to search for the spring, to replenish the water they had consumed.

27. "We should not turn back", the good traveller said: "For if we have faith, we will find a new oasis further on", but the young man had his doubts, he was afraid and he preferred to say goodbye to his companion right then and there, to go back and search for the spring. Those who had been brothers in a common cause were separated. While one continued onward, filled with faith in his destiny, the other, thinking that he might die in the desert, ran back to the spring, obsessed with the fear of death in his heart. At last he arrived, panting and fatigued, and with satisfaction he drank until he quenched his thirst, forgetting his companion, whom he allowed to go on alone, as well as the city he had already renounced, deciding to remain and live in the desert.

28. It was not long after that a caravan, composed of exhausted men and women, passed nearby, they anxiously approached to drink from the waters of the spring, but suddenly a man appeared who would not allow them to drink and rest, unless they paid him for it. It was the young traveller who had taken possession of the oasis, having declared himself the lord of the desert.

29. The caravan listened to him with sadness, for they were poor and could not purchase that precious treasure which would satisfy their thirst. Finally, depriving themselves of what little they carried, they bought a little water to quench their desperate thirst and continued on their journey.

30. Soon, the young traveller turned himself from a lord into a king, for those who passed by were not always poor, there were also powerful ones who would give a fortune for a glass of water.

31. This man gave no further thought to the city beyond the desert, and much less to his fraternal companion who had carried him upon his shoulders, saving him from perishing in the wilderness.

32. One day he saw a caravan approaching that surely was headed towards the great city, but to his surprise he observed that those men, women and children were full of strength and joy, singing a hymn. The man could not understand what he was seeing, and his surprise was even greater when he beheld the one who had been his travelling companion, marching at the head of the caravan.

33. The caravan stopped at the oasis, and the two men looked at each other with great surprise; finally, he who dwelt in the oasis asked his former companion: "Tell me, how is it possible that there are people who pass through this desert without being thirsty or experiencing weariness?" The reason for his question was because he wondered: what would become of him on the day when no one would approach to ask for water or lodging.

34. The good traveller said to his companion: "I had reached the great city, but not only did I encounter the sick along the way, but also the thirsty, the lost, the weary, and I revived everyone with the faith that has revived me, and thus, from oasis to oasis, one day we finally reached the gates of the great city, there I was summoned by the Lord of that kingdom, who, seeing that I was familiar with the desert and that I showed pity for all travellers, gave me the mission to return and be a guide and adviser along the difficult trek through the desert; and here I am once again, guiding another caravan to the great city." "And you, what brings you here?" he asked the one who had remained at the oasis. Ashamed, the latter was silent. Then the good traveller said to him: "I am aware that you have taken possession of this oasis; that you sell its waters and that you charge for the shade; these goods are not yours to distribute, they were placed in the desert by a divine power, to be used by anyone who has need of them. Do you see these multitudes? They do not have need of the oasis, because they do not feel thirsty, nor are they fatigued. For them to arise, it is enough that I relay to them the message that the lord of the great city conveys through me. They find strength with every step, thanks to their great goal: to reach that kingdom.

35. Leave the spring to those who thirst, so that those who suffer the rigors of the desert may find rest and quench their thirst in it; your pride and selfishness have blinded you, but what good has it been to be the lord of this small oasis, when you live in this lonely place, and have deprived yourself of knowing the great city that the both of us were seeking? Have you already forgotten this shared goal of ours?"

36. The man listening in silence to the one who had been his faithful and unselfish companion, burst into tears, for he felt repentant because of his faults. He tore off his false finery and searched for the starting point, where the desert began, to follow the path that would bring him to the great city. But now he went on his way illuminated by a new light, the light of faith and love for his fellowmen. End of the parable

37. I am the Lord of the great city, and Elijah is the old man of My parable, he is the "voice of the one crying in the wilderness", it is he who manifests himself among you once more, in fulfillment of the revelation that I gave to you in the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

38. He is the one who guides you during the Third Era towards the great city, where I await you, to grant you the eternal reward of My love.

39. Follow Elijah, o My beloved people, and everything in your life will change; your worship, your ideals, all of it will be transformed.

40. Did you believe that your imperfect worship would last eternally? No, disciples; tomorrow, when your spirit beholds the great city on the horizon, he will say like his Master: "My Kingdom is not of this world."

My Peace be with you!

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