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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 283

The Lord says:

1. Beloved disciples: Although you have traveled different roads throughout life, you now unite to pray spiritually to the Divine Father. I welcome you. I ask you to listen to my voice and return to the Father. If you were lost and not following my path, come to me, now. Truly I tell you that I have been awaiting each one of you, continually summoning you to come to me.

2. I welcome those who have gathered today as representatives of humanity to witness my manifestation. The teaching that I will give you today is for all of humanity. My love for those who are present is no different than it is for those who are not present.

3. Pray, my people, because that is the language of the spirit. Learn the correct way to pray so that you will not only learn how to communicate with me but also learn how to listen to my Spirit. Speak to me with humility and respect. You need to speak to me with the same confidence a child has when he speaks to his father and with the same intimacy good friends speak with one another.

4. Listen to your heart. It is my temple. You will listen to my voice offering you advise, inspiration, and revelations.

5. When you truly understand the essence of my teachings and learn to recognize my voice, as a lamb knows the voice of its shepherd, you will realize that I have always spoken to you. If that were not true, the Divine Word would not be eternal.

6. Humanity has always been as a weak child, exposing himself to risks and difficulties, and since I am his Father, I continually love and guide him even if he temporarily ignores me when I offer him my advise and teachings.

7. Today, mankind is experiencing a period of great ordeals. It does not please me to see humanity endure that suffering, but, according to my divine justice, man must purify himself.

8. Your conscience tells you that I love purity and that only pure things are able to reach me.

9. I pour my spiritual enlightenment upon your material body and spirit so that you will study and analyze your daily ordeals which are the lessons of life. Also, you will be able to know and comprehend the mission that you have brought to earth.

10. Why do you fear that it is my will that your life will be filled with ordeals, suffering, punishment, and misfortune? How can you believe that I, who love you with total perfection, would prepare a path for you that is filled with suffering? Truly I tel! you that you have chosen voluntarily to follow that path full of ordeals and suffering. You chose to follow it because you falsely believed that you would discover pleasure, joy, and freedom along that path. You have failed to realize that you have separated from the true path which God wants you to follow, a path offering you true peace, strength, security, health, well-being, and an abundance of all things.

11. The path that my Doctrine teaches you to follow is the path that was destined for you since I first created your spirit. If you follow that path, you will discover those things that you greatly desire.

12. Blessed are those who return to the true path after listening to this word because they will discover once again the heritage that they had rejected.

13. There are also ordeals when one journeys on my path, however, those ordeals are lessons and revelations for the spirit that will help it to become enlightened. Those ordeals will prevent the individual from following a path toward the abyss.

14. Disciples, you are subjected to a thousand ordeals so that your being will become purified and your spiritual gifts will become more developed.

15. This multitude who has received my new teachings and my prophecies is my strong child. That is why I continually tell you to practice my word and to apply my teachings to your daily life so that you will become aware of your spiritual gifts. You need to eagerly seek the essence of my Doctrine to become spiritually enlightened. I promised in the Second Era that I would send the Spirit of Truth to clarity and to explain all past revelations given by God to man.

16. I am allowing this multitude to increase in size without humanity becoming aware of its presence. Humanity will become aware of its presence only after it becomes united in spirit and in truth.

17. When you listen to my word, your being is gently touched and you ask: Where have I heard this voice in the past? Others, when listening to my teaching, say: It seems to me that I am listening to the Divine Master preaching along the riverbank or in the mountain. Where have I seen him?

18. Yes, my people, your faith informs you that it is the Divine Master who speaks although I have not come in human form. In the past, I informed you that I would arrive upon a cloud, thus, that prophecy has been fulfilled.

19. I have spoken to you through human spokesmen during this time. If I had spoken to you from Spirit to spirit, you would not have listened to me, much less understood what I had to say to you.

20. My communication through the human spokesmen has been brief and it is now coming to an end. It was only necessary that a few witness my manifestation and become aware of how I wanted man to communicate with me in the future. Also these few were to give this message to humanity.

21. I want humanity to become united as a single family, therefore, it is necessary for all beings to worship in the same manner and to practice the same Law.

22. You, my people, need to begin by setting an example of brotherhood and unity for others to follow. As long as you fail to do that, you will be unable to leave the state of darkness in which you live and will not be able to follow the path of light to fulfill your mission.

23. The light that radiates from this spiritual teaching is enlightening the spirit of humanity. Once humanity develops a true understanding of the time in which it is living, it will be able to truly comprehend the essence of this doctrine which will become much greater than any religion on earth. You ask me: Master, do the religions on earth not represent the truth? I say to you, if they did, there would be only one religion because there is only one truth. Each religion contains a part of the supreme truth. They all represent different paths through which spirits are guided and brought closer to God.

24. No human being possesses the absolute truth nor is the truth contained in any book. God is the only truth. He possesses infinite love, knowledge, and power, and is perfect justice.

25. Understand my teaching. Each religion offers man a way to understand the truth, but not the absolute truth. That is why there are differences among the various religions. Once again I say to you that if religions possessed the absolute truth, there would be no differences in beliefs and all would follow the same path to Me.

26. When my true doctrine is acknowledged on earth, it will replace all religions. Men will then realize that this doctrine should guide their lives daily. It should not be materialized nor represented through any material forms and symbols. Instead, it is a doctrine that should be felt in your spirit. Once you comprehend the true essence of this doctrine, you will be able to worship me spiritually. The true way to worship God is with simplicity, with sincerity and with honesty.

27. The Doctrine of Spirituality is not a theory. It is a practical teaching both for your life on earth and for your spirit. No other teaching exists that is more complete and perfect. It guided you before you arrived on earth, it will guide you on earth, and it will be found in your spirit when it returns to the spiritual world.

28. I will not be the one who will separate you from your rituals, traditions, and materialistic worship. Man will be guided by his own spirit to reject old customs and beliefs in search of spiritual enlightenment to illuminate his path of evolution. Man will soon realize that the only true offerings that he can present to God are his deeds of love, which include charity, virtue, wisdom, and justice.

29. Spiritualism does not come to contradict any of the words spoken by Christ in the Second Era, for if it did, it would be opposing the truth. How could this teaching contradict the teachings given by Christ, if they were both given by the Divine Master? If you truly comprehend the essence of this doctrine, you will realize that the teachings that I bring you today serve to explain the teachings that I gave you in the Second Era. That is why humanity, today, and in the future, is able to better comprehend my teachings than people from the past. Also, that is why it is able to fulfill my Law in a more pure, true, and elevated manner.

30. If you carefully observe how your brethren worship, you will notice that material objects and symbols are no longer the object of their adoration as they once were. It is because man is beginning to awaken spiritually. Today, he is seeking to truly nourish himself spiritually. That is why I say to you that man's material worship of God is destined to disappear.

31. It is the responsibility of those who are receiving this Word to share it with their brethren in its original simplicity, purity, and spirituality. This will prevent your brethren from establishing any rituals, traditions, and symbols within my doctrine that will separate them from the true path.

32. During this era it is no longer appropriate to represent the divine and the spiritual in a material form. In the First Era, Moses received the commandments engraved in stone, and my prophets lived as humans on earth. In the Second Era, the Divine Word was born on earth and was visually seen by many individuals. As a result of those events from the First and Second Eras, humanity created material images and idols. Today, during the Third Era, I and my messengers have come in spirit. I ask you: What new material images and idols can you create to represent things that are infinite, divine, and that cannot be represented?

33. Since this Spiritual Doctrine is for your spirit, offering it comfort and nourishment, this doctrine separates itself from all material representations and pretentious forms of worship.

34. These teachings have made you become aware of the great responsibility you have for your brethren.

35. Fulfill what my doctrine of love teaches for it is the best way to offer testimony of my doctrine to your brethren.

36. Practice charity, offer spiritual enlightenment to your brethren and help those who have fallen to attain peace, brotherhood, and harmony, and my love will accompany you along your path.

37. Be aware that I am the enlightenment for those who are seeking to spiritually evolve. I am also the Comforter for those who are overwhelmed with hardship.

38. It has been a long time since I have manifested myself verbally to humanity. That is why you come today to listen to the Divine Master. You are eager to learn from his new teachings.

39. From time to time it is necessary for my Spirit to manifest itself in a manner in which you are able to comprehend me. When you are not obeying my Law, it is necessary that I speak to you, so that you will follow the true path.

40. Man is the most rebellious creature throughout creation because of his free will. Until now, he has not wanted to follow what his conscience tells him to do.

41. My word comes to stop some individuals from following the wrong path, to guide others, and to spiritually strengthen all with the truth, thus saving them from the abyss.

42. You should not object to the form of my manifestation during this era which differs from the Second Era. I have never manifested myself in the same form two times as it would be similar to giving you a teaching that you already knew. You should remember that I always bring you new teachings to help you become aware of things you don't understand.

43. I am aware of the great joy that your spirit feels when it listens to my word. Your spirit knows that my teachings can offer it enlightenment, strength, and knowledge if it truly wants to spiritually evolve.

44. The disciple who truly takes advantage of my teachings demonstrates great confidence in life and has faith in his destiny. He does not fear death for he is excited about the spiritual life that awaits him.

45. Blessed is the one who listens to my teachings, comprehends them, and practices them, for he will know how to truly live on earth, how to depart from earth, and how to enter into the eternal spiritual mansion.

46. Blessed is the one who carefully studies and comprehends the essence of my word because he will come to understand why one suffers and must make amends and restitution. Rather than despairing and speaking disrespectfully about God, thus bringing himself more grief, he will be filled with faith and confidence in his ordeals. The weight of his errors will become lighter each day and his restitution easier to endure.

47. Those who have faith and who accept the will of the Father experience peace and serenity in their lives.

48. Your life on earth would become greatly enlightened and you would achieve greater scientific progress if you would learn to love your brethren and do the will of the Father. You need to listen to and follow your conscience rather than be self-centered and selfish. If man would allow his conscience to guide him, he could make greater scientific progress and accomplish much more than he has in the past.

49. When a scientist departs from the earth, his spirit is greatly surprised when it perceives the divine truth. He bows his head shamefully and begs forgiveness for his arrogance. Previously he thought that he knew everything and could do all things. He only believed those things that he was able to comprehend. When he becomes aware of the Book of Life, the divine and infinite work of the Creator, he will begin to realize that he is not as great as he thought he was. He will feel great humility when he arrives before the presence of the Creator who truly knows all things.

50. Why not learn from the Book of Life while you are still on earth, as I have permitted and ordered you to do? Why not prepare yourself spiritually and learn from the teachings which will give you spiritual enlightenment and help you understand what you call mysteries?

51. My people: Be aware that those who have witnessed my manifestation during this era are not the only ones who are able to receive my spiritual inspirations and messages. There are many individuals on earth who sense that humanity will soon receive divine revelations, although they are unaware that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen during this period. I will prepare those individuals so that when they listen to your testimony about my new teachings, they will joyfully say: "This is the Truth."

52. I am preparing you in this manner so that when you meet one another, you will succeed in establishing unity and comprehension.

53. Once again I say to you that the individuals who have witnessed my new manifestation are not the only ones who will receive enlightenment from my Spirit during this period. The moment will arrive when all of the various divine messages received in different ways during this period will become one spiritual message on earth. You will offer testimony of these new revelations although the Law is not new. It is the same Law that I gave you in times past, the heritage of the great truth, which will guide you so that you will not follow the wrong path. It is the seed of the world of tomorrow, my beloved people.

54. Although, man still lives with doubt, skepticism, and mistrust, all spirits are being illuminated by the divine light which will eventually cause all doubts to disappear. Truth will then reign in the life of man.

55. Those who come to hear my word of peace and lessons of love should never cause conflict and disharmony among their brethren. On the contrary, your mission is to bring unity and harmony among everyone and to fulfill the mandate that tells you to love one another.

56. Events will occur in nature that scientists will be unable to explain to humanity. My disciples, humble yet confident and full of faith, will explain to humanity the reason for those events and manifestations.

57. Nature is like a child. Yes, disciples, it is a child who evolves, purifies itself, develops, and perfects itself to provide a dwelling place for those who will inhabit it in the future.

58. Many times man has had to endure the effects of natural catastrophes that occur as nature evolves to achieve perfection. Man still believes that they symbolize punishment from God. Man fails to realize that he, along with all things throughout nature and creation, are evolving, being purified, and attaining perfection.

59. If today you do not comprehend what I am telling you, one day you will be able to comprehend these revelations. When that day arrives you will live in true harmony with all things that surround you throughout nature. You will no longer become ill, harmed, nor burdened by those events that occur in nature. You will gain dominion over all material things and will no longer be dominated by the forces of nature.

60. You are still as a small child who frequently becomes afraid at the signs given by nature instead of admiring them.

61. When will you be the master and stop being a slave to nature as you are today?

62. Do you believe that it pleases me to see you praying in a state of fear requesting my mercy as you observe the elements of nature becoming unleashed? Instead, I would like to see you serene and tranquil, respecting the deeds of your Father, without experiencing any turmoil in your life. I prefer that you would pray with a heart full of peace, obedience, and comprehension.

63. Oh, if only from the moment that you opened your eyes to perceive the light of this world you would make an effort to achieve true harmony between nature and spirituality, you would truly comprehend what a beautiful life the Creator has given you. It is a path that will guide you to eternal life! To help you attain eternal life, I have come during this Third Era to remind you of my previous teachings. Remember that I told you that I would come among men once again. I have not come during this period in human form as I did in the Second Era, but today I have come in Spirit to manifest my essence, presence, and power. I am manifesting myself among sinners and unbelievers to once again give them my teachings and Doctrine. As in the Second Era, some have believed in my presence and others have not. Among those who have recognized my presence will arise my new disciples who will give testimony of me.

64. Behold that humanity once again lives in a state of confusion. I have not come to teach man material practices, but rather to give him a Doctrine of love so that he can understand the will of the Father.

65. The Holy Spirit has manifested itself among men, women, and children. I have shed my grace upon them so they will offer testimony of my presence during this period.

66. I have come to reveal the same Divine Law and to remind man of past divine teachings. The Father, with His divine wisdom and knowledge, has never come to confuse man during any period. The Holy Spirit has come to offer man spiritual enlightenment and to explain all of the teachings given to him throughout the eras. Thus, this multitude who has witnessed my manifestation can begin to practice my teachings with love and with purity in their deeds and thoughts, as will all of humanity in the future.

67. During this era, man is living a life that is more immoral and unvirtuous than ever before. He only seeks materialism, wealth, and power on earth, yet his spirit yearns for divine peace. The people of Spiritual Israel, throughout the eras, have chosen to follow difficult paths and have not tried to love one another. Since they have rejected one another and are not united, they have not been able to reach the Promised Land. During this Third Era I have brought the people of Spiritual Israel to my table and have given them the best place to sit. I have offered them my love and tenderness, making them aware that the Divine Father is with them, and that He wants them to form a single family.

68. My People: Prepare the hearts of the young so that they can begin to love one another and learn to recognize the path of love and justice starting from an early age.

69. My word is spiritually enlightening you once again in this time. I come to pour my divine grace upon you to cleanse and prepare you. My people, become aware that if you choose to start sinning once again, it is not I who separates you from my sheepfold, rather yourself. Although you choose to separate yourself from me, my love and forgiveness are always ready to receive the one who truly repents and wants to return to the Father.

70. Spiritual Israel: You are the messengers whom I have sent to earth during this period to be my faithful servants. I observe that, even though you experience suffering in your life, you are humble and obedient. I say to you: I will help you to arise, my blessed children. Do not be afraid of man or the elements of nature. Do not fear the long path that you will need to travel, for I have chosen you and have filled you with my grace so that you can help the spiritualists eliminate their confusion and fanaticism. That has been part of your mission during all three eras. You need to teach my true Doctrine through deeds that are filled with divine love and purity.

71. Beloved Israel, listen to me! Open your spiritual eyes to observe the glory of your Father. Listen to my voice through your conscience. Listen with your spiritual ears to the divine music so that your heart and spirit will rejoice and feel my spiritual peace. I am peace, and I invite you to live within that peace. I come to inform you of the great love that I have always had for mankind. Because of that love, Jesus shed his precious blood during the Second Era to redeem man from sin, to teach him to love, and to reveal the true Doctrine to his spirit and heart.

72. My beloved people: If you experience great ordeals and suffering along your path, pray to the Divine Father. Pray with sincerity, because then you will feel strong and will praise the name of your Father. My Peace be with you!

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