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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 285

The Lord says:

1. I offer my peace to men of good will. Truly I tell you that whoever possesses that spiritual peace will feel my presence.

2. My teachings in this period have offered you great peace and comfort during your ordeals and suffering. Thus, I have shown you that if you accept your destiny with good will, you will prevail in your journey through life.

3. You say to me at times: "Lord, why are we not experiencing the same bitterness as other nations, considering that we are just as disobedient and ungrateful as are our brethren in other parts of the world?" I say to you that I am giving this multitude time to prepare itself. Do you believe that you would be interested in listening to me or in meditating over my teachings if war was threatening your country? Be aware that the time that I have given you to prepare yourself is very precious and that it is your responsibility to use that time to prepare yourself spiritually.

4. You need to analyze yourself frequently by listening to your conscience so that you will spiritually progress and help your brethren during this period. This will allow you to become aware of your weaknesses and help you understand how best to apply my Doctrine to each of your deeds in life.

5. Does the situation that mankind is experiencing truly bring you grief? Does your heart feel the suffering of those nations that are destroying one another in war? Help them through your prayers and send them thoughts of peace.

6. Although you believe that the world is filled with misfortunes, I say to you that many of those things that you perceive as misfortunes are actually blessings.

7. Suffering, misery, and even death will be a blessing for many who have lived a life of constant sin.

8. Oh, if only you could understand that when a human suffers that suffering can be a healing balsam and a relief for a spirit! Although a man appears healthy and lives in comfort, his spirit frequently is tormented. The spirit feels it is a prisoner living a life of pleasure and low passions, lacking spiritual enlightenment. When that being begins to suffer, that suffering is more powerful than his human passions and will detain him along his path of sin and vice. This allows his spirit to become free from his weaknesses. Thus, the spirit perceives that suffering as a blessing and recognizes that no justice exits that is wiser than the justice of God.

9. Some individuals understand this early in life and avoid greater suffering. However, others are stubborn and take much longer to understand it, even renouncing and rejecting God, thus, increasing their suffering.

10. My people, pray for all individuals. Do not neglect your responsibility by not praying for those nations that are suffering because you feel that they are purifying themselves through pain. It is true that suffering purifies, but be aware that your prayers and thoughts help those people to accept the bitterness that they endure with love. Thus, they will be able to understand the reason for their suffering. When they understand why they suffer, they will then make an effort to correct their mistakes and to start practicing true brotherhood.

11. If your prayers are sincere, I will allow your spirit to separate from your body and visit those nations as a messenger that brings peace, well-being, and enlightenment.

12. Those accomplishments will not cause you to become boastful and vain because you will be totally unaware of the deeds that you have done spiritually.

13. Only I will be aware of those deeds which I will write one by one in the book of your good deeds, which are imprinted in your conscience.

14. You are approaching a period in which great events will occur on earth. A day will not pass in which humanity will not be greatly touched and shaken by an ordeal, an event, or a sign. It will be the voice of my justice summoning men to God. Those who begin to listen to their intuition and begin to meditate during that period of ordeals will realize that those ordeals reflect God's divine justice. Those individuals will become spiritually enlightened and will no longer live in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

15. Humanity: My justice has arrived to judge man. It has come to humble man's pride and make him realize how small he truly is when he sins and when he lives a life filled with materialism.

16. Yes, my people, I have come to eliminate the false greatness that man possesses because I want him to evolve and become spiritually enlightened. I want him to achieve true greatness and to become truly enlightened, elevated, virtuous, wise, and powerful.

17. Humanity is once again listening to my voice during this new era. This was announced by the prophets in the First Era, and I revealed this to my disciples in the Second Era.

18. This is the period when I promised to return spiritually and a time when you truly can feel my presence everywhere. During this period you will learn to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

19. Although I am bringing together a multitude that appears to be materially poor, there are no outcasts nor individuals who are spiritually weak. I am revealing the spiritual gifts that each individual possesses so that he can help his brethren, as one of my disciples.

20. This multitude will consist of individuals who are prophets, advisers, teachers, and doctors of the spirit.

21. My word is helping their faith to become stronger because I want them to have great faith.

22. My Word and my deeds during the Second Era opened the path for man to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. During the present era I have brought new teachings. Have you not heard the voice of your spiritual brethren? Have you not felt the presence of the spiritual world that you thought was so distant and even doubted its existence?

23. Behold how your spiritual brethren have manifested themselves with great love and spiritual enlightenment.

24. Although you do not know the exact site from where those enlightened spiritual beings and guardian angels of peace have come, you are certain that they have come from superior mansions.

25. Humanity: It is true that these enlightened beings have arrived from other mansions and dwelling places that are more spiritually elevated than earth. They have come to help you along the path of spiritual perfection. They are also helping beings from other mansions that need spiritual wisdom.

26. If someone were to judge my Doctrine, which I now reveal through these teachings, as being false, truly I tell you that that individual does not know what he is saying nor does he truly know the Divine Master. Do you not sense how all spiritual beings and all planets are being brought closer together? Do you not realize that God's divine plan is to form one family with all spiritual beings?

27. I am giving you these revelations so that you will begin to prepare yourself spiritually for the future similar to how you have prepared yourself materially on earth.

28. Listen to the voice of the spiritual world. It offers testimony of how the spirit is constantly active, working, purifying itself, correcting mistakes, and fulfilling missions. The spirit is constantly working to get closer to its Divine Father.

29. Be aware that this is the Third Era, the Era of the Holy Spirit. Thus, it is natural that I speak to you about the spiritual life.

30. Only this Doctrine will save man from his low passions, material interests, negative emotions, pride, and unworthy ambitions. My word comes to save those who are lost due to their negative passions.

31. Disciples: I entrust these teachings to you. You can feel my presence in the essence of these teachings. Tomorrow, these human spokesmen will disappear because they will be assigned new tasks, but these teachings will remain written in books compiled by the Golden Pens as is my will.

32. Disciples: The one who recognizes that these teachings are from the Divine Father should also realize that now is the time to restore all those things that have been destroyed by human immorality and sin.

33. Not all who have summoned to sit at the Lord's table to nourish themselves spiritually have arrived. Thus, my table is not fully complete.

34. Man tends to disregard the benefits and blessings offered to him by the Divine Father. That is why many of your brethren have ignored you when you have informed them of these teachings.

35. But I say to you that the few individuals who have come to sit at my table and who devotedly listen to my teachings will tell mankind about the greatness of my word and will explain its essence. This Doctrine summons mankind to start building a new world because man will enter a new period in which he will become more spiritually enlightened and elevated.

36. If you practice spirituality and simplicity in your life, the teachings given by the human spokesmen will be more virtuous. Thus, the words spoken by the human spokesmen will be as sweet and nourishing as a mature fruit.

37. Some individuals seek to impress and astonish the multitudes with dramatic and sensational manifestations. They do not realize that to enlighten others the truth and wisdom of my word needs to be manifested in a simple and humble form. I say to those individuals that if they truly follow my Doctrine, the Divine Truth will be reflected in all that they do.

38. Although mysterious things have fascinated you, they should no longer be of interest to you.

39. Why do you want to impress your brethren with manifestations that lack simplicity and humility and that they cannot comprehend? Why are you preoccupied with the supernatural which lacks truth and enlightenment? Is the essence of my word not sufficient enough or is the manifestation of myself through the human spokesmen not marvelous enough?

40. Many of you are very materialistic! My manifestation is simple and humble, and you need to realize that if you add anything to my manifestation it will hinder your brethren from learning the truth in my doctrine.

41. Before you begin to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to you by my Doctrine, meditate deeply on what I have taught you and on the things that you are going to do. Thus, you will not perform deeds that are against my Law.

42. Many, who believe that they are my obedient disciples, are unaware that they are not obeying my divine will. Also, there are many who believe they are true apostles of Spirituality, but fail to prove it with their deeds. Thus, they become enemies of the Doctrine that they are preaching.

43. What is expected of an individual who has evolved spiritually? It is expected that he has dominated his vices, low passions, and weaknesses so that he can begin to manifest his spiritual gifts and powers. Be aware that man is continually evolving intellectually, therefore, he has a greater capacity to comprehend the work of God. The spirit of man cannot remain inactive. It deeply yearns to evolve spiritually and continues to perfect itself along the paths outlined by the divine laws.

44. Disciples: Once again I say to you to seek spirituality along paths that are simple and pure. Do not seek with your material senses those things that you refer to as supernatural. If you are convinced that you are following the true path, believe in my teachings, for I am teaching you to feel things that are divine in a more subtle manner. You need to disregard those things that are complicated and unnecessary.

45. Some are dissatisfied with the simplicity and humility of this manifestation because they are very materialistic. To believe in my manifestation, they prefer to accept only those events that appear extraordinary and amazing. They want to see fire falling from the heavens and the seas parting and then they will proclaim: "God's judgement has arrived upon earth". I ask you, Why do those events terrify you? Why do you pretend that only those events can demonstrate the power and justice of God? You forget that you can also feel and perceive the presence of God in all things that manifest peace and love.

46. When this manifestation comes to an end, will it be necessary for humanity to witness an astonishing event in order to believe that it was a divine manifestation?

47. Humanity should regard my manifestation during this period as their hope for a better future. My manifestation should touch the heart of man and strengthen his faith amidst his ordeals.

48. I would like for you to find the divine kindness of God being manifested in all things throughout the world. If you are unable to perceive this divine love that is present everywhere because you have not evolved spiritually, then observe how nature reflects the great love that the Creator has for his children. If the elements of nature treat man harshly at times, it is because nature is also evolving and perfecting itself as are all humans. As nature evolves and perfects itself, it will become a dwelling place for humans that are more intellectually and spiritually evolved.

49. My teachings will remain written so that tomorrow man will realize that many of them were prophecies.

50. My people: If you want to progress, do not waste time and remain spiritually asleep. To evolve spiritually and intellectually, you need to follow my divine laws in all that you do. If you wish to truly know yourself, analyze your inner self through my teachings.

51. Be aware of how greatly you need this word which gives you love, wisdom, advice, and assistance. You also need to become aware of the responsibility you have with others who are spiritually hungry and thirsty for these teachings. You must prepare yourself so that you may share these teachings of love with your brethren.

52. Accept with patience the cup of bitterness that you are enduring. Truly I tell you that you will acquire spiritual enlightenment from those ordeals and hardships because suffering helps you to listen to the voice of your conscience. Although the tears and suffering that you have endured do not represent the path that I wanted you to follow with my Divine Law, it has helped your spirit to amend previous mistakes and to become purified. It was necessary for you to journey through that path to discover the path of true life, a path of love, charity, and dedication to goodness.

53. You need to be fully aware of this and to realize that to truly serve me you must first cleanse your spirit of all the wrong you have done. The example that you set will serve to prepare the path for future generations so that they will experience less suffering and remain on the divine path.

54. Those who practice spirituality are responsible for eliminating the barrier that humanity has created between itself and God. Man has created a barrier of false faith, materialism, lavish forms of worship, and inaccurate beliefs about the eternal.

55. My people, I ask you to remove the golden calf that you are still worshiping. Although man believes that he no longer practices idolatry nor paganism, he continues to worship the golden calf.

56. I say to you that as you fulfill your mission you should never use force, violence, nor words that will hurt your brethren. The only weapons that you should use are words of spiritual enlightenment that reveal the divine truth, deeds of charity to comfort those who suffer, and loving prayers and thoughts that offer spiritual strength to your brethren.

57. Once you have removed the obstacles that have prevented man from following the true spiritual path, you will observe great changes taking place among the people on earth. Those changes will occur spiritually, morally, and scientifically, as well as how man is governed on earth.

58. No one will be able to erase the path that has been outlined by my people during this Third Era because their deeds will reflect the Divine truth.

59. Do you now understand why you need to become purified through suffering? I have outlined the path that you need to follow and the mission that you need to fulfill.

60. I have given you spiritual enlightenment because previously you lived in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

61. You lived in a state of spiritual darkness because your spirit lacked faith, hope, and spiritual enlightenment. I have brought you before the tree of life to offer you fruits that are sweet with divine essence. I offer these wonderful fruits to the multitudes to eliminate their spiritual ignorance.

62. I am constructing a spiritual temple in your heart where you can clearly perceive my presence and hear my voice, thus bringing forth great peace and spiritual enlightenment for all humanity.

63. During the First Era I inspired man to lay the foundation for that spiritual temple. During the Second Era, when I dwelt among humanity, I taught you how to construct the walls for that temple. Today, I am showing you how to finish constructing it. Once you have completed that temple, you will be worthy of the presence of your Father.

64. Would you be able to explain the meaning of those three teachings that I gave you for constructing the temple for the Holy Spirit? My people, I bless you because you truly know the answer and are becoming aware of the Divine truth. The foundation of that spiritual temple is the Law that I gave you during the First Era. The walls of that temple are the love and charity that the Messiah taught mankind during the Second Era. The columns, ceiling, and altar that are needed to complete the temple represent the divine wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and spiritual elevation that I have inspired in you during this era.

65. The temple that I am constructing in three eras is the same temple that I spoke of during the Second Era. At that time, I pointed to a material temple in Jerusalem and said to a group of unbelievers: Destroy that temple and I will rebuild it in three days.

66. My temple will soon be completed, whereas not even a single stone will remain of the material temple in Jerusalem. No material temple will remain whose foundation lacks love and spirituality and does not follow my Divine Law.

67. Behold the great splendor and spiritual enlightenment of this era. The prophecies that I announced through my prophets are all being fulfilled during this era.

68. You have journeyed on many different paths seeking the truth before arriving in my presence! Neither the scientists nor the philosophers were able to answer your questions. After searching for the truth for such a long time, you finally realized that I am the Truth and that all beings are a part of me.

69. I have spiritually illuminated man to live the true life and to become aware of the divine destiny that I have designated for him. Since he is the only being whom I have created in my image, he is the most like me because he possesses part of my Spirit. Thus, he is able to perform deeds similar to mine.

70. Man possesses free will to behave rationally and sensibly and to obey the voice of his conscience, which is the voice of God. That voice tells man what is right and wrong. However, I observe that since his birth man has been more inclined toward materialism. This causes him to ignore his spiritual mission, which is the main reason for his existence on earth.

71. I have given you my commandments since the First Era to guide you towards peace and spiritual joy. In the Second Era, I manifested my divine love through Jesus.

72. Jesus did not speak as a severe judge during the Second Era but as a loving, Divine Father. However, man failed to comprehend that infinite and divine love of the Father. It is a love that is truly patient, generous, and that forgives and comprehends all things. The Father offers that same love to all of his children. If you want to be worthy of being called my child, allow love to guide your life for you were created through God's divine love. That love also created all things for his children. You will then realize that it is your destiny to love, protect, and bless your brethren as does the Divine Father. After you have fulfilled your mission you will return to the Father to form only one being.

73. Since the First Era I have taught you to love me spiritually by being virtuous and loving and not to represent God through material forms. Never have I taught you rituals nor material ways of worshiping God. Instead, I have told you: When you want to communicate with the Divine Father, elevate yourself spiritually toward the Divine and you will receive the gifts and benefits that you are requesting.

74. I told you in the past not to be afraid of death because it does not exist. Everything that I have created continues to live, grow, and perfect itself. Physical death only marks the end of a phase through which a spirit has journeyed. The spirit will then return to its original state and continue traveling along its path of evolution. Believe in what I tell you, have faith, and you will live eternally. Today, more than ever before, you need to have faith because you are living during a period of great ordeals and hardships. The elements of nature, which will purify man, have become unleashed. Those elements will continue to be unleashed until man becomes virtuous, just, and reasonable.

75. Those listening to my teaching should free themselves of all pride. Practice humility and simplicity which will help you to accept your coming ordeals. Be aware that it is necessary for you to experience those ordeals and suffering to purify your spirit. Today you are receiving new teachings and are able to comprehend my teachings from the past as well as the present ones since you are spiritually more enlightened and evolved.

76. Do not pretend to know more than you know for there are certain things that only God knows. You only need to know that I am present everywhere and that I am all-powerful. I am present throughout the universe and I dwell within each being. I love all beings. I provide them with the things they need to live, and my Divine Love offers them hope and confidence in the future.

77. I am not aware only of the things that you would like to have, but also aware of your suffering and pain. I say to you to use the strength that I have given you to triumph over your ordeals.

78. Those who were chosen to receive these teachings need to be alert and to prepare themselves because after 1950 they will need to notify their brethren of my return. You are aware of the confusion and suffering that exists everywhere. You need to remember that just as one needs to water dry fields before they can be sowed, the human heart also has to be prepared before receiving my teachings.

79. I have granted you the privilege of having spiritual beings who are highly evolved manifest themselves before you. I have not only communicated with man spiritually through the human spokesmen, but also enlightened spirits have come to help you, thus, fulfilling a very elevated mission. Although you are unfamiliar with those beings, they have been able to accomplish many things on earth through their great love and charity. They have formed an alliance between their spiritual world and earth, helping man to evolve spiritually by guiding him through the path of virtue.

80. I say to those who have served as instruments of communication for those enlightened spiritual beings: Serve them with love and spiritually prepare yourself because you are receiving the divine teachings that they bring to mankind. Only in that manner will you appreciate the divine teachings that your spiritual brethren and I have brought to humanity during this period.

81. I am revealing the truth that you have been seeking through this simple and humble word. The truth is love, and I give it to you in abundance so that you will always possess it and offer it to your brethren. Feel my love, and cherish it in your spirit, because it is the divine essence that will nourish you eternally. My Peace be with you!

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