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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 286

The Lord says:

1. My divine light shines throughout the universe; you will find my presence wherever you seek me.

2. I am the Divine Father who works to bring harmony to all of his children, including those who dwell in other worlds.

3. Great revelations will be revealed to my children once they learn to live in spiritual harmony. They will be able to communicate with one another from spirit to spirit, thus eliminating the material distance that exists between two beings. You will be able to communicate with those who are not present physically, thus removing all the limitations of communicating spiritually with one another.

4. I want you to achieve spiritual peace, which is the greatest reward for which you can aspire on earth.

5. Disciples: Do not separate from the path that I have asked you to follow nor alter the teachings that I have given to you. If you do, you will be unable to attain spiritual harmony nor to receive the revelations that are reserved for you when you evolve spiritually.

6. Become worthy of the revelations that I will give to you by practicing deeds of love, charity, and virtue.

7. The human mind should be guided by the spirit and not allow itself to be guided by a heart that is ambitious for human greatness. Do not allow that material ambition to guide your life on earth. Be aware that if you do not allow your spirit to guide you on earth, your progress will be limited. There are times when you have been inspired to practice charity and good deeds. If you want to understand why you have been inspired, allow your spirit to guide your heart and mind. You will then become amazed at the power of the Divine Father.

8. Although man is eager to ask me questions, he shows no respect for the Divine Father. If he would ask those questions in a loving and humble manner, I would respond to his questions in a simple and easy manner.

9. When you ask me a question or make a request, do not worry about what words to use when communicating with me. When you pray to me, allow your spirit to separate from its material body during those moments of prayer in order to communicate with the Father. When you pray, your heart and mind will need to be pure and clean for you to receive my inspirations. Of what importance is it to use beautiful words when you pray if you are unable to feel my presence within your being?

10. Since I know all things, there is no need for you to explain anything to me.

11. You ask me how you should pray, and I say to you: Allow your spirit to elevate freely toward the Father with true faith and confidence during those moments of prayer. Allow your heart and mind to receive inspirations from the spirit, and accept with true humility the will of the Father. The one who prays in that manner will be able to feel my presence joyfully at any moment during his life on earth, never again feeling that he is alone.

12. Throughout the eras I have frequently descended to be near mankind, but now it is time for man to seek me by elevating his spirit to me. He is now able to do that because he is spiritually evolved and capable of communicating spiritually with the Father.

13. The Third Era is a period of resurrection for those who are spiritually dead. The physical body is like a tomb, but the Divine Master, whose word is life, has arrived to tell them: "Arise, and elevate toward the light to attain spiritual freedom". His words offer life to those who are spiritually dead. The individual who opens his eyes and starts to pursue the true path by practicing deeds of love for his brethren will evolve spiritually. That individual will no longer perceive earth as a place of restitution or as a valley of tears. Instead, he will begin to experience the joy of serenity and true peace on earth. That elevated state of life that man achieves on earth will be a reflection of the perfect peace and enlightenment that a spirit will enjoy in other more evolved mansions. As it enters those mansions, I will give it an honorable welcome worthy of its deeds.

14. On this day of grace you have come to commemorate the date when Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas. Elijah came to remind you that the Divine Master would soon return and asked you to pray and change your lives.

15. Moses took his people to the slopes of Mount Sinai where he asked them to pray, to be vigilant, and to purify themselves as they awaited the presence of Jehovah, their Lord.

16. Moses was the initiator of spirituality, the messenger of Jehovah, and the lawgiver. The people of Israel commemorated the day when Moses descended from the mountain with the tablets of the Law as you now commemorate the day when Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas. Elijah came to inform you that the Testament of Moses, the teachings of Jesus, and the message of Elijah would be united to form only one book: "The Book of Truth and Life".

17. Moses prepared the hearts of his people to receive Jehovah, and today Elijah has awakened the people of spiritual Israel to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. During the Second Era it was also Elijah, reincarnated as John the Baptist, who encouraged the multitudes to pray and to repent, announcing that the Kingdom of Heaven was near. The presence of the Divine Father and his divine enlightenment are found in my Doctrine and in my teachings.

18. Christ is the manifestation of perfection. In Christ you will be able to see the eternal Law, find infinite love, and contemplate absolute wisdom.

19. Jesus came to explain with his life the Divine Law that the people of Israel had received from Moses. He announced to you that the Holy Spirit would come later to clarify and explain all that Christ had taught but that was not properly understood.

20. Christ has been present throughout all eras because He is the Eternal Divine Word.

21. Elijah is the forerunner and the one who explains all mysteries. He is the key that opens the door to those things that are difficult to understand. He is the spiritual liberator, the one who has been sent to earth during the spiritual perfection of man, which was initiated by Moses.

22. My people, you are blessed because you joyfully remember the beginning of the Third Era, dedicating this day to celebrate it. This day should be more than a just a tradition. It should be a day of learning, meditation, and reflection, allowing you to feel the Divine Presence that has recorded all of your deeds throughout your life's journey.

23. Carefully analyze the teaching that I am giving you today for it will offer you the spiritual knowledge that you will need when you begin to teach others. You need to know the divine foundation of this Doctrine, which you refer to as the Doctrine of Spirituality.

24. You are observing the beginning of the Third Era. You are beginning to understand spirituality much better, thus, your life is changing for the better.

25. Great battles, intense suffering, confusion, and struggles will mark the beginning of this new era. Peace will then follow, which will help the spirit to evolve. As the spirit of man evolves, his deeds will reflect more faith, love, and spirituality.

26. Many of you have arrived before me weeping because of your suffering. I forgive your errors because I am aware that they have occurred because of your ignorance.

27. Young students of life, silence your heart and clear your mind so that you will understand what I am about to tell you: When pain penetrates into your heart again, isolate yourself for a few moments from those things that surround you. There, in that quiet moment, converse with your spirit. Take your suffering and examine it, just as you would examine an object. Examine your grief and analyze how it originated and why you are suffering. Truly I tell you that if you listen to the voice of your conscience through meditation and self analysis, you will fill your spirit with peace and spiritual enlightenment.

28. The enlightenment will tell you how to remove the suffering, and the peace will give you the strength to wait for the ordeal to pass.

29. You will notice that when you turn your thoughts to me in prayer, you will say: "Divine Master, forgive me, injustice does not exist in my destiny; it is I who am unjust with myself."

30. Disciples, this is a teaching that you should always remember. Remember that this is how you elevate your being to listen to the conscience, because only through the conscience will you know the truth as it pertains to the spirit and to the body.

31. I am showing you how to analyze your innermost self so that you can truly know yourself. I am teaching you that through prayer and meditation you will discover the great teachings of life which are within your own being.

32. Many reject their own suffering, but tomorrow they will bless that suffering, understanding that it is a teacher of beautiful lessons.

33. Although I would prefer that it would always be the love of the Divine Master that would teach you about the divine path and the purpose of life, you have chosen to learn through suffering. But this will pass and you will begin to learn from the One who teaches with gentleness.

34. If you are unable to remove your suffering, be patient. Accept it and learn the lesson it has come to teach you. Suffering can help you purify your sins and strengthen your faith, virtue, and patience.

35. If you believe in my word, then you should believe in the teaching when I said to you: "The leaf of a tree does not move without the will of God." Also, you should have faith that God in his wisdom has a perfect plan for you and that there is no suffering that is not a valuable lesson for man.

36. My beloved people, analyze what I have told you so that you will cease to stumble along your journey and will no longer remain spiritually asleep.

37. During this period you should no longer live with assumptions nor half-truths. You should elevate your spirit to comprehend the Divine Truth. Although you are physically dwelling on earth, which is a valley of suffering and tears, your spirit can dwell in the Kingdom of Peace.

38. I say to those who are listening to me, that you should be happy with your life for many of your brethren live in nations where there is much killing and suffering.

39. Although you have food on your table, a roof to protect you, and spiritual strength from my teachings, you remain dissatisfied with your life. You are not like your brethren from other countries who remain content in spite of their lack of material things and my teachings, which give comfort, hope, love, and strength to those who listen to them.

40. Learn to bless your suffering the same as you do your moments of joy. Bless all things.

41. I offer my blessings to all of humanity without exception. I offer my blessings to those who are humble and virtuous as well as to those who are criminals and arrogant. Why do you not imitate me? Do you, perhaps, feel disturbed with some of the deeds committed by your brethren? Do not forget that you are a part of humanity and that you need to love and forgive your brethren rather than reject them. When you feel disgust for your brethren, it is like feeling disgust for yourself. All the characteristics that you perceive in others are characteristics that you also possess to some extent. That is why I want you to learn to analyze your innermost self so that you will truly know yourself spiritually and morally. Thus, you will be able to truly judge yourself and will be worthy of observing the deeds of others.

42. Do not try to find defects in your brethren for you have enough defects in yourself.

43. Do not be offended if I speak to you in this manner. You need to know that my teachings are not for those who are righteous and virtuous. I speak differently to those individuals. I bring you my Doctrine to save sinners. I give you these teachings through human spokesmen who are also sinners.

44. Humanity: I have come to save you, because all that surrounds you is contaminated. But I say to this earth, that has been a home and shelter for my children, that if man has stained and disrespected this planet with his sins, then he will need to cleanse it of every sin.

45. Behold how humanity needs a great teaching to help it triumph over all the ordeals that it endures. This is the great period as announced by the prophets and as seen by those with spiritual vision, in which man would suffer the most, and the Divine Father, in his mercy, would shed his spiritual light upon humanity. This period marks the beginning of the end of evil on earth and the beginning of righteousness and virtue.

46. My people, when will you be prepared and ready to take my healing balsam and message of peace to those who suffer? I do not yet observe true charity in your heart. You do not love your brethren and continue to judge them.

47. Do you not believe that if I chose to do so I could reveal to each one of you your defects? But I also say to you that I would cease to be your Divine Father if I were to denounce you in that manner. I am the one who knows each of your thoughts; the one who truly knows each one of you. Although I perceive all things, I will not judge you in the presence of others nor will I publicly denounce you. Yet, why are there those who devote themselves to hurting their brethren, destroying their happiness, and judging them?

48. Today, you are my beginning students. Truly I tell you that I will not refer to you as disciples nor allow you to fulfill my mission as long as you continue to make your brethren suffer and are unwilling to truly lessen all human suffering. When will you truly feel the pain of those who suffer so that you will be able to wipe away their tears with your words and deeds? You do not yet practice true charity and forgiveness nor do you feel true compassion for your brethren.

49. When you feel compassion for the paralytic who has been abandoned along a stream and feel that you are responsible for taking him to your home, before you help him you first want to find out everything about him since you do not know him. Are you the ones who have listened devotedly to my teachings? Then you are aware that I am only concerned with healing your wounds with my love without knowing who you are. If you truly want to become one of my disciples, you need to become aware of the power of kindness and to use that power. You also need to know the power of charity and the miracles that you are able to achieve if your heart is able to feel and to share the suffering of others.

50. Beloved disciples: You have been receiving these teachings, one at a time, since 1866 when this manifestation began. Although you were receiving sparks of spiritual enlightenment when this manifestation began, you are now receiving it in an abundance as the final years of this manifestation approaches. Although I will no longer manifest my word in this form, my teachings will not cease. After this manifestation comes to an end, you will then carefully analyze my teachings to discover their divine essence, and you will experience great joy when you discover that essence.

51. I want you to not only testify that you listened to my teaching but also I want you to become one of my prophets. With your good deeds, teach your brethren that this is the era of spirituality. Thus, the future generations will be following the true path that you have outlined with your deeds of love and good will.

52. You are finding obstacles and thorns along your path. However, you will remove them from the path so that the multitudes of tomorrow will find a clean path.

53. You are well aware that during all eras the human heart has closed its doors to righteousness, enlightenment, and truth. Trust in me when I tell you that the light will triumph over the darkness.

54. Humanity is now being purified. The bitterness and restitution that it is enduring will cleanse it of sins. Man will then be prepared to live during the period of spiritual peace and justice that is approaching.

55. Do you not observe that man is gradually eliminating the ties of fanaticism and idolatry? It is because I have come to free him from those things. Man will receive spiritual enlightenment from my word, which is filled with humility, tenderness, and simplicity. Its sweetness will greatly touch man. My teachings will be able to deeply move those with hardened hearts, making them repent and start practicing forgiveness and deeds of love.

56. Disciples, do not cry for you will still be able to listen to me for a few more days, and you will have the tenderness of my word to soothe your bitter moments in life. Meanwhile, you need to prepare yourself so that after I depart you will be able to feel my presence.

57. This is the time to meditate, to pray, and to be vigilant so that you will be able to listen to the voice of your Father.

58. At times you ask Me: Lord, who will be able to awaken humanity so that it will elevate its spirit toward you and be able to feel your presence? I say to you: Do not be afraid; my Spirit is already touching humanity to awaken it. You are unaware of all that I am doing, thus, you do not recognize that man is already spiritually awakening.

59. Everyone is awaiting the arrival of the new day, a day of peace and the beginning of a new and better era. Those who are oppressed are waiting to be freed, and those who are ill are awaiting a healing balsam to regain their health, strength, and happiness.

60. Blessed are those who know how to wait until the final moment because they will receive far more than they have lost. I bless those who know how to wait because it is proof of their faith.

61. Today, you are unable to comprehend many of my words, but the moment will arrive when you will become enlightened and comprehend each of my teachings.

62. My apostles during the Second Era did not comprehend many of my words when they first heard them. When I departed, they began to study my teachings and meditate. Then they became spiritually enlightened and were able to clearly comprehend all those things that were previously mysterious to them.

63. Until now those of you who have listened to my teachings have analyzed them superficially. Yet my teachings brought you comfort, healing balsam, and encouragement. When you no longer seek me to heal your wounds, but rather seek my wisdom and knowledge to comfort your brethren, you will then begin to penetrate into the true meaning of my teachings.

64. I observe that you are praying for your brethren throughout the world and I receive your prayers. The day will come when you will not only pray for them but also take them my divine teachings. My Peace be with you!

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