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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 287

The Lord says:

1. The voice of my Spirit echoes in your conscience like the ringing of a bell inviting mankind to meditate.

2. The book of spiritual wisdom remains open waiting for the great multitudes who will read its contents to quench their thirst for spiritual enlightenment.

3. Nourish yourself with my word, for its essence will offer you wisdom, peace, healing balsam, and sweet nourishment.

4. I have come to inform man that he does not truly know himself. He does not yet know his innermost self, because he has ignored his divine essence. During the Second Era I promised man that the Holy Spirit would come to clarify and explain all mysteries. During this period I want to reveal to him the content of my Book, which has been closed to man for a long time, but it contains the answers to all of those mysteries.

5. Today you will get to truly know yourself as you penetrate intimately into your spirit, discovering the true essence of your being.

6. During this era man will learn of his origin, his destiny, mission, and spiritual gifts. He will learn about the eternal and infinite life that exists around him, becoming aware that all things are sacred. When he learns this, he will no longer offend his brethren or attempt to take away the life of another human being, for he will learn to respect all things that surround him. Truly he will become familiar with his own spirit and its treasures. He will then have greater faith and knowledge of his spirit, becoming aware of how marvelous it truly is, as is the eternal mansion his Father has prepared for his children.

7. You ask me why I did not reveal all things to you in the beginning thus preventing you from making mistakes, stumbling, and falling along life's journey. I say to you: You would have been unable to comprehend my revelations because you had not evolved spiritually. Then, it was sufficient for you to only know my Law which outlined the path that you needed to follow to reach the spiritual fountain of infinite wisdom and eternal revelations. I have offered you knowledge and wisdom throughout the eras, because my knowledge is so immense that you would be unable to comprehend all of it at one time.

8. I possess all that my children need to acquire my divine wisdom, because I am Life, Power, and Justice. Your spirit came from me, and I created all the dwelling places and physical bodies that you need for your journey to attain spiritual perfection.

9. Man might believe that when he dies he ceases to exist or that he is distant from me because he has sinned and lives in a state of spiritual darkness, but no one truly dies nor becomes eternally lost.

10. There are many beings who previously lived on earth and led immoral and unvirtuous lives, but now those beings have become spiritually enlightened! Many beings who previously lived on earth left behind a path that was stained with sin, vice, and crime, but they are now pure and virtuous.

11. You ask me: Why is the path that the spirit needs to travel so long and full of ordeals? I respond: The spirit will experience immense joy in the Kingdom of Heaven, but it can only enter that Kingdom through the merits that it achieves.

12. The first humans, the fathers of humanity, retained some memories of the time when they dwelt in the spiritual valley. They remembered a spiritual valley that was filled with beauty, peace, and joy. However, those memories disappeared when man began to experience material passions and struggled to survive. I say to you that when those first human beings dwelt in the spiritual valley, they did not dwell in a highly evolved spiritual mansion. A being can only enter into a highly evolved mansion through his merits. Nevertheless, those who first dwelt on earth left an unforgettable testimony for their children and descendants. They lived during a period of enlightenment, innocence, peace, and well-being on earth.

13. Man is materialistic, thus, he has misinterpreted the true meaning of the testimony that was left by the first humans on earth. He believes that the paradise in which those humans lived was a material paradise, failing to realize that it was spiritual.

14. Do you, perhaps, remember the spiritual mansion where you lived prior to coming to earth? You say to me, "No, Divine Master, I do not remember it".

15. Yes, my people, it has been such a long time since you lived in a state of purity and innocence that you can no longer even imagine that state of peace and well-being. But today you are prepared to listen to the voice of your conscience and to receive its revelations. Those who listen to my voice will be able to follow the divine path that will lead them to the Promised Kingdom. It will not be the same peaceful paradise that the first humans inhabited prior to coming to earth. Instead, this new kingdom will be the infinite world of the spirit, a world of wisdom, a paradise of true spiritual joy, and a heaven of love and perfection.

16. Just as you have to cross oceans, mountains, nations, and cities to reach other continents, also you will need to travel a long way to reach the Promised Land. Along this journey you will acquire experience, knowledge, and spiritual evolution. These are the fruits from the Tree of Life that you will finally taste, after experiencing much sadness and great struggles in your journey.

17. Disciples, come to the Divine Master. My beloved sheep, come to your shepherd.

18. There is only one Divine Master, and there are many disciples, but the same teaching is for all.

19. I come to seek you with infinite love. I have endowed your spirit with so much grace and so many spiritual gifts that I am not willing to lose any of my children. Since every individual is a part of my Spirit, is it wrong to seek them with so much eagerness and love?

20. Each time that I manifest myself through the human spokesman, I find many newcomers who have many sincere questions which I always answer. Today, the newcomers ask me about the purpose of my new arrival during this period. I respond to them that I have come to help man regain his original purity through his own free will.

21. Since the beginning of time, I have given man the opportunity to experience life and the free will to do good deeds. Today, as his spirit becomes more spiritually enlightened, and as he begins to listen more to his conscience, he once again hears the sweet voice of his Father. He once told him to grow, multiply, and rule the earth, but now he is telling him: Return to the Divine Father with the merits you have achieved.

22. Man will return to paradise through his own merits, sacrifices, and efforts. He departed from paradise to acquire knowledge and to become a worthy child of God through his struggles, suffering, work, and spiritual evolution. Once he returns, he will never again leave paradise.

23. Man will experience much inner turmoil and confusion before he begins to pursue things that are pure and spiritually elevated. My Doctrine, which is clear, gentle, and trustful will reveal to man the divine path that leads him back to paradise. One by one, man will return to Me without the burden of sin but filled with faith and carrying the cross of love on his shoulders.

24. The doors to the Kingdom of Heaven will be open and I will be there to welcome and lovingly embrace each child that arrives. Those who come to my kingdom will never again be separated from Me.

25. Humanity: If man depended on his instincts to guide him during his life, the Father would not have revealed his Law to mankind nor would the Savior have come to save mankind. Man is not guided by instincts, but rather his spirit, a superior force governing his deeds in life.

26. The spirit enjoys the gift of free will to achieve merits to attain salvation.

27. The conscience guides, orients, and advises the spirit along its journey so that it can distinguish right from wrong and not become lost on the divine path.

28. The conscience offers man superior and divine enlightenment, helping him avoid sin. If the conscience had the strength to force man to remain virtuous, would he be able to achieve any merits in that manner? Be aware that man achieves merits by listening to his conscience and having faith that it will not deceive him nor offer him wrong advise. He achieves merits by faithfully obeying what his conscience tells him to do. In order to clearly listen to that voice, an individual needs to concentrate and prepare himself. Today, who listens to his conscience? Each one must ask himself that question.

29. The conscience has always manifested itself in man, but man has not achieved the spiritual evolution that is necessary to guide his life by that divine voice. Man has needed laws, teachings, precepts, and religions for guidance.

30. Man will be able to hear that gentle, wise, trusting, and just voice when he enters into communion with his spirit. He needs to seek those things that are spiritual and divine within himself and not seek them externally. Although he had never listened to that voice, it has never ceased to offer him guidance. Thus man realizes that God is present in his conscience and that he can truly communicate with his Father and Creator through the conscience.

31. The first thing that man needs to do to attain salvation and spiritual elevation is to practice charity. He needs to practice charity with his spirit, with his material body, and with his brethren. However, you do not understand the true meaning of charity. Many times you have practiced deeds that you believed were deeds of charity, but they lacked true compassion and the sincere desire to help your brethren.

32. Man does not practice true deeds of love and charity with his brethren. That is why he needs to remember the examples of love and charity that Jesus practiced on earth.

33. What will happen to a spirit that instead of practicing true charity has practiced deeds that were insincere and deceitful? That spirit will experience great pain on the day that it listens to the voice of its conscience, a voice that is just and unyielding.

34. How can the nations on the earth be reconciled, wars cease, and governments live in harmony, if man is unwilling to listen to the voice of his conscience?

35. Mankind will be able to understand one another easily and live in harmony once it learns to listen to the voice of its conscience. Man has not wanted to listen to the voice that will judge him because he knows that it will order him to do the opposite of all the things that he does.

36. I say to you that if you have been unwilling to listen to the voice of your conscience, then you have been disobedient and lacked humility to practice my doctrine. You recognize my doctrine in theory but you do not truly practice it. Although you acknowledge that it possesses divine essence, and that Christ was truly great and his teachings perfect, no one wants to truly imitate the Divine Master in order to achieve his greatness. You need to realize that I did not come in the Second Era only to make you aware of my spiritual greatness but also in order for you to become spiritually great.

37. Man wants to save himself without acknowledging his spiritual nature, but that cannot happen.

38. Of what value is it to believe that there is a life after death, if man does not utilize his life on earth to achieve merits for the eternal life that awaits him? Man believes that only after death will his spirit depart to the spiritual valley, thus, he waits until his final moments on earth to repent for his sins and for all the time he has wasted.

39. But he is sadly mistaken because he only can amend his errors by doing what his conscience tells him to do. Time is required to make amends for the sins that an individual has committed. There are very few who, on their deathbed, truly repent for their sins. The majority who are near death are more preoccupied with the eternal punishment and condemnation that they believe they will receive when they depart from this earth.

40. Is it not true that man needs a Doctrine that will reveal all things to him and offer him spiritual enlightenment, as I do through this word?

41. Behold how important it is for those who have received this message to spread it throughout the world. By doing this, you will be practicing a true deed of charity with your brethren.

42. Help man to eliminate the erroneous beliefs that he has formed about spiritual doctrines based on ignorance, deceit, and untruths. Allow your brethren to perceive the purity and greatness of my Doctrine in order to erase the ignorance, the fanaticism, and the lack of sensitivity which have prevented man from becoming aware of his spiritual self, thus not allowing his spirit to guide him.

43. Man avoids the spiritual, failing to remember that when he dies and leaves his material body he will be a spirit. He is not always at fault for his ignorance, but rather those who guide him are the ones at fault.

44. Those guides have convinced man to disregard values that are truly essential and to believe that the truth is not the truth.

45. Do you not view some material objects as if they were divine? Do you not view some temporary pleasures as if they were eternal? You believe that you comprehend the teachings of Christ, whereas, in reality, you do not even know him.

46. In the Second Era did I come to offer you proof of my greatness by utilizing material wealth and power from earth? Jesus came to earth without material riches. He offered evidence of his greatness through his deeds, words, and doctrine. He never offered it in a superficial manner.

47. Why should I have utilized the material things of this world, if they were created by the Father for his children on earth? What could I need from mother nature, if it nourishes itself from me?

48. I came to reveal to you a life that is far more superior and beautiful than your life on earth. I came to offer you teachings of infinite love and to inspire you to practice deeds that are spiritually elevated. I also came to inform you of the great joy that awaits a spirit that has evolved, made sacrifices, and has developed great faith and love.

49. You should recognize that in my teaching and realize that your spirit will attain true happiness through the good deeds that you practice on earth.

50. When you comprehend the first lesson and begin to practice it, you will harvest fruits that are very pleasing. Then, you will be encouraged to proceed along my divine path.

51. Earth is entering a new phase in which man will seek greater freedom for his thoughts in order to break the chains that have enslaved his spirit. During this new era nations will overcome their fanaticism and will seek true spiritual enlightenment and nourishment. I say to you that any individual who experiences the joy and freedom of being able to meditate, analyze, and practice my teaching will never again choose to enslave his spirit because he will have seen the light and experienced the great joy of the divine revelations.

52. My people: Before the wars come to an end on earth, all spirits will be touched by my Law of love, although today you do not know in what manner.

53. This message of spiritual enlightenment will be heard in all places throughout the world. That will occur once this multitude, who is witnessing my manifestation, becomes spiritually strong. No one should say that this doctrine is the true doctrine unless he truly believes it, otherwise no one will believe him. If you truly have faith and trust in this Doctrine of Love, you will carry this Good News to all human beings.

54. Humanity: You have always sensed the existence of invisible I beings in space that, at times, approach you and surround you. You have attempted to help them because you feel that they are suffering. Your intention has been good, but you have lacked the knowledge to be truly charitable. Until now, you have not known how to offer true enlightenment to these beings who are disturbed and full of remorse.

55. You have performed ceremonies for them using material objects. Although this brings tranquility to your heart, in reality these beings have received nothing as the things of the world no longer concern them. These beings seek spiritual charity, comfort, love, and understanding. How can you help them spiritually? My word comes to show you how to be charitable with those beings whom you cannot contemplate.

56. If you truly want to help your spiritual brethren and at the same time want to free yourself from their bad influences, you need to pray with compassion, full of mercy and with elevated thoughts. If you feel that those beings are revealing themselves to you in some form, provide them with good examples and good deeds so that their spirits may receive light. Let them observe you healing those who are ill and forgiving those who have offended you. Allow them to perceive noble ideas illuminating your mind and hear kind words being spoken.

57. What missions do you need to fulfill with them and they with you? What debts have you incurred with one another? Truly I tell you that those beings have not crossed your path by chance. Those beings approach certain people on earth for specific reasons.

58. Your spirit will be greatly pleased when it enters the spiritual valley and is welcomed by those spiritual beings. They will thank you for the charity that you offered them, and you will experience great joy observing the spiritual enlightenment that they have achieved. However, if you have failed to provide charity for those beings while you were on earth you will experience great pain when you arrive in the spiritual valley and observe that those beings are confused and living in spiritual darkness. Now that you are aware of your responsibility, are you prepared to start practicing the things that I have revealed in this teaching? Behold that I am not giving you the authority to make those beings materialize themselves in any manner. On the contrary, I encourage you to help them to achieve a higher degree of spirituality by offering them an example of how you live on earth. Live a virtuous and pure life. Help them to eliminate their confusion and spiritual darkness through your prayers which will help them to become spiritually enlightened.

59. Jacob, in his dream, revealed the existence of a spiritual ladder on which beings were continually ascending and descending. Who has understood and correctly interpreted the meaning of that dream? The dream signifies how spirits evolve and continually reincarnate on earth and how beings need to amend and restitute for the wrong things they have done. It also reveals I God's communication with mankind and the communication from spirit to Spirit.

60. It is necessary for you to become familiar with this message which will enable you to correctly interpret the revelations that I gave you in the past.

61. Behold how many eras have had to pass before spirits were able to comprehend the true meaning of my teachings. My Peace be with you!

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