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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 288

The Lord says:

1. I descend to your heart because it is my sanctuary. My word comes to prepare you for the journey that you will need to undertake. You need to prepare yourself spiritually so you can fulfill your spiritual mission.

2. During the First Era the nation of Israel made preparations to leave the land of Egypt where it endured slavery and great ordeals, and go in search of the Promised Land. Walking sticks and sandals were made, saddle-bags were packed, nothing would be lacking for the long journey.

3. Today, you will also need to prepare yourself in that same manner so that you will be fully prepared for your journey.

4. You must not forget that those people not only prepared themselves materially for their journey but they also prayed, and purified themselves prior to their departure, and made a true commitment to remain united as a single family. I say to you that in spite of all the ordeals and hardships that those people endured they were successful in reaching the Promised Land because of their prayers, faith, and unity.

5. That spiritual seed has been sowed among this multitude in the Third Era. Why not follow the example that was set by the people of Israel so that you also will be able to reach your goal?

6. Today you are well aware that it is not the desert that awaits you but humanity. You will no longer seek the Promised Land on earth, but rather your true spiritual mansion which is not found on earth.

7. Truly I tell you that Israel will arise once again in order to become a torch in the midst of humanity.

8. I am spiritually awakening those who have witnessed this manifestation so they will realize that they are my children and belong to this nation of peace, enlightenment, and spirituality.

9. Allow your heart to feel all the ordeals and suffering that humanity is experiencing. Pray for world peace. Allow your thoughts and prayers to touch and influence the heart of humanity. I now offer my blessings to those who fulfill their mission of loving and serving their brethren.

10. While you are on earth, I want you to offer peace and comfort in order to bring blessings to your brethren.

11. Today, you are beginning students who are learning my teachings. As you observe all the suffering, misery, selfishness, and vices that exist on earth, you are afraid of the struggle that awaits you once you begin to fulfill your mission. Your conscience informs you that you need to arise to work in fulfillment of your spiritual mission, and you timidly ask me: What do I need to do amidst so much confusion that exists on earth? I say to you, my people: Why are you afraid and have doubts? Observe how my teachings are preparing you and how life continually offers you valuable lessons. Also observe how your trials and struggles are giving you the necessary strength and preparation for the journey that is approaching.

12. I am not sending you to fulfill a mission that you will not be able to fulfill. I will continue to instruct you. When you have become spiritually strong I will then say to you: Take up your cross and follow my path. Also, if you are only able to pray, then pray for your brethren; if you know how to heal those who are ill, then offer them healing balsam and comfort; if you want to strengthen yourself morally, then work on doing that. Whatever you decide to do, do something that will benefit and strengthen your spirit. Thus, when it is time to follow my footsteps and to carry my cross, your spirit will be prepared.

13. Although you have not yet begun to fulfill your spiritual mission, you want to help your brethren. I advise you to pray for them so that you will become aware of the power and virtue of prayer. You need to become aware of this before your struggle begins.

14. The one who inspires himself through prayer is invincible in his ordeals and will perform miracles in the presence of his brethren.

15. I want this multitude of people, whom I have instructed, to learn to practice the perfect prayer so you can communicate with the spiritual kingdom. Later you will be able to teach your brethren how to pray and all you have learned along this path.

16. Why should you limit your thoughts to the material things of this world when there is a world of infinite knowledge beyond the material world? Why limit the spirit to your human life on earth when there is an infinite universe beyond your imagination and knowledge?

17. The infinite universe of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom remains untouched by your mind and spirit because you have not known how to pray.

18. Man possesses a strength that is superior to any human power, when his spirit and his mind unite in prayer.

19. Through prayer the weak person becomes strong, the coward becomes courageous, the ignorant becomes enlightened, and the simple-minded becomes wise.

20. When the spirit is able to attain harmony with the human mind to achieve true prayer, the spirit becomes like an invisible soldier. It separates momentarily from its physical body, freeing itself from all material influences and transporting itself to other places. During those moments it will carry out virtuous deeds and will battle to eliminate evil and negativity. It will offer sparks of spiritual enlightenment, healing balsam, and peace to those in need.

21. Be aware of what your spirit and your mind can accomplish in the midst of all the confusion and disorder that exists among humanity. You live in a world where ideas and thoughts lack harmony, where low passions and negative emotions clash, where the human mind is confused because of its materialism, and where spirits lack spiritual enlightenment.

22. Only one who has learned to elevate himself through prayer into the regions of light and peace will be able to battle against the negativity that exists on earth without being defeated and be able to help those beings in need of spiritual enlightenment.

23. Prepare yourselves, my beloved disciples, and I will allow you to penetrate into that world of misery and suffering. Your spirit will arrive there as my messenger bringing light to your brethren.

24. Do not wait to be in spirit to help your brethren if you are able to understand and learn all that I have taught you while you are here on earth. Do not delay your spirit from progressing and freeing itself from all that is not pure. Do what you can on your behalf, and I will do the rest.

25. I am infinitely powerful, therefore, I am able to transform any of your thoughts and prayers into something material and visible in the presence of your brethren.

26. Is it not true that you would be like an angel of peace if you were to work in that manner? What would happen to this multitude if it were to prepare itself and unite in true harmony and brotherhood for its spiritual battle? It would become like a divine army battling for the salvation of humanity.

27. Truly I tell you that if this multitude were united in spirit, thought, and purpose, its prayers would be able to detain those nations that are preparing themselves for war. It would eliminate the hatred that exists, becoming an obstacle for all the evil things that people plan to do. This multitude would be as an invisible sword defeating those who are powerful and as a strong shield protecting those who are weak. After having seen this superior power, humanity would then detain itself for a few moments to meditate and reexamine what it has done. That meditation would help humanity avoid many of the great ordeals and hardships that man will have to experience in the future when the elements of nature become unleashed.

28. The Tree of Scientific Knowledge will be greatly shaken by the fury of the elements of nature, and humanity will receive the fruits from that fall. Who, other than man, will be responsible for causing the elements of nature to become unleashed? It is understandable that the first human beings had to experience suffering and pain before they began to listen to their conscience and follow the divine law of God. Why is it then that now when man has evolved and progressed during this era, he disrespects and dishonors the Tree of Life?

29. There is a parable that describes how humans first lived on earth. It explains how man lost the paradise of his innocence, rejecting a life of contemplation and inner peace for a world where he would have to struggle, work, evolve, and achieve merits. All those things that happened were within the will of God. It was necessary for man to reject paradise so that his spirit would awaken and listen to the voice of his Divine Father, his conscience. Therefore man could begin to live a life of goodness and purity, evolving to the highest level of spiritual elevation, as destined by the Creator.

30. All things were provided for the time when man would take his first steps to evolve and to progress along his path of spiritual elevation. Man had before him the earth, nature, and a life that was beautiful, enchanting, and delightful. From this wondrous life, man would learn infinite lessons of wisdom, love, and justice in his journey on earth.

31. The Tree of Life and Science has offered comfort and many fruits to mankind! Now that humanity has evolved on earth, why does man appear to be blind, provoking those same elements in nature that gave him life? Why does he disrespectfully shake that tree which gave him the fruits of wisdom? Let me tell you why: Man has ceased to pray causing him to forget those things that pertain to his spirit. His major goal in life is to become materially powerful, rich, knowledgeable, and great. Consequently, he has fallen into the abyss because of his pursuit of a material kingdom that is shortlived.

32. I want you to be ambitious, to yearn, and to desire to be great, strong, and wise, but in things that are spiritually meaningful and everlasting. To achieve those benefits it is necessary to practice the following virtues: charity, humility, forgiveness, patience, and morality. In other words, a person needs to love his brethren truly. Those virtues will help an individual to elevate, to attain purification, and to achieve spiritual perfection. Although earth is a small and temporary dwelling place for man, he has chosen to be selfish, cruel, insensitive, and inhumane on earth to achieve personal greatness, power, wealth, and knowledge. He has chosen to live a life that reflects the opposite of truth, love, peace, true wisdom and justice.

33. What will happen when man finally realizes that his excessive love and worship for material things has only brought him suffering and failure? He will attempt to search for the true path and to pursue those laws and principles he had previously neglected. During that search man will create new doctrines and laws, along with new philosophies, ideas, and theories. This will signal the beginning of a new and major battle, a battle that will not be fought for the selfish ambition of acquiring material power. No longer will weapons and guns be used to destroy homes and human lives. This battle will be different. It will involve the large religions battling against the new doctrines and newly created religions.

34. Who will win that battle? None of the religions will triumph, just as no one engaged in war ever truly triumphs.

35. Only my justice will triumph when nations attempt to conquer other countries. Only my truth will triumph when religions battle one another attempting to impose their beliefs.

36. My supreme truth will sparkle and shine similar to how the lightning illuminates the sky on a stormy night. Each individual, wherever he is, will be able to gaze at that divine light.

37. Meanwhile, you, my people, will have time to journey different paths, manifesting yourselves in the paths of your brethren as messengers, forerunners, and prophets of my divine teachings.

38. Some of you will be removing obstacles from different paths, while others will be sowing my spiritual seed or working to spread my new teachings throughout the world.

39. At times, your presence and your words will cause man to become more confused. When you sow this divine seed, however, it will begin to grow sooner or later. Unlike the material seed from earth, this divine seed will not die if it is not watered.

40. There will be no judges nor saviors among this multitude, but through you I will be able to judge and redeem. You will journey on various paths and penetrate various regions as servants and disciples of the Divine Father.

41. If you truly practice humility and charity, your deeds, words, and thoughts, however simple, will touch the spirits of those who have disregarded the truth.

42. Along your path, you will meet those who claim to be my representatives, but they fail to prove it with their deeds. You will discover that the men of science, who are considered knowledgeable and wise, are truly very ineffective in many things. You will also realize that those who are judges on earth do not practice true justice and that those who are materially powerful on earth truly lack greatness. You will perceive these things and much more, however, you will judge no one because that is not part of your mission.

43. My charity will allow you to perceive all of those things so that your heart will be truly touched by those human weaknesses and miseries. Thus, your spirit will be able to offer healing balsam and love to those needy individuals.

44. If you observe that some of your brethren are teaching humanity about Christ and the teachings that He brought in the Second Era, do not turn your back on them for that reason. It was written that my new arrival would occur when the teachings that Christ brought in the Second Era had spread throughout the world. I say to you that there are still places on earth that have not received those teachings. How can this spiritual doctrine be taken to those places, if they have not yet received the divine seed of love that the Savior brought you with his words and blood in the Second Era?

45. My message will reach everyone, and everyone will reach Me. I have prepared all things for the coming times, and everyone shall fulfill my will because I am the Master of all spirits, races, nations, and mansions throughout the universe.

46. There are numerous spirits who are awaiting the hour to dwell on earth. They are beings of light who are willing to incarnate on earth and live amidst those who lack spiritual enlightenment because it is their mission is to awaken those who are spiritually asleep.

47. Once those grand legions of enlightened spirits come to dwell on earth, they will be scattered and assigned to different places, according to the wisdom of the Father. Consequently, people will begin to live more in harmony and seek to understand one another. Also, there will be peace among mankind. Nations will live in unity and harmony, which all my children throughout the universe will attain.

48. Who is able to change my plans or stop the will of God? All human things have a limit, therefore I say to you that man is reaching his limit of using his free will for harmful and sinful deeds.

49. The path of sin that man has chosen to follow has brought him to this limit. He has declared his own justice and will have to harvest the fruits of the seed that he has sowed.

50. Who, among those who have listened to my teachings and are aware of my divine plans, will become perturbed and confused when witnessing the events that are occurring daily on earth? Who will be able to remain indifferent, inactive, and quiet amidst a world that needs moral and spiritual guidance?

51. My justice and my love are stronger than man's evilness, thus, my will shall be fulfilled among all beings.

52. When humanity is close to achieving peace and becomes aware of the importance of prayer and being vigilant, it will realize that I am the Tree of Life. The branches of that Tree extend toward infinity and are similar to the extended arms of the Divine Master as he lay crucified on the cross. He shed his blood for mankind and inscribed the following words in your conscience: "I am the Life, whoever comes to Me will never die".

53. You are the seed that I will use to form the new nation of Israel. That nation will teach mankind about spirituality and comfort man during his life on earth.

54. However, the people of that nation are very timid, their faith is weak, and they have limited spiritual knowledge. That is why no patriarchs have arisen from this multitude to lead this nation. During this era no one has arisen who is righteous, moral, and true to my law, one who could lead this multitude like the virtuous patriarchs who guided the nation of Israel during the First Era. Remember Abraham who was successful in uniting all the congregations into a single family. Also remember Moses who, with his faith, strength, and love, united all the tribes of Israel into one nation.

55. This new nation of spiritual Israel has received the gift of spiritual vision. However, no one has listened to the prophets of this new nation because their words lack strength and confidence.

56. I made you journey down a long path to help you evolve spiritually and to prepare yourself for my teachings during this era. I now expect you to perform elevated deeds that will serve as exemplary deeds for future generations. I sent you to earth several times in search of experiences that would help you gain spiritual enlightenment and purify you through your many ordeals.

57. Do any of you believe that this is the first time that you have dwelt on earth? No, my people. If that were true, I would not have sought you during this Third Era.

58. Your present life on earth is one more journey that you have made to evolve spiritually. I forgive you if you doubt what I have told you because it is your material body that doubts and not your spirit.

59. You might be among those who are the most poor among humanity or you might be considered ill-mannered and ignorant by others. Your life may appear very insignificant until now and your form of worship incorrect, however, only I can judge you spiritually. I say to you that I have a just reason for having chosen you to receive my manifestation and revelations.

60. I am preparing your spirit, heart, and mind through my teachings. My teachings offer an abundance of spiritual knowledge and wisdom so that you can have confidence in yourself. You will find out who you truly are, where you came from, why you have been sent to earth, and your mission in life.

61. I have spoken to you in a trustworthy manner and have given you my teachings so that you will learn to follow your conscience. You should never think that you are inferior to anyone nor believe that humility means not having confidence. Furthermore you should never think that you are superior to anyone because vanity, pride, and arrogance are found only in spirits lacking enlightenment.

62. You now know that you are travelers on earth and on this occasion you are fortunate to be receiving my teachings and to be the transmitters, interpreters, and the spokesmen for my communication.

63. You will not have any doubts or be confused as to your spiritual mission. I have shown you very clearly everything you need to know and do in order for you to penetrate fully the path that you need to follow. You only need to spiritually strengthen yourself through prayer and to practice my teachings of love. You will then be prepared to follow the same path that has been traveled by the patriarchs, guides, prophets, disciples, apostles, and true witnesses of the Lord.

64. Those who belong to the nation of spiritual Israel will arise from all parts of the world. I repeat to you that this nation does not have its origin on earth because it is a spiritual nation. Those who belong to this nation are continually being sent to earth so that on earth there will always be those who receive my inspiration from Spirit to spirit.

65. Those who belong to the nation of spiritual Israel cannot be recognized through any physical traits. They can only be recognized through their spirituality and through their spiritual gifts and attributes.

66. What is the essential mission of this nation that serves as a messenger of the Lord? Its mission is to free man from all forms of slavery, especially those things that enslave his spirit and mind. It needs to remind man of the Divine Law and the divine promises, and to alert him to his mistakes, always encouraging him to follow the right path. It also needs to guide man to the Promised Land, a kingdom of love, wisdom, and peace where all beings from earth and throughout the universe will come to form only one family, the "Family of God". My Peace be with you!

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