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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 289

The Lord says:

1. Humanity: You do very little to live in peace!

2. I say to you that most people practice one type of religion or another. Although all religions teach man to practice brotherhood, man does not practice the divine laws and precepts that are inscribed in his conscience. There are those who believe that they do not need to follow any precepts nor laws because they have not acknowledged any religious belief. Man realizes through his observations and scientific knowledge that a divine power is present throughout the world. He is also aware of a law, a harmony, and a wise, just, and loving Doctrine that is with him eternally.

3. After having experienced much suffering and confusion throughout the centuries, humanity is now able to comprehend that brotherhood and harmony between nations can not exist if it is based on personal and material interests. Man will come to realize that true harmony and peace among humanity can only be achieved when man becomes spiritually elevated.

4. If man was following the true path and fulfilling the Divine Laws of God, wars would not exist and nations would not be divided or condemning each other.

5. To follow the true path you need to respect all things because there is sacredness, love, harmony, and charity in everything. It is the Divine Law that guides the conscience.

6. To attain spiritual perfection, you need to do more than fulfill your earthly and religious responsibilities. You need to come to the divine fountain where all beings alleviate their thirst and truly perceive the truth.

7. The one who successfully climbs to the top of the spiritual mountain and contemplates that divine splendor will become more understanding and less judgmental with his brethren once he descends from the top of that mountain. This must occur for mankind to unite and to live in harmony.

8. Meditate and you will realize that mankind needs to unite spiritually. Man will attain that unification once he eliminates his low passions and fanaticism.

9. How can humanity live in a state of peace when each individual proclaims that only he possesses the truth and that all other beliefs are false?

10. Fanaticism is darkness, blindness, and ignorance, and will never be able to produce fruits of spiritual enlightenment.

11. Mankind is approaching the time of great ordeals, which will awaken him to reality.

12. You ask me why I frequently speak to you of future ordeals, and I say to you that man will truly experience great bitterness. You need to know this so that you will pray and remain vigilant, rather than remain indifferent and spiritually asleep.

13. There are some who remain dissatisfied with my words. If I inform them that humanity will live in peace and prosperity, they will not believe it. If I inform them of future ordeals and bitterness, they will believe that it is a threat so that man will begin to fulfill my mandates.

14. Those who react in that manner to my teachings live with great doubts, however, those who have faith in my words will always analyze them with the noble intention of learning from my teachings.

15. Disciples: Three years were sufficient in the Second Era to give my message to humanity and to seal it with my sacrifice. Truly I tell you that my sacrifice was not an offering to the Divine Father, for He does not need offerings of blood. That sacrifice was an offering to humanity because man needed proof of my great love for him.16. I taught mankind to love one another eternally, not only as humans but also as spirits. I came to open the path that will guide man from the earth to the spiritual kingdom, once perceived by him as mysterious. I gave him my Doctrine of Love to prepare him for when I would come in Spirit, as I announced in the Second Era. I informed him that I would return in Spirit to clarify mysteries, to open the sealed book, and to offer him new spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

17. The spiritual life, which exists beyond your material life on earth, should not be a mystery for man. The Divine Father observed man's need for knowledge, so he began his lessons by manifesting himself to man in many forms through the gifts of revelation and inspiration. Those lessons began with the first human on earth and have continued throughout the eras.

18. You are greatly mistaken if you believe that I waited until now to inform you of the spiritual life. Once again, I say to you that my divine teachings began when the first human was born on earth. It is not an exaggeration when I tell you that my lessons began with the formation of the spirits before the world was created.

19. Do you believe that the main purpose of my past teachings was to reveal lessons that pertain to your material life? I offered you the gift of science for that purpose. Do you believe that the main purpose of the ten commandments from the First Era and the teachings that Jesus brought in the Second Era were to teach you how to live on earth? If you study the essence of those commandments and teachings, you will discover that their main purpose is to help you find eternal life and spiritual immortality.

20. The revelation that speaks to you about the life of the spirit, that teaches you to communicate directly with your Divine Father, and that helps you to spiritually evolve, is Spiritualism.

21. Truly I tell you that Spiritualism is not something new that pertains to this period. It is a revelation that has gradually unfolded according to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

22. I am giving you a Doctrine of Spiritualism that teaches you how to love God and your brethren in a perfect manner. It also offers you the path that leads to spiritual perfection. The Law of God in the First Era and the teachings of Christ in the Second Era, also taught you about Spiritualism.

23. You believe that this is a new revelation because I am giving you teachings that are unknown to you. You are overcome by the presence of so much wisdom and knowledge. You feel this way because the time is approaching when the spirit of man will achieve freedom, spiritual elevation, and triumph over the flesh.

24. No one should say that the spiritual life was a mystery to man prior to my arrival during this Third Era in which I enlightened man with my new revelations. Throughout the eras you have received many teachings, but you were unable to comprehend them.

25. Today, unlike the past, man is interested in discovering and comprehending the true meaning of my past revelations in order to comprehend the present.

26. Disciples: You now know that when you speak of Spiritualism you are speaking of the spiritual revelation that the Lord has revealed to man throughout the eras.

27. I have arrived amongst you and have surprised you while you were asleep spiritually.

28. In every era that I have come, humanity has been spiritually asleep. Only a few individuals, similar to weak lamps, have remained vigilant awaiting my arrival.

29. My people: It would be sufficient for you to meditate a little upon your past so that you will learn from your past experiences, thus, making a true effort to no longer commit errors or to be ungrateful.

30. If I were to ask you what you have done with the Doctrine that I brought to mankind during the Second Era when I shed my blood, you would remain silent because your conscience would tell you that you have never followed the Doctrine of Love taught by Jesus. You have disregarded the words and teachings of Jesus rather than treasuring them in your heart.

31. Truly I tell you that today you have entered into that era previously referred to as the "End of Times". This is the era of judgement, restitution, and restoration.

32. In the past my prophets announced this era. The spokesmen through whom I manifest myself during this era are my new prophets. I have come to speak through them, thus, fulfilling many of the prophecies that were made in the past.

33. My words are very clear and you are able to comprehend me. In the past you did not listen to your conscience, but today you are listening to that voice and are ready to triumph over the low passions of the flesh.

34. My new apostles will board the boat of salvation to rescue those who are lost in the sea of human passions.

35. I have selected you to begin the formation of my chosen, but I cannot reveal my divine plans to you. I only say to you that you possess a spiritual enlightenment that allows you to recognize the true path among all the different paths. Therefore, it is your responsibility, as my spiritually enlightened children, to guide humanity. In all of my teachings I have asked you to become spiritually elevated and to climb to the summit of the spiritual mountain. As you become more spiritually elevated you will be able to truly perceive what is happening on earth, listen to the cries of mankind and feel his immense pain.

36. Disciples, you will not be able to alleviate the suffering of your brethren if do not you truly feel it. Pray for them, because when you pray for your brethren your spirit will be able to feel their sorrow and immense suffering. Your heart will then begin to feel compassion, charity, tenderness, and comprehension.

37. My people need to become spiritually evolved because they do not yet feel the suffering of humanity. My people weep, not for others, but for their own hardships and necessities.

38. Why do you remain untouched by my word and unwilling to accept it? Have I come to offer you an unknown kingdom? Behold that the kingdom that I now speak of is the same one that I promised you during the Second Era.

39. Be aware that you are listening to my final teachings, for you need to hold them deep within your heart. Thus you will continue hearing my word and conserve its true essence after this manifestation ends.

40. If I were to remove, for just a moment, the veil that has prevented you from knowing what you have done in the past, you would fall on your knees before my presence with great remorse for your past disobediences, ungratefulness and lack of faith in my teachings. It is more important to develop your intuition, listen to your conscience, and help your spirit to evolve.

41. Once you leave your material body to dwell in the spiritual valley that veil will no longer hide your past. You will be able to clearly perceive your past and to remember and comprehend all things. Once again I say to you that it is best for your spirit to have faith and to believe without having seen or touched.

42. Think and spiritually analyze these words because in these teachings you will discover my unyielding but loving justice.

43. I am the Divine Shepherd who gives freedom to his sheep but within certain limits. I will not allow them to jump over the prohibited fence because they will experience great suffering.

44. I take care of you, protect you, and return you to my flock.

45. You have had many opportunities to understand my infinite love for you. I have granted you spiritual gifts and given you the opportunity to correct your mistakes and to purify and perfect your spirit rather than condemning you eternally, as you previously believed.

46. Who would choose not to fulfill his mission on earth if he truly had faith in these teachings? He would be aware that if he didn't fulfill it, he would eventually have to endure a greater restitution. Although it is true that I offer you numerous opportunities to cleanse your stains and to correct your mistakes, be aware that the number of ordeals that you will endure increases with each opportunity you have had. Also the suffering and restitution will be more intense as your mistakes become more severe.

47. Although I do not refer to it as punishment, it will be your responsibility to correct, restore, amend, and to settle each wrong you have done. No one, including your Divine Father, your brethren on earth and in the spiritually valley, will be able to cleanse your stains, only you can do this. I do inform you, however, that whenever you summon me because you feel abandoned and lonely, you will always feel my presence and your spiritual brethren will always assist you as you carry the weight of your cross.

48. My Divine Ray transforms itself into words among this multitude, and the universe is enlightened with the divine light emitted by my word.

49. Rest, humanity, for I have granted you an opportunity to rest on every seventh day to pray and to acquire strength by carefully analyzing my Divine Law.

50. I am with all of humanity without distinguishing the different religions practiced by man. I am the Divine Doctor for both your physical body and spirit. I seek those who are ill to comfort and heal them.

51. Although my voice descends upon all of humanity, truly I tell you that very few individuals know how to listen to it.

52. My Doctrine is teaching and preparing you to listen to the infinite voice of the Lord by communicating with Him from spirit to Spirit.

53. I say to those who have witnessed this manifestation: Be aware that I have chosen you to take this message throughout the world. You will help man to eliminate his fanaticism and materialism which have prevented him from spiritually evolving and perceiving my light. It will not matter if this manifestation has ceased when you arrive before your brethren, because when you speak to them, your words will overflow with wisdom, healing balsam, and my divine essence. They will be a testimony of my truth.

54. Your mission will be to teach your brethren, opening paths to spirituality, eternal life, and the divine truth.

55. Disciples: Evolve spiritually so that you can teach others how to separate themselves from materialism, from those things that are of little value, and from those things that do not help them spiritually. You will teach your brethren how to pierce the dense clouds of darkness and nourish his spirit with divine enlightenment when it is in spiritual darkness.

56. All individuals will participate in the Great Battle, that was previously prophesied to attain spiritual elevation. Among those participating will be those who are weak, ignorant, and spiritually dead because everyone will attain spiritual enlightenment and purity during that battle.

57. My Kingdom is approaching, and I want to reign among those who are spiritually awakened. I want to be loved, understood, and obeyed as is worthy of a true King.

58. The battle is now occurring. Men are defying my strength and justice, constantly desiring to measure their weapons against mine. I undertake this battle because I love them. I will battle against human sin to triumph over it and to save man from his state of confusion.

59. In that battle the religious idols and false gods that man worships will fall from their pedestals. Man will become confused but will eventually yield and surrender to his spirit. The spirit will then become purified and enlightened. The spirit will not die in that battle. Although the spirit may be spiritually dead, it will never die because, as I have told you in the past, I am the Life and I am the Father, the God of the living, not the dead.

60. Man can only attain his salvation when he enters the path of spirituality. The one who wants to achieve salvation will have to eliminate his pride, false splendor, weakness of the flesh, and selfishness.

61. Men will endure great bitterness in the great battle that awaits them. Nevertheless, I say to you: Blessed are those who know how to endure that bitterness because when they become purified and depart to the spiritually valley, they will reincarnate on earth to bring humanity a message of spiritual enlightenment, peace, and wisdom.

62. There is great weeping among those who dwell on earth. Those who are oppressed and dream of peace await those men who are considered great on earth to bring harmony and freedom to mankind. However, I say to them, that it is far better for them to elevate themselves in prayer to me because only I can bring freedom and peace to man. Once again I say to you that as long as man does not know his origin, nor his final destiny, and refuses to accept the divine truths concerning his destiny, he will not be able to live in peace because man is not able to love one another as true brothers in God.63. During this period humanity is very insensitive to spirituality. Listen to my word for it is as a chisel that is patiently polishing your heart. Although you have frequently listened to my word, behold how insensitive you are. I will continue, however, to manifest myself until I have given you my final teaching. When my manifestation ceases, you will then discover the true and perfect Doctrine in my teachings.

64. O my people, come drink water from this fountain of spiritual enlightenment for I have chosen you to give birth to those future generations who will truly love me.

65. Truly I tell you that spirituality is also inherited. Thus you should devote yourself to becoming spiritually enlightened and emanating spiritual purity in all that you do so that your children can become aware of the great charity that you are offering them; which is a physical body that has triumphed over the weaknesses of the flesh, possesses a clear mind, a sensitive heart, and a spirit that listens to its conscience.

66. Everyone is invited to be a part of God's family. It is not true that some individuals belong to God's family and others do not. Since all beings originated from God, I want everyone to join my family. My family consists of all those who bring peace and possesses spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. All of my children belong to this family.

67. Disciples: Listen to me with dedication so that when this manifestation ceases you will not feel sorrow for having ignored me when I summoned you.

68. When the moment arrives for this manifestation to cease, I want you to be praying, and to be filled with love, gratefulness, and grace so that my manifestation can come to an end in an atmosphere of spirituality, meditation, and understanding. You will then thank the Divine Father for his teachings of love.

69. When my manifestation comes to an end, you will feel great sorrow and hear my voice in your conscience. It will not be the voice of someone who is departing but rather the voice of your Divine Father who is sending you to fulfill a difficult task, and who will await your return to embrace you with love. I tell you this so that you will not be saddened when this manifestation ceases. Remember the individuals in the Second Era who mourned the death of the Divine Master. They were greatly surprised when they saw him gloriously resurrect, full of divine enlightenment and life, for his dwelling place was not among the dead.

70. I will allow you to shed tears on the last day of my communication but only if they are tears of repentance for the time you have wasted and the divine lessons you have ignored.

71. Who, among those who have listened to my teachings in the Third Era, is unaware that the Divine Father has said that this manifestation will cease on the last day of 1950? No one, because I have made it known to them in numerous ways in the houses of prayer.

72. The divine and spiritual are not subject to material time nor is the evolution of your spirit measured with the clocks and calendars of earth. Since you possess a material body and lack the spiritual evolution to realize that a new spiritual era is beginning, I have had to materialize and humanize, to a limited degree, the spiritual so you can comprehend my revelations.

73. Disciples, I now ask you: Do you truly want to feel my presence spiritually after my departure? Unless you are united as brothers, you will be unable to feel my presence nor enjoy the spiritual strength one acquires from spiritual harmony and love for your brethren.

74. If you want to receive spiritual answers to all those things that you have been unable to comprehend during this period, you need to practice spirituality. You will then be able to hear my reply.

75. There will be moments of silence and solitude. Those will I occur so that you can elevate yourself in prayer. When you are unable to feel me, then you need to become more spiritually elevated. If you are still unable to find my presence after trying to become more spiritually elevated, be patient and do not be afraid for this will be a test of your faith and spirituality. Continue to pray for I will arrive in the moment when you least expect it. A ray of divine enlightenment will descend upon your heart and mind to tell you: "I bless you because you have faith in the Divine Master, for you know that he always helps those who summon him."

76. You will need to possess the virtues of faith, strength, and patience because the time is approaching when there will be a battle of ideas and religious beliefs. It is very important that prior to that spiritual battle, you become familiar with my doctrine and acquire spiritual strength by practicing my doctrine.

77. My people: The teaching for today has ended but remain for a few moments elevated in spiritual prayer, praying for all the different nations on earth where your brethren are struggling, suffering, and awaiting their salvation. My Peace be with you!

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