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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 293

The Lord says:

1. My love, like the ever shining sun, offers warmth and spiritual enlightenment to everyone.

2. I am presently manifesting my thoughts through the human spokesmen. My word, which brings joy to your heart and sweet nourishment to your spirit, never brings you sadness.

3. Similar to how bees fill a honeycomb with honey, one drop at a time, the divine teachings that I am giving you through the human spokesmen spiritually nourishes the hearts of this multitude with truth and essence, which it greatly seeks.

4. Although the number of my people who have come to witness this manifestation is limited, I grant you my teachings the same as I would a great multitude. My love will not detain itself because of the limited number of people who are witnessing my manifestation, because prejudice does not exist in the Master as in some human beings.

5. The Savior welcomes his people who have been oppressed by ordeals, struggles, doubts, sadness, and suffering.

6. During this era, your spirit needs healing; therefore, I now have come to heal you the same as during the Second Era, when I came as a Doctor to heal those who were spiritually and physically ill.

7. When you arrive tormented by serious problems, overwhelmed by poverty, and feeling anguish because of your ordeals, you seek my words to comfort you and to tell you that I am with you. Then I allow you to feel my presence, proving to you that I am aware of all things. I offer you spiritual peace and true nourishment with my teachings, thus giving you the spiritual strength to continue along the path of life, with its struggles and restitution.

8. You have learned from my teachings that the love of the Divine Father will help you with your ordeals if you have a little faith, hope, patience, and strength.

9. The one who trusts in Me will never despair but will be rewarded for trusting in the love and in the mercy of his Lord.

10. I am the one who comes to you when you feel discouraged and depressed; for I am Christ and Christ is Love.

11. My beloved people, I have come to heal and strengthen you because the time is approaching when I will choose from this multitude those who are truly prepared, dedicated, and have analyzed my divine teachings. They will become my first messengers and witnesses, and also the first to communicate with the Divine Father from spirit to Spirit.

12. Disciples, do not think that it pleases me to choose some and reject others for that is not true. I do choose, however, those who are spiritually prepared to serve me.

13. Those who spiritually prepared themselves were able to witness my manifestation through human spokesmen during this time. Those who prepare themselves in the future will be the ones who will be able to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. They will be astonished and amazed with the revelations and spiritual enlightenment they will receive from my Spirit.

14. The time will come when you will be able to communicate from your spirit to my Spirit, but it will depend on your dedication to my doctrine and on your love for your brethren.

15. Do not ignore the teachings that I have brought to you through these humble spokesmen, because they will help you to evolve spiritually and to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit. If ! you seek the true essence of each word of the Master, what astonishing revelations you will find! You will become spiritually enlightened and apply that enlightenment to your life on earth.

16. The Divine Master tells those who are disciples of this Doctrine and who have witnessed this manifestation that they need to practice and comprehend these teachings. This will help them to evolve spiritually and to communicate with the Divine Master from spirit to Spirit. They will receive new teachings in that spiritual and intimate communication, and there will be no need for intermediaries nor external forms of worship.

17. Even though you still do not understand the true essence of these teachings, you want to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit.

18. If you would attain the spiritual elevation that I am asking you to achieve, you would be guided by your enlightened spirit. Your brethren would then be able to feel your positive and beneficial influence. Since this is not yet occurring, you need to continue to repeat the lessons of life, much to your sorrow.

19. Man has received revelations from God in three different eras. Although I have frequently explained the "Holy Trinity" using different explanations, you are still unable to explain that concept to your brethren because you do not fully understand it.

20. I have explained that the Being whom you refer to as the Father refers to the absolute power of God, the Universal Creator, the only Being who has always existed. The Being whom you refer to as the Son, is Christ, who manifests the Father's perfect love for his children. The Being whom you refer to as the Holy Spirit represents the spiritual enlightenment of God that man is receiving during this Third Era. During this era, the spirit of man has the ability to comprehend my revelations much better.

21. That spiritual enlightenment from the Holy Spirit, which is God's wisdom, will reign soon during this Third Era. It will illuminate man who is in great need of spirituality and who hungers for love and thirsts for the truth.

22. I have reigned in three eras among mankind, three different reigns that soon will be united into only one.

23. During my first reign I manifested my power and strength. I manifested my love during the second one and my divine wisdom and knowledge in the third reign.

24. When man succeeds in living according to the Law, teachings, and revelations that I have brought him during the three eras, he will truly be able to proclaim that "The Kingdom of Heaven has penetrated into the heart of humanity".

25. My people, truly I tell you that only one God has manifested himself to humanity in three distinct manifestations. Since it was the same God who has manifested himself, you will discover that during the First Era the Divine Father not only manifested his power, but also his love and wisdom. Christ, in the Second Era, not only manifested his love but also his power and wisdom. During this Third Era, would it therefore be unusual for the Holy Spirit to manifest God's strength, power, and law, as well as His love, tenderness, and healing balsam?

26. This is the most elevated era, but it is not because of the spiritual enlightenment of this era, for mankind has always been spiritually enlightened. It is the most elevated era because man is now able to live a superior life.

27. The human mind and spirit will become illuminated during this era of spiritual enlightenment; therefore, humanity will become transformed. That enlightenment will permit man to perceive the truth so clearly, that even those who previously rejected me will no longer do so. Those who are stubborn will also cease to be stubborn, because they will be able to perceive the truth as one is able to perceive the heavens on a clear day.

28. For now, I have to separate this multitude from the rest of humanity. This multitude consists of men of good will who, when the moment arrives, will work to sow the seed of Spirituality. I am spiritually preparing them and teaching them in this humble and quiet place.

29. I want to form a nation of truly dedicated individuals, like those who dedicate their hours to cultivating and preparing their fields, scholars who are forever studying and analyzing, philosophers who dream, and laborers who are dedicated to their jobs, and who truly struggle to survive. I want to establish a nation of people with the dedication of those individuals, and who are truly inspired by spirituality, peace, virtue, and a superior knowledge of life. I want this nation to work and to be vigilant like a good farmer, to be like the scholar who studies late into the night, and dreams like the philosopher. I want this nation to truly dedicate itself to nourishing its spirit in the same way that humanity struggles for its daily bread.

30. The true spiritualist will be the one who unites the laws of man with the spiritual laws of God in order to live a virtuous and elevated life guided by his conscience.

31. Today, you are my young disciples who are gradually strengthening and preparing your spirit as you meditate, so that you may help your brethren.

32. The true disciple of Jesus is the one who convinces others to follow the true path through words that are persuasive and comforting. That disciple helps his brethren to resurrect spiritually and to triumph over their weaknesses and their ordeals.

33. The true apostle of Christ does not carry any selfishness in his heart. He is not preoccupied with his own suffering nor with his personal belongings. He disregards those things that are his to think of others, fully confident that the Divine Father will take care of him. He knows that the Father will help those who leave behind their belongings to go help their brethren. The one who forgets himself in order to offer comfort and hope to those who feel dejected, and give healing balsam to those who suffer, will discover that his home has been filled with blessings, joy, and peace when he returns.

34. Men truly will not be practicing my Doctrine unless they perceive one another as brethren and perceive other children throughout the world as their own.

35. Very few know the true secret of life, whose origin and strength comes from love.

36. The one who learns to be virtuous from the divine teachings of my Doctrine will become as a loaf of bread that is distributed to all who are hungry.

37. You cannot say that you are following my path of love if you fail to practice deeds of charity and kindness. You cannot progress spiritually if you criticize and judge your brethren.

38. My divine light will not be able to penetrate into your being if you do not cleanse your heart and thoughts. Negative thoughts, words, and emotions prevent my pure divine light from penetrating into your spirit.

39. You need to cleanse your spirit so that I may dwell within your heart, not only for a few moments, but eternally. I want to always dwell within your heart. Do not summon me for only a few minutes and then reject me during your moments of low passions.

40. The world and its temptations are strong, therefore, you need to develop strong convictions so that you will not weaken during your struggles and ordeals.

41. Sometimes I repeat my teachings so that your heart will be touched and your spirit will become more sensitive. If I did not do that, you would not truly understand the truth of my word. Do you not remember how in the past the people of Israel obeyed God's Law because they feared being punished? They believed that God's justice was unyielding, strict, and harsh.

42. You now know that those people were incorrect because you have discovered the Father's infinite love for his children.

43. You now perceive God more as Father, the Divine Father, who loves his children in an infinite and perfect manner, rather than a judging God. You need to become aware, however, that you too can commit errors as my people did in past eras. Do not make the mistake of assuming that since the Father is infinitely loving and forgiving, that you can continue to commit serious sins, ignoring your spiritual and moral growth.

44. Truly, God is love and there is no sin that He will not forgive, however, you should know that He will not yield in his justice. You need to have a true knowledge of my Doctrine so that you will eliminate any false beliefs that you might have developed. Do not forget that even though the Divine Father forgives your sins, it is your responsibility to cleanse those stains from your spirit. You can only eliminate those stains by practicing deeds of love, a love corresponding to the love of the Divine Father who is truly forgiving.

45. You have closed your eyes to your own sins, refusing to take responsibility for your evil ways. Eventually you will realize that you are the only one who is responsible for cleansing those stains that you carry within your heart.

46. Why are you not progressing along your path, since it opens the door to your salvation and my divine grace? It is because your faith in God is weak. You have become doubtful like many people on earth, losing faith in God's charity and love.

47. I say to those who listen to me today, seeking happiness through the temporary and material pleasures of this world: Truly, at the end of your journey you will be judged by your conscience and will only experience bitterness when you realize that the false pleasures that you pursued greatly on earth were only false illusions of true happiness.

48. You need to allow your spirit, guided by the conscience, to guide you along the path of life as you experience its struggles, enjoyments, and death.

49. One can only acquire strength through faith.

50. I say to humanity, who is saddened and dejected by its suffering and bitterness: Open your eyes to perceive the arrival of the Spirit of Truth and the Kingdom of Light. They have descended among humanity to awaken all beings who were spiritually asleep.

51. Christ is speaking to you in spirit. He is the intermediary between God and man because Christ is the Divine Word of God, the Divine Word of Love and Truth. Today I am speaking to man in one of the infinite forms in which I can manifest myself. When this manifestation ceases, my word will remain written. Those written teachings will go from region to region, home to home, and heart to heart. They will awaken some individuals who were spiritually asleep, convert others, and offer comfort to the disheartened. I say to you, however, that some will remain insensitive when they receive my teachings and disrespectfully criticize them. That does not matter, my people, for the time will arrive when multitudes will anxiously seek my written word. Even this multitude, who has witnessed my manifestation, will welcome those writings with love and respect, as they remember their essence and the great joy it brought them. Those teachings were like manna which offered spiritual nourishment to this multitude along the path of life.

52. Man needs spiritual wisdom during this period, and I have come to give it to him. As in the past, when seeing that man needed love, I came to teach it to him.

53. Nothing is impossible for God. Whenever man has needed anything from God, God has helped him. The Lord has brought man profound teachings, when man needed superior knowledge, and He has helped man develop a stronger faith when the faith of his beloved children was weak.

54. You should not be surprised at the manner in which I chose to manifest myself during the Third Era. This manifestation allowed man to hear my word and to feel my teachings in his heart.

55. Today, I have not incarnated in a human being as I did in the Second Era. During this Third Era, Christ is manifesting himself through human spokesmen, a mission that was assigned to some of my children. Those spokesmen receive my teachings through inspiration and direct communication with my Spirit.

56. Man has reached a state of great confusion due to his erroneous interpretations of the revelations given to him by God in the past eras. Man has become confused due to his inability to penetrate into those-things that are spiritually profound. He lacks spiritual wisdom to perceive those things that are divine and beyond his materialism.

57. I came during this period because man was in great need of spiritual enlightenment. Enlightenment means wisdom, love, and spiritual elevation.

58. To give you my teachings of spiritual enlightenment, it was not appropriate to manifest myself in human form during this era. It was better to manifest myself spiritually. Although this form of manifestation does not allow you to perceive me physically, you are able to perceive me spiritually through your faith and love.

59. The spiritual manifestation of God during this era is the arrival of the Holy Spirit. It is the same powerful and just Jehovah who manifested himself through the elements of nature in the First Era, and through a loving Jesus during the Second Era. Today, He has come to mankind once again, but spiritually because man now has the ability to understand God and to communicate with him directly.

60. During this era of enlightenment man will be able to comprehend those things that he did not previously understand. Today, I will leave in your heart the essence of my teachings from the past eras. The fanaticism that man has developed in reference to those teachings will be eliminated as he progresses along his path of spiritual evolution and becomes spiritually enlightened.

61. I am speaking to all of my children and do not distinguish among them according to their religious beliefs. Man is responsible for the spiritual disharmony that exists among mankind because he continues to judge others, to have conflicts with his brethren, and to deny the truth.

62. I love and seek everyone in the same manner because I observe that all do not know the right path. I do not disapprove that men have created different religions from my divine law and truth. Those different religions were necessary because individuals on earth have different levels of comprehension, progress, and spirituality. However, I do not approve when different religions perceive one another as enemies, hurting and killing one another. I say to you that those who behave in that manner are not defenders of the truth but are truly enemies of it.

63. Why perceive your brethren as your enemy, when all human beings are stained with sin? Why should you criticize the manner in which your brethren seek to attain spiritual perfection to reach the Divine Father? Who can truly proclaim that he has discovered the truth and has become one with God? Who can truly say that he has been saved or is truly destined to perish?

64. Humans demonstrate their ignorance when they continue to judge one another!

65. Are you not ashamed of committing those sins during this era ; of great spiritual enlightenment, an era in which your spirit should be progressing and elevating above human miseries?

66. My people, you now hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual manifestation of God through human spokesmen. He has not come to reveal a new law nor a new doctrine, but one that is more advanced, spiritual and perfect, and one that teaches man how to worship and communicate with God in the perfect manner.

67. The Lord previously told you to love God with all of your heart and spirit and to love your fellow human being as you do yourself. The Divine Master came to teach man his Doctrine of Love. Today, the Holy Spirit, which is also the voice of God, comes again to tell you to follow the Law of Love because that law contains a strength that is not found in even the most powerful army on earth. Those things that you conquer through love will be eternal, not temporary. All things that you construct with true love will have eternal life.

68. Today, humanity lives in disgrace. The human mind is confused and the human heart highly arrogant because of man's earthly accomplishments. Although man has always had the spiritual knowledge and wisdom to eliminate his arrogance, he has chosen not to use them.

69. I say to those who are spiritually awake and who are aware of the events that are occurring on earth: You are the ones whom I have chosen to light the lamp of faith in mankind so that he can develop a faith in God.

70. Be aware that your spirit needs to develop the spiritual gifts and powers that you have neglected until now.

71. I have not come to reveal your spiritual past nor your future with my teachings, for that would not benefit you, but I have come to teach you to fulfill the mission that you have on earth.

72. Therefore, you should ignore those who wish to astonish you by revealing information about your spiritual past and future.

73. Disciples, you need to become aware that spirituality permits the conscience to manifest itself more clearly. If you listen to that voice of wisdom within your conscience you will never be deceived.

74. Listen to your conscience because through that friendly voice the Lord will offer you spiritual enlightenment as your Father, Teacher, and Judge.

75. Let your conscience tell you that I am not punishing you when you experience an ordeal. The ordeals that you experience will help your spirit to become purified. When you perceive the elements of nature becoming unleashed, creating fear in the human heart, you should no longer speak disrespectfully about God, proclaiming that He is punishing mankind. Those ordeals will help man attain purification.

76. Only when a spirit is pure will it be able to illuminate the splendor of its divine essence.

77. Seek to purify your spirit by practicing deeds of love with your brethren. My Peace be with you!

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