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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 294

The Lord says:

]. During this period of much suffering, my Doctrine will be a guiding light for those who are lost, a shield for those who are weak, and nourishment for those in need. I am speaking figuratively about spirituality. As I have told you in the past, man does not live by bread alone. He also needs my words of divine wisdom to guide him in life.

2. It is necessary for you to comprehend the essence of this truth because you will meet many individuals along your path who are physically and spiritually ill. Truly I tell you that their material and physical needs will not be greater than their spiritual needs because their spirit is in a state of misery, hunger, anguish, and confusion.

3. To help your brethren, you need to be well prepared spiritually so that you will be sensitive to the inner pain they carry. You will then become aware of their individual needs. I have come to teach you how to nourish, heal, and offer spiritual enlightenment to others, teaching them the path to evolve spiritually.

4. The one who listens to this word and truly cherishes it within his heart will become converted into a spiritual doctor, adviser, and guide for his brethren. Through his loving words he will offer peace and comfort to his brethren who are in need of spiritual enlightenment.

5. You will help to resurrect those individuals who were spiritually dead by healing them and allowing them to listen to my divine teachings. They will awaken from their deep sleep as your words touch their hearts. They will become aware of the spiritual gifts and treasures that they possess and will experience great joy in their hearts knowing that the Divine Father has left them this inheritance.

6. For a long time they have drifted away from the Lord, but they became more loving and spiritually enlightened listening to the divine teachings from their brethren who are messengers from the loving Father.

7. I will summon all individuals, one by one, in the same humble manner in which this multitude was summoned to receive the news of my arrival during this Third Era.

8. I want my arrival to reflect humility during this period. I want you to spread this message in a loving and humble manner that reflects true spirituality.

9. Follow the example set by my apostles who utilized deeds of love, words of wisdom and enlightenment, and writings that reflected the truth to offer testimony to all nations that Christ, the Divine Master,had been with them.

10. I say to this multitude, which lacks spiritual strength and does not make an effort to achieve a state of well-being: Am I asking you to make sacrifices? Although the mission that I have assigned you is simple to fulfill, you believe that the cross that I have asked you to carry is much heavier than you are able to carry.

11. If I submit you to an ordeal, you despair and rebel against my will, even though it is not a difficult ordeal.

12. Why do you not follow the example of Abraham, who was willing to obey my request of sacrificing his beloved child? Where can I find someone who possesses the strength and faith of Moses, who led his people as they journeyed through the desert? Where are the faithful, as were my past apostles, who were willing to sacrifice their lives to follow the path outlined by their Divine Master?

13. Although I am not asking you to sacrifice the life of your child nor to shed your blood in my name, you refuse to fulfill your mission because you believe that it is too difficult.

14. I only come to teach you how to practice charity and help your brethren attain spiritual peace by guiding them as they evolve spiritually.

15. Listen to the voice of your conscience informing you of your mission and then tell me if your mission is too difficult. Truly I tell you that if you always listen to the voice of your conscience, you will shed tears of repentance and say to me: I have been very ungrateful with you, Lord, and very unjust with myself!

16. Once you have come to this realization and truly decide to start fulfilling your mission with humbleness and love, you will feel in your spirit the light of the Divine Father blessing you.

17. Do not fear, my people, for I am like an immense bright light guiding you and illuminating your path.

18. If this teaching is allowing you to become aware of your weaknesses and mistakes, so be it. You should seek, however, the true essence of this teaching, and you will find my love, justice, and devotion in the mission that I have given you to fulfill.

19. Behold that this is the Third Era, the era of spiritual enlightenment.

20. Rejoice, for you are going to witness many events and be blessed by receiving many revelations.

21. Your heart does not lack sensitivity, your spirit is not asleep, and you are able to feel my love; therefore, open your eyes to perceive the divine light. Allow your senses to become aware of the signs, spiritual messages and manifestations that you are now receiving from my Spirit and your spiritual brethren.

22. During this era each individual will attain spiritual freedom at his designated time. At that moment, that individual will no longer be a slave to the world nor to the low passions of his flesh. He will stop being a servant to temptation and will no longer seek those pleasures associated with the material body.

23. Your spirit will then renounce all the false pleasures from the material world to follow the path of spirituality.

24. For many who have listened to my word during this era, spiritual freedom began when they first heard these teachings. With great love you remember that holy day when miraculously you began to develop faith.

25. Blessed are those who suffered greatly but who did not lose faith as they awaited my arrival. Blessed are those who were sinners but became pure in spirit because they sensed the arrival of my word. When these individuals first witnessed my manifestation, they felt my presence and recognized me. Because they experienced great suffering and ordeals, their hearts were highly sensitive to the divine essence of my word. While they were becoming spiritually strong, these spirits were freeing themselves from material vices and negative pleasures, thus removing their sins, miseries, and weaknesses. As they eliminated these stains from their spirit, it began to reflect the divine essence, which is the Divine Truth.

26. Although those individuals were in a state of spiritual darkness and ignorance when they first arrived before my presence, they departed with greater faith and a clearer understanding of the true path they had to follow.

27. What great joy is experienced by a spirit when it develops faith! Also, those who develop faith and resurrect spiritually feel the joy of knowing that along their path they will be able to resurrect others who live in a state of spiritual darkness. They will help those who are lost to find the truth path, using what they have learned from the Divine Master.

28. The individual who has not saved a fellow human being, nor helped a being to regain his health or faith, cannot imagine that great spiritual joy. Who is able to truly comprehend the infinite joy that I feel, as your Savior and Divine Teacher, when I comfort those who need me, helping them to resurrect to eternal life? I have not only reserved that joy for myself, for I have come to teach you how to also save, heal, comfort, and resurrect your brethren. I want everyone to experience the same joy that I feel, for truly all beings will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

29. My people: If you feel a divine presence surrounding your being, it is your Divine Father. Since you have prepared your spirit and material body, you are deeply touched by my words and are enjoying the spiritual strength that emanates from my divine presence. Be aware that if you practice spirituality throughout your life, you will always be able to feel your Father's presence, thus, manifesting my justice in your life.

30. I am judging all the nations on earth and enlightening all spirits. Few, however, are aware that they are being judged and even fewer realize that the time of judgement that was prophesied in the past has now arrived.

31. I have given each individual time to examine his life through his conscience, as well as the opportunity to repent and to correct his unvirtuous ways. I have given all individuals time to prepare themselves, including those who govern, those who spiritually guide humanity, and those who are scientists, because each individual will need to respond to the voice of his conscience.

32. Today, men would receive messages constantly from their spiritual brethren if they were not so insensitive. They would perceive themselves surrounded by multitudes of spiritual beings who work nonstop to help man spiritually awaken. Man would then become aware that he has never been alone on earth.

33. Why do individuals refer to the spiritual world as being invisible or not of this world? It is because they lack faith to perceive the spiritual. Since man has failed to evolve spiritually, he feels distant and separated from the spiritual world, rather than part of it.

34. This multitude, who listens to my teachings in these humble homes, had to first eliminate its vanity and become less materialistic so that it could feel my divine doctrine deeply in its heart.

35. I have found this multitude poor and saddened by its material losses. It is less materialistic and not as interested in the false material riches of the world. It has become more sensitive to the spiritual. It wants to evolve and progress spiritually. If these individuals had been rich, robust and healthy, living a life of pleasure, material wealth, and festivities, would they have listened to me when I first summoned them during this era?

36. Behold that most of humanity still needs to become aware of my manifestation and to feel my presence so that those who govern will seek my teachings.

37. It is not that I want you to be poor nor in lack of those things that you need to live and survive, but one who is spiritually evolved must know that the spiritual needs are more important than material needs. The spirit is able to live without the material body, but the material body is not able to live without the spirit.

38. Although everything was created for you, I want you to choose and utilize only those things that you truly need. I want you to be rich spiritually, not materially. You may possess material wealth, but you should use it for virtuous reasons and for the good of others. I also want you to know the difference between the material and spirituality so that you can become aware of their true significance in your life. How can a human being harm his spirit, if he utilizes his great material wealth to help his fellow human beings, or if he communicates with me daily through prayer?

39. Those who are listening to these revelations are comprehending the truth. There are many others however who need to be saved because they live in a state of spiritual darkness. A time of great turmoil and ordeals is approaching, a time in which there will be great weeping, fear, cursing, and despair. Although many will fall into the abyss during that period, I assure you that no one will spiritually perish. When someone is in a state of spiritual darkness, there is always the divine light to help guide that individual. That light is the conscience which offers a ray of faith and hope to those who are lost.

40. I will allow men to feel my divine presence as they cry out: "Our Father, our Savior, come help us because we are perishing." I will manifest my infinite mercy and will prove once again my love for man.

41. I thirst for your faith, your repentance, and your love. Throughout your existence, you have not been able to quench my thirst because when I asked for your love, you offered me a chalice of bitterness.

42. I thirst for you to love one another. When you fulfill that law, your suffering, bitterness, and hardships will quickly disappear. My thirst comes from humanity not fulfilling my Law.

43. Disciples: As you study my teachings, you feel the great love that I have for you. You can also love me through my teachings because my Spirit is in their essence.

44. As my doctrine spreads, you will be asked the purpose of these teachings as there are already many religions on earth. You will inform your brethren that this Word will teach mankind how to communicate with God from spirit to Spirit which his other religions have not taught. These teachings, filled with divine enlightenment, are also revealing the spiritual gifts that man possesses.

45. The people of Spiritual Israel will inform humanity about the Good News of my Word. Through my teachings, mankind will realize that he is only a step away from my spiritual kingdom. The infinite distance that man believed existed between his world and my kingdom was the fruit of his imagination, his ignorance and materialistic worship.

46. In the past humanity was being prepared for the period when it would be able to communicate spiritually with the Lord. That period has now arrived. Your spirit now has the ability and the authority to elevate itself and communicate with the divine.

47. My communication through the human spokesmen verifies what I have said. It also serves to encourage this multitude, who has witnessed my manifestation, to take the first step toward communicating with God from spirit to Spirit.

48. I had to first teach and prepare you spiritually before you could progress along my path. You will need to do same thing with your brethren. First you will need to tell them about my word and help them understand my teachings. Once they understand it, they will be prepared to communicate with the Father from spirit to Spirit, as well as with their spiritual brethren.

49. Not all of the spokesmen whom I have used during this era wanted to serve me or were spiritually prepared. Although I used the spokesmen to manifest my divine enlightenment, many times they were preoccupied with impure thoughts and unvirtuous behavior. Those individuals have felt my justice because of their faults. Because of their weaknesses, they lacked my inspiration to transmit my message and were unable to verbally express my divine message eloquently. The multitude who came to listen to my teachings closed its ears to these poor manifestations, but it felt my presence through their spirits and received the essence of my teachings. Since the spokesmen were not prepared to truly transmit my message verbally, the multitude nourished itself with the essence from my divine charity. Thus, the multitude communicated from spirit to Spirit with the Divine Master although it was not prepared to receive my inspiration in that form.

50. There is still time for the spokesmen and the congregations to prepare themselves for the final year of my manifestation in order to receive more elevated and enlightened teachings. I am ready to reward you if you make a true effort to prepare yourselves. Your spirits will receive an abundance of spiritual enlightenment as well as strength, wisdom, and spirituality.

51. My manifestation must conclude in that manner. It will end with this multitude having achieved a higher degree of spiritual preparation. It will prepare you so that when you are no longer able to listen to me in this manner and feel the need to listen to my voice, you will seek me in the infinite and the divine. You will then truly begin to worship me spiritually, which is the true communication between the Father and his children.

52. When man no longer needs material objects, persons, or forms to feel my presence and is able to receive my inspiration and feel my presence through spiritual prayer, he will proclaim: "Divine Master, how near you are to me."

53. I will continue to be your Teacher and Doctor. I will manifest myself through you to heal those who are ill. I will also inspire your thoughts and will speak through your lips, and I will send you guardian angels that will continue to guide and protect you.54. Do not be satisfied with what you initially achieve. You should always continue to make a true and dedicated effort to spiritually evolve and perfect yourself because spiritual communication is also subject to evolution.

55. This is the Third Era, therefore, even though your spirit now dwells on earth, it can begin to think about highly evolved spiritual mansions and acquiring profound spiritual knowledge. The one who departs from earth with spiritual enlightenment, and having developed his spiritual gifts, will dwell in the mansion that corresponds to his spiritual purity and evolution. That individual will be fully aware of his spiritual state and will be able to fulfill his mission wherever he dwells in the universe. He will know the language of love, harmony, and justice, communicating with a pure and spiritual language through his thoughts. He will no longer experience sorrow, confusion, and difficulties. He will now experience immense joy as he dwells in the highly evolved spiritual mansions that are his eternal heritage.

56. My servants will have to work very hard and confront numerous ordeals before humanity truly accepts my doctrine spiritually and with true faith.

57. The world will initially reject this Doctrine. You should not become disheartened, however, because I am now telling you that man will reject it but not his spirit, for the spirit of man remembers the promise that I previously made to him.

58. I observe that you are concerned about the journey that awaits you. Through my Word, I bring you peace and remove the obstacles that you have created with your imagination so you will be able to follow the true path.

59. Blessed are those who meditate, suffer, and are devoted to my Doctrine because it demonstrates that they have embraced it with their hearts. I will strengthen their spirits and allow them to feel my tender love, enabling them to acquire greater faith, peace, and confidence.

60. You have nourished your spirit with this divine bread as you sit at my table of love. The amount of nourishment that you receive depends on your spiritual preparation. If you were unable to further nourish yourself, it is because you lacked spiritual preparation. If you were able to greatly nourish yourself, it is because you were worthy of that reward. I also say to you that I shed an abundance of divine enlightenment only on those houses where the multitudes were spiritually prepared. If a multitude fails to prepare itself spiritually, then its conscience will let it become aware of it. My Peace be with you!

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