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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 295

The Lord says:

1. Humanity: You have misinterpreted the meaning of life when you believe that material things are more important than spiritual virtues. If that were not true, my arrival during this period would not have been necessary. Become aware of how my words encourage you to become more spiritually enlightened and evolved regardless of your insensitivity to spirituality.

2. My Doctrine has the mission of inspiring you to become interested in the eternal life that awaits you, thus, eliminating your fear of death. My words come to free you from your errors.

3. Truly I tell you that death does not exit. The Creator is life, thus, his creations cannot die.

4. Man is responsible for his perception of death, hell, and heaven because of his limited understanding. Does man truly know the truth concerning my existence, my justice, and eternal life? Since there is only confusion in the human heart, false beliefs have arisen from that confusion. What awaits man in the future if he continues to separate himself from the true path? Only misery, confusion, and suffering await him during his life of ordeals and hardships.

5. My people, this Doctrine of the Spirit will offer man the spiritual enlightenment to eliminate his confusion concerning spirituality. Only through this doctrine will man be able to truly comprehend his spiritual destiny and God's justice.

6. Today, man cannot think of God without giving him some type of material form. Man cannot speak of temptation without personifying the influence of evil as a being, whose mission is to help spirits become lost. When man thinks of the restitution of a sinner, he imagines the fires of hell, a hell which has never existed.

7. Man is influenced by these three confusions, but, I reveal to you the following: If you believe God is the Holy Spirit, then there is no reason to seek him in material forms. The imaginary being whom you refer to as Satan only exists in the minds of those individuals who have not been able to spiritually interpret my word, revelations, and messages from the past. Truly I tell you that in the spiritual valley there does exist many beings that are confused and spiritually unenlightened giving rise to disagreements, hatred, and perversity. There exists multitudes of spirits that are able to influence man by transmitting evil thoughts and causing him to do evil deeds, but they are not demons. They are imperfect, perturbed, and confused beings who are in spiritual darkness because of their pain, envy, and hatred. Do not be surprised if I tell you that their nature is the same as that of your spirit or those beings whom you refer to as angels.

8. Why do you not call evil men on earth demons, if they also tempt you to perform evil deeds that separate you from the true path? These men, who are also imperfect spirits, have attained power and strength and have become materially powerful and great on earth.

9. Truly I tell you that I do not have one enemy among those who dwell on earth or in the spiritual valley. There does not exist one being who dedicates himself to hating and cursing me or separating his fellow beings from the righteous path, just to offend me. This is not true! Those who separate men from their faith, who erase my name from the hearts of men, and who fight against spirituality, do not do it to offend me. They do it because it is convenient to their earthly ambitions and their dreams of greatness and human glory.

10. This occurs with beings from the hereafter who have not awakened to spirituality, which helps one to elevate through the path of love. They have tried to become great only through science. When they influence their brothers and cause them to stray from the righteous path, it is not done to hurt me, to challenge my power, or to enjoy the triumph of evil over good. Although it is sinful, they do not do it to offend me. How could you spend your entire life believing that there is a powerful being opposing me, eternally taking away that which is mine?

11. How can you believe that I would allow a being to be infinitely more powerful than man, continually tempting him and eventually leading him to eternal condemnation?

12. If you believe this, then you truly do not know me or love me!

13. Truly, the evil tempt the good; the strong abuse the weak; the unjust ridicule the innocent; and the impure violate that which is pure. Although temptations surround you each and everyday of your life, you can use your spiritual weapons and shields to fight and defend yourselves. The conscience is your sword, which is guided by faith, morality, and reason to prevent evil temptations. You need to sow virtue with loving deeds, resisting evil in every way possible. If you see someone sowing destruction, vices, and ruin, arise and sow spiritual enlightenment. Guide the lost and help the one who has fallen to arise.

14. The struggle between good and evil and light and darkness is an eternal battle that is essential for you to spiritually evolve toward the summit of perfection.

15. The spiritually pure always bring me great joy. But I am just as pleased when a being who is stained with many sins becomes spiritually inspired and purifies himself as I am with the one who struggles throughout life to remain pure because of his great love and faith.

16. How far from the truth are those who believe that perturbed spirits have a distinct nature from those of enlightened spirits!

17. The Father would be unjust if that were true, just as he would stop being all powerful if he lacked the wisdom or the love to save those who are stained, impure, and imperfect, and would be incapable of reuniting them in the same mansion.

18. Disciples: When man has a true understanding of his deeds, he does not allow vanity to blind him. He knows that if he allows himself to become vain, he will become intellectually confused and unable to progress along his spiritual path because he has become stagnant and spiritually weak.

19. Vanity has caused many individuals to become lost and many nations and different cultures that once flourished to collapse.

20. Nations enjoyed splendor, well-being, and an abundance of many things as long as their ideals were to work hard to help humanity progress. When they began to disregard their previous ideals, allowing their pride to make them feel superior to others, selfishly wanting everything for themselves, they unknowingly began to destroy those things they had constructed previously. It was then that they began to descend toward the abyss.

21. Since the history of humanity is filled with such examples, it is just that a nation of people motivated by high ideals and noble deeds arise on earth. It is very important that they do not become vain because of their accomplishments on earth in order to continue to prosper and to spiritually progress.

22. As I speak to you in this manner, I am not trying to inspire you to pursue only material things. I want you to interpret my words correctly and to realize that I am referring to both the spiritual and the material.

23. Man can become vain not only from what he accomplishes materially but also spiritually. Observe how many religions have fallen and failed because of their vanity, pride, and false grandeur. When they believed they were at their most powerful period someone awakened them and made them aware of their errors and their separation from the Divine Law and Truth.

24. Humanity will be able to elevate its life on earth only by acquiring a true knowledge of the Divine Law and fulfilling it according to the conscience. The conscience is my divine wisdom, thus, it is always perfect, serene, and fair. It is never vain nor will it ever separate you from the true path.

25. Mankind needs a spiritual doctrine to awaken him to the Divine Truth. The doctrine that humanity so much needs is precisely the one I have now brought to it.

26. When this word spreads throughout the world, mankind will ask who inspired and dictated this written word. My messengers will testify that this word was given by the Holy Spirit utilizing human spokesmen.

27. When humanity receives this message it will remember Jesus, that humble one from Nazareth, who preached in the hills, the desert, on the riverbanks, and in the valleys. Jesus did not need material temples to preach within because the multitudes who listened to his words carried a spiritual temple within their hearts. When listening to his words, their hearts opened up as a flower opens it petals in the presence of sunlight.

28. I am knocking at the door of each human heart however, it is necessary for humanity to remember that I never announced that I would return in human form to earth. I announced that I would return in Spirit.

29. This is the period when man will comprehend many things. His spirit and his mind will become spiritually enlightened. During this era man will seek me spiritually because he will realize that God is not a person nor an image but a Universal Being that is infinite and absolute.

30. This Doctrine, which is known by a few individuals and unknown by most of humanity, will become a healing balsam for all those who suffer and will offer comfort, faith, and hope to mankind. It will eliminate the spiritual ignorance that exists on earth. It will also help man to elevate himself above sin, misery, suffering, and death.

31. This will occur because it is I, the Divine Doctor and Divine Comforter, who promised to return. It is I who have come to reveal this Doctrine.

32. Love has been the essence of my Doctrine throughout the eras. Love is the essence of God. All living things in the universe live through that essence. All things that God created were created through love, and love is the destiny of all things. Love governs, illuminates, and gives life to all things throughout the universe. Love eliminates death, sin, and low passions. It cleanses that which is impure and perfects ail that is imperfect.

33. I came to earth during the Second Era to teach you about the power of love through my deeds and my Doctrine which has remained engraved in your conscience. I, who overcame suffering and death through love, now ask those who are evolving on earth: Have you learned to triumph over death and suffering?

34. I observe that you still celebrate the day of the dead. I ask you why? Is that, perhaps, the manner that you celebrate victory over death? No, humanity. Do not make that mistake, because if you do, you will be celebrating a worship of the material body and your love for the things on earth. When you worship those corpses that have been buried, you forget about spiritual beings and distance yourself from them. Those beings represent true and eternal life. When I see you shedding tears on a grave site, or covering it with flowers, I cannot help but repeat that phrase that I have said in the past: "Let the dead bury their dead".

35. Those who have understood my word and are practicing it in their lives need to pray for others who distort the true meaning of my teachings because of their materialistic interpretations. Those materialistic individuals have become vain and arrogant because of their scientific interpretations of the Divine Law and Truth. They believe that they are highly knowledgeable, powerful, and able to create. They ridicule those who pray to God. They believe that the destiny of humanity is in their hands, failing to realize that they are also subject to my divine justice. More than anyone else, they need your prayers and spiritual guidance.

36. Although those individuals have become lost due to their materialism and idolatry for science, they will spiritually awaken as they confront ordeals throughout their lives. These ordeals will make them realize that man possesses something that is beyond human intelligence. He possesses a spirit. They will also realize that there exits something superior to material science, a knowledge of the spiritual life.

37. If man allows his spirit to guide his mind when studying and understanding scientific knowledge, he will begin to discover those things he thought were beyond his comprehension. Man is destined to discover many things, once he allows his intelligence to become spiritualized.

38. As you listen to my teachings, you realize that the time is approaching when there will occur a clash of ideas and beliefs.

39. The period of idolatry is coming to an end. It will soon be replaced by a new period when humanity will practice spirituality. All idols will be replaced by the divine truth. Thus, man will erect a true altar to worship God.

40. I am the Truth, the Life, and the Divine Light. I am the Book of Life that has been opened for you to learn.

41. Since the beginning of humanity, man has sought the origin of life and to learn more about nature and the universe. In his attempt to learn and answer questions concerning the unknown, he has developed different sciences and philosophies to explain them. Since the human mind is very limited and unable to understand those things that only the spirit is able to comprehend, human science has been able to answer a few questions only.

42. I am spirit, but man has not sought this light in the spiritual. If man wants to discover the origin of life and of all creation and the truth concerning life, he will first have to seek his Spiritual Father. Man needs to seek me with his spirit through prayer and with the true desire to love, to help his brethren, and to overcome the miseries of human life. When man seeks me in that manner, he will quickly receive revelations and teachings that others have taken centuries to discover because those individuals sought to discover answers only through the human mind.

43. I am Love, and whoever seeks me needs to be inspired through love.

44. Since man is a reflection of the Creator, an image of God, his children must also resemble their Father in spirit. His children should possess the same attributes of the Divine Father and have eternal life. The material body is only a temporary garment worn by the spirit.

45. The Father sent spirits to dwell on earth so that they would evolve. As they faced ordeals on earth, they could become spiritually stronger and more enlightened. Life on earth would give endless opportunities to spirits to achieve merits by loving and helping their brethren. Those merits help the spirit to elevate beyond this life, to gain freedom from its material body, and to guide it to the Spiritual Kingdom. Man still has not won that battle and continues to be a slave to his material needs and physical desires. He has allowed himself to be dominated by forces and elements that are inferior to him. Although man believes that he is master of the earth, he is, in reality, nothing more than a slave to materialism and worldliness.

46. You will not achieve true spirituality until your spirit utilizes its divine gifts to dominate the unvirtuous passions and desires of the body.

47. You should not believe that I want man to separate himself from the material laws of earth so he can dedicate himself only to spiritual things. No, my people, those material things that the Father has created and offered to mankind are to help man to evolve spiritually. The Father wants man to reign over the elements, forces, and creatures of the material world, but to accomplish this, man needs to go beyond human intelligence. He needs to allow his enlightened spirit to guide him. When man begins to be guided by his spirit, then the Father will observe man's noble goals, loving deeds, and man's effort to become more spiritualized. The Father will then enlighten man with Divine revelations and wisdom.

48. It is just for the spirit to reveal its wisdom and knowledge to the human mind and not for the mind to reveal wisdom and knowledge to the spirit. Many individuals will not comprehend this because man is not accustomed to allowing his spirit to guide him.

49. Do you not see that man is more gifted and privileged than all the things that surround him, for he is the only being that possesses free will and a conscience. All of man's errors and sins have come from his use of his free will, however, those errors are only temporary in the presence of God's justice and in comparison to eternity. Eventually, man will be guided by his conscience and will not yield to the weaknesses of his material body and of his spirit. This will be the triumph of light over darkness, which is the triumph of wisdom and knowledge over ignorance. It will be the triumph of righteousness, which is love, justice, and harmony, over evil, which is selfishness, injustice, and uncontrollable low passions.

50. If you carefully observe your life, as well as the history of humanity, you will discover that battle has been constant throughout the history of man. It is a battle that is necessary to purify your spirit in the same manner that fire is needed to purify gold.

51. After listening to this teaching, who can truly believe that only one existence on earth is sufficient for a spirit to completely evolve and attain spiritual perfection?

52. Oh, people, you preoccupy yourselves with your material life on earth, believing that you will live eternally on this planet. You are unaware that because of your materialism you will need to reincarnate many times on earth to learn those things that you did not learn in a previous lifetime.

53. Although a spirit may reincarnate several times on earth, it is still not enough to attain spiritual perfection. No matter how much evolution a spirit has achieved after its last reincarnation on earth, it will still need to go dwell in other mansions in the spiritual valley to continue its spiritual evolution. There are infinite mansions in that valley where the spirit will learn new teachings and marvelous revelations.

54. When you have journeyed along the path of spiritual evolution and reached the threshold of purity and perfection, you will have attained true spiritual enlightenment and will comprehend the reason for your existence. 55.1 have divided the spiritual life of humanity on earth into three eras. In each era I have given man divine wisdom that he must know through different revelations and teachings.

56. The First Era was similar to the spiritual childhood of man in which he first opened his eyes and saw the face of his Father. Although man was able to hear what the Father told him during that era, he was unable to comprehend the true meaning of those words. Man followed the laws of God exactly as they were written without penetrating into the true spiritual meaning of those laws.

57. In the Second Era, I, the Divine Word, came to dwell among humanity in Jesus to teach man the path that his spirit needs to follow. The Second Era represents the spiritual adolescence of mankind, an era in which Christ came to teach humanity about love. He came to spiritually awaken man to the true meaning of love so that man would learn to love his brethren and the Divine Father.

58. God's divine law and his entire doctrine is summarized through the law of love which tells mankind to love God, the Father and Creator of all things, and to love one another.

59. My divine law has always been present in the conscience of man. Although generations come and go, and spirits come and ! depart from earth, my word remains firm and does not change. Humanity, nevertheless, continues to be stubborn. Very few understand the true essence of Divine Love found in my doctrine.

60. Humanity has multiplied and spread. As man becomes more scientifically advanced and intelligent, he becomes less concerned ! with spiritually evolving and more interested in pursuing material wealth, scientific advances, and the glories of earth. Because of his pursuit of worldly wealth and power, he has only been able to harvest bitter fruits.

61. You should not believe that it is my word that will judge your deeds nor condemn what you have accomplished scientifically. No, my people, it will be your deeds and your unvirtuous behavior that will judge and condemn you as you approach the abyss.

62. At the precise moment when man is coming near the abyss, the bell sounds from the clock of eternity, signaling the beginning of the Third Era. The Holy Spirit has come during this era to speak to man through the conscience, to offer him wisdom and enlightenment, and to clarify all mysteries. The Holy Spirit comes to offer salvation and comfort to man and to help him arise and resurrect.

63. This is the most subtle and elevated of all the forms that the Father has utilized to speak to mankind. The first two eras have passed and now man has entered into an era in which he is spiritually more evolved and therefore able to comprehend more profound teachings.

64. During this Third Era the spirit of man will free itself from the chains of materialism. This will result in a battle of ideas, which will be the greatest battle of ideas that has occurred throughout the history of man.

65. Perversity, selfishness, pride, vices, deceit, and all other things that have prevented man from leading an enlightened life on earth will be eliminated. Those things will come tumbling down from their pedestals like broken idols that are no longer worshiped. Mankind will then begin to practice humility.

66. What can you do to help your brethren during this battle? You can help by praying, not verbally, but through spiritually elevated thoughts. Prayer is a powerful weapon.

67. My Spirit, infinitely more subtle than the air that surrounds you, will be present receiving your prayers and converting them into peace and healing balsam for your brethren.

68. Your thoughts will become rays of light that will reach those who need enlightenment.

69. You will pray that the peace from the Kingdom of Heaven will descend upon the earth. The deeds that you practice will be similar to the first seeds of spirituality that will be sowed in the earth's soil during this Third Era. My Peace be with you!

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