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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 296

The Lord says:

1. I am the light that illuminates your path, the wisdom that enlightens your mind, and the balsam that relieves your suffering.

2. I am the Divine Teacher. I have come to convert you into my disciples. When you become my disciples, you will become men of virtue on the earth.

3. If you truly want to eliminate your state of spiritual ignorance, seek me, and I will give you the spiritual enlightenment to help you along the path of life. If you want to have strong faith, come listen to me and follow me without becoming weary.

4. My people: In the beginning of time, mankind lacked love. The first humans were unable to feel and comprehend that divine force, that essence of the spirit, and that force which created all things. Man believed in God, but he believed that He was a God of power and justice. Man believed that God communicated with humanity through the elements of nature. When those elements were peaceful and tranquil, man believed that God was pleased with his deeds, but when those elements became unleashed he believed that God was manifesting his anger.

5. Since man believed that God was a terrible being who was vengeful and got angry, they would offer him sacrificial offerings to pacify him when they thought they had offended him. I say to you that those offerings were not inspired through a love for God. The first people on earth gave tributes to the Lord because they feared divine justice and punishment.

6. Those people simply referred to the Divine Spirit as God but never as the Father nor the Divine Teacher.

7. It was the patriarchies and the first prophets who made man realize that God was not only justice, but the perfect justice and that above all, He was a Father to all beings, a Father who truly loved his children.

8. During each era humanity has slowly progressed, step by step, along its path of spiritual evolution. Throughout the eras, humanity has learned more and more about God from the revelations that the Father has given to his children.

9. Nevertheless, man did not yet truly understand the divine love because he did not truly love God as a Father. Man, thus, was not able to feel the eternal love of God within his heart. Also, man was unable to feel in his heart the love that the Father was giving to him constantly.

10. Thus, it was necessary for the Divine Love and the Divine Word to materialize and become man. Then finally man would come to understand the great love that God had for his children.

11. Not all individuals were able to recognize the presence of the Father in Jesus. How could they recognize him, if Jesus was humble, compassionate, and loving even to those who offended him? Those, who did not recognize the Father's presence in Jesus believed that God was powerful, full of wrath for his enemies, and a harsh judge.

12. Although there were many who rejected the words of Jesus,there were also many who were deeply touched by his words and believed in him. They were unable to forget that with only a loving caress, a glance of infinite compassion, or a few words of hope, Jesus could heal incurable illnesses and afflictions. They did not forget the teachings of Jesus which promised a new world and a life filled with enlightenment and justice. Those individuals understood that Jesus represented the Truth and the Divine Love of the Father, a Father whom men did not know and thus were unable to truly love.

13. The teachings of Jesus Christ remain eternally sowed in the heart of mankind. Christ was the sower, and he continues to cultivate that seed. He will rejoice eternally when he comes to harvest the fruit. He will no longer need to repeat, "I hunger” or ”1 thirst” because his children will love him as he has always loved them.

14. Disciples, who is speaking to you about Christ? It is Christ who (is speaking.

15. Humanity, it is I, the Divine Word, who is speaking once again. You should recognize me and not doubt my presence because of the humble manner in which I have presented myself. I am the essence of total humility. That is why grandeur and vanity can never be a part of me.

16. Remember that my life on earth during the Second Era was lived in humility, from my birth until my death on the cross.

17. I present myself before humanity in a period when new revelations have transformed the life of man. Nevertheless, I still manifest myself to humanity with the same humility that you have always known.

18. The Divine Word of God has not come to incarnate on earth once again nor has Christ come again to be born in a humble manger. That is no longer necessary because man no longer needs a material being to offer testimony of the power of God. Although I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen during this era, man should not believe that my presence is a material one. It is not because the presence of God is spiritual, universal, and infinite.

19. My arrival during this period would not have been necessary if I humanity had been living a life of justice and virtue, for not all of the I deeds that humanity has presented to me are good. Man walks the wrong path and continues to sin and to lead a life that is unjust and evil. Thus, it was necessary that I come during this era to awaken man spiritually and to remind him of the spiritual responsibilities that he has neglected. Man also needs to become aware of his Father who has helped him to become all that he is and who will help him become the true son of God.

20. If I had attempted to communicate with man from Spirit to spirit during this period, man would not have listened to Me because he is very materialistic. Therefore, I chose to manifest myself through human spokesmen to give you my teachings.

21. During this era I have had to communicate with man in a more material form rather than a spiritual one because man is unable to spiritually elevate himself to communicate with the Lord from spirit to Spirit. I have had to descend from the spiritual and divine to communicate with humanity by utilizing human spokesmen to express my divine inspiration verbally.

22. Man still needs to learn much more, and it is the Lord who has come to bring him new knowledge and wisdom. Although some may believe that my manifestation through the human spokesmen lacked divineness, truly I tell you that the teachings have revealed great spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Some would have preferred a manifestation of more splendor and more dignity, but any form of I grandeur which reflects vanity lacks Divine light and spiritual elevation.

23. I could have arrived amidst lightning and storms to make my power known. Man would then easily have known that the Lord had I arrived! However, this would have caused man to become more confused and fearful. Do you not believe that instead of feeling love toward the Divine Father, you would have feared his justice? Although God is all powerful you must realize that he will not impose his will on humanity nor utilize his power to triumph over man. The only power God will use is Divine Love.

24. It is the Divine Spirit who is now speaking to the Universe. It has come to clarify all things that have confused man in the past. This is the dawning of a new day for mankind because the Divine Spirit has come to eliminate the doubts and false fears of man as well as to help man acquire greater spiritual wisdom and understanding, allowing his spirit to become free.

25. I say to you that after you become familiar with the essence of my teachings and the justice of my laws, you will also become aware of how your previous beliefs and ideas prevented you from knowing the truth.

26. No longer will the fear of punishment prevent you from analyzing and learning about different things. You will feel free to learn as much as you can, however, your conscience will inform you when it is not to your benefit to penetrate into knowledge that is not reserved for man. You must learn that man is not entitled to all knowledge. He must acquire only the knowledge that is reserved for him.27. My people: If it was announced that my arrival would be amidst wars, unleashed elements in nature, epidemics, and chaos on earth, it was not I who caused these events. I came during this period because I knew that humanity would need me during this time of great ordeals. Those events that were prophesied to signal my new arrival are now occurring. During this Third Era I have come to earth during a period of great suffering and turmoil to awaken and summon a new humanity with love. It is love that inspires man to practice justice, brotherhood, and peace.

28. I say to those who have received the blessing of listening to me during this time: Become a disciple who practices true spirituality. You must practice my Doctrine of love in your life. Material forms of worship, such as traditions and rituals, or memorizing words from my doctrine, will not help you to fulfill your mission on earth.

29. Only I can speak to you in this manner. Only I can inform you how to best fulfill those things that the Lord wants you to do. I also will help you to eliminate any fear that you might have developed toward the Father.

30. I have come to free you not only from the errors and false beliefs that influence your life on earth, but also to tell you that eternal condemnation, as others have described to you, does not exist. A spirit does not feel the same physical pain that a material body feels when it is suffering. The spirit feels pain when the conscience makes it aware of the wrong things it has done. The conscience makes the spirit clearly aware of all the errors and imperfections it has committed.

31. Come to me with the conviction that you are following the true path. Thus, you will follow this path without feeling obligated to remain on it out of fear, which arises from ignorance.

32. As you analyze my revelations throughout the eras, you will come to understand that I have always come with humility. Therefore, do allow yourself to be astonished by those things that are marvelous externally. When your brethren who walk on other paths say to you that it is not possible for the Lord to manifest himself amidst this poverty and humility, you will remind them that mankind believed in Jesus, the Divine Word of God who lived humbly on earth. Although many centuries have passed since the birth of Jesus, humanity has not been able to erase from its heart, the great humility that the Savior manifested on earth.

33. Among the houses of prayer in which I manifest myself, there are some congregations who seek superficial and material things to please their material senses. Those congregations fail to understand that by seeking external and superficial things they are disregarding the marvelous things in my spiritual Doctrine.

34. I am here to teach you, to correct your mistakes, and to reveal things to you that will help guide you to the Kingdom of Light. Before you reach the Promised Land, you will need to achieve merits through deeds of faith and love.

35. The word of Christ germinated in his disciples, as well as in all the others who followed him. His teachings and the essence of those teachings spread throughout the world. The teachings that I have brought today also will spread throughout the world. They will be welcomed by those who are prepared to feel and comprehend them.

36. My beloved disciples, accept my healing balsam. Multitudes, accept your Father's caress and his message and share it with your brethren.

37. My presence is like a soft breeze that caresses you. Thus, I touch your heart in the same manner to give it life.

38. Some sense my arrival, others have been able to perceive me with their spiritual vision, while others have been able to feel my presence through their spiritual sensitivity. During that holy moment, all of them have proclaimed in their hearts: "The Divine Master is here." It is because they feel my spiritual peace.

39. For a spirit that has been lost along the path of life, there is no treasure that is more valuable and desirable than that of acquiring spiritual peace. It is the treasure that I have come to offer you today, which you will share with your brethren in the future.

40. I have also come to teach you how to spread peace on earth through your thoughts, prayers, words, and deeds.

41. Presently, I observe that this multitude is united through the spiritual peace that my word offers it. After my departure and during the coming days of great struggles, I want you to maintain that peace and unity. During those days you will feel my presence in a more subtle manner. You will hear my voice within your heart, offering you my caress, my essence, and my healing balsam as I promised you.42. As you study each of my teachings with devotion, seek to comprehend their true essence so you can remain in harmony with my Doctrine. If you practice humility and obey my laws and mandates, you will experience true spiritual peace, avoiding the thorns along your path that can cause you much weeping and suffering.

43. If you yearn to be my disciple, be aware that you will need to be messengers of spiritual peace and practice all the virtues that I have taught you.

44. I have not allowed you to go to foreign lands to take my doctrine because I see that you are not yet prepared. I still need to prepare you with my love, my wisdom, and my divine enlightenment in order to give you life and strength. As you become spiritually enlightened, you will become ready and prepared.

45. As the day approaches when this manifestation will terminate, you are discovering that my Spiritual Doctrine is much greater than you realized and that, unknowingly, you have been separating yourself from all those things that have caused you to put limitations on my doctrine previously. In the past, you have limited this Divine Work to individuals, material objects, and places, even though this Doctrine is beyond all material and human things since it is universal and infinite.

46. Today, you have learned not to limit my Doctrine to people, objects, nor places. You now perceive things that are divine and that reflect spirituality. As you become spiritually elevated, you will become more spiritually enlightened.

47. What will you think of my Divine Work once your spirit has reached spiritual perfection and joyfully can perceive and comprehend numerous divine revelations?

48. Now that you are on earth you are unable to truly understand, much less imagine, those divine truths and the infinite joy that await your spirit at the end of its journey.

49. As your spirit inhabits more elevated mansions and attains greater spiritual elevation, it begins to acquire greater spiritual enlightenment and joy. However, your spirit will experience the perfect joy and peace only after it finishes its journey along the path of spiritual perfection and no longer needs to dwell in any temporary mansion.

50. Many times you might believe that you are experiencing divine happiness, without realizing that you will only begin to experience true divine joy when you depart from this life.

51. My divine seed in this time has flourished in those who accepted my Divine Teachings with a pure mind and without any preconceived theories and interpretations. Since those individuals were like virgin soil in the presence of my divine word, I utilized them to spread my message to humanity.

52. There are also some individuals who are confused and whose beliefs are not totally correct. My divine enlightenment has been eliminating their false beliefs and confirming those beliefs that were accurate. The human heart is not all bad. When the human heart is enlightened, my divine words begin to become meaningful and the spirit begins to evolve. The heart then becomes similar to a flourishing plant, and I am there to guide it so that you can grow spiritually and evolve.

53. I have come to convert all of those individuals into my disciples, uniting them into a nation of people who will offer testimony of my Doctrine with their deeds. Humanity will be deeply touched and moved witnessing their deeds, thus becoming aware of the strength of this Doctrine. There will be some unbelievers who will arise against this doctrine wanting to destroy it. That battle will be intense. Many times you will be the victims of gossip, ridicule, and slander by those who do not accept this Doctrine.

54. I am announcing the ordeals that you will confront so that you will not be surprised when they occur. When they occur, I will manifest my power, charity, and justice among my people.

55. All of my followers and servants will prepare themselves and rise for that battle. They will obey my voice and give testimony of Me.

56. Not only will this multitude give testimony to the world in this decisive moment, but the elements of nature, as always, will speak representing divine justice. The spiritual world will also manifest itself helping a materialistic humanity eliminate its ignorance. There are some materialistic individuals on earth who proclaim to be following the path of Christ seeking eternal life. However, they continue to close their eyes, ears, and mind to all manifestations of the spiritual life.

57. That Christ, whom they believe they follow and comprehend, was the one who opened the door to the spiritual world and other mansions. Christ enlightened those spiritual beings who previously lived in a state of confusion and who attempted to possess material bodies that did not belong to them. In the final hour, before Christ finished his mission through Jesus, he enlightened those spiritual beings who previously lived in a state of spiritual darkness. He also allowed those beings to present themselves visually to their families on earth so that people on earth would believe in the spiritual life.

58. I opened that door to the spiritual world. I am the only one who could do it because Christ, with his love, is the one who unites all mansions throughout the universe.

59. Join my multitudes of beings who are spiritually enlightened and who spread spiritual peace. Pray for peace on earth, and truly I tell you that the tears that you shed for your brethren will unite with the healing balsam of the Divine Father to comfort those who are suffering.

60. My people, the true healing balsam that is able to heal all illnesses originates from love.

61. Love with your spirit, heart, and mind. You will then have the true healing balsam to heal physical illnesses and comfort those experiencing small human miseries. "Also you will be able to understand those things that were considered spiritual mysteries and be able to overcome problems that cause a spirit to be confused, anguished and remorseful.

62. That healing balsam resolves great ordeals, provides spiritual enlightenment, comforts those who grieve, and eliminates the chains that enslave man.

63. One who is ill with no hope of surviving will be healed with that healing balsam. Also, when the spirit that has left its material body is summoned by its brethren with love, it will return.

64. When that period arrives, the spiritual forces will manifest themselves in many ways to humanity. There will be manifestations, events, and signs never before witnessed. Those scientists who are arrogant will become greatly astonished. There will be times when they will weep because they will feel powerless and insignificant.

65. Humanity will then once again remember Christ and will begin to analyze his deeds. Humanity will finally realize that Christ, who performed so many miraculous deeds in the Second Era, has returned, offering testimony of his power.

66. I want you to practice spirituality in your life, to practice prayer and charity, and to be disciplined and alert. This will enable you to become sensitive to ail spiritual events and to perceive those things that are invisible to many others. It will also help you to understand those things that are occurring presently that others cannot explain.

67. I want my disciples to have full knowledge of the mission that I have entrusted to them and to be truly prepared to fulfill it. This will enable them to help enlighten those spiritual beings that live in a state of confusion and turmoil. Although those beings live among humanity, humanity is unaware of them and unable to perceive them.

68. My people, live in harmony with one another. If you do not, how will the enlightened spiritual beings be able to inspire you to give their elevated messages to humanity?

69. I have shown you not only how to pray but also I have told you that you should pray for your brethren. I continue to listen to your personal prayers, however, the period when I granted you things according to your prayers has now come to an end because you are becoming more spiritually evolved. In the past you lacked spiritual evolution, but today as you become more spiritually enlightened and evolved I want you to pray as my disciples did. When you pray, I want you to pray with your spirit and your heart, allowing my will to be done.

70. These teachings have been given by the infinitely patient Divine Master. They are filled with wisdom and love and have helped you to comprehend the greatness in spirituality. They have also helped you to observe the infinite spiritual horizon that begins in man and unites with the divine. My Peace be with you!

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