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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 298

The Lord says:

1. Heal all physical and spiritual illnesses because it is your mission to comfort, strengthen, and heal your brethren. I ask you: How can you heal those who are sick, if you are ill also? What peace can emanate from your spirit, if it is disturbed with worries, suffering, remorse, and low passions?

2. You can only offer your brethren what is in your heart.

3. You need to cherish the gifts and blessings that I have shed on this multitude and learn to use them in times of difficulty and adversity. They will help you attain peace, spiritual enlightenment, and the healing balsam to fulfill your mission. Not only will you be able to heal those who are ill by anointing them, but you will also be able to heal, bring peace, and spiritual strength through your words, thoughts, and even your glance. At times, just your presence will emanate those virtues.

4. Although I have given you these spiritual gifts, you cannot manifest them until you have acquired spiritual strength. To acquire that strength you first need to practice charity with your brethren, have faith in Me, purify your emotions, and eliminate your selfishness. If you are not able to possess those virtues, you will not be able to offer anything pure to your brethren. Those gifts only flourish and manifest themselves through noble, pure, and elevated sentiments.

5. There are many who lack spiritual preparation but nevertheless are able to perform miracles along their path. It is I, however, not them, who performs those miraculous deeds of charity for the needy, the ill, the poor of spirit, and men of good faith. Although it is I who performed those miracles, those individuals wish to take credit for having performed them.

6. If there is an individual who is not truly prepared to use the spiritual gifts that I have given to him, but he possesses great faith and is very charitable toward his brethren, I will allow him to perform miraculous deeds. Those deeds will help him in his work, and will encourage him to persevere as he perfects himself.

7. It is an error to say that I will permanently take away spiritual gifts from an individual who does not make good use of them, but if he does not use those gifts according to my will, he will be unable to manifest them.

8. How could I permanently take away the spiritual gifts from an individual, if those are his only weapons to attain salvation and to defend himself? If I were to carry out my justice according to what man believes, many individuals would no longer be able to listen to their conscience and others would lose their intellectual abilities. Once again I say to you, I do not want to take those gifts away from man because they are precisely the attributes that he needs to redeem himself and to attain spiritual perfection. You say to me that there are those who lose their ability to reason and others who prematurely lose their lives or become incompetent in some way. Certainly that does occur but it is not I who is responsible, but rather the one who, because of his weaknesses, confusion, and lack of good judgement, has lost those gifts that the Father gave to him.

9. Is it not true that my justice is present in all things?

10. If you carefully observe, you will agree that I apply my perfect justice to each individual with love. I say to you that I do allow those individuals who lose their spiritual enlightenment, peace, or lives to regain them but, first, they have to experience a great purification.

11. I will speak to you of all things with these teachings because my Doctrine will not lack a single chapter. I will teach you everything so that tomorrow you will not have any doubts nor uncertainties.

12. I want this multitude to be fully aware of its destiny and mission so that it can prepare itself to sow this divine seed. It needs to sow and spread this seed with its original truth and purity. This divine seed, which has touched your heart will bring many blessings to humanity and will help man evolve spiritually.

13. That is why, as I began my teaching on this day, I first told you to heal and strengthen yourself in me, because you will only be able to offer your brethren what your heart possesses.

14. Do not take for granted that I allow you to offer my charity to needy individuals who seek your help although you lack spiritual preparation and are at times unvirtuous. I say to you that although you are able to disguise your evil ways on earth, only your merits will be able to save you from a painful restitution.

15. Do you comprehend this teaching? You should never forget what you have presently learned.

16. My beloved people: I have manifested myself to you on the path of your life. I have tested you in different ways and know that you love me. Although you have stumbled along your path because of ordeals, you have utilized your faith to arise from those ordeals.

17. My Doctrine offers you salvation and my word lifts you up because you have faith in my presence and in my communication through the human spokesmen.

18. Your spirit is comforted knowing that its physical body was sensitive to my presence within this manifestation.

19. There are many who are familiar with the prophecies that pertain to this era, as were announced in the scriptures of the old and new testament. Nevertheless, if they were to witness this manifestation they would not believe in it, nor would they accept it as the fulfillment of those prophecies because they have not acquired the spiritual elevation that is necessary to comprehend these divine teachings. In comparison, many individuals who are now witnessing this manifestation would be willing to give their lives testifying that it is I who communicates through these human spokesmen, even though they had no prior knowledge of the prophecies that spoke of these events. It is because they are spiritually prepared to receive these teachings.

20. Those who are prophets, those with spiritual vision, and those who are enlightened were able to perceive my spiritual arrival. They perceived the Divine Book opening its pages to spiritually illuminate mankind and also to confirm the presence of the spiritual world to humanity. They saw the new Mount Sinai where the Lord came to reunite his people. Truly I tell you that in the same manner that you came to witness this manifestation and feel my presence, all people and all nations will one day awaken spiritually when their time comes.

21. I am not going to manifest myself to each nation in the same manner in which I manifested myself to this multitude. However, in my infinite power and wisdom, I will know when to summon each individual.

22. I say to you that you will need to sow and spread throughout the world the divine seed that I have given you at this time.

23. This multitude has had the opportunity to prepare itself spiritually during this period of my manifestation. I have given you so many teachings during this time that I have seen many generations come and go. This has been necessary to allow my divine seed to germinate, mature, and produce fruits.

24. This manifestation will soon come to an end. That is why I reveal to you in my last teachings the manner in which you will need to work in the future.

25. My Doctrine has a great purpose. These teachings will guide you to that goal.

26. I know that this multitude, who has heard my voice, still weeps with sorrow and regrets its lack of harmony and conformity. It will confront ordeals and will be unable to triumph over them due to its weaknesses. It will awaken, spiritually, but only through the pain and suffering it has experienced on earth. Only then will it arise pursuing peace, unity, and good will among men. Since the beginning of this manifestation, I have asked you to practice these virtues.

27. Blessed are you, if, upon listening to these words, you overcome suffering and practice true brotherhood. I observe that among this multitude there are some who are truly interested in achieving true brotherhood and harmony, but are saddened because many give no indication of harmony and unity. Those silently tell me: "Lord, allow your love to unite us. Give us a few more moments to achieve true brotherhood and harmony for our salvation".

28. Others ask Me: "Divine Master, Why does the heart have to become purified, and why is there bitterness in our lives if we are listening to your word?" I say to you: My people, you have not yet cleansed all of your stains nor have you become immune to pain. You still have weaknesses that you are not aware of which need to be purified and tested so that your spirit and heart can acquire true strength.

29. If your suffering had gone away after listening to these teachings, would you truly make an effort to purify yourself and come near to Me? Truly I tell you that you would do nothing to better yourself spiritually and morally.

30. Disciples, be aware that the goal that you are struggling to achieve is to reach a state of spiritual elevation in which you are unable to feel suffering and pain. That goal is achieved through merits, struggles, ordeals, sacrifices, and renunciations.

31. Observe how many of your brethren have patience, faith, humility, and conformity. They are spirits whom I have sent to earth to set examples of those great virtues to humanity. Although it may appear that those beings have sad destinies, they know that they have been sent to earth to faithfully fulfill a mission.

32. You are familiar with the names of my messengers and disciples who have set great examples throughout the history of man. However, you also need to be aware of others whom you meet along your path for they also will give you examples of virtuous behavior.

33. Many times you have done deeds of great elevation. Those deeds are a worthy tribute to the Father and also serve as a good example for others. You are not always aware of the great value and merit of your good deeds. It is better not to know so that your deeds can truly be deeds of love without any traces of vanity. However, your spirit is fully aware of the value and merit of each deed. If that were not so, your spirit would frequently practice less evolved deeds, falsely believing that it was practicing elevated and beneficial deeds.

34. Disciples: You have learned many things through suffering, however, it is now time to elevate yourself by practicing spirituality. It doesn't matter if you have become slaves to the necessities, preoccupations, and temptations of life if you know how to free yourself. How can you acquire that freedom for your spirit? It is done through prayer, carefully analyzing my teachings, practicing noble deeds, and triumphing over ordeals.

35. The individual who does those things can penetrate into a world of spiritual enlightenment and peace, without neglecting his mission on earth.

36. That is the path that I have traced for you to follow, one that separates you from materialism, pain, temptations, vices, and worldly miseries.

37. I invite you to pray, to meditate, and to practice deeds of love. By practicing true spirituality in your life, you will quench your spiritual thirst as you drink the waters of truth which will give you great spiritual enlightenment from your Father. Only in this manner will you become inspired to fulfill your spiritual and material responsibilities on earth.

38. While you are on earth, do your best to lead a virtuous and pure life. Whenever you are in great pain because of an ordeal, do not become upset and angrily proclaim that you no longer want to live on earth. Earth is the valley where a spirit becomes purified, acquiring more merits so it can enter a more elevated mansion. If only you knew how much your spirit had to endure in order to dwell on earth!

39. It is necessary for you to cleanse the path and to prepare this mansion on earth for the future generations who will continue with the work you have done! If you fail to fulfill your mission, others will have to do what you should have done. Do you truly believe that this is how you can fulfill the will of the Father?

40. When you began to follow this path, it was a path that had been prepared for you by previous generations. That was the gift that they left to you. Do you not believe that you need to do the same thing for the future generations who will come to continue with your work?

41. Be alert, my people! Those in the spiritual valley are observing your steps on earth. Those in other mansions are aware of your deeds! Seeing humanity struggling with its negative emotions and low passions, they are moved and pray for mankind.

42. Be comforted knowing that you are not alone. Trust in your Father, and have confidence in those beings from the spiritual kingdom who offer you their love and protection.

43. If you truly devote yourself to my Word during this period of my teachings, truly I tell you that you will become spiritually prepared to enter into a new phase that is approaching. I

44. I have informed you that these last three years of my manifestation will represent those three years in which I gave my Doctrine to humanity during the Second Era. This will allow you to better comprehend the love and dedication of those disciples who followed me during that era. They only needed a brief time to ! convert themselves into disciples of the Divine Master and apostles of the truth.

45. I chose twelve disciples to follow me closely during that period. At the moment of my departure, only one of them betrayed me.

46. Today I have gathered a large number of disciples to sit at my table and listen to my teachings. I want them to truly practice my teachings so that they will be spiritually strong and not betray the Divine Master nor themselves when this manifestation comes to an end.

47. My people, just as I told my disciples in the Second Era when the moment for my departure was approaching to be alert and pray, I also remind you to do the same. Be alert because when the material body is weak, it can betray the spirit during a moment of weakness. I do not want you to ever regret any moment of weakness or confusion for it will bring you great remorse.

48. You should not believe that the consequence of a disobedience becomes evident immediately. I say to you, however, that eventually you will have to answer for each of your deeds, even the ones that you committed in the past. You know that I am an unyielding judge, as I have told you in my word. Thus, when your judgement arrives, you will need to listen to the voice of your conscience.

49. No one should choose to face that judgement because of the great pain, anguish, remorse, and desperation that you will feel. You cannot imagine the immense suffering that a spirit endures when the conscience makes the spirit aware of its disobedience, ungratefulness and deception, especially since it had been called by the Divine Master a "beloved disciple," "heir of my kingdom," and "favorite child."

50. I am telling you this because I know that you are still capable of being disrespectful and disobedient. Since I am aware of your weaknesses, it is necessary to alert you of those things. Although this manifestation is coming to an end, why is it that you are still unable to interpret correctly each of my mandates? It is because you have become so accustomed with my word that it has become less meaningful to you, thus, you have become more selfcentered and vain.

51. I am telling you this for your own good because nothing can affect my Doctrine nor my Spirit, not even all the sins of humans, but the mistakes that you make can cause you great harm which I want you to avoid.

52. You are well aware that in the Second Era one of my disciples had a moment of weakness that not only caused great pain to his Divine Master but also to his brothers and those who loved him! That event caused many changes for those who followed me! The Divine Master was taken away from the arms of the disciples. Those who followed Jesus were no longer able to listen to his loving words. The disciples and followers of Jesus would no longer be able to feel the presence of God on earth through the holy body of Jesus. The followers of Jesus, feeling great pain and loneliness, wept as Jesus was crucified, as humanity has throughout all the times.

53. I now ask you: Do you believe that the error committed by that disciple who betrayed me prevented my work from being fulfilled? Do you believe that his error forced me to change my Divine plans? No, it did not. My work, my truth, and my mission were all fulfilled with perfection as were each of the deeds of my disciples. God's will is never controlled by the deeds of man. The will of God is always fulfilled and shall always be fulfilled regardless of the sins of man.

54. Be aware that I am preparing you for the period of ordeals that is approaching. I say to you that only one human spokesman, who is prepared and conscientious, would be sufficient to give you my last teachings in order to seal the truth of the numerous teachings that I have manifested to you throughout the years.

55. My people of Israel, behold that only a small portion of humanity has come to rest beneath the Tree of Life. Some have not understood my divine teachings, while others have been lead astray by temptations along their paths. As your Divine Father, however, I have come to offer you good advice, and, as your Divine Master, I have come to bring you these teachings.

56. You need to store these teachings in your heart so that you will follow my path. Then you will be able to help those who are spiritually blind to see, those who are spiritually deaf to hear my voice of love, and those who are spiritually paralyzed to seek me, thus,helping humanity to become spiritually enlightened.

57. I am preparing humanity to free itself from all sin. I am spiritually enlightening all human beings so that they will learn to love one another.

58. From the moment when Elijah first brought you together, I have been teaching you to practice spirituality in your life which will help you to evolve. You arrived before me and said: Lord, let your will be done. It was then that I clothed you in my spiritual light of love, and I designated you as belonging to the nation of Spiritual Israel. I said: You belong to this multitude of beings who practice humility as they obey my mandates. You then responded: Father, may your will be done through me.

59. Yes, my children, I have enlightened you so that you will become spiritually strong to practice my teachings. I want you to separate from all evil, allowing me to dwell in your heart. I also want you to feel the pain that your brethren are experiencing because of their materialism and spiritual blindness. I have given you a spiritual healing balsam to anoint your brethren, helping them to practice spirituality, as you guide them toward their Father.

60. I have come during this period to resurrect those who are spiritually dead, to save humanity from the abyss into which it has fallen, and to remind you of all the teachings that I have given you throughout the eras. Behold my great love and infinite wisdom. The one who wants to truly comprehend and love me will become one with me. He will practice spirituality on his path and will no longer experience pain nor feel that he is alone.

61. Israel, that is the mission that I have assigned to you. Prepare yourselves because you will be my disciples. You need to listen carefully to the Divine Master so that you can help the future generations. You will be as an open book that humanity will use to study and analyze my word.

62. Your mission is not limited to listening to my teachings within these houses of prayer. No, Israel, I am closely observing each of your deeds, and if you choose not to follow my path, I will allow it, because you have the gift of free will. However, I say to you that if you are disobedient and choose to no longer follow my path, you will endure great suffering and pain, but if you choose to repent, I will say to you: Return to me, for I awaiting your arrival to offer you comfort.

63. All those who want to come to the Divine Father, first need to eliminate their pride, vanity, and weaknesses.

64. It has pleased me that the humble and the uneducated are fulfilling my work. I have prepared their hearts through my love and have given them my Divine Law. I have allowed them to feel my presence and have told them: Summon your brethren and guide them toward me for I will give them what they need to evolve spiritually. That is why I have told you that you have a great and delicate mission. There are things that you still do not comprehend and work that you still need to do along your spiritual path. Although you are poor materially, you are spiritually rich because you have me in your life, you have listened to my teachings, you have felt my presence, and you have acquired spiritual strength. I have told you to not be afraid, for you shall always have my charity. I have assigned each one of my workers a portion of beings whom he needs to prepare spiritually so that he will harvest sweet fruits. I will not accept his harvest until it is worthy of being presented to the Lord. If his harvest is not worthy, that worker must continue preparing his harvest until the fruits that he produces are sweet and worthy of the Lord.

65. My Work will remain immaculate and my truth will never change.

66. The sins and disrespectful deeds that this multitude has committed will be erased by my justice, as you observe that the will of God is always fulfilled.

67. You are well aware of the things that I want you to do. Always listen to your conscience, for it will tell you what to do to fulfill my will.

68. I tell you once again to be vigilant and pray so that during this era you will not fall into temptation at any moment. If someone were to come forth and ignore what I have told him to do, truly I tell you that my Work would not suffer because it is divine. That individual, however, will endure great pain for having been so ungrateful. My Peace be with you!

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