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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 299

The Lord says:

1. Disciples: The Divine Master is with you and embraces each one of his children.

2. I am aware of the spiritual joy that you feel during these days as you remember that Holy Night when the Divine Word became man to dwell among you.

3. If you embrace one another as loving brothers, and offer true love and tenderness to young children, you will truly feel the Father's perfect and divine love.

4. I want everyone to feel my presence. If man would allow his heart to become sensitive and spiritualized during these days when he remembers the birth of Jesus, he would be able to feel my presence everywhere; in each human being, in every home, and in places where there is pain and suffering. However, I still await this because not everyone is able to feel my presence within their heart. Nevertheless, in the path of each one of my children I leave a gift of love.

5. Since I am able to communicate with mankind in infinite ways, I am communicating with this multitude through human spokesmen, but I communicate with others through their conscience.

6. On this day when man commemorates the birth of the Messiah on earth, I want all of humanity to feel my spiritual presence. I want young children to rejoice in me and young people to take a few moments to remember the Messiah who came to earth because he loved mankind and wanted to save them. I also want the elderly to feel my divine peace and to shed tears of joy as they meditate on these teachings and remember the happy days of their childhood.

7. There will be both joy and sadness in your heart as you remember those years from the past when your parents lovingly caressed you and held you in their arms. Those years of joy went by quickly, and with the passage of time, you have lost so many things on earth, including your parents, childhood, cheerful moments, and your innocence.

8. You will also remember how many individuals have stopped loving me as well as their earthly families.

9. Pray during this moment, my beloved people, and those who have forgotten you will remember you. Also, I will make those beings who have departed to the spiritual valley come near to your heart so that you may reunite with them on this day of love.

10. Men on earth are not the only ones who joyfully remember that miraculous day when the Divine Word of God was born on earth. Your brethren in the spiritual valley also feel that same joy as they contemplate the divine work of the Lord.

11. Those of you who have witnessed my manifestation during this period have received the testimony of my arrival, my presence, and my word in a very clear and distinct manner. The teachings that I have given through the human spokesmen have enlightened your spirit, clarified mysteries, revealed new spiritual knowledge, and produced miracles in those who have listened to my word. That is why I have named you my disciples of the Third Era. Thus, your Father awaits your most spiritual form of worship.

12. You are beginning to comprehend the true essence of my Doctrine, thus, when you remember my life on earth, you do so without materialistic rituals and ceremonies. You rejoice and feel an inner joy in your spirit and heart as you listen to my word and practice my Doctrine.

13. My blessed and beloved people: Cherish those holy memories in your heart and allow them to enlighten and guide you along the path of life. If you observe mankind practicing rituals and material ceremonies that show no respect toward the divine, forgive them as does the Lord. I will help those individuals to become spiritually enlightened. Humanity will experience a state of spiritual turmoil and confusion as was prophesied. This will help man to awaken spiritually and come closer to me. The paths are being prepared; extraordinary events and ordeals will awaken the world, which will be the voices of justice that will summon man to regenerate.

14. I am teaching you how to pray with your brethren of other nations so that your prayers will be united. I am helping you to become spiritually strong so that when you confront ordeals you will not weaken nor feel that you lack divine guidance.

15. I am giving you these teachings so that your words will reflect true spiritual enlightenment and help you confront ordeals and difficult moments along your path in life.

16. I bless you and also tell you that wherever people gather to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, they will be accompanied by the spiritual presence of Mary, your gentle and divine Mother. Mary came to earth in the Second Era to give birth to the Son of God.

17. If the Divine Master is great and omnipotent, then Mary, who gave birth to the Divine Master, also possesses those same divine traits.

18. Mary came to offer her divine love and comfort not only to the only Begotten Son of God but also to all of humanity. Throughout all times, Mary has offered man her divine tenderness, love, and intercession. Seek her, and she will help you to evolve, thus guiding you to Me.

19. My Spirit is present in each home, comforting those who weep and offering divine peace to all beings.

20. The spiritual message that I am giving you on this day will prepare you for the final year of this manifestation.

21. I have come to bring you spiritual peace so that you can offer this peace to all the nations on earth, for spiritual peace is the highest ideal for which one can strive.

22. When you attain spiritual peace you will then be able to contemplate the light of my divine wisdom and comprehend all those things that are not understood by those who lack spiritual peace.

23. Humanity needs spiritual peace and tranquility, however, those spiritual treasures cannot be acquired through force nor can they be purchased. Those gifts can only be acquired by continually practicing deeds of love and charity.

24. My beloved people, I give you this seed of peace so that you may sow it throughout the world, although, truly I say that you are not the only ones who will be spreading this seed. There are others in this nation, and in other nations, who pray for world peace and truly want their fellowmen to achieve a state of well-being, and they work with great dedication to achieve that ideal.

25. Blessed are those who prepare themselves to receive my inspirations and spiritual revelations during this Third Era. Man has achieved a state of spiritual evolution in this era that will allow him to receive my inspirations and manifest them through his deeds and words.

26. Man possesses an immortal divine strength in his spirit that will allow him to arise from the abyss to seek spiritual freedom and evolution.

27. During this period man recognizes the capability and power of his intelligence. Man only needs to allow his spirit to utilize that powerful gift to carry out the deeds ordered by the Father in his Doctrine.

28. Beloved disciples, you are well aware that in order for your spirit to battle and freely manifest itself, man needs to liberate himself from all rituals, traditions, and religious fanaticism as many of your brethren have done from all parts of the world.

29. I will allow all of those individuals to cross paths, where they will meet one another and recognize that they are brothers possessing the same ideals, struggles and faith.

30. Truly I tell you that those who practice spirituality are found in different parts of the world and are spiritually prepared to bring peace to humanity. However, I say to you that those who practice spirituality will not be united through new religious organizations. Their strength will not be acquired from anything that is material but rather through the unity of their thoughts, ideals, and deeds. Their strength will be founded on spirituality which will be invincible because it comes from the Divine Spirit.

31. All are receiving my truth through divine inspiration and are touched by my divine justice so that they can remove all impurities from their hearts and minds, because nothing impure can be a part of my divine enlightenment.

32. Everyone, by utilizing their spiritual gifts, has the responsibility to clarify and explain the Doctrine of Spirituality. Also they must be vigilant and protect this Doctrine from everything that is not pure and divine.

33. In times past men have mixed their ideas, philosophies, and theories with my revelations and teachings, which has only resulted in confusing and dividing mankind.

34. . I want those who have found the true path to teach it to their brethren with simplicity so they will not have difficulty understanding it. Do not make the true path difficult for them, as others have done thus preventing those who seek me from coming to me.

35. I say to those who prefer practicing rituals and who insist on personifying God through material objects, forms, and images that if they do not follow the path of spirituality they unknowingly will be contributing to the wars between nations and to the disharmony between among men.

36. I truly say to each and everyone that God, in whom you believe, is pure and that in his Divine Love, he loves everyone equally.

37. If you feel hurt when I speak the truth, behold that it is the Divine Master, and not a human being, who has revealed the truth. The Divine Master truly loves you and has come to make you aware of your errors in order to save you.

38. Do you not realize that ambition, fanaticism, and foolishness are like an avalanche that cannot be contained?

39. I have not come to oppose the beliefs of those who are following the true path, however, I have come to correct those in whom I find errors.

40. Starting today, everyone should live in true spiritual harmony as they pursue the same spiritual mission. No one should believe that he is following a better path than his brother nor that he is superior to others. I say to you that at the moment of your death, it will be my voice that will tell you truly the level of your spiritual elevation.

41. During that brief moment of illumination when the spirit listens to its conscience, one will become aware of whether he has lived a life that is worthy of reward or one that was filled with false grandeur and splendor.

42. Do you want to attain salvation? The only way to attain true salvation is to practice true brotherhood. You need to follow my divine law which states: "Love one another".

43. Humanity: During these days when you celebrate the birth of Jesus you allow your heart to feel peace. You are as a family that is living in harmony and joy. I am aware that not all individuals are sincerely happy as they remember my arrival on earth during the Second Era, as there are only a few who truly meditate and spiritually rejoice remembering my arrival.

44. Today, as in the past eras, man celebrates the birth of Jesus with festivities and rituals, but they lack spirituality. These festivities only satisfy man's material and sensual pleasures but do not offer him true spiritual joy.

45. If man was to spiritually meditate on my great love for mankind as evidenced by my coming to earth to live among humanity during the Second Era, truly I say that you would develop great faith. That great faith would guide you toward Me. Your spirit would develop great virtue and kindness, allowing you to offer great charity, comfort, and tenderness to all the needy along your path. You would perceive each human being as your true brother and would forgive those who offend you. You would sincerely feel compassion for all those you meet along your path who are lonely and for children without parents and who lack love and a true home. You would remember those nations that are without peace because war has destroyed all the good, noble, and sacred things that are found in life. You would then elevate a pure and sincere prayer and ask Me: "Lord, what right do we have to live in peace, while so many of our brethren are suffering greatly?"

46. My response would be the following: "Now that you have felt the pain of your brethren, have been charitable with them, and have prayed for them, you may gather with your loved ones in your home and enjoy this holy moment because I am now with you. I will be present in your home. Do not be afraid of feeling joy even though you know that many of your brethren are now suffering. Truly I tell you that if you truly feel compassion for those who are suffering, they will feel the peace, hope, and love that you feel for them.

47. No one should think that I no longer want you to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the most important and holiest event of the year. I only come to teach you to give to the world what belongs to the world and to give to the spirit what belongs to the spirit. Man celebrates many of his worldly accomplishments in an unspiritual manner, therefore, why not allow his spirit to celebrate the birth of Jesus? This will allow your spirit to come before Me, like a small child, to present its gift of love, as it learns to worship me in the same simple manner as did the shepherds during the Second Era and with the same humility the wise men offered me when they presented me their gifts.

48. I have not come to limit the joy that men feel during these days. Although celebrating the birth of the Savior has become a strong tradition, man also feels my charity that touches him, my light that enlightens him, and my love that surrounds him. His heart becomes filled with great hope, joy, and tenderness. Although he is inspired to perform deeds of love and charity, with his brethren, he does not always choose to carry out those pure and elevated deeds. Instead, he chooses to please himself through the material pleasures of this world. He does not allow his spirit to attain purification, salvation, and spiritual enlightenment by practicing elevated deeds. The Savior came to earth during the Second Era to offer salvation to your spirit, and He presents himself eternally along your path in life to help you resurrect spiritually.

49. As I offer my peace and tenderness to all beings throughout the world on this night of peace, Mary, your Spiritual Mother, also comes to embrace each one of her children.

50. Disciples, look carefully along your path because you will discover a gift of love daily from the Lord.

51. Truly I tell you that on this day of grace as you celebrate the holy night when the Messiah was born on earth, I do not only present myself to this multitude who is witnessing my manifestation, but I also manifest myself to all beings throughout the world in different ways.

52. I present myself to children in one form, to the youth in another, and to the elderly in yet another. I manifest myself to each religion and congregation according to their level of spiritual enlightenment. There is no being whom I will not touch.

53. Of all the events that you celebrate to honor the Divine Master, this is the most tender and loving celebration; children feel great joy in their hearts, and the elderly feel great peace and hope in the Savior.

54. Those who have had the grace of listening to this word, represent the few who celebrate the birth of the Messiah without rituals. Your celebration is internal, not external, and it occurs in the purest part of your heart. Thus, it is a celebration without materialistic rituals. You now clearly understand that the best commemoration, the one that most pleases the Lord, is when you practice the examples set by the Divine Master as you follow his Doctrine of love.

55. Remember all of your brethren, and allow your spirit to transport itself throughout the universe. As you remember your brethren, remember them with love, charity, and a true desire for spiritual peace. If you do that, truly I tell you that your prayers, thoughts, and desires will not be in vain.

56. I am preparing the path for the spiritual awakening of humanity. Ordeals, events, and voices will appear along the path of man telling him that he is now living in a new era.

57. You have been foretold that a battle of ideas will occur among religions and nations so that when you see it occurring you will not become afraid. Remember that I have told you that this battle of ideas must occur before humanity learns to live in harmony and spiritual peace.

58. When that battle is at its climax, you will observe man seeking the truth without a fear of threats and curses from his brethren. Prophets will then arise in those nations whose people have been crushed and oppressed by lords and kings. During that period my Doctrine will truly shine in all its splendor and spread throughout the world because of the loving deeds my new disciples will practice.

59. Today, you are becoming spiritually strong with my words and with the ordeals you are enduring. They are spiritually awakening you so that you will be able to confront the difficulties, ungratefulness, and traditions that you experience in life.

60. Many of you who are following me during this period are enduring great bitterness because your families oppose, ridicule, and doubt this Doctrine. They do not believe that the Lord has endowed you with spiritual gifts nor do they believe that He has assigned you a mission to fulfill.

61. Some individuals have been thrown out of their homes, whereas others have been forced to depart to other lands.

62. I say to you that you are not the only ones who have experienced this ridicule and opposition. I remind you of Joseph, the son of Jacob, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers. They sold him to merchants because they recognized that Joseph was a great prophet and they were envious of him. Although Joseph arrived a slave in Egypt, the Lord covered him with his mantle of mercy. Because of his faith and his perseverance in following the laws of his elders, as well as the grace and wisdom given to him by God, Joseph became close to the Pharaoh and became the adviser, minister, and the prophet of that nation.

63. The spirit of Joseph was truly virtuous. During his stay in Egypt, that nation experienced prosperity, peace, and an abundance of many blessings.

64. Although Joseph was greatly hurt by the betrayal of his brethren, he had not forgotten his father Jacob, whom he loved greatly, nor had he forgotten his brothers. The moment of Divine justice did arrive. The land of Canaan, where Jacob lived with his sons, had experienced a great drought causing much hunger and misery in that land, whereas there was an abundance of food in the land of Egypt.

65. The brothers of Joseph departed for Egypt in search of food. They had forgotten Joseph and assumed that he was dead. They never imagined that it would be Joseph before whom they would have to appear. When the hour of justice did arrive, it was not a justice of punishment and humiliation, but one of true forgiveness. What greater justice could there be, other than forgiveness, for those who had rejected and offended Joseph? The noble Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers, forgave them, and offered them numerous blessings. Meanwhile, the brothers were repentant for what they had done and were astonished, remembering the prophecies of Joseph when he was a child and which were now being fulfilled.

66. My children, have you understood the significance of Joseph's story? You need to persevere during the days of hardship and during those moments when you feel disappointed and lonely. Remember that the moment of justice will arrive. You will see those individuals, who have betrayed "and ridiculed you, coming before you in a state of repentance.

67. Will you be able to follow the noble example of Joseph when he welcomed and forgave those who offended him? Picture that event when Joseph observed his brothers crying in repentance as they knelt before him. That scene is an image that reflects my loving justice. Joseph, before them standing, represents his virtue, whereas his brothers kneeling represents their repentance.

68. I want that seed of Joseph, son of Israel, to exist and flourish among this multitude.

69. Jesus, your Divine Master, also had to depart to the land of Egypt shortly after he was born because the people of Israel did not recognize his arrival. Although there were signs that the child was the Messiah, the one promised by the Lord, the people of Israel doubted that he was the Messiah because of his humble clothing and the rustic and simple place in which he was born which were unworthy of a king.

70. Since the people did not welcome me, I had to go to Egypt. Although my heart felt great pain, I was to endure greater pain.

71. When I returned from Egypt to live in Nazareth, I was ridiculed constantly. I felt wounded by their phrases of unbelief and envy.

72. Although I performed miracles and manifested my power and charity among the people of Nazareth, they rejected me. No one believed in me, including those who had known me all of my life and who had witnessed my deeds of love and charity. Thus, when it was time for me to begin my ministry, I told the people of Nazareth prior to my departure: "Truly I tell you that there is no prophet who will be believed in his own country; therefore, it is necessary for him to go elsewhere in order for his words to be heard."

73. That was not to be the last bitter pain that I would endure, for there was a greater suffering that awaited me. It was a suffering given to me by one of my disciples, a disciple who had eaten with me at my table and who was like my brother. He betrayed me to my enemies for thirty coins.

74. Also my followers believed that I was dead, just as the brothers of Joseph had believed that he had died. And in the same manner that Joseph appeared to his brothers who had forgotten him, I also appeared to my disciples, but in spirit to prove to them that I was not dead.

75. I now dwell in my Kingdom awaiting the arrival of all those who have forgotten me, and all those who have betrayed and ridiculed me.

76. I await all of my children to embrace them with infinite love.

77. I am speaking to you during one of the final days of my manifestation. The final year of my manifestation is approaching. A few more days, a few more hours, and the year that I have announced as the final year of this manifestation will arrive. It is a year that is feared by my people.

78. Does everyone have the preparation that is necessary to accept in their hearts those things that I will shed upon them?

79. I will offer you my word; I will present my Doctrine to you and it will be similar to a table filled with delicious nourishment at a banquet.

80. I will be at that table and on it will be put the best fruits and the most delicious food for the spirit. The doors of that house will be open so that everyone can partake of that banquet of spiritual nourishment.

81. A new message for all the nations on earth will emanate from that table which will help to spiritually awaken humanity, enlightening it with that immortal seed of the spirit.

82. The purity of Abel will illuminate the heavens, as will the faith of Noah, the obedience of Abraham, the strength of Jacob, the inspiration of David, the wisdom of Solomon, the truth of my prophets, the elevation of my apostles, and the spirituality of John.

83. My followers will not need to distinguish themselves by dressing in tunics as others did in the past. They will not even need to acknowledge me by pronouncing my name because I will manifest my love, justice, truth, enlightenment, and wisdom throughout their life.

84. I am giving you a spiritual gift with this teaching. Cherish it in your heart as one of the last teachings from the Divine Master to remember the birth of Jesus. My Peace be with you!

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