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The Book of True Life

Teaching 030/366

The Master teaches:

My Return, My Mother & Instructions for the new Disciples

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. In the teachings that I am delivering to you, I have called you the people of Israel, or the seed of Jacob, and to the extent that you continue to understand my lessons, you will have realized that, spiritually, you belong to the lineage of that ancient people, chosen from among the nations of the earth to fulfill the mission of transmitting my revelations to humanity.

2. The seed I entrusted to Jacob is in the spirit, and not in the material flesh, as men have falsely believed. For I say unto you, that, if the inheritance the first patriarchs bequeathed to Israel had been material, it would still be producing prophets, messengers, and enlightened men. Instead, you see that nation carrying with it the chains of material and spiritual misery, knowing that it can no longer await the coming of a Messiah, for it has understood that the One who was promised to them had already lived among them, and yet was not recognized.

3. The spirit of Israel, as a race, is sleeping, a deep slumber that has lasted for centuries. It cannot behold the truth, because it has lived only for the pleasures of the world, hoping to reach its promised land, its judgement, and its glory here on earth. But do not think that its sleep will be eternal; no, now that this misery, suffering, and humiliation have been drunk by that people, like a new cup of bitterness, its spirit will begin to awaken, guiding itself through meditation, gradually discovering that all the prophecies and signs announcing the coming of the Messiah were faithfully fulfilled in Christ.

4. Its awakening in the most complete form is not far off. Its spiritual dawn is nearing, but before that it will experience human materialism being destroyed, due to its own ambitions, selfishness, and low passions.

5. When this nation becomes convinced that the kingdom of true peace and grace is not on earth, then it will seek Christ, the one who was renounced and rejected, and it will say to him: "Master, you were right; freedom can only be found in those who love spirituality, because those of us who have sought material riches have only become slaves."

6. When this confession arises to me from those hearts, I will have my new prophets appear among them, those who will help them become prepared in the path of spirituality, which will be their liberation. Be not confused that those who have been stationary in their evolution for centuries, will be able to, in a very short time, progress and cover the path which others, who have preceded them, have taken so long to pursue, and they may even overtake them. Do not forget that many of them have spirits that have been sent to earth since the First Era, and that, once their restitution is completed, they will once again occupy their place among the elected of the Lord, in order to carry the light to their brothers of all nations.

7. Those who carry the name of 'Israel' because of their race, along with those who represent Israel spiritually, they will all find themselves on the same path, they will unite with one another. They will recognize that both form a part of that blessed seed, which was brought forth from the prophets and the patriarchs of the First Era, and was irrigated with the blood of the Redeemer, in order to blossom in this era of light in which you are hearing me. Now you have me in spirit, though you sometimes doubt it, asking: "How can I believe that the Master would communicate with us, utilizing such imperfect and humble means?" But this is not the first time you have doubted my presence among you. In the Second Era, men also said: "How can the awaited Messiah be the son of a carpenter?"

8. My children, you cannot fathom my highest purposes. But now that I come to clarify to you the mysteries that you have not understood, open your minds and your hearts, so that you might know the reason for many divine manifestations, to the extent that your Lord finds it appropriate to reveal them to you.

9. In the Second Era, when I was among my disciples or among the crowds that followed me, and someone asked me if I would perhaps return to you, I had no reason to keep this from them and declared to them that my return would occur in a time of great trials for humanity, which would be preceded by great events and turmoil in the different aspects of your life.

10. That promise which I made to you, I have fulfilled, for all of the preceding signs and the announced events have been fulfilled. Nevertheless, humanity, which is spiritually asleep, has allowed the signs of my presence among men to pass by, unnoticed.

11. No one awaited me. I found your hearts cold, the lamp of love extinguished. You were sleeping the slumber of several centuries. Only a few awakened at the call of the Lord's messenger, who approached you to announce that I was knocking at the door to your hearts.

12. My first communication occured one night while humanity was sleeping, just as it was when I became man to dwell among you. If few were the ones who received me on that occasion, fewer still were those who accompanied me in my new manifestation. But do not think that I am accusing you with my words, for that is not the case. I am the perfect love, eternally offering you life.

13. I have come to trace the way for you, which shall lead you to your salvation amid this broad sea of wickedness, but months, and even years have passed since the moment of my first communication. Since then, one by one, travellers have approached in search of the presence of the Master. Today, there are not just a few present for my manifestations. Now they form great multitudes.

14. Do not believe that all who come to hear me are convinced of this truth. No, to some this work is the greatest comfort for their hearts, while to others it is something they cannot understand. Therefore, they judge, analyze, investigate, and when they do not find truth, according to their expectation, they ask me for proofs in order to believe, just as Thomas did. So I have told them: Do not test me. I am giving you enough demonstrations of my presence, my truth, and my love. But they insist in their plea, saying: "During the Second Era, when the Master was already in Spirit, if he has already materialized himself before Thomas, to affirm his faith, why will he not do us unbelievers this favour as well; to materialize himself before us, even if just for an instant?

15. Yes, my children, you would be right to ask me for proofs, if your immaturity were real and your ignorance certain; but you possess an evolved spirit, which does not require material proof in order to believe. What you should do is to dematerialize yourselves, and then you will find out that you are capable of understanding my new lessons, and that it is not necessary for me to materialize my presence.

16. Believe in me through the essence of my word. It is clear and it will not lead you into confusion. Remember that I have been telling you since that time: The tree is recognized by its fruits. Now I say to you: My word will be recognized by its essence.

17. Many times men have asked themselves why Jesus, even after having been crucified, allowed himself to be seen by Magdalene the sinner, and why he visited his disciples. On the other hand, it is not known if he ever visited his mother, to which I say that it was not necessary that I manifest myself before Mary in the same manner that I did with the others, for the communication between Christ and Mary has always existed, even before the world did.

18. Through Jesus I manifested myself to humanity, in order to save sinners, and I allowed myself to be seen by them after the crucifixion, to revive the faith of those who needed me. But verily, I say unto you, Mary, my sweet mother while I was a man, never had a blemish to cleanse in the first place, nor could she lack in faith, for she knew who Christ was, even before offering him her maternal womb.

19. It was not necessary that I materialize my spirit to visit Mary, who returned me to the kingdom with that same purity and humility with which she received me in her womb. But who can know the form in which I spoke to her in her solitude, and the divine caress with which my spirit embraced her?

20. Thus I answer those who have presented me with this question, those who often thought that the first visit of Jesus should have been to his mother.

21. How different the form in which I manifested myself to Mary from that which I used to make myself felt by Magdalene and my disciples.

22. Mary felt me in her spirit. Mary did not mourn for me. She did not weep over the death of Jesus. Her pain was for all of humanity, a humanity that was entrusted to her by her son at the foot of the cross, as a divine gift from the Eternal One. Mary offered the pureness of her body and her blood, so that the Word might become man.

23. However, when I came across some of my disciples on the road to Emmaus, upon seeing me, they did not recognize me, until they heard my divine word. When Thomas saw me, he made me show him the wound on my side, to convince himself that the one whom he believed to be dead, in reality, lived. For that is why I have come: to instill faith in some and resurrect it in others.

24. Today, I have not only wanted to reveal my message to you, but I have also come to teach you the best form to make it known to others.

25. During the time of my preaching I have helped your spirits in their evolution, taking away your weaknesses and making you gentle. I am awakening my disciples, so that they might give their hearts to charity, in fulfillment of my commandment, which I repeated to you many times over, when I said: Love one another. Although the time for you to arise and spread my word has not yet come, since you have not achieved the necessary preparation, I have allowed all who are drinking from this fountain of health, morality, and life to begin practicing my divine teachings, in order to prepare themselves. They need to strengthen themselves for the future battle, so that, with their good deeds, they will convert other individuals, who will later become workers and new sowers upon the fields of the Lord as well.

26. Today, I observe that some of you are way too fearful and cautious, while others, on the other hand, appear to be much too boastful. I do not want you to reach either of these extremes. I do not want the fear of judgement from your fellow men to lead you to hide yourselves, for that way you would show your lack confidence in my teaching. When you do not have faith in the power contained within the seed that you are meant to pass on, what will be the harvest of your sowing?

27. But you may certainly fear that your bad conduct will affect you before your brothers; therefore, keep your life pure, rise up with dignity, preach my word and acquaint your fellow men with my teaching.

28. Do not be boastful with your gifts and the knowledge of the truth you possess. I say unto you, If you were to do that, you would be exposing yourselves to the danger of being submitted to great trials by your brothers.

29. I have not given you my word to have you preach it in the streets and parks. It is true that Jesus did as such, but he knew how to answer any question and put those to the test who tried to test him.

30. You are small and weak. For that reason you should not challenge the wrath of your brothers. Do not try to attract attention. Believe that you are nothing special, and neither try to show humanity that everyone is wrong and only you know the truth; because that way you will gain nothing worthwhile from your sowing.

31. If you want to evolve spiritually and morally, do not judge the shortcomings of your brothers, so you may not fall into the same error. Instead, correct your own imperfections. Pray humbly before your Master, so that you might inspire yourselves in his humility, and remember his advice to never publicize your good works, so that your left hand may never become aware of what your right hand has done.

32. I also say unto you, that it is not necessary for you to go out in search of multitudes to tell them about my doctrine, for my mercy will place those in your path who are in need of your help. But if there are moments, while fulfilling my law, in which you might feel the need to do a charitable deed, and you have no one in need around you, do not despair or doubt my word. That will be the precise moment in which you should pray for your absent brothers, those who will receive my compassion, if you truly have faith.

33. Do not strive to know more than your brothers. Know that all of you acquire knowledge according to your evolution. If I were to grant you my light without you having achieved the necessary merits, you would glorify yourselves and become lost in your vanity, and your knowledge would be false.

34. I want you humble, but in order to be humble before me, you must have humility before your fellow men as well.

35. Disciples, love and knowledge are never separated. One is part of the other. How can there be those who seek to separate these two virtues? Both are part of the key that opens the doors of the sanctuary which will allow you to fully understand my doctrine.

36. I have asked you: Do you want to have many friends? Then make use of kindness, tenderness, tolerance, and compassion, for only with the help of these virtues, being direct expressions of love, will your spirit be able to shine on the path of your fellow men. For the spirit carries love within its innermost being, since the spirit is a divine spark, and God is love.

37. I come to mold you spiritually with my teaching, so you may attend the spiritual banquet, where you will be able to savour the nourishment of knowledge and perfect love.

38. Know that your destiny is to live as I have taught you, that is to say, in humility, in love, and in spirituality, allowing you to practice an abundance of charity.

39. In my teaching I show you a wide horizon, and if you live your lives similar to how I lived mine, you can be assured that you will come to my kingdom to attain true rest.

40. My work assures you eternal happiness in your spirit. Have you not heard a sweet and harmonious voice in your heart, which speaks to you every time you do a good deed, when you offer comfort, or when you extend forgiveness generously? Who is the one who speaks thus inside of you, rewarding your kindness? It is your Master, who does not separate himself from his disciples.

41. With these lessons you are to understand that only virtues can adorn your spirits. I also say to you that you can compare errors, faults, and bad feelings to the rags with which you sometimes cover your souls. I want you pure and adorned, for you cannot shine in the universal palace of your Father with rags of misery.

42. Good deeds are the crystalline waters with which souls are cleansed. Use them.

43. I speak to you in this way, so you may understand that you are currently outside of your kingdom, and that you must return to it, for God is awaiting you.

44. I want to make of each man an apostle, and of each apostle a teacher, for I love you with infinite love, and before even a single one of you would be lost, I would rather feel all the pain that humanity currently harbors in my own spirit.

45. In your hearts you are saying to me: "Master, do you love us that much?" And I say to you that you still cannot understand my love, but that it should suffice for you to know that each child that returns to God, is, in fact, a treasure that returns to the Father. I must point out to you that everything will return to the bosom of God. All the fruits that have come forth from the creative seed will return to His granary.

46. O beloved disciples, prepare yourselves, so that you might yearn with intense faith to reach the true temple, built inside of you by my mercy. There, you will find me to accompany you in your evolutionary path towards me.

47. It is I who guides you, because I am perfect. I always know where I go and where I take you. I am the good Shepherd who looks after you, caresses you, and loves you so much that I did not hesitate, not even for an instant, to give you the teaching with my sacrifice on the cross; the teaching that will lead you to the true life.

48. Men believed that by taking the life of Jesus they would destroy my doctrine, without knowing that in so doing they would contribute to my glorification.

49. I have returned to humanity and will manifest myself in these houses of prayer until 1950, through humble spokesmen, destined by me for this mission. In this form of communication I await the arrival of the wise, who will come to question and deny me.

50. This word, simple and humble in its form, but profound in its meaning, will once again confuse the wise in their pride and their vanity, and show them that one cannot extinguish the doctrine of Christ the Savior, for He is the life.

51. No one can destroy me. I am reborn in the same manner that I resurrected in the Second Era, after the people had rejected me and condemned me to a humiliating death. If I now appear again in this world, it is because I love all of you.

52. O scholars, philosophers, and doctors, You shall know that I am your Lord when you come to scrutinize me. You will see me answering your evil and ill-intended questions, and become silent before my counter questions. When I find you repentant, and with your heads bowed low, I will give you proofs, without you having to ask me for them. These proofs shall be of love and forgiveness.

53. I am the only one who can resolve your conflicts; the one who truly cures your illnesses, caresses children, and blesses the old; the one who, while speaking to man, caresses and enlightens his spirit. Men and the centuries shall pass, but not my Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist work. Verily, I say to you, this work, which is my law and my doctrine, shall enlighten humanity. Do not doubt my wisdom, nor challenge my justice any longer. If I were to accept your challenge, one weak blow of my elements would suffice to turn your science and your theories into dust, perhaps even into nothingness. Do not seek me as a Judge, but rather as a Father, for I am love.

54. O beloved people, who have the mission of spreading my word among humanity, a humanity hardened by its materialism; learn to love them, and always have compassion for those who do not understand my lessons of infinite love.

55. Close your lips to gossip, ridicule, judgement, and criticism. Put that two-edged sword back into its sheath. If you want to fight in my name, take up the sword of love.

56. Close your lips, so that they will no longer utter words of insult, nor cause dishonor; instead, open up your eyes, so that you might discover the evil and depart from it. Do not judge humanity, for you are a part of it, and you suffer from the same afflictions. When your lips and your hearts are cleansed in the waters of repentance and good deeds, they will begin to speak with the truth of my word, which I will inspire in you.

57. If you were to talk about my doctrine without first having regenerated and prepared yourselves, instead of awakening faith in people's hearts, you would only receive the ridicule of those who are aware of your faults. On the other hand, if the ridicule and criticism penetrate your hearts after you have 'watched' and prayed, you will not be wounded, because you have already protected yourselves with the weapons I have equipped you with; they are patience, charity, humility, and love.

58. Be humble, and those who love you will do so in truth. If you have not reached this spiritual and material preparation, it would be better for you not to rise and preach my word, for you will not be able to sow my seed with the same purity with which I delivered it to you, and it will always go forth mixed with your imperfections. Before sowing, you should first analyze and study my doctrine, so that you might come to understand and obey my teaching.

59. When you know to take the blow on your right cheek, and as a sign of forgiveness, love, and humility, you offer your left cheek to your offender as well, then you are truly beginning to be my disciples. When forgiveness appears among men, wars between brothers will cease, and union among all nations will follow.

60. With these teachings I want to keep you from distorting the truth someday, because, while speaking of love, charity and spirituality, you would fail to affirm those things with your deeds. I say this to you, for among you there are those who go around proclaiming that they love me, but in their hearts there is no love for their brothers.

61. I want you to be sincere, spiritually and materially, so that I can call you my worthy children. Otherwise, my unyielding voice shall come to your spirits, to call you hypocrites, just like, during the Second Era, I called the sect of the Pharisees hypocrites as well, for they were the living image of a tomb; whitewashed on the outside, polished and covered with flowers, but holding only corruption and death in its interior.

62. I am listening to those who say to me: "Master, we understand that the test of presenting our left cheek to the one who struck our right cheek is quite difficult, but, nevertheless, we would like to be your disciples."

63. O people, who, upon listening to my word, always interpret it in its material meaning, without stopping to understand it in its spiritual meaning. I say to you, that just as you can take a blow to your cheeks, you can also take a blow to your hearts, in a moral sense, and your souls can also be wounded; But do not think that this test I ask of you is the greatest you can bear. In this Third Era I have come to ask a little more of you, when I ask you in my teachings: If the assassin of your earthly father were to find himself persecuted by human justice, and he knocked on your door, asking you for protection; would you offer him shelter in a gesture of pardon, without denouncing him?

64. That is the proof I ask of all of those who want to be the disciples of the Holy Spirit in this Third Era.

65. If you put these teachings into practice, truly, I say to you, that you will be cultivating a reward for yourselves, but you should not expect your reward while you are still in this world. I advise you once again not to judge the deeds of your brothers, for as your judgement would be, so will your condemnation be. Leave the cause to me, just or unjust, known or unknown, for I will give your brothers their due, and you your due.

66. Be humble in all acts of your life. Consider yourselves ignorant before the wisdom of your fellow men.

67. Blessed is the one who prepares himself, for he shall truly hear me. Blessed is the one who purifies himself and obeys the commandments of his Lord, for he shall see me. "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

My Peace be with you!

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