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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 300

The Lord says:

1. Feel my presence in the silence of your heart and feel great joy when my word descends to illuminate you with the light of spiritual knowledge.

2. Allow your spirit to rejoice, beloved disciples, for you have shed many tears along the path of life.

3. I am here with you offering you strength so that you may strive to achieve eternal peace for your spirit. Truly I tell you that even before humanity knew Me, already I was illuminating mankind and speaking to your heart because I am one with the Father, as I have always been one with Him. The passage of time was necessary before humanity would receive me through Jesus and listen to the word of God. I say to you, however, that not all who listened to my Doctrine during that period had the spiritual evolution that was necessary to feel God's presence in Christ. That is why I chose only certain individuals who would give faithful testimony of the truth. It was difficult for the rest of mankind to practice my Doctrine because idolatry and paganism reigned during that period. Nevertheless, each human being carried within his conscience the doctrine of love. It was written eternally within his conscience, awaiting the future generations that would embrace the cross of the Divine Master.

4. Initially, my twelve disciples and a few others were the only ones who chose to follow my path of love, but as time passed cities and nations began to change their customs, lives, and forms of worship. I say this to you because during this new era of spiritual enlightenment, there will be some who will not be able to comprehend the essence and meaning of these teachings even though they have witnessed my manifestation. While some individuals will have the spiritual evolution that is necessary to accept and comprehend this doctrine, others will be unable to comprehend many of these teachings and will perceive them as mysterious. However, new generations will come to the earth with greater spiritual enlightenment. Although only a few individuals were spiritually enlightened during the period of my manifestation, in the future many individuals throughout the world will become spiritually enlightened.

5. Those who have received me in their spirit in this time will remain my disciples. They will be responsible for teaching this divine doctrine to future generations until it reaches those who will allow spirituality to flourish as the Doctrine of true wisdom and peace.

6. Who are my disciples during this period? All those who love and cherish my divine word and who truly practice it.

7. I have called many to my table to nourish themselves with the bread of life, the true spiritual bread. I want those individuals to become my disciples because there are many fields that are awaiting my divine seed.

8. My people: I have told you many times to be vigilant, to study, and to be prepared because the time is approaching when your brothers will become aware of the existence of those who witnessed my manifestation and heard the voice of the Lord. Humanity will want to know the events that surrounded my manifestation, the contents of my message, and how I verified the truth of this doctrine.

9. Men and women from all walks of life will seek your testimony of that manifestation. Is it not righteous for your testimony to reflect the truth and purity of the manifestation? If it does, then your brethren will have a better understanding of it since they didn't have the opportunity to listen to my teaching through the human spokesmen.

10. If you had dedicated part of your time to carefully analyzing my word, there would have been no need for me to come explain my teachings, because you can become aware of your spiritual responsibility through meditation, careful analysis, and a self examination.

11. This manifestation will come to an end soon. Since this multitude has been unable to comprehend my teachings, I have had to explain things in greater detail to help you.

12. You need to be aware that when you give testimony of Me to your brethren, it is not sufficient to only repeat words from these teachings. This does not require any great preparation since all you need to do is to memorize words or keep them in written form. To offer true testimony of Me you need to practice deeds of love, thus allowing your brethren to feel the essence of my word. As you explain my doctrine in a simple, yet profound manner, you will also need to teach my Doctrine to your brethren by practicing extraordinary deeds. To do all of these things you need to practice true spirituality in your life, thus, offering true testimony of my word in this Third Era.

13. When you begin to practice the deeds that I have taught you, even the greatest skeptics will humbly accept the words that you speak as the truth.

14. If you truly feel love for your brethren and want to be charitable, then carefully analyze this teaching and truly prepare yourself to strive in this endeavor using your divine virtues. Then you will become worthy of being called a messenger and disciple of God during this Third Era.

15. My people, the hour is approaching in which each one of you will need to fulfill your mission with true love for all of humanity.

16. While I am preparing my departure, you need to be preparing yourselves to fulfill your spiritual work on earth.

17. I observe that you are worried because you have been unable to memorize these teachings that I have given to you, therefore, you are afraid to confront humanity without being able to defend the truth of this Doctrine. I say to you that you should not be afraid, because, as I prepare for my departure, I will ask this multitude to publish books containing the teachings and revelations from this Third Era. Those books will help those who witnessed my manifestation during this era to remember my teachings, to carefully analyze them, and to prepare themselves so they can offer testimony of my truth.

18. The books that will be published to conserve my teachings will be of great importance because after my departure you truly will begin to study my doctrine.

19. Those books will allow those who had witnessed my manifestation, but who have forgotten many teachings, to remember with great emotion and joy those moments when they received my divine teachings. Also, those who did not witness my manifestation will become astonished with the essence of my teachings and will be able to perceive the Kingdom of Heaven.

20. When my disciple has carefully studied my teachings and practices spirituality in his life, he will no longer need books that contain my teachings. He will be able to remember and repeat my words of Divine truth whenever he needs them, because his spirit will inspire him through his conscience, where my Doctrine is eternally written.

21. Blessed are those who with vigilance awaited this moment because they will rejoice in spirit and truth. They will elevate to a world of enlightenment and return with spiritual strength.

22. Thus, when you come to me with great sincerity and devotion to listen to my word, you separate yourself from your worldly existence and nourish yourself with the divine essence of my word.

23. After nourishing yourself from my spiritual banquet, your life on earth does not seem as difficult. The cross that you carry now seems lighter and the ordeals much easier.

24. Yes, my children, one who walks the spiritual path will not become weary and weak for whoever seeks the spiritual will not stumble on earth.

25. Oh, if you only knew how many beings from the spiritual valley who are full of love and light follow you, accompany you, and inspire you! However, how can they help you if you are unwilling to do your part of the work?

26. You need to have faith and to follow their inspirations, if you want these charitable beings to influence you and to help you. If you are truly prepared to pray, and pray with great faith and sensitivity, then you will perceive marvelous things along your path in life.

27. My word offers tenderness and compassion to your hardened heart which has experienced great pain and suffering. You, too, will offer your brethren great comfort through your deeds of charity and words of encouragement when you become a teacher.

28. Who are the ones who will not yield to your deeds of love, sincerity, and truth? Who, among this multitude, does not recall the phrases I used to greet you on the first day that you listened to my word? It was a voice filled with great tenderness and divine essence, thus, allowing you to recognize me.

29. Although I forgive your faults, I also need to correct you so that you will eliminate all selfishness from your heart because that is one weakness that truly hurts your spirit. I touch your conscience to make you aware of the responsibility that you have for your brethren. You need to practice deeds of charity and forgiveness along your path, as I taught you in the Second Era.

30. The cross that Christ had to carry was heavy, and his journey was bitter and painful. Although I had a difficult path to follow, I disregarded my own pain to offer comfort to those who were suffering, even blessing those who would crucify me.

31. My people, whose spirits have received my divine enlightenment in all three eras: Behold how much misery and bitterness exist on earth. It is important to practice deeds of love and kindness among humanity; illuminating your brethren with faith, hope, and spiritual peace.

32. My love and power should be sufficient to transform humanity, but since I have created all of you to love one another, it is important for there to emerge a multitude of individuals who practice true spirituality. They will need to be faithful guardians of my Law so they can illuminate humanity and teach it the true path, eliminating all falsehood and bringing light to the darkness.

33. A new war will soon occur on earth. It will be unlike any other war that humanity has endured. It will be a war of ideas, philosophies, doctrines, beliefs, ideologies, and religions.

34. My people: You need to be prepared when that war occurs, and alert your children.

35. Since materialism will guide the lives of many people on earth, there will be much injustice and people will experience great hardship, anguish, desperation, and suffering. People will be able to find refuge only in my Divine Law. Only my Law will be able to protect man from all of the hatred, low passions, and greed that will exist on earth. Joyful will be those who prepare themselves spiritually prior to the arrival of that period! Woe to those who are weak and ! spiritually asleep. Woe to the nations whose faith is based on religious fanaticism rather than divine love and trust in God, for they will fall prey to the suffering and anguish.

36. O humanity, do you not sense the arrival of that battle? Are you not moved and touched by my word so that you can prepare to defend yourself when that moment arrives? All beings possess my enlightenment, but only those who pray and prepare themselves are able to receive divine inspirations. Although I communicate with man through premonition, inspiration, intuition, and dreams, he ignores all that is spiritual and remains indifferent to my divine messages.

37. Soon you will see the fulfillment of my word and will testify that it reveals the truth.

38. My Doctrine and my name will be ridiculed and attacked, and you will be persecuted by those who are enemies of the truth. My Doctrine, however, will be a sword of light for those defending the divine truth and a shield defending the innocent. I will be the topic of discussion for everyone. Some will bless my name, while others will disrespect it.

39. All of the gifts that man possesses will be developed; his intelligence, sentiments, passions, and spiritual gifts. His spirituality will be awakened and ready for the battle.

40. There will be great confusion during that period! Many who believed that they had true faith in me will realize that they did not! Love and hope will disappear from many individuals and many homes; children and young people will have no God other than the world, nor any law other than the laws that are practiced on earth.

41. I ask you, my people: What mission are you going to fulfill amidst this chaos and confusion? Perhaps, you will hide that precious jewel that I have given to you? Will you close the book of my teachings and renounce the power that I have given you as my disciples? No, my beloved people, you will not act in that manner. I have prepared you so that you will not be surprised by the chaos and the confusion that will occur. Also, I have spiritually prepared you so that you will not be intimidated by the eloquence of or the science of those who will oppose you. Textbooks, titles, and names are human vanities, but the words that you will preach are eternal truths.

42. Some confusion has occurred among those who have witnessed my manifestation during this period. This has led to disagreements, division, and criticism among you, which was necessary to awaken spiritually those who were asleep and in the end this will enable you to truly comprehend my Divine Word.

43. My people, do not be afraid of the conflict that is occurring. In truth I say to you that this conflict is necessary for it will help you awaken spiritually because you have begun to practice the rituals and the traditions of a new cult. Truly I tell you that Spirituality is not concerned with the practice of rituals, routines, traditions, or external ceremonies.

44. Only a few have awaken spiritually during this ordeal convinced that they are not practicing true spirituality. These few will need to separate themselves from the multitude for a time because the majority of these people will continue to strongly follow their customs and traditions as if they were the Law. A period of silence will follow allowing this multitude to meditate and reflect, to observe and to experiment, and then a greater struggle and battle will follow. This battle will allow all to finally comprehend the true essence of my Doctrine and to comprehend its true purity and spirituality.

45. During the second battle and struggle the majority of the people will their eyes to the truth, but they will need to separate themselves from this multitude because it will continue to practice rituals and traditions which are inappropriate for my Doctrine. They will not reunite with this multitude until it stops practicing these rituals and learns the true essence of my Doctrine.

46. Behold how it is necessary for ordeals to occur to spiritually awaken you because, otherwise, you would continue to practice your rituals and traditions.

47. The peace and harmony that currently exists among this multitude is false. Peace and harmony will come only after you begin to practice true spirituality, but first you must be tested and purified. You must remember that you will remain as witnesses of the teachings that I have given you during this time; therefore, your testimony must be full of truth and purity.

48. Today you are being purified through suffering and pain; in the future, you will be purified through your spirituality!

49. After having endured great ordeals and having studied my doctrine, there is no justification for you to continue suffering nor to be confused. If that were to continue, then this multitude would have to endure a much greater ordeal than the one that it is presently enduring. Do you love truth? Do you desire peace? If so, practice my word with purity allowing your spirit to find the path that leads to spiritual harmony.

50. Since I have communicated through human spokesmen, be aware that the spiritual enlightenment and the manifestation that you have been given is limited. I also limited myself in the past when I spoke to humanity through the prophets.

51. I have sent different prophets to earth during periods of great ordeals for humanity, when it was close to falling into the abyss and destroying itself.

52. The spokesmen through whom I have manifested myself in this Third Era are also prophets. The words that they have spoken have awaken those who were spiritually asleep and have provided guidance for those who had become lost.

53. The words spoken by my prophets during each era have been heard by many but very few have truly listened to them. Why have so many chosen not to listen to the voice of my prophets? Because my prophets have spoken of coming events and God's divine justice. Always they have told humanity to pray, to be vigilant, to repent, and to cleanse its stains.

54. The prophets during the First Era used their intuition in revealing their prophecies. They announced many events even though they were totally unaware of such events. Although they did not know that Christ existed, they spoke of Him to humanity. Although it was still centuries before the Savior would come to earth, already the prophets were describing his arrival, as well as his life and death as a human being.

55. You have received great spiritual enlightenment because you are my new disciples and prophets of this Third Era! You will also need to utilize your intuition during this era because when you travel to different regions you will need to speak to those people according to their needs, their level of comprehension, and spiritual evolution.

56. Some will listen to your words, whereas others will ridicule you. Nevertheless, you will not cease preaching penance, which is regeneration, prayer, which is repentance and faith, and charity, and which is an expression of brotherhood and love.

57. Do not forget that your brethren will only develop faith in my Doctrine if they observe you living a virtuous and righteous life. This means that your brethren will carefully examine all aspects of your life to see if your deeds are reflecting the teachings of this Doctrine.

58. Practice humility and simplicity in your daily life without allowing your faith and dedication to weaken.

59. The world is still unaware of those who have received my divine revelations during this Third Era. In the near future, however, humanity will become interested in knowing the truth of my new arrival and all events related to my manifestation. Humanity will question you; therefore, you need to be prepared.

60. Truly I tell you that there will always be at least one individual who will truly listen and accept your words, even though many others may be hostile.

61. If you practice spirituality and develop the gift of speech, you will not weaken during your struggle and ordeals.

62. Although you presently are ignored by the world, truly I tell you that the day will come when the nations of the earth will await you anxiously. That day will arrive once humanity begins to experience great ordeals and catastrophes because it will discover that this people, who practice spirituality, has a power over plagues and strange illnesses.

63. Those who are ill will be awaiting the arrival of the messenger and the disciple of Jesus to heal them with the healing balsam of tenderness and charity. Many homes will open their doors awaiting the arrival of my disciples to bring them peace and enlightenment.

64. The generations of today have ignored the signs which marked my arrival during this period. Although they have attributed all of those signs to chance, they will soon discover the true meaning of all those events which surrounded my arrival, my manifestation, and my departure during this period. Also they will acknowledge that these signs and events were truly those prophesied during the Second Era. They will be correct when they proclaim that "the leaf on a tree does not move without the will of God".

65. Beloved humanity: You are my beloved children whom I have come to save. I have come to visit those who are exiled and in prison! Feel my presence, and I say to you that you will not lack anything!

66. Trust in me and have hope. You have experienced great ordeals in making restitution for your mistakes, but soon your path will become less difficult as you discover the spiritual peace you so much desire. My Peace be with you!

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