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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 301

The Lord says:

1. Rejoice with my word, oh spirits for whom the Father has long awaited and for whom He came to the world to shed his blood!

2. Although these multitudes are formed by those who believe and those who do not, each one hungers for love and thirsts for enlightenment and truth. Those who have faith nourish and strengthen themselves spiritually, but those who do not reject this bread of eternal life, and thus continue to endure their spiritual hunger and thirst. They are spirits who are confused by a life of ignorance, fanaticism, and materialism which prevents them from . contemplating and feeling my presence. These individuals are fearful of the judgement of humanity. How can they spiritually feel my essence if they are concerned and preoccupied with how people will judge them? They will say that I am not truly manifesting myself in these houses of prayer, but in reality, they are the ones who were not truly present with me. They did not allow their spirits to feel my presence because they were preoccupied with their thoughts, self interests, concerns, and the sensual desires of the material world. If I have come, and if I am with you it is because I always remember those who need me and those who endure bitterness, slavery, and humiliation.

3. There are some who do not believe in this manifestation because they lack the will to triumph over their own vanity and fanaticism. On the other hand, there are others who want to believe in my teachings but are unable to do so because they are spiritually confused, preventing them from discovering the truth and divine joy found in my Doctrine.

4. Do you believe that I will abandon my children if they do not accept these teachings? Do you believe that I will forget them because they ignored me and left my path when I summoned them? No, my people, I will not abandon them nor forget them. My Spirit will always be with them, helping overcome their obstacles. They shall be tested and I will show them in many different ways the Divine Truth. All will eventually return to the Divine path they abandoned, and I will always welcome them with love.

5. Eat and drink, my people, for I have come to offer you bread and wine to nourish your spirit. Take this food from the Third Era and sustain yourself with it, for blessed is the one who eats of this bread because he will awaken spiritually and his eyes will be opened to the divine light as he begins to evolve spiritually.

6. I have been manifesting myself in this manner for a long time,however, the day is now arriving when I will cease to give you these teachings and revelations through human spokesmen. Although this phase of your spiritual preparation will come to an end, my work and my divine lessons will not end.

7. Those who have heard the Divine Father give His teachings in this era through human spokesmen will remain on earth to fulfill their mission. They will speak to humanity of my Doctrine and through their deeds give testimony of the teachings that they have received.

8. My word has been filled with love and charity from the moment I began to manifest myself during this Third Era. My teachings have also manifested my divine justice because they have made you aware of your mistakes and have changed your way of life. Now that this manifestation is coming to an end, behold that my divine justice is more evident, as is the warmth and tenderness that you feel in your heart when you listen to these teachings.

9. In my last teachings I want you to acquire all the strength that you will need for your upcoming struggle. I want you to remember the divine tenderness and warmth that you received from these teachings so that you will remember me in a loving manner. May you remember the advice, the blessings, the healing balsam, and the inspiration that my teachings gave you. May you recall with emotion my teachings during this period, realizing that it was the Divine Master who broke the seals of the Book of Life opening before your eyes the sixth chapter. You will understand that it was Elijah who had the key to open the doors to the Third Era, the era of spiritual enlightenment.

10. In past eras, humanity was granted some manifestations by messengers of the Father, whom you have referred to as angels. This was done to enlighten humanity spiritually and to the life beyond the physical world. These first manifestations were followed by the deeds of Jesus which were meant to help you become more spiritually enlightened regarding my Divine Sanctuary. These you may remember: The presence of beings of light announcing my coming to earth; the influence of confused spirits upon a human being, whom you call possessed; a spirit departing from its body and returning to it as I demonstrated through my transfiguration at Mount Tabor; and the materialization of those beings who have not elevated to their true kingdom because they lack enlightenment, as was evidenced in Jerusalem on the day of my crucifixion.

11. Those lessons were truly profound! But there were some who did not want to see the light in those lessons, such as the high priests and pharisees of that time who attributed all spiritual knowledge to harmful powers. Did they not say that Jesus was able to heal those who were possessed because he had a pact with the devil? Also, mankind was surprised that I came in spirit during this time. My true essence is spirit; thus, I have come to teach you more about the spiritual life. This teaching will be more profound, clear, and extensive, and you will be able to personally experience those things that I have come to reveal to you.

12. Some believe that my spiritual manifestation and teachings during this era are too spiritually elevated, such as my communication through the human spokesmen as well as the manifestation of enlightened spiritual beings. Others believe that what they have spiritually learned in the present era cannot be surpassed. I say to you that what I have granted this multitude during the present era only represents the beginning of what man will be able to achieve in the future once he practices true spirituality. Once man has eliminated all of his false beliefs, achieving freedom for both his spirit and mind, he will be able to progress much more than man has progressed today. Is there anyone who will be able to detain the manifestations that are reserved for man in the future once humanity spiritually evolves? Those who oppose those manifestations will be those who are stubborn, insensitive, and blind because of their fanatical beliefs.

13. Each era has brought man new and marvelous revelations for his spirit and for his mind. All need to be ready and prepared to receive my divine messages because a new time has arrived and there is much that you need to learn and comprehend.

14. "Charity and more charity to your brothers,” Elijah has told you in this time, but those who are materially poor have asked: What can I give to my brethren if I have nothing to give? It is true that you possess nothing materially. However, if you keep and treasure the knowledge and grace that I am offering you with these teachings and also develop the spiritual gifts that your spirit possesses, you will be able to offer eternal charity to your brethren.

15. Here are some of the benefits that you have been granted by my Spirit: healing balsam to cure all physical illnesses and to remove all sorrows of the spirit; eternal peace to share with those who do not have it in their heart; and spiritual enlightenment to illuminate your path, to guide your steps, and to inspire elevated thoughts and ideas that will enable you to penetrate into scientific knowledge. I have taught you spiritual prayer, allowing you to communicate with the divine, thus converting you into instruments of my messages and revelations. I have also given your spirit the gift of prophecy from which intuition and premonition originate. Through that gift you will be able to anticipate what to expect along the path that each one of you will have to travel.

16. I have given you those and other gifts. Who will be able to say that he is poor, when he possesses so much grace? Who, even though he is materially poor on earth, will deny himself the opportunity to practice deeds of charity utilizing the many wonderful spiritual gifts that he possesses? All that is needed is for your heart to be open to my divine love, like the petals of flowers opening when touched by raindrops. Once you allow my divine love to penetrate into your heart, you will feel strong enough to journey along your difficult path, offering charity to your needy brethren because you will have become one with my Spirit.

17. In the Second Era I gave you a clear example of how one does not need to possess material things in order to practice charity. To practice charity, all you need is to feel love for your brethren, to feel sympathy for those who suffer and to offer them comfort. If you do those things you will be able to accomplish miracles.

18. I multiplied the loaves of bread when there was not enough bread, transformed water into wine, healed those who were ill, freed those who were possessed, resurrected the dead, softened with a word those with a hardened heart, and offered enlightenment to all spirits. If you prepare yourself, you will be able to offer the same charity to your brethren. If I performed those deeds to set an example for you, it means that you are able to do the same things that I did. If you feel that you lack the ability and enlightenment to carry out those deeds, behold that I have come once again among you to awaken and develop the spiritual gifts that you possess. Therefore, you can never again say that you are a needy individual, because you would offend your Father with those words since he has given you all that you need to reach Him.

19. Do not forget what Elijah has said to you, "Practice more and more charity with your brethren,” knowing that you possess a great treasure that you can give to your brethren.

20. The manna from the Third Era descends directly to you without touching the earth because it is received by your spirit.

21. My people: You are an image of humanity, and that is why I receive you as a representative for all of mankind. Among you I find that there is suffering, a lack of faith, weaknesses, lack of harmony, disagreements, and conflicts. These things that I tell you also apply to the rest of humanity. You will need to share the teachings that I am revealing to you with your brethren because my message is for all of mankind.

22. I do not see you unified; therefore, you are unable to spread my word. Your conscience will not allow you to speak of unity and harmony to your brethren if you are not yet practicing these two things. Nevertheless, the time will come when the children of this multitude will live in peace and practice true brotherhood and spirituality as they unite to follow my Doctrine of love.

23. You have traveled a long journey on the path of life. It is now time to return to your Father's home.

24. You have traveled the road of experience. Thus, you are no longer spiritually blind, innocent, and ignorant. On this same journey, you have stained your spirit also, therefore, your ordeals and suffering are helping to cleanse and purify your spirit.

25. The one who is innocent is also blind because there are many things that he does not comprehend nor does he know which path to follow to return to the Divine Father. The individual who has acquired spiritual enlightenment along the path of experience knows where he is going and how to return to the Divine Father.

26. These teachings are now helping you to understand why people suffer and why they experience ordeals and temptations on earth. Also you are learning why people experience so much bitterness and so many difficulties as they journey slowly along the path of life toward spiritual perfection.

27. These teachings also explain why you confront so many problems in life which you must learn to resolve in order to attain spiritual progress.

28. It is necessary that I reveal this truth to you because only then will you be full of hope and ideals. If I do not repeat my Sermon on the Mount frequently, you become spiritually weak because you will forget the reason why people struggle on earth. You will allow suffering to triumph, believing that you are condemned to suffering always.

29. I want you to be my disciples, but you continue to be spiritually ignorant. Many times I have heard you say the following: "Father, why do you send us so much misery? Why do you not want to listen to our prayers? Father, you have not heard our prayers."

30. I listen to your cries and I say to you: I always listen to your prayers, but I cannot always grant your requests at the precise moment in which you are asking for it. Also, neither can I grant your requests according to your will but rather according to my will. It is your responsibility to pray for others, to illuminate their paths with good thoughts and to separate them from all darkness. Thus, you will be helping your brethren to become spiritually prepared for the moment when I will send them my spiritual peace.

31. When you experience ordeals, what is important to me is not so much that you overcome them, but rather the effort you make to learn from them in order to acquire spiritual experience, evolution, and perfection.

32. You are the ones who have been given the mission of enlightening your brethren and guiding them on earth. Therefore, who will be the ones who have the faith to move mountains to enlighten their brethren?

33. If you understood the true essence of my word, you would arise quickly, strongly determined to spread the virtues found in my teachings. You would have more compassion for those young children who lack tenderness and guidance because their parents have died.

34. You would feel charity for the young adults who are just beginning to live, but who lack ideals because humanity has destroyed their faith.

35. Do you now comprehend the meaning of the guiding light and the ideals that I am inspiring you to pursue?

36. Your spirit informs me that it does comprehend that the guiding light refers to the divine wisdom found in this Doctrine which has come to eliminate the darkness that surrounds humanity.

37. Blessed are you, my children, because you are able to listen to the young people who ask the following questions: Where is God? What is heaven, and what is faith?

38. It is your responsibility to orient your younger brethren on the path of life because they have lost their way. Tell them about the Divine Father, and let them know that they will be able to feel my presence by practicing a little spirituality in their lives. Once they feel my presence, they will acquire the strength and courage necessary to keep them on the right path.

39. It is your mission to tell those who are orphans that their Divine Mother has always been with them, embracing them and offering them her tenderness since the loss of their parents. Teach them how to feel that divine presence and warmth throughout life.

40. I say to all those who have acquired spiritual strength on the path of life: You are responsible for helping the poor orphans, those children who have been neglected by mankind and who wander through the streets seeking maternal love.

41. Thus, I have come to invite you to my Kingdom of peace so that you can rest from the difficult struggles that you now are experiencing. I have come to teach you how to lessen the weight of your cross and to help you comprehend the true meaning of your ordeals in life. You will not need to suffer needlessly once you have learned from those ordeals and begin to truly purify your spirit.

42. Nourish yourself with those things that bring you wholesome and virtuous joy. Enjoy the presence of children, for they are the spirits whom I said would come to dwell on earth during this period. As they begin life, their mission is to bring peace and spiritual enlightenment to earth. Be vigilant because my promise is being fulfilled by these children who offer hope for mankind and who are laying the foundation for future generations. Their destiny will be a testimony for those who are anxiously awaiting for the signs that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

43. Humanity will regenerate itself. The spirit of man will greatly evolve with the passage of time, and his deeds will reflect his evolved state.

44. Today, you are unable to comprehend the reason for your ordeals, believing that they are unnecessary, unjust, and senseless. I will give you the reasons for your ordeals during your declining years or when you dwell in the spiritual valley.

45. Today I will not reveal to you what you failed to fulfill in. the past. Also, I will not inform you of your errors, mistakes, or your future. I want you to completely trust and have confidence in your Father because my Spirit is with you every moment of your life, offering you my encouragement, my blessings, and my teachings. I am aware of all your thoughts and deeds. I want you to have faith in me, to love me, and to seek me as your Father, friend, and adviser during each of your ordeals.

46. Now that you know that you are making restitution for your past mistakes, you need to learn to confront and overcome your weaknesses in a virtuous manner. As you go through life restituting your disobediences to the Divine Law with virtuous deeds and acquiring spiritual strength and wisdom through your ordeals, you will begin to evolve step by step until you reach the higher regions of spiritual evolution.

47. Although I am not telling you that soon you will reach the highest level of spiritual evolution, I do promise you great opportunities to reach that level.

48. There will be no need for intermediaries to guide you once you learn to communicate with me, because you will be inspired and guided by me.

49. The day you become unified, your thoughts, your prayers, and your love will be felt throughout the world. Humanity will feel those vibrations but will not fully comprehend them. Thus, it will say: Something supernatural will soon occur.

50. When that time arrives, my messengers will take this light that only a few have seen to their brethren in other nations. My teachings will become known by all those who have not spiritually progressed. These people will be illiterate and live in abandoned places. However, when they become familiar with my teachings, they will arise, the light of their conscience will shine, and their spirit will blossom.

51. I am preparing you to become my true disciples, to listen carefully to my teachings, and to study in silence so that you may acquire more divine wisdom since my teachings are infinite. When you feel that you have become spiritually strong and are ready to teach your brethren, gather around you those who hunger for the truth. Prepare those who will become my new disciples, as did John the Baptist while he was in the desert. Prepare those individuals and then leave their cause to me, for I will guide them to spiritual perfection.

52. Be aware that the things that I now tell you, you will need to fulfill one day. Today, you are with me, united as a family under the protection of its parents. However, you will soon be dispersed to follow different paths throughout the world. My people, you will then witness the fulfillment of my words and have the opportunity to teach this Doctrine because you will mirror my divine love and give examples of true brotherhood.

53. I am touching the most sensitive fibers in your heart because the time of my departure is approaching. When I depart I want you to become more sensitive to the suffering, misery, and orphanhood that others experience.

54. My Divine Light will always be with you. When this communication comes to an end, your spirit will continue to receive my divine enlightenment.

55. Your spirit will need that divine enlightenment, especially when you begin to spread this Doctrine. It will be a struggle because you will be denounced and persecuted by humanity as impostors!

56. Then you will hear my divine voice inspiring you: "Do not fear, continue to share my teachings with your brethren telling them about those things that you have learned."

57. You will tell your brethren of the divine truth in these teachings. If someone is offended by what you tell him, leave his cause to me. I say to you, however, that when you share my divine truth with your brethren, never do so with the intention of hurting someone, because you will be judged for what you have done.

58. Respect the faith and the religion of all of your brethren. Remember that I, your God, who is Omnipotent and All-Powerful, manifested himself to all of his children regardless of their religious belief or form of worship.

59. You will sow this Doctrine with love among your brethren. These teachings will teach man how to return to the Divine Lord and how to elevate above his material life toward a more perfect world.

60. Once man has learned the true meaning of life, it is very important for his spirit to become spiritually enlightened so he can return to the Divine Father following the true path. When a spirit is young and innocent, it truly does not know God. Man can only know God when his spirit acquires enlightenment and wisdom through the path of experience as it confronts ordeals and struggles.

61. The day will arrive when many of your brethren will come seeking you to say: "Share your spiritual bread with us. We observe that you have bread, that you are happy, and that you are guided by a light that is not of this world. Share that light with us so that it may also guide us".

62. This will be the beginning of true peace and brotherhood on earth. Wars will cease, hatred will disappear, and the kingdom of darkness will also vanish.

63. You are still not prepared to share the spiritual bread with your brethren because you have not yet fully eliminated all of your selfishness and vanity. I will grant you a while longer to prepare yourselves.

64. My people: I have given you one more teaching, a teaching of brotherhood. The Book of Life will open before you, and in your conscience you will continue listening to the voice of the Divine Master saying to you: "Love one another.”

65. The one who has come to witness this manifestation but who was mentally preoccupied with material concerns or with physical pleasures learned very little from these teachings. In comparison, the one who came to witness this manifestation with humility and with great joy has received a great spiritual treasure which will continue to grow as each day passes. He will then feel prepared and ready to share it with his brethren.

66. I want you to be the one who will seek those individuals on earth who hunger for love and truth. My Peace be with you!

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