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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 302

The Lord says:

My Peace be with you!

1. Disciples of my Divinity: I welcome you to my teaching. Do not be surprised by the manner my Divine Spirit greets you for truly I tell you that during this last year of my manifestation I will always greet you in the same manner.

2. I will reward each forward step that you take on the path of spirituality. It is a great honor when a house of prayer stops practicing routines and rituals and makes an effort to spiritualize and perfect its practices. I will not designate specific days for my manifestation with you because time does not exist for me.

3. During the Second Era, a few days after the crucifixion of Jesus, three of my disciples were walking along a road toward an empty cabin where they could concentrate on the memory of the Divine Master who had departed. As they walked along the path, they felt great sorrow in their hearts and a deep emptiness in their spirits. Along their path they met a traveler who accompanied them. He asked them why they were so sad, and they informed him with great emotion of what had occurred in Jerusalem and in Golgotha. When they reached the cabin they found themselves united with the traveler, not only physically but also spiritually, through their oneness in thought and meditation. At that moment, the disciples were surprised when the one who had accompanied them transfigured and said to them: "My peace be with you.” Immediately they recognized the voice of their Divine Master and knelt before him.4. They saw his face radiating with light, love, and life. From that moment on, his disciples would always recognize him because of his holy greeting: "My peace be with you." Thus, I want you to listen to me as did those disciples. Although you will no longer be able to listen to my words through the human spokesmen after this manifestation comes to an end, you will be able to hear my divine voice through your conscience eternally telling you: "My peace be with you."

5. All individuals are my disciples, even those who are arriving to hear my teachings for the first time, because this is not the first teaching that I have come to give them. I created their spirits long ago, and from that moment I have been their Teacher, teaching them my Word. That is why I called them my disciples the first time they came to listen to my teachings through the human spokesmen. I have prepared life to be as a book that is filled with infinite teachings and wisdom. That book has an infinite number of pages filled with profound knowledge. One lifetime is not sufficient to learn all of its content nor much less to comprehend it. It is a great volume written by the Perfect Being, by the Author of Life and Creator of all things. Although that Book contains great wisdom and knowledge, it is written in a simple and clear manner, as are all the works of God.

6. The first teaching, on the first page, is one of the simplest. If man is unable to comprehend it, the second teaching explains the content in the first teaching. Thus it is with each teaching throughout this great Book of Life, God's gift to man. The sixth chapter in the Book of Life, informs man of his destiny, the true meaning of life, and how to truly know the Divine Father. Man will comprehend his past, his present, and, when it is my will, his future.

7. The era of the Holy Spirit has arrived for humanity as man enters the Third Era. This is the era when man will begin to practice spirituality. Before this era of spirituality began, man suffered and endured many ordeals along his path.

8. Although I observe that your spirit has evolved during this era to receive my divine teachings, I still find your spirit hungry and thirsty for the truth. Your spirit has evolved and learned many things because of the pain, suffering, and hardships that it has experienced along its path. However, I observe that your spirit has not truly evolved. You will spiritually evolve only when you begin to practice my teachings, fulfill my laws, and practice true deeds of love, for all virtues originate from love.

9. Man uses science to analyze and to transform his life on earth. He becomes vain because of his material possessions, low passions, and his power on earth. The greatness that man feels does not reflect divine truth because it is only temporary and represents human vanity. Although man transforms his life on earth, it will be purified by me. The spiritual wisdom of the Holy Spirit is shed upon all spiritual beings, but all of my children will need to endure one more ordeal to truly awaken spiritually.

10. Man has resisted the rigor of my justice by silencing the voice of his conscience. He has hidden and disregarded my divine laws. He has murdered my prophets and has ridiculed my messengers. Although my power is infinite and greater than the power of man and I can unleash my full justice upon his spirit to force him to follow me, I do not. Instead, I want man to be endowed with my divine attributes, radiating with confidence, joy, and satisfaction as he achieves true spiritual greatness and joy.

11. That is how I want to perceive my child whom I have created in my own image. I will separate him only from his errors, sins, and imperfections, giving him the faith and trust he needs to progress. Whenever he becomes weak and begins to separate from the path of virtue, I will take his hand so that he does not separate. However, there is one more ordeal that humanity will have to endure which will be a global catastrophe. The elements of nature will become unleashed during that period of great turmoil, and the spirit of man will experience great spiritual confusion and great struggles.

12. That great turmoil is now beginning to occur and will continue to increase. Truly I tell you that amidst that great turmoil, any individual who fulfills my Law will be saved.

13. All bad seeds will be cut from their roots; only the good seed will remain untouched by my divine justice. Earth will once again become cleansed because after that ordeal humanity will experience a new life on earth. All those individuals who were the bad seeds on earth will be taken in spirit to the spiritual valley where I will prepare them spiritually, and there they will restitute and repent for their sins.

14. Since spirits have so much spiritual enlightenment during this period, a spirit only needs to truly repent for its sins to begin to regenerate itself and to practice my Law. After the spirits whom I previously have removed from the earth finish their preparation in the spiritual valley, they will return to earth. Some will return to begin their earthly path again, others will return to restore those things that they had previously destroyed, while some will be given the opportunity to complete the mission they failed to complete. Each will experience my justice of love. When humanity first dwelt on earth, it lived in a state of innocence and simplicity. As humanity began to multiply, man began to sin more because of his free will and lack of evolution. As he became more sinful, he became less virtuous and more distant from me. It was then that I prepared Noah by communicating with him from Spirit to spirit because I established this type of communication with mankind when man first came to dwell on earth. Although that form of communication was reserved for only a few individuals in the past, I will communicate in that manner with all beings on earth in the future. The Father will communicate with all of his children through prayer and inspiration, once they learn to love and to practice his teachings.

15. I said to Noah: ”1 will send a great flood to earth to purify the spirit of man of all his sins. Build an ark, and tell your children, their wives, and your grandchildren to go inside the ark. Also place a pair of animals from each specie on earth inside the ark." Noah obeyed and the flood came in fulfillment of my word. Those who were evil were taken from earth, whereas those who were virtuous were saved. A new humanity evolved from the virtuous individuals. These individuals were spiritually enlightened, thus, they were able to fulfill my Law and practice good deeds on earth.

16. Perhaps do you believe that those individuals who suffered painful deaths perished both physically and spiritually? Truly I tell you, my children, they did not. Those spirits were saved by Me, and they were judged by their conscience. They then were prepared to return once again to the path of life in order to progress spiritually.

17. The day in which the waters ceased to cover the earth, a rainbow of peace appeared in the heavens, signaling the pact that God had established with humanity. I now say to mankind in this Third Era: You are the same ones who endured those ordeals to become purified in the past. In this new era you will experience a new catastrophe. I have come to forewarn those who have received my teachings and humanity in general of that catastrophe. Listen, my children: This Doctrine represents the new ark. I invite you to enter and cherish it.

18. O Israel, to enter my ark, you need to practice my Law. All those who fulfill my mandates in those days of great bitterness and turmoil will have entered my ark. They will be spiritually strong and will feel embraced by my love.

19. Once again I say to all humanity: The ark is my Law of Love. Each individual who practices love and charity with his brethren and with himself will be saved. I will bless that virtue and mankind will discover spiritually the ark of salvation through that great virtue during this Third Era. Not only will man discover salvation for his life on earth but also salvation and peace for his spirit because a period of great ordeals is approaching, a time when sect will battle sect and religion will battle religion.

20. How long will that battle last? Although you may not possess that information, I will say to you that it will last long enough to prepare the spirit of all men. It will be sufficient time to awaken all individuals spiritually, even those who are in their spiritual infancy. It will last until all individuals become aware of the time in which they now live and of their responsibility to God who is calling for the regeneration of all spirits. When that period of turmoil comes to an end, you will once again perceive a signal of my pact with mankind in the heavens. However, you will not perceive a rainbow with its seven colors as in the past, but rather the light of the Holy Spirit which will fully manifest itself to all incarnated and disincarnated spirits. The voice of the Holy Spirit will say to his children: I am the peace, I am the path, the truth, and the life. I come so that you may establish a new alliance with the Holy Spirit and with my Law. During this time my teachings will rescue man from the chains of his ignorance and slavery. I will offer humanity a new time of peace and prosperity, a I period when man will eliminate all of his materialism and truly begin to regenerate himself. During that time spirits who previously lacked spiritual enlightenment but who now have become enlightened and ! spiritually prepared in the spiritual valley will be sent to incarnate on earth. Those spirits will return to earth truly prepared to practice deeds of virtue and truth in fulfillment of my Law.

21. My beloved disciples, your Father has given you a great responsibility because you are not only familiar with my teaching but you will know what the future will bring. However, you should not be concerned when my prophecies will be fulfilled. What is important is that you have the love and faith necessary to fulfill my Doctrine. I will do the rest. If you are able to fulfill your spiritual responsibilities, your conscience will be at peace.

22. O Israel, you will then observe that no matter how bitter life may be for others, your life will be peaceful and suffering will not overwhelm you. You will acquire spiritual strength by fulfilling my Law and obeying my mandates. You will no longer fear the weight of your cross nor will you fear the arrival of the death of your life on earth. You will await it with tranquility, and when it arrives you will perceive it as the arrival of a friend or brother who has come to free you and to shorten your days of pain. ! misery, and toil. It will guide and help you enter into regions of the spiritual valley unknown to your spirit. Although your spirit had previously dwelt in the spiritual valley, it has not yet dwelt in the highly elevated spiritual regions where you will dwell in the future.

23. You are familiar with some of the regions in the spiritual valley, but not all of them, my people. Jesus said to you previously: "In my Father's house there are many mansions." Today the Holy Spirit tells you: "In my Father's house there are an infinite number of mansions."

24. How will your spirit battle and confront ordeals as it enters new mansions? You do not know nor should you even try to imagine what it would be like, because your imagination would visualize things that are not true.

25. It is enough for you to know that your terrestrial life, marvelous and perfect in all of its aspects, is only a symbol and a simple reflection of the spiritual valley. However, do not try to imagine what life is like in those elevated spiritual mansions because, oh Israel, it would be like attempting to explain the different colors that exist to someone who is blind. Since your birth, you have learned so many amazing things each day as you progressed through adolescence and adulthood to old age. When you enter the spiritual valley you will be amazed and surprised with the lessons that you will continue to learn throughout eternity, but you will never truly know your Creator in all of his infinite greatness.

26. You will be able to comprehend his omnipotence and greatness in his laws, in his love, and in his attributes, but will you ever be able to comprehend all there is to know about God? Never, my people, because the Creator is, and will always be, the Father and you are his children. Although his children will be able to sit to the right of the Father, they will never be able to sit in His place. However, Jehovah, who is the origin of perfect love, will never humiliate his children from where he sits. He will always perceive them as his beloved children, as his disciples, and never as his servants or as unworthy individuals. I want the time to arrive when you will feel that you are the Lord's beloved children, rather than his servants or sinners.

27. I do not want to have slaves in this world nor in any other world. I do not want to have servants, slaves, nor prisoners. I want my children to comprehend and to love me in the same manner that I love all of them.

28. My people, with these teachings I have come to offer you testimony of my presence among you as the Spirit of Truth. I have come to construct the ark that will save mankind during this Third Era. Seek the true essence in each of my teachings and preserve their essence by fulfilling my Law. Humanity will experience a period of great confusion. Before that time arrives, I want you to be spiritually prepared and on the right path so that you can summon and help those who are lost, confused, and who are disobeying my law but who want to repent.

29. Do not seek security and salvation only for yourself. If you were to conceal my revelations because of fear during the time when you need to reveal my teachings to humanity, truly I tell you that you also will be among the lost.

30. If you truly want to be saved, you need to forget yourself and to think of others. Be charitable toward all of your brethren regardless of the color of their skin, their language, and their beliefs. Learn to see the presence of your Divine Father in each of your brethren because He is present throughout the universe, thus, He is present in each of His children.

31. See me and love me in all of your brethren. Remember that I have told you that none of my children will perish for all eternity; nor will any spirit die since death does not truly exist. I did not create death. The only thing that I permit to die is sin.

32. Truly I tell you that even those beings whom you refer to as demons and those beings who tempt you are no more than confused and imperfect beings whom the Divine Father wisely uses to fulfill his divine plans. However, those spiritual beings who today live in a state of spiritual darkness, and who use the gifts that I have granted them to practice evil deeds, will attain salvation at the appropriate time. O Israel, the time will come when all beings created by the Lord will glorify Him eternally. I would cease to be God, if I were unable to save and rescue a spirit with my power, wisdom, and love.

33. Everyone will be saved. If you have read about the fire of hell and eternal death, truly I tell you that you still need to seek the figurative meaning of those symbols so that you will not misinterpret my teachings. When you misinterpret my teachings, you attribute imperfections to Me that I do not have. Although I am perfect, I have not come to glorify my perfection among my children. You have not yet attained perfection, but I am guiding you with my love and spiritual enlightenment to attain it.

34. Disciples, you need to be aware that after 1950 when I no longer manifest myself through human spokesmen, I will leave you spiritually united and in harmony. I will continue to give you my divine teachings but they will be more spiritually elevated because you will begin to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. The more that this multitude lives in unity and harmony with my Law, the closer it will become to attaining perfect spiritual communication with the Lord.

35. Once my manifestation through the human spokesmen comes to an end, I will give this multitude a time for meditation, for preparation, and a time to analyze my teachings. However, this multitude should always remain united in their studies. Before you seek my teachings in books or attempt to retrieve them from your memory, you will need to prepare yourself to communicate with the Lord through prayer. Thus, when you begin to analyze my teachings, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you the true meaning of each teaching because I do not want my disciples to interpret them incorrectly.

36. I want all individuals to possess the spiritual fundamental knowledge that is contained in my Doctrine so that all fanaticism and idolatry will disappear. I do not want any superstitions to exist among this multitude. I want you to worship me in a very simple manner, free of rituals and useless ceremonies. Only practice my truth. That is why I told you at the beginning of my teaching, that I will reward each step that you take along the path of spirituality.

37. The time of rituals, altars, and bronze bells will eventually disappear among humanity, but before all idolatry and religious fanaticism completely disappears, humanity will endure a period of confusion and struggles because of their different beliefs and ideas. After that battle is over and peace has returned to earth, man will no longer construct elegant palaces in my honor nor will the multitudes be summoned to their churches by the ringing of bronze bells. Also, individuals who feel superior to others will not arise to exert their power over the multitudes. A period of humility, brotherhood, and spirituality will arrive bringing blessings to all of humanity.

38. O Israel, continue to purify yourself! The essence of my teaching is perfect; therefore, it does not need to be corrected. Always perceive my Doctrine as separate from the rituals, traditions, and external forms of worship that you practice because those things are not part of my Doctrine.

39. My Spirit is universal, and it is present in all that I have created, both spiritually and materially. I created all things, and everything that exists reflects my perfection. My divine work includes all things that exist, from the smallest animal that cannot be perceived with the naked eye to those beings who are highly evolved, perfect, and who sit at my right side. It also includes all things that exist in the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, as well as the atoms and cells which form all things. Everything that I have created reflects perfection, including the material beings that live on earth to the spiritual beings that have now achieved perfection. It is my Creation!

40. Disciples, you feel small and weak in the presence of the Father who is present throughout the universe. I say to you that although your material body is small and fragile, your spirit will become strong to serve me. If, today the Father has come to endow you with his gifts, it is because he knows that you will fulfill your spiritual mission. The Father is never wrong.

41. The Divine Father knows who will be able to fulfill his mission. Truly I tell you that many hear my call and have come to listen to my teachings, but very few are those who have remained faithful to me and are truly fulfilling their mission.

42. Many of those whom I have endowed with spiritual gifts have lost faith and no longer practice deeds of love. They have abandoned and rejected me, and have even ridiculed my manifestation. I am summoning those individuals to enter into my ark to attain salvation because there is still time for them to reflect on their deeds and to repent for their sins and thus begin their restitution. Those who have remained faithful and dedicated will help the other discover the true path. The individuals who have separated from my teachings have done so because they are weak, have yielded to temptation and to the materialistic offerings of the world.

43. My divine love grants them a new period with spiritual enlightenment to help them meditate and attain salvation.

44. Elevate your spiritual prayer to me but do not request anything for yourself nor for your family members. You need to pray for all of humanity who is suffering and who rejects my loving embrace. You who are listening to my teachings are able to feel my loving embrace, thus, even when you confront great ordeals along your path, you will not perish. Some of the ordeals that you confront are sent by my divine justice, although the majority of your ordeals are the result of your own weaknesses. Nevertheless, in each ordeal that you confront, my love will strengthen you and help you to continue along your path until you reach the end of your journey.

45. At this moment unite with your Father; be vigilant and pray for humanity.

46. I want this multitude to be as a star in the heavens, sending rays of light, love, forgiveness, and charity to all the nations on earth. O disciples, I bless you.

47. Not even your spirit is truly aware of the strength that it possesses nor is it aware of how it has spiritually embraced all of humanity. I am aware of those things, and that is why I say to you, my people, always pray for humanity because that is one of the most elevated missions of your spirit. When you are unable to give comfort or to anoint those who are ill because they are distant, then you should pray for them. Your prayers will become wings for your spirit and will allow it to take my message of love and peace to those individuals who are distant. If you watch and pray for humanity, I will watch over you. I will penetrate into your heart and there feel your suffering and needs as I offer you my comfort. I will bless you by granting the fulfillment of what you presently are requesting, but you need to be patient. Do not be demanding nor should you attempt to test me.

48. There is no need to request anything from me, nevertheless, I permit you to ask because you have not acquired the spiritual enlightenment needed to confront your struggles.

49. The moment will arrive when you will no longer request anything but will simply say: "Father, let your will be done." I bless your life, your path, and your table. My Peace be with you!

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