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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 304

The Lord says:

1. Blessed are those who have arrived before me because they have discovered the true path to follow. Blessed are those who seek guidance through my word. I am the Path, and those who journey through this path will reach the top of the mountain. From the top of that mountain you will be able to perceive the long road your spirit traveled to evolve.

2. Each ordeal that you confront along your path offers you an opportunity to learn and when you triumph over that ordeal you will be praiseworthy.

3. Is there any individual who truly comprehends the mysteries of nature and those of the spiritual valley, including those spiritual things that he can neither see nor hear? Is there anyone who truly comprehends the Divine and its plan? Also, is there any individual who knows himself, so well that he can achieve true harmony between his physical and spiritual being while he lives on earth?

4. You are still a weak child who has lost its path. Although you have acquired knowledge preparing you to help your brethren on earth, you have not developed your spiritual gifts nor do you practice spirituality to help you live in harmony with yourself and with your brethren. If you do not truly know yourself, you will be unable to know others nor to guide them in a perfect manner. How can you guide humanity if you are not yet following the true path?

5. People of Israel, although the Divine Master is speaking to you in this manner, it is not because I am disregarding your work within my doctrine. It is to make you realize that the spiritual path is infinite. With each step you take along my path you will acquire more enlightenment and begin to truly comprehend the greatness of my doctrine.

6. I have endowed man with intelligence enabling him to study nature and its manifestations and to explore part of the universe. I have also allowed him to witness manifestations from the spiritual world. My Doctrine will not detain spiritual beings nor man from evolving, but it will enlighten him and give him the freedom to analyze,, work, reason, and investigate spirituality, nature, and his universe. Although man believes that he is reaching the highest level of his intellectual studies, he is only at the beginning.

7. Everything has been prepared for the evolution of the spirit. You need to prepare yourselves to teach humanity how to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. Although mankind is presently confused because of the various beliefs that exist, I have come to illuminate and inspire man. When man receives my inspiration, it will help him to develop his spiritual virtues and to evolve spiritually so he can live in peace.

8. My Doctrine of Spirituality comes to unify mankind by helping them develop a true understanding of spirituality and its importance. Harmony and unity originate from God, thus, I am the fountain of inspiration for mankind.

9. Come to me to tell me about your sorrows, joys, and problems. Although you experience sorrow, I will also allow you to experience the joy of being noble and worthy of me. I give you the opportunity to purify your faults.

10. Each human being will become enlightened by the Holy Spirit and will be inspired to love his brethren, thus, leading to world peace. All individuals will become unified through that divine enlightenment and inspiration. Although none of the religions have been able to achieve peace on earth, man will become inspired by God to live in peace. That is why during this Third Era I am offering all individuals the same opportunity to come before me because my Doctrine of Spirituality treats all individuals equally.

11. If you are unable to presently listen to my voice and to perceive my divine enlightenment because of the spiritual darkness that surrounds your life, the day will come when you will feel the light of the Holy Spirit and listen to my divine voice.

12. People of Israel, be aware that all of your brethren are worthy of receiving all of the blessings that you have received. Extend your hand to help those who are confused for all beings are destined to become spiritually enlightened. I have granted this multitude the opportunity to listen to my word through human spokesmen. Many of your brethren will reject these teachings and will deny that I have come during this period to prepare the path that humanity needs to follow. They will reject that I am manifesting myself through human spokesmen whom I prepared through my divine charity. They will be unable to comprehend nor accept that God chose to manifest himself during this era through human beings who lack perfection. Instead, they prefer to continue seeking me through their materialistic rituals and traditional practices within their religions. Since God is omnipotent, why would it be difficult for him to communicate through a human spokesman? Do you, perhaps, want your faith of God to evolve from the rituals that you practice and the material images of God that you worship?

13. If you believe that I am Omnipotent, the Creator of all things throughout the Universe, and that I am present throughout creation, then you should not doubt that I have prepared these human spokesman to manifest myself.

14. I manifest myself in the air that you breathe, in the sun that sends its warm rays to your planet, and in all things that are visible and invisible. I am in all places throughout the universe.

15. My people, do not judge nor criticize others who seek me in a different manner. Instead, you should welcome them as your brethren. Speak to them about the things that you have learned, and listen with humility when they share their beliefs with you so that you will learn something from them. People need to learn from one another and to acquire wisdom from God because there is no one individual who knows all things.

16. You need to treat your brethren in a loving manner when you practice spirituality, whatever religion your brethren may practice. If you behave in that manner, you will offer testimony that you were prepared by the Lord and your loving deeds will deeply touch your brethren. They will comprehend what you are teaching them if they are not fanatic in their beliefs.

17. My people, spirituality does not need material rituals. You will also not be practicing true spirituality, if you practice deeds that are incomprehensible and mysterious. You no longer need material forms, figures, and objects to feel my presence because my word has the power to make you recognize me and to help you become spiritually evolved.

18. After 1950 the true spiritualist will comprehend the teachings that I have given him. He will then practice them for the purpose of only helping his needy brethren.

19. Tomorrow, man will have the ability to better comprehend these teachings that have only been heard by a few individuals. Eventually all of humanity will understand my doctrine.

20. It does not matter if most individuals were unable to comprehend my teachings when the year 1950 concludes. All that is needed for my Doctrine to spread and flourish in the future is a few individuals to comprehend my teachings now.

21. Beloved disciples: You are similar to a shining star in the sky and a guiding light amidst an immense ocean. Make a true effort not to stain yourself. Cleanse your heart and convert it into my divine sanctuary where the sixth candle inspires all spirits day and night.

22. Imitate the Lord by practicing humility, meekness, forgiveness, and loving one another. Allow your life to reflect true purity by practicing this doctrine of love so that you may show the path of salvation through your deeds of love to your brethren.

23. Come to me, for I am awaiting you. The one who asks shall receive, the one who seeks will find, and the one who knocks at my door will enter my Divine Sanctuary. I will touch your spirit and prepare it with my teachings. You will then be filled with the light from the Holy Spirit.

24. O beloved disciples, separate yourselves from the temptations of the world, for I have come to prepare you for tomorrow when you will imitate the Divine Master!

25. On the last day of my manifestation through the human spokesmen, even the rocks will cry. I will allow everyone to feel my spiritual peace and my warm embrace. Afterward, when I observe that you are spiritually prepared, you will spiritually hear my words: Behold the desert, journey through it and give humanity what I have given you in this third era.

26. O disciples, I am speaking to you of future events. I am preparing you spiritually for the moment of my departure so you will not experience sorrow and become saddened when I depart. Instead, I want to observe you teaching your brethren, offering spiritual enlightenment from my doctrine of love and practicing good deeds throughout your life.

27. Offer testimony to your brethren, similar to my prophets, announcing that the Holy Spirit is present among humanity during this 1 era. Although you will no longer listen to my teachings through the ! human spokesmen, you will continue to receive my teachings eternally if you practice spirituality. When you practice spirituality, you will also experience great joy because you will feel my presence, receive my inspiration, and will know that I am with you during each of your ordeals. You will listen to my voice from Spirit to spirit, inspiring you to continue battling along your path. You will feel strengthened because I will be with each of my children.

28. Today I am manifesting myself among this multitude as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My essence, presence, and power is with you.

29. I say to this multitude to come to me, for you form a part of the people of Spiritual Israel. Come to me, those of you who are mothers on earth and who imitate Mary. I want the elderly, the youth, and young children to come to me and I will welcome them with my spiritual peace.

30. Allow your spirit to come to me because I can fulfill all your needs. I am the one who offers grace to all incarnated and disincarnated spiritual beings.

31. Spiritual people of Israel: You are no longer children because you have been evolving along this spiritual path, acquiring spiritual enlightenment throughout your different reincarnations. During this Third Era, you are the disciples of the Divine Master who are now learning the teachings that I have brought and becoming great in spirit and learning many things humanity does not yet know. The nation of Spiritual Israel will become great in the future because of its spiritual enlightenment, its knowledge of my Doctrine, its unity, its struggle, its obedience, and its love for humanity and for my Divinity. If the people of Spiritual Israel do not practice true spirituality, humanity will regard this Doctrine as another religious belief among many on earth.

32. That will occur if my people do not prepare themselves spiritually and do not truly comprehend my teachings. That is why I say to you: It is now time to regenerate and evolve spiritually by practicing my Doctrine.

33. I have not come in vain during this Third Era to manifest myself among this multitude as the Holy Spirit. You are the first ones whom I have come to cleanse your stains and to prepare you with my teachings to fulfill your important mission. Once you become spiritually prepared, I want you to arise as my apostles and as elderly brethren to humanity, guiding it throughout life. Humanity will then realize that my prophecies and those given by my messengers in the past are now being fulfilled. People of Spiritual Israel, you will arise among all the nations on earth to share what I have given with your brethren so that they will also be nourished with the bread of eternal life.

34. I am preparing you to become similar to an open book that contains my teachings, prophecies, divine revelations, and testimony of my presence. This book will open in the presence of anyone who is seeking my divine knowledge. Your answers to their questions will be full of divine truth and wisdom, as you defend my Doctrine. Do not be an imposter or falsify my Doctrine, and do not allow humanity to disrespect it.

35. These teachings are not only for this multitude. Once this multitude becomes spiritually prepared, similar to the Divine Master, it will arise to offer testimony of me with its deeds and words. I will allow philosophers and scientists, who believe that they are highly knowledgeable, to approach this multitude. You should not be afraid of them, because of their scientific knowledge, for their knowledge is truly very small in comparison to the divine wisdom of God.

36. As long humanity does not free itself from its confusion and spiritual ignorance, it will not be able to comprehend me nor to receive my messengers, apostles, and those who will arise as teachers of tomorrow.

37. Meditate, people of Israel, so that you will eliminate all of your fanaticism, vanity, and materialism. Only then will you be able to fulfill your mission in a perfect manner.

38. If my people do not arise to fulfill their mission according to my will, they will experience great ordeals to make them aware of their mistakes. Those ordeals will be as great as they need to be until the people of Israel becomes aware of its responsibility and the mission that it needs to fulfill.

39. Each human being within this multitude has been endowed with a spirit that is a part of my Spirit. All spirits will need to return to Me when the time comes. The spirits that have incarnated among humanity are similar to those that have incarnated among this multitude. Among these spirits are those that also seek me and in their prayers search for answers. Some of them ask me why there are so many problems among humanity. They ask: Father, why do you not listen to our prayers? Why do we not feel your strength so that we may not weaken? Are we not your children? Those are the questions that my children ask me, unaware that humanity is being purified and now living in the Third Era. Man is unaware that this is the era of resurrection for incarnated and disincarnated spirits. Man believes that he has attained greatness through his material accomplishments on earth, thus, he has become arrogant and has not allowed his spirit to elevate toward God.

40. It is my will that during this era all spirits come to the Father, seeking me spiritually for it is where they will find me.

41. People of Spiritual Israel: During this era you will truly practice my Doctrine through your virtuous deeds, thus teaching humanity how to live in harmony with the Divine Father.

42. I speak of your errors because I am aware of all things and it is necessary for this multitude to regenerate itself and become pure in spirit. I have given you my teachings. They contain my divine strength that will help you to overcome your ordeals and temptations. I have spiritually enlightened you so that you can comprehend what pertains to your spirit and what pertains to your human life on earth. This will help you to fulfill my divine mandates because you are my disciples whom I have come to teach. I want your spirit to continually evolve and to no longer yield to materialism nor to the practice of material forms of worship, such as rituals and traditions that you had practiced within my Doctrine. You will no longer detain your spiritual progress with those external forms of worship that are useless since you now have the spiritual knowledge and strength to triumph over them. You need to continue spiritually evolving along the spiritual path.

43. Once you begin to purify your spirit and to be less materialistic, you will begin to worship God spiritually and to practice my Doctrine in a simple and humble manner. This multitude had previously practiced my Doctrine according to its will, thus, it was not practicing true spirituality. It did not prepare itself to pray spiritually to the Father, choosing only to pray verbally to the Father as does the rest of humanity. Since the rituals, traditions, and material forms of worship practiced by this multitude are similar to those practiced by humanity, its form of worship is no different from the rest of humanity. The people of Spiritual Israel have given a material interpretation to my Doctrine and my spiritual world, as did all of humanity. The people of Israel imitated not only humanity's material forms of worship but also its disharmony and selfish interest of my Doctrine.

44. How can humanity believe in this multitude or recognize Me through their behavior, if it does not differ from the behavior of everyone else. Since the Father observed that this multitude was very materialistic and spiritually evolving very slowly, he ordered this multitude to unite to receive his teachings. He also ordered it to eliminate all materialistic forms of worship and to purify them because they lacked true spirituality. My Doctrine is a spiritual doctrine that allows your spirit to evolve, thus regenerating your life on earth and allowing your physical body and your spirit a more elevated life on earth. I no longer wanted this multitude to continue their spiritual ignorance of my Doctrine.

45. There was confusion among the people of Israel when it received my mandates due to its material interpretation. Nevertheless, some individuals received my mandates with obedience and respect because they realized that the moment had arrived for the people of Israel to become spiritually enlightened. They were thankful to their Father for helping them end their material forms of worship, routines, and ancient customs.

46. My people, you have experienced many ordeals which have changed you. You had become comfortable in your rituals and routines but your spirit and mind were not progressing because of the misinterpretation of my Doctrine.

47. I say to you, my people, that if you do not practice the teachings that I have given you to fulfill your mission, you will have wasted your time listening to my teachings. I have given you these teachings so that by practicing them you would change your way of life. My manifestation through the human spokesmen will soon come to an end in 1950, as well as the teachings given to you by enlightened spirits.

48. I do not want your spirit to feel sorrow when this manifestation comes to an end because I have prepared you to be spiritually strong. After my departure I want you to help those who are weary and spiritually weak. Once I depart, I do not want you to make me suffer as you did during the Second Era. I do not want you to once again make me carry the cross of your sins, disobedience, and unwillingness to fulfill your mission. I want the people of Spiritual Israel to practice obedience, spirituality, regeneration, to fulfill its mission, and to evolve so that it will communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

49. People of Israel, it is now time for you to spiritually awaken and to spiritually guide humanity. Although I am enlightening all of humanity, I observe that my children are not spiritually progressing for many of the books on my teachings are not being used and are only gathering dust. My people, you need to guide and take care of humanity.

50. This multitude will speak to the world about the Doctrine of Spirituality without becoming fanatic.

51. Practice communicating with Me from spirit to Spirit. You will perfect that form of communication as you practice it daily, for it is my will that all of humanity communicate with Me in that manner. You will receive my inspiration and mandates through that communication. As you communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit, I will welcome your spirit and listen to your prayers, allowing your spirit to spiritually embrace Me.

52. Your spiritual gifts will develop, once you learn to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. Those gifts will evolve and flourish greatly through that spiritual communication. You will then seek Me spiritually and worship Me in a more perfect manner.

53. This manifestation through the human spokesmen will come to an end. After my departure, I do not want this multitude to feel like orphans and to be surprised by death, nor to become spiritually weak. After 1950, this multitude will prepare itself and will seek to communicate with me from spirit to Spirit. It will live in true harmony and peace, making amends for lost time. It will then begin to evolve spiritually and begin to experience the Kingdom of Heaven while it is still living on earth. This multitude will demonstrate to the world that it does not need ceremonies nor material symbols to worship the Lord. It will show mankind to worship the Lord in a spiritual and elevated manner. This multitude will also show humanity the strength of its faith, as it touches the hearts and spirits of mankind.

54. My manifestation through human spokesmen during this era has been sufficient to help this multitude attain the level of spirituality to help it begin to regenerate and spiritually evolve.

55. I am helping you as you climb to the summit of the mountain. As I guide you to your destination, I have allowed enlightened spirits I to assist you and to strengthen your faith and your commitment to I the fulfillment of that mission so that you will not become spiritually ! weak. You have been on that journey for many centuries and at times you have stumbled and fallen behind. Along your journey, however, I have always given you spiritual nourishment, allowing you to feel the presence of the Divine Father.

56. The moment will arrive in which I will cease to give you these teachings through the human spokesmen. You will then need to arise to fulfill your mission because earth is not your final resting place nor destination. I want you to be well prepared for the struggle that awaits you and to utilize the spiritual gifts that I have given you to become my teachers, apostles, and witnesses. I want you to be like a great lantern, illuminating your brethren throughout the world.

57. You are with Me enjoying the spiritual peace that I bring you, while you listen to my teachings that are preparing you to fulfill your mission. You must not, however, forget your brethren who are suffering and experiencing bitterness in other parts of the world. Remember the chaos that reigns on earth. Do not become insensitive to that confusion and suffering that exists throughout the world for it will affect you.

58. You have acquired the greatest responsibility because I have given you my teachings through the human spokesmen. I want you, therefore, to practice my Doctrine in a more spiritual and perfect manner because the day will arrive when you will need to take my Doctrine to those places prepared by Elijah and the spiritual world of light. The Kingdom of Heaven awaits all beings and everyone will reach that kingdom only through their virtuous deeds and humility.

59. Many times you have asked me with great sincerity: "Divine Father, and Teacher, Why have you given this Doctrine that is so delicate and profound to this multitude of great sinners who are so unworthy of this Doctrine? Why have you given us such a great responsibility? Why have you placed all of your confidence in this multitude of people, whom you have named Spiritual Israel, if they are so spiritually ignorant and insensitive? Why have you chosen this multitude who has endured so many ordeals, so much purification, and practiced fanaticism and idolatry? I say to you, my children: You are the people who experienced great purification and through your ordeals you acknowledged me. Your struggles and ordeals have brought you closer to the Lord. I chose the people of Spiritual Israel, and endowed them with spiritual gifts, so that they would take my Doctrine to all their brethren on earth, thus helping humanity to regenerate and attain spirituality. I did not choose this multitude because I favor or love them more than the rest of humanity. Although this multitude has received spiritual gifts and graces from the Lord, it is not because this multitude is more worthy than others on earth. It is because the people of Spiritual Israel have had to endure greater purification because their sins and errors have been greater than others, thus, they have had to endure a greater restitution.

60. My people, ask your conscience if your deeds are great enough to be worthy of the Lord. Think of those things that you have done in the past as you have journeyed through life, and ask yourself if you are truly worthy of sitting at the right side of the Lord. After you have analyzed your deeds from the past, ask yourself if you are worthy of receiving my charity, blessings, gifts, and my Divine Law. Truly, you know that the answer is no, thus, the Lord has frequently perceived this multitude as ungrateful and disobedient. I say to this multitude that I have poured my blessings upon you because I truly want you to become pure in thoughts, to practice great deeds, and to attain great spiritual elevation.

61. Although this multitude will be the first to sow this seed of truth among their families and humanity, its descendants will be the ones who will help this seed to flourish.

62. Many things will change for the people of Spiritual Israel after 1950. Their practices will change, and they will acquire new knowledge, thus, their deeds will become more spiritual. Also, their thoughts and prayers will attain greater spiritual elevation as they become more spiritually evolved and as they begin to eliminate their materialism.

63. Because you are evolving spiritually, you are becoming more sensitive to the suffering of humanity. Today I am giving you my teachings so that tomorrow you will give them to humanity. If humanity is not interested now in the Lord, tomorrow you will go to your brethren in my name to give them this message of love, which is for all of mankind.

64. The struggle and task that you have to fulfill among humanity will be great because mankind lacks faith and hope and is very distant from God. Although I am very near him, man has not been able to feel my presence because he wants to perceive me through his materialism. Since he is unable to perceive me spiritually, he rejects me and forgets about me. The time will come when this multitude will arise as my apostles to awaken the people of earth, thus helping mankind attain true faith and spirituality.

65. During this era it will be more than twelve individuals whom I will use after 1950 to offer testimony of the Lord. Today, I have chosen 144,000 individuals from the nation of Spiritual Israel whom I have entrusted my faith and hope to fulfill the mission of teaching my Doctrine to humanity.

66. You are the ones who are spiritually strong among humanity and will fulfill your mission because you will always be protected by the Lord. I will defend you and will entrust you spiritually with my essence, presence, and power as you practice true spiritual love, a love that is manifested throughout creation. My Peace be with you!

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