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The Book of the true Life 10

Teaching 306

The Lord says:

1. You have gathered to drink water from the fountain of life which is overflowing with spiritual enlightenment. Your spirit is quenching its thirst from its purity and spiritual wisdom. If you believe that this manifestation and teachings are truly from God, it offers proof that you have journeyed through a long spiritual path to receive my new Doctrine.

2. Truly I tell you that have you dwelt on earth and in the spiritual world many different times. For now, it is not important to know when you were born spiritually nor when you dwelt on earth for the first time. Also, it is not necessary to know about your past lives or how many times you have lived on earth. My Doctrine does not come to reveal those things that you should not know. Those revelations will be revealed to you when you reach the end of your path. My teachings show you the path that you need to follow to acquire great spiritual knowledge. It is a path that will help you gradually evolve spiritually by practicing true deeds of love, virtue, and brotherhood.

3. I have chosen 144,000 beings from among the large multitudes to spread my Doctrine on earth during the Third Era. Those beings have been marked with a spiritual kiss by the Holy Spirit, a kiss that is filled with spiritual enlightenment. That mark will never endanger your spirit nor is it a kiss of betrayal. That marks only means that those individuals have a very important mission to fulfill on earth. The individual who carries that mark should fulfill his mission with humility but if he becomes vain he will not be exempt from confronting difficulties. On the contrary, he will probably face more temptations and difficulties than others. The experiences of my twelve apostles from the Second Era confirms what I say. Those twelve apostles experienced moments of doubt, weakness, and confusion, and one of those apostles even betrayed me.

4. Those whom I have chosen during this period will need to frequently pray and remain alert so they won't fall into temptation, although truly I tell you that some will betray me from among the 144,000 beings!

5. My beloved people, pray and remain alert because your path on earth is filled with temptations and dangerous obstacles. There is a constant struggle between good and evil on earth. You need to constantly battle and pray. Also, you need to practice my teachings and prepare yourselves so that you will not betray my Doctrine. Behold that if you are not careful you can involuntarily become a traitor, without being aware of it, if you betray the truth.

6. Your spirit struggles between its conscience and its free will. The spirit has a tendency to pursue those things that are spiritually elevated and divine, whereas, the flesh has a natural tendency to be attracted to things that are unvirtuous. Your spirit knows that it now has the opportunity to attain spiritual freedom and to achieve merits so that good will triumph over evil, light will triumph over darkness, and the spirit will triumph over the flesh.

7. Those who have been spiritually marked means that they have been given a mission and responsibilities to fulfill by God. It ! does not mean that those individuals will not be touched by temptation and illness, for if that were true, what merits would they be able to achieve? Would they be making a true effort to remain faithful to Doctrine? I am speaking in this manner because there are many individuals among this multitude who would like to belong to that group of beings whom I have marked. I observe, however, that those individuals wish to be included for the wrong reason. They are not motivated by wanting to truly help humanity with their spiritual gifts, but are more motivated by selfish and vain reasons. I am going to test these individuals and they are going to realize that what I have said is true.

8. The mark is an invisible sign through which one can fulfill his mission if he fulfills it with love, respect, humility, and dedication. Thus, he will prove that the mark is a divine grace that will help him to triumph over pain and will spiritually enlighten him when confronting great ordeals. Also, that divine grace will reveal profound knowledge to that individual and will open paths wherever he needs to go.

9. Those whom I have spiritually designated are closely united to the spiritual world. Enlightened beings from the spiritual world can communicate their thoughts and teachings through them. That is why I say to you that those who have been spiritually marked are my messengers and representatives.

10. The individual who has been spiritually designated has a great mission and responsibility with my Doctrine. However, he is not by himself as he journeys through his path. A guardian angel is always with him to protect, guide, inspire, and strengthen him.

11. The individual who has embraced his cross with great love as he journeys through my path has great spiritual strength. However, the marked individual who has not embraced his cross with love has endured great bitterness and difficulties along his path during the Third Era. I say to all those who are listening: Learn to pray, to be vigilant, and to carry your cross with love. Practice obedience and righteousness during this lifetime so that you may evolve spiritually since your spirit is more enlightened during this reincarnation. Do not allow your spirit to become dormant because in the future it will weep for the time wasted on earth and the failure to utilize its spiritual gifts.

12. Everyone needs to carefully analyze this teaching, including those not spiritually designated, because every individual has been assigned a mission within my Doctrine.

13. I have come to remind you about my Divine Law, a Law that can never be erased from your conscience, forgotten by your heart, nor debated. That Law was given by the Lord, who possesses infinite wisdom and knowledge, to give man an inner light to guide him along his path toward the Divine Father.

14. It is necessary for man to truly comprehend my Divine Law so that all of his deeds in life can reflect truth and justice. If man fails to comprehend my Divine Law, he will commit many mistakes along his path. Does your conscience not guide you as to what is right and what is wrong? Truly I tell you that the conscience never remains inactive or indifferent. It is the human heart and mind that ignores the voice of the conscience because they are fascinated with the splendor of the material things on earth.

15. Although you should love the Lord above all things, you are not interested in the Lord because of your love for material things. Thus, your illusions, dreams, and passion for those material things have not allowed you to love me as you truly should.

16. Your heart has become weary from its suffering and from its attachment and love for the material, but your spirit remains ready to arise from this state at any moment. The spirit cannot truly become weary or grow old as does the human body.

17. You may believe that you love me more than anything else, but you need to truly realize that you love me the least.

18. Once you reach old age, and you no longer have the ambitions and passions that you had in your youth, you will say the following words to Me: "Lord, you were right. When we were young and feeling strong on earth, we forgot you, even though we believed that we loved you and that you were the most important thing in our lives."

19. Do you not realize that I am speaking the truth when I say to you that you love me the least? Do not think that when I tell you that you should love me above all things that I am telling you to love no one else. You need to realize that if you love the Lord above all things, you will love with truth, and you will love all things that are just. You will never become weary in life nor suffer any disappointments because by loving me more than anything else, you will develop a love for truth and justice. The individual who lives in that manner will arise above the human miseries and false illusions of this world. His virtuous life will help him acquire wisdom, thus living a life filled with spiritual enlightenment and spiritual peace.

20. At times you become puzzled when you observe that even though you try to obey my Law as much as possible, you still experience suffering, ordeals, and trials. My beloved people, those things occur because earth is a valley of tears, a place where the spirit comes to learn and to become purified through suffering.

21. Why do you believe that your ordeals are punishment from God? You should realize that those ordeals are experiences that help your spirit acquire more enlightenment. Many times I allow you to experience an ordeal so that you will practice prayer and develop faith, and can become aware that I offer you comfort and peace as soon as you summon me! However, you fail to realize this, and instead of praying and trusting in me, you become upset and speak disrespectfully of God. You proclaim that he has forgotten you and that he does not listen to your prayers. It is then that you go to your brethren to seek their assistance, even though they need the Lord as much as you do.

22. I have never denied my divine charity to the world, as man has done. I will allow man to trust in his own knowledge and power a while longer until he finally realizes that he is powerless to eliminate the suffering that is occurring throughout the world. Man will then confess to the Divine Father that he is truly weak, fragile, ungrateful, and stubborn.

23. I allow man to learn and to gain enlightenment from each deed that he performs, even if those deeds are evil. I will help man to become more spiritually enlightened after he has triumphed over the confusion and chaos on earth.

24. I will forgive all of your sins because they were the fruit of your ignorance. Once you become spiritually enlightened, would you still be able to sin without true knowledge of what is right using your conscience and past experiences? No, disciples, you could no longer commit the same sins that made you endure the great suffering that was caused by your sins.

25. Behold that you are mistaken when you assume that your ordeals are punishment from God. The main purpose of those ordeals is to offer you experience and knowledge, to strengthen your faith, to acquire true wisdom, and to help you listen to your conscience.

26. Listen to me with humility and eliminate all of your pride, so that you will gradually discover the true meaning of life. You will then begin to discover many marvelous things that you previously failed to observe because of your confusion. That confusion prevented you from discovering the truth which you viewed as mysterious. I have come to spiritually enlighten you and to clarify all mysteries. I say to you that I have never prevented man from knowing me but rather man is the one who has chosen not to acknowledge me.

27. Why is it that when I look at hospitals, prisons, homes that are in mourning, troubled marriages, orphans, or those who are spiritually hungry, I do not find you there? Remember that in addition to teaching you how to pray, I have also given you the gift of speech and have taught you how to heal your brethren. Many times I have told you that your mere presence can produce miracles if you are truly prepared.

28. Life offers you many opportunities to practice charity daily! But, behold that just as there are times in which all you can do is pray, there will be others where you will need to speak or to perform a deed.

29. Blessed are those individuals who are truly interested in offering charity to their brethren and who are not afraid when others gossip about them or disapprove of them. Those are the individuals who accompany me in spirit to visit the ill and those in need of spiritual enlightenment, thus offering comfort and wisdom to their needy brethren and helping them to develop faith.

30. Blessed are the ones who remember those who are sad and think of those who are poor spiritually and materially, because their hearts will be close to my Spirit.

31. How can you remember your brethren who are suffering if you are too busy thinking about your own suffering? How can you become aware that there are millions of individuals on earth who suffer much more than you, if you carry your cross with dissatisfaction and are convinced that no one is as unfortunate as you? There are many individuals who journey through a path that is very distant from the true path, who have never received affection from anyone, and who truly lack spiritual enlightenment. You have failed to help those individuals when you have met them along your path. Unlike you, many of those individuals endure their pain and suffering without protesting and speaking disrespectfully about God!

32. It is important for you to stop thinking about yourself and to think of others, other than your family members and those whom you love, so that you may become aware of how others suffer. My beloved people, allow your heart to feel kindness for your brethren so ! that you will fulfill that mandate that is written in your conscience, telling you to love one another. If you are poor materially and for that reason you are unable to help your fellowmen, do not be afraid. Pray, and I will bring peace and enlightenment to those in need. True charity, which gives birth to compassion, is the best gift that you can offer to the needy. If there is no love in your heart when you offer your brethren money, bread, or a glass of water, truly I tell you that you have not given anything. It would be of more value to keep what you have given.

33. Humanity, when do you want to become aware of the power of love? You have not yet utilized that power which is the origin of life.

34. When I traveled, followed by my disciples, to visit small villages, cities, and homes, I never offered a coin to the poor for I never had one. Nevertheless, I restored their health which they had been unable to purchase at any price, and helped them to return to the righteous path, offering them a path filled with light, comfort, and happiness. On a certain occasion, a large multitude followed me to the desert wanting to listen to my word. After I had nourished them with bread for their spirit, I observed that they were physically hungry. I blessed a few pieces of bread and fish and then distributed them. The multitude was astonished that those few pieces had been sufficient to feed everyone. That miracle was achieved through love and was an immortal lesson for this skeptical, materialistic, and selfish humanity.

35. Oh, if the nations of the earth, though only to test my doctrine, were to share their bread with others, what great blessings they would receive and what wonderful things they would observe! However, people from different nations do not love one another nor view themselves as brethren. They view one another as strangers and foreigners and are jealous of each other. They frequently resent and hate one another which leads to wars. All people contribute to wars, thus, there are wars everywhere. Some contribute to wars in one manner, and others in a different manner; some are aware of what they are doing, and others are not.

36. I will pour my charity upon this arid field, a field that is arid because it lacks love, faith, and good will. My charity will be similar to a drizzle that will be highly beneficial and that will bear fruit. But before that occurs, my divine justice will eliminate all the evil that exists on earth. I will remove all of the bad trees that have failed to produce good fruits. I will purify the fields, cities, and awaken those who are spiritually asleep. Humanity, thus, will become truly prepared to receive the divine message that my love has reserved for the future.

37. Since the beginning of time, 1950 was designated as the year in which the Lord's communication through the human spokesmen would cease. That was the year in which the spirit of humanity would feel my presence and enter into prayer.

38. The year 1950 does not signal the end of an era, rather, it signals the beginning of a new period in which man will receive great revelations and witness great events.

39. Disciples, what have you learned from your experiences during the past year? What resolutions have you made for the current year which represents the final year for my manifestation?

40. You are praying, and I bless you because whoever prays to the Lord will never be disappointed.

41. Continue to pray and make a true effort today, more than ever before, to comprehend my teaching so that you may progress spiritually. You need to eliminate all of those material practices and rituals that have prevented you from progressing spiritually.

42. Listen to the voice of your conscience because it will offer you the courage to triumph over all obstacles and to eliminate material traditions.

43. My beloved people, there is much work that you will need to do. I am bringing together those who belong to this multitude, and I am summoning those who have not joined this multitude. I will summon those individuals only one time, and if they come, I will return their heritage. If they choose not to come join this multitude, you will leave their cause to me because I am the only one who can judge those who did not want to come to listen to the Lord.

44. The teachings that will give you during this last year of my manifestation will contain the entire essence of the Doctrine that I have brought you during this era. This Doctrine gives you teachings and revelations about life so that you will have the spiritual weapons for the battle that is approaching.

45. Tell those who belong to this multitude that the Lord is asking this multitude to unite and to live in harmony. If true brotherhood does not exist among this multitude, then it will not truly represent a united multitude for its members will be disorganized and distant. Inform those who belong to this multitude that you need to be united because this multitude will be the target of persecution and hostilities. I do not want those individuals to later weep due to their disobedience nor to be sorry later for their mistakes when it is no ! longer the time to correct those mistakes.

46. Behold that I am making you aware of all things that can happen, thus, no one will be able to say that I did not warn this multitude.

47. I have given you some prophecies because I am aware of all things that will occur in the future. All that remains is for you to follow my teachings, so that everything will be fulfilled according to my will.

48. Even if the majority of people were to become confused, to separate from the true path, and to disobey my mandates, this divine light would not cease to shine because the truth can never be concealed by the evil that exists on earth.

49. All I need is a few individuals who are obedient, dedicated, spiritualized, and humble in order to spread the truth of my Doctrine.

50. It is my responsibility to speak to you in this manner because, as of today, you need to know that many of you will offer me a new chalice filled with bitterness during the final moments. A state of confusion and spiritual darkness will occur among this multitude, similar to the darkness that occurred on earth while Jesus agonized on the cross. Today, you do not know how long that darkness will occur. That is why I tell you to be vigilant and pray so that you will not yield to temptation nor betray my mandates.

51. I say to you that amidst that darkness and confusion a path of light will appear for those who truly want to follow me spiritually and in their hearts. That path of light will lead them to the Lord.

52. This multitude does not yet realize that no one, other than itself, is responsible for creating the ordeals that will make it shiver and tremble in the future. Those ordeals will help to spiritually awaken this multitude.

53. During this era many individuals were summoned but only a few were chosen, which is true of all eras in the past. I only choose those who are truly prepared to fulfill their mission. I spiritually enlighten the others who are not yet prepared so that they will await the time in which they will also be chosen.

54. There are many whom I have summoned to learn my teaching. Although those individuals were not yet spiritually prepared to fulfill a mission, nevertheless, they joined my disciples and workers. These individuals lacked the spiritual evolution that is needed to carry a heavy cross and to be inspired by the Lord! How have these individuals behaved, after having joined my true disciples and workers? They have disrespected my Doctrine, negatively influenced others with their evil thoughts and behavior, brought disharmony, deceived their brethren, and made monetary profit using my Doctrine and the spiritual gifts that I have given to my disciples.

55. Do not attempt to find out who those individuals are because you will not succeed. Only I, the Divine Judge, knows who those individuals are and I tell them through their conscience: Be vigilant and pray, so that you will repent for your mistakes before it is too late. If you repent, I promise you that I will sit you spiritually at my table and there will be a festival of reconciliation and forgiveness.

56. Beloved disciples: This is a holy moment in which I allow you to feel my presence. The spokesman, who is transmitting my message, has prepared himself spiritually, and the multitude who is listening to this message is in deep contemplation as it listens to the Lord.

57. I want you to always be prepared in this manner, as you witness this miraculous manifestation, so that you will feel my love, my gaze, and my essence deep within your being.

58. Truly I tell you, that you are not the only ones with whom the Lord is present when you prepare yourselves spiritually. I am present at each religious ceremony that is dedicated to God. During the moment in which members of that religious organization are praying ! to God, pronouncing and blessing my name, I penetrate deeply into their hearts to give them what they have requested.

59. If people from the different nations and religions that exist on earth would have developed their spiritual gifts, they would now be able to perceive my presence spiritually. However, they are not able to perceive me, feel me, nor listen to me because their senses and spiritual gifts are dormant due to idolatry, fanaticism, and material forms of worship.

60. If, today, you were to ask me: Divine Master, when will our brethren from the different religions be able to feel you, listen to you, and feel your presence as we do today? I would respond to you that they will be able to do those things once they began to practice spirituality and eliminate their fanaticism and material forms of worships.

61. I speak to those individuals through ordeals, which serve as lessons. Sometimes I reward their faith, and at other times I touch them with my divine justice when they seek benefits from God through inappropriate ways and forms of worship.

62. Those individuals rarely comprehend what I am trying to teach them through their ordeals. Thus, because they have faith and hope in the Lord, and because they are suffering, I forgive their mistakes and ignorance and I send them my charity.

63. This is the period in which my Spirit is constantly speaking to man's conscience, as well as to his spirit, his heart, and to his reason. My voice reaches man through his thoughts and through his ordeals. Many individuals are awakening as a result of those ordeals. Those who are suppose to be guiding and teaching humanity are truly asleep spiritually and would prefer for humanity to remain dormant forever.

64. My beloved people: Be aware that if you were to truly prepare yourselves to take these teachings to other countries, many individuals would be able to comprehend my message.

65. When I speak to you in this manner, deep in your heart you ask me: How will I be able to teach others who speak different languages, if I even feel unskilled in expressing myself through my own language? I say to you: O people, you have so little faith in my word! Do you believe that my apostles from the Second Era prepared themselves to speak different languages? No, my children, they did not. Nevertheless, their message was understood by all individuals because the language that they spoke, and which they learned from me, was the language of love. Those apostles offered comfort to their brethren, as they had learned from the Divine Master. They healed the ill, revealed the truth, and offered spiritual peace and enlightenment to their brethren. They showed their brethren the true path to follow, not with words, but with their deeds. That is the way that love is best expressed, through deeds. That is the true language an enlightened spirit utilizes, a languages that doesn't need words.

66. Have you observed the numerous spiritual teachings that I have given you during this manifestation? Also, have you observed how the spokesmen have spoken with numerous words during the time that I have given you my teachings? Even though those teachings and words have been numerous, they are very few if you compare them with the number of deeds that I carry out for my children on earth. Truly I tell you, that I speak to you much more through my deeds than through my words. However, up to the present, you have not been interested in seeking to comprehend the messages that I am sending you, which are numerous and filled with great wisdom. You believe that you are able to receive revelations from God only through human words, and therefore I have granted you the gift of listening to these divine teachings through your own language. My Peace be with you!

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