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The Book of True Life

Teaching 040/366

The Master teaches:

Disturbed Harmony with Nature & Battle against the evil Forces

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Your Father prepared everything for the Word of God to dwell among humanity, and to show men the path of their restitution with sublime examples of His love.

2. First He inspired the prophets, who announced the form in which the Messiah would come to the world, what His work, His suffering and His death as a man would be like, so that, once Christ appeared on earth, those who were familiar with the prophecies would immediately recognize Him.

3. Centuries before My presence through Jesus, the Prophet Isaiah said: "That is why the Lord will give you this sign: Behold, the virgin will conceive and give birth to a child, who will be called 'Emmanuel'." (meaning "God be with us") With this prophecy, among others, he announced My coming.

4. Many centuries before My arrival, David, with psalms filled with pain and prophetic meaning, sang about the sufferings of the Messiah during the crucifixion. In those psalms he speaks of one of My seven words on the cross. He announces the contempt with which the multitudes would lead Me to the crucifixion, the phrases of mockery men would use upon hearing Me say that the Father was within Me, the solitude My body would experience in the face of human ingratitude, all the torments I would be subjected to, and even the way in which they would cast lots for My garment.

5. Each of My prophets announced My coming, to prepare ways, and to give precise signs, so that no one would be confused when the day came.

6. In Nazareth there lived a pure and tender flower, an unwed virgin named Mary, who was precisely the one announced by the Prophet Isaiah to have the fruit of the true life sprout from her womb. Unto her came the spiritual messenger of the Lord, to tell her of the mission she brought to earth, saying to her: "Hail, you highly favored one! The Lord is with you, for you are blessed among women.

7. The hour for the revelation of the divine mystery had arrived, and all that had been said about the presence of the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, was about to be fulfilled. But how few were the hearts who were sensitive to My presence! How few the spirits that were prepared to recognize the kingdom of heaven in the light of My truth!

8. The majority of men, materialized by their ambitions, attempted to interpret all things according to human knowledge and experience. They attempted to confirm the spiritual through their material science, but were confused by those things which are incomprehensible to them, and thus ended up denying Me.

9. Few were the ones who loved and followed Me, and many were the ones who rejected Me.

10. Those who loved Me were the ones who recognized My presence through their spiritual sensitivity and faith, which are gifts superior to human reason, science, and intelligence.

11. Mankind scrutinized Me at each step. All of My words and deeds were judged with evil intent. Most often the detractors were confused by My deeds or by the evidence I offered, because their human mind was not capable of comprehending that which only the spirit can understand.

12. If I prayed, they would say: "Why does He pray if he claims to be full of power and wisdom? What can He even need or request?" And if I did not pray, they would claim that I did not fulfill the obligations of their religion.

13. If they saw that I did not nourish Myself while My disciples ate, they judged that I was not following the laws instituted by God, and if they did see Me eating, they asked themselves: "Why does He need to eat in order to live, if He says that He is life itself?" They did not understand that I had come to the world to reveal to men how humanity should live after experiencing a prolonged purification. From that purification, a more spiritualized generation should emerge, existing above human misery, the demanding needs of the flesh, and the passions of the physical senses.

14. Many centuries have passed since I enlightened men with My presence, and when they attempted to understand the truth about Mary's conception, about My human nature and My spiritual essence, their baffled minds could not comprehend it, nor could their poisoned hearts have understood that truth.

15. Those minds and hearts, liberated from their darkness for just a moment, shall allow their spirits to escape to the regions of light, where they will feel illuminated by a superior clarity, which will not be that of their reason or their science.

16. Then, through their evolved spirits, they will know the truth, which their small and limited human mind could not reveal to them.

17. If men knew how to feel and comprehend the love that My Spirit pours out upon them through nature, they would all be good. But some are ignorant and others ungrateful.

18. It is only when the forces of nature manifest My justice that they tremble, not because they understand that it is the voice of My justice that speaks, but because they fear for their lives or for their earthly goods.

19. Since the beginning of humanity, all the way to the present, My justice has made itself felt among men through the forces of nature, since humanity only responds to material afflictions.

20. How much longer will it take for humanity to develop to a point where it will understand My love and feel My presence through the conscience? When humanity obeys My law and hears My voice advising it; that will be an indication that humanity has left behind the times of materialism.

21. For the time being, men must continue to be afflicted by the forces of nature in different ways, until they are convinced that superior forces exist, in comparison to which humanity's materialism is miniscule.

22. The earth will tremble. The water will cleanse humanity, and the fire will purify it.

23. All the elements and forces of nature will make themselves felt throughout the world, wherever human beings have not known how to live in harmony with the life that surrounds them.

24. However, nature does not seek the destruction of those who defile it. It only seeks harmony between man and all creatures.

25. If nature is manifesting its justice in an ever harsher manner, it is because the faults and transgressions of men, as well as their lack of compliance with nature's laws, are also ever growing.

26. I told you that not a single leaf of a tree would move without My will, and now I say to you that all of the elements of nature obey only God's will.

27. I also say to you that nature can be to men whatever they wish it to be: a mother endowed with blessings, caresses and nourishment, or an arid desert where hunger and thirst reign. It can be either a teacher of wise and infinite revelations about life, goodness, love, and eternity, or an unyielding judge in the face of defilements, disobediences, and the errors of men.

28. Blessing the first men, I said to them: "Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. Conquer it, and rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and over all creatures that move on the face of the earth."

29. Yes, humanity, I created man to be master, so he would have power over the airspace, over waters, over the entire earth, as well as the elements of creation. But behold, I have emphasized the term "master", because men, being of the opinion that they rule the earth with their science, are truly slaves; believing they dominate the forces of nature, they become victims of their immaturity, arrogance, and ignorance.

30. Human power and science have invaded the earth, the seas, and the airspace, but their power and might are not in harmony with the power and might of nature, which, as an expression of divine love, is life, wisdom, harmony and perfection. In the works of men, in their science and their power, only arrogance, selfishness, vanity and wickedness manifest themselves.

31. Soon the forces of nature will awaken humanity. Through the cup of bitterness, men will leave behind their materialism, beholding the path of light and truth, along which they should have attained wisdom and true power.

32. It will never be too late for repentance, for the correction of an error, or the regeneration of a sinner. The doors of My kingdom will always be open, awaiting the child who, after journeying a long time according its free will, will, at last, open its eyes to the light and understand that there exists no more perfect and wonderful freedom than that of the spirit which knows how to fulfil the will of its Father.

33. It is an infinite freedom within love, goodness, justice, and perfection.

34. In order to comply with My law, you must pray, always elevating your spirits towards your Father.

35. I have seen that, in order to pray, you prefer solitude and silence, and that is the right thing to do when attempting to find inspiration through prayer, or when you wish to give thanks to Me. But I tell you as well that you should practice prayer in whatever condition you find yourselves, so that you might know how to call for My help in the more difficult periods of your lives, without losing serenity, self-control, faith in My presence, and self-confidence.

36. Prayer can be long or brief, according to one's needs. You may, if you so desire, spend entire hours within that spiritual bliss, if your physical body does not tire, or if no other duty requires your attention. Prayer may be as brief as a single second, in case you find yourselves subjected to a trial that has suddenly befallen you.

37. What truly reaches Me, however, are not the words with which you attempt to form your prayers, but the love, the faith, or the need with which you present yourselves to Me. This is why I tell you that, on occasion, your prayer will be no longer than a second, because there will be no time to formulate thoughts, phrases, and ideas, as you are accustomed to doing.

38. Wherever you are, you may call upon Me, for the place is of no importance to Me, since it is the spirit that I seek.

39. If you enjoy praying outdoors, or if you feel you are better able to meditate in these houses of prayer, or if you prefer your own bedroom, pray wherever you feel closest to your Father, but do not forget that I, who am everywhere, am indifferent as to where I communicate with your spirits.

40. You do not always pray with the same preparation, and, therefore, you do not always experience the same peace or inspiration.

41. There are times when you succeed in being inspired and elevating your thoughts, but there are others when you are completely indifferent as well. With this in mind, how could you always expect to receive My messages in the same form? You must educate your minds and discipline your bodies to cooperate with your spirits in moments of prayer.

42. The spirit is always willing to communicate with Me, but it requires the material body to be in good condition in order to elevate itself in those moments, as well as to free itself of everything that surrounds it in its earthly life.

43. Make an effort to achieve true prayer, because whoever knows how to pray, carries within himself the key to peace, health, hope, spiritual strength, and eternal life.

44. The invisible shield of My law protects him from all temptation and dangers. He will bear an invisible sword on his lips to defeat all the enemies that might block his path. A Lighthouse will illuminate his path amidst the storms, a constant miracle will be at his disposal, whenever he needs it, be it for himself or for the good of his brothers.

45. Pray, practice this sublime gift of the spirit, for it will be the force that moves the lives of future men, those who will be able to communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit.

46. Through prayer, parents will become inspired to guide their children.

47. The ill will gain health through prayer, the heads of state will resolve their problems by seeking the light in prayer, and the scientists will receive revelations through the gift of prayer.

48. Seek this world of spiritual light, practice spiritual prayer, perfect that form to the extent that you can, and relay that knowledge to your children, trusting that they will take one step further than you did. In order to help you in your prayers, I explain My teaching to you with simplicity, clarifying the revelations I gave to you in past times. Do you know why you can now better understand My Word? It is because your spirits have developed.

49. Soon you will speak to humanity about My doctrine, offering proof that you have understood the lessons you preach, and supporting your words with your good deeds. Truly, I say to you, that, faced with your example, even the most stubborn individuals will be convinced of the truth of this doctrine.

50. Only those of My disciples who have developed their spiritual gifts, and who have strengthened their hearts through the practice of brotherly love, will withstand all the trials humanity may want to subject them to. For if they have succeeded in expressing My Word with its spiritual meaning and truth, and have converted their hearts into an inexhaustible fountain of love and mercy towards their brothers, then they will have prayed, and by their virtue they find themselves on the path of spirituality. Those disciples are prepared to give testimony of Me.

51. Since there are still a few years left until My manifestation in this form ends, keep My Word in your hearts, and learn from Me as you travel along the road of your struggles. Thus, you will know when to speak to your brothers, and when you must teach with your silence.

52. You must have complete confidence in My divine assistence and an unyielding faith in all that you do and pass on, which brings forth good results, because you will have obeyed My law.

53. The effectiveness of your words and deeds will depend on that confidence and faith.

54. You will not always be able to speak, but you will, at all times, be given the opportunity to use the spiritual gifts you have developed.

55. Prepare yourselves, and then, during the moments of trial, your presence will be enough for your brethren to become enlightened, and for the storm to calm. Your spiritual prayer will manifest a miracle upon those for whom you pray, having a mantle of mercy and tenderness descend upon them.

56. Your good influence must prevail over the spiritual and the material. You shall not limit yourselves to battling the visible elements, but also the invisible.

57. When the light of My Spirit has enlightened the scientist, helping him discover the origin of the physical illnesses that you call diseases, it will enlighten you as well, so you may discover the origin of all the ills that afflict human life; those which cloud the spirit, as well as those which blind the mind or torment the heart.

58. There are forces, invisible to human eyes and imperceptible to the science of man, which constantly influence your lives.

59. There are good ones and bad ones; some give you health and others cause illnesses. There are those which are filled with light and others with darkness.

60. Whence do these forces originate? From the spirit, disciples, from the mind and from feelings.

61. Every incarnated and disincarnated spirit emanates vibrations when it thinks; every emotion exerts an influence. You can be sure that the world is filled to the brim with these vibrations.

62. Now you can easily understand that healthy forces and influences must exist wherever people think and dwell in goodness, and that wherever they live outside of the laws and regulations determined by goodness, justice and love, evil forces must exist.

63. Both forces exist everywhere and battle one another. They influence the way men think and feel, and if men know how to distinguish between them, they are able to simply take the good inspiration and reject the bad influences. But if they are weak and inexperienced in doing good, they cannot resist these vibrations and are in danger of becoming slaves to evil and succumbing to its dominion.

64. These vibrations arise from incarnated spirits as well as disincarnated beings, because both good and confused spirits exist on earth and in the hereafter.

65. During this time the influence of evil is greater than that of good. As such, the force which dominates humanity is that of evil, from which are derived selfishness, deceit, lust, pride, pleasure in causing injury, destruction, and all low passions. The illnesses that torment man originate from this moral imbalance.

66. Humanity does not have the weapons to fight against these forces. It has been conquered and taken prisoner into the abyss, a life without spiritual light, without true happiness, without aspiration towards good.

67. In this very moment man believes himself to be at the peak of knowledge, and he does not realize that he dwells in the abyss.

68. I, who know your beginning and your future in eternity, have given mankind weapons to battle the forces of evil since the First Era, but they have rejected them and preferred a battle of evil against evil, in which no one triumphs, for in the end, all will be defeated.

69. It is written that evil shall not prevail, which means that, at the end of times, it shall be the good which triumphs.

70. If you ask me what the weapons with which I endowed humanity are, the weapons to fight against the forces and influences of evil, I will tell you that they are prayer, perseverance in the law, faith in My Word, and love for one another.

71. Today I had to manifest Myself spiritually to this humanity, to explain to it, word for word, the origin of good and evil, as well as how to fight, in order to triumph in the battle of the Third Era.

72. I make you vigilant, bestowing sensitivity to your spirits, in order for you to learn to receive all the good that comes your way, and to reject and combat evil.

73. May no one ridicule what I say, for with his ridicule he will make his egregious ignorance known.

74. You know that all the messengers you have had, forerunners of a spiritual and scientific revelation, were ridiculed. And nevertheless, humanity had to accept their revelations eventually, convinced of the truth they preached.

75. Did the men of ancient times know how an illness was transmitted, or what caused an epidemic? No, they did not, and from that ignorance arose superstitions and mysterious cults. But a day came on which the intelligence of man, enlightened by the light of the Creator, discovered the cause of his physical illnesses and began to search for a way to regain his health. Thus, humanity acquired knowledge that the men of past times lacked, and it began to understand things previously hidden and invisible to scientists.

76. In the same manner, humanity will eventually come to know the origin of the forces of good and evil, as well as their influence upon humanity; and once that knowledge becomes common, there will be no one doubting the truth of My doctrine while listening to this teaching.

77. I come to enlighten you with these teachings, so you will discover the gifts that your spirit possesses; those gifts that humanity has rejected since the beginning of time. I have come to awaken your dormant spirits, so that, illuminated by the light of the conscience, they will know how to reject the evil forces and attain complete development in their spiritual evolution. Just as the germ of an illness befalls you in the contaminated air, so do the evil influences invisibly and silently afflict you, disturbing your minds and causing your spirits to weaken.

78. Only prayer can give you intuition, sensibility, strength, and inspiration, to sustain you in the daily and constant struggle against evil.

79. I have spoken to you about the forces and influences of evil, but have I ever mentioned any spirit to you? Have I ever named one? No, you tell me. I must make it clear to you in this time, that there exists no spirit which represents or is the origin of evil.

80. The ancient beliefs, images, figures and symbolic names with which the men of past times represented evil, by giving it human form and attributing spiritual existence to it, beliefs that have lived on all the way to the present generations, must disappear, because without even being aware of it, you have created superstitious myths and cults with them, things that are unworthy of the spiritual development that man has achieved in this time.

81. Understand that evil arose from man, from his weaknesses, and that, as humanity increased in number, so did its imperfections and sins, and with them, the power and influence of evil. This power, formed by thoughts, imaginations, feelings and passions, began to make its influence felt among men, and they eventually believed that it was the work of a particular spirit, the embodiment of evil, without realizing that that power was composed of their own imperfections.

82. "Watch and pray, so you will not fall into temptation."

My Peace be with you!

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