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Main Page The Book of the true Life 2 Teaching-43 Teaching

The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 43

The Lord says:

1. Why do you experience fear in your heart when I present myself before you as Jehovah? If I am your Father, I am love. I am the one who gives you your daily bread. I am the one who guides your spirit and helps you to rise when you stumble.

2. I come to give you strength in these moments of trials in which the elements of creation tremble from the thunderous noise of war. Do not fear, but try to rekindle your devotion and elevation, so that you are able to feel the pain that your brethren are enduring in wars where brothers are killing one another. Thus, you will be able to feel their suffering and sorrows. Pray so that humanity may attain peace, unity, and good will.

3. Your children will be called upon to take up arms. Allow them to depart, for they will not perish. From this day on I will endow them with my grace, and they will shed the light of my doctrine among their brothers.

4. In spite of all the evils caused by war, I do not want you to view the inhabitants of those nations as enemies so that tomorrow you may see them as brothers.

5. Today humanity has united to create wars. Nations have been at war with one another, erasing boundaries and blending languages. Nations have failed to unite with one another through love, instead, the hatred that men feel for one another has produced wars. But I, who am power, will show you that I can unite you by using your errors. For when this battle is ended, hearts will find themselves cleansed by pain. Men will become enlightened, and they will be on the way to attaining peace.

6. Blessed are those who have fought and worked for peace. Blessed are those who, believing in my voice, have arisen along the paths sowing my light and truth.

7. My Spirit is deeply touched observing the pain of humanity, whose weeping is heard in the heavens. Truly I say to you, May the pain which I suffer as the Divine Father be converted into a dew of grace that descends upon my children.

8. Endure your suffering with patience and humility, for your weeping shall be converted into rejoicing.

9. If the Father were to ask you in this instant whether you have fulfilled your mission on earth, if in your hand you bring the golden fruit of your labor, if you have loved one another, and if you have known how to forgive, you would have to tell me that you have fulfilled none of these. Do you then believe that through your own merits you became worthy of hearing my word? No, your spirit tell me.

10. My people, eras have passed and you are still spiritually asleep. Awaken and behold that you have not truly appreciated the life which you have enjoyed on this earth.

11. My voice has come to awaken you with love and tenderness. But do not view this word as a gentle lullaby so that you may continue to sleep, because the Divine Judge is present in the essence of this word to judge each of your deeds.

12. Do not be among those who wait for my justice to touch them in order to believe and awaken.

13. Do not yet say that you truly love me. Wait before you say that, for if you truly love me, it will not be your lips but your deeds which will proclaim it. Do not boast about your purity and at the same time try to hide your stains, for in so doing you will imitate the hypocritical pharisees.

14. Behold, I still come as Teacher and as Father, for if I were to come only as Judge, there would be no place where you could hide, for wherever you went, my justice would be present.

15. When you come before my presence, you will have to answer for this divine word that you heard, the one which will become written in your conscience.

16. Do you not sense how the untiring spirit of Elijah illuminates your path, clearing stumbling blocks from it and assisting you when you feel weary? Seek him, call him in your prayer, and you will feel his presence very close, for he is the shepherd of the spirits in this Third Era, the one who will guide you to the very doors of the promised land, which is the heavenly sheepfold.

17. May your spirits be filled with joy, knowing that you have heard the voice of my Divinity in three eras, for you shall be my witnesses once more. That is why I prepare and bless your lips, so that tomorrow words of life may sprout from them to the multitudes which are about to come.

18. You have developed strong faith due to the miracles which I have granted you which you thought were impossible. For I am the way, the good path, which I have always shown you to follow. When one follows it, that individual will confront dangers, temptations, and obstacles. In order to help you, I have given you your conscience as a shining light to guide and orient you. Also, I have granted you a spiritual being as a guardian and protector throughout your lives. If you took full advantage of these blessings, do you believe you could lose your way along the path? Do any of my children not feel spiritual joy when listening to this word? Truly I say, that I do rejoice when I hear your spiritual voice as you elevate yourself in prayer.

19. Awaken your spiritual sensibility so that you my rejoice with my divine manifestation, which you have not noticed due to your lack of spiritual elevation. Rejoice as you perceive the spiritual valley, in the same manner that you are amazed as you observe nature and admire its harmony, beauty, and perfection. You discover that in nature one being can not live without another and that all of them live united through the law of harmony. This is also true in the spiritual valley. I have told you that as long as spirits are not following the path of evolution, there shall not be peace nor perfect harmony, just as if a few stars in the universe were to leave their orbits. What would happen to the other stars if that were to occur? Would not the universe lose it harmony?

20. If man were to obey my law and allow his spiritual and material nature to live in harmony, he would have a more peaceful existence on earth. Also, he would no longer stumble along his path and his work would be less difficult; sickness would disappear and man would no longer age prematurely.

21. Spirits already existed before the creation of anything material. They sprouted from me innocently, but in order for them to know from whom they originated, what their destiny was, and who they themselves were, I had them hear my voice telling them. Here is your God. I am your Father. I am the Spirit of Love, but since you sprouted from me, you must develop and understand this divine essence. Live, walk, know, and persevere in goodness, so that this voice which you have heard may be an eternal light over your spirits. It is your conscience which will guide you to return to me, no longer as newborn babies but as beings who have developed their virtues, acquired experience, and developed all of the spiritual gifts which I have given you. Then you will love me. You will truly know me and will be in harmony with all that exists.

22. There are beings who have never dwelt on earth. However, if individuals who have sinned and suffered much in this world feel it is unjust that some beings come to inhabit this valley of tears while others who are close to the Father have never known the pain, I say to you that while some have never come to the earth, there are those in the spiritual valley who have lovingly assisted their brethren on earth with their restitution.

23. Today, those beings who dwell in the different spiritual valleys live spiritually distant from people on earth, but I have not placed distances between the love of brothers. If you only knew how close you are one to another! Man has been the one who, with his materialism, has broken the ties which united him to all his brothers. The more humanity has descended, the greater has been its division and lack of harmony. It has not only separated itself from its brethren in the spiritual valley, but even within its own world it has divided itself into kingdoms, races, and nations, becoming more and more selfish and self-centered.

24. Thus your faith has disappeared, and your intuition concerning eternal life is confused.

25. Today, when a loved one departs to a distant land, you send him off with tears, for you know that if he goes as a child, he may return as an adolescent, and if he is a young person, he will return an old man. But you always have the hope of seeing him return in order to embrace him again, for you know that even though you are faraway from each other, you are both dwelling on earth. But when that being departs to the spiritual valley, and you see that cold and lifeless body buried underneath the soil, then your heart feels torn, for you have lost all hope of seeing him again. You forget that the spirit outlives the material body and that you will once again embrace when you both meet again along your path of evolution.

26. It was necessary for God to become human in Jesus and to dwell among humanity in order for you to remember forgotten teachings. He taught you new lessons and announced to you that he would give you new revelations when the time came.

27. It was necessary for Christ, the Divine Master, to come to teach you the truth, for humanity had begun seeking its glory, its eternity, and its happiness in this material life. Humanity had forgotten about the existence which awaits man in the spiritual valley.

28. Those who did not enjoy satisfaction and riches in this life, who only shed tears, have cursed it and called it unjust. They are confused in their thoughts and believe that their destiny has been harsh and a mistake. But Christ came again to enlighten mankind. He raised from the dead individuals whose spirit had already departed to the spiritual valley. He healed those who were possessed, and with all of these manifestations offered proof to the world that spiritual life exists, and that it is the true life. Even after his crucifixion, the Lord manifested himself in spirit before believers and unbelievers as evidence of the truth preached by his word.

29. Those beings who have departed from earth are alive; they still have feelings and continue to struggle. Why do you forget about them or consider them dead? That is why I say to you that they are the ones who are alive, while you are the dead. Soon you will weep over your lack of faith, just as you did in the Second Era, when after the death of Jesus you said, It was Christ whom we killed. He was the one sent by Jehovah, the one who came to redeem us from our sins. He was the true life who resurrected the dead and who was ascended to the heavens on the third day.

30. Now that I have returned spiritually, you observe me surrounded by mystery even though I have manifested myself in a simple manner. In order to be believed, I have had to materialize my manifestation and grant you whatever you ask. Only then have these people believed, for some have observed me with their spiritual vision, others through faith, and yet others through their conscience.

31. My light illuminates you in this era in order for you to listen to the voice which calls you from eternity.

32. I have come to bind again the ties which you had broken and which united you to your Father and to the spiritual world in order for you to be aware that all of you live in harmony and that distances do not exist. But when will men unite through love? When they have returned to the path of my law where justice exists; when they obey my law which says, Love one another.

33. Behold, disciples, that those who have departed from earth are not dead. Blessed are those who bid farewell to the body which they left on earth and no longer return to visit that body in order to tell it their troubles, for it is no longer alive nor does it listen.

34. When the body dies, it is like a flower which soon wilts after it is cut, but its perfume is like the spirit which departs and fills the atmosphere with its essence.

35. In the Second Era I told you, Let the dead bury their dead. Today I tell you, Resurrect one another.

36. Tell them that while the body decomposes on earth, the spirit purifies itself in the spiritual world. Death is a rest for the flesh and freedom for the spirit, but no one should attempt to depart from earth through his own will, if it is not the hour that I have designated for him to depart. Do not believe that you are safe only because you have confessed your sins to another human being during your last moments on earth. Nor should you believe that you will come to me through your repentance during those last moments, thinking that you have reached the end of your evolution. Learn to love, to forgive, to bless your brethren throughout your life. Purify your spirit with your deeds of love and charity toward your brothers.

37. Obey my law on earth as men of good will, and peace will come to your hearts. When your spirit departs from this world and enters the spiritual one, it will open its eyes to perceive with great joy that life which awaits it. That life awaits all spirits in order to redeem them and embrace them in its love and its light.

38. But in order to attain salvation, you must arise to start fulfilling your mission. I bring you spiritual riches of infinite value, for you are the inheritors of my grace. If you take your cross with love and walk patiently, you will be with me on the final day and will attain true life. That life will offer you the peace and comfort that you have greatly sought.

39. I have chosen humble individuals as servants in this period to offer you proof that this word which you hear does not come from a philosopher or a scientist, for you are unbelieving by nature. For that reason, and in your presence, I have chosen your brothers, parents, or children as my spokesmen whom I have inspired to give you my teachings. But I say to you that it is necessary for you to study my word in its essence, for the day will come when men and women will arise who, using my name, will speak words lacking true enlightenment. Therefore, you must not allow yourselves to be deceived by them.

40. Be alert and pray. I am the one who is able to perceive and understand the suffering in each human heart.

41. You feel oppressed and fearful because religions signal you out and criticize your deeds. Do not fear. Dry your tears and be comforted.

42. Blessed are those who in their affliction seek to communicate with me in silence, for I comfort them. They are not abandoned by me, but rather I have sought them to offer them my divine grace. Elijah is guiding you in the Third Era, and as you follow my path, you will feel closer to me.

43. Listen to my parable for this day. PARABLE

44. Along a path walked an old man who was humble and respected and who carried neither supplies nor a walking stick. He met three young wanderers who were joyful and singing sweet songs. The old man came up to the first one and said, Wanderer, I am hungry, thirsty, and naked. Share with me from what you carry in your supplies bag and give me a piece of your clothing. The young man looked in his bag and found neither bread nor water, and he did not want to deprive himself of his clothing. Go to my brother, he said. He can give you what you need. I have nothing to offer you.

45. The old man approached the second one and made the same request. This one also looked in his supplies bag and found there was no food nor water to quench his thirst. Go to third, he said. He will give you what I have not been able to give you. The third, facing the same request, searched, and his answer was the same, I have nothing to give you. The old man then felt distressed. Thirst and hunger had weakened him, but seeing that the supply bags of the young men were empty, he said to them, How are you going to follow this path which I have journeyed, not knowing what awaits you? The path is long and filled with thorns, and the land is dry. There are no trees to offer you shade. There are no fruits. The sun is scorching and there are no rivers or streams to refresh those who journey along this path.

46. The wanderers heard the old man and said. That does not matter. We will proceed. We are young and strong, full of energy, and able to accept the ordeals of life. With an ironic smile they were about to abandon the old man, but he said to them: Wait, I advise you to first find something to eat. Gather what you need for the trip in your supply bags so that you can follow that path without perishing. After listening to the old man, they answered, If you find yourself tired, naked, and hungry, it is because you are old. Work has exhausted you. You have seen many dawns, and snow has whitened your head. That is why you are discouraged. We are young and do not fear life.

47. The old man then answered: I was also once young and strong and sang along the paths. I had energy in my body, and with the passage of time I gained experience and learned different things. I am going to show you what you must go through. Then taking them to the top of a hill, he showed them the world. From there they saw how storms were occurring everywhere, inflicting pain and destruction throughout nations. The ocean waters invaded the land, and men perished under the force of the unleashed elements. The young men said to the old one, What have we to do with these events? To which the old man replied, What you now see and which surprises you, you will have to experience when you travel those roads. But they doubted. He told them once again. Look! And he directed their vision toward the Orient. There they observed nations fighting in the midst of a cruel war. They saw mothers and children weeping, losing their lives in the battlefield, crying out to their loved ones in the last hour. They saw women in mourning, weeping the loss of a husband or child. They observed hungry and naked children. Then before their eyes a white spirit extended its mantle like snow over the devastated earth. And from the earth a heartbreaking cry emerged and where that spirit appeared, the lives of men were reaped like crops in the fields at the time of harvest. Then the young men asked, What does all of this mean? I show you future times, answered the old man, times in which you will live.

48. Finally, the old man detained them to have them observe the events that would occur, and they saw the unleashed elements; fire consuming forests and cities, epidemics covering men like a cloud, volcanoes spouting fire and burying entire countries under their ashes. He showed them the seas where great catastrophes were occurring; while some seas were drying up, others were changing their location. Finally, they saw four angels with trumpets appear in the heavens announcing the end of time.

49. The young men were overcome with terror. Then the old man said to them, I have just shown you the events which are to happen and which you must experience.

50. Those young men, whose faces had turned pale, cried out to nature, but it did not hear them. At the moment when they were weeping with great anguish, the old man's voice, filled with fatherly tenderness, said to them, Do not despair. Get on your knees and pray to the Almighty. He extended his hand in silence, and everything became calm, peaceful, and silent. The vision disappeared. They saw the light of a new day, and understanding that the old man had prophesied those events, they knelt saying, Let us pray so that the Father, who is the Almighty, might prepare our path, and we may proceed with his light to the end of our lives.

51. My people, analyze what I have told you and open your eyes to my divine light. You are the three travelers whom I have summoned and taught throughout the eras so that you might acquire my wisdom and develop your faith. Also, I have prepared you to follow the path of life, so that, when you reach the end of your path, you will enter into the spiritual valley where you will find my peace.

52. In past eras you were not convinced by my word. When the Master departed, your spirits did not find peace. I have said to you, Blessed are those who believe. Blessed are the men of faith, for they will have eternal life.

53. I say to those of you who are prepared in this era: I am hungry and thirsty for your love. My children, you have not been able to communicate with your God due to your lack of spirituality. You have rejected the virtues which I have given you, and you have lost your treasure.

54. Now I say to you, Take the teaching which I come to give to you in the sixth stage. Do not seek light for your spirits in the books of the world, for you will not find it. Do not seek to find in them answers to your questions or solution to your problems. Pray, communicate with me, and I will answer your prayers.

55. Even before you present your sorrows and suffering to me, the Divine Mother is already praying on your behalf and offering your her blessings. In turn, she asks for you to pray for others who suffer. She pleads with humanity to cease its ambitions, its wars, and to no longer shed innocent blood. Her loving spirit protects you and humbly awaits for my will to be done.

56. You also bless and worship her, knowing that she is your inseparable companion in your days of peace and in those of ordeals.

57. My blood was shed so that peace and justice might reign among men, but humanity has not truly understood my deeds on earth. Had you taken full advantage of that lesson you would have attained a higher level of spiritual evolution, and the light which I have shed throughout the times would clearly illuminate your spirits.

58. You have not imitated me. I have taught you humility, yet you are arrogant. I gave you the secret of peace and health, and you live in war and disease. I taught you to comfort those who suffer, and you do not feel the pain of your brothers. Your heart has become hardened and insensitive.

59. Humanity, you have greatly denied my existence and your gifts. Truly I say to you that you are not walking on firm ground but rather on quicksand, and that path will not help you reach the goal for which you were created.

60. Read and learn from the great Book of True Life which I have granted to you. And if you obey its teaching, you can rely on coming to me along that path. But understand that if you do not, you will separate yourselves from me, and your restitution will be very great.

61. Men and women, who have lost your path and lack peace, why do you not strengthen yourselves in me? Do not call me an unjust Father if you weep and suffer in your exile. I announced to you before coming to the earth that this dwelling was a valley of tears, that it was not a valley of peace and reward. The earth is not your eternal home. Blessed are those who weep, for they shall be comforted. My Peace be with you!

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