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The Book of True Life

Teaching 048/366

The Master teaches:

The Meaning of the Lord's Supper & The Cross of a True Follower of Christ

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. You multitudes who seek the shade of this large tree, where you may rest: Here you will be able to listen to My Word, which comes to give you comfort and strength, so that you may observe with acquiescence the path you will need to travel.

2. When you feel your spirit weakening, ask Elijah for his walking stick, so you may lean upon it and reach the crystal clear fountain of the Father, where the waters of his love and wisdom overflow, offering encouragement and joy to those who are travelling.

3. I am teaching you to build the true temple, for there are many who have created sanctuaries without placing the foundations of faith at their bases. My temple shall be like a tree, whose branches affectionately spread across the entire universe, where birds come to sing in many different ways. When their voices unite, they will form a harmonious, sweet, and perfect concert, offering it to the Creator. There, your spirit will elevate itself to seek the Lord, as Father, as Master, or as Doctor, but never as Judge.

4. The true God will be loved in a veritable manner. False gods will be destroyed, and the imperfect and impure cults will be replaced by spiritual worship, which will be a song of love for the Father.

5. Truly, I say to you, that I have spoken a great deal to you in this time, and that you do not understand me at times, while at other times you leave Me speaking into the void. Nevertheless, the echo of this Heavenly Word will not fade away, and it will be heard by men throughout the universe.

6. If the spiritual were transformed into the material, at present you would see yourselves seated around an enormous table filled with exquisite dishes, representing My Word.

7. Those who have not yet succeeded in overcoming their materialism would prefer to receive an abundance of material wealth from their Father, rather than spiritual gifts and possessions.

8. How many have departed from My table without having tasted the food that I had lovingly prepared for them. When will they ever again experience a time of grace and blessings such as this, in which they have come to earth to hear My Word? They are like hardened rocks who will need to experience storms and tempests, as well as time in order to crumble. Their spiritual inheritance will be kept from them for as long as they are unable to appreciate it. However, I will return it to them, for I have said to you that whatever the Father gives to His children, He will never take away; He simply preserves it.

9. This is the mighty tree, whose shade offers rest to those who are weary from their long journey. They will nourish themselves with its fruits, and their strength will return to them.

10. I am waiting for everyone beneath this tree. Some will return satisfied, having fulfilled their mission, whereas others will return dejected and with empty hands.

11. When peace disappeared from your heart and tears started running down your cheeks endlessly, you began to think and search for the root of your suffering. That is when your conscience revealed to you that your vexation and peacelessness is due to a lack of spirituality, an unwillingness to fulfill your mission, and the absence of love and mercy for your brothers in your works of life.

12. Your present life is for you to amend your past mistakes, because you are unaware of the sins that you have committed in previous lives. Today, your spirit is being purified, and that is why your heart has not known peace.

13. Those who have lost even the last vestige of peace struggle arduously to regain it, and they come to understand that that grace exists only upon the path of justice and goodness, to which I point all people every moment through the conscience. That is why those who have heard My Word make an effort to follow in My footsteps, because they know that peace exists upon My path, and when an obstacle or affliction approaches, My mercy will help them rise and triumph.

14. My law does not demand superhuman sacrifices from you; it does not enslave or restrain you with chains. Surely it is a cross, but it is one of love; a cross whose weight strengthens you instead of oppressing you.

15. Remember that on several occasions in your lives you have experienced true peace, and you will realize that those moments occurred whenever you did something good, when you have forgiven, when you have reconciled with someone, when you have left your comfortable bed to visit someone in their sick bed, bringing them comfort. That is when the peace of My Kingdom momentarily dwelled within your spirits. Truly, I say to you, whom I am teaching to preserve peace throughout your entire lives, that your mission, since the beginning of time, has been to bring peace to your brothers. For that reason, every time I communicate with you, I ask you to pray for humanity, because your spirits, united in one single thought and one single intention, will reach your brethren like a breeze of happiness and peace. You have also received instruction and power to bestow tranquility, peace and serenity to the invisible beings dwelling in the spiritual valley.

16. The paths of the world are strewn with dangers and temptations. That is why, in spite of the fact that all spirits emerged from Me, filled with light and intuition, with weapons and means to defend themselves and eventually triumph, they often fall under the dominion of the world and the flesh.

17. I found you dejected and defeated, but you heard My voice which came to you tenderly, and you arose with faith and hope. Truly, I say to you, that every being who is lost or defeated will hear this voice, when the right time has come.

18. In this time, those who strayed the furthest and those who lost their way the most, will be the ones who will love Me most fervently, and they will follow Me.

19. The chisel of My love will hewn even the toughest rocks.

20. To achieve this goal, I come seeking your spirit, because it can comprehend My doctrine. But before that, I have come to speak to your heart, limiting Myself through the human spokesmen and humanizing My Word. This will prepare and help you to elevate yourselves, so you can communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. You will be able to hear My spiritual voice inspiring you and showing you the path of restitution. Your physical body is, at times, like a heavy chain or a thick veil, not allowing you to see anything beyond the material. In order to help you triumph in this battle, here you have My divine inspiration, which has been transformed into human words by My love for you. These words reach your mind and heart like a caress.

21. These are days of remembrance, and for that reason you have entered into reflection and preparation. Oh, if you could only know how to maintain spirituality throughout your life without falling into fanaticism; how great your spiritual development would be!

22. There is joy in the hearts of these listening multitudes. They know that a heavenly banquet has been prepared for their spirits, where the Divine Master awaits to give them the spiritual food and drink, the bread and the wine of the true life.

23. The table where Jesus met with his disciples back in the day, was a symbol of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Father was surrounded by His children. There was also the feast, representing life and love. The divine voice spoke; its essence was the universal harmony, and the peace that reigned back then was the peace that exists in the Kingdom of God.

24. During these times of prayer you have attempted to purify yourselves, thinking that the Divine Master would bring you a new testament in His words, and such is the case indeed. Today, I permit you to remember the bread and the wine with which I represented My body and blood, but I have also come to tell you that in this new time, you will only find that nourishment in the divine essence of My Word. If you seek My body and blood, you must seek it in the divine aspects of My creation, for I am all Spirit. Eat of this bread and drink of this wine, but fill My cup as well, for I wish to drink with you; I thirst for your love.

25. Take this message to your brothers and realize that the blood, which, even though it is life, is merely a symbol for eternal life, which is true love. It is through you that I am beginning to enlighten humanity with My new revelations.

26. Men and women, children, the young and the elderly; they all will form the apostolate of Christ during this Third Era. But truly, I say to you, it is more so the spirits that I seek than the hearts. Not all of humanity may hear My Word, but I wish for it to feel My presence in this holy hour. Parents dwelling in your homes, those of you who are bedridden, who hunger for justice, who are punished by men, who lack peace in your hearts, who have been offended, who are poor; all of you, silently enter My sanctuary, so you may hear the voice of your Lord, saying to you: "Peace be with you."

27. My people, the apostles who surrounded Me in the past are with Me at this very moment, invisible, present only in spirit. Those apostles include Peter, John, both the older and the younger, Thaddeus, Thomas, Matthew, Bartholomew, Simon, Philip, Andrew and even Judas himself, who was stricken with pain. They all accompany Me in this new supper. Where else on earth could you be shown what I am now showing you? You would be shown lifeless images, whereas I can have these spiritual beings manifest themselves, full of life and light.

28. My Spirit experiences both joy and pain, as in times past, for not all of My children have attained salvation as of yet.

29. While you hear Me telling you that you are sitting at My table, you keep thinking about that disciple who, in a moment of confusion, betrayed his Divine Master and brothers. You then ask yourselves if there will be a traitor in this time as well, and your spirit asks Me: "Could it be me?" Your eyes swell with tears, and you ask Me for strength not to yield to temptation. Truly, I say to you, that in this time there will also be those who will betray Me, but it will not be My body, as was the case in the Second Era. Rather, they will attempt to hide the truth of My doctrine with their deeds, causing humanity to believe that this doctrine is false, even though it is a teaching of divine wisdom.

30. All of you vow that you love Me and will follow Me unto death, but I say to you that you must watch and pray, for even Judas had vowed he would give his life for Me.

31. My physical torment lasted a day and a night back in that time, until death brought an end to the suffering of My material body. Now in spirit I experience the pain of all who suffer. Within each culprit I am condemned by the judges of the earth, and in each prison cell I am incarcerated within the hearts of those who carry out their sentence. Do not only weep when recollecting those painful hours Jesus experienced in the world, knowing that My suffering is not yet at an end.

32. Already your spirits begin to share in My sadness, understanding that they still need to earn merits by practicing deeds of love and mercy, so they may attain the joy and peace promised by Me to all who will follow Me to the end.

33. Elevate your spirits in simple prayer, for prayer is communication and convergence with the Lord.

34. This supper is one of love, do not forget that. Take the bread from the table and share it with your brothers, and when all of you find yourselves in the Eternal Kingdom, you will understand that this manifestation I now give you was a symbol of eternal life. Come and join us, you multitudes, for in the Second Era there were only twelve who sat at My table; today it shall be 144000, although My call of love is directed at all of humanity. I want all of you to accompany Me in this time. There are those who tremble before My Word, some weep, and others consider themselves unworthy of hearing it. I know each and every one of you, and I say to you that among this people now flocking to hear My teachings, are those who, in the Second Era, received miracles in order to believe in Me. Of course, however, there are also those who doubted Jesus, and even those who cried out to Pilate: "Crucify him! Crucify him!"

35. Many saw Me heading for Calvary with My cross on My back, not knowing who they were accompanying, and they saw Mary's tears, without being aware of who it truly was that wept. Behold how I am now once again teaching and converting those into My disciples who did not know how to recognize Me back then.

36. On the cross I asked that you be forgiven, for you did not know what you were doing. That forgiveness gave you a new opportunity, granted by the Father, to have you open your eyes to the truth, to be saved, and to come closer to Me. But in spite of My mercy towards you, there are still some who continue to seek imperfections in My Word, just to have an excuse not to believe and follow Me. But truly, I say to you, that there is not a single blemish in the essence of My Word, rather, with this humble and simple Word, I have come to erase many stains from your heart.

37. You are all subject to My judgement. Nothing will move you more emphatically than the mercy of My love towards you; for My judgement is one of love.

38. In the Second Era, Joseph of Arimathea opened the doors to his home, so that, within it, the Master could celebrate the Passover, in the company of His disciples; still, they had no idea that the lamb to be sacrificed at that feast would be Jesus.

39. Now I come to ask you to prepare a shelter within your hearts, where I may enter to remind you with My Word of the deeds and the teachings that I sealed with My blood in the past. But do not limit yourselves to recalling My passion only during these days of remembrance. You must build a sanctuary within the depths of your beings, where you will remember eternally the lesson of love that Christ brought to the earth. That sanctuary will be indestructible amidst the tempests that aim to destroy the faith of humanity.

40. Today, I am having My voice heard in many regions, cities and villages, so that many may be called upon. Along My path, I pour out My healing balsam, comfort, and peace upon the hearts, reviving hope in those who believe themselves to be lost to the life of grace, and I offer life to those who are dead in spirit because of vice and sin.

41. In the past I travelled from place to place and My presence brought joy to the needy, the sick, and the poor in spirit. Not all of them followed My footsteps, but they remained as living testimonies to the miracles I performed in them. Men, women and children came before Jesus; their faces looked distressed and their cries spoke to Me of their misery and suffering. They had heard rumors and news of My miracles, and they anxiously waited for the Rabbi of Galilee to come their way, so they might extend their hands towards Him and ask for proof of His power. Their hearts were simple, but there were others; scribes, doctors of the law, and the pharisees, who, in their dislike of Jesus, eventually demanded that He show them His hands, to see if they could recognize within them the power with which He had cured the sick, by merely touching them.

42. My compassion was unconditional for all people. I was the Father who came to save all of My children from their pain. Jesus, the doctor, was the healing balsam in and of Himself, and it was not necessary for Him to touch the bodies of the sick to return their health to them. On occasion, simply to give the multitudes proof of what faith is capable of, I would allow someone sick to approach Me and touch My robe in order to be healed.

43. In this era, it is no longer Jesus the man who came to your world to seek out the sinners and the needy; now it is Jesus the Spirit, who manifests Himself to humanity to find among the multitudes of this time the new disciples, who shall be faithful to the end. At a spiritual table he offered them bread and wine, invisible to human eyes, but all too real to the spirit. Many of those who fervently listen to My Word today did not believe Me in the Second Era. There are people now witnessing this manifestation who still do not believe. I ask you: What miracles do they wait for in order to believe? Are they awaiting a new and different era? They doubt this manifestation because I have chosen to communicate through simple and uneducated men, instead of ministers and scholars; but I assure you that you will always find Me among the humble, throughout all eras.

44. Those who have come to understand the value of this Word and have analyzed it to discover its true divine essence, are those who will keep it safe as the seed of spiritualization, which, tomorrow, they will spread among humanity.

45. The voice of the Lord was heard in the tabernacle during the First Era. In the Second Era, I taught My lessons of love in the word of Jesus. Now you hear My voice through human spokesmen, while tomorrow it will be My inspiration that will illuminate each spirit through an intimate connection between the Father and His children.

46. In the Second Era I said to you: "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word which comes from God." Therefore, the bread with which I represented My body was only a symbol. Today, I say to you: Take the bread of My Word, drink the wine of its spiritual essence, and you will nourish yourselves eternally.

47. Understand that I come from the kingdom of peace to this valley of tears. I descend from the mansion of the righteous to converse with sinners. I carry neither a crown nor a king's scepter. I come filled with humility to communicate with you through these gauche human spokesmen, whom I am transforming with My light, surprising you with the endless truth of My teaching.

48. I am not ashamed of you, and despite your sins and imperfections, I will never deny that you are My children, for I love you. Rather, it is men that are ashamed of Me, denying Me on numerous occasions.

49. Today, I come to pour out My Spirit among you, so you may learn how to worship Me in a spiritual and simple manner, thereby eliminating all materialism, traditions, and fanaticism.

50. You who have brought down the false gods you worshipped in past times; you will know how to enter the sanctuary I am now constructing in your spirits with My Word.

51. I am aware that you would like for Me to continue teaching you through human spokesmen forever. But this must not happen, for if I were to obey your request, you would then make no effort to seek Me with your deeds of love, and you would be satisfied to simply listen to My teachings.

52. Since time immemorial I have told you that My Kingdom is not of this world, and truly, I say to you, that your true home is not on earth either. The Kingdom of the Father is in His light, in His perfection, and in His holiness. That is your true home; that is your heritage. Remember that I have told you that you are the inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven. This planet is like an apartment that shelters you temporarily; it is a place where your spirit confronts trials that help it to become purified, progress spiritually, and develop its gifts, before finally returning to its true spiritual home. For that reason you must not ask yourselves: "Why have I not found perfect peace and happiness in this world?" Truly, I say to you, that not even those who are pure have found true peace in this earthly valley.

53. If this earth were to satisfy all of your desires; if you did not have to endure any spiritual trials; who of you would ever wish to return to My Kingdom? Do not curse your suffering and pain, for you have created it with your own mistakes. Endure it patiently, and it will purify you and help you come closer to Me.

54. Do you realize how deeply attached you are to earthly grandeur and pleasures? Nevertheless, the time will come when you will no longer desire these things.

55. Whoever manages to triumph over his trials with elevation will experience peace. He who walks on earth with his sight set on heaven does not stumble; neither will his feet be harmed by the thorns strewn along the path of his restitution. You who hear Me, endure your trials with love, so that others will imitate you. Seek to progress more and more in your perfection, for if that were not so, why would you have come today? Why have you left your work in order to sit on these humble benches? It is because you seek peace, light, strength, and comfort. Among these multitudes are those who are seeking My wisdom and revelations, so that, tomorrow, they may take this message to distant lands. There are also those who have sinned greatly, and they have tearfully told Me: "Father, we are not worthy of hearing Your Word." But I say to you that it is exactly for your sake that I have come here; for those who have strayed from the path of development. It was never My intention to seek those who are righteous on earth, for they are already saved. I seek those who can no longer find the strength to save themselves, and I offer them My blessings and tender love.

56. If anyone has been told that his spirit is lost because of his sins, and he still wishes to make amends for his faults and save himself, let him come to Me, for I will offer him My forgiveness and raise him up to a new life. He will be like Lazarus who arose when he heard the voice of Jesus saying to him: "Rise up and walk."

57. Likewise, I seek the ignorant, so I may open the book of truth before their very eyes; the Book of True Life. I want those who rejected and insulted Me in the past to arise among humanity today and set an example of spirituality, humility, and brotherly love, offering testimony of My teaching with deeds of love towards their brothers.

58. I see that you are making use of My lessons, but you are still far from attaining spiritual perfection. You are still weak, and you are unable to take more than three steps before temptation causes you to fall.

59. Be strong, and if your parents or children reject you because of My teaching, offer them proof of your strength and faith, and do not fear, for My power and your example will convince them of this truth. If any of those who rejected you should depart from earth without you having converted them, do not be discouraged, for they will be carrying the seed you sowed within their spirits, and it will blossom in other worlds.

60. Analyze the lessons that I gave you through My suffering in the Second Era. I invite you to remember and meditate with Me on those teachings. Be aware that these are among the last times in which I will speak to you about them. You do not know what comes after, and you need to prepare yourselves in order to receive the new revelations I will give you. If you wish to have peace in your spirits and please your Lord in those days of remembrance, act mercifully towards the needy, forgive your enemies, and settle any accounts you might have with your brethren. Should you feel remorse in your spirits when I pronounce My seven words on the cross, then how bitter and painful will those words seem within your hearts! Your conscience will tell you that when I asked for water to quench My thirst, you gave Me bile and vinegar to drink.

61. Pray, for you live in times of dangers and temptations, and you do not know if those who are at peace right now will be fighting or cursing God in an instant. Always remember what I am telling you today, so that you always remain vigilant and in prayer.

62. Behold how My divine essence is capable of reaching out to you through the lips of a sinner. Is that not a miracle of power and love? It occurs because I am the one who has the power to make water pour forth from a rock and let light emerge from the darkness.

63. Through humble mediators I have spoken to the "least"; for if the lords of the world would had conveyed this message to mankind, then truly, I say to you, that you would have remained without knowledge of your gifts and without missions to fulfill. You would not have partaken of this banquet, and you would have had to be content with watching the feast from afar. However, I have chosen to manifest Myself through these spokesmen who have not been influenced by theories, sciences, and religious prejudices their entire lives. I have used them to call upon all of humanity, without preferring anyone because of social class, nationality, religion, or language.

64. My voice comes from the spiritual realm, where I am King. I come from that paradise where all of you will be with your Lord when, like Dimas, you speak to Me from your cross, humbly and with faith: "Lord, remember me when You are in Your Kingdom." The cross that I have given you to carry is the mission that I have asked you to fulfill: To heal the sick, to comfort, to teach your brothers, and to reveal My divine messages to humanity. You feel the weight of this mission because it involves responsibility, for it is delicate and pure, and as you fulfill your mission, you will be subjected to the ridicule and slander of those who do not believe, because they did not wish to find the truth within My doctrine.

65. That is exactly how Jesus travelled along his painful path, carrying the weight of His cross. However, the weight He felt from the ingratitude of the multitudes was much greater than the weight of His cross.

66. Behold the Master reminding His children about events of the past and relating them with events that are occurring today, so you might better understand My teachings. I want this doctrine to be spread throughout the world, so that humanity may become enlightened. Thus, mankind will awaken to a life it never knew, arising to form one single home and one single family in the world. This will be the true people of Israel, the people of God in which all differences between race and social class will disappear. All beings will be like branches, extending from a single trunk, and they will obey My law, which tells you: "Love one another."

67. You who have taken this cross upon your shoulders, recognize the responsibility you now have: You must reveal the truth of My manifestations and miracles to humanity. That is why I ask you to have noble sentiments and perfect awareness of who you are in regards to God and humanity. That is why I give you My teaching of spiritualization.

68. Prepare yourselves in this way, and you shall be good soldiers in this struggle; you will be the true Israelites in spirit, as well as My faithful disciples. Do all that you can to prove the truth of this Word. Do not forget that Christ allowed his body to be destroyed in order to offer testimony of the truth He preached. Why would He defend the life of His body when he had previously said that His Kingdom is not of this world? In that same manner, be aware that, in order to reach the eternal life awaiting your spirit, you may sacrifice many of your ambitions and goals.

69. If you wish to remove the dark stains within your brother, first remove your own stains. If you wish to be forgiven, you must forgive first.

70. How beautiful it will be when your soul's last moment on earth has come, and the spirit, finally at peace, can say the following to the Father: "Lord, all is finished!"

My Peace be with you!

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