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The Book of True Life

Teaching 050/366

The Master teaches:

The prodigal Son of the Kingdom of Heaven & Mary as spiritual Mother of Mankind

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Just as the lark spreads her wings to cover her chicks, so does My love cover you.

2. This voice that calls you is the voice of the Divine Master; this word comes from Him who has created all things that be. He who has the power to do everything will convert your insensitive hearts into sanctuaries of love and elevation, and light will shine where there was only darkness before.

3. Some of you will be converted and prepared by My doctrine, taught to seek out those who have been lost in the desert, for that is the way I see human life - like a desert. There are those who feel alone amidst millions of spirits, dying of thirst, without anyone to offer them a little water. That is where I will send My new apostles. Once again I want My name to be pronounced with love by some and heard by others, deeply moved. I want it to be known by those who are not aware of it. There are men, women and children who know nothing of My existence. I want everyone to know Me and to be aware that they have in Me a most loving Father. I want everyone to listen to Me and love Me.

4. You must prepare yourselves, for the time approaches when I will make Myself felt in your spirits. I will come to you, knocking on the door of each and every heart. Blessed is he who knows how to offer Me shelter, for I will ask some for bread, and others for water. And just like My disciple John prophesied to you, here I am, knocking and calling at your door, and if any of you hear My voice and open the door, I will enter and dine with you, and you will dine with Me.

5. Understand that I will not come to ask you for material things, but rather for deeds of love, for I hunger and thirst for you to love one another and live in peace.

6. Allow My love to blossom within your hearts, thereby quenching the great thirst that mankind feels.

7. I have not tired of waiting for you; rather, it is you who have tired of walking so far, for you have made your developmental path much longer than is necessary. Let no one be afraid of following Me, because I will be their staff.

8. Work hard, so humanity may become spiritualized. When you see your efforts bear fruit, you will rejoice and give thanks to your Father; but should you not be granted the opportunity to experience this, do not fear, leave your seed sown on earth, for even if you do not harvest the fruits of your labor here, you will harvest them in the life that awaits you. How will that life be? Do not worry, have faith in it, for it is infinitely more beautiful and perfect than the life you live today. Your language does not possess the words to describe the divine, and if I were to describe it in some shape or form, you would be unable to comprehend it. As you reach new spiritual worlds and layers, in each I will tell you what you need to know. Nevertheless, I have much to reveal to you even on this earth, things that will help you elevate yourselves towards the worlds that still await you, without faltering along your path.

9. I want man to gain wisdom while being humble and charitable at the same time. Observe how many individuals become vain with just a little knowledge and consider themselves great. They place themselves on a throne and crown themselves before their brothers. Be humble, live simple, and make yourselves accessible to other people, and I will crown you, but not with a crown of human vanity. It is not necessary for humanity to see this reward. Do not seek to be rewarded by men, for they have very little to give you. Instead, seek your rewards from Me, for I am truly righteous and possess all things.

10. Do not stop in your journey; do not regress in your development. Remember the many ordeals and the great suffering you have endured up until now. The fisherman of hearts has rescued you and brought you to a safe place. Do not become stained again. I sent you to earth to amend your faults, not to multiply them. Do not assume that because you see Me forgive each of your faults, My justice will never be able to touch and awaken you from your delusions of grandeur. Allow the peace of My love to reveal to you all that I want you to know, rather than have the pain from My justice be the one to speak to you.

11. Learn and make use of My divine teaching. Practice it, in this way you will be demonstrating that you have learned from Me. But when I ask you what you did with My beloved lesson, do not answer that you did not know what you heard and were not aware of anything. If you who heard My words were to contradict My love and justice with your deeds, what seed would you be leaving on earth?

12. Right now I want you to pray for the nations of the world, for your fellow brothers and sister, and I promise to descend upon all, like a lark, just as I have already descended upon you in particular.

13. With joy and love I behold that all of you have prepared yourselves to receive Me, some with your good deeds, others with your pain, and yet others with spiritual penance. You have had to journey along paths that were strewn with thorns in order to reach the tree where the nightingale sings a song of peace to the heart.

14. When you set out on the roads of life, experience, and development, you carried an inheritance with you, but now that you come to hear My voice, which has surprised you in the middle of your journey, I find that you have lost all that I had given you.

15. What inheritance is the Master referring to? He is referring to your spiritual heritage, for while some lost it, others exchanged it for the vanities of the world. But the time came when you felt the need for spiritual gifts, and when you did not find them within your beings, you began to anxiously seek them on many other paths. That is why I frequently call you prodigal sons, for you resemble the one I referred to in My parable.

16. Engraved upon your hearts are signs of the ordeals that you have endured. Your feet still bear fresh scars that were left by the thorns along your path, and I see that your entire being is weary from a life you now understand cannot be the eternal one.

17. Your spirits lived through a long and sleepless night filled with tears, but when you arose to seek Me, your hope of finding Me was not disappointed, because a beautiful sunrise surprised you, momentarily blinding your spirits.

18. Finally the prodigal son, who is present among all individuals forming this multitude, returned to the Father's home, listened again to His voice, and felt himself embraced by the Father's infinite love. The shame that he felt because of his ragged clothing and his bare feet disappeared when he felt the Father’s kiss upon his forehead; a kiss that proved that everything had been forgiven by the Father who had long awaited the return of His son.

19. That is why I have told you on this day that you have all prepared yourselves to receive Me and that you have made yourselves worthy of My embrace. When you have rested and ceased to cry, then your Father, transforming Himself into the Master, has presented His lesson to you in order for you to begin to fulfill the mission for which you have been created and were sent to earth.

20. Whoever increases his love for the Father and becomes His disciple can no longer miss the right path. I have everyone enter My sanctuary, so that, after beholding the purity and the perfection that exists therein, they will no longer dare to stain it.

21. The freshman is overjoyed listening to the teachings of the Divine Master, and as he begins to understand the essence of His teaching, he becomes aware that the inheritance he believed he had lost along the way had always been with him. However, he was unable to see nor feel that heritage, because he was deaf, blind, and insensitive to his spiritual gifts. Once again strong, secure, and confident, loving his Creator and feeling loved by Him in return, the freshman feels the urge to once more walk the paths he journeyed already, however, not to become lost, but to illuminate them, to remove the thorns strewn about and to seek lost travellers, guiding them towards the tree where he himself regained his life and faith.

22. Blessed are those who untiringly seek the truth and who furthermore do not keep it for themselves, but offer it to humanity instead, illuminating the paths for their brothers with their light.

23. I have called you "laborers", and that is what you can truly be. I have given you the time, the seeds, the water, the fields, and the tools to work.

24. The allegory through which I speak to you is simple, so that you may understand everything I wish to tell you in these teachings.

25. I leave the dew of My love upon your spirits, cultivating and caressing you. Neither onto the hills, nor into the valleys, nor onto the flowers have I poured out as much grace as I have upon you. My love will always accompany you, but this Word, which I now give you through human spokesmen, will not be with you forever.

26. Hear My words and keep them in your hearts. If I did not grant humanity to have Me return to earth and become man again, as many wish and believe, neither will I grant that you continue to hear Me in this form after the year 1950. As of yet, however, you do not know what I have in store for you afterwards.

27. I wish to prepare you, so you may heal the sick, comfort the widows and orphans, convert sinners with words of authority, cure lepers, and illuminate the paths of your brothers.

28. I am once again entrusting you with the seed of life, love, and spiritualization, leaving it to you as an inheritance. Do not lose any more of it in this life.

29. I leave you My peace, for I am the peace that covers the world, as do the wings of the lark when she covers her chicks in the nest. When will you finally become like larks of peace, in spirit that is?

30. It has been My will that you be born in this nest of love, where you have never lacked nourishment and where My teaching fills your heart with joy. You are still weak, your wings have not grown, and your feathers are not fully developed. But the day will come when you will feel strong enough to fly, to travel long distances and to challenge the fury of the winds. Do not imitate those who have wished to abandon the nest before their time and have fallen to the ground, because they still did not know how to flap their wings. Wait until I designate the path, then you will not get lost. Like a flock of larks you will scatter, taking with you the olive branch as a symbol of peace, and you will build new nests among the trees.

31. You ask Me why I have come to you during this time, and I ask you: Are you not aware of all that is happening around you? Do you not know that what has happened in the world recently and what is happening now is an announcement of My coming and of My presence among humanity.

32. Observe how war is consuming even the most developed nations, and how evil has reached its peak; lies are accepted as though they were truth; science has revealed great mysteries to humanity and has permitted man to utilize those discoveries for destructive purposes. The world has proclaimed that many impure activities are good. That is when I appear before you, to enlighten you and to stop you in your tracks on your way towards the abyss.

33. I speak to you with My eternal truth, and I say to you: If you seek pleasures and science, you will find within Me the true science and the true joy.

34. How small your planet is, and yet how far is the distance between each one of you. How much division exists in your world!

35. Man is no longer ignorant. His spiritual and intellectual development is great indeed. His responsibility during this hour of trial is, therefore, great as well. The men of this age my say that they are unfamiliar with My laws and My justice, but that is simply not true, for man possesses a spirit of light. What is actually happening is that the spirit yields to the temptations and attractions of the world, becoming a slave to them and preventing him from utilizing his spiritual gifts.

36. Humanity, I have descended and materialized Myself in this form because I love you. My Spirit lowers itself into the abyss, and I extend My helping hand to save the lost sheep. I come to teach you to pray and ask with your spirit, rather than with your lips, for it is the spirit that should pray, not the body, since the spirit knows what both it and the body need. I gave you language, so you would be able to communicate with one another.

37. The spiritual language is beyond your language and mind. How can the material body express what the spirit feels? Those expressions and prayers will be lacking in their attempt to communicate with the Father. The following are ways one can better communicate with Him: a tear rolling down your cheek, which often no one sees; a deep sob; suffering you offer Me in silence and endure patiently; your good deeds, which will elevate their essence to Me, like the fragrance of flowers.

38. I am proving My presence among you with My teaching. Someone will say: "Master, it is difficult to practice your teaching. Perhaps it is incompatible with our materialistic time." But I say to you that they said the same thing of My Word in the Second Era, and, nevertheless, it was the gentiles and pagans that converted to it more readily.

39. Just as I announced these bitter times to you, I also say to you that once this confusion has passed, harmony will exist among humanity.

40. Those who are proud, vain, and lack mercy and justice will be held back in the spiritual valley for a while, so that goodness, peace, and justice may progress on earth, thereby allowing spiritualization and good science to flourish. It is not necessary for you to create a mystical life to please Me, nor will anyone be forced to follow Me, because I will not accept deeds you offer Me if you were obliged to do them. Only your offerings of good will, your sincere impulses, and your spontaneous love will reach Me. Also, I do not wish you to serve Me out of fear of punishment. The time has come for you to know that God does not punish His children. Therefore, do not offend Me any longer with your bad judgements.

41. Never allow self-interest to guide you, nor should you give to others if you were thinking of a reward beforehand, for that is neither love nor mercy. Let not your spirit expect to receive love in the world as a reward for its good deeds, for you have not come to earth to reap love, but to sow it; your harvest is not of this world.

42. Those who have fulfilled their mission in this life have departed from earth with peace in their hearts, with a smile upon their lips, and filled with satisfaction and humility, blessing everyone without giving thought to all the pain they reaped in exchange for the love they sowed. I am the perfect and just reward for your deeds. Do not forget what I told you: Whatever you do unto your brothers, you will be doing unto Me.

43. If My divine ray descends upon these human spokesmen because they have briefly repented and become spiritually elevated, and if I place upon their lips the Word which interprets My divine teaching, causing you to be moved and to tremble at its love, then imagine what the Father will give you when your spirit presents itself filled with merits in the spiritual valley.

44. I have gone so far as to tell you: Ask Me for My scepter, and I will give it to you. Yes, My children, know how to ask, and everything will be given to you, so that, if you were to become worthy of My scepter some day, I would not deny it to you. But I want you to analyze this Word well, so you may not become confused.

45. Many men of acknowledged wisdom in the world will not be able to recognize Me in this form, and they will deny Me, but do not let that surprise you, for I have already announced it to you long ago, when I said: "Blessed are you, Father, for revealing Your truth to the humble and keeping it from the wise and knowledgeable." But it is not that I hide My truth from anyone. Rather, those who are poor, undistinguished, and able to see things clearly, can feel Me better, whereas scholarly men are not able to understand or feel Me, because their minds are filled to the brim with theories, philosophies, and certain beliefs. But the truth is for everyone, and it will come to each one of you at the designated time.

46. Many will come to tell you that it is not I who speaks to you, and that this Word does not contain My divine essence. Some of you will doubt and tell Me in your anguish: "Master, how is it possible for me to lose faith, having to walk without the law and God?" But truly, I say to you, that whoever has felt and seen Me, can no longer doubt Me.

47. A storm of ideas and sinister forces has divided men long ago. Today, they will become united through My divine light. The Tower of Babel built by men has been destroyed, but throughout all nations and races, men have continued to construct that tower of arrogance within their hearts. Only a spiritual storm can bring it down, and that storm is now beginning to shake the foundations and walls of that tower. Once this tower has been destroyed, another will be raised in its place, one which cannot be destroyed, because its foundation will be firmly based on brotherhood and harmony, rather than discord.

48. To help you understand My lesson, I say to you: Receive Me within your hearts, so you might understand the doctrine I have come to reveal to you during this time. This Word I bring you is the new testament which will lead you to eternal life. Blessed is he who recognizes the virtues of this Word, for in the hereafter he will recognize the virtues that exist there. Do not ask for proof in order to believe, for you would be imitating the pagan people of long ago, and this is a new era. Do not allow your materialism and doubt to reject or even murder your prophets, as you did in the First Era. You have reincarnated in order to progress along your path of development, not to hinder yourselves by having to repeat the same lesson over and over again. My new teaching is more profound, so behold how I have come to explain it to you Myself, so you will understand it.

49. All of you are receiving the same teaching; however, you do not all have the same number of reincarnations. You live in the Third Era, and yet there are still those who do not know where they are, what the truth is, or what the right path is.

50. This is the time of light and spirit, yet many still do not know how to truly worship God. While some do not fear My justice even in the slightest, others fear God in an erroneous and unjustified way. I tell My disciples that man should rather fear himself, for he is the one who is responsible for his behavior, the one who builds or destroys. How inequitably you act towards your Father when, in the midst of the pain you yourselves have sown, you ask Me: "Lord, why do you punish me?" I do not place a crown of thorns upon the heads of My children, nor a heavy cross on their shoulders. They sentence, crown and burden themselves with hardship.

51. Jesus, the righteous Son of God, accepted the crown that you offered Him and the cross you imposed upon Him. His blood, sacrifice and example were the only things worthy of tracing the path which man needs to ascend along in order to cleanse himself of his sins.

52. l am your Judge, but My judgement, unchangeable and unyielding, originates from love. Today, I come to judge the living and the dead, but first you need to understand who the living and who the dead are. I am the resurrection and the life, and I am resurrecting those who have died to the truth. I come as king, but I do not bring a crown of vanity, for mine is the kingdom of humility. To many I am the dead one who resurrects, for I have come in spirit to, once again, tell humanity that My kingdom is not of this world. In order to hear the voice of your King and Lord, you must elevate your spirits and come to Him.

53. Whoever lives his life on earth yielding to temptations has been a slave to the world and to his passions. As such, when it is time for him to depart from earth, he will lack strength, spiritual elevation, and essentially be dead in spirit.

54. In the world, people raise thrones for evil and worship it in many different forms. They ridicule and battle righteousness as though it were harmful or useless. But if, from eternity, My voice summons you to come to Me by following the righteous path, which is the only path that leads to Me, it is because I am your Creator and you belong to Me. I seek you, because I love you, and I do not want anyone to lose the happiness I have prepared for all of My children. Like a thief, I have come to surprise you, but the only thing I search for is your spirit. Having seen that you carry a heavy cross, I have not come to add to its weight with My judgement, rather, I have come to help you carry it.

55. Truly, I say to you, for the moment I still cannot ask you for perfect deeds, because you are born in sin, and you live in it. But I assure you that with the power of My Word, I will have virtues blossom in your hearts. The gifts that exist in your spirits, which humanity believe only belonged to the prophets and virtuous individuals of times past, will manifest themselves in this time, even among great sinners. It is through these gifts that humanity will be saved.

56. I thirst for your love and hunger for your peace; however, if you are hungry and thirsty as well, then what can you offer Me? Your spiritual mission is that of peace. Watch and pray, so you may make the gift I have entrusted to you a reality. Briefly pray each day and use the rest of your time to fulfill your spiritual and material duties.

57. Tell humanity that I have illuminated the path of the sinners, so they may escape the abyss. I come for those who are lost, since the righteous are with Me already.

58. I will teach you to walk through life with humility, and yet firmness as well. When My communication began during this time, who could have told you of all the spiritual blessings you would enjoy?

59. You have analyzed the prophecies of the past eras and confirmed that My new manifestation was indeed announced. When Mary, your heavenly mother, manifested herself through human spokesmen, some asked themselves: "Was Mary's presence announced as well?" Truly, I say to you, if you would have correctly interpreted the prophecies of John the Apostle, you would know that her presence was also announced for this time.

60. How many of those who form this multitude have not analyzed the scriptures, because their intuition and faith told them: "This is the Divine Master; and this is our spiritual mother."

61. Truly, I say to you, that wherever I manifest My Spirit, Mary's motherly tenderness and benevolence will also be present.

62. Why have so many rejected her? Remember: If her only mission on earth was to give birth to Jesus, so that God could manifest Himself through His Son, then I would not have designated her as the mother of humanity at the foot of the cross, nor would My disciples have considered her their own mother after the Master departed. In this time, part of humanity denies her purity and divinity, while another recognizes her as the universal mother and worships her with fanaticism, ignorance, and idolatry. This is when I send you My light and grant you her presence, so that, with her word, which spreads infinite tenderness and divine comfort, you will set out to to your fellow men, carrying within your hearts a sanctuary where your most tender offering is that which you dedicate to your heavenly mother. Then you will be worthy of carrying the title of "Marian Trinitarian Spiritualists".

My Peace be with you!

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