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The Book of True Life

Teaching 051/366

The Master teaches:

This Word will remove the dark Blindfold and uproot all Tares

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. My disciples, today you welcome Me with great joy and tenderness in your hearts! The reason for this is that your spiritual mother was with you beforehand, embracing you with her divine essence.

2. Once your spirits separate from the material bodies that imprison them, they will experience great joy dwelling in the regions of peace, forever hearing the voice of their spiritual mother, like a divine song.

3. Your faith and love for your spiritual mother is a seed I entrust to you, so that you will cultivate it in the hearts of your brothers. All who received the mark on their foreheads through My mercy will go forth and illuminate the right path. It has been a long time since I ordered those same spirits to mark the doors of their houses with the blood of the lamb, as a symbol of our covenant and of purification. Only I know why I have marked you throughout all times. Only I know your destiny and the nature of your restitution, and that is why My justice always accompanies you, to keep you away from evil.

4. When My voice began to resound in this time, like the ringing of a bell, you immediately recognized who was calling. That is when you arose to hear and follow Me later on. May no one among this multitude consider himself a king or a lord because of the gifts that he received from Me or the dignity I granted him. Instead, each and every one of you must practice great humility and become deeply devoted to the keeping of My law.

5. This is the time of your spiritual activity. The experience you have acquired along your path will help you. Whenever you have been on earth, you merely sought comforts and pleasures, and when you resided in the hereafter, you limited yourselves to a life of contemplation. Only now do you begin to understand the purpose of your existence and the nature of your spiritual mission.

6. Every day men open new paths of moral perversity, and that is where you must plant this seed, you laborers of Jesus, so that the example of your good deeds may testify to the truth of My doctrine and lead your brothers away from their materialism. Allow your lives to always follow the right way. When death opens the gates of eternity to your spirit, your brothers can say: "Behold, this was a just one!" When you come into My presence, the Father will tell you: "Come, you shall live with Me eternally!"

7. Elijah, the spiritual shepherd of the Third Era, has been entrusted with the care for the spirits, the sheep in the sheepfold of the Lord. He is the one who will unite the 144000 I am signifying with the mark of My divinity, and once they have been marked, My justice will be unleashed on earth. Today, Elijah lights a lamp in every single spirit, so that no one may become lost during the time of trial.

8. My people, My ray of light transforms into words through My spokesmen, teaching you My doctrine. This Word has touched your hearts and indicated the path that leads to happiness, alleviating the weight of your cross. Strengthen yourselves in My Word to faithfully endure your trials, and to fulfill your work with love and humility. Do not fear what others might say about you, nor forget that you will have to be tested a great deal.

9. Humanity will once again rise up against Me. Men need to scrutinize My work. Only then will they succeed in discovering the truth and the just law. Only then will they be able to find My presence and perceive My wisdom and love.

10. You have a very important mission to fulfill in this battle. But do not believe that you are possessors of My law, for I am the law, and you are only its interpreters.

11. Be content knowing that you do not possess magnificent temples which someone could destroy, for you can have your gatherings in a simple chamber, or perhaps in a valley, or even on a mountain. Wherever My children gather and call Me, there I will be with them. I also tell you that no human power will ever be capable of stopping this Word. You will continue to receive it uninterrupted until the day set by My will. Should men attempt to prevent My disciples from speaking or even murder them before that day arrives, then even their corpses would cry out.

12. The prophecies I have given to you in My Word will be faithfully fulfilled, for I have not come to deceive you. I will not give you stones instead of bread, or serpents instead of fish. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

13. During the Second Era I merely announced to you the Kingdom from which I came, and which you will enter. Now I come to reveal much of the beauty of that divine mansion to you. This new life is the beginning of the kingdom of peace I have promised you.

14. My traces have been clearly present ever since the First Era; follow the path I have marked for you; continue on it without abandoning your cross, for without it you will not be recognized.

15. What men have destroyed, I will rebuild.

16. Delve into the light and the essence of the Sixth Seal, the book wherein your destiny is written down.

17. I give you lessons that comfort you, lessons that teach you, and yet others that prepare you, so you will lack nothing to help you along the way.

18. How many of My prophet's divinations are already being fulfilled! As Joel prophesied: "I will pour out My Spirit over all flesh. John the apostle saw this time in his prophetic visions, and My Word will continue to be fulfilled throughout eternity.

19. The divine Word is echoed in the heart of this people. You have prepared the dwelling, and here you have Me with you. The Book of True Life lies open before you, and each time you study it, you will receive a new lesson. But I say to those of you who remain in deep sleep: Do not wait for the year 1950 to pass, nor wait for the ringing of My bell to announce My departure before you decide to arise and listen to My Word. You know that My Word and that of My spiritual world will cease to be heard after the year I have designated to you has passed.

20. I have redeemed you, and My blood was the symbol of the love I have for you. I do not wish for you to return to sin and darkness.

21. A worldwide ordeal approaches, and I want My people to be prepared, so that, in the midst of the storm, they might be the beacon of hope that illuminates the way for those lost at sea. Truly, truly, three-fourths of the earth will be afflicted, and pain will cleanse it. Hear Me, o people, for you will have to take these words to all of your brothers.

22. You will eliminate all selfishness you may have held in your hearts, and you will make room for mercy. Could you possibly preach about love without feeling it? Before you place that mask of hypocrisy on your face, I will teach and test you until your heart learns sincerity.

23. The day of My departure will come, and whoever has known how to prepare himself will feel spiritually situated to the right the Lord. Truly however, I say to you, that the number of those who are disobedient, of those who leap over the forbidden wall, will be great. They will be the ones who, despite having heard Me a great deal, did not know how to make use of the lesson, nor did they understand it. In their ignorance, they will ask the Father to be with them for a while longer, even though I have told them many times that My Word is that of a King, and it never fails. Heaven and earth would cease to be, and the sun would no longer shine if even one of My words were not fulfilled. For that reason I tell you that it was My will to announce to you the end date of this manifestation on the first days of My communication, so that all of you would know it and be prepared.

24. Elijah announced My arrival to this multitude. Through Roque Rojas he also designated the year 1950 as the year of My departure, that is, the final phase of the communication through human spokesmen.

25. At this point I say to you that My lessons are moving far ahead of you, and you are about to be left behind. If you wish to not feel weak when confronting trials, you must quicken your pace and strive to keep up with My lessons. Only that way will you feel strong enough to enter the next phase, a time when man will communicate with God from spirit to Spirit.

26. I have revealed the presence of the spiritual world to you, so you might feel the closeness of your brothers and receive their wise advice. They have come to teach you spiritualization. Why have you constantly desired for them to become materialized? Although you will not succeed in this endeavour, you will cause them suffering.

27. Those spirits live in harmony with My divinity; they have come to help raise you up, because you are spiritually dead. My voice will continually tell you: Prepare yourselves, for if you do not, you will be unaware that you live in a time of danger and temptations, and you will see the false Christs appear before you, the false Elijahs, and the false spirits of light.

28. Do you want pain, the world, or men to be the thing that will free you from your mistakes? Remember what I have told you: "The tree is recognized by its fruit", which means that you will be judged according to your deeds. Blessed are those who carry their cross with patience and obedience. But among My apostles will always exist a traitorous and deceitful disciple, who, if given the chance, would lead Me to be sacrificed again. However, I do not require a physical body for you to crucify Me or spit in My face.

29. I want all of you to be obedient. I want no one to deserve these harsh words. When your brothers come to ask you about Me, you must not hide, and neither must you deny having heard Me. Let no one turn his back on Me during the moment of trial, and may no one hide his heritage.

30. My lesson is extensive in each of My teachings. I wish to construct a spiritual sanctuary for your brothers within your hearts; a place for Me to dwell.

31. Make use of this time in which My Word caresses your spirits through the spokesmen. Open your hearts and cherish this book, for the moment will come when you awaken from your profound lethargy to seek the light of this book.

32. I speak to you from atop My cross of love, but it is not blood that is now flowing from My body, but rather light, released in rays that descend onto men. I have given you the gift of words and divine inspiration. From your mouths will emerge the explanation of the mystery of the Seven Seals, so humanity might know My truth. This Word which I give you today will remove the veil of darkness from men's eyes. The tares will be uprooted and the good seed will be sown in its place.

33. You are following a path of blood, vice, and sin, and you renounce those who left those tracks, unaware that they were left by none other than you in your previous lives. As such, you cannot consider yourselves without responsibility during this time; you will soon come to understand that My justice, although it seems harsh and relentless to you, contains nothing but love. Even though I have given you a wealth of wisdom through My spokesmen during this era, it will not be until after My departure at the end of the year 1950, when My nightingales have ceased to sing these divine songs, that you will come to appreciate this Word.

34. My words are those of a king; My will is supreme, and when that moment comes, nothing and no one will be able to change the order of My commandments and decisions. There are those who say that 1950 is still far off, that there is still time to enjoy one's free will, and that there will still be time later on to convert and obey My law. How small and ignorant are those who think and feel that way! Who knows how many days one has left on this earth? Who has the authority to extend his existence on this earth according to his own will?

35. May no one leave his spirit in a deprived state when his material body ceases to exist. Do not leave your spirit a suffering shadow, going from door to door and from heart to heart, begging for alms of light, even though My Spirit has poured out an abundance of light over it.

36. Listen up, newcomers: Once this Word ceases to be heard, the Master wants you to be the spiritual teachers of your children, and of the new generations I will entrust to you. You will teach spiritualization and morality, and your seed will be received in My granary.

37. The hypocritical pharisees of the Second Era constantly crossed My path, hoping to find a blemish in My work or a lie among My words; they were never able to find even a single mistake.

38. You will be scrutinized during this time, as was Jesus. But since you do not have the strength and the wisdom of the Master, I want you to at least always remain on the true path. After all that I have told you and the time that I have granted to you, your prayers should be almost fully spiritualized, but you still have not triumphed over the world; the spirit still has not gained control over the physical body.

39. During the Second Era I sought disciples along the shore of the Sea of Galilee. When I found those who were to follow Me, I told them: "Come!" They followed Me, and they left everything to do so. To the multitudes who believed in My Word, I would say: "Whoever wishes to hear Me, let him distribute his belongings among the needy and follow Me. I have come to show you the path that will lead you to My kingdom." Those disciples, who were later converted into apostles of love and truth, which Christ had preached, knew how to move the spiritual and moral foundations of the people of that time. They fulfilled the mission assigned to them by their Father through their loving deeds, and by shedding their own blood. From among the multitudes who listened to My disciples arose those who were faithful to My teaching: The martyrs.

40. Today, I do not demand your life or your blood, for you now live in a different time. Nevertheless, could you not do something similar to what those people did in their love, self-denial, and faith?

41. Some may tell Me: "Father, I am willing to give My life for you." And I answer them: No, child, do not give up your life without knowing for what purpose. You would do better preserving your life and being useful to your brothers. After that, when you have finished your mission, do offer it to Me in humility.

42. Today you tell Me: "Lord, we do not live by bread alone; come to us and give us Your Word."

43. In the midst of the viccisitudes of your life You remember Me. You are the "strong people", but in those moments of greatest suffering you remember the One who was crucified, asking Him for strength.

44. You have been strong to seek and follow Me. It is your intuition that has led you to Me, even though men have sought to hide the light of the true path, My promise to return, My prophecies of the Second Era, and the revelation of My apostle John.

45. In spite of all that, you have known how to stay away from idolatry and fanaticism, defending your spirit’s faith. And when you heard that Christ had returned and was teaching the multitudes, you answered the call and recognized that He was the Master by the humble form in which He manifested Himself, by the simplicity of the surroundings, and by the humility of those who followed Him. If you had been told that He was manifesting Himself in the palaces of men, you would not have believed it, because the memory of the Rabbi of Galilee has not yet disappeared from your spirits. Neither would you have believed that He incarnated again as a man. Seeing Him return to the world in spiritual form, you felt that that light was coming from the Holy Spirit, for you know that I do not come in the same form twice. My disciples, close your ears to the chatter and opinions of humanity. Remember that they are simple-minded, but be always prepared, so that they won't extinguish the light of your faith.

46. I reveal the secret to you, so that you will never deviate from the path of true life, since there is no one in this world during this time who knows how to guide you along the path of truth. The secret is to allow yourselves to be guided by your conscience, because that is where I am.

47. All men and peoples have leaders, but if I were to ask them: "Where have you been led?", they would answer: "To suffering, to the abyss, and to destruction."

48. I am giving you a detailed description of the path that leads to Me, teaching you to live with purity on this earth, so that your spiritual worship is pleasant and pure. I tell you to be true humans, so you may be spiritualists, fulfilling your duties towards the "emperor" as well as those towards your God.

49. Human life has laws which you must obey to be in harmony with it. Nature demands a tribute from you. Fulfill each law according to how it needs to be fulfilled, but make no mistake and offer Me the tribute which belongs to the world, and do not offer to the world the tributes that are meant for Me. Understand that whoever obeys both laws, the spiritual as well as the material, will be glorifying Me and find his way to Me.

50. That is why My teaching does not limit itself solely to the spirit, for it also relates to human life, to the moral values which man should practice on earth. If you carefully analyze these lessons, you will see that there is only one life and only one path. Do not be surprised to hear Me tell you to honor the families and to love your parents. Spouses must love one another; the husband must refrain from seeing his wife as merely a servant, but as a worthy companion; the wife must see her husband as her defender and protector; and parents must bring healthy children into the world and guide them along the path of goodness.

51. And do not be surprised if I tell you to give to the "emperor" (i.e. the state/government) what he asks of you, for that is also a law that man must fulfill. Use your tools to gather the fruits of love and the treasures the earth offers you.

52. Seek to advance in human life, but do not allow yourselves to be dominated by excessive ambitions, for then you would lose your freedom and become enslaved by materialism.

53. Do everything as your conscience dictates, so that each of your deeds reflects justice. Respect your leaders, answer their calls, and work with them for the good of all. Respect the religious beliefs of your brothers, and when you enter their churches, do so with sincere humility and respect, knowing that I am present in all worship. Do not reject the world in order to follow Me, and do not depart from Me by pretending you have too many other responsibilities here on earth. Learn to combine both laws into one.

54. I free your spirits only from the things that are needless and false, thereby enabling your spirits to rise above all misery, enslavement, and humiliation during the difficult trials of this earthly life. Listen to My voice which tells you: There is no one on earth who has power over your spirits.

55. I must speak to you in this manner in order to destroy the erroneous interpretations that have been attributed to My doctrine. Today I communicate through these My spokesmen, individuals who are not righteous, but whom My will has nevertheless chosen.

56. They know that the greater their preparation and purity are, the greater will be the inspiration they receive. This is the reason for the renewal and regeneration of these children of Mine. Yesterday they were sinning, but today they are striving to become worthy of proclaiming My Word.

57. If you seek perfection, you will not find it in these spokesmen. Seek it in the essence of My Word; there you will find My presence.

58. My people, learn to practice all forms of mercy. However, do not publicize your deeds, seeking admiration and compliments, for that is a meager haul, and you will lose the great reward I have in store for you.

59. I am not telling you to merely purify your spirits, but also to strengthen your physical body, so that the new generations that will emerge from you might be healthy, and their spirits will be able to fulfill their delicate missions.

60. Pray, but make your prayers brief, so you may apply the rest of your time to practicing the law. I only ask you for five minutes of your time, however, do wholly surrender yourselves to Me during those moments and listen to My voice within your conscience. Truly, I say to you, not all of you are watching and praying, for My keen vision has entered your hearts, a place not even you can enter most of the time. Therein I have discovered all that you wish to hide.

61. This is the time of judgement for humanity. My divinity judges men, peoples and nations, one by one; nevertheless, men have not become aware of that, nor do they truly know the time in which they live. That is why I have come in spirit, manifesting Myself through human spokesmen. Through them I have revealed to you who it is that speaks, the time in which you live, and what your mission is.

62. I have placed the contents of My three testaments into the heart of this people, but even though you know that you possess the truth and the law, you still reject one another. This is because the influence of the war that casts a shadow over all nations has seized you as well.

63. Speaking to you is the only God that exists, the One whom you called Jehovah when He showed you His strength and revealed the law to you on Mount Sinai, the One whom you called Jesus, because the divine Word was within Him, and the One whom you called the Holy Spirit, because I am the Spirit of Truth.

64. How is it that you see three gods where there is only one? You are all children of this God. Being brothers, why is it that you nonetheless do not know how to love one another here on earth? You know that men kill other men, that blood flows abundantly, and yet the pain that drenches the earth does not move your hearts even in the slightest. I have told you to pray, and if you obey My commandments, you will not have to fear wars, hunger, plagues, or unknown diseases. But you are only exempt from these hardships so that you may pray and care for your fellow men. Do not doubt the power of prayer, because it is the spirit's greatest weapon.

65. The foolish hand of man has opened the gates that kept the purifying forces and elements at bay, and they have now seized humanity.

66. Nations of the earth, you are enduring great bitterness and you feel the pain deep within your hearts. Since you have wanted it so, endure this bitterness with patience, so your spirits may benefit from this experience and become enlightened when you arise to seek the true path. Upon this path you will find the ruins of the temple you had destroyed within yourselves. You will have to rebuild that temple, so that My voice may speak to you therein and you will once again possess My law.

67. Pray and acquire merits, My people, because war threatens your nation. Your spiritual mission awaits you; do not allow hunger, disease, and death to find their way into your midst. Should your faith lack strength, you will find yourselves tearing out your hair in desperation upon seeing your brothers killing each other and your children suffering from hunger. The water you drink will be bitter, the mountains and valleys will dry out, the trees will bear no fruit, and this land, considered by many to be the promised land due to its wealth and abundance, will have nothing to offer the foreigner who approaches it in search of freedom or bread.

68. My secret sanctuary is filled with revelations and mercy. I only await the moment when mankind begins to seek the Father and becomes pure and humble, so that I may shower mankind with all that I have in store for it. Despite all of this, however, you have always defied My justice, and this time I have accepted your challenge. I come to wage war; My power is great, My armies are numerous, and My weapons are impossible to avoid. I will triumph in the end; however, it will be a victory for those who are spiritually enlightened, not for those who are asleep. I will humiliate no one, and all will raise their heads to praise My name. My people, that is why I wish to see unity, mercy, respect, and love among all My workers and communities.

69. I am granting you this time, so that you will eliminate all idolatry and fanaticism within your hearts, as well as everything superfluous and evil contaminating your habits and worship. Feel how the divine Word descends upon humanity, and feel My peace in the midst of My justice.

70. O valley of tears and blood, where men erect their thrones to worship themselves and dig their own graves! I come to free them from sin and death, because they have chained and enslaved themselves. Truly, I say to you, this world no longer belongs to you, and that is why it rejects humanity at every turn.

71. The earth, which has sheltered mankind like a selfless and tolerant mother, will now lead men along the path that leads to the One on high, where another mother, the heavenly mother, awaits the arrival of her children to wrap them in her mantle, an eternal promise of bliss.

My Peace be with you!

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