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The Book of True Life

Teaching 052/366

The Master teaches:

Call to spread the new Message & Heaven and Hell are states of the Soul

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Nourish yourselves with My divine being. Be firm in your fulfillment of My law, and as a reward, you will find peace and comfort in your deeds. Truly intercede on behalf of your brothers, and allow them to feel the peace of My Spirit with your prayers and your good deeds. Do not rob yourselves of My divine mercy during these times of temptations; strengthen your spirits, so that you will emerge victoriously from your trials.

2. Intercede and be kind even to those who do not love you. Imitate Mary, your heavenly mother, the divine intercessor, she who intercedes on behalf of those who place their hopes in her, as well as those who have closed their hearts to her, and even those who deny her purity and divine nature.

3. Your mission is delicate and your destiny is noble, My people. May you no longer deviate from the path I have marked for you. I have built a sanctuary within your hearts, but do not allow the flame of your faith to go out, and never stop striving to spiritualize yourselves. Do not keep your temple shrouded in darkness, for if someone were to knock on its doors, he would not find the light he seeks, nor would he hear the echo of My voice. Carry My presence and My Word within your hearts, for truly, I say to you, that no one will be able to destroy your sanctuary nor make you regress along your path. Who can keep you from loving Me?

4. My light shines within every mind, and My voice is heard within every conscience; nevertheless, men do not wish to recognize the time in which they live. A multitude of people will need to prepare itself to bring the good news to humanity, and I want it to be these same people I have selected to hear My divine Word. If I am always telling you to prepare yourselves, it is because you will have to offer testimony of My manifestation through human spokesmen. Your testimony will not be limited to repeating the phrases you will have learned from Me, for you will also need to offer proof of your spiritual authority by converting stubborn sinners, by healing the terminally ill, or by any other deed I have taught you. Remember that if you arise to preach love and mercy without first having reached a certain level of spiritualization and regeneration of your lives, you will be imitating the hypocritical pharisees who advertised their false virtue and hid their perversity. I do not want anyone disingenuous or hypocritical among My disciples.

5. If you yearn for My teaching to flourish on earth, then sow it as purely as I have delivered it to you, and douse that divine seed with the water of your good deeds. Go on your way with complete faith in My protection.

6. Who could stop or silence you when you set out to work, inspired by My divine light? No one, My people, just as no one was able to silence Jesus back in the day. Whenever He did grow silent in the presence of some sinners, then it was to give you a lesson in humility, since with His deeds He offered testimony of the truth of His Word.

7. Consider all the years that have gone by in which I have manifested Myself through these spokesmen, and yet no one has succeeded in silencing the divine voice that emerges from their mouths. Truly, I say to you, that the year 1950 will arrive without this Word ever having been interrupted. However, once that year comes to an end, My nightingales will cease to mediate My teaching, for I will have concluded all the revelations I needed to give you at this stage.

8. You will offer testimony of My teaching with your deeds, words, and thoughts, and nothing will hold back the stream of light that will pour forth from your spirits. But the time for you to be silent will arrive as well. I will seal your lips, for all that I needed to say through you will have been spoken.

9. I want all of you to unite without discriminating against one another simply because you attend different houses of prayer, for all of you have received the very same teaching; the light that illuminates each and every of you is the same.

10. I have given you the means to defend your faith and to watch over the teaching I have entrusted to you, but never have I given you weapons to harm one another. I want this multitude to be soldiers of My spiritual cause, but never its enemies.

11. My secret sanctuary was opened during this time to transform those poor in spirit, as well as those who hunger and thirst for justice, into possessors of a spiritual treasure. Are you not content with this? Do your hearts not tremble with gratitude, o My people? "Yes", you tell Me, however, I do not wish for this yes to be a word, or even a thought; no, instead I want you to express it in deeds of love towards your brothers.

12. I tell you now: Rest for a few moments from your earthly hardship; you have travelled far, all the while carrying a painful burden. Come to the fountain of grace, to drink from this water that offers salvation. You may be weak now, but soon you will become strong, enabling you to fight for My cause and confront the trials head-on.

13. Prepare your sandals, for a new path awaits you. Thereupon you will encounter endless opportunities to sow love and mercy. You are fearful still, and that is why you hesitate to announce this new era to humanity. You must understand that what the Father has given you belongs to your brothers as well, and you must make it known to them.

14. I have not come to bestow new spiritual gifts or abilities upon you during this time; that which you have come to realize belongs to you has always been present within your spirits. But time passes ceaselessly, and I ask you: What are you waiting for to begin fulfilling your mission? Are you perhaps waiting for the unbelievers to ridicule My Word, My new manifestation, and to publish fabrications everywhere?

15. Let My teachings become actions, and live them: Truly, I say to you, that those who slander will grow silent. Those who were reluctant will approach you, curious to learn about My teaching. Should your deeds reflect love and mercy, then they will witness great and eloquent testimonies of My truth. When they will behold you healing the sick, many of them will lead their loved ones to you, hoping to find alleviation of their suffering.

16. Deliver My teaching in its original, pure condition, then you will not have to hide yourselves to heal the sick. For truly, I say to you, that in this time you will not seek out the catacombs to practice My teachings; rather, you will do so in the light of day. Do not fear, for even if you are not believed in your home country, soon you will travel to other lands where you will find fervent hearts.

17. The first to be convinced of the truth you will preach must be yourselves, so you may be able to properly demonstrate that faith to your brothers. Should doubt enter your spirits, it will feel like a dagger dealing the killing blow to your devotion.

18. Three eras have already passed. Understand that you must set out to fulfill the most elevated mission of your destiny. Awaken from your deep spiritual lethargy and, with a firm step, advance along the path of your development.

19. Do not ask Me why you continue to be surprised by temptations, even though you are treading upon the path of the Lord. Understand that it is exactly here where you are tested the most. That is why I always say to you: "Watch and pray, so you will not fall into temptation."

20. The day approaches when your brothers will come to ask you questions. At that point, will you hide what I have revealed to you with so much love? I have not given you anything in My teachings that would embarrass you.

21. Do not wait for the lamentations and the rumors of war upon this earth to grow exponentially before you decide to pull yourselves together. Pray and perform deeds of mercy every day, for that way you will counteract the forces of evil.

22. Should any one of you not prepare himself to fulfill his mission, then it is because he is unaware of the gifts I have given his spirit.

23. Blessed are those who know how to find the spiritual meaning of My Word, for this heritage will be theirs. The seekers of the divine truth are those who have always sought their Creator; these will discover the presence of the Master within this humble manifestation.

24. On the surface, My manifestation during this time may seem meager, but truly, I say to you, that I have erected a sanctuary in the hearts of those who lend an ear to My Word. Do not assume that there exist hierarchies among those I have selected in this era; I love all of you the same. Do not assume that the spokesmen of this manifestation have earned this gift through their own merits. Such a great privilege it is that only My love made it possible for them to receive it.

25. This mission is difficult to fulfill for those who have received it; the weight of this cross is great indeed, for without abandoning his worldly responsibilities, the spokesman must reach a level of spiritualization that will permit him to receive the divine ray of My inspiration.

26. There are moments when you are astonished that God can be with you and manifest Himself with so much love. You are amazed because you are well aware of your own blemishes and imperfections, and you feel unworthy of the great love the Father has for you. Since you judge Me as you are used to judging yourselves, My love has always surprised you. Why do you believe that anger, vengeance, or selfishness exist within Me? I say to you that when you allow yourselves to be judged by the light of your conscience, humbly and sincerely confessing your faults, then you become worthy, and I descend to speak to you of My kingdom, for your sorrow over having offended Me assists you in purifying yourselves.

27. Do not be surprised that My love follows you everywhere despite your sins. You are all My children. In this world you have a reflection of God's divine love in the love of your parents. You may turn your backs to them, reject their authority, disobey their orders, and ignore their advice; you may leave a wound in their hearts with your evil deeds, cause their eyes to dry up from all the tears they shed, their hair to become white, and their faces to become wrinkled with the marks of suffering, but in the end, they will never cease to love you, and they will only have blessings and forgiveness for you. So, when even your parents on this earth, who are not perfect, have offered you so much proof of a pure and elevated love, then why are you surprised that He who created those hearts and gave them the mission of being parents, loves you with a perfect love? Love is the supreme truth. For the sake of truth I became man, and for the sake of truth I died as a man.

28. During this time I do not demand any sacrifice of blood. Nevertheless, there are those who have given their lives in My name, momentarily blinded by their fanaticism after having lived an impure life on earth. Acts such as these cannot grow a true harvest; they only continue to foster fanaticism.

29. That is why I tell you to truly believe the words you speak, and to live your life according to what you teach. Nothing will give a more veritable account than your own life.

30. Do not be surprised by My love, and do not doubt it either whenever you must empty a very bitter cup in this world. Man may sink ever deeper, he may be saturated with darkness or hesitate to return to Me; but the moment will come for all to feel My presence within their very beings, to no longer believe Me distant or consider Me a stranger, and to no longer deny My existence, My love, and My justice.

31. Just as man may create for himself a spiritual peace on this earth similar to the peace of My kingdom, so may he also lead a hellish existence, saturated with vices, evil, and remorse, as a result of his perversity.

32. Even in the hereafter, the spirit may encounter worlds of darkness, perversity, hatred and vengeance, all according to the spirit’s passions, desires, and degree of confusion. But truly, I say to you, that the heaven as well as the hell which men visualize only through earthly figures and images, are no more than different stages of the spirit's development; one stage is the highest level of perfection achieved by a spirit through its development and virtue; the other is a stage where the spirit lives in a state of darkness, vices, and confusion.

33. To the virtuous spirit it makes no difference where it finds itself, for wherever it may be, it will carry within itself the peace and the love of the Creator. On the other hand, the impure and disturbed spirit can find itself in the best of worlds, but will continue to feel within itself the burning remorse until it has been purified by said remorse.

34. Do you believe that I, your Father, have created places specifically for the purpose of punishing you and eternally exacting revenge against you for your sins?

35. How foolish are the men who continue to teach such theories!

36. How is it possible for you to believe that eternal darkness and pain are the destiny awaiting some spirits? Though they have sinned, they will always remain children of God. If they need to be taught, then here is the Teacher. If they require love, then here is the Father. If they yearn for forgiveness, then here is the perfect Judge.

37. He who neglects to seek Me and correct his faults will be unable to reach Me. However, no one will be able to resist My justice and trials; you may only reach Me when you are pure.

38. Disciples, should you not understand My Word the moment you hear it, then keep it in your mind, and during moments of rest, remember and analyze it; then you will come to understand much of what I have taught you. If you do not retain this insight, then what will you pass on to the multitudes who will soon arrive?

39. Without distinction, I permit all to enter My presence to receive My teachings. Before I have you assume an office, I dry your tears, close your wounds, satisfy your spiritual hunger and thirst, and after giving you proof of My love and helping you develop faith and hope in your hearts, I tell you this: "You have all been called. Do you wish to be among the chosen?" Thereupon, some will ask: "Along which path will you lead us, and where to?" These are the ones who yearn for the world and its pleasures. But the others will tell Me: "Lord, we are not worthy of being called your chosen ones. However, may your will be done in us." These are the ones who are ready to elevate themselves.

40. I ask those who follow Me to foster peace in the world, to watch over and pray for it. The nations of the world will soon elevate their prayers to Me, asking for the peace I have always offered them, but first I allowed them to taste the fruits of their endeavours. I want them to behold the suffering that exists on this earth, the rivers of shed human blood, the mountains of corpses, and the cities that have been laid to waste. I wanted the men of hardened hearts to see the desolation of homes, the desperation among the innocent, and the mothers who, driven mad by pain, kiss the shredded bodies of their children. I want them to experience the anguish, sorrow, and desperation among humanity firsthand, so they might feel humility in their arrogance. I want them to hear their conscience, which tells them that their grandeur, power, and wisdom are all a lie, and what is truly great originates solely in the Divine Spirit. When these men open their eyes to the truth, they will be horrified, not because of what their eyes have seen, but because of themselves. Unable to flee the gaze and voice of their conscience, they will feel within themselves darkness and burning remorse, for they will have to answer for every life, every bit of pain, and every last drop of blood shed because of them.

41. However, I will not only hold them accountable for what they have done to the lives of strangers, but also for what they have done with their own lives, with their own bodies. Who can say that he has come to Me in spirit at the exact moment when the clock of eternity called him? No one, for, more often than not, you shorten your existence by aging prematurely, at times consumed by causes that are not worth even a single tear or white hair of yours.

42. My justice is perfect and unyielding, and it originates from the pure love of your Creator, and I only ask you to leave the pleasures of the world behind, to come to Me and hear My Word. The Master gladly opens His book of perfect teachings, to delight you with a new lesson. How often was just one of My laws enough to save you. With this your spirit has awakened and become aware of the mission it has received at the very beginning.

43. I have found your heart bearing the vain seeds it has sown on earth, but now your heart will be transformed into a granary where you will keep the good fruit of your works of love.

44. From among the multitudes the great sinners will arise, those who have stained their spirits with their sensuous desires, who have dishonored their brethren, debased the elderly, robbed strangers, tainted the innocence of children, and murdered their fellow men, either in body or spirit.

45. Coming to hear Me are those who desecrate their homes, who ridicule divine and human laws, and who destroy the faith of the human heart. When they hear My Word, which touches the most tender part of their hearts, they say: "It is the Judge who speaks, but how gently he makes us understand our errors, and how tenderly he teaches and corrects us." Once these hearts have left the house of prayer where they heard this voice, they seem to see life and everything around them not only illuminated by the natural light, but also bathed in a divine light, speaking to man through all of creation. He who previously lead a materialistic life, filled with physical pleasures and sin, but who now has become purified, then witnesses a marvellous life appear before his very eyes. Before his spirit a new existence, one he would have never expected to behold, a life filled with revelations, promises, and inspirations. This is a miracle of love, not only of words, because how often have men spoken much more eloquently and perfectly than these humble and uneducated spokesmen through whom I have communicated; however, the essence contained in every single one of these words could only have originated from the Divine Love.

46. Few have heard My Word in this form. But truly, I say to you, that all of humanity is listening to My voice within the spiritual sanctuary that exists in every spirit, even though the human mind is unaware of these inspirations, and man is unable to verbally express all that he is continually receiving through his spiritual gifts. Once you are prepared, you will understand this truth.

47. In this Third Era, Elijah is the shepherd who rescues you from dangers day after day. He is the one who enters your bedroom when you pray, the one who accompanies you in the solitude of the desert, and the one who follows you on long journeys. Wherever you need someone to defend you, or a voice to give you courage, there is Elijah, the spiritual shepherd of the Third Era.

48. If you wish to know where Elijah is, I will tell you that he dwells in the spiritual realm. Who among you could elevate yourselves to behold him there? No one, for the time being; that is why he comes to you to prepare the ways that lead to your hearts, so that the Divine Master may arrive to illuminate the entirety of your being. Do not believe that I only come to those who seek Me in a pure or perfect manner. No, I come to all who seek Me, those who kneel before idols, and even the one who visualizes Me through forms and ideas that are far from the truth. Each and every one of you seeks Me according to the capacity of your spirit, and I will not extinguish any potential faith you might have concerning the existence of God.

49. It is My will that humanity communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit in this era, that men erect a true sanctuary in their hearts where they may hear the voice of the Father.

50. To attain that level of spiritualization, men will have to engage in great religious battles, awakening the slumbering spirits in the process and helping them to behold the divine truth.

51. Don't you think the time has come for men to offer God true worship and tribute worthy of the one who receives it, as well as the one who offers it? If you study and observe the different kingdoms of nature, you will find within them an infinite number of examples, lessons, and parables worthy of your imitation. I do not mean to imply that inferior beings are your masters, but I do tell you that nature, and life as a whole, is a book that was authored By God. I have opened this book before men, so that, within it, they might behold My perfection, My love, and My justice, not in words, but in deeds.

52. Do not seek Me in books of false knowledge, nor in your own theories, which are generally misguided in their materialism. You have been permitted to walk along any path you choose, in full enjoyment of your free will. Today I tell you to stop for a moment and meditate on the things that you have learned in this life, on all that you have seen, felt, and suffered while travelling along this lengthy road. Truly, truly, I say to you, that whoever makes use of this light will discover the truth that will lead him to his own origin. I am the Way; I am the Alpha and the Omega.

53. I am the Master of simplicity, He who comes to speak to you as a good friend, in the most familiar of languages, in order to clarify mysteries and reveal secrets to you which, up until now, had been hidden from your human wisdom.

54. Give your spirit the opportunity to refresh itself in the contemplation of the divine things and the practice of the laws that govern it. Do not consider this life the only one, nor consider material work as the sole means to achieve satisfaction. Do not limit yourselves to the love of your family, for your family extends far beyond that which you know of. Selfishness is not a seed of God.

55. Men have loved this life so much that, when the time comes to depart to the hereafter, they rebel against My will and ignore My call. They reject the peace of My kingdom and ask the Father for more time on this earth, so they might to continue to keep their temporary possessions.

56. Learn to be sensitive, so you might become aware of the spiritual life; do not be satisfied with your life on earth, which marks merely the beginning of your spiritual development, for beyond this world exist superior works of creation.

57. Do not even attempt to reject death when it is My will for you to depart from earth, and do not seek the scientist to miraculously prolong your existence, thereby opposing My will, for you will both bitterly regret this mistake. Prepare yourselves in this life, and you will have no reason to fear your entry into the hereafter.

58. When a loved one departs for the spiritual valley, you weep instead of feeling peace, failing to realize that he has gotten one step closer to his Lord. On the other hand, you celebrate when a new family member joins your household, because at that moment you forget that this spirit has come to fulfill a restitution in this valley of tears. That would be the time for you to weep for him.

59. When will you begin to feel towards strangers the way you do towards your family? From a single matrimony emerged numerous beings that make up this humanity, which soon divided itself into families, tribes, peoples, and nations, from which, in turn, emerged the differences in customs, languages and religions. These differences created hatred and separated people from one another; wars and rivalries arose. The seed of Cain has produced much fruit, but now that the spirit has developed and your knowledge has increased, why is that you continue to see each other as strangers, hating and killing one another? Today, you know that all spirits were born from My Divine Spirit, that all human beings descended from a single pair of human beings, which makes you brothers in spirit, as well as in blood.

60. How far you have strayed from the true path, for you cannot feel the pain of your fellow man anymore, even though he is a part of you! You see someone pass you by, someone you have never seen before, and because you consider him a stranger, you do not greet him. Yet, if you see a funeral procession go by, you remove your hats in solidarity. Why do you not dedicate your attention, love, and mercy to those who are still alive? It has been My will for mankind to eliminate the boundaries and differences that exist on earth, yet men have not wanted it so. Do you really wish for bloodshed to be the thing to erase those boundaries and unite humanity? Do you want war to unite the races? From the beginning of time, I prepared a nation of people to recognize and love Me, so that it would act as a torch among humanity. These people have been strong at times, but weak at others. Today, I have them return to earth to have the prophecies fulfilled. This is the nation that has spiritually received the three testaments, and because it knew that I was communicating through human spokesmen during this time, it did not dare to publicly deny Me. Their spirits remember that they cried out in the Second Era: "Crucify the impostor", and they had to suffer ever since. Today, many of them have believed in My return, while others have not; but these will believe as well after My departure at the end of 1950, because they will see My prophecies being fulfilled. That is when they will say to Me: "Lord, when you spoke to Me, I doubted, but now that You have departed and I see your Word fulfilled, I believe in You."

61. Before this manifestation will cease, those whom you call foreigners will arrive, and even without clearly understanding this Word due to the differences in language, they will nonetheless feel their spirits at peace and nourished by My divine being. It is My love they will feel within their hearts, and you already know that love is the language of the spirit. These foreigners will also set out to follow Me, for My people are scattered throughout the world.

62. In the midst of a storm have I come to you during this time. The rainbow of peace has not yet appeared, and the dove carrying the olive branch has not yet arrived. But the time will come when I, the greatest love, will say to all men: Here I am. All will recognize Me and become united. Today, I am still judging the living and the dead.

63. In the Third Era, in order to revive humanity, I left the tomb of the forgotten wherein humanity has held Me prisoner, for I am life. No one can die; even the one who takes his own life, and his conscience will reproach him for his lack of faith.

64. I want you to gradually form a family, a nation of people, healthy individuals in spirit and body.

65. When will the elevation of Abel, the obedience of Abraham, the strength of Jacob, the patience of Job, and the spiritualization of John manifest among you? Recognize your responsibilities in the world.

66. Men: abscond from the vices of the world, so your blood may be a fertile seed, producing good fruit in the future.

67. Women: I prepare you to bless the world with children that carry peace and good will within their spirits. To those of you who are sterile, I say: Pray, and do not be embarrassed by your restitution. Be devoted, and I will surprise you with the heartbeat of a new being within your wombs.

68. Beget perfect children, imitating your Creator, who has only created perfect beings, and fulfill the divine commandment which asks you to love one another.

My Peace be with you!

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