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The Book of True Life

Teaching 053/366

The Master teaches:

Elijah has always been My forerunner in order to stir up the people

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 - 1950

The Lord says:

1. Whenever I communicate with you, and on the following day I give you yet another new lesson, I find that you have already lost the peace I gave you just the day before. Why is this happening? Do not lose the blessings I give you along your path. You come to Me, frightened by the trials and vicissitudes of your lives; you arrive with deeply repentant hearts. That is the way I usually see you, even though I have given you My peace, so you may journey along your path of development with courage and faith.

2. I have taught you to pray, so you might free yourselves from dangers and stumbling blocks, from temptations and darkness. I have told you that even the elements of nature will hearken to your prayers when they are unleashed by My justice; they will pass over you, and you will be left without a scratch, because you have known how to pray with faith and purity.

3. I will help your spirits to arise from the gutter and the abyss of this time, so that not only will you recognize God, but also yourselves, as well as your spiritual gifts. But before that, you must be purified with pain, for without inner renewal you will be unable to truly manifest your spiritual gifts.

4. Human passions are akin to a storm, lashing against your inner sanctuary. Only he who prays will be strong enough to withstand the trials, and only he who watches will be alert enough to protect himself.

5. When I speak to you of temples and sanctuaries, I am not referring to the meeting places you erect in the material world, but to your hearts, for wherever you go, there will be the temple, and within it you will always find My love present.

6. Humanity has created religions, something along the lines of pathways that are supposed to lead to Me. However, I say to you: Do not navigate through life according to the varying interpretations man has given to My law. The time has come for all of you to understand how to receive My inspiration, so that this light might guide you.

7. Occasionally you ask yourselves: "Why has the Lord only spoken to this multitude when there are so many nations that need him?" To which I reply that in the Second Era, only one group of people witnessed My crucifixion and death; nevertheless, the blood of the Lamb was spread over all of humanity, revealing to it the path of restitution. That is how I will speak to these communities during this time, but the light of My Spirit is poured out over the entire world.

8. I have already given you everything you need in order to learn and practice My teachings. I do not wish for you to arrive before Me in spirit without a harvest, claiming that the harsh and stubborn nature of your material bodies preventet you from fulfilling your mission. The one who does not overcome the temptations of the world will not have earned any merits to present himself before the Lord. The material body may possess much strength in its passions, tendencies, and weaknesses, but the spirit is equipped with a superior power, and with this power it will triumph over evil.

9. What merits could your spirits even acquire if they were to inhabit material bodies that lack free will and proclivities? The struggle of the spirit with its material body is one of power against power. Therein must the spirit put its superiority and elevation to the test. It is the trial in which the spirit has often momentarily succumbed to the temptations of the flesh. The power exerted over the spirit is so strong that it almost seems like an evil, supernatural power is dragging you towards your doom and ruining you with your own passions.

10. How great is the responsibility of the spirit before God! The flesh is not bound by this responsibility; notice how, once dead, the flesh will forever rest here on earth. When will you acquire enough merits for your spirits to become worthy of living in more perfect dwellings than the one in which you live right now?

11. The world offers you crowns that only beget vanity, arrogance, and false greatness. For the spirits that know how to disregard these vanities another crown is reserved in the hereafter; a crown of My wisdom.

12. During the Second Era I sought valleys, mountains, the sea and the desert to speak to you. Even today I find hearts that resemble the valleys, thanks to their peace, others that are like a stormy sea, akin to the turbulent one whereupon Jesus sailed together with His disciples. Some, because of their spiritual elevation, resemble a mountain when they hear Me, and yet others resemble the desert, because of their solitude and spiritual aridity.

13. You who hear My Word: Love it, study it, and put it into practice. How many there are who wish to hear it, yet they are unable to, because they were not granted this grace during this time! But truly, I say to you, that its echo will reach one and all, and they will receive it with greater purity, for it will not be the voice of man, but the Spirit of God.

14. Today I am preparing your hearts with My Word. I am teaching you to feel the pain of others, for he who does not possess mercy cannot become My apostle. I do not wish for the needy to knock upon your doors in vain and then come to Me weeping, asking Me if you truly are the chosen ones, those I have prepared to be custodians and confidants of their brothers. O disciples, keep watch, so that, even in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep, you may hear when someone knocks at your door. This needy individual who seeks you on that day may be the one who, deeply touched by your help, will be transformed into My worker and assist you in fulfilling your mission the following day. Many of those who come today asking for a little love, understanding, or justice, will, tomorrow, be the shield that will defend you, or be the witness who will save you. But what can you expect of him who, with all his pain, knocked at your door, hoping for your help, and you ignore him? Let him who has sunk into the bog of vices come to you; if you know how to move his heart, he will repent. Allow the one dressed in rags to feel worthy of being in your house and at your table, but do not be disgusted by his poverty, for in spirit, he may be more pure and adorned than you. Do not reserve your utmost attention and best smiles for those who possess much material wealth and present themselves with expensive trappings. Do not allow your hearts to see these differences and share the blessings of your deeds with all, without distinction. Suffering exists everywhere in abundance, so how much good can you do each day and at every moment!

15. When you observe children you will see that there are many of them without love, without law, and without bread. If you walk among the youth, you will find them struggling with passions and missed paths. And if you walk among men and women who have reached maturity in life, you will find among them tragedies, a cup most bitter, widowhood at times, a lack of hope and faith, as well as a lack of a true spiritual inspiration to comfort and sustain them.

16. Only My Word can move and sensitize the hearts of mankind that have been hardened by pain. Many of you have suffered so much that you do not feel nor care about the pain of others. I often speak to you of love, and I tell you to have mercy on your brethren, for there is as much suffering in the world as there are human beings, and the pain of mankind has only just begun in this time. That is why I am preparing you to reinvigorate your brothers with your love.

17. While the great nations of the earth like to make a toast for the 'good' of the world, lifting up a cup of bitterness and pouring it out over humanity, I, from this humble table, offer you a spiritual cup of tenderness and life, so you might take this message to those who carry death in their hearts and bitterness in their words.

18. Walk step by step along this path of love. Allow the stormy winds to pass over you, without growing weary. You will hear people telling you that you are following the path of destruction, but strengthen yourselves by remembering My words, for I say to you that My mantle will cover all who journey along the path I have traced in the world with the blood of My sacrifice.

19. I wish for your face to reflect the gentleness of your spirit, but not hypocrisy, for I will be judging what your brothers are unable to perceive. After the storms lash against these people, only a few will be left who surround Me, for many will grow weary through the trials. But those who are left will be the ones who will make My work blossom. Everything will be pure, both in matter and spirit, for with My Word have I come to open the path that was closed by the wickedness and disobedience of man. The eyes of your spirits will also open, enabling you to see the truth; I tell you once again that all eyes will see Me. I have asked you to truly repent for your sins, so that you will begin to renew your lives; that is why I tell you not to clothe yourselves with hypocricy. I want you to be righteous and sincere, offering testimony of the truth of My teaching with your deeds.

20. You will receive a great treasure of wisdom, without requiring the books of men, since your only textbook will be this Word wherein exists no influence of strange doctrines, erroneous interpretations, or the theories of men; this Word will only contain My law, which traces the path of your development.

21. The dense veil of your materialism has caused you to sink into ignorance, so much so that you feel distant from the divine, unable to perceive the light that is supposed to illuminate your spiritual life. During this time My voice has torn that veil apart and shown you My sanctuary, revealing to you new lessons from the secret chamber of My heart. Through My spiritual manifestation some have lit the lamp of their faith, while others have preferred to continue perceiving life with their limited spiritual knowledge. When will you understand all that which you must treasure for your spirit?

22. I do not forbid you to analyze nature and accumulate knowledge, if these things contribute to your well-being and the advancement of your human lives. But I also want you to be interested in gaining light for your spirit, because that is the only thing you will take with you to the hereafter, the only thing beneficial for your progress along the spiritual path. I am so very close to each and every one of you that you only have to ask Me something with your thoughts to receive My answer the next moment. No one will be able to accuse the Father of having left behind His children, because, like a loving shepherd, I have always watched over all My sheep, and I can truly say to you that not a single one has been lost, nor will one ever be lost, for I am everywhere. My light and life exist everywhere, and the love of your Father courses through all of creation.

23. Man has deviated from the fulfillment of My law, but today I can tell you that, with My lessons of love, I have returned many of the sheep that have gone astray back to the path of development. When these will finally have come back to the sheepfold, I will bring others, until all have returned to the sheepfold of My love.

24. Today you know that pain purifies the spirit and the heart and that it is not the first time you have had to cleanse your soul of its transgressions. The cup of bitterness has poured out its contents over the entire world, like a new Noah's Flood, but much more painful, bitter, and persistent. The time will come when pain will no longer be the thing to subdue and temper man, but rather, it will be his conscience. If you still require pain to restrain you, then that will be the clearest sign that you have not developed in spirit.

25. Remember, My children, that you will have to climb the mountain of perfection while carrying the cross of pain on your backs; but understand that the cross, which is to elevate you in spirit, will not be that of restitution for your sins, but that of your sacrifices on behalf of others. To men I say that they are to be leaders, defenders, and guardians of humanity. To women, to the mothers, I say that they must pray for the great multitudes of children without parents, without a home and without bread. Your prayers will be like the wings of the lark, spreading them to shelter her chicks. However, at that moment, do not only think of your own loved ones, for they already have your motherly tenderness; instead, think of those on earth who are lonely and hunger for love and affection. Pray for them! Who other than you can better understand the coldness, the emptiness, and the thirst of those tender hearts? Pray, and soon will they receive bread, shelter and love. This is just the right time to have mercy and compassion.

26. You have been banished to earth, to this planet man has transformed into a valley of tears, even though it once was a marvellous garden the Creator had showered with His blessings. But humanity will soon realize that it has been allowed to return to earth during this time to make restitutution and transform this desert of sadness and pain into a paradise of light, a dwelling of brotherhood and peace where My law is fulfilled, the law which tells you: "Love one another."

27. Among those who hear Me are the unbelievers who would like to touch Me with their hands, as Thomas did, in order to believe. To them I say that one day they will communicate with Me from spirit to Spirit. First they must wash their vessel inside and outside, so that My Word might sink into it, like dew of grace and of life for the spirit.

28. The sick do not wish to touch My garment, as they did in the Second Era, to have their faith heal them. I ask you: Why do you not grasp My divine Spirit with your pure thoughts and sincere prayers? You would stand to gain everything your spirit and material body could ever need.

29. This is the lesson I give you, allowing you to behold this book I have opened before you throughout all times. It is the book of My eternal wisdom, and I am showing it to you today during the opening of the Sixth Seal. To communicate it to you I am employing human spokesmen, whom I have prepared to be My interpreters.

30. Throughout all times you have wanted to study My manifestations in order to understand My will and commandments, and I have answered your questions, for everyone who seeks Me out of love, hoping to find the truth, will find Me as well, will behold Me before him, will feel Me, and will be nourished by My love. What great joy I feel when My children present to Me the fruits of their labour, of their deeds of love and mercy, with which they have relieved their brothers' pain.

31. Within this book I have opened before you once again are contained all of My teachings. You will come to understand what is written therein, and it will bring you joy, guiding you along the path of your development.

32. You are anxious to receive the inspirations I have given to humanity in abundance throughout the eras, but you have failed to make use of them. Today, now that I am communicating with you through human spokesmen, will you continue to doubt My lessons and My presence among you? I have not come to speak to the dead, nor to beings who lack the ability to reason, but to you, you human beings who possess a conscience and know Me. If I had spoken to the dead, they would have already arisen from their graves, and if I had spoken to the rocks and the elements of nature, they would have already offered testimony of Me. But My children's disbelief will not stop My teaching, and this book will continue to speak of the truth, the life of grace, and the hereafter.

33. What is it you seek in My teaching, what do you wish to know, My children? Some say: "The light", and I hear others tell Me: "We yearn for peace." I say to you that if you prepare yourselves, you will find in My Word everything your spirits desire. I have prepared this nation to be a prosperous and blessed land, a place from where you can see the mount of the new Zion, the land which awaits you. Tomorrow, after you have passed through the world and fulfilled your missions, your spirits will find themselves in the hereafter, and all of you will be united in one single valley, forming with Me a single Spirit.

34. You must study in order to understand the root cause for the events of this era, why Elijah has come during this time, as well as why I am giving you My Word. Throughout all times Elijah has come as My forerunner, to prepare the spirits of all men. In the First Era, Elijah came to earth and found that humanity had fallen into idolatry and did not believe in God. The world was governed by kings and priests, and both had departed from the obedience to the divine laws, guiding their people along paths of confusion and falsehood. They had even erected altars to the various gods they worshipped. Elijah appeared to them and spoke words of justice: "Open your eyes and realize that you have desecrated the law of the Lord. You have forgotten the example of His messengers and fallen into a worship most unworthy of the living and mighty God. It is necessary that you awaken, that you see and recognize Him. Eliminate your idolatry and lift your gaze above these mere figures with which you represented Him."

35. Elijah heard My voice, and it said to him: "Depart from the wicked people of this nation. Tell them that no rain will fall for a long time, not until you order it so in My name." And Elijah said: "It will not rain until My Lord appoints the hour and my voice orders it." After having spoken thus, he departed. From that day forth the land was dry; the usually rainy seasons passed without a single drop. No signs of rain could be found in the sky; the fields felt the drought; the cattle began to perish; men dug into the earth in search of water to quench their thirst, but in vain; rivers dried up; overcome by the rays of the parching sun, the grass withered; and men cried out to their gods, pleading for the rain to return to them, so they might sow and harvest the seeds that would nourish them.

36. By divine decree had Elijah departed. He prayed and awaited the will of his Lord. The men and women began to leave their homes in search of new lands which did not lack water. Caravans everywhere, but wherever they went, the earth was dry.

37. Years went by, and one day when Elijah elevated his spirit to the Father, he heard His voice, saying: "Seek out the king, and when I give you the sign, the waters will once again fall upon this land."

38. Humble and wholly obedient, Elijah went before the king of that nation and demonstrated his power to the worshippers of the false gods. Thereafter he spoke of the Father and His power, and that is when the signs appeared: Lightning, thunder, and fire could be seen in the sky, followed by an abundance of rain. Once again the fields turned green, the trees were rife with fruit, and there was prosperity.

39. Faced with proof of this caliber, the people awakened and remembered their Father who had called and warned them through Elijah.

40. Numerous and great were the miracles performed by Elijah during that time, all in an effort to stir up the people.

41. In the Second Era, John the Baptist appeared to advise people to repent and prepare their hearts to receive the Messiah. That blessed forerunner spoke to the multitudes because the time for the preaching ministry of Jesus drew close, and it was necessary for them to recognize Him. He baptized with water, and he even poured it over Jesus, saying to Him: "Master, why must I baptize You if you are spotless?" To which Jesus answered: "It is necessary in order for Me to begin My journey of teaching humility, so that when those who follow Me are ready to begin fulfilling their mission, they will know how to purify and prepare themselves.

42. Elijah, a spirit of great power, who has not been recognized by humanity, has always been My forerunner. Today, he has come once again to prepare the chosen, those who have served Me and all of humanity as spokesmen.

43. If you prepare yourselves and study My teaching in order to understand My will, Elijah will come to your aid, and he will be a helper and friend to you.

44. Elijah is a divine ray, illuminating and guiding all beings to Me. Love and honor him as your forerunner and mediator.

45. Disciples, if you wish to enter the kingdom of heaven, do righteous deeds, obey My law, for then will My work be recognized by all, distinguishing itself among all other religions and doctrines as the only path I have traced for man.

46. Come to Me, so I might assist you in your preparation. Sit at My table, where I have reserved a place for each and every one of My disciples, and where you will attend My teaching. Do not bother about whether the person through whom I communicate is a man or a woman, old, young, or even a child. Analyze My lessons until you have found the divine meaning of this Word, for then you will feel My presence through every one of My spokesmen. Make use of these moments, for later you might weep if you fail to do so.

47. Allow this multitude to grow, just as the trees grow by multiplying their branches, just as rivers extend themselves by forming new rivers and streams. Notice how from one congregation new ones emerge in the communities and cities!

48. It is My Spirit that has sent the called ones out to the various regions to deliver the message of spiritualization. Why do some avoid the principles of spiritualization I have shown them, namely to sow love and practice brotherly love, without expecting anything in return? Instead they are using their spiritual gifts for monetary gain, even though they received their gifts without cost. Do you not recall that, from the very first lessons you heard, I told you to watch and pray, because temptation lurks around every corner? Think, and you will remember Me also telling you that I have much more to give than what you request of Me, so you would limit yourselves to receive only that which is permissible.

49. Know that in the book of your destiny I have designated the day and the hour when the gates of the hereafter will open, allowing your spirits to enter. From there you will see all your works on earth, as well as your entire past. However, at that point you do not want to hear other's complaints and accusations against you, stating that you are the ones responsible for their troubles!

50. What great sorrow and pain the spirit experiences when the cries of its victims can reach it even in that world of light! If you do not wish to live through such a critical situation, begin now to tend to the fields I have entrusted to you, sowing upon them the seed of My teaching in all its purity. Do not consider yourselves incapable of doing things that are worthy of Me, and do not abandon your work when it is merely half finished, thereby forgetting your mission and once again yielding to the temptations of the world.

51. Hurry on over and listen to My Word; remember that the day approaches when you will no longer hear Me in this form. You no longer need for the prophets to appear before you, as they did in the past, when they called upon you to repent and threatened you with the justice of God when you ignored their warnings. Today I want you to be the prophets who will awaken humanity and communicate this divine message to it. I will perform miracles on your path and give you weapons of truth with which to fight, for others will rise to do battle with you.

52. I will straighten out many crooked paths using the righteousness of My good disciples. The spiritual presence of the people of God, called "Israel" here on earth, will be felt among humanity, and many will come to understand that what had been interpreted in material form had an elevated spiritual meaning.

53. Even though the spirits that form this multitude were scattered throughout the world and the spiritual valley in order to fulfill a restitution, they will now be united by My love and the light of the Holy Spirit illuminating their path of development. They will gather upon their path, all who hunger for freedom, peace, truth, justice, love, and redemption.

54. Truly, I say to you, that the people of God are infinite, and all of you belong to it in spirit; therefore, this multitude could not be limited to just a single nation or race. The people of Israel, called the people of God by the prophets and patriarchs of the first times, are a symbol of the universal family. It is a people formed by beings that were wisely chosen according to My plans, which I have used as an instrument to bring My lessons to humanity, like a book opened before men, a book that speaks of spiritual and material development, of divine revelations, of prophecies, of human interpretations, of the victories and failures of this people, of splendor and downfall, of liberty and slavery, of light and dark. This people will no longer have a promised land in the world; their mission is to seek out the lost and the weak, to breathe new life into them and show them the way out of the desert, beyond which lie the gates to the new Jerusalem, the spiritual city, where you will live with your Master forevermore.

55. The marked 144000 have the mission of devotedly guarding the law, encouraging the people on their journey, and defending the faith. They shall be soldiers of peace, masters of My wisdom, doctors of all illnesses, prophets and comforters.

56. The generations of this time have witnessed great events. Without knowing it, you are living through a great war, a war not only waged on your battlefields or in the warring nations, but in many other areas of life as well. The true battle happens in the spiritual, where your gaze cannot enter; it is in the human mind and heart, in men of science and religions, and in all human institutions. That is because a new era has come to pass, an era in which the Seventh Seal must be opened and justice and light will triumph in all spirits. First, however, I need to send spirits saturated with My grace to earth who will guide humanity like a child, so it might attain its salvation.

57. Pray and be aware of how Elijah travels throughout the world, shedding light onto darkened paths, redeeming those who have lost their way, unifying those who are stained, awakening those who sleep in ignorance, and putting everything in order, for this is his time. Do not fear him; love him, for he has come as a shepherd to guide you to the Father, to the heavenly sheepfold that awaits you.

58. My Word and all My prophecies will be fulfilled.

59. In the Second Era you nailed My hands to a cross, the same hands that healed the sick and caressed the young as well as the old. Today, I have freed My right hand, but not to reject the cross upon which you have crucified Me. No, My beloved children, today, I lovingly extend My hand to you, to offer you My blessing.

My Peace be with you!

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