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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 60

The Lord says:

1. Come to My table and eat the bread of My teaching.

2. You are going to listen to the Living Word, o My people!

3. I contemplate your eagerness to follow Me; it has not mattered to you that your heart has been hurt by your loved ones; it is broken, but the garments of your spirit have remained intact, because the wickedness of man cannot reach that far.

4. Blessed are those who due to My cause are ridiculed and hurt, and in spite of it, with meekness and love, they carry their cross upon their shoulders, because they will behold miracles of conversion in their brethren.

5. Not all who form the multitude who listens to Me have faith; among them I discover the new pharisees concealing themselves, uselessly trying to find falsehood in the truth.

6. I have come to teach you to elevate your spirit, so that you can find the essence of this Word, which is above every human imperfection.

7. The essence that emanates from this Word that I reveal to you, I will spread upon all the people of the Earth, because it is a seed of unification. This Doctrine will make Humanity meditate and understand many teachings.

8. The broken bonds will be united and the differences among races shall disappear in the face of spirituality, because the worship of the only and true God shall be solely one.

9. Thus you will begin to form on Earth only one family, and I shall leave for you a great, infinite, guiding light that will illuminate the spiritual path of all My children.

10. My side, still open, lets a torrent of water escape, which is redemption and balsam for you.

11. I prepare the pathways so that the foreigner comes to this nation and listens to My Word through this communication.

12. If during the Second Era I said to you. "He who knows the Son knows the Father", today when I speak to you as the Holy Spirit, I say: "I am the Christ and I am the Father, because the Living Word who spoke in Christ, was the word of God, which is the same that you are receiving today."

13. It has been necessary that I speak to you by means of symbols, in a figurative meaning and in parables, so that you can understand the lessons of spirituality that I have brought to you in this period.

14. However, the hour has come when you will withdraw from your worship all materialism and search for Me with the spirit.

15. You must understand that I do not come to the material dwelling where your bodies enter; I come to the mansion that your thoughts prepare for Me.

16. Rejoice now with My Word. When the year 1950 arrives My Spirit will not forsake you because He is within you and in everything created; but you will no longer hear Me in this manner. If I came spiritually to communicate with Mankind, afterward you will elevate yourselves to Me spiritually.

17. You come fearful before the Master to ask Me: "Father, will our seed be pleasing to your eyes?" To this I answer you: If you have spoken with love, if you have been charitable with the sick, if you have forgiven the insults, you have pleased your Father.

18. Sow a good seed so that you may reap good fruits. If you sow love and gather disappointments in the world, do not lose faith, and leave your cause to Me, because it is I whom you serve and from whom you shall receive the reward.

19. I have taught you how to sow in the world in order to harvest in Heaven.

20. Do not seek your reward on Earth, nor forget that My Kingdom is not of this world.

21. In this era the elements have been unleashed to purify My chosen ones and leave them prepared to preach My Word.

22. My inspiration is illuminating those who have been searching for Me, those who are destined to be My disciples; the voice of Elijah is like a resounding bell that awakens the spirits announcing My presence.

23. The Work that I have come to present to you, is the ark where those who enter it will be saved, and on the day that you will have received the last of these messages, the elements will be unleashed and will lash at Mankind. You will also be tested, and then I shall behold the faith and confidence that you have placed in Me. You will be scrutinized and many of your brethren who have judged you unjustly through ignorance, will join you on recognizing My Doctrine. Not only will man understand My Doctrine in this era, also those spirits who dwell in the spiritual valley will be elevated to superior mansions.

24. Beloved disciples: Be zealous of My Work, comply with My mandates and with that you shall be giving testimony of Me. Mary your loving Mother, also descends to you and fills you with grace; she teaches you a perfect love and changes your heart into a fountain of charity, so that you may perform great deeds of love among your brethren and know the truth. She is My collaborator, and next to My Word of a Master and Judge, is Her word of mother and intermediary. Love Her, My people, and invoke Her name. Verily I say to you that Mary is watchful over you and accompanies you, not only in the days of trials but eternally.

25. I make My people responsible for these manifestations of love which I deliver to them; anyone who has learned from Me, let him prepare and teach My truth to the last ones who are coming.

26. Many who hunger and thirst for the Divine Word will come to you and will clamor their longing for knowledge of My teaching. I shall be contemplating you from the Hereafter and every good deed that you perform in favor of your brethren will be blessed and its fruits multiplied; on the other hand, every error or impurity of My Law, will be judged and sanctioned by My perfect justice.

27. Believe and practice without fanaticism; elevate and place yourselves on a level from which you can teach all your brethren without distinction of creeds or doctrines. Do not hold back your benevolence to the one who is in need because he follows an underdeveloped or imperfect worship; on the contrary, your unselfish deed will win over his heart. Do not confine yourselves in groups, nor because of this should you limit your activities, be enlightenment for every spirit and balsam for every pain.

28. You are like the traveler who sits under the shade of a tree to rest and proceed along his journey later. If you are dying of thirst, there is a fountain of crystalline water in My teaching; if your strength runs out, take a rest; if sorrow overwhelms your heart, wait and you will hear the trill of the nightingale that will make you forget your vicissitudes; but if hunger overcomes you, cut and eat the ripest fruit from the tree.

29. Here is the Master speaking to you through simple parables so that you may understand My Doctrine.

30. I do not want you to come to a standstill along the pathway, nor that tomorrow you remain silent when men ask what you heard from Me; it is not My will that after 1950 you complain in desperation why I have been absent from you.

31. Behold with how much meekness and constancy I have manifested Myself to deliver My Word and teach you to pronounce My Divine words syllable by syllable.

32. Disciples: I do not come to demand that in your deeds and words you attain perfection, but I do ask from you all the limpidity, charity and sincerity of which you are capable.

33. Safeguard My essence within your heart so that when you speak, your words will be saturated with it and touch the heart of your brethren. If your word does not contain this essence you will not be believed and you will be left alone preaching in the wilderness; the wind will carry away those words and you will have sowed nothing. What incentive will sustain the one who works along his journey in this manner? He will have to be overwhelmed with discouragement.

34. I say to you that from now on you fill yourselves with strength, with encouragement for the struggle because in your weaknesses and moments of bitterness, do not always expect for someone to come and comfort you.

35. But if you know how to prepare yourselves from here on, you will never feel alone nor will you feel Me absent, even if you have stopped listening to My Word. If you know how to search for Me and you love Me, you will feel My presence wherever you are and in the moment that you need it.

36. Look for Me always and in the best way that you are able and in me you will find the Father, the Master and Friend.

37. Never have I denied my charity to anyone who seeks it, even if he has approached Me covered with leprosy. I have not prohibited anyone from taking the bread from My table.

38. Thus I prepare you because My Word will pour from your lips and it shall be comfort, prophecy, balsam and support in the trials of Mankind.

39. Behold the wake of suffering that the war is leaving, and men do not want to awaken from their lethargy, but soon events will surge in the world that will affect Mankind and make them change their course.

40. The elements will raise voices of justice and on being unleashed will make portions of the Earth disappear and be converted into waters, and for the seas to disappear and land surge in their place.

41. Volcanoes will erupt to announce the time of judgment, and all Nature will be agitated and moved. Pray, so that you will know how to conduct yourselves as the good disciples, because that will be the precise time in which the Spiritual Trinitarian Marian Doctrine shall be spread within the hearts.

42. You come to Me today full of joy, to sing Hosanna! Because you are those who have heard My voice and My Word during the three Eras, and you recognize that I am the only God who in three Eras has come to manifest Himself to Mankind.

43. You do not perceive mystery in My Trinity because in truth that mystery does not exist. I am only one God who has manifested Himself in three phases. Men are the ones who on delving deeper into their meditations and in their sciences they confuse themselves.

44. The book of My teaching is opened before you and it is the Master who comes to select the lesson; then you have a feeling that from beginners you pass on to become disciples according to the love, faith and the will that you place while listening to Me.

45. There are some who in spite of hearing Me and believing in My presence, they have not understood Me; others, while recognizing the greatness of My revelation have not moved toward their regeneration and fulfillment of their mission; still others would like to spread My teaching among men, but are fearful of Mankind and feel they have become speechless and there are still those who say to Me: "Master, let me enjoy the pleasures of the world and once I get tired, I will come to you." 0! Ignorant ones who speak in that manner to your Father without thinking that you are unaware of the last day of your existence and that when you see it coming you will enter into a struggle with death, with the invincible one, and your spirit will depart from the flesh to hear the voice of his conscience which tells him that before My presence he finds himself devoid of good deeds, with empty hands, indicating that he has lost the opportunity to draw near his Father!

46. I come to select from among the multitudes those who full of faith and firmness will follow Me so that they will imitate their Father, spreading the Law throughout the world. You know that I have no preferences, but that not all are on time to be chosen.

47. From the first days of Mankind I have come to avail Myself of those who have prepared themselves, those who have analyzed My teaching to deliver through them My messages and My Law to all others.

48. When I spoke to Abraham, he heard My word and with faith he contemplated his Lord. That voice said to the patriarch: I behold that you are a just man on Earth and I will make a pact of alliance with you. It is My will to allow to emerge from you numerous generations which will form a people who must recognize Me and love Me and in them will be blessed all the nations of the Earth.

49. I gave Abraham a son whom he named Isaac and whom he loved deeply, and to test the faith and obedience of the patriarch, I asked that he sacrifice him. Abraham trembled in the flesh and in his spirit, but recognizing that it was a Divine order which he was receiving, he only asked in his prayer the strength to carry out that supreme mandate, and he was ready for the sacrifice of his son.

50. That was enough for Me, and when Abraham's arm lifted to deliver the blow, I stopped his hand. I gave back the life of his beloved son and gave him My kiss of peace. Only one of My chosen ones could resist that test; that is why I selected him, so that his example would remain written for men of his time and of posterity.

51. Later, Jehovah sent you His Word incarnated in Jesus, whom you put on trial and whose life you asked from Me in order to believe; and My infinite love, incomprehensible for you, delivered Him to you as a meek Lamb, so that by receiving His blood you would resurrect to eternal life. You can now realize My love for you, the sinners.

52. Today I have come to look for you again, but I do not come to engrave My Law on stone, or to incarnate My Word in a Man. My Spirit comes to speak to you through the faculty of man inspired by Me, to prepare you, so that later on you can communicate directly from spirit to Spirit with My Divinity.

53. It is the spirit of Elijah who opened the doors of this Era in which I have revealed to you the new teachings contained in the Sixth page of the Book of the Seven Seals, the Book of Life, whose light will illuminate to the last corner of the Earth.

54. You belong spiritually to the lineage of Abraham, those people upon who, throughout the ages, were fulfilled all the prophecies and promises that I made to you through the patriarchs.

55. Now I am entrusting to you a new testament, which is like an ark, so that in it Mankind may be saved.

56. Be active and sow, but do so within My Law. If I have said to you: My will is yours and your will is mine, I can repeat it to you, but always and as long as your intention is permissible. Keep in mind that nothing impure should have emerged from you for having been born righteous and cleansed from the bosom of God. I gave you the Earth full of blessings so that men would have it as a temporary dwelling.

57. If I have come to manifest Myself to men during all eras, then why do they need to forge My image with their own hands and through it worship Me?

58. O My people, your restitution in this period lies in coming to seek a jewel of infinite value among the mire. Why? Because on Earth where you dwell and which you have transformed into a fetid marsh, you have lost your heritage in times past. You came without it before My presence, and I had to send you to search for it, so that on returning to Me you would show it to Me. That jewel is a combination of virtues. Do good, and the more you practice it, the greater the sparkle it will give.

59. Do not blame Me for having come to indoctrinate you in times of pain and sadness because I have not created suffering.

60. Be My good laborers and I will send you to other regions to teach My Doctrine. Do not teach what is superfluous, nor confuse the true faith in the spiritual with superstitions. If you mix these ideas to My Work, it is better that you keep silent.

61. Speak about My truth and I will reward you with My inspiration, as I have rewarded the inspiration of these people and My spokesmen, spreading My Word more extensive each time.

62. Feel My Divine presence among you; it has been My will to surprise My people on this day.

63. Today I come to ask you: What have you done with the Work that I have entrusted to you? What have you done with My teachings, and how have you delivered My message to your brethren? You become silent before My questions, My people, because you know that your conscience had already asked you those same questions.

64. You feel yourselves like beginners before the Master, and you weep in silence. I forgive you and I grant you more time so that with it you will be converted into true disciples.

65. You very well know that you have not lacked teaching, that along your journey I have showered you with incentives so that you may continue along the pathway. Of course, I appear as a Judge, but first I make you feel My love as a Father.

66. O My people: If I would give the nations the peace in exchange for your regeneration and atonement, would you joyfully accept this condition and make an effort to comply with it? Think about what I am saying to you, disciples.

67. I come full of love and meekness, so you may learn to love one another and for you to be humble. I am the example and the Book. Hear Christ once again because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

68. Not only have I come to manifest Myself, but also Mary your very sweet Mother and Elijah your Spiritual Shepherd, so that you may understand that this is the last Era that God materializes Himself through a human faculty in order to be seen, heard and felt by man.

69. If you who have heard this Word, and you embrace it with love and let it be known as I have taught it to you, verily I say to you that your progeny will reach up to the seventh generation; but if you do not show submission and charity, suffering will be felt among your children and their descendants.

70. You will have to work very much within the bosom of your congregation, so that your merits will be taken into account; you will have to be united in thought and in will; you will have to love one another as brothers and be able to forgive your offenses, then you will have broken the chains which tie you to materialism, self love, egotism, in order to begin to live and suffer for others.

71. Elijah is with you and his light inspires you so that you may finish building the sanctuary in your heart, just as he gave you courage to knock down your idols from their pedestal. The ray of Elijah has always come to destroy idolatry, superstition, the ignorance, and he has made men recognize the power of the true God.72. O My people, take refuge under Mary's mantle of peace during this period of tribulations, and pray for all men, for those who recognize Her as the Divine Mother, as well as for those who deny Her.

73. Behold how the war spreads like oil in water. The weeds must be cut from its roots, so that the Earth may be cleansed again.

74. Be watchful and pray for the peace of your nation and safeguard My Word within your heart, because you are still within this period to hear it, but soon this period will pass.

75. I receive the prayer of these people who also elevate their prayer to the Queen of the Heavens, who sends Her caress and deposits in your heart a spiritual flower.

76. Blessed are those who come searching for My footsteps. You are hearing My voice which I send to you from what is perfect, a voice that is heard in many forms in all the Universe.

77. No one can hide from the gaze of the Creator, since He is omnipotent. I follow you wherever you go, like your own shadow; not a single thought can escape My Divinity, nor does any deed exist which may have been concealed or ignored by Me. In the same manner that I am with the just spirits who dwell in elevated mansions, as with those whose spiritual confusion has made them create and dwell in worlds of darkness.

78. Here I am amongst everyone. I am the awaited one by some and the persecuted by others. The Holy Spirit comes to remove the veil of darkness, which had covered you, so that every eye may rejoice with this light. I am the eternal life that comes in search of the dead to resurrect them.

79. Elevate yourselves in your prayer in such a way that you can reach the threshold of eternity, where time never passes and where all is peace and beatitude, because there you shall be saturated with the true life.

80. Think that inexorably the moment of entering that mansion forever will come for everyone. Why do you insist in dwelling in this world? How little is your faith and your hope in the spiritual life when you hold fast to this world so much, and when I behold that in it you wish to see those who were your dear ones and who today live in spirit, in better mansions than these. Why do you want them to come and weep again in this valley of tears and to eat from your bitter bread, since from where they dwell they are already glimpsing the silhouette of the Promised Land?

81. You feel that the justice of the Father is manifested in the entire Universe, but I say that you must not confuse My justice with the vulgar punishment. This era has surprised you unprepared because you have not taken advantage of the times and of your gifts, and because of this you feel punished.

82. Disciples: Wake up and recognize the Era in which you find yourselves. I say to you that just as no one can hold back My justice, neither will anyone close the doors of the Hereafter that My charity has opened for you. No one can prevent the messages of light, hope and wisdom to descend among men from those mansions.

83. I am the only owner of that Realm and its key is in My Doctrine. Understand then, all the grace that I have deposited in you, humble spiritualists, because no sect or religion of this Era has the communication of the Divine Word, or the presence of the spiritual beings of light sent by My will.

84. Let the great religions and sects deny these teachings, let them reject this communication and judge you. The fact is that they have forgotten or do not wish to know that Christ has the key to all the mysteries of the spirit. You shall see how many who claim to follow Me, in reality, will be the ones who will persecute Me, but My Word will have to be fulfilled.

85. This is the Third Era in which Christ comes to the world in a cloud, full of splendor and surrounded by spiritual beings of light, to liberate and save all men. I have given signs to everyone of My presence; I have knocked upon every door, and hearing My footsteps, they have rejected Me. And it has been you the humble people, who carry within your spirit the lineage of the people of God, those who have believed in Me; you have felt Me and received me in your heart.

86. No one has been able to stop these manifestations nor held back your footsteps, because the truth is enlightenment and an invincible sword.

87. You know now that My coming in this Era was not to lavish you with worldly riches; nevertheless, as one more proof of My presence among you, you have seen my charity evident, whether recovering your failing health; be it seeing the welcoming doors of employment opened or receiving My manifestations in so many forms as I have granted them to you.

88. I shall give proof to everyone of My presence, as much in the spiritual as in the material.

89. Religions and sects of the world: open your doors and like a cloudburst come to Me! Men of power: Arise and put My Work to the test! Men and women come to Me, be charitable with yourselves! If these people were not ready to receive you, I will receive you; I will heal you and give you the bread of My Word!

90. Pray, o Humanity! I shall wait for you to talk to you and reveal to you the mystery of the Third Era.

91. Do you expect the glory in this world? You know very well that this Earth, by the will of men, instead of abounding in milk and honey, sheds tears and death.

92. Prepare yourselves, because your hands shall be the ones that will destroy your idolatry once you practice the spiritual worship to God with all your love.

93. Be watchful, o My people, for the struggle draws near and the adversary approaches. It will not be the pharaoh of the First Era nor Caesar of the Second who will try to lower you to slavery, fearful of your development and your light. It will be the darkness of all the centuries that will envelop and threaten you; that is why I have given you the sword of light so that you may fight. In that light will be faith, wisdom and charity.

94. Forgiveness will be one of the virtues that will have greater merit in the face of My justice. I say to you once again: "Love one another."

95. My love will unite all men and all the worlds. Before me will disappear the differences in races, languages and lineages and even the differences which exist in the spiritual evolution.

96. Between God as Judge and man there exists a ladder, which is Mary, your very beloved Mother, in whose love the spirits are cleansed and purified in order to appear before their Father.

97. If the disobedience of Adam, the crime of Cain and the confusion of Babel, still weigh upon Mankind, I shall give you occasions to liberate you from all those blemishes.

98. I offer you this fountain of crystalline and pure waters, where you will quench your thirst and be cleansed from all impurity, but be vigilant over that fountain because men will rise wanting to deceive you with false spiritual doctrines, and they will tell you that they love God and Mary. Beware because that will be to disperse you from the fold. There will appear those who will mix up My Doctrine with human doctrines. Live on the alert! Because the hour draws near when I will call you for judgment; then, My presence shall be like thunder in a storm, and My light like lightning originating in the East and losing itself in the West; then, I will call the 144,000 who are marked by Me, so that in the face of My justice, they will deliver their harvest; some will be in the flesh and others in spirit.

99. Those who followed Me in 1866, will be present in that judgment, so that they may also respond regarding the first seed. Before peace comes, there shall be the judgment. You will behold the strong against the strong, and in those struggles their strength and their pride will weaken. By then, the Earth will be bathed with the blood of sinners and also of the innocent, and when these trials have passed, peace will come to all nations, because men will be recognizing the only, strong and just God. My Peace be with you!

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