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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 65

The Lord says:

1. You are preparing the sanctuary of your heart in order for My word to descend within it like a balsam; but at this moment I ask you: Why do I find you overwhelmed by suffering? It is because you have not been vigilant and prayerful.

2. If you eat at My table of the spiritual fruits, why do you not take advantage of the essence they contain which are health and eternal life? When will you understand My Doctrine in order to rise and preach it with deeds of love toward your brethren?

3. Sometimes you dare say to Me that nothing of what you have asked of Me have I granted you, when I am giving it to you at every moment, and it only remains for you to be prepared to be able to receive it.

4. Do not overwhelm your spirit with chains of sins; set him free so that he may elevate himself and receive from Me as much as is needed for his journey. Why do you extinguish your lamp of faith when I am among you? I have said that upon these people rests the responsibility of peace among nations and salvation of Mankind, but how are you to fulfill your mission when there is still no firmness in your footsteps? You come to hear My Word, you say you love your Father, but the words are not enough; the good deeds are necessary in order for Mankind to attain My peace. I do not come to discourage you but to awaken your spirit. Take the fruit of the tree again and eat your fill, o travelers!

5. Blessed is he who while eating from this fruit, firmly believes that he has been nourished from the tree of life, for truly I say to you that he will never die. During this period I found you dead to a life of grace, but My presence through this teaching has been your resurrection. You considered yourselves unworthy of being before My presence and I made you worthy, purifying your spirit of all its previous faults, clothing it with purity. With this forgiveness I have granted you a lesson of love and justice; put it in practice on your brethren.

6. With what right are you to judge and sentence your fellowmen because of their imperfections? Remember that I said to you in the Second Era: "He who is free of sin, let him cast the first stone".

7. My Doctrine is clear and clean so that the beginners understand it and engrave it within their heart. I have come to take you from lesson to lesson toward a perfect communication of spirit to Spirit.

8. In your wilderness of restitution the heavenly manna is descending; when you reach the Divine mansion you will seat at the Fathers table to eat of His fruits. The extensive wilderness represents the expiation and the pathway, the evolution of the spirit.

9. Come to the Father; He dwells on the pinnacle of the mountain and He will provide you with gardens and fields that exist in the surroundings of that mountain; the men cultivate the wheat, the women will make the orchards and the valleys be covered with flowers, and the songs of children will harmonize with that of the birds to make your work pleasant. Human vanities or materialism will not reach your fields, for they would be like plagues that will destroy your fruits. On hearing these words, how many men will realize how much they have deviated from the pathway outlined by My Law!

10. When man tends to believe that his faults have no forgiveness, he deviates more and more from the pathway. Oh, if he only knew that an instant of sincere repentance could save him, leading him toward his restitution that the more distant he believes to be from My Divinity, only one step separates him, and that step is his repentance! Do you not hear My voice? Do you not feel that I come as a most loving Father, as a faithful friend? You slumber, and that is why you do not hear My calling. How can you expect to hear My footsteps when I come on a cloud?

11. Wake up; be prepared so that you may see My promise fulfilled. I will regard as blessed those who awaken and listen to Me, because then I will place within their heart the good news of My spiritual presence, and from their lips will pour out words of tenderness, of light and of hope for Mankind.

12. Hurricane winds are approaching, therefore you should strengthen your faith in order to come out ahead in your trials and save as many as you possibly can; I want you to be friends and brothers of all Humanity.

13. This is the period that Joel saw and prophesied, when the sons of Humanity would have visions and prophetic dreams, when their mouths would speak, moved by My Divine force, because My Spirit would be spread upon all flesh and upon every spirit.

14. Behold a people who are born and grow in silence and whose sons pour out words of the Holy Spirit; they transmit spiritual messages, and with their spiritual vision penetrate the threshold of the Hereafter and they behold the happenings of the future; verily I say to you that this seed is spread throughout the world and no one will be able to destroy it.

15. Through the lips of men, women and children you have listened to My Divine concert; through ecstasy you have entered the joy of hearing the voice of the Father and of His angels. My word is not for a certain people; it is for all people, for all beliefs and religions.

16. Only this multitude knows that this is the Third Era, but Humanity will also know it, although they will first deny all I have revealed to you and which has remained written. Truly I say to you that this word will reach the confines of the Earth, because nothing is impossible for Me. I will show to the world My wounds as I did with Thomas, in order for them to believe and repent so that they may be cleansed through their weeping and faithfully follow Me afterward to the end. This Divine manna will descend upon every heart and the path that leads toward the mansion of the Father shall be uncovered to every spirit.

17. The waters of Jacobs well went dry and did not calm the thirst of the spirit of Mankind. I had already said to the woman of Samaria: "Verily I say to you that I have a water that whoever drinks from it will never thirst again". And that crystalline and pure water is My Word which I will pour throughout the world to relieve their burning thirst.

18. For a long time Elijah guides My flock among Mankind inviting all to unify themselves; that flock must be watchful and pray because it has My light and power to help Mankind with love.

19. Those who hear these teachings already knew them in other eras; however, today you will have to spread them among Mankind so that they will know them. You also know that in 1950 you will be without this Word; but prepare yourselves so that it may not be a loss that you will lament, but a progressive step which will enable you to face the struggle. I will be near and also My emissaries; I shall keep on being watchful over those whom I taught, and will speak to them through inspiration.

20. May no one pretend that I prolong My stay among you, because I have already manifested My will and have prophesied the year and the day when this manifestation through a human faculty will cease. May no one bring a sentence upon himself.

21. He who has now been careless in serving Me and afterward prepares himself, will lose his carelessness; he will speak with wisdom and will perform miracles.

22. If you My people who hear Me, weep on recalling My passion and repent for your sins, blessed are you, because truly I say to you that your pain purifies you and My Word which is life and resurrection, will comfort you. My light is for all My children, not only for you who dwell in this world, but also for spirits who inhabit different mansions. All of them will be liberated and resurrected to an eternal life when, with their deeds of love toward their brethren, they will fulfill My Divine precept which states that you love one another.

23. The Father suffers when Humanity debates among themselves, lashed by the wars. Brother has risen against brother and innocent blood drenches the Earth. Today, on the great day of justice, you breathe an environment of desolation and death, but for the dawn of 1946 the struggle will have ceased and you will have a truce in your suffering.

24. All the suffering of Mankind falls upon Me like a heavy cross. I have been denied and abused by the human race, whom I have wanted to convert into My disciple, of which only a few follow Me; tomorrow, on knowing about My Work which I have manifested in this form, once again I will be ridiculed because they will not understand Me. This misunderstanding of My children, opens My wounds again and My blood is shed anew upon every spirit. For speaking the truth and teaching My love they have denied Me, and as time passes, you will be despised for repeating My words and giving testimony of Me; but always when you embrace your cross to ascend the mountain, you will be saving many innocent ones and redeeming many sinners.

25. I have not come as a King among you, I have appeared humbly, and that is why you recognize that the word you have heard is that of the Living Word of the Father. Again Humanity offers Me a crown of thorns and a mantle of ingratitude. I have suffered slander and the ignorance of My children.

26. Even when the spirit is in plain evolution, he slumbers; however I am illuminating you through your conscience so that you may return to the pathway and turn toward your fulfillment. Why do you feel that My Word hurts you?

27. While you recall My passion of the Second Era, a most tender heart weeps in silence and intercedes for Her children who have not understood her. She has no reproach for those who have caused Her so much pain, not even a complaint against those who sacrificed Her very beloved Son; only Her love and Her forgiveness for Mankind crowns the Work of redemption of Her only Begotten. It is your heavenly Mother whom I leave among you so that you may listen to her and be comforted in Her bosom.

28. In the profoundness of your heart you are feeling the Divine breath of the Father. Oh! if you would only comprehend the love with which I come to you!

29. With the unity of your hearts you are forming a sanctuary to receive Me. Each heart has been prepared, each mind has been cleared, and that is the precise moment for My Divine ray to descend among you.

30. The trial draws near and for that purpose I am preparing you. It is time for you to walk with a firm step without fear; you are Israel and that name signifies "strength". That blessed seed has always existed in your spirit. The true prayer comforts your spirit, purifies your blemishes, consoles you when you are sad, accompanies you in your orphan-hood and turns you away from temptations. And in the manner that I have taught you to pray from spirit to Spirit to be strong in life, also during the moment of death, elevate your spirit to Me, through that blessed ascending ladder of the prayer. How distant Mankind lives from the true prayer! How few are those who know how to practice it! Spiritually Mankind lives like the men of ancient times; their worship toward the golden calf, their cult toward pagan gods still exists. The tower of Babel of the men of science of these times defies My Divine justice at every moment.

31. A new flood will become unleashed that will cleanse the Earth of human perversity. It will topple the false gods from their altars, destroy stone by stone the foundation of arrogance and iniquity and will erase every false doctrine and every absurd philosophy; but this new flood shall not be of water like the one of that Era because the hand of man has unleashed all the elements, visible as well as invisible, against himself. He dictates his own sentence, punishes and causes his own justice.

32. Every debt shall be settled even the most insignificant one; toward that end, it is necessary for the prominent ones of today to become servants and the vassals to arise. You, who hear Me, be aware of your responsibility before the peace of the world.

33. You are no longer two or three who are listening to Me. Your number is already great, because My seed has been spread from heart to heart, from dwelling to dwelling, from region to region and the news about My new manifestation has crossed your borders to reach other nations where the echo of My Word and the news of My miracles have given testimony that truly I have returned among you.34. The House of Israel is now within your innermost being, in your spirit. It is there where I have manifested Myself during this era by means of this communication.

35. I have said that you should hasten to study My lessons, that you take advantage of My presence, since the time of My departure draws near and no one ignores it. Behold the test awaiting you. Who will be prepared to resist it? You have multiplied and in spite of it, I do not find you strong. The fact is that you lack love, charity, fraternity among one another; you are not united in spirit. And are these the possessors of the Ark of the new Covenant?

36. I have wanted for you to be strong through your unity and great in spirit. It is not necessary for you to possess physical power to be great, nor knowledge of the World to be superior. There is something that your God has always revealed to you and which truly gives you greatness.

37. Great is the light that I have poured upon you; but do not allow yourselves to be blinded, because you will appear foolish and fanatical before your brethren. This light is not only yours; it is the light of the Sixth Seal, which will glow upon all nations.

38. You have come cleansed before Me; slowly you have rid yourselves of fanaticism, idolatry and superfluous traditions; in that manner your heart throbs to the beat of your spirit; the pathway begins with Me and ends with Me but I do not ask that you undertake this journey in a day, instead I give you sufficient time so that you may travel along that path to the end.

39. I will help you along the entire journey, I give you strength and purify you. If you judge your spiritual evolution by your present life you will realize that you have taken a great step forward, comparing your actual existence with that of Mankind's beginning. Study My Word with the enthusiasm with which you study your earthly lessons, and on analyzing them you will discover that what you believed to be unfathomable had been reserved for your spirit. During these times the veil of many mysteries is being uncovered, and many secrets will come out to the light of the truth, and because of that I shall be more loved and comprehended by My children.

40. Could there be a similarity between the son and the Father, if the son lacks the wisdom of his Father? No, My children, but it will not be I who will keep you in ignorance. I am the light which is wisdom, and with it I shall bathe you so that you will love Me; truly I hunger and thirst for your elevation; here you have the most powerful reason for My manifestation and My communication with you.41. Be illuminated and strengthened with this teaching, for the omens of war exist within your heart, and it is necessary that you be prepared, I have maintained this nation in peace in order to receive Me within its heart; the seed of My Doctrine will have to fructify.

42. How much you will weep if you do not take advantage of this precious period of peace! You will be surprised by war, the pestilence and the desolation. Do not attempt to stop the war with material penance, which is a useless sacrifice; if you wish to offer Me some penance, humble the stubbornness, the arrogance or the materialism of your flesh; if you wish to offer Me abstinence, let it be by withdrawing from what is superfluous, from what is harmful, by dominating your passions; but in doing that, be careful not to fall into a new fanaticism, because there are many works which might appear permissible but you can make them illicit.

43. I want you to attain regeneration, not only for your body but also for your spirit. If you understand well what I ask of you, it will not seem like a sacrifice to obtain it, and you will realize that that fulfillment will offer you great satisfaction and a greater peace.

44. Those who rise from their degradation, the scum or their egotism to a life of service and charity toward their brethren, I shall show them as an example that My Doctrine has light and grace to regenerate sinners. That example shall spread to all hearts. Who will not wish to be of those who bear witness of Me? But truly I say to you that if your actions do not emerge truthfully from your heart, they will not bear fruit on your brethren, and many times you will hear them calling you hypocrites and false preachers; I do not want this to happen to you.

45. You must know that during these times it is very difficult to deceive Mankind; their spirit has awakened and although they are lost in the materialism of their existence, they are sensitive to every spiritual manifestation, and if you cannot deceive your brethren, will you deceive your Father?

46. Allow the love of your Master to lodge within your being, so that you may get to forgive your enemies, just as He forgives you; then your heart shall be like an anchor of salvation among Mankind.

47. Prepare your ark, for the story may come from one moment to the next. Do you not have an intuition of an atmosphere of conflict? Doesn't your spirit reveal anything to you? Hear the voices of Nature and behold the course of the elements. Penetrate into the heart of your brethren and you will find the announcement of the struggle that draws near; everything speaks of chaos. If it is the human mind, it only conceives weapons for destruction; if it is the heart, it does not harbor feelings of fraternity, and most certainly of hate. Health does not exist in a single body, all are contaminated with sickness and pestilence; children are born with a burden of suffering; parents deny their children and children deny their parents; husband and wife separate; women lose their virtue without giving it any thought; men profane what is most sacred; the religions deny and quarrel among themselves and vices gain strength among Mankind. Meanwhile, My Word, with a gentle protest, awakens you, invites you toward regeneration and to save you from perishing in that stormy sea. Only a spiritual Doctrine like mine is capable of sustaining man along the path of life. Only My Word can resolve the profound problems of the spirit and alleviate the existence of man in his journey of trials and bitterness.

48. If Mankind has cultivated a great tree whose fruits in most cases have been bitter and deadly, does it not seem beautiful that I plant a tree which you can help Me cultivate it and that its fruits of life, true peace and Divine wisdom will compensate you from so much pain? Well I am that Tree. I am the Vine and you are the branches; allow your spirit to grow through his faculties so that you may give a welcoming shade and fruits of life and good taste. I am the truth and it pours from these lips of men, even though they are sinners, because My truth is stronger than your sins.

49. Once again I reveal to you the pathway and the life and withdraw from your eyes the veil of darkness. When you hear this word you say within your heart, "Why if the Doctrine of the Father is so beautiful, was it not capable before of separating me from the vices, nor was it an incentive in My existence?" Because it was not My Doctrine with which you were being nourished; but rather with rituals, which only impresses your senses and leaves emptiness in your spirit. Here I have come to give you My Word without forms or rituals so that it will reach your spirit directly. There is no recreation for your physical senses; here now your sense of hearing only takes part during the moment of My communication; tomorrow, when My Word through a human faculty ceases to be heard, not even your corporeal hearing will perceive My voice; it will be your spirit who will receive My teaching through inspiration, and in your heart its echo shall be heard. Take the pathway with faith and travel calmly and slowly.

50. The days draw near when Humanity commemorates My passion; truly I say to you that when this Humanity awakens before the light of this Era and rid of materialism, seeks Me in a spiritual manner, their elevation and simplicity will be the best offering of palms with which they will receive Me in the Second Jerusalem, the spiritual city. I wish that when you think of My passion, you would always do it without rituals or representations, that you recall My Works and meditate profoundly in them; then you will feel that wisdom reviving within your spirit.

51. With these teachings I shall remove your traditions, as in past times, allowing your spirit to remain within My Doctrine and My Law. My Peace be with you!

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