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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 66

The Lord says:

1. You have heard the ringing out of the bell and you have awakened. The bell has been My voice which you have received through the faculty of man and, it has been your spirit who has awakened. Do not fall into a state of lethargy, o My beloved people, for you are living in a time of struggle. If you have already begun to sow, I do not want you to leave your fields abandoned or lose your place that in My domain you have come to occupy and which has caused you so much suffering to obtain.

2. Let your conscience do its will over what your mind and spirit think, inasmuch as it is the one that is truly aware of the mission, which weighs upon the spirit. Consider that if instead of following the dictates of your conscience, you are inclined to obey the impulses of the flesh; very soon you will return to the path of a sterile struggle, to a world of frivolities and vanity, wherein your spirit will feel an emptiness and sadness.

3. Come to My domain and remain there; there is a place for everyone in its land; in My granary there is an abundance of seed and in My love there is water of life, so that you may cultivate the Divine seed.

4. I, the Universal Sower, will teach all you need to know. My love and My patience will accompany each one of My lessons, so that they may remain engraved within your spirit, and thus, when you are in need of sowing, remembering that your heart was converted into a storage for My Word, you may go there in search of My seed of love for your brethren.

5. Stop for now to listen to My Word in order to let it penetrate as far as it has to reach and when the moment of sowing comes, start your journey at a slow pace, so that if you stumble you will get up quickly so as not to tire yourselves prematurely.

6. You should not linger on the superficial meaning of the Word, because you will not have the opportunity to perceive its essence and penetrate into its infinite light.

7. Do not become fanatical or fall into idolatry, adoring objects to which your brethren have given some Divine representation. Consider that if you are to become disciples of a profound spiritual Doctrine, you have to struggle to separate from your heart that material worship which for centuries Mankind has been nourishing; but most certainly, disciples, do it with all firmness, when you are truly convinced of the step you are about to take, unless one day you preach that your brethren withdraw from idolatry and religious fanaticism, and suddenly in some test that you might have, you would fall on your knees before an idol.

8. Do you understand why I am always telling you to analyze My Word and study it? Because only in that manner the light of persuasion will be able to penetrate your being. Then there will definitely be a total transformation in your manner of feeling, of thinking and of performing.

9. If you observe the development of My manifestations through a human faculty, you will discover that the progress of My teachings has been achieved at a slow pace, but firm and steady, which I am advising that you continue.

10. Note that in previous years I did not speak to you with the clarity that I am speaking to you today. I was tolerant and indulgent, I allowed you some exterior practices because it was not the proper time to separate the chaff from the wheat; in other words, the essence of My teaching from superfluous practices. I beheld that your faith was not sufficiently firm to listen to some revelations; on the other hand, now that the light of My teachings is penetrating within the spirit of some of My disciples, I am able to speak to you clearly.

11. I know that not everyone understands the meaning of spirituality for the time being, nor is the idea of being nourished only by essence enough and have to relinquish rituals, symbols and exterior practices, which many hearts enjoy. But it will be sufficient for Me, on lifting My word from among these people, that a group of disciples would have understood the meaning of spirituality, because that group shall be considered as the First fruit that My Word provided through the faculty of man. In order to help you understand My Doctrine, I continue delivering My lessons; I bless you and I say to you: Welcome, My children, feel the warmth of My Spirit and feel My presence and remember that period when you were around Me listening to My Divine words, when you followed Me along the pathways to see Me perform miracles, while some did not lose a single one of My syllables to discover if what I spoke was the truth or not. Some and others listened to a harmonious voice that spoke incessantly of love, of forgiveness and of charity; it was a light that had never glowed among Mankind. That Word opened a new Era for the people of Israel and for all Mankind.

12. Many of those who heard Me through Jesus have come to Earth during this era and have listened to Me again. When they thought of having fulfilled their destiny in this planet and conquered the Promised Land, the spirit has returned and strove to take only one more step forward along the path of his spiritual perfection.

13. Evolution is necessary in order for the spirit to be illuminated by My wisdom. Today you are hearing again the voice, which speaks to you of love. I say to the new disciples and all men: Love your brethren, petition for your fellowmen and I will grant you miracles. Do not fear to unveil before the world the mission that your spirit brings; verily I say that you cannot conceal your gifts and that sooner or later they will be manifested.

14. How difficult it seems for you to make way, complying with your mission during this period; but I say to you that it is not difficult, because Mankind is prepared to receive My message.

15. In all eras the weak have been intimidated before the struggle, while the strong have shown that the faith in My Law overcomes everything. Your destiny, Israel, has always been to convey to the world new messages and revelations, that is why sometimes you are doubtful whether you are believed; but do not fear, take the seed which I have entrusted to you and sow it; you will then see how many lands that you believed to be sterile you will find them rich on being fertilized with the truth of My Doctrine.

16. Do not cease to comply with your mission because you feel unworthy; verily I say to you that he who knowingly violates the Law, does as much harm as he who has a mission and fails to give it fulfillment.

17. Do not forget that in the end the Father will come to demand what you have done wrong, as well as to what you have failed to do; know that one fault as well as the other will cause your spirit to suffer. Spread My Doctrine, talk to Mankind about My Word, convince them with your deeds of love, invite them to hear Me, and when they arrive among the multitudes and the light of faith is kindled in their heart, I will name them sons of the new people of Israel.

18. You will not be able to deviate from the path again; I have given you the light in order for you to analyze, and I have opened your eyes so that you can even penetrate into the Hereafter. May the use that you make of your gifts always be righteous so that the results are agreeable to your heart and pleasing to the Father.

19. Understand that I have come to teach you a perfect lesson. You have heard through My spokesmen in different places and regions, that My Word will cease to be heard in 1950. On this day I say to you: How many who today hear My word with apparent respect, will express mockery when that time comes; how many who today say to Me: "Father, I will not deviate from this path", afterward will seek Me in temples, synagogues, in altars and religious images, and will not find Me.

20. Behold that I do not attempt to surprise you, lifting My word unexpectedly, rather a long time before and in different forms I have announced it in order for you to take advantage of these moments and these lessons, so that afterward you will not fall into confusion and profanation. How many of those who today call themselves My disciples, My laborers, are to betray Me at that moment!

21. The moment you cease to listen to Me through a human faculty has been marked; however, I have promised those who prepare themselves that later they will hear the echo of My word within the sanctuary of their heart.

22. My justice has to come to cut from the roots all weeds, and it is My will that at that hour My sickle finds you as wheat and not as thorns. I speak to you in your own language and with all clearness, so that tomorrow you will not say that I spoke to you in a figurative meaning and for that reason misunderstood Me.

23. These prayer houses will remain prepared for your reunions and to continue receiving the new multitudes. Spiritual guardians will keep watch over them.

24. I am speaking to you about a transcendental step that you are to take, of a moment of trial that will take place, and I do not see that your heart is shaken. How much you have familiarized yourselves with My Word; but it shall pass and you will not have learned to appreciate the treasure you have had!

25. I have said on many occasions that I do not blemish Myself with what is superfluous or evil so you must understand that I will not be involved in your deceptions and profanations.

26. Some have been converted while listening to My teaching; but behold how their transformation came about: They arrived humbly, tearful and repentant, without any benefit whatever, but once they received their heredity, they arrogantly lifted their face, they felt like lords and even kings, and in their arrogance they have wanted to pass over their Fathers will. Do you know where the vanities and pride remain? In the bowels of the Earth. And the disobediences, contempt and offenses? In your spirit, once it separates from his body. You are atoms that live by My Divine charity without which you would no longer have existed.

27. He who conceitedly believes to encompass My Work with his mind and know it all, is because he knows nothing; on the other hand, he who humbles himself in My wisdom and in My greatness to an extent of saying, "I know nothing and I am nobody before My Lord", he is on the verge of knowing.

28. These people who have greatly rejoiced with My Word during this period, if they do not prepare themselves, if they do not humble their rebellious mind toward My lessons, they will have to weep much afterward.

29. Do you want to know what is My wish? That you comply with humility My mandates on Earth so that upon terminating your mission, your spirit, cleansed and illuminated because of his fulfillment, will arrive very high, until he reaches those blessed mansions which are reserved for the obedient children of the Lord.

30. At My table there is a place prepared for each one of you and also nourishment. When you have eaten and drank at My table, you shall not hunger or thirst again. You will cease to seek Me in temples and man-made altars, realizing that you carry Me in the inner sanctuary of your spirit.

31. I had everything ready when you would arrive before My word, for I am He who is watchful over everyone. Oh! If only you would have been waiting for Me, how great your progress would have been but you are already with Me, listening to My teachings.

32. Men, do not fear the trials of life or yield under the burden of your faults; give your spirit time and strength for the compliance of your spiritual mission and you will always manage to elevate yourselves along your path of evolution.

33. Women, do not weep only for your dear ones, keep in mind that your heart should feel the suffering of Mankind. Forgive your brethren so that your heart is cleansed and be able to give refuge to charity.

34. Do you believe I would have come to you if I had not forgiven you first and if charity did not exist in My Spirit?

35. This is what I want you to do with your brethren; but do not be fearful of giving them the good news, do not be doubtful of your gifts or be distrustful of the result of your deeds of love toward them, because your lack of faith would lead you toward failure; your word would not be convincing nor would your deeds have a basis of strength.

36. O humanity! Blessed creation, if you knew how much your Father loves you! You are lost and I have come searching for you; when you look for Me I open the doors of salvation; you call Me and I answer instantly; however, you do not feel Me, you do not listen to Me because you are not prepared.

37. In this Era I am preparing these people, so that from among them will emerge the 144,000 who will convey My message to Mankind.

38. Beloved people; await the earthly vicissitudes with serenity and regard each trial as a step that draws you nearer the mansions, which although unknown to you, are felt and longed by your spirit.

39. It is I, your Lord who speaks to you; do not feel surprised that I communicate with you, because I have done it this way since I created the first man. Meditate a little, turn on your thoughts to the past, go back in history and you will find Me communicating at every step with Mankind.

40. To the youngsters who listen to Me, I say: Blessed are you who have come to Earth at the time of the Holy Spirit, because your gifts will find a propitious field to become manifested; but listen to Me, do not allow yourselves to be guided by the unrighteous examples of your elders; keep in mind that the blood of the Lamb made light has fallen upon your spirit to indicate the way by which he should proceed with obedience and love in order to reach Me. Blessed are you who come in search of your heredity which you have waited for a long time.

41. There is joy in the Spirit of the Father when you stop being of the needy; however, I have not come to set a price to what I give you. I grant you My charity without setting conditions whereas you do set them in order to love Me if I grant what you ask. In this teaching you shall learn to ask, to receive and to give. Also you must learn to wait for the moment when it is My will to grant you what is most convenient for your spirit. Do not despair, do not blaspheme nor lack in faith; keep in mind that I love you, that I am just with you. To those who serve Me in this Work I say to them: Do not seek remunerations or rewards; be charitable and continue on forward. All that you do in My name you shall see realized, and there you will have your best reward.

42. While listening to My Word through a human spokesman, many are surprised and ask themselves: What grace are we mortals worthy of that God Himself has deigned to speak to us? And the Master answers: I do not find grace in you, but yes, a privilege that you possess a spirit. And if I speak to you through the faculty and the mouth of a spokesman, it is because he possesses life, but not so like your idols through which you worshiped Me before. I did not communicate in this manner in times past because your spirit and your mind were not prepared or sufficiently elevated to receive Me. Today I now find you capable so as to manifest Myself through you. It was not necessary anymore for the Word to become Man to speak to you. The Holy Spirit had this gift reserved for you.

43. I am beyond time, above everything created; My Divine Spirit is not subject to evolution. I am Eternal and Perfect; it is not so with you who does have a beginning, who is certainly subject to laws of evolution, and besides that, you feel the passing of time upon your being. Therefore, do not say that the Father belongs to an era, Christ to another and the Holy Spirit to another, because the Lord is eternal and does not belong to any era, but time belongs to Him, and Christ who disappeared as a Man, is God Himself, as well as the Holy Spirit who is none other than the same Father who comes preparing His most elevated expression before you; in other words, now without the need of any material element.

44. If you see that I am communicating through a human spokesman, regard this form only as a preparation so that tomorrow you may communicate with your Father with perfection from spirit to Spirit. I have called this communication a preparation, but not because of that have I stopped manifesting My glory through that means, nor have I ceased to reveal to you My perfect teachings.

45. You should not see various gods where only One exists, One who has had to manifest Himself under diverse phases, in accordance with the spiritual advancement that Mankind has been attaining.

46. Jesus, in that period, gave you from the very first to the last instant during His passage through this world, a perfect revelation; however, He declared to you: "I will not tell you all, because you would not comprehend it." But then He said. "I shall send to you the Spirit of Truth, who will reveal everything to you." Thus I gave you to understand that those who were not able to comprehend My revelations during that era the moment would come when by virtue of the development of their spirit and their elevation, they would understand them through My Word in the Third Era.

47. Today you are in the Era when the Father comes in Spirit to reveal new teachings to you from His arcane. This period is barely beginning and you cannot conceive what I shall reserve for the spirit of Mankind, the footsteps which men will take along this path or the new revelations which are reserved for you. The time of the material miracles, as you understand them, has passed. Today your spirit will marvel with admiration and love before My new accomplishments and manifestations. Yesterday you only believed about the impossible made possible, before the material miracle. Today you will believe in your spirit through the Divine essence of My manifestations. Will you long for the miracles of past times, like the rock which on touching it made the water flow or the manna which saved the multitudes from perishing of hunger in the wilderness? Do you think of Christ giving sight to the blind, cleansing the lepers and making the paralytic walk by only ordering that it be so? Do you think of the dead whom He resurrected by only saying to them: "Arise"? Verily I say to you that all those miracles will return, but you will see them realized in another manner and truly: How many of them am I performing among you!

48. From time to time I kept on descending more and more until I became Man to dwell among men. Now you are the ones who are beginning your ascent and you will keep on coming closer to Me each time. Who shall be those as the year 1950 approaches who will at least understand these teachings?

49. The ladder of Jacob is in front of you; it is the one that the patriarch beheld in his dream, it is the pathway that your spirit will travel through in order to reach the Father. You know many and new lessons, but do not let that be a reason for you to ridicule those who in their ignorance seek Me through idolatrous worship. By chance, do you know if they, although knowing less, love Me more than you? The ladder of which I speak is the pathway by which inexorably everyone shall reach Me.

50. O My people: The nations are at war, pray and do not judge them; do not be wishing victory for some and destruction of the others, because all of them are under a severe test.

51. My love and My grace are with you. This is the Third Era when your spirit rises anew in search of the light; in spite of the elapsed times and even in the midst of the chaos which reigns in your world, you are able to rise to seek Me. Who is able to prevent the development of the gifts which he bears in his spirit?

52. Allow My Word to penetrate within your heart so that later it will reach all men. If you notice that My spokesmen have not attained perfection, understand that up to the most simple lesson or maxim which I transmit through them, contains Divine essence. Encourage those hearts with your faith and with your confidence, and in truth I say that you will gather perfect fruits.

53. When this nation lives practicing My lesson of spirituality, you will behold the arrival of caravans of foreigners who will look upon this country as a promised land, and when they find themselves in its bosom and see how these people live and how they elevate their worship to God, they will realize that in your heart exists the peace and the light of the Father, but that the New Jerusalem is far beyond this world. Take care that your deeds will not erase the path that may lead them to the longed for goal which is My Kingdom. Let it be love, good will and fraternity with which you receive your brethren. Let there not be dislike or resentment toward any brother of another race or people. Love and forgive and by doing this you will kindle in their heart a hope in My Divine forgiveness.

54. Teach correction, repentance, regeneration, patience in the ordeals and expiations, and with that you will destroy the superstitious fear of that hell that you have imagined, and on the other hand, you will build a sanctuary toward My Divinity and a more perfect concept of My Divine justice.

55. Since I was the One who taught you to "love one another" and to forgive the one who would offend you, I gave you proof of it with My actions also. I speak to you of heavenly manifestations, but I do it in a figurative meaning in order for you to understand Me better. I cannot reveal to you all the spiritual existence because your mind would not even be able to conceive it. It is best that I keep on revealing to you step by step the path which leads toward the summit, and when you least expect it you will appear before My presence.

56. I have announced to you times of trials and suffering; but do not fear, because if you enter within them with preparation, you will be amazed before the miracles that I have reserved for you for those days; then the unbelievers will believe.

57. All that I have revealed to you during these times is so that you will make it known to Humanity; this is your mission that you will fulfill in order to keep progressing in the Hereafter.

58. Disciples, verily I say to you that if during this period I came to manifest Myself among you, it was not because men may have called Me. I have visited you, for this has been My will and by that I have fulfilled My promise. The elements gave testimony of My new presence and some hearts felt it;. it was not the bells that announced Me. How much men will have to purify themselves to be able to perceive My presence!

59. If the world had persevered in My Word, it would not have been necessary for their eyes to weep in order to behold Me!

60. I will again demonstrate to you the page of the Law; it is the beginning and the end of the book I am revealing to you so that at the time of My parting you will remain prepared.

61. Today it is a small portion that surrounds Me, but tomorrow the multitudes that will be around Me will be immense; among them will be the pharisees and the hypocrites, searching for errors in My Doctrine to arouse the mind of the multitudes against My Work. They do not know that before they scrutinize My word, they will be scrutinized.

62. It only remains for you to be calm, peaceful and demonstrate the virtue of My teaching in your deeds; if you act that way in your trials, even the most brutal persecutors will confess that you have truly heard Me. I have come to pour My knowledge in you, for only with wisdom you will be near the Father.

63. I give you My word with the same essence with which I spoke to you in the Second Era, and I have come to remind you of many of My teachings that you had forgotten, or from which you had withdrawn, due to erroneous interpretations of your predecessors.

64. You had complied badly with My Doctrine to such an extent that I can say that you had created a path completely different than mine, but to which you applied the same name. No one but I could draw you away from your error with words of life, love and truth.

65. That is why today when you are listening to Me, analyze and comprehend My word and there will be light within you. This is the time when I come to tell you with all clearness that the reincarnation of the spirit exists, that it is so since the beginning of Humanity, like a light of justice and Divine love, without which you would be unable to evolve along the extensive road of spiritual perfection. It is I who has said that you belong to the spiritual lineage of Abraham; that you belong to this Humanity who at one time falls, and then to arise again during another period to the voice of one of My envoys, to fall again and rise anew as in the present period. You have reached the Sixth Seal, however you present Me a burden of errors as the scum of Humanity, but you arise above the transgressions with spiritual capability to understand Me, feel Me and with the temper to follow Me without hesitation to the end.

66. If you have faith, hear the voice of your conscience and it will seem clearer to you; if you listen to this word, remember your past so that you may judge your life, your love and your merits; it will tell you if you have dedicated yourselves to the fulfillment of your mission or not. But do not fear, for on Earth there are no just people before whom you should be ashamed; I am the only just One and I have come to judge you with love.

67. I have called you scum because of your sins and your insignificance among this Humanity but also I can tell you that from this scum I will avail Myself so that later after cleansing it, present it as an example.

68. Form a people where you will give a good fulfillment to the Law of God and to the human ones, where morale and spiritual elevation exist. Truly I say to you: I behold that during this Era man and woman have deviated from their pathway.

69. I discover men who forsake their responsibilities, women who flee from their maternity and others who invade the fields predestined for man, when since ancient times you were told that man is the head of the household. Not because of that should the woman feel scorned, for today I say to you that the woman is the heart of the man. That is why I have instituted and sanctified the matrimony, because in the union of those two beings, spiritually equal but corporeally different, a perfect condition prevails.

70. Who is doubtful that I am speaking to the world, only because their sin makes it unworthy of Me? What merit would there be in Me if I only went to where just people exist, where there would be no suffering or ignorance? If the Father inspires His children to earn merits in order to obtain grace through them, the Father also performs merits before His children to have the right of being loved. I still, behold you as children whom I have come to help and lift you from the abyss, to lead you toward the fountain and cleanse you there, and later clothe you with the garments of virtue. My Peace be with you!

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