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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 67

The Lord says:

1. I bless all My children, those who are listening to My lesson and those who are absent from this manifestation. Come to hear the Spirit of Truth, because this word shall be your spiritual support. You render to Me your heart overwhelmed by sorrows, troubles, ungratefulness and disappointments which have accumulated during your lifetime. Take from this word as if it were wine, and its sweetness will alleviate your bitterness.

2. Some still delight themselves in this period in earthly enjoyments; on the other hand, others did not get to know those false pleasures, having found peace in their spirit on returning to the spiritual realm, because if you believe that those who rejoice in satisfactions and physical enjoyments are the ones who are nearer to Me, you are mistaken; verily I say to you that they still have many lessons to learn, but he who is forsaking all that glitters with a false splendor, is in communion with His Father and saturates himself from His Divine strength.

3. O beginners, allow the Master to show you a new lesson; prepare yourselves so that He can give you new revelations. You know that the period of My manifestation will cover from 1866 to 1950 only, and it is necessary for Me to tell you everything that I have reserved for you in this phase. You have a few years left to hear Me through this means; if you take advantage of them you will have at the end the great lessons which I have promised you.

4. Who has believed that after 1950 the beginners are going to rest from their labor? Truly I say to you that the struggle will then start. My disciples will have to become teachers so the multitudes will seek them as they have sought Me. The seers will perfect themselves to become the great prophets before the people, and everyone should be prepared to receive the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. You will continue congregating in order for the multitudes to seek you, attracted by the spirituality and elevation of your reunions, as well as your deeds of love and charity.

5. Think of these events that await you and will have to take place, because it is written in My Word; then your conscience will tell you if you have meditated, if you have analyzed and understood My lessons and if you are preparing yourselves for that phase of the struggle.

6. These people will provide new patriarchs under whose guidance virtuous families will emerge who will be an example for all the rest. It will also provide martyrs; these will be the ones who, during their fulfillment, will have to support the attacks, persecutions and mockery of Humanity, those who will have to suffer poverty and privations for serving their fellowmen.

7. Everything is prepared for the final struggle, after which only one Doctrine will remain established, which will be this truth that I am teaching, and which I have come to reveal to you from time to time, as the law of the spirit, filled with knowledge, justice and love.

8. Your deeds and practices should be purer each time, and you should not fear of being delivered to justice at the time of slander and persecution against you, if your fulfillment is according to what I have taught you.

9. In order for the light of My Spirit to glow in your mind during your reunions, you will learn to maintain a silence and a recollection as you never had before, and you will truly feel My presence and My miracles; My Spiritual Realm will strengthen and illuminate you; but woe betide to those who change My truth for imposture!

10. Understand how great My Work is and what little importance you have given it. If you have enjoyed yourself much while listening to Me through a human faculty, truly I say that I have reserved for you an even more perfect form: that in which you will receive Me directly through your thoughts. My teaching will reach you clean, pure, Divine, because it will not have passed through the lips of the spokesman.

11. Do not confuse yourselves if I tell you that again I am before judges, tribunals and doctors of the law; verily I say to you that within many of those who follow Me today I have found a tribunal and I have found Myself before a judge. Tomorrow Humanity will judge Me in you; that is why I ask that your deeds be noble, so that instead of denying this truth, those who judge it will reform and will be converted by it.

12. How much I have had to speak to you during this period! Truly I say that if you would take advantage of My Word, a lesson would be enough to sustain you with it, but barely a few moments have passed after having heard Me then, you no longer keep My peace nor have you manifested My charity among your brethren.

13. Resurrect to a life of grace, eating of the nourishment that I have brought to you during this period. Do you not understand that you have to leave an imprint of your footsteps along the world? Today I want that imprint to guide the multitudes before My Divine presence. Come along the pathways of light, peace, fraternity and you will soon find Me. Do not be discouraged if sometimes you find an obstacle or if your feet are hurt by the thorns along the road. Verily I say to you that if your faith does not weaken, you shall have no need of the crystalline water that will quench your thirst, because you will be sustained by My Word.

14. If you feel strong and you see that alongside of you your brethren travel with difficulty, do not feel yourselves superior, because you would fall into the grave fault of vanity, and you would be like the worm which swells up with the humidity of the earth. Among My new people there shall not rise any kings or lords. Every bad seed will be withdrawn from your heart in order for you to become My prophets.

15. Do not be satisfied for having been saved from the uncertain pathways; go and search for the stray ones in order to save them. Be humble, give lodging to charity, make yourselves men of good will and thus you will be able to fulfill your mission.

16. There is always someone who will say to Me inwardly: "Lord, I am complying". My response to him is that he is barely learning to comply. You still are not sufficiently firm along the path. I have to strengthen you frequently with My example and that of My apostles.

17. In the Second Era Humanity gave Me a wooden cross whose martyrdom men sentenced and made Me suffer, but upon My Spirit I carried a heavier and more cruel one: that of your imperfections and of your ungratefulness.

18. Would you be capable of reaching My presence carrying upon your shoulders a cross of love and sacrifice for your fellowmen? Know that for that purpose I sent you to Earth, therefore your return shall be when you present yourselves with your mission fulfilled. That cross will be the key that will open for you the gates of the promised realm.

19. If when you go with your cross along the path of life, which is your road of bitterness, the multitudes hurt and ridicule you, remember what you did with Jesus and see what He did to you: He forgave you.

20. With how much fear some of My children listen to this word which pours from the lips of the human spokesman; the fact is that they know it is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and among those present are some who knew of the end of Sodom and Gomorrah and who later saw the destruction of Jerusalem.

21. When you listen to these revelations, you believe to have lived on Earth for a long time, and in spite of it the fulfillment you offer Me is meager. During past eras I granted you temporary benefits in abundance, so that in that wealth you would see a symbol of the spiritual wealth. Today you observe your material coffers empty, because that wealth is no longer necessary for you; the time of material riches has passed for you.

22. Christ came to you and on being born His body was not wrapped with linen or silk, one single tunic covered His body. Nevertheless in His word He brought a treasure and He represented a Kingdom more powerful than all those of the Earth. You have been slow in comprehending because you have loved earthly benefits much and you have not loved the limpidity of the spirit; however, today you find yourselves in a new period confronting a new opportunity so that your spirit may rise, overcoming human weaknesses and allowing the spiritual riches with which it has been endowed, to emerge.

23. You are great because of your evolution and nevertheless, you feel yourselves clumsy to take your first footsteps during this new, Era, that is why I have come to manifest Myself through your faculty, to teach you to walk along the path of your spiritual evolution.

24. Behold men, women and children congregating around religions and sects, and although the light of My Spirit is being poured upon all flesh and upon every spirit, they are slumbering to the reality of this period.

25. In order for you not to feel contempt for the poor or disgust over the illnesses that you regard as repulsive, how many tests you have to endure! Who is able to know if that leper who has stretched out his hand and from whom you have departed horrified, was in another incarnation your father or your son?

26. You bear children of your flesh, but I am He who distributes the spirits in families, in peoples, in nations, in mansions, and in that justice impenetrable for men, My love is manifested.

27. 0! My people, take advantage of this period which I have granted you; it is precious and decisive for your spirit. My vibrant and resounding voice has awakened you from your lethargy. In My judgement, no one has come with faults, I have loved all equally. Begin to love among yourselves, so that Mankind may become reconciled within My Law, complying with the Divine precept that says "Love one another."

28. How is it possible that the people who call themselves Christians destroy each other through war and even pray before going to kill their brethren, asking Me to give them victory over their enemies? Is it possible that My seed can exist where instead of love hatred prevails, and instead of forgiveness, vengeance?

29. It is necessary for My prophets to rise again to admonish men, because while there are people who destroy themselves, blinded by ambition and violence, those who have received My light and calmly judge Humanity, are fearful of rising to give the good news. If this Humanity would know how to pray with the spirit, they would hear My voice, they would receive My inspiration, but each time they pray they place a veil over their eyes which hides to them the light of My presence. I have to come to men during the moments when their bodies are at rest to awaken their spirit, to call on him and converse with him. It is Christ, who like a thief in the middle of the night, penetrates your heart to sow My seed of love within.

30. Listen disciples and be attentive: Do not allow that because of your indifference, when the time of this communication ends, the Master will say, that He spoke alone in the wilderness; but if you do not take advantage of this period you will have to weep your ungratefulness; many times desperation will surprise you and sickness will dishearten you when you had within your reach a fountain of health of which you did not take advantage. Only My charity will save you; to be worthy of it I have taught you to share your bread with him who hungers.

31. Acknowledge the Divine charity which draws nearer your heart, so you may regard everyone as your brethren.

32. I do not separate you from any of your human duties, but I do say that you should also occupy yourselves with the teachings of the Father in order for your spirit to perfect himself, performing deeds pleasing before Me.

33. Today My Divine Ray descends upon your world, and as in all the Universe, it vibrates in every creature; while in some it is intuition, in others it is inspiration and in others a human word, as it happens among you.

34. These walls and this roof serve only as a means of protecting you from the elements and safeguarding you from the indiscreet and disrespectful gazes of your brethren; these men and women through whom I give you My Word, are not in any way Divine; they are as human as yourselves and the seat which they occupy is not My throne, nor is it My tribunal; that stool is only used to support the spokesman during his ecstasy.

35. I come to build a kingdom of love within your heart; but in order for the foundation of that kingdom to be indestructible and eternal, I have come to reveal to you the teachings of the spirit, without whose knowledge you would only create confused religions.

36. You will have this Word only till the year 1950; afterward I will leave this planet to you for your fulfillment and not only the Earth, but also the spiritual space.

37. During the moment of your meditation and prayer I have come close to you to give you My caress and make you feel My presence, to make you realize that the communication of spirit to Spirit is true. Thus you have learned to wait for My coming each time that I manifest Myself to direct My word to you.

38. Your heart is at peace and you show gratitude in your spirit, because you recall that when I called you, your conscience complained: "You are unworthy." Then you listened to My voice which said to you: "I love you, come to Me, you are My chosen, I forgive you." Then there emerged from your heart, faith and love toward the Master.

39. In your spirit I have deposited this heritage; upon these foundations I am letting My Work to rest, which should not have any weak foundations. This light shall not be extinguished because I kindled it first in your heart; this Doctrine will not be lost, for I purified you beforehand.

40. Do not believe that you are those who support My Work on Earth; it is the one that holds you up.

41. Do you know why I chose simple and unpolished hearts to present them before the first multitudes? Because in spite of as many imperfections that they would mix to My Work, its essence would not be lost and My justice would appear at the precise moment to reap the corn, to separate the wheat from the bad weeds; but do not forget that I have said that the first shall be last and the last first, because from generation to generation disciples will emerge whose evolution, spirituality and comprehension will permit them to take progressive steps along the spiritual path.

42. You have sworn to follow Me along this pathway, and I say to you that it was not necessary for you to swear, because who is he, who after returning from the road of suffering will tend to return there?

43. I outline for you the path of the true life where peace prevails; you create difficult paths which you are marking with tears and blood.

44. I give you My lessons in a language which even the most inept will be able to understand, because I have not come to speak to you in unfamiliar terms, nor with scientific words; I use humble words, because I am the Word of love who speaks to every spirit and every heart. I wish that on ceasing to speak through this means, you would have taken advantage of the essence of this wisdom, so that tomorrow you can propagate it to Mankind with the truth and purity it contains.

45. The pathways are being prepared in order for Mankind to rise from the different points of the Earth in search of the luminous beacon of this Doctrine, which soon will be the ideal of every spirit. All your being is preparing itself to give testimony of My Word: spirit, heart and lips, in order for you to be like a clean fountain where these crystalline waters will outpour their fragrance among men.46. Comply with your destiny; do not want to return to Me without first having traveled the road which I outlined for you, because you would have to experience the pain of contemplating blemishes in your spirit which he was unable to clean, because he did not reach the end of his restitution. The reincarnations have passed over you, and many of you have not valued the infinite grace and love with which the Father has entrusted you. Behold that the greater the number of opportunities, the greater your responsibility shall be, and if these opportunities are not put to good use, in each one will be an increase in restitution and justice; that is the burden whose unbearable weight many beings are not able to explain, and only My Doctrine can reveal it.

47. My teaching comes to make you possessors of this temporary kingdom, so that it will not take possession over you; it is not My wish that on reaching My presence spiritually you will say to Me: Father, why have you called me when I still wanted to live on Earth? How very few times you show satisfaction with My will!

48. Today I say to those whom I have named beginners and disciples during this period; no one will reach Me without first having traveled the path indicated to his spirit for his complete evolution. This period is of restitution and justice; only I know the judgment of each one; every previous fault will be corrected; it suffices to say to you that he who yesterday killed his fellowman, today has come to resurrect the dead.

49. Blessed childhood, I am aware of your prayer and I understand your language; you are not taken into consideration,because you are judged small and weak causing the spirit within you to suffer.

50. Elders, you have yielded under the weight of time and the struggles, your lips are silent, your heart is sad; you have learned much in life, you are not able to aspire for worldly glories because your youth remained behind, and you only place your hope in the existence which awaits your spirit beyond in the Hereafter. You feel yourselves useless because your brethren believe that you are of no use at all, for you do not help physically, however you know that in your heart a light glows and a book exists. I, your Master, understand you; I know your heart and I say to you: Converse with Me, behold how My love embraces you. Await peacefully the hour of My call, do not be worried, for the true life waits for you there and the eternal youth.

51. To all maidens: Only I understand you; your heart has been opened to life like the corolla of the flowers; you dream with love, with tenderness, with happiness, and I say to you: Do not dream anymore; wake up for you have to prepare yourselves greatly in order to fulfill that sublime mission which awaits you, and you have to strengthen yourselves greatly to endure your cup of bitterness, but if your heart loves, in that love you will find support and hope for your journey.

52. During this period of restoration, My justice will leave a profound mark upon men. Humanity will have to give an accounting of all their works. He who on Earth has his eyes opened to the truth, should be watchful and pray for everyone, for if in the midst of confusion men do not elevate themselves in prayer, chaos will prevail in the world. These moments are also of vigilance. You, My people, to whom the spiritual prayer has been entrusted so you can earn merits toward peace, withdraw from what is superfluous and unrighteous and prepare your spirit more and more.

53. It is necessary for a legion of warriors of peace to be prepared on Earth, who will fight against hatred and sin until they are exterminated. That legion is the one that I have come to join and to prepare, which will be formed by visible and invisible beings; My apostle John had the gift of seeing it in his revelation.

54. Very soon My legions will become prepared and they will invade the fields of death and desolation; their arrival will be like a storm that will move the heart of men. There will be a turmoil inside each one of them and only a beacon will give light in the darkness of those days, and I will be that beacon. All the sons of I these people who do not rise to fulfill the mission that I entrusted to !them when I sent them to Earth, will be lifted toward the Spiritual Realm so that they can leave their place to those who will fight. Afterward, those who were lifted will begin to work in spirit, but their efforts will have to be greater.

55. Those who obediently fulfill their mission here will have no fear, for the light of the Divine beacon will illuminate their pathways amidst the storm; there will be nothing that will upset or sink them into the abyss.

56. Blessed are those who take advantage of this period as a restitution, because they will come out unharmed from that battle; however, those who still love the treasures of the Earth and ambition choice positions and the glory of the world, they will have to support their restitution with a greater pain of their spirit.

57. What will those who have only loved the world, be able to offer the Father? What will they answer when they appear in spirit before Him who has loved them so much and who has offered them so many opportunities toward their salvation?

58. All of you should have been prepared for this period. Remember that My envoys have given even their life to announce My justice to you. You have given little importance to those voices, only because you believed them to be very distant from the truth; but behold those voices of envoys and prophets appear and vibrate with greater intensity during this period. Verily I say to you that when those messages are heard with attention and studied with faith by men, I will send My new prophets to announce to them what comes after this period, and through the previous prophets, those who are to come will be believed.

59. Blessed is he who having peace in his life takes advantage of it to perform charitable deeds among his brethren. Blessed is he who bearing a pain in his heart forgets himself in order to comfort his fellowman. He is imitating Jesus when He walked, overwhelmed under the weight of the cross, and still He comforted, healed and forgave the multitudes.

60. Elijah the prophet, the forerunner, the envoy of the Third Era, intercedes for his flock, prays for those who know not how to pray, and conceals with his mantle the blemish of the sinner, waiting for his regeneration. Elijah prepares his multitudes, his legions, to combat the darkness created by the ignorance, sin, fanaticism and materialism of Mankind.

61. Through only a single last one who is among you each time I give you My Word, there is feast in My Kingdom, a feast where all of you participate. If you only knew how much joy there always is in the Master when someone arrives for the first time to listen to My lessons; it does not matter if within his heart there is doubt, hardness and even mockery, My Word is able to overcome all human weaknesses. Today a heart asks Me: If you are Christ, why are you amidst this poverty? And the Master has to say to him: When have I come to be crowned King in your world? When did I dwell in palaces on Earth? Once I dwelt among Mankind so that you would know Me as Man, and I manifested My humility and perfect meekness. I am a King but men did not forge My crown, which is of wisdom; My crown is that light which glows in the Divine mind of the Creator and the rays it emits lead toward your intelligence, not so that you regard yourselves as kings, but rather of having a knowledge of the greatness that God placed in your spirit, you will know how to be humble, with the true humility that I taught you through Jesus when I said to you: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life". My Peace be with you!

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