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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 76

The Lord says:

1. It is a day of grace for you. You come to listen to My loving Word which inundates your heart with love. You vibrate with joy, thinking that you are the forerunners of those generations of My disciples who are about to arrive on Earth; then you confess before Me that you are inept and weak to carry out a mission that should be worthy of Me. You doubt because you have not understood Me, but I would not send you to fulfill such a delicate task seeing you weak as you are during these moments. My teachings descend day by day to indoctrinate and strengthen you to send you into the struggle once you are firm in your faith.

2. If anyone believes that the sinners are not worthy that I should come to save them, Verily I say to you that he does not know Me. I do not want death for any of My children, and once again I am ready for the sacrifice to save them and take them to the true life. Understand that it is not possible that a being exists who having been created for a definite purpose will tend to change the will of the Creator, and you were created to elevate yourselves to Me along the pathway of truth. That path is the one that men have lost with their materialism, and it is the one which I have come to outline anew with My love.

3. I shall make this Humanity break the chains of slavery, alike the people of Israel to make their way toward the foot of the mountain where they will hear My voice which shall point out to them the road to the Promised Land.

4. I did not grant all Mankind the grace of hearing My Word during this Third Era; I did it with those who were able to feel and believe Me in this manner. This manifestation, this word, will serve as a preparation so that all Humanity will later feel My presence under only one form: the spiritual.

5. Do not fear o My people, be certain that you shall not be alone during that moment, because Nature will speak and the elements shall give testimony and fulfillment to My prophecies, so that Mankind acknowledges that this is the Third Era, of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

6. My justice will go over every creature and touch every human being like that time when the angel of the Lord passed over Egypt giving fulfillment to My justice, and being saved from it only those who had marked their doors with the blood of the Lamb.

7. Verily I say to you that everyone shall be saved who during this period is vigilant and has faith in the word and in the promises of the Savior, the Divine Lamb who was sacrificed to teach you to pray and fulfill the mission of your restitution with perfect love, because My blood, like a mantle of love, will protect him; but he who is not watchful, he who does not believe or blasphemes, shall be touched so that he will awaken from his lethargy.

8. The year 1950 draws near and soon the time of justice of which I speak will be here, the time of the struggle of the light against the darkness. Be prepared o My people, be watchful and pray, feel the pain of your brethren. Behold how the physical bodies are taken ill, and the spirit filled with distress because of the troubles besieging him, he seeks a beacon that will illuminate him and a balsam that will heal his maladies. I have prepared you so that you can become shepherds of those lost sheep and draw them to Me to clean their spirit, heal their body and prepare their way inspiring them with love and rectitude in order for them to begin a new life.

9. My light has appeared on this Earth and it spreads everywhere, congregating My children of all races and beliefs around Me. You, who now hear My Word, have recovered your gifts, you have been cured and are filled with strength. When Mankind knows about these happenings, they will call you the privileged, they will ask you to give them a bit of this truth that I have revealed to you and they will anxiously hear your words. There are many who should have been reading this book by now, have delayed their coming and will arrive when My Word has ceased; however, by then you will be prepared and you shall teach them with love just as I have taught you.

10. Do not fear the darkness in which your brethren live, nor moral contamination, nor the sword of their tongue. They will approach you, some of them stubborn and others understanding; you will teach everyone with charity. I have spoken to you with love and My words have been a caress and consolation for all My children. I have appeared before great multitudes disregarding that some believe and others deny My word. I have come to cultivate the human heart without any distinction; My love will make this watering fertile and in a short time the life of man will be transformed. After My Word has ceased you will remain as My disciples and will follow My footsteps, testifying with your deeds the truth of My lessons.

11. I want to make of you a strong people, a fighter who overcomes the obstacles and reaches the end of his mission to win over the reward I have promised him. When I have anointed you, I have made you recognize your gifts and you have remained prepared for the great journey. Do not submit those gifts to a test, instead believe in them and do not lack faith. Do not test Me, because if you did that I will always demonstrate who I am; but if I would submit you to a test, you would weaken.

12. If you wish to heal the sick, do it in My name, undertaking your mission with humility. When I indicate the end of the life of your brethren, do not ask me to prolong their existence; become guides of those spirits who are called to the Hereafter and whom I entrust to your charity; however, when you have to restore the health of the body, feel the pain of your brother and turn to your gifts, advising and giving strength and your love will achieve miracles.

13. You present to Me those hearts, who because of their insensibility have not received My Doctrine; be patient, for if you have faith in My Word you will sow this seed within all hearts, and I will grant to your portion the necessary proof for them to be convinced.

14. I want you to always remember My lessons, because I have not come to speak in the wilderness, but rather to deposit My light within your spirit and heart. Keep in mind that if you waste My teachings, there are many hungry ones who have been waiting for Me for a long time, because they know that I shall come to correct every mistake.

15. My chosen are scattered wisely throughout all nations;all have a mission of mine to fulfill. Some will come to this nation apparently moved by material causes: some in search of employment, others of peacefulness; by that time I want you to be prepared, that you already be My disciples. Only then will My Word be believed, by the example and faith that these people will be able to give their brethren.

16. I am the Divine Administrator who will send you in time to spread the seed, but I do not want these words to be heard from My disciples: Master, you told me that the land was prepared and clean and I have found thorns and stones where I have stumbled. And I have answered: I have not offered you a flowery path; I have said that it is the same one that Jesus traveled during the Second Era and after Him all His disciples.

17. All of you can follow Me, because you are cleansed. Before drawing you to Me, I have purified you, therefore you are worthy of spreading My seed within the heart of your brethren; the fields are prepared and ready because the spirit of Elijah has been during this period like the bell which has awakened everyone who sleeps. He awakens you so that you may hear My voice and not leave the Master speaking in the wilderness. All of you who rejoice listening to My Word, have been touched by the grace of that spiritual shepherd. Verily I say to you that when I see you congregated, listening to Me, there is rejoicing within Me, and when you do not approach the tree to eat of its fruit, there is sadness in your Father.

18. I have come to congregate these people who for a long time have been dispersed over the world; I have come to reunite the twelve families to make of them only one, and send them forth with a mission of peace among Mankind, but when I behold the ingratitude among these children, I cannot help but feel pain and sadness.

19. I have come to entrust to you the tree of Eternal Life, whose very sweet fruit is health, happiness and peace. I have allowed men to cultivate different trees, and I have seen that the majority of their fruits have been bitter, and they have made Mankind eat them.

20. My Word has come up against your egotism, that is why I have said that what I am delivering to you is so that in turn you will make it known to your brethren, but you only want to enjoy My manifestations without entering into any obligations with the others; however, the Master has not called you to teach you useless lessons, He has come to tell you to learn this Divine lesson, so that later you will take advantage of it during your lifetime putting it into practice among your fellowmen. I reveal to you at this moment that your spirit has an overdue debt with anyone who approaches you with some suffering, with a necessity or some petition. Behold with how much love I place them along your path in order for you to comply with your restitution making them the object of your charity.

21. For a long time I have been speaking to you about forming within the bosom of these people a new apostleship. Generation after generation they have listened to My Word, and still I do not discover those who by their firmness can be the foundation of My temple.

22. The year 1950 will have to surprise you and as you will no longer hear My Word you will feel like orphans.

23. My justice will have to touch you until you understand that you have to unite and form a people full of harmony and brotherhood. Those times draw near, and now that you still have an opportunity of preparing yourselves with love, I say to you: Do not go to sleep waiting for that hour to come.

24. Unification seems difficult for you, and your reconciliation and brotherhood impossible with all peoples of the Earth; verily I say to you that men will get to recognize and love one another.

25. When men submit their freedom of will to their conscience and act in accordance with the Divine will, they will feel that the burden of life will be lightened and that nothing tires the body nor the spirit.

26. How much the Father longs for all of you to feel as children before Me and not as the accused! Always when you leave the Earth and present yourself to give Me an accounting of yourselves concerning the fulfillment of your mission, you feel downcast before the charges that your conscience makes, and it is now time that you should come intoning a hymn of triumph and joy, so that you may be able to say to the Father: Lord, all is consummated.

27. If the pathway had been wider all of Mankind would have already reached the summit; but since the path has been of trials and the door narrow, it has been necessary to earn merits in order to penetrate it.

28. It is impossible that from this world you can try to imagine what is or how is My Kingdom, Heaven and Glory. It suffices for you to know that it is a state of perfection of the spirit, from where he sees, feels and understands the marvelous life of the spirit, which you cannot understand or conceive now.

29. I say to you that neither the spirits who inhabit higher levels than those where you live, know the reality of that existence. Do you know what it is to live within the bosom of the Father? When you dwell there, then you will be able to know it. Only a vague presentiment, a slight intuition of that mystery will briefly cross through your heart like an incentive along your path of evolution.

30. Come to the Father along the narrow road of love, which is charity, which is forgiveness, which is humility, and you will remove from Him his sadness.

31. O My people, I have seen you weep for the world; blessed are you! Your heart begins to feel the pain of others. I have contemplated you in the silence of the night elevating your thought to Me, to ask Me for peace and balsam for Mankind. Verily I say to you: You do not know how much the world receives from your prayer!

32. Do not be afraid of not being able to know during this existence the result of your petitions and your tears for those whom you do not even know. The chisel of pain is polishing your heart and My Word inspires within you at every instant. Now you will understand the power that you possess through your thought, as well as through other gifts that until now you have not developed. Within you there exists a life still unknown.

33. Can you imagine the tribulation of a spirit when upon returning to the Spiritual Realm he becomes aware that he was unable to fulfill his mission in the world nor reveal to the flesh its gifts and attributes? During this period I come to deliver My lessons again, even though in the Doctrine that I gave you in the Second Era I had already given them to you, but then you were unable to analyze them. All that you could not manage to understand you considered it as a mystery and over it you drew a veil. That veil is what I have come to tear down with My light so that those mysteries will manifest their essence.

34. Here is why I have said to you that you did not know the power of thought. Now I say to you that thought is voice and hearing; it is a weapon and it is a shield. It creates as well as destroys. The thought shortens the distance between the absent and finds those whom it had lost. Know your weapons before the struggle begins; he who knows how to prepare himself will be strong and invincible. It will not be necessary to use the homicidal weapons. Your sword shall be your clean and pure thought, and your shield your faith and charity. Even in the silence, your voice will resound as a message of peace.

35. This is the lesson that I have come to teach you now, and verily I say to you that My words will not be lost, just as it was not in vain one single drop of the blood shed at Calvary. From the time I have given you for your material existence, I am taking away some instances so that you may obtain eternal life. These moments are priceless.

36. I did not even insist that you believe in Me; when you arrived, it was I who went ahead giving you proof by healing the maladies of your body, giving peace to your spirit or something that you believed as unattainable. Afterward, when you have believed in Me and have surrendered yourselves with faith toward the fulfillment of My Law, I have pointed out to each one his mission so that he will not deviate from the pathway, and that he will only take what corresponds to him and extend to his brethren charity and love just as I have come to do with you.

37. By chance do you believe that all those who indoctrinate are teachers? Do you believe that all those who regard themselves as ministers of God are envoys of mine or is it that I have given them the mission that they are carrying out? Do you believe that all those who reign, govern and command in the world possess the necessary gifts to fulfill that mission? No, My people. How few are those who fulfill the obligation that has truly been entrusted to them. While some usurp a position that does not befit them, those who should fulfill it are humiliated and passed over. I have had to come anew as the Master to teach you, I who am your God, to offer you a spiritual communion and I, who am your King to govern you, to guide your spirit along the path of evolution.

38. Formerly you only accumulated words that no one taught you to understand or to interpret and that only filled you with confusion. Who among you after receiving My Word as a seed and a fertilizing sprinkling of My light which explains it all, still believes in the eternal fire of hell? No one. Today you know that it will not be the fear of a punishment that will make you comply with My Law, rather your love, born from the profoundness of your heart. Those times when your spirit trembled before the justice of a terrible and inexorable God, have passed. What I revealed to you in past eras in a figurative meaning has been interpreted erroneously. What you should know is that when the conscience of a sinner manages to withdraw the spirit from its materialism and points out to him all his errors, the comprehension of his ungratefulness will make him repent and the shame that he shall suffer will be so intense that it will seem so weak alongside the false idea of a physical fire as a purifying element of the spirit.

39. The conscience is the light of God and that light is fire of love, which consumes all impurity. Behold the fire wherein the spirit blends anew, in order to arise again full of light.

40. I also say to you that just as that fire exists in the conscience, which is not material fire, there also exists darkness and solitude, in the spirit which are not like those you have in the world, nor as you imagine them.

41. How can you ever believe that on the day of judgment the bodies of the dead will be resurrected and be united to their spirits in order to enter the Kingdom of God? How can you interpret in that manner what you were taught in other eras?

42. The flesh is of this world and here it remains, while the spirit arises free and returns to the existence from where it emerged. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; that which is born of My Spirit is spirit". The resurrection of the flesh is the reincarnation of the spirit, and if some believe that to be a human theory and others believe it to be a new revelation, verily I say to you that I began to make it known to the world since the beginning of Mankind; as proof of it you can find it in the text of the Scriptures which are a testimony of My works.

43. However, during this period this revelation has reached your spirit in a greater level of evolution. Shortly it will be justly regarded as one of the most rightful and loving laws of the Creator. Disregard the belief that you had about the "Day of Judgment", which is not a day like yours, because it is a period, and the end of the world is not the end of the planet where you live, but of the egotistical life you have created within it.

44. Verily I say to you: You are living in the day of the Lord, you are already under His judgment. The living and dead are now being judged; past and present deeds are being weighed in this scale. Open your eyes so that you can be witnesses that the Divine justice is being felt everywhere.

45. Now is when you should remain strong, because the storm has been unleashed and the temptations besiege you at every step. Abandon Sodom and Gomorrah, the sinful cities, and do not turn your face around, because they are inviting you and now that you have been liberated, do not fall back in their midst; it might be that by then you might not have strength to withdraw from them. Go forth toward the city of peace without stopping, the one that will be established within your heart when the time comes.

46. How long will the judgment last? You do not know; but verily I say to you that the time of purification will be shortened by My Divine charity. Elders who weep because your reasoning tells you that you shall not see on Earth the triumph of My Law, verily I say to you: Who is able to assure that you will not be back to the world by then to be witnesses to the coming of My Kingdom and take one more step along the pathway? To those who will not return I say to them that I shall allow them to behold from the Hereafter the triumph of My justice, and the voice and presence of those beings will be felt on Earth.

47. I have delivered to you a new lesson; with it I have destroyed erroneous concepts, because you have materialized previous teachings. Behold that I speak to you in many forms; I teach you the same lesson in many ways so that no one remains without understanding My word. Bear in mind that neither your spirit nor your understanding have the same level of evolution in all who come to listen to Me. I know what each one needs; that is why I humanize and limit My word until I make it comprehensible to all and each one of My beginners.

48. After delivering My lesson to you and in order for your analysis to be correct and your interpretation just, I send you My spiritual emissaries, messengers and interpreters of My word, so that they may help you in your study and find the essence of My revelations.

49. I want you to get to comprehend the importance that the study and analysis of My word has, since each phrase contains when not a revelation, a prophecy; when not a judgment, a lesson for your spirit.

50. Whoever gives My Work the importance that it contains during this Third Era and goes deeply into the analysis of My word, they will behold the flourishing and development of many gifts which were latent in their being. Blessed are those who awaken before the voice of their Lord, because upon rising to fulfill their mission, they will perceive that they are not outcasts or needy as they had believed, and besides, they will know that they were never forgotten by their Father.

51. He who because of foolishness, disbelief or materialism, does not develop his gifts and spiritual faculties during this period, will be surprised at every step by the great events and trials destined to manifest themselves in this era; that is why I say to you: Prepare yourselves, be watchful and pray, put Mankind on the alert.

52. Have you noticed within you a spiritual awakening? Are you convinced that you truly found yourselves sleeping? Therefore, do with your brethren what My Word has done to you, and you will be in condition to begin the communication of spirit to Spirit.

53. When you speak about Me and deliver your testimony, speak clearly in order not to confuse anyone. By chance, did I come hidden behind something mysterious or shrouded in shadows? It is true that I have come in Spirit, invisible to your human eyesight, but spirit does not signify mystery nor darkness, but light, truth and clarity to him who knows how to observe with good faith and analyze with good will.

54. To these people who have been witnesses of My communication through a human faculty, I let them know that for the time they have dedicated towards this study and the struggle they have sustained to remain firm among the multitudes and tomorrow have a fruit worthy of their merits, it is necessary that when this word ceases to vibrate through a spokesman they will have accumulated within their heart all My teachings, in order for them to be capable of testifying this truth.

55. Within their heart My people say to Me: Master, during many years we have listened to your Divine Word without being able to reach the profoundness of your teaching. How can we be able to attain the preparation that you ask of us in the limited years that remain while listening to you? And I say that if you have not been able to understand My revelation, it has been because you have lacked preparation and meditation to obtain the best analysis of the lessons I have been delivering to you.

56. I am going to grant you a divine grace that through its means you will be able to extract all the knowledge I have given you in My Word; but do not believe this grace consists of prolonging My stay among you. No. What would be the object if I had to remain a longer period after having said it all and having bequeathed it to you in those writings? That grace of which I speak, you shall have it immediately after My Word has ceased to vibrate in 1950; then I will grant you a time in order for you to dedicate yourselves to the reading of the countless lessons I gave you; you will make a conscientious meditation and a profound study that will help you discover all the essence of the Living Word spoken in His communication with all men.

57. With that study you will be spiritualizing yourselves and you shall progress in knowledge and preparation. Then you will joyfully exclaim: Father, blessed are you, because you gave us the opportunity of taking advantage of that wealth of light you brought to us and that was already moving away from our heart.

58. This is the Third Testament of the Only God who has manifested Himself to men in three forms or distinct phases.

59. You cannot deny that during the time of My communication My indulgencies were with you, although My justice was also present; all of that has helped you to comprehend that truly it pertained to a Divine revelation and that it is true that a new Era has begun for Mankind.

60. 0! blessed nations, even though you do not feel the proximity of My presence, nor are you aware that you have entered a new era which is of light and of justice, I give you My love, My forgiveness and My blessing! My Peace be with you!

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