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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 81

The Lord says:

1. You come on this day to commemorate the new pact that you have made with your Father. In this Period of judgment My Spirit appears among you to ask for the first accounting of your work, of your deeds and to ask you what have you done since the moment that you promised Me to comply with My Law, loving one another.

2. Among this multitude are the first to whom I entrusted the responsibility of the fields and the laborers, to whom I delivered the crystalline water of fraternity, so that with it they would give watering to the trees.

3. Doesn't your conscience demand anything of you? Has your mouth opened only to advise, to teach and to guide? Or has it cast loose as a double-edged sword to hurt people right and left? Have you traveled along the spiritual path leaving traces of unity, of peace or of goodwill or have you left bad examples imprinted on it?

4. If My Word at times becomes severe, it is because I do not want falsehood, vice or adultery to exist within the bosom of My people; if one who guides a congregation gives bad examples, those who follow him will have to experience a setback. During this period of judgment, I will present to you at every moment the fruit of your sowing. Do not defy My justice, remember first of all that I am an inexhaustible fountain of kindness.

5. I cannot regard you like small children who may be exempt from all their imperfections, because your spirit, having made a pact with My Divinity during this Period, had already traveled a great part of the way. He who was a beginner of My Law during the First Era, a disciple of the teaching of Jesus during the Second, at this stage will have to be similar to the Master.

6. I come to entrust to you, so that you may cultivate it, the good fruit, pleasing and sweet that gives life, so that it will make you notice the contrast of the bitter taste and the damage that the fruit of the tree of evil has caused among Mankind.

7. I behold the land and the waters stained with human blood, men denying one another as if they were beings of different species, killing each other without compassion or mercy. Men have cultivated that tree of ambition and hatred and its fruits have poisoned the nations of the Earth. Do not allow that seed to penetrate within your bosom.

8. Today Jesus could not raise his voice saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do", because your spirit carries within him the knowledge of My Doctrine of love.

9. Elijah opened the door of a new era; he has made ready the pathways of the Father, he has prepared you so that you can receive the first fruits of My revelation and My teaching; analyze My lessons and testify with your deeds.

10. During this period the Sixth Seal is opened, its light is pouring upon the world so that these men and women who hear My voice wake up and rise to the struggle; it is the propitious time.

11. The path is only one; you already know it, you should follow it, so that you will never stray from it. It is the same path that I outlined for you ever since you emerged from Me. In this Period I have granted you to congregate in houses of prayer to listen to My lessons of love and so that in them you may receive the multitude of the needy who day by day will knock upon your door, which is mine.

12. How should you get ready each daybreak to receive the needy? Do so with absolute humility, not with a crown or scepter of vanity.

13. When these people have united spiritually, I shall give signs of it throughout the world.

14. I entrust to you part of My Work, which is whiter than the flake of snow and purer than your water springs; that is how I want you to safeguard it to the end of the journey.

15. Today, as if a bell resounded within the innermost of your heart, you remembered that it is a day of grace, a day when the Master descends to converse with His disciples. My Spirit appears among you and opens like a book of wisdom; your conscience appears before Me as a white page, and in it I record My lesson.

16. The light of My Spirit overflows upon all flesh and upon every spirit, in fulfillment of a prophecy of the first eras, touches the mind of these chosen ones, called spokesmen, to make you listen to the Divine lesson.

17. Some receive My manifestation filled with faith, others listen to Me, feeling that doubt has taken hold of their heart; but I do not censure them because doubt will make them delve deeper into the study of My Doctrine, and through it they will also be able to possess the faith.

18. A new life awaits men. It is not that Nature will be transformed; it is that when Mankind spiritualizes themselves by means of this teaching, they shall see everything through love, faith and charity, that is, man will see life through the spirit. If within your surroundings you contemplate, feel and judge by means of a materialistic mind and an egotistical heart, this existence will seem to appear to you like a valley of tears, a world of sins and sometimes even like a place of punishment. Your eyes will not discover beautiful things, the spirit will not find a place for himself, nor support, nor incentive; but if you allow your spirit to elevate himself and from high above you see all that surrounds and involves you, you will have to submit yourselves before your Father and confess that you have been deaf, blind and insensitive to His Divine presence, manifested in everything that exists, spiritual or material.

19. Then bitterness will vanish from you and you will know the sweetness that emanates from everything created, because all is the fruit of the Divine tree.

20. The pain that Mankind suffers today is because of the misuse they have made of their freedom of will and because of their disobedience to My Law; their last fruits will be so bitter that they will hurl them far away from them and that shall open their eyes to the light and their heart toward repentance.

21. Make the body obedient and gentle so that it will not be an obstacle for your spirit. Subdue it until you make of it the best instrument and collaborator of your spiritual mission. Let the light that the Sixth Seal conveys be contemplated by the spirit and also the body because you already know that that light pours upon every being.

22. Understand My lessons and you shall be My good disciples, those who, once the hour arrives, they will arise seeking their brethren and know how to analyze the revelation of the Seven Seals. Do not hold back your footsteps, thinking that because of the deeds of your physical body you are not worthy of My grace. I have already told you that you must hold up the vertiginous pace of that stubborn and weak creature which has been entrusted to you on Earth, and which in that struggle you will earn merits to attain My grace.

23. This is not the time for you to feel sad or ashamed because of your past; think only that you must purify your spirit. It is the moment when you should feel the most fortunate on Earth for listening to the Divine concert of My Word. Yes, My people, My ray of light becomes inspiration and a human word so that you may have My presence in that manner. Stop thinking of your past in order to think of your future.

24. Prepare your weapons of love to contend against ideas and human theories; strengthen your heart in faith so that you will not feel small, ignorant or weak before those whom you call knowledgeable and wise, because they may know about science and of religions, but they know nothing about My new revelations.

25. If I have asked for your regeneration, it is because if the mind and the heart are clean, they can reflect My Divine light.

26. I have seen how many of you have scrutinized and judged My Word, but I have not complained because of it, because I know that tomorrow from among those who judge Me, will emerge the fervent disciples. Later, along your path, you will be teaching and at times be ridiculed; remember then the teaching of the Master and instead of complaining to your brethren about their doubt and mockery, you will forgive them knowing that among them are those who will repent for their judgments to give way toward faith.

27. Let no one feel forced to be My warrior; follow Me when your will is firm and your love impels you to practice My teachings. The times will pass and then you will comprehend and value highly all that the Father granted you during this Third Era, and you will feel affliction for not having been understanding and obedient when I was giving you My Word; but I grant you some moments longer so that you can correct your errors and make up for lost time.

28. While the world attracts you through the flesh, My voice is calling you toward the Spiritual Realm where you should penetrate cleansed of all blemishes and full of light. There My voice, resounding in your conscience, will tell you if you fulfilled your mission on Earth and if you are now able to ascend one step more along the ladder of spiritual perfection.

29. On the day that you now dedicate to rest, I descend to rejoice with you. It is the moment when you better recognize that not only by bread alone are you able to live, but you need My Word which is your spiritual sustenance. Many of you come to listen to Me, but not all believe in My presence; there are some who would prefer to see Me instead of listening to Me through these faculties or at least listen to My voice in the infinite or in spiritual space. But how can you expect to behold and listen to Me spiritually when you find yourselves in a full materialization? That is why you should prepare yourselves so that you may obtain that elevation which I make known to you through the faculty of man. After this period of My communication by this means, you will be in a condition to receive My intuition or inspiration from spirit to Spirit. That will be the perfect communication.

30. The progress of science amazes you; understand that some centuries ago you would not have believed in what man has realized today by means of the evolution of the spirit and the perseverance of the flesh.

31. Why should you not evolve spiritually if you are perseverant? How can you pretend to discover new lessons, if you have not even understood the previous ones?

32. The believers and those skeptical of My existence in all the eras, would have wished to visibly contemplate Me now through human eyes, materialized in some form, and why should you attribute to Me a form when as Spirit I do not have any? I am visible and tangible to the eyes of your body as well as to those of the spirit, but it is necessary that you know how to look. It is unjust for you to say that God hides Himself from your gaze, that you say that I am egotistical for not allowing Myself to be heard or seen by those whom I call children of My Divinity. I am always ready to make Myself seen, but you, believing to be blind before the spiritual, having everything within your reach, are unable to see it, and many times, perceiving Me, you are unaware of My presence.

33. In each era an envoy of God has had to come to teach men to seek their Father, to pray, to render Him worship, to know how to feel, see, hear and interpret Him. During this period Elijah has come to prepare the way so that the human spirit would be able to receive the presence and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

34. So that the voice and footsteps of Elijah could be heard and felt in a world deaf to every spiritual manifestation, due to their materialism, I prepared a man, who on reaching the maturity of his age, allowed the light of that great Spirit who inspired him, to be manifested, who performed miraculous deeds through his guidance and prepared Mankind with his light for the advent of a new era. Elijah had to clean the pathway on which were many thorns, weeds and rocky ground. These were the religious fanaticism, the ignorance, the persecution of all inspiration that would seem new. But, Elijah inspired laws, prepared hearts and sowed a seed that would favor the disclosure of a Divine revelation and the spiritual fulfillment of a people who in the most secluded part of the world, awaited the designated time to arise and fulfill their mission.

35. That man, chosen by Me to be the spokesman for Elijah, was called Roque Rojas, who in 1866 made the world know that a new era was opened for Mankind governed by the same Law that the Father has revealed during the three Eras, in which I have always said to you. "Love one another".

36. Very few indeed were able to truly feel the presence of the Divine envoy! Once again he was the voice who cried out in the wilderness, and again he prepared the heart of men for the imminent coming of the Lord. Thus the Sixth Seal was opened, allowing its contents to be contemplated and poured like a torrent of justice and light upon Mankind. Thus many promises and prophecies remained fulfilled.

37. Elijah, like Jesus and Moses, came to illuminate the eyes of your spirit so that you would behold the Father. Moses taught you to "love your fellowman as thyself". Jesus said to you: "Love one another". Elijah ordered you to "have charity and more charity toward your brethren", then he added, "and you will behold My Father in all His splendor".

38. It is the Living Word who speaks to you during this Era not as a man; nevertheless, you will be able to find a similarity between My previous manifestation and this one; if the cradle of Christ was humble and His death was upon the cross for the sins of the world, the place where today the light of the Third Era has now been born, cannot be poorer and humbler, and the cross from where I will give you My last word, shall be man himself, through whom I am communicating.

39. By this means through which I speak to you, I have also received mockery, slander, doubt, the offense. Such has been My will, for you are now My cross.

40. Now I say to you: Since your eyes have now been opened to the light, behold how your world, its science, its morality and its religions are nearing the end of their existence; from all that only the spirit shall survive, the one who will arise above the debris of his past life toward a new spiritual era.

41. All the signs that were predicted as an announcement of My new manifestation among you, have now been fulfilled. Will the world wait for new manifestations to continue waiting for My return? Will they do as the Jewish people, who had the prophecies of the coming of the Messiah, saw their fulfillment, received the Savior in their bosom, did not recognize Him and still continue to wait for Him? The experience is very great and painful for this Humanity, to still be obstinate in their materialism. If the signs and ordeals have been fulfilled and I have not appeared in the synagogue, nor appeared in any church, has the world not perceive that in some place I should be manifesting Myself, since I cannot go back on My word?

42. Disciples: persevere in My teaching so that tomorrow you will give testimony of Me.

43. Do not be afraid of misery. Misery is temporary and in it you should pray, imitating the patience of Job. Abundance will return and you will not find the words with which to thank Me.

44. When sickness overwhelms you, 0! blessed sick people, do not despair! Your spirit is not ailing; elevate yourselves to Me in prayer and your faith and spirituality will give back the health of your body. Pray in the manner that I have taught you: spiritually.

45. Understand that you have the light of your Master. Jesus continues to be the perfect model whom you should imitate; neither before nor after will you be able to find in the world a similar example.

46. Jesus, the Christ, has been the clearest teaching that I have given you in this world to show you how great the love and the wisdom of the Father is. Jesus was the living message that the Creator sent to Earth so that you would know the virtues of the One who created you. Humanity saw in Jehovah an angry and relentless God, a terrible and vengeful Judge, and through Jesus He came to relieve you of your mistake.

47. Behold in the Master the Divine love made flesh; He came to judge all your deeds with His life of humility, sacrifice and charity, and before punishing you with death, He offered you His blood to allow you to know the true life: that of love. That Divine message illuminated the existence of Mankind and the word that the Divine Master delivered to men gave rise to religions and sects, through which they have looked for Me and they still search for Me; but truly I say to you that they still have not understood the contents of that message. Mankind has come to believe that the love of God toward His children is infinite, since He in Jesus, died for His love of Mankind. They have come to be touched by the suffering of Jesus before His judges and executioners, they come to behold the Son in the Father; however, the contents, the significance of all that the Father wanted to make known to Humanity through that revelation, which began within a Virgin and ended in a cloud in Bethany, has not been interpreted up until now.

48. I have had to come in the same cloud in which the Word ascended toward the Father, to give you the explanation and to demonstrate to you the true meaning of all that was revealed to you in the birth, life, deeds and death of Jesus.

49. The Spirit of Truth, the One promised by Christ in that Era, is this Divine manifestation which has come to illuminate the darkness and to clarify the mysteries that the mind or the heart of man was unable to penetrate.

50. My Law is always the same, and it is no less profound some times than others. It is your spirit that reflects many times better than others the light of the Father. This is according to the evolution that your spirit may have attained.

51. Now I say to you: The spiritual banquet is waiting for you; be seated at the table and eat of the food. I have also granted you the multiplication of the bread during this period, because thousands and thousands of your brethren are listening to My Word in many regions.

52. I am inheriting you without your sin being a reason for Me to consider yourselves unworthy. The doors of My Kingdom remain open awaiting for those who will arrive later. Behold a demonstration of My charity, which you did not expect it to go as far as to communicate with you.

53. Now that there is scarcity of love in the world, come and feel the pure love of your Master so that you can be healed of all your wounds.

54. If your heart comes to Me filled with a vain seed, of weeds and thistles, I will forgive him, purify him, and make him flourish. I only want you to elevate yourselves so I can reveal to you all that I still have reserved for you spirit and when you become possessors of what I promise, you will not seek the catacombs to hide yourselves from the eyes of Mankind; on the contrary, you shall come out into the light of day and through that clarity you shall reveal this truth. Open your heart, your mind and your hearing, so that you can allow My lessons to reach way into your spirit.

55. What times are you waiting for to learn from Me? Are you waiting for 1950 to come in order to awaken from your sleep? No My people, because then you will no longer hear My Word. It is necessary that you must have the absolute conviction that you have come to the world to serve your brethren.

56. You look at one another and you realize that I have formed a people with sinners, with ignorant ones, and you are fearful of not coming out ahead in your trials; however, I know what I am doing, it only remains for you to believe, to have faith and comply. The day shall come when you will offer Me the seed just as I have asked you for it.

57. O My people: prepare yourselves, allow the new multitudes to come to you; among them shall come those whom My love will point out and select so that through them I can transmit My Word, because you know only too well that it cannot be your mind that will select them. Only I know the destiny and the gifts of each one.

58. Cleanse your mind, elevate it so that at this moment you can unite with the pure spirits who dwell near Me. Elevate a prayer inspired in the love for God, in your own pain or in a repentance for committed faults; also in an act of thankfulness for benefits received, that will draw your spirit closer to the Father.

59. Everything that surrounds you tends to purify you, but not all have understood it that way. Do not allow the suffering that you endure in your cup of grief to be sterile. From that affliction you can extract light that is wisdom, gentleness, fortitude and sensitivity.

60. Do not fear reaching the Spiritual Realm thinking about all that you have sinned on Earth; if you allow suffering to cleanse let your repentance pour from your heart and if you make an effort to correct your faults, you will arrive dignified and cleansed before My presence and nobody, not even your conscience, will dare mention your past imperfections.

61. In the perfect mansion there exists a place for each spirit who awaits the arrival of His possessor in its time or in eternity. Through the ladder of love, charity, faith and merits you will reach My Kingdom one by one.

62. Show before your children good examples which will serve them as a support along their path to continue their ascent towards Me. Just because you see them in the infancy of the flesh should you grant them less spiritual importance; observe them and you shall see that their faculties are more evolved than yours; they will learn My teachings through you and then they will teach you to analyze them.

63. Those who are young today when you reach an old age you will have seen many miracles through the new generations of spiritualists.

64. I say to parents of families that in the same manner that they worry about the material future of their children, they should also do so for their spiritual future, because of the mission which in that sense they have brought into the world.

65. Keep in mind that before incarnating those beings have already prayed for you, they have protected and helped you in your struggle; now it is your turn to support them in their first footsteps that they are taking on Earth in their fragile body.

66. Come to Me disciples. Here you will find peace, not the fictitious one that the world offers, but rather the one that comes from My Spirit; fill your heart with it so that you are able to listen to Me, understand Me and then put My teaching into practice.

67. A determine number of hearts are destined for each one of My laborers; it is the field that each one of them has to cultivate to make it fruitful and in the end present to Me an abundant harvest.

68. Nobody would be capable of constructing a temple like the one I am erecting within your spirit. The charity of the Universal Maker is constructing that sanctuary with infinite patience. That temple shall be indestructible, and while those temples made by human hands fall stone after stone under the onslaught of time and the storms, this one will remain unmovable, because its foundation shall be within your spirit and its steeple will touch the Kingdom of Heaven. My Peace be with you!

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