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The Book of the true Life 3

Teaching 82

The Lord says:

1. Why do some of My children feel unworthy of calling Me Father? Come to Me, o sinners; leave your burden of afflictions, raise your face and behold Me, My love makes you worthy. If I do not forgive you, who will forgive you?

2. You felt hunger for peace, because your conscience reproached your mistakes until you came before the manifestation of My Word and your weeping has cleansed you. Only I know to who and to whom I speak in this manner and only they know to whom these words are addressed.

3. It has been sometime that you had not blessed My name; your tortures and sufferings made you believe that you were in an endless inferno. The fact is that your eyes had been closed to the truth, to that light which manifests My presence everywhere. The splendor of Nature that envelops you was not enough nor the miraculous manner in which the daily bread reached your lips in order to believe in My blessings. You only beheld darkness around you and only the fire of your suffering was what you felt, but when you were about to succumb, the Divine Cyrenian came to lift you, to help you carry your cross.

4. Your eyes are opening to a life of light and faith. From the bottom of your heart you say to Me: Father, how blind I was, how confused was my heart; now at every footstep and at every place I behold your presence and I feel your blessings.

5. Verily I say to you that those who suffered and greatly offended Me, shall be the ones who will love Me more intensely and from their heart will constantly emerge their offering to My Divinity. It shall not be material offerings nor psalms, or altars of the Earth; they know that the most pleasing offering and worship for Me are the deeds of love which they perform toward their brethren.

6. Beloved children who came to Me like the prodigal son, do not forget the love with which I receive you and the humility with which you approached; it would be sad if you were to feel yourselves filled with peace in your life again, you would turn back to being conceited before your children or egotistical before those who will seek you to ask for something of what you possess today, because before Me you would be the ungrateful children. Always be watchful and pray, so you will not fall into temptation.

7. Understand, beloved disciples, that this existence which you enjoy today is a good opportunity for you to elevate your spirit. For some this shall be the last incarnation, others will have to return to Earth again. This is the propitious time to speak to you in this manner; may no one be scandalized or surprised because of that.

8. Jesus during that time revealed to you many unknown lessons and carried out many deeds, which in the beginning caused confusion but that were later recognized as true Divine revelations. Bear in mind that antecedent so that you will not venture with your judgments during this period without first having analyzed My teachings.

9. If Mankind would have known how to analyze the prophecies of the First and Second Eras, they would not be confused today about their fulfillment; this is what happened during the Second Era when the Messiah was born among men, the same thing that is happening today when I have come in Spirit.

10. The meaning of My teaching is the same in the two Eras; it prepares you to make of this existence a pleasant dwelling, although temporary, where men will regard and treat each other as brethren with a warmth of true brotherhood pouring from one another. Also, prepare the spirit to penetrate into those worlds or mansions that the Father has reserved for His children after this existence. My wish is that you do not feel like strangers when you go there, but rather that your spirituality and intuition will allow you to regard everything that you find as if you have previously been there. Much of the truth will be in it, if you know how to remain in contact with the spiritual from here by means of the prayer.

11. Open your spiritual eyes until you behold the splendor of the light that My truth radiates, so that when you penetrate into another mansion, you will not feel yourselves in darkness.

12. Among so many mansions within the house of the Father there does not exist a single world of darkness. His light is in all of them; however if the spirits penetrate into them with a veil over their eyes, due to ignorance, how can they be able to behold that splendor?

13. If you ask a blind person here in the world what he sees, he will answer only darkness. It is not that the sunlight does not exist rather that he is not able to contemplate it.

14. Keep in mind that even though the number of those who gather to listen to Me is small, the love with which I come to give you My lesson, is very great.

15. Among you are those who will give testimony that this is the Third Era when the Holy Spirit speaks to all Mankind through their conscience.

16. Among these multitudes are the spirits who during other eras formed a part of the tribes of Israel, named the people of God, because they were entrusted with the Law and the revelations so that they would spread them throughout the world. Some of those beings come to Earth for the last time to conclude a mission and to terminate their spiritual restitution. While ascending, they will prepare the steps by which their brethren, who still remain in the earthly realm, will escalate.

17. The light and the love that My Word contains has realized the miracle of allowing to sprout from the grime, pure and beautiful flowers; make certain that when your body is converted into mortal remains, your spirit will separate from it, filled with purity and light.

18. 0! spirits who are receiving My Doctrine, when you reach My presence, be humble and submissive, allowing that only My will be done in you! Many times you have come to incarnate on Earth because you insistently requested it of the Father; now I say to you that you must not ask again, allow My will to be done in you.

19. When you have come to the world because I ordered it, on your return I have strictly asked for an accounting of your deeds. How will it be when you return after having come because you requested it from the Father? What will your judgment be and how will you respond?

20. You marvel listening to My teachings and you say within your heart: How perfect are the lessons of the Master, to which I say that these are still insignificant, for all of them tend to correct and model imperfect beings; when you have attained spiritual perfection, then you will hear the Word of God in His plenitude.

21. Now your spirit has a feeling for the period of My new manifestation through a human faculty, and because of it you feel MY Divine presence. My manifestation has been once again of a Teacher; I am He who gives you this lesson, but I have servants who come afterward to explain the teaching that you received; they are not human beings, for verily I say to you that there is no one on Earth who can explain My new revelations; it is the spiritual word of light who comes to your assistance so that you will not fall into confusion or create new mysteries of teachings which are as clear as the light of day.

22. Everything has been prepared for the realization of this spiritual Work; not only was your spirit prepared to enter this pathway, also the flesh, the ground you walk upon, the environment surrounding you; everything was ready so that My light would glow within your innermost being.

23. The spirit was purified in the Hereafter from the blemishes gathered in previous reincarnations; the flesh was cleansed through pain and tears; the Earth demanded of men her primitive purity and the environment was saturated with petitions and prayers. The Father descended on the ladder of perfection toward His people, He reached the plane where you were and from there He made you listen to His voice through His messengers or spokesmen.

24. How many lessons, how many teachings I have given you from the moment that I gave you My first communication; through them I want you to reach an understanding that I have not come to divide men, but rather to unite them. I came to say to you, whom I found professing a religion, to read My book of love and Divine wisdom, so that you may learn to be in spirit with all your brethren, without distinction of creeds, religions or ideologies.

25. This will be difficult for you in the beginning, but when you understand this lesson, you will be truly identified with all human beings, because you will feel vibrate within the depth of each one of your fellowman a spirit, who being a son of God has to be your own brother.

26. Study My beloved people, so that you may be the disciple of the Third Era who will be distinguished by his spirituality.

27. Analyze and you will understand that you are living the precise moment to be studying My Doctrine. Come, o disciples, come to Me, for I will alleviate the burden of your cross. I will help you win over the place that is reserved for each one of you in the Promised Land.

28. Feel My love within your being so that you may understand that I exist and that you will feel the divine longing to save yourselves. My light is poured upon all Mankind, because no child is able to escape My gaze.

29. What would happen to Humanity if for an instant I would deny them My spiritual light during these moments of trials and tribulations? Darkness would overcome their reasoning; they would become confused and then without hope they would rush toward death and would lose themselves in an abyss. However, if men, in spite of the chaos in which they are involved, and secretly foster a hope of salvation, it is because My Divine light encourages them through their conscience and teaches them to leave it all to the infinite power of the Omnipotent God.

30. Verily I say to you that My Word will change the face of your present world and all of your life. For the men of this era, the world and its pleasures are the reason for their existence; however, soon they will place the spirit before the flesh and the flesh before its garments, and instead of seeking mundane glories, they will go in search of the immortality of the spirit.

31. In the beginning there will be a fanaticism toward the spiritual; its fulfillment will be carried toward an extreme, but then the hearts will calm down and spirituality will emerge filled with truth and purity.

32. When you behold the world engaged in wars, dying of hunger or lashed by the force of the elements, there will always be some who will say that it is My justice that comes to destroy Mankind; but verily I say to you that I come not to destroy you but to save you. Those who believe that their life stems only from the flesh and do not believe in the survival of the spirit, regard their step toward the Hereafter as the end of their existence then they will judge Me as inexorable and cruel.

33. If you knew that many times it is necessary to die for the world in order to survive in spirit, and that sometimes only a harsh affliction or a bloody death are capable of awakening and shaking a lethargic spirit in His materialism.

34. What do you know about life or about death? What do you know about the spirit? Very little; that is precisely why I have come to instruct you so that you may be among those who are able to live in accordance with the greatness of the existence that surrounds you.

35. During this era there is hunger in the world, a hunger of the flesh and of the spirit; that of the flesh troubles you more and this is the one which makes you say to Me: "Father, during past eras you sent to your people the manna in the wilderness so that they would not perish, then you entrusted to them a prodigal land in blessings; from the waters of Jacobs well his sons drank, as well as the sons of their sons and many generations thereafter, and when you came to the world to teach with your word, you led the multitudes to the desert, you took pity of their fatigue and hunger and you performed miracles so that they would eat bread and fish. Why then now, when you see us suffer so much to obtain that bread, you are not moved because of our hunger and our misery?

36. If I would tell you that the answer to all those questions you carry it within your conscience, you would not believe it; then I have to speak in order to tell you that all that I gave you in the world toward your sustenance and conservation, I have not taken it away, everything is there; however, if it does not reach everyone it is because instead of cultivating that seed with the watering of brotherhood, you water it with egotism and perversity.

37. That is why it is necessary that a light of justice descends upon all spirits and that is My inspiration which overflows upon every being during this period.

38. When men become repulsive to the bitter fruits which they have cultivated and turn their eyes to Me, they will find that the spiritual existence and material Nature have never denied their fruits to the children of God; they exist inwardly in each child, and it has been man who closed his eyes to reason and his intuition to the eternal life. Then there will be a confession from those who profaned before that in the desert of this existence the manna was never lacking, that from Jacobs well still flows clear waters and that the Father performs a miracle each day so that Mankind will not perish from hunger or thirst.

39. When the spirit of Mankind opens its eyes to the light, it will contemplate a new life within their same existence that up until now they believed to know too much and that in reality was never able to appreciate it.

40. I come to you as the Divine Doctor who approaches the sick of body and spirit to give back their lost health. I am the One who comes to resurrect those who have died to the truth and the true life. My charity is ready to dry the tears of those who have wept greatly and I will anoint everyone with only one balsam, which will be of love.

41. Welcome those who are poor, those who weep and those who endure hunger and thirst for justice on Earth and who suffer it all with patience, because I come to seek them to reward their submission and faith.

42. This era is a new opportunity to attain the elevation of the spirit. Everything, even pain, is an influence for Mankind to withdraw from the materialism that has enslaved them.

43. Men will scale the holy mountain on whose summit they shall find Me, but before them, I will have experienced a new Calvary within the heart of Mankind, and once again I will have been nailed upon the cross of My mission.

44. I shall not raise a new world upon sin, hatred and vice; I will raise it upon a firm foundation of regeneration, experience and repentance; I will transform it all through you. Light will emanate from the very darkness, and from death I will make life pour out.

45. If men have blemished and polluted the Earth, tomorrow with their deeds they shall dignify this mansion, the one that will be regarded as a Promised Land, so as to enter it and carry out noble missions. Who will then doubt the conversion of the world?

46. I say to you that when this Humanity is more against Me with its irreverence, its deviation from justice and righteousness, I shall appear along their path full of splendor as I appeared before Saul, and I will make them listen to My voice; then you will behold how many who have unknowingly been persecuting Me, will arise, transformed and illuminated, ready to follow Me along the path of righteousness, love and justice. I will say to them: Hold back your footsteps, o travelers, and drink from this fountain of crystalline waters. Rest from the harsh journey in which I have tested you, confide your troubles to Me and allow My gaze to penetrate deeply into your spirit, because I want to fill you with grace and to comfort you.47. Who among you can say to His Master that he does not have an affliction, that he carries peace in his heart or that he has triumphed over this life of struggle and vicissitudes? I contemplate you navigating in a sea of trials and that is why I come to give you strength. Learn to read in the Book of Life that I have eternally shown you, because tomorrow you will have to be teachers. Each one of you will have to arise, imitating Me and practicing the Law in order to be healthy of spirit and body. Along your journey you will come across many teachings that will not lead you to Me; I shall indicate the righteous path to you, the shortest way, that one of spirituality.

48. During the Second Era I gave you My Word for only three years, and in them I prepared My disciples; during this Third Era I have spoken to you many years more and My disciples have not progressed nor have My apostles forsaken the world in order to follow Me.

49. He who wishes to follow Me, let him wear his humble sandals and not take double knapsack with provisions, because along the path he will not need them.

50. Prepare your eyesight so that you may contemplate during the Third Era what takes place in the spiritual regions and you will be able to announce to the world that I have descended to illuminate every spirit. Prepare yourselves so that you may perceive Me and know how to receive what I reveal to you. I will leave Mankind a book and each one of its pages shall be a proof of love; you will combine this with the first writings about Moses and My apostles, and the deeds of My disciples of all eras will also be recorded in that book which will contain My wisdom.

51. If you still are not able to present to Me a great harvest, pray and ask Me for strength. Be watchful so that your lamp may glow with greater splendor and that it be what illuminates your path. I have seen you weeping when you see that the obstacles do not allow you to work. You have said to Me: "Master, clean our paths of thorns, in order to keep going forward." Humble with love the flesh that I have given you and do not show signs of weakness or nonconformity; do not tell Me that you are weak, because I have made you strong. Do not say that your compliance is a sacrifice; work with love and your deeds shall be written. Climb the mountain of perfection until you find My presence. Lean against the support that Elijah offers. Behold his example. He, represented by an elder who is supported by a staff, does not rest for an instant; he is always in search of his lost sheep to save them and lead them to My presence. His spirit does not weaken in the face of disobedience and rebelliousness; his insistence and perseverance are never exhausted; you take heed; go forth along the pathways and do not fear the world or temptation. Be strong through the spirit that I have granted you.

52. Many regions are now prepared waiting for the laborers, and these have not yet arrived to fulfill their mission. When you feel all the weight of your responsibility, you will humbly take the road and you shall go in search of your destiny. During that act of deliverance, do not limit your charity; but neither shall you reach the point of sacrifice; you would tire yourselves and abandon your cross.

53. When you have healed the sick and withdrawn their darkness, their lethargic spirit will awaken and will resurrect to a new life. I shall always protect you if you are within My laws, because the scientists will approach and complain to you for having healed the sick without having a doctorate in the schools of the world, and those men who rule the destinies of your nation will also ask you what your law is, and you will then speak about My manifestation during this period and about My revelations.

54. To give testimony of My Doctrine, glorify My name with your deeds and your offering will reach Me.

55. Let the sick, the lepers, the afflicted ones be with Me, who do not have peace in their heart, and also those who have sinned and blasphemed; I shall heal everyone of body and spirit.

56. Verily I say to you that a sick person who could be able to keep, analyze and put into practice one of My words of life,would be healed, because he would carry a drop of My Divine balsam preserved in his heart.

57. I have given you proof of My power and My charity so that you can take up the journey with full confidence. Receive this message of hope so that you may be strong during this era in which sin has become widespread as the most contagious of all diseases.

58. An immaterial leprosy has extended throughout the Earth, it eats away the hearts and destroys the faith and the virtue. Men are covered with spiritual rags; they know that no one is able to discover those miseries because human beings cannot see beyond what is physical, but the hour of the conscience approaches; it is the same as if you would say that the day of the Lord or His judgment is about to take place. Then shame will rise in some and remorse in others.

59. Those who listen to that inner voice, burning and inflexible, will feel within them a fire that devours, which exterminates and purifies. Sin cannot resist that fire of justice or anything which is not pure. Only the spirit is able to resist it because he is endowed with a Divine strength; therefore when he has passed through the fire of his conscience, he will have to come out cleansed of his mistakes.

60. I spoke very much in past eras about that fire, of that judgment, of that expiation; however the figures with which those teachings were represented you took them in a material meaning and your imagination distorted the reality of those revelations.

61. How many distorted interpretations men gave these Divine lessons. They make Me appear as a judge with monstrous cruelty. How many absurdities the human mind has created and then imposed them as the supreme truth.

62. Now I come in Spirit to make you understand and live My Divine teachings.

63. The prayer of the birds is their song; the prayers of men are their pure thoughts, which are elevated to Me. Everything created has an offering for the Creator. The Father also has a present for each one of His creatures. Nevertheless, in the human species there exists meagerness, misery, suffering; it is the result of having made use of the freedom of will without listening to the voice of their conscience; it is the lack of harmony within the lives of men, between the Divine and the material; however, all this suffering that now falls upon the world will serve to awaken them from their deep sleep. When Mankind becomes aware of the truth and adjusts its existence to it, they will find the harmony of the spiritual with the material Nature that surrounds them.

64. My new word will reach Mankind as a message of light that will dissipate the darkness of their ignorance.

65. During this period I am preparing the new fishermen of spirits who will save the shipwrecked victims from the rough waves. Among those fishermen will be those who are listening to My Word during this time, and also those who without having heard Me will have the gifts of intuition and inspiration awakened in order to receive My revelations; from different points of the globe will emerge those who will know how to communicate and unite in order to be strong during this fight.

66. There shall be numerous methods to allow My disciples to propagate this blessed seed, but never forget the humility and simplicity, because that is how I came to you and in that same manner you will come close to those hearts, homes and towns. If you come in that manner, you will be recognized as emissaries of a spiritual message and your struggle will yield fruit and true spirituality, of regeneration and of brotherhood.

67. When Jesus concluded his Divine mission on the cross in the Second Era, elevating his eyes toward the infinite He said. "All is consummated!"

68. In this Third Era when I deliver My last word through a human spokesman, I shall repeat those same words, just like I again will pronounce them for the last time when all of you are in spirit in the promised land, where you will see me descend from my cross of redemption in order to tell you again: " All is consummated!" My Peace be with you!

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