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The Book of True Life

Teaching 9/366

The Master teaches:

Free Will and Conscience - The Spiritual Battle & The Horrors of War

Divine Revelations - Mexico

1866 -1950

The Lord says:

1. On this day you commemorate My entry into Jerusalem; you recall the times in which I lived among you as Jesus. Today you feel strong again before My new miracles and you make public your testimony that this Master is the same One who spoke to you during the Second Era and I say to you: Do not forget what you did to Jesus, so that you will not repeat it during this era. I knew that after your rejoicing, you would weaken before the word of the priests and that your hymns of "hosanna" would be changed to those of "crucify Him!"

2. O! My children who have not understood My manifestations throughout the times, nor have you been watchful waiting for the fulfillment of My prophecies!

3. I was the sacrificed Lamb during the Passover which My People celebrated. Only afterward, when time passed, did you become aware of the essence of My Doctrine and the reason for My sacrifice, then you wept and repented for not having recognized Me.

4. Today you find yourselves before a new Era of teachings and great spiritual manifestations and the Master comes to seek within your spirit the seed which He sowed in another era. You ask Me, "Why do we not feel your presence when you are so near to us?" And My answer is that you have materialized yourselves, you find yourselves occupied in the sciences and all which pertains to the world, forgetting your spirit. With anguish you say to Me, that you are lost so that I may show you with the light of My teachings, the pathway which will take you to dwell in a world of peace.

5. Why do you not leave your cause to Me? Why do you judge one another occupying My place as Judge? Are you not aware that you are living in a time of ordeals and restitution? Behold, everyone breaks My Law and I have not judged nor denounced you publicly.

6. If I have granted you freedom of will, it is not for you to judge one another, but to perfect your spirits in the practice of good, aided by the light of your conscience.

7. I convert you into laborers and I give you My seed of love so you may sow it among the sick, the sorrowful and the delinquent, and if anyone feels unworthy to receive it, bring him before Me and I will elevate him, that he may not feel neglected. Call upon your Heavenly Mother and her Divine love will help you in this struggle and she will lead everyone to Me.

8. I want you, the people whom I have indoctrinated, to be responsible for guiding the new multitudes, who will come after 1950 to increase My people, and to be watchful so they will be nourished with the bread of eternal life as I did with you.

9. Do not permit My word to be adulterated; take care that its essence is always preserved, and that your analysis is just. Express My truth and it will convey life, health and faith to your brethren. Since My word is light emanating from Me, it has to manifest itself as a torch to whoever conceives it. I offer you this light, for I do not want you to live in darkness.

10. Perfect your spirit with My wisdom; be strengthened for the struggle toward your spiritual elevation. You, who are devoid of affection, feel My caress so that no impression is made in your heart by the egotism of those beings that surround you. You ask Me: "Why does true love not exist among men? Why is true charity not practiced?" And I answer you: It is because you have allowed that spring of clear waters that I have placed in your heart to go dry, because you have strayed from the fulfillment of My Law.

11. You have become divided and you do not want to know about the needs of your brethren; you regard yourselves as strangers, although you live under the same roof; for that reason, you are surprised while listening to My word, for in it I manifest My love, My patience and My forgiveness for all My children.

12. I do not show a preference for anyone and I have come to ask that you unify yourselves, that you love and forgive one another; I have given you enough time to think and begin a new life. I have forgiven your past faults, and I give you the opportunity to become My good disciples.

13. The Book of Life is opened before you to illuminate every mind. Study each one of its lessons, let there be no mysteries, today everything is clear for the spirit. Look into My secret sanctuary and be aware of all that I grant you. I want to cease to be to you a misunderstood Father. There is no reason for you to regard Me thus, because all My manifestations have been within the reach of your understanding and I have revealed all to you at the right time.

14. Do not grieve needlessly; all that you think you need, you have with you. I have given you My light for your spirit and in addition I have entrusted you with whatever is necessary for the preservation of your body. All the elements serve you, all have been created for your enjoyment and everything is beneficial if you use it with limitation. There is another reason for your suffering and troubles. The spirit does not find peace in that vain existence that you have created on Earth and it conveys its restlessness. If only you would formulate resolutions of true atonement how much good you would do to yourselves and how you would recover the peace you lost!

15. O disciples, prepare yourselves so you may speak of love, of forgiveness and justice to mankind. Forget all which pertains to the world to elevate yourselves toward the regions of peace and perfect love.

16. You have been attentive to My call and you seek Me to learn My lesson; some ask for their daily bread, others seek Me as a Doctor and adviser; however, there are those who only come to scrutinize My word attempting to find fault in it, but I say to them: The defect which you seek you will not find in My teaching, but, if you penetrate within your inner self, there you will find imperfection. Those who proceed in that manner, have not recognized My presence, because they only manage to interpret the human deeds, but they have not been able to understand the messages of God. I illuminate everyone, and I forgive their disbelief.

17. I will not permit a single one of My children to become confused nor to be lost. I will convert those parasitic plants into fruitful ones, for all creatures have been created to reach a perfect goal.

18. I want you to rejoice with Me in My Work; previously, I have shared My attributes with you because you are part of Me; If everything belongs to Me, I also make you owners of My Work.

19. All spirits have in Me a Divine Father and if I have endowed you with human parents during your physical life, it is to give life to your body and to represent your Heavenly Father near you. I have said to you: "Love God above everything created," and I have added: "Honor your father and your mother." Therefore, do not neglect your responsibilities; if you have not recognized the love of your parents and you still have them in this world, bless them and acknowledge their merits.

20. I want you to be men of faith, who believe in the spiritual life; if you have seen your brethren depart toward the hereafter, do not feel them distant nor believe that you have lost them forever. If you wish to be reunited with them, be active, do good and when you reach the hereafter, there you will find them waiting to teach you to live in that spiritual realm.

21. O My people, do you believe that it is your God who inspires this word? Then why have you doubted Me, when you have called Me from your sick bed and the balsam has not healed your ailment immediately? Keep in mind that I test you in many ways, because I want you to be strong, for if you are My disciples, you should withstand many ordeals in order to be believed.

22. You are the seed of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, who gave you great examples of faith and obedience; You, having the same spirit, are not able to equal their deeds. I have tested My disciples during all eras. How many times I submitted Peter to a test and only once did he weaken, but do not misjudge him for that act, for when he kindled his faith, he was like a torch among mankind preaching and giving testimony of the truth.

23. Do not judge Thomas; consider how many times you have witnessed My deeds and even then you have doubted. Do not regard Judas Iscariot with contempt, that beloved disciple who sold his Master for thirty pieces of silver, for there has never been a greater repentance than his. I availed Myself of each one of them to give you lessons which would serve as an example and which would exist forever in the memory of mankind. After their weakness they had their repentance, a conversion and absolute devotion to the fulfillment of their mission. They were true apostles and they left an example for all generations.

24. Come to the spiritual realm, so you may understand My word. When you listen to My teaching, withdraw from worldly preoccupations and allow My light to illuminate your spirit. I stimulate your faith and I will always guide you so that you will prepare yourselves to enjoy the eternal life.

25. Be watchful and pray, I repeat frequently, but I do not want you to familiarize yourself with this pleasant advice, but study it and put it into practice.

26. I tell you to pray, for he who does not pray, will surrender to thoughts which are superfluous, material and sometimes unsound with which, unknowingly, he encourages and fosters destructive wars; but when you pray, your thought like a radiant sword, destroys the veils of darkness and the bonds of temptation which today are imprisoning many beings, saturating the environment with spirituality, and counteracting the forces of evil.

27. Do not weaken before the struggle nor despair if you still have not seen any result. Understand that your mission is to struggle to the end, but you must take into account that only a small portion of this Work of regeneration and spirituality among mankind will be required of you.

28. Tomorrow you will leave your position and others will come to continue your work. They will carry this Work one step further and thus from generation to generation, My word will be fulfilled.

29. Finally all branches will unite with the tree. All nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on Earth.

30. Pray, O disciples, and better yourselves in your elevation so that your words of teaching and love will find an echo within the heart of your brethren.

31. Truly I say to you, if this people besides understanding their destiny, were already complying with their mission, through their prayers mankind would attain grace. But you still lack charity, to feel your fellowmen as true brethren, to truly forget the differences of races, dialects and creeds and furthermore, to erase from your heart all trace of hatred toward those who have offended you.

32. When you succeed in elevating your feelings above so much human misery, the most sensitive and sincere petition in favor of your brethren will emerge from you and that vibration of love, that purity of your sentiments, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy all ignorance that wars and passions of men have been developing.

33. Pain has prepared you, o Israel, and in your bondage you have been purified; for that reason you are the chosen to watch over those who suffer.

34. Be watchful, O My people, be like those birds that announce a new day, awakening those who slumber; so that they will be the first to receive the light and then I can say to them: He who truly loves you, greets you at this moment.

35. Everyone who comes close to hear Me, will feel the caress of My word, they will feel anointed by My love and be filled with spiritual blessings.

36. I am very pleased, for I have seen that you have forsaken everything to sit down at My table; it means that you know that My word is your bread and your glory on Earth.

37. This lesson reaches to your heart, where intentions of atonement and noble sentiments have been born.

38. If you have suffered and wept very much in order to reach the point of opening the doors of your heart to Me, truly I say to you also that he who has suffered greatly, has atoned for his faults and has to be forgiven.

39. O saddened hearts, calm your sorrow and come to Me, illuminate yourselves with the light of your conscience and penetrate serenely along the path of My teachings.

40. Be healed in Me, forget your sorrows and show love; he who has love has everything; he who speaks of love says it all.

41. Thus when you understand that everything that emanated from Me is perfect, harmonious and beautiful, you ask yourselves: Why then do the children of God live in the world destroying and annihilating? What force motivates them to neglect and destroy one another, when they all emanated from the clear fountain of the Father? What are those forces and why has not God, with His infinite power, stopped the advance of men who destroy the peace? Why does He permit wickedness among mankind?

42. Listen, O disciples: Man has as his spiritual gifts freedom of will and a conscience; everyone, at birth has been endowed with virtues and can make use of them. In his spirit is the light of his conscience; but at the same time that the flesh develops, along with it passions unfold, the bad inclinations, these being the ones that battle against those virtues; God permits this, because where there is no struggle there are no merits, and this is what you need in order to ascend along the spiritual path. What would be the merit of the children of God, if they did not struggle? What would you do if you lived, filled with happiness as is your wish in this world? Would you expect spiritual progress if you were surrounded by comforts and riches? You would be at a standstill for merit does not exist where there is no struggle.

43. But do not be confused, for when I speak of conflict, I refer to that which you develop in order to master your weaknesses and passions. Those battles are the only ones which I allow in men so that they will dominate their egotism and their materialism, in order for the spirit to take its rightful place illuminated by its conscience.

44. That inner battle I do authorize, but not the one which men use with the desire of exalting themselves, blinded by ambition and wickedness.

45. The noise and the horrors of destructive wars have dulled the sensitivity of the human heart. They have prevented the manifestation of every elevated sentiment, like charity and compassion.

46. I do not mean to say that everyone is like that, no, for there are still men in which there exists sensitivity, compassion and love for their fellowmen, to the point of sacrificing themselves to spare them harm or free them from an ordeal. If men are capable of giving you this kind of help, what would your Heavenly Father not do for you who are His children? Then how can you think that he sends you pain and desolation?

47. I am the same Master who during the Second Era spoke to you about the way to the Kingdom of Heaven; I am the same Christ manifesting the truth across the centuries, the eternal lessons which are unchangeable, because they are revelations which emanate from My Spirit.

48. Behold the Father in me, for truly I say to you that Christ is one with the Father from eternity, even before the worlds came to be. In the Second Era that Christ who is One with God, incarnated on Earth in the blessed body of Jesus and in this way He came to be the Son of God, but only as Man, for again I say to you that only one God exists.

49. Sometimes you think I speak too much about the spirit and that I forget about your needs and human preoccupations, to which I say: "Seek the Kingdom of God and its justice, the rest will be given to you in addition." Then you will have peace, serenity, comprehension, forgiveness, love, and in the material you will have everything in abundance.

50. I know and am aware of all your needs and I am committed to alleviate all your concerns according to My will, and if on occasions you feel disappointed because I have not immediately granted what you asked for, it is not that you are less loved by the Father; it is because that is best for you thus.

51. There are many of My laborers who attribute their suffering to the injustice of their destinies and believe themselves forsaken by the Father; then I ask you: Of what use has My word been to you? By chance do you believe that the Lord, the Author of life is powerless to remedy your ailments or is unable to please you with something material which will not help you in your spiritual elevation?

52. I only grant you what is for your benefit. How many petitions you make, that if they were granted to you, would only cause you grievances or misfortunes!

53. The man who trusts in God and before Him blesses his destiny, will never complain nor demand what is not granted to him.

54. When he is poor, sick and his heart suffers, he confidently awaits the will of his Lord.

55. Sometimes you say to Me: Lord, if I had everything, if I lacked nothing, I would be active in your spiritual Work and I would be charitable. But keep in mind that as men you are changeable and that all your intentions of today when you possess nothing, would change if I granted all that you wish.

56. Only the love of God toward His children is unchangeable.

57. If I gave you in abundance, I know beforehand that you would lose yourselves, for I am aware of your resolutions and weaknesses.

58. I know that with an abundance of material benefits man deviates from God, because he still is not capable nor prepared to understand his Lord.

59. Behold how much I love you and I do not forget you; the reason is that I do not want you to go astray.

60. Withdraw from the vanities of the world; come to Me through conviction and love, not through pain.

61. Do not complain if you are needy, for if it would be beneficial to your spiritual evolution to separate you from poverty, I would give you everything in abundance.

62. Remember that the Father governs the destinies of His children with supreme justice and perfection.

63. These are times of testing, of afflictions and bitterness, times in which mankind suffers the consequences of so much hatred and ill will toward one another.

64. Behold the battlefields where only the sound of firearms and anguished cries of the wounded are heard, mountains of mutilated corpses who only yesterday were bodies of strong young men. Can you imagine these, when for the last time they embraced their mother, their wife or their child? Who, if he did not drink from that bitter cup can imagine the pain of those farewells?

65. Thousands and thousands of anguished parents, wives and children have seen their loved ones depart for the fields of battle, of hate and of vengeance, forced by the greed and pride of some few men without light and without love for their fellowmen.

66. Those legions of strong young men have not returned home, because they remained destroyed on the fields; Behold the Earth, mother Earth, more merciful than those men who govern the peoples and believe themselves master of the lives of their fellowmen, has opened her bosom lovingly to receive and cover them.

67. Behold the caravans of men of all ages, of women and children, fleeing from that destruction, wearily seeking a place of protection and peace. Their feet are already mutilated and bloody; their heart cannot stand more pain; but there still remains in their inner beings a ray of hope.

68. Pray, o My people, pray for them and My tenderness in unison with your thought, will descend upon them to protect them and cover them with My mantle of love.

69. Meditate on the cause of the destructive wars as well as the destruction they cause and you will realize that you are not as unfortunate as you believe, then your complaints will cease, and you will no longer say to Me: "Lord, I am the most unfortunate on Earth; is it because you have forsaken me?"

70. Behold how war destroys everything!

71. Observe those elderly parents who await the return of their loved ones; hunger has reached their doors and solitude is their companion.

72. Those who had strength to walk, escaped; the invalids had to stay behind to await whatever came upon them. Their troubled thoughts were illuminated only when they implored Me in their prayer: "Lord, do not forsake me."

73. Only I know the silent grief of the abandoned mothers because of the wickedness of men.

74. I am the only One who in the silence and solitude of their life says to them that in My Kingdom they are not forsaken.

75. Pray, O My people, and think about the arrogance and ambition that germinates in the minds of men who have brought ruin, desolation and death to other men who are not at fault.

76. After reflecting on My words, O My people, do you still believe that you are the most unfortunate on Earth? Your answer is: "No, Master, we were in error, for we had forgotten about others thinking only of ourselves, believing that our struggle to knead our daily bread was the most bitter cup that we had to drink."

77. Therefore, I say that you should consider yourself rich, because you are listening to the Divine word which encourages and strengthens you while you still enjoy a little peace.

78. You can still count on some days of tranquility, but this corner of the Earth will also be shaken by suffering; therefore, there will not be a place in the world which will not be purified.

79. All that My apostle John said to you is being fulfilled, word by word and event by event.

80. All those signs, ordeals and disturbances that mankind suffers, are the most evident demonstrations that an Era is ending in order to make way for a new era. It is not the first time, that these happenings take place among you, but if you would understand Me and be prepared, you would take this step of transition calmly and without confusion.

81. You are reaching the middle of a century and you have lived long. What surprises, events and ordeals await you during the next half century which lies before you?

82. I can only say what I said many times to My disciples of the Second Era: "Be watchful and pray, so you will not fall into temptation!"

My Peace be with you!

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