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September 1, 2006 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s New Disciples and His Scattered Little Flocks, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Oh My dearly beloved of My right hand, why do you wander? I have gathered you into My love, yet you do not obey My voice. I have listened for your voices, yet I have not heard them.

Beloved little flocks, I have sent to you one from your own family, so you may hear My own words in this present time, and know Me. He is not just My prophet. Timothy has become an example in the midst of you, for he does follow Me wherever I lead him. Yes, beloved, he does stumble, but understand this: He is consumed with My love, and he has put Me first and foremost in all things… Body, mind, spirit. He does pray without ceasing and obeys My Word. Do you not know there are many peoples, of all kinds and nations, even unto the chief princes, who desire to hear and know what I have given you by this one ordinary man?

Thus says The Lord, your Savior, who has plucked you from the fire… Obey My Word, do not wait… Go out and testify. You fear, and so you hesitate. Do you not know that your beloved are drowning in this world of sin? Even all these, who deny My name by word and deed, also will I deny before The Father. I have taken their sins to the cross, yet they do not accept Me. All those, who obey My teaching, will… live… forever! What, then, of these who obey not? Shall they enter into My rest purely by the words of their mouths?… Verily, I say to you, they shall not pass from judgment. They have sown the seed of Truth in the wind, quickly carried away, shown to be a lie, exposed by the Light of My coming. What is faith without works?… Nothing – a lie spoken in selfishness. What of works without faith?… Vanity – a false good, a mere boasting, covering a hard heart turned from the Truth.

Therefore, all, who obey My Word, are of the Truth. And all, who obey not, are not of the Truth, and are left in great want, not having been led by My Spirit into salvation, denying the power thereof, lost in the great chasm of illusion called the world, where they will remain… Refined by fire, in The Father’s judgments, for seven days.

So then, My lost children, I ask you, where are you, and where are you going? You do not know My will at all. You remain trapped in your own vexed spirits, snared by the enemy you see in the mirror. I know whether or not you have love for Me in your hearts, and all those who remain in My love. Yet even these limit My glory, that I have placed within them, continually putting this world and themselves before Me. What then? Shall I cast them away for disobedience’s sake?… Surely not. Though you disobey, I remain obedient. Though you doubt, I remain steadfast. I can not deny Myself, nor will I deny those who call on My name in truth.

Therefore, My children, you shall all take up a fast this Sabbath day as a recompense unto The Lord, spending this day in prayer and supplication, whereupon, at day’s end, you shall know I am The Lord and be strengthened by your wanting…

For I am the real food and the real drink. And all those, who partake of Me, live in Me and I in them.

Thus is the inheritance of the redeemed… Eternal life in My presence, and My joy fulfilled in them in the Kingdom, to the glory of The Father… Amen.