The Childhood of Jesus

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As revealed by the Lord Himself as the introduction for the story of His childhood between July 22, 1843 and May 9, 1851, through the same spokesperson whom He selected as the instrument for this work.

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Table of Content

Chapter Description
CYOU-0 Preface
CYOU-1 Joseph the carpenter. The casting of lots for Mary in the temple. God's testimonial of Joseph. Joseph's prayer. Mary in the house of Joseph.
CYOU-2 The new curtain in the temple. Mary's work on the curtain.
CYOU-3 The announcement of the Lord's birth by an angel. Mary's humble devotion.
CYOU-4 Mary's childlike-innocent conversation with God and the response from above.
CYOU-5 The handing over of Mary's completed temple work. Mary and the High Priest. Mary visits her relative Elizabeth.
CYOU-6 The wonderful reception of Mary by Elizabeth. Humility and wisdom of Mary. Mary returning home to Joseph.
CYOU-7 Joseph's premonitions and prophecies. Mary's consolation. The blessed supper. The visibility of Mary's pregnancy.
CYOU-8 The doctor's view. Joseph interrogates Mary. Mary's explanation.
CYOU-9 Mary's narration of the mysterious holy occurrences. Joseph's distress and worry and his decision to secretly remove Mary. An angel of the Lord appears to Joseph in a dream. Mary remains in the house of Joseph.
CYOU-10 The Roman census. Joseph's non-participation in the council in Jerusalem. The traitor Annas.
CYOU-11 The high priest's doubt concerning Mary's condition. The interrogation of Mary and Joseph in the temple. Joseph's lament and quarrel with God. The death sentence of Joseph and Mary and their defence through a decree of God. Mary becomes Joseph's wife.
CYOU-12 Augustus' commandment for the assessment and census of all inhabitants. New sorrow and consolation.
CYOU-13 An old friend fortifies and blesses Joseph. Joseph's travel arrangements for his five sons. The consoling testament from above. The happy departure.
CYOU-14 Mary's vision of the two peoples. The first signs of labour. Shelter in a nearby cave.
CYOU-15 Mary in the cave. Joseph searching for a midwife in Bethlehem. Joseph's wonderful experiences. Nature's testimonial. Joseph's meeting with the midwife.
CYOU-16 The visions near the cave. The midwife's dream and her prophetic words. The midwife with Mary and the Child. Salome, her sister, doubts Mary's virginity.
CYOU-17 The doubting Salome's request to Mary. Salome's testimonial of Mary's untouched virginity. God's Judgment. The angel's instructions to Salome. Salome's recovery.
CYOU-18 The Holy Family's night's sleep in the cave. The angel's songs of praise in the morning. The adoration of the shepherds. The angel's words of explanation to Joseph.
CYOU-19 Joseph's concerns about the registration. The midwife's report to the Roman captain Cornelius. The captain's visit to the cave. Joseph and Cornelius. Cornelius' peace and joy being near the Child Jesus.
CYOU-20 Cornelius' questions about the Messiah. Joseph's embarrassment. The captain's questions to Mary, Salome and the midwife. The angels' warning of the betrayal of the Divine Secret. Cornelius' premonition of the Divinity of the Child Jesus.
CYOU-21 Joseph's words on the free will of man and his advice to Cornelius. The captain's care of the Holy Family.
CYOU-22 Cornelius with the Holy Family in the cave. The shepherds and the captain. The new eternal spiritual sun. Cornelius' farewell. Joseph's word of thanks on the goodness of the heathen captain.
CYOU-23 Cornelius' affectionate care. The angel's instructions to Joseph regarding the departure to Jerusalem and the presentation in the temple. Mary's dream. The sentry in front of the cave.
CYOU-24 The circumcision and naming of the Infant and Mary's purification. The presentation of the Child in the temple by the mother. The devout Simeon and the Child Jesus.
CYOU-25 The prophetess Hannah in the temple and her testimonial of the Child Jesus. Hannah's warning to Mary. The provisional accommodation of the Holy Family with a rich Israelite.
CYOU-26 The rebuke of the inn proprietor Nicodemus. Joseph's justification speech. The testimonial of the midwife. A sign of clemency for Nicodemus, who recognizes the Lord.
CYOU-27 The return of the Holy Family to Bethlehem. The warm reception in the cave by those who had stayed behind. A manger as the Infant's cot. A good rest in the frosty night.
CYOU-28 Joseph wants to leave for Nazareth. The captain's advice to wait. The news about the Persian caravan and of Herod's search for the Child. Mary's fearlessness and trust in God.
CYOU-29 The frightened Joseph's petition to the Lord. The Persian caravan in front of the cave. The astonished captain. The testimonial of the Child by the three wise men: a King of Kings, a Lord of Lords, the Everlasting Lord! Their warning against Herod.
CYOU-30 The star of the three wise men and the old prophecy of the Persian astronomers. The adoration of the Lord, the Creator of infinity and eternity, in the Child by the three wise men. Their names: Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar. The accompanying spirits: Adam, Cain and Abraham. They pay homage to the Lord and offer him gifts.
CYOU-31 Mary indicates God's guidance of mercy. Joseph's honesty and loyalty. The three blessed gifts of God: His holy will, His mercy and His love. Mary's, the captain's and the Infant's finest testimonial for Joseph.
CYOU-32 The angel as adviser of the three wise men. The departure of the wise men to the Orient. Joseph's impatience. Cornelius' soothing words to Joseph. Joseph's hints on the power and goodness of God.
CYOU-33 The preparation for the flight to Egypt. The provisions of the Lord. Joseph discusses with Cornelius.
CYOU-34 The departure for the flight. Joseph's request to Salome. The farewell from the captain. The departure. The letter of safe-conduct given by Cornelius to Cyrenius. Joseph's itinerary. The adventure with the robbers. Joseph's arrival in Tyre at Cyrenius' residence. Cyrenius' words of consolation and his help.
CYOU-35 The Holy Family in Cyrenius' house. Joseph's conversation with Cyrenius. Cyrenius, the children's friend, and the Child Jesus. Inner and outer empirical testimonial of the divinity of the Child Jesus.
CYOU-36 Joseph in a sharp interrogation and his report on the nature and the birth of the Child Jesus. Cornelius' letter. Joseph's advice to keep silent. Contradictions and doubts. Joseph's vehement justification before the 'public prosecutor'.
CYOU-37 Cyrenius' gentler explanation and Joseph's response. The honour, the treasure of the poor. The reconciliation meal. Good advice from Joseph. Cyrenius' punished curiosity. The story of the Infant's conception. Cyrenius' worship of the Infant and the affirmation of the truth.
CYOU-38 Cyrenius' pagan suggestion to bring the Infant Prodigy to the imperial court in Rome. Joseph's fine response with reference to the Lord's humbleness. Prophetic words of the spiritual sun of life.
CYOU-39 Cyrenius' moderation in food and drink. Joseph's expression of thanks and his positive impact on Cyrenius. Joseph's words on death and everlasting life. The nature and value of mercy.
CYOU-40 Cyrenius' deep respect for Mary. The greatly comforting words of Mary. Cyrenius' congratulations to Joseph. Joseph's words on the real truth.
CYOU-41 Joseph's predictions about the massacre of the children. Cyrenius' wrath against Herod. The happy sea voyage to Egypt. Joseph's blessings as payment for the ferry to the sailors and to Cyrenius.
CYOU-42 The effect of the blessing of mercy on Cyrenius. Joseph's humble confession and his advice to Cyrenius. The arrival in Ostracine (Egypt).
CYOU-43 The purchase of a country house for the Holy Family by Cyrenius.
CYOU-44 Joseph with the Holy Family in the new home. Cyrenius as a guest. Joseph's and Mary's gratitude.
CYOU-45 The inspection of the new home. Mary's and Joseph's words of gratitude. Cyrenius' interest in the history of Israel.
CYOU-46 The common supper and Joseph's narration about the story of creation, humanity and the Jewish people. Cyrenius' cautious report to the emperor and its positive effect.
CYOU-47 Cyrenius' departure and his care for the Holy Family. The terrible news brought by the witnesses of the massacre of the innocents. A letter of Cyrenius to Herod.
CYOU-48 The effect and outcome of this letter. The ploy of Herod. Cyrenius' second letter to Herod.
CYOU-49 The effect of the second letter. The arrival of Herod and the governor in Tyre. The reception by Cyrenius. The excitement of the frightened people. Maronius Pilla in front of Cyrenius.
CYOU-50 The interrogation of the governor by Cyrenius. The governor's plea to be excused. Cyrenius' question of conscience to Maronius and his confession and conviction.
CYOU-51 The confession of Maronius Pilla. Cyrenius as the wise judge.
CYOU-52 Cyrenius' journey to Egypt and his arrival in Ostracine. Joseph and Mary's decision to welcome Cyrenius. The first words of the Infant.
CYOU-53 Joseph and Mary's fear and thoughts of escape at the parade ground. The meeting of Cyrenius and Maronius Pilla. The end of the military parade and the return home of the Holy Family accompanied by Cyrenius.
CYOU-54 Joseph's anxious question to Cyrenius about the presence of Maronius Pilla. Cyrenius soothing answer. The arrival at Joseph's villa.
CYOU-55 The banquet in Joseph's villa. Mary's humility and affectionate quarrel with Cyrenius. The divine, counter-philosophical wisdom of the Holy Child.
CYOU-56 Maronius' high opinion of the Infant and Cyrenius' contentment with Maronius.
CYOU-57 The closing of the banquet. The interrogation of Maronius Pilla by the Holy Family through Cyrenius. Maronius' admission of his white lie.
CYOU-58 Maronius Pilla's defence and good decision. Joseph as arbitrator. Cyrenius' noble verdict.
CYOU-59 Joseph's question about Herod. Maronius Pilla's answer. The crown of suffering and the terrible end of Herod.
CYOU-60 Cyrenius' wrath at Herod and the soothing words of the Child Jesus. The Child's question: "Who has the longest arm?"
CYOU-61 Maronius Pilla's shock and Joseph's question. Maronius' pagan confession. Joseph's simple explanation. Cyrenius' warning to be careful.
CYOU-62 Cyrenius and Joseph in a loving competition about the welfare of a human soul. Joseph's words on human and brotherly love. Why a human being has two eyes, two ears but only one mouth.
CYOU-63 James acting as a nursemaid at the cradle of the Infant; his curiosity and his reprimand by the Child. James' foreboding about the Infant's inner being.
CYOU-64 Joseph's speech about the love for God and the love for the world. His references to David, Solomon and Cyrenius. The strong emotions of Joseph's sons and the blessing by the Infant Jesus.
CYOU-65 Joseph calls for peace at night. The Child's wake-up call because of an approaching storm. The outbreak of the storm. The arrival of the fleeing Cyrenius.
CYOU-66 The raging storm. The sleeping Child. Cyrenius' concern. The Infant: "Storms are necessary...". A gospel of nature and the faith in God.
CYOU-67 The terrible message of the special messengers. The bloody demand of the pagan priests. Cyrenius divided between heart and world. The Infant's advice.
CYOU-68 Cyrenius' answer to the messengers. The three bloodthirsty are bent on a sacrifice. Cyrenius' wise decision. The torment of the two thousand victims.
CYOU-69 The fearful night of the young human victims. The three fiendish servants of God. An outraged Cyrenius brings in his verdict: Freedom to the victims, death to the three priests!
CYOU-70 Joseph's attempt at mitigation. Cyrenius' wrath at the three condemned priests. The plea for mercy by the condemned.
CYOU-71 Joseph's gentle objection to Cyrenius referring to the court of the Lord. Cyrenius' yielding. The apparent sentence to die on the cross for the three priests, as a means of correcting their life.
CYOU-72 Mary's doubts about the omnipotence of the Child Jesus. Joseph's reassuring narration. Why the mighty lion of Judea fled from Herod. The bliss of the murdered children. Pilla's maturity.
CYOU-73 Cyrenius' decree: cancellation of the military exercises. Departure for the city and the Child Jesus' plea in favour of the convicted three.
CYOU-74 Cyrenius at the crossroads. The Infant's advice. Maronius as expert on Roman law. The pardon for the three priests at the place of sacrifice, their death from joy and their reawakening through the Child Jesus.
CYOU-75 The tour of the city after the storm. The positive impact of the hurricane. Cyrenius' foolish intention to throw away his sword. The Holy Child's wise words about the sword as a shepherd's staff.
CYOU-76 The astonishment of the three priests about the wisdom of the Child and of Joseph. Joseph's mythology of the gods.
CYOU-77 Cyrenius and the three priests. The excavation of those buried alive. The Child's marvellous cooperation. The reawakening of the seven apparently dead catacomb guides.
CYOU-78 A work of compassion. The intelligent storm. Cyrenius' foreboding. The visit to the harbour.
CYOU-79 The limited damage at the harbour. The return home. The detour on the advice of the Infant. The reason for it.
CYOU-80 Joseph's domestic precautions. The Infant's joy about James. "Those whom I love, I can tease and pinch and tug!" James' happy and enviable mission.
CYOU-81 Cyrenius' desire to be tweaked and pinched by the Holy Infant. The Infant's reply. A promise for Rome. Mary urges them to keep the Infant's misunderstood words in the heart.
CYOU-82 Cyrenius' question to Joseph and his reply concerning the lifting of the veil of Isis. Maronius' good explanation. The meal. The respect of the three priests.
CYOU-83 The three idolatrous priests' blindness, awe and impulse to flee. The Infant Jesus' wise rules of behaviour for Joseph and Cyrenius.
CYOU-84 The legend of the origin of the town of Ostracine. Cyrenius' gloomy perspective on the temple of the gods.
CYOU-85 Joseph's advice about trust in God and the prophecy of the end of Ostracine.
CYOU-86 Cyrenius' return to Ostracine with his servants. Mary in prayer. Joseph's consoling words.
CYOU-87 Mary as a model of female humility. The song of praise and thanks by Joseph and his sons. The positive effect on the three idolatrous priests.
CYOU-88 The golden daybreak. Joseph and his sons at work in the field. Joel struck down by a poisonous snake bite. The homecoming and the hysteria in Joseph's house. The Infant's words of consolation. Joel's reawakening.
CYOU-89 Joseph's sacrificial vow. The objection of the Infant Jesus and His advice on the sacrifice most pleasing to God. Joseph's objection and his weakening by the Infant.
CYOU-90 The morning meal. The custom of ablution. The three priests' resistance to Joseph's instructions and the Infant's lesson in obedience. The priests' significant question and Joseph's embarrassment.
CYOU-91 Love as the true prayer to God. Jesus as the Son of God. The pagan thoughts of the three priests and the Child's riposte.
CYOU-92 The disclosure of the blindness and folly of the three priests. About building temples in one's heart and the true service to God.
CYOU-93 The all-round positive effect of this lecture. The domestic life of the Holy Family. The blind beggar and her dream. The healing of the blind through the Child's bathwater.
CYOU-94 The healed woman's thanks and her request to be accepted in Joseph's house. James' testimonial of Mary's character. The girl's prophecy of the adoration of Mary. Mary's humility. Joseph's return.
CYOU-95 Joseph takes in the healed woman. Her moving life story. Joseph consoles the poor orphan.
CYOU-96 The orphan's question about the puzzling words from Joseph. Joseph's answer.
CYOU-97 Joseph's words regarding the three fasting priests. The humility of the new resident and her acceptance by Joseph as his daughter. The blessing and the joy of the Infant Jesus.
CYOU-98 The lovely interaction between the girl and the Infant. The dangers of the holy secret. The salvation and effusive happiness of the girl.
CYOU-99 The arrival of Cyrenius and Pilla. Joseph's report about the girl. Cyrenius' courting of Joseph's adopted daughter.
CYOU-100 Cyrenius reports about the reawakening of the two hundred apparent corpses. His increasing interest in the exotic girl. Joseph's doubts. The triple matrimonial law of ancient Rome.
CYOU-101 Tullia meets Cyrenius. A miraculous discovery: Tullia, the cousin and childhood sweetheart of Cyrenius. Cyrenius is moved.
CYOU-102 Cyrenius pays court to Tullia. Tullia tests him. A gospel of marriage
CYOU-103 The divine Child explains the living marriage law. The love of the mind and the love of the heart. The union of the two lovers through the Infant. Tullia's commitment to the Infant's Divinity.
CYOU-104 Cyrenius' request for the Infant's blessing. The Infant's demand to Cyrenius to renounce Eudokia for Tullia's sake. Cyrenius' inner struggle. The Infant's strong will. Eudokia is brought to Joseph's house.
CYOU-105 Cyrenius' second plea to keep Eudokia. The Infant's refusal. Eudokia's rebellion. The victory of the spirit in Cyrenius. Mary's consoling words to Eudokia.
CYOU-106 Eudokia wants to be enlightened about the Child. Mary urges her to be patient. The Infant Jesus in Eudokia's arms and in discussion with her.
CYOU-107 Cyrenius' gratitude. The magnanimity and the wisdom of the humble Joseph. Cyrenius hands over eight poor children to be raised by Joseph.
CYOU-108 Cyrenius' doubts about the consecration of the marriage through a high priest of Hymen. Joseph's good advice and Cyrenius' great joy.
CYOU-109 The priests' misgivings. Cyrenius takes over the responsibility. A poor testimonial of Rome and its greed. Cyrenius' marriage to Tullia.
CYOU-110 Tullia in royal robes. Eudokia's pain. The Infant consoles Eudokia. Eudokia's tears of joy. Mary's participation.
CYOU-111 Cyrenius' expression of gratitude to the Infant. The Infant's words of blessing to the bridal couple. Joseph's invitation to the wedding feast. Cyrenius' return to the city.
CYOU-112 A novel surprise at Joseph's house: foreign white-attired youths as helpers in the house.
CYOU-113 Mary's astonishment about the incessant visitations. Joseph's consolation. The angel's awe of the Infant and his words to the archangel. The shared supper.
CYOU-114 Mary's conversations with Zuriel and Gabriel. The Infant's advice on the new order in heaven and on earth. Eudokia's curiosity regarding the 'arch-heralds'.
CYOU-115 Joseph calls for peace at night. The youths' disclosure about the nightly attack by three hundred robbers. The attack. The victory of the angels.
CYOU-116 The preparations for Cyrenius' wedding banquet. The reverence of the angels before the bathing Infant. The reawakening of the murderers' corpses through the Infant's bathwater.
CYOU-117 Cyrenius' annoyance at the traitors. Joseph's indication of the Lord's help. Cyrenius and the angels. The powerful miracle of the angels.
CYOU-118 The difference between the power of the Lord and the power of His servants. Cyrenius' question about the purpose of angels. The parable of the loving Father and his children.
CYOU-119 Joseph's instructions for the wedding banquet. The dressing up for the occasion. The dazzling festive dress of the angels. The uneasiness of Cyrenius and the others. The removal of the festive dresses.
CYOU-120 Joseph worried about the correct celebration of Easter. The reassuring words of the angels. Joseph's fresh worries because of the many pagans present. The Infant's reply.
CYOU-121 Joseph, invited for Easter by Cyrenius in his fortress, in distress about celebrating Easter. The Infant's soothing words. "Wherever I am, that is where the real Easter is!"
CYOU-122 Joseph's queries on the clearing of the temple rubble, on the fate of the rebels and the lesser priests, and on the eight children. Cyrenius' response.
CYOU-123 The procession to the holy mountain. The encounter with the wild animals. The taming of the wild beasts by the two celestial youths.
CYOU-124 Fainting of Eudokia and Tullia. The poisonous snakes at the summit. The purification of the place by Mary and the Child. The amazement of Cyrenius' entourage.
CYOU-125 The dangerous temple. The swarm of black flies. The temple collapses. The company under the fig tree.
CYOU-126 The snack in the open with the youths. The fire at the imperial palace. Cyrenius' agitation and anger. Joseph's composure and the calm response to the agitated Cyrenius.
CYOU-127 Cyrenius tries to pacify Joseph through Tullia. Joseph's friendly words. The extinction of the fire through the willpower of the two youths.
CYOU-128 Cyrenius is instructed in the promised tugging of the Lord. Joseph explains the wonderful phenomena in nature.
CYOU-129 Cyrenius' question about the amazing speaking skills of the three-month-old Infant Jesus. The profoundly wise answer of the angel about the mysterious nature of the Infant.
CYOU-130 Cyrenius professes his ignorance in spiritual matters. His request for enlightenment. The angel's response and a splendid and clear testimonial of the Lord's nature and incarnation. The Infant's blessings on Cyrenius.
CYOU-131 An approaching thunderstorm. Joseph's advice. The lion's foreboding and their flight into the woods.
CYOU-132 The mountain top wrapped in mist. The gentiles' fear of the gods. Cyrenius' courage tested in the raging of the thunderstorm. The sudden silencing of the thunderstorm at the Infant Jesus' command.
CYOU-133 The curiosity of the now pensive Roman commander and his conversation with Cyrenius about the laws of nature and their lawgiver. The return home from the mountain.
CYOU-134 The reception in Joseph's house by those left behind. Joel's narration. The three lions as Cyrenius' bodyguards.
CYOU-135 The meal in Joseph's house. The Infant's disclosure of the forthcoming assassination attempt on Cyrenius. Cyrenius' homecoming. The lions as night watch. The attack. God's judgment on the assassins.
CYOU-136 Cyrenius' interrogation of the servants. The servants' fear of the three judges. The detection of the traitor. The lion's exemplary tribunal.
CYOU-137 Tullia awakens from deep sleep. Cyrenius relates what happened. The reunion with the Holy Family.
CYOU-138 Cyrenius' report and Joseph's criticism. Love and compassion are better than the most stringent justice. Cyrenius' gratitude. The company in Cyrenius' large bedroom.
CYOU-139 The traitor's repentance. The compassion of the three lions for the repentant servant. Joseph's good advice. Cyrenius' generosity and the marvellous effect on the repentant servant.
CYOU-140 Cyrenius' brotherly words to the penitent servant. His inclusion in the company. The envious servants and Cyrenius' response to them.
CYOU-141 The preparations and the invitation to the morning feast by Cyrenius. The Infant's consecration speech. The invitation and feeding of the poor.
CYOU-142 Joseph's thanksgiving and humility. Cyrenius' affectionate quarrel with Joseph on account of the placement. Joseph's intelligent advice.
CYOU-143 The inquisitive God-seeking captain. The priest on mythology, his avowal of the one and only true God. Joseph to the questioning captain: there is a time for everything!
CYOU-144 Joseph's and Cyrenius' intention to look at the replicated Holy of Holies. The Infant's objection. Joseph's embarrassment. Mary's enlightening words and the Infant's approval. The subsequent instruction of the captain.
CYOU-145 The captain asks about the coming of the Messiah. Joseph on the nature of the Messiah. The lesser priest's prophetic words on the destruction of the pagan temple. From the living temple in human hearts.
CYOU-146 Further queries by the captain. Joseph on the nature of the Messiah. Love as the principal key to the truth. The company in the replicated Holy of Holies. The poor blind persons regain their eyesight.
CYOU-147 The loud appeals from the sick people to Mary. Her reference to the Child Jesus. The healing of the sick. Their instruction through the angels. The captain searches for the miracle worker.
CYOU-148 The rivalry between the captain and Cyrenius in performing good works. The perplexed captain and his instruction by Joseph.
CYOU-149 The question of the reparation of the old Carthaginian ship on the Sabbath. The Infant's speech on performing good works on the Sabbath. The disobedience of the law-abiding Joseph. The miraculous reparation of the ship by the angels.
CYOU-150 The visit to the harbour. The valuable ship. Cyrenius' expression of gratitude to Joseph. The Infant's reply and advice on doing good to the poor.
CYOU-151 The midday meal in the fortress. The captain goes in search of the poor in the city, his return and Cyrenius' praise. The Infant's words of blessing.
CYOU-152 The Infant Jesus' speech to Cyrenius during the handing over of the poor people. Cyrenius as precursor of Paul. A prediction on the fall of Jerusalem by the Roman sword.
CYOU-153 Cyrenius' query on the divine nature of the Child. Joseph's explanation on the living word of God in the prophets. The correction by the Child Jesus.
CYOU-154 The official questions of the captain. Cyrenius' negative reply. The conversation between the inquisitive captain and the beautiful angel.
CYOU-155 Cyrenius' worry about the ship. The angel's advice. Cyrenius' gratitude to Joseph and the Infant. Joseph's prediction of Cyrenius' adventure during the voyage.
CYOU-156 The gratitude of Maronius, the three priests and Tullia. Joseph's command to keep silent.
CYOU-157 The Infant Jesus' affectionate conversation with James. The burden and heaviness of the Lord for those, who carry Him in their hearts. The sudden inability to speak of the hitherto eloquent Child Jesus.
CYOU-158 The miraculous tending of Joseph's domestic animals by the angels. Joseph's zeal for observing the Sabbath. Gabriel's advice on the activity of nature on the Sabbath. The disappearance of the angels.
CYOU-159 Eudokia's astonishment and restlessness due to the sudden disappearance of the youths. Mary's soothing words. The night's sleep. Eudokia's longing for Gabriel, his sudden appearance and his advice.
CYOU-160 James' childlike-merry game with the Infant. Joseph's reprimand and James' outstanding reply. Eudokia's dream and marvellous testimonial of the Lord.
CYOU-161 Mary's and Joseph's worry because of the Infant's abrupt muteness. Their doubts about the genuineness of the Child. Mary's futile attempt to heal a blind person with the Infant's healing bathwater. "Do you not know that God should not be tested?" (James). The healing of the blind man through James at the inner behest of the Infant Jesus.
CYOU-162 Joseph's investigation into the source of James' healing power. James' interrogation by Joseph. Joseph's doubts. James' wise reply from the Lord. Joseph's amazement at his son's wisdom.
CYOU-163 The duties of Joseph's sons. Mary's skill. Eudokia's diligence. The arrival of the eight children from Tyre. Joseph's noble message to Cyrenius. Mary as teacher to the eight children.
CYOU-164 A quiet year in Joseph's house. The miraculous healing of the Negro family's possessed boy through James at the Infant Jesus' behest.
CYOU-165 The one-and-a-half-year discontinuance of miracles. Jesus as a lively little boy. James' visit to the fisher Jonathan. St. Christopher or the Infant's weight of the world. The homecoming accompanied by Jonathan.
CYOU-166 Jonathan at the house of Joseph, a friend of his youth. Jonathan's narration and question about Joseph's strange Child. Joseph's report on the Child. Jonathan's humility and love for the Child and his prayer.
CYOU-167 Joseph's convivial invitation to Jonathan. Jonathan's misgivings and confession of his sins. Joseph's advice. The Infant's favourite food: Jonathan's heart. Jesus' testimonial of Jonathan.
CYOU-168 Joel's badly-prepared mush. Mary's and Joseph's reprimand. The Infant's leniency towards Joel. Suggestions for upbringing.
CYOU-169 The fish meal. The Infant's warning to Joseph because he was not served, and Joseph's negative reply. The Infant Jesus' significant reply and prediction of Mary's deification. The humble Infant's words of blessing.
CYOU-170 Jonathan's question about Joseph's inner position on the Infant and Joseph's reply.
CYOU-171 The evening on Joseph's favourite hill. James feeding bread, butter and honey to little Jesus. The flies in the honey pot. Jesus' profoundly wise words on Isaiah chap. 7:15.
CYOU-172 Jonathan's excessive reverence and humility before the Infant Jesus. Joseph's good advice and the Infant's affectionate words of consolation. Jonathan's stay.
CYOU-173 The Child Jesus as light as a feather. Jonathan's astonishment. The Infant's profoundly wise words on the burden of the Law of Moses. Moses had established the entire law in the love for God. The law has remained, but the love has died away. "... I will make the life of those who adhere to the letter of the law as restricted as the eye of a needle."
CYOU-174 The evening on the hill. Joseph's and Jonathan's viewing of the full moon. The Infant's hint on vast knowledge in contrast to vast love. The 'face' of God. The nature of the moon.
CYOU-175 Mary and the Infant Jesus in a heartfelt and jesting conversation on the hill. Joseph and Jonathan during their 'moon meal'. The sudden lunar eclipse.
CYOU-176 Continuation of Joseph's and Jonathan's contemplation of the moon. A light over the shaded moon.
CYOU-177 Jonathan's astonishment about the spherical shape of the earth. Jesus as 'professor of natural sciences'. Preparations for the evening meal.
CYOU-178 The supper. Jonathan's request to return home, and his secret plan. The Infant's successful alternative suggestion. Jonathan's obedience and homecoming.
CYOU-179 Jonathan well received by his people. Jonathan's departure to the high seas. The rescue of the shipwrecked Cyrenius and his people.
CYOU-180 The happy disembarkation. Jonathan's delight. Cyrenius' gratitude. The shipwrecked persons at rest. The salvage of the run-aground ship. The shared breakfast. Jonathan's humility. The arrival of Joseph and his family.
CYOU-181 Jonathan and Cyrenius in conversation. Joseph's astonishment about the foreign ship and Jonathan's explanation. The rescuer's superstitious caution and his instruction. The moving reunion of the Infant and Cyrenius.
CYOU-182 The bending of the heart instead of the knee. Cyrenius' greeting of Joseph. The blessing of the cross and the triumph of the trust in God. Cyrenius' joy about the proximity of Ostracine.
CYOU-183 Cyrenius' journey and his request to Joseph for enlightenment. Joseph's elusive answer. The dissatisfied Cyrenius and his enlightenment by the Infant. The general departure to Joseph's villa.
CYOU-184 The refreshing get-together in the shady arbour of the hill. Joseph's wise interpretation of Cyrenius' sea voyage. How the Lord leads His people.
CYOU-185 Cyrenius' gratitude to the Infant for the merciful guidance. How to pray in a manner pleasing to God. The main reason for the Lord's incarnation. Cyrenius' amazement at the progress made by the eight children.
CYOU-186 The boy Sixtus' 'return present' to his father Cyrenius: a lecture on the nature and the shape of the earth. The corroboration by the Child Jesus.
CYOU-187 Cyrenius' delight in receiving the globe as a gift and his request concerning Augustus. The Infant's profoundly wise response with reference to the divine order.
CYOU-188 Cyrenius affirms his love for the Lord. The test: Tullia's death. Cyrenius' profound grief. The justified rebuke of the disappointed Infant and its effect on Cyrenius.
CYOU-189 Joseph invites Cyrenius for a meal. Cyrenius' declination referring to his satiation by the Lord. The Infant's praise for Cyrenius.
CYOU-190 The Infant's request to Cyrenius to eat and play with Him. Maronius' and Mary's objection. The Infant's invalidating response. The awakening of Tullia.
CYOU-191 Jesus' race against Cyrenius. How Cyrenius also becomes a master. Hint on the mastery of life.
CYOU-192 The instructive hole-game. The holes of life and their order.
CYOU-193 The hole-game – a game of the human drive. The rules given by the Infant as king of the game.
CYOU-194 Cyrenius in the minister hole. The girl's discontentment. The 'King's' effective means of intimidation. The mice miracle.
CYOU-195 The Infant Jesus' dialogue with the obstinate girl.
CYOU-196 New disputes in the second game. The third toss. The ambitious girl in the minister hole. The smear campaign against the Child. The new and last toss. Everyone comes into the child hole; only the Child comes into the king hole. His marble begins to glow like the sun, and the Child puts the radiant marble into the father hole. The basic order of life is restored.
CYOU-197 The game's meaning. The three tosses signifying the historical eras from Adam up to the incarnation. The new and eternally last toss: from a child's position, all will recognize the Father. The Father will then be the Father forever.
CYOU-198 Mary's and Eudokia's efforts towards the awakened Tullia. A prophetic image of the future worship of Mary. The true lovers of the Lord.
CYOU-199 Joseph's typically human, short-sighted questions. The Infant's reply. The universal significance of the Lord's incarnation.
CYOU-200 Prophetic revelations of the Infant Jesus: Jesus' death, His teachings on atonement, resurrection and opening of the gates of life for all.
CYOU-201 Jesus' solemn words to Mary. Prediction that the Lord and his followers will be treated with disdain in the world.
CYOU-202 James in conversation with little Jesus. The Infant's complaint about getting too little attention from His parents and fellow residents.
CYOU-203 Joseph's confession to the Infant. The distinction between masking and being wise. The Lord keeps Himself hidden, so that no judgment is brought upon the world. The Infant's warning to Mary.
CYOU-204 Mary's question about love to the Infant. The difference between the love of man and the love of God. "My anger in itself represents more love than your deepest love!" The parable of the king as suitor, referring to Tullia and the Infant Jesus.
CYOU-205 Tullia's complaint. Mary's consoling words. Tullia's introspection, repentance and atonement. Jesus' favourite food. The old and the new Tullia.
CYOU-206 The weeping Tullia. A gospel of tears. The Lord has put three tears into the eyes of men: the tears of joy, the tears of pity, and the tears that are caused by pain.
CYOU-207 The Infant's soothing words before the night of the storm. Eudokia's great fear. And if you were at the end of all the worlds, I would still be able to protect you!
CYOU-208 The terror of the nocturnal hurricane. The wild animals. Joseph's curse over the storm. The Infant's reprimand. The end of the storm.
CYOU-209 The boon and purpose of the nocturnal storm: the annihilation of the robbers.
CYOU-210 The Infant's triple circumvention of the fire and His prophetic words to Cyrenius: "The Lord will circumvent the fires of the world thrice, and nobody will ask Him: 'Lord! What are you doing?' And only when He will go around the third time, will the last flash of anger be taken from the earth!"
CYOU-211 Joseph's question and the Infant's comforting response. The Infant's great hunger. The fish meal. Cyrenius' question regarding the Mediterranean.
CYOU-212 The punishment for James and the Infant to fast because of forgetting to say grace. The Infant's question to Joseph, as to why and to whom He should pray. The Child Jesus hurries out with His James and does not let Himself be held back.
CYOU-213 The rebukes by Mary and Cyrenius are taken to heart by Joseph. He goes out and calls after the Infant.
CYOU-214 Joseph's sons go in search of the Infant. The secret voices and their consoling words to Joseph. Joseph follows the approaching Infant to the summit of the mountain. A crossbeam made of cedar as a table for the Lord, set with lamb, wine and bread. The meal at the Lord's table. "The true prayer is the love for Me!"
CYOU-215 The cross-bearing Joseph. The Infant's gospel of the cross.
CYOU-216 Cold fish with oil and lemon juice. The reason for the Mosaic dietary laws. "Now and for evermore it will be said: The Lord is the best cook!"
CYOU-217 Why the middle sea can be rightly called the "Mediterranean". "... for the true centre is there, where the Lord is!"
CYOU-218 All that is, has its divinely-ordained time and order. Time and eternity. From futile research into divine depths and from childlike simplicity as the path towards true wisdom.
CYOU-219 The imposed cross as an expression of God's love to mankind.
CYOU-220 Jonathan's tears and holy love for the Lord. Every man will be consecrated and be new-born through the love for God in his heart. For: "Is the love for Me not sacred in itself, just as I myself am in My divinity?"
CYOU-221 A remedy for the plague of insects. A comet.
CYOU-222 A discussion about comets as harbingers of misfortune and war.
CYOU-223 A visual instruction on the nature of comets, taking a milk bowl as an example.
CYOU-224 Analogical and explanatory hints about the nature of comets.
CYOU-225 Why the excessive investigations into the depths of God's creations is detrimental to God's children.
CYOU-226 The withdrawal of the divinity in the Child. The Infant's last instructions for Joseph and Cyrenius. The night's sleep. James' special grace from the Child Jesus.
CYOU-227 Joseph's worry about the morning meal. The empty pantry. Jonathan's help with a valuable load of fish.
CYOU-228 A contest of love between Joseph and Cyrenius. Joseph's unselfishness. How to recognize the true from the false servants of God.
CYOU-229 The cheerful morning meal. Joseph speaks on the goodness of the Lord. The Infant at the table. Delightful scenes between little Jesus and Cyrenius.
CYOU-230 Continuation of the childly table scene. Mary is strict with Me only out of her great love for Me!
CYOU-231 Cyrenius' gratitude, gift and words of farewell. Cyrenius stays one more day.
CYOU-232 Joseph's money box and worries about thieves. The Infant's good advice to Joseph.
CYOU-233 Joseph and his family. Domestic worries and duties. Jonathan's tremendous help through his trust in God.
CYOU-234 The governor's embarrassment due to a deputation of the foremost and noblest citizens of the city. Cyrenius invites the deputation to a meal. The curse of money.
CYOU-235 The noble company at the meal. Joseph's advice regarding the social considerations in the seating arrangement. The Infant's annoyance at the badly arranged side table. A prophetic prediction.
CYOU-236 A domestic kitchen scene and its serious consequences. The basic gospel of incarnation.
CYOU-237 A humble and heartfelt speech of the four brothers to the insulted Infant. His divine reply to His brothers.
CYOU-238 Analogical meaning of the meal. The phases of spiritual states on earth: 1. General. 2. Judaism. 3. The Greek Church. 4. The Roman Church. 5. The Christian sects.
CYOU-239 The last good fish signifies the Lord's love and His great mercy of late. The sun's inhabitants are also destined to be the children of God. A flock under the One good Shepherd.
CYOU-240 The guests become aware of the Infant. Cyrenius' disclosure. A neighbour's judgment of Joseph and his family.
CYOU-241 The malicious plan of the jealous guests. The great fire in Ostracine.
CYOU-242 Cyrenius' worry about the victims of the fire. "Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein." God is "the fairest judge" to all.
CYOU-243 Pride goes before a fall. Joseph's dignified treatment of the fire victims. Cyrenius' noble-mindedness towards the victims. Cyrenius at Jonathan's.
CYOU-244 Joseph's active charity. A real consolation in times of serious trouble. An evening visit and dinner at Jonathan's.
CYOU-245 Cyrenius prepares his ship for departure. James reminds him of the globe. Joseph's advice to Cyrenius: Act free – according to the will of the Lord. Cyrenius takes the three boys along with him.
CYOU-246 Cyrenius' request for blessings and the Infant's divine answer. Cyrenius' farewell prayer. The Infant blesses the departing persons and soothes them with the words: Where your heart is, there is your treasure, also.
CYOU-247 Joseph blesses Cyrenius. Jesus' farewell words to Cyrenius: "Having become one in love we shall always and eternally be together in spirit!" Cyrenius' departure. Joseph at Jonathan's.
CYOU-248 While fishing in the morning, Joseph and Jonathan notice an endangered ship and rescue it.
CYOU-249 The Infant's question about today's catch. The fish-loving Child's response to Joseph's reprimand: "I am at home wherever I am loved!" The big catch at the Infant's behest.
CYOU-250 Joseph returns home with Jonathan. The house is found empty and ransacked. Joseph gets very angry about this. A memorable statement by the Infant.
CYOU-251 Mary cries about the theft of all her clothes including all the table and bed linen. Jonathan's consolation and noble gesture. O mother, accept it from my heart and from my hand!" The Infant blesses Jonathan.
CYOU-252 The blessing of the Lord in the house of Joseph. The family's amazement and gratitude. James talks about the miracle of the wheat grain.
CYOU-253 The lunch of fish and honey bread. The wilful theft of the household equipment and the little bowl of the Infant. The relentlessness of the little Child against those with malicious intent.
CYOU-254 The howling clothes thieves in front of Joseph's door. The serious speech of the Infant to the thieves. The return of the clothes.
CYOU-255 Mary's inner nobility and beauty. Her pity for the thieves. To be good to your enemies and bless them is pure godliness. "Because you (Mary) have acted like God does, you are so beautiful now. For God is the highest beauty, since He is the highest love!"
CYOU-256 The power of love. Joseph's house becomes known. Joseph's wisdom embarrasses the famous and rich people of the city. The positive aftermath.
CYOU-257 Herod's death; his son Archelaus succeeds him in the government. The angel of the Lord orders Joseph to return to Israel. The wonderful preparation for the journey. Joseph hands over everything to Jonathan and asks him to come after him. The farewell.
CYOU-258 The Holy Family reaches their native country after an arduous journey. Joseph's fear and Mary's encouragement. The Lord's order to move to Nazareth. Arrival in Nazareth.
CYOU-259 A delightful evening scene on Salome's roof. Cornelius discovers the small caravan.
CYOU-260 Joel as messenger inquires about the distance to their home town. Joseph wants to sleep in the open with his family. Joseph's sons meet Salome during their search for wood and fire.
CYOU-261 The suspicions of Salome and Cornelius about the small caravan. Salome and Cornelius have a look at the gathering and recognize the Holy Family.
CYOU-262 Cornelius and Salome welcome the Holy Family. The tired travellers take up residence in their old home.
CYOU-263 Salome hands over the house and the farm to Joseph in the best condition. Joseph's embarrassment. The humility and love of Salome. Her marvellous testimonial of the Lord. A word from the Lord about love.
CYOU-264 Salome invites Joseph's family for breakfast. The favourite food of the Child Jesus. Love and joy of the Infant and Salome. "O Lord! – Who can look at you without tears in the eyes?"
CYOU-265 Cornelius reassures an anxious Joseph when the latter asks questions about the new and cruel king Archelaus.
CYOU-266 Cornelius asks if Cyrenius is aware of Joseph's departure. Joseph's answer. Cornelius explains the secret Roman letters.
CYOU-267 Cornelius asks about the miracles of the Infant. Joseph's reference to His speeches. The important words of the Infant to Cornelius.
CYOU-268 Cornelius affixes Rome's letter of privilege to Joseph's house. The Roman tax code. The Infant's promise to Cornelius.
CYOU-269 Joseph brings the whole house in order and talks with Mary about a visit to friends and relatives. The strange behaviour and peculiar words of the Infant.
CYOU-270 The earthquake under Jesus' feet frightens Joseph und Mary. Refugees from the city warn Joseph not to go further. Joseph, calmed down by James, enters the town without fear.
CYOU-271 Repentant people unwittingly bear true witness. Joseph's words to them: The Lord does not look at a torn hair shirt, "but only at the state of the heart, and the condition it is in!" Joseph is warmly welcomed in the city by his friend.
CYOU-272 Joseph tells his doctor friend about his experiences. The doctor's great sympathy and his own experiences. Joseph's anger about Archelaus. Joseph is calmed down by the Infant.
CYOU-273 The doctor's surprise and prediction about the wise little Child. The Infant's reply to Joseph. The doctor's hope for the Messiah and the Infant's correction.
CYOU-274 The Infant tests the confidence of the sick people and heals the firmly believing girl who suffers from gout.
CYOU-275 The doctor's amazement and his humble confession. The Infant calms the doctor and tells him the best (His) healing method. The doctor has faith and becomes famous far and wide through his healing work. Joseph takes the healed girl into his house.
CYOU-276 The Holy Family visits the teacher Dumas. Joseph narrates his story. The little Child with the school children.
CYOU-277 Dumas' amazement and questions concerning the Child. Joseph's Socratic-philosophical answer. Dumas' praise of the philosophers. The Infant's speech to Dumas about prophets and philosophers.
CYOU-278 Joseph considers going home. Mary's noble and womanly words. The Infant's advice and Joseph's return. The quarrel with the servants of Archelaus.
CYOU-279 The two-year discontinuance of the Infant's miracles. Jonathan's arrival from Egypt. The great joy in Joseph's house and the Infant's advice to Jonathan. Jonathan as a fisherman at the Sea of Galilee.
CYOU-280 The now five-year-old Child plays near the brook. The twelve small holes and the twelve clay sparrows. The explanation of the image. The strict Jew's offence and the Child's miracle.
CYOU-281 The onrush of those, curious about the miracle. The pampered and quarrelsome neighbour's son is punished by Jesus. The chief justice comes to judge Joseph, is threatened by the Child, and suddenly turns back.
CYOU-282 Joseph takes the Child with him on his country trip. Little Jesus is maliciously assaulted. The shepherd boy's terrible reward.
CYOU-283 Joseph's sense of propriety. The angry neighbour falls silent. The request of the shepherd boy's father – and the Child's reply.
CYOU-284 Joseph's advice to the father of the dead shepherd boy. The homecoming of Joseph and the Child. The Child's marvellous promise. "In the future, whoever accepts Me in his heart as you (Salome) have done, will also be equal to My mother, My brothers and My sisters!"
CYOU-285 The dead shepherd boy brought back to life, and his fear of the Holy Child. The father sets him right and gives Joseph and the Child a proper testimonial. The Child's love. "My love is your life in all eternity!"
CYOU-286 The false judgment on Jesus by the deceitful village judge. Joseph's intrepid response. The false witnesses. Joseph rebukes the people on account of Jesus. "Joseph, the words that you have just uttered, do not come from Me, but from you!" The judgment of the eternal Judge. The bribed judge instantly turns blind. The Child to the excited Joseph: "Why do you want to vex Me, for I am yours!?"
CYOU-287 Lusting for glory, the teacher Piras Zacchaeus wishes to have the miraculous Child in his school. Joseph advises the teacher to make a test. Jesus embarrasses the hypocritical teacher.
CYOU-288 Jesus gives Piras Zacchaeus a ray of hope about His mission. The salutary effect and Piras Zacchaeus' investigations. Jesus as 'professor of natural history': "Where is above and where is below?" "See, I have come down from above!" Where there is light - is above, but where there is night - is below!
CYOU-289 The teacher's thoughts on the Boy. Jesus warns the teacher. Jesus, a light to the heathen and a judgment to the Jews! The teacher flees.
CYOU-290 Joseph's neighbours and their children enjoy the cosy atmosphere in Joseph's house. The children on the terrace. Zeno breaks his neck in his dare-devil act. His parents' anger. The revival of the dead boy. Zeno's testimonial of Jesus. Jesus cautions Zeno: "Refrain from such games that can lead to death!" A prophetic reference to the later Judas Iscariot.
CYOU-291 The neighbours seek advice from Joseph as Cornelius' friend. Jesus warns Joseph against imprudence. Insight into the divine world government: as the people - so the government! "I am the Lord also over Rome!"
CYOU-292 The six-year-old Jesus revives Salome's servant who was killed in an accident. Jesus' instruction for the servant. Jesus shuns the praise of the people.
CYOU-293 Mary's holy jug is broken by Jesus. The girl's anxiety about that. Jesus brings the water for his mother in His small red cloak. This relic of Mary was a thorn in Jesus' side.
CYOU-294 A two-year period without miracles. Rising prices in Palestine. Joseph sows seeds even during the seventh month. The eight-year-old Jesus Himself puts the seeds in the soil. The wonderful blessing. Joseph's gratitude. Love is better than praise! The healing of the shrivelled boy.
CYOU-295 Joseph and Mary still want to entrust the almost ten-year-old Jesus to a teacher. Problems during lessons. The teacher beats the Child and thereupon becomes dumb and foolish. The Boy Jesus returns home.
CYOU-296 The second teacher at Joseph's house. The teachers' gentle obligingness. Jesus gives the teacher a test: He reads and explains about Daniel. The teacher's good testimonial of Jesus. As a reward for the teacher's sincerity, Jesus heals the first teacher.
CYOU-297 The eleven-year-old Jesus and James go out to collect wood. James is bitten by a viper and shows signs of death. James is brought back to life by Jesus. A gospel of labour. Be diligent in spiritual goods! Resuscitation of the dead boy Kephas and the dead journeyman carpenter Mallas. The doctrine: "Envy always ends in death!"
CYOU-298 Brief description of the temple scene of the twelve-year-old Jesus by His brother James. Jesus withdraws Himself completely until the wedding in Cana.
CYOU-299 Jesus, the divine being. The relationship between the humanity and divinity within Himself.
CYOU-300 Jesus' life and inner struggles from His twelfth to His thirtieth year. Hints and examples to achieve reincarnation as the condition for eternal and blessed life. Concluding remark and blessing of the Lord.