The Father & The Son are One

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July 28, 2006 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Who can know the glory of The Lord? Who can measure His mercies? Who has known the thoughts of His heart? Who has seen the majesty of His vesture or known the likeness of His being?….

Behold the power and glory from on high, the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father of His beloved, The Son of Man, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Lo, He comes in the likeness of The Father, His Father and your Father, your God and His God… The Father and The Son are One… The likeness of which none can approach, the glory of The Lord God, Creator of all things, Heaven and earth. For the earth is filled with His glory! His majesty assaults you on every side…

Embrace Me now, says The Lord of Hosts.

Thus says The Lord to His children… I have spoken it… It shall be done. I have purposed it… It shall be accomplished. The Kingdom shall be established in a day!

Thus says The Lord your God, The Lord of all power and glory… I shall tear down all these temples made with human hands. I shall destroy and deliver. I shall punish and forgive. I shall judge and exalt. I shall destroy these temples made with human hands. I shall destroy them for My own sake. I shall destroy them, even every one, for My name’s sake and Namesake. I shall root them out and burn them with fire unquenchable.

Thus says The Lord in a loud voice… It shall be done. I shall destroy them. I shall destroy them all! Says The Lord. No more shall they stand. No more shall these abominations stand desecrating My holy place, even corrupting the hearts of the temples I created by My own hands. For I do love My temples, these beloved temples, made by My own Right Hand in fragile flesh. Oh, how I do love My children. Oh, how I long to gather them. Come, My beloved little ones, return to your Father who loves you. Return to Me… Embrace the Carpenter. He is your Master, your Savior, your Life. Embrace My love and mercy, live in My love. Let Me hold you, let Me comfort you… Live in My Son. In Him is peace, the joy of My heart… Your joy fulfilled in Him, in Me. The Father and The Son are One. Break not My heart… Break not My commandments anymore.

Hear the voice of The Lord, your Redeemer… Embrace My Son, He is among you. He has not left you, though you do not behold His face… He IS with you…

The face of your Redeemer, the love of which you have never known, The face of the majesty of the One and Only True God, The God of all, The Holy One of Israel. Hear Me! My children… I AM GOD! I am the God of Israel! I am coming!… I am already here! Behold, I am come with the power of My Right Hand, The power of My Mighty and Strong One!

Thus says The Lord… Behold, you shall kneel. I shall take back the throne of My glory. The Son of the Most High shall sit upon the throne of His mercy and His judgment. Hear Him! For I shall surely take from the earth all those, even all those who have ears to hear. For these will see His face and hear the voice of The Holy One, the voice of their Redeemer and the trumpet call of God. They shall surely be caught up… Yea, to the third Heaven is where they shall abide… Even those asleep and those awake, who have been awakened from their living slumber.

Thus says The Lord to the dead, the walking dead and the yet living slumberers… Woe, I say to you. You are given up to judgment, the judgment of this world and punishments of The Lord Most High. The stage is set, and judgment must now reign. The wrath of God has come! Says The Lord in His anger.

But first, salvation of many… In mercy, through Mercy, because of My Mercy I had sent to them. The Shepherd comes… He shall gather His flock and judgment shall sit. The Book will be opened, the seals broken. The Lion shall come….

Woe to the haughty and high-minded…. Woe to the hard-hearted…. Woe to the worshippers of satan and his false prophet…. Woe to the people of violence…. Woe to the northern lands…. Woe to the people of the rising sun and the kings of the east…. Woe to all people, who come against My people and My lands…. Woe to any man, who does not kiss The Son…

His anger is kindled against you… It is not a small chalice, but a great cup of indignation… It shall be poured out. The Lamb is the Lion… The Savior is the Judge. Woe to the peoples of the earth… The time has come… The consummation of all things… Call out His name!