The First of Many

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The Lord elucidates… The first Harvest of Many is finished… The Lowly of the Lowly taken

June 21, 2010 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For a Sister in Christ and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked during study, regarding this quote from The Lord… ‚Turn now from the churches for it is finished; the bride is prepared and shall soon be taken out from among them‘ – Is this only the people in the churches, or everyone? Because I was thinking of others that don’t go to church, just some random person, they could repent and turn to The Lord today, and be raptured tomorrow… Right? (If the Rapture happened tomorrow)

This is what The Lord says… Beloved, you have seen well, yet only as one who abides in the world, while having blurred vision… No one can see as The Lord sees, nor are you able to look upon the heart. Those prepared and bundled will be taken, both the first and the second of My harvest… Yet of the first, it is finished…

My bride is prepared and awaits My hand… And lo, My hand is indeed proceeding forth, even as My voice calls to her already.

Behold, I tell you a wonderful thing… Your children know already, and have heard, and in their dreams they reach toward Heaven, with arms outstretched… They know Me… And long to return to the place, from which they came and has always been theirs. In the same way, all My children of the first harvest, though they have come of age, know Me, and stretch forth their hands… Some running, while others are just now standing up. Behold, even those in the grave will soon reach forth and fly away.

Therefore, the first of many is finished… The lowly, of the lowly, will be taken… Every person, in whom I see of Myself, and every innocent child, in whom I dwell, having never departed… Behold, even the mentally handicapped shall be taken, and made whole in an instant, to the glory of The Father!

Therefore, trust in Me, and believe My words also, though you can only see in part and your understanding is restrained. Believe in ME! Trust in MY ways, for the will of The Father is manifest through Me. And I am that Light, which is shown in the darkness, yet remains apart from the world… For I am set apart in glory, even as The Father is set apart in glory, the power of which has no limits and has always been… Even from everlasting to everlasting, I AM… From which I have also loved you.

Even everyone, who will come to Me, is come already, and will yet come running… For those, made for Me, were created in My image, and can in no wise depart… For they remain with Me, always, where I am… For I AM, and you are in life because of Me, and My life has no end.

You do not understand now what I am saying, but you will later… Even very soon now… For that, which is of Myself, must now return to Me… And where I am will you also find love’s completion, for there is no love apart from Me. Even as The Father and The Son can in no wise be divided, in the same way, neither shall any, who are Mine, ever be divided from Me…

I AM THE SOURCE OF LIFE!… Nothing exists apart from Me! And if nothing can exist apart from Me… Yea, nothing can be outside The Father or His will… Then why, I ask you, do you fear, as though I am not able at this very moment, to set in order ALL things which the Father had ordained from the beginning?…

I AM THE LORD OVER ALL CREATION! And if I am Lord over all things, then I shall surely do everything, which is in My heart to do, concerning My beloved… For they are the heart of My heart… My breath is in them… Behold, they are living souls, made after the kind in which they were created… I AM HE…