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The Scriptures, given by the Lord, describe the bad spiritual condition of a soul as hell, which is roughly divided in three different levels, whereby the lowest hell is the most desperate and inescapable one. A local hell - in the material sense - does not exist, but since matter actually is banned spirit, there is a visible connection, whose bad or evil activity can be felt even in the material world.

Basically are images of hell, that originate from individual visions of bad conditions of souls, responsible for our pictorial concept of it. The following collection of scriptures contain many horror scenarios. It shows, that the depictions are completely right, but their interpretation is mistaken without the Lord's Wisdom.

The hellish conditions are real - and to escape hell ist theoretically easy... Love God above all and your neighbor as yourself - then, the portals of hell will not be able to overpower us. Practically, we are talking about the primary goal of a human life here...

Collection of Statements from the Lord:

EARTH-1 - The center of gravity of the Earth (Jacob Lorber, December 28, 1846)

9. What does the center of gravity of the Earth look like? Is it a rock full of diamonds, or iron, or perhaps a magnet? Or is it a hollow space, filled with an eternal, inextinguishable fire of which, perhaps, the volcanic mountains scattered over the Earth are but the chimneys? Of course, none of this is true.

GGJ01-205 - The nature of love (Jacob Lorber)

205,7. Of course, the divine, true love differs from the hellish one quite considerably in so far as divine love is also on the prowl as is the hellish one, but it returns it all again. It only gathers for the sake of returning, whereas hellish love robs only for its own benefit and will not surrender anything.

24th Sermon of Jesus… - The Proper Supplication (Gottfried Mayerhofer, March 19, 1872)

I could tell you of so many things that are prayed for! One wants money, the other health, the third success in his venture, the forth complains that death has caused losses in his family, the fifth wishes to see his children in luxury and a life of pleasure rush headlong towards hell, and so on. But none of them considers that with the granting of the prayer the spiritual welfare of those involved would often considerably suffer. They do not take into account that suffering and misfortune are the corner-stones which form obstacles to the staggering ones when they indulge in worldly activities and tend to completely ignore spiritual progression.

Trompet Call of God, Vol. 2 - Seek first your own Salvation - Regarding the Mark of the Beast (July 7, 2005)

Why, O peoples of the earth, do you make shackles, And then secure them about your own feet?! I tell you the truth, you are all captives, Slaves to your own evil thoughts and desires!…

Therefore, forsake all this madness and return to Me! Call on My name in sincerity and truth, and you shall truly be free! For I hold all the keys; even over death and Sheol do I have complete authority!…

Matthew 5:27 - Bible, Gospel of Matthew

27 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’
28 But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
29 If your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.
30 And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and cast it from you; for it is more profitable for you that one of your members perish, than for your whole body to be cast into hell.

For spiritual explanations see next section ...

GGJ01-42 - The Sermon on the Mount clearly explained by Nathanael (Jacob Lorber)

42,4. Continues Nathanael: ‘Well, since you as one versed in the Scripture know that why then do you call the Lord a fool because according to the Scripture He opens His mouth in parables? You may, of course, implore the Lord for a light to help you understand them, but not call Him a fool if you do not understand His allegorical speech, since you are still ignorant in such divine matters.

42,5. See, all things in nature have their order and can exist only in their specific order. Thus have also the things of the spirit their specific order, beyond which they cannot exist nor be imagined or expressed in words. However, between the natural and the spiritual things, since the former have gone forth from the latter, there is and exists an exact correspondence which, of course, only the Lord knows in all detail.

42,6. Thus, when the Lord tells us – who are all still within the fixed order of natural existence – of purely spiritual things, He can do so only by using images. To be able to understand these properly, we must strive to awaken our spirit through observing God’s commandments. Once this awakening has taken place, openly then shall we understand all that the Lord has said and revealed in such a corresponding parable, and that is wherein his divine Word will forever differ from our human word.

42,7. But now pay good attention. What the eye is to the natural man, is to the spirit the ability to view the divine and heavenly things, which alone suit the nature of the spirit for its most blessed, everlasting existence.

42,8. However, since the spirit, according to the most necessary divine order, has to be for a certain time imprisoned in the matter of the flesh of this world, so that it may become firm in its freedom and almost total independence of God without which it would never be able to see God, let alone exist in, beside and with God - (but when the spirit is maturing within matter and becoming firm in freedom and independence of God, it is exposed to the quite unavoidable danger of being swallowed up by matter and perishing together with it, from which death is an awakening to life in God and must be extremely hard and painful) – the Lord said, not to the physical man, of course, but to the spiritual man: “If your eye offends you, tear it out and fling it away, for it is better to enter the Heavens with one eye, than Hell with both,” which is to say as much as: If you find the light of the world too tempting, make an effort and turn away from such a light, which would draw you into the death of matter. Deprive yourself as spirit of the empty gratification that enjoyment of the world can offer and turn with your soul to the purely heavenly things, for it is better for you to enter the realm of eternal life without much worldly knowledge than be swallowed up by the death of matter – too worldly wise on the one hand and too little spiritually wise on the other hand.

42,9. If the Lord here spoke of two eyes, hands and feet, He thereby did not mean the two eyes and the two hands and feet of the body, but only the obviously dual ability of the spirit to see, act and progress. He does not warn the flesh, which has no life, but the spirit not to concern itself with the world, when it feels too much attracted to it. In that case it is better to enter eternal life without knowledge of the world than be in the end swallowed up by the necessary judgment of the world because of too much worldly knowledge.

42,10. The spirit shall, of course, also see the world and get to know it, but it shall not take pleasure in it. Once it begins to feel that the world attracts it, it should promptly turn away from the world as danger is already threatening. See, this necessary turning away is expressed by the corresponding picture of the tearing out of an eye and He who is able to give us such an appropriate image must surely be well-versed in all man’s spiritual and material circumstances. In my opinion, this could be possible only to Him through whose power, love and wisdom all things spiritual and material have been created. I think you will now have understood me and realize how flagrantly you have sinned against the One who carries yours as well as all our lives in His almighty hand.’

EARTH-40 - The activity of the spirits in the interior of the Earth (Jacob Lorber, March 1, 1847)

1. Our description of the natural Earth showed how the Earth, as a living organic being, takes on nutritive liquids and then distributes them through the different organs to the surface while passing coarser, indigestible waste to the South Pole as excrement. The nourishment of the Earth appears to the human eye as material, but, in accordance with her being, she is, like all matter, spiritual. Countless spirits and spiritual specifica of the better kind constantly penetrate to the interior of the Earth, whence the most malicious spirits are banished.

2. This penetration has a manifold purpose. First of all, the souls and the spirits of evil human beings are banished there and condemned, as the saying goes, “to an eternal hellish imprisonment.” The mutineers that are contrary to the divine order must be kept in deep and fast custody. And this is done after many thousands of attempts for their betterment have failed; their imprisonment has resulted so that they will be unable to disrupt the divine order.

3. The second reason why spirits and spiritual specifica penetrate to the interior of the Earth is because there are lower spirits that have become enlightened and now have the ardent desire to regain their freedom. These spirits are liberated from their imprisonment in an orderly manner by the good spirits and are led up to greater freedom, where they are employed in a new activity.

4. First, they must put in order the primordial psychic specifica of poisonous plants and poisonous animals for the purpose of the growth of these, since they themselves still contain something evil. The poisonous plants and animals thereby receive the shape and nature which is theirs in accordance with the order. These spirits will be employed to supervise better plants and animals, provided they do not fail in this first task. Should they fail, however, and send harmful specifica forth into animals and human beings instead of plants – by which epidemics come into being – they will be released from this task and returned, in most restricted confinement, into the Earth. There they will be occupied with the formation of metals and stones. This work is, of course, much harder and more wearisome.

5. A release from these circumstances will occur only after many years, when such a spirit has faithfully carried out the task he was ordered to do for the benefit of the deliverance of the souls held captive in matter.

Loveletters from Jesus - After the Rapture... Demons, Aliens, Volcanoes and Hell expanded - Part 6 (March 8, 2015)

“Getting back to volcanoes. I have targeted the areas of the world that deal in human trafficking, drug running, and gross injustices against mankind. Earthquakes and volcanoes will take many lives and destroy much. It is not My wish to see any suffering in humanity, but you have no idea the atrocities against mankind these areas are involved in. The blood of their slain cries out to Me from the Earth. I will not delay, I will bring justice.”

“Also these volcanoes are entrances to the underworld, direct channels to the bowels of Hell, and as Hell fills up, the Earth expands. This is no private thought of yours, I have given you this understanding, it came from Me.”

Loveletters from Jesus - Jesus speaks about the coming Hell on Earth (December 13, 2014)

I turned the music off to sit with Him and He began… “Hell on Earth. Literally, hell on Earth. Not to be believed beyond any horror movie Hollywood could dream up or invent. No one knows the gravity of what’s coming; so many left by the wayside.” ...

“Just take it very seriously. Very, very, very seriously. The living will envy the dead. What this evil and wicked generation has bought into is a complete lie. What they have been sold is a bill of goods. There is no resemblance to the reality that is to fall upon them. They do not realize they are being used by Satan for their own destruction. It is fitting in their greed that they, too, should perish in the plagues and pestilences that they have given birth to on the Earth. It is fitting that they should be swallowed up in liquid fire in their lush and extravagant underground cities. It is so fitting.”

“Nonetheless, I did not bring man onto the Earth for such a time as this. Never, never did I plan this desolation for them, but because of their arrogance and rebellion, they’ve been given over to the father of lies – and he has done his job well. They are expecting a Brave New World of super-intelligent, super-elegant living. Rather they shall die in their fiery graves along with many of the deceivers. Do you understand? When I return, there will be utter chaos? There will be monstrosities of nature that will have to be slain in order to safeguard the Earth.

GGJ01-75 - Dealing with criminals (Jacob Lorber)

75,1. Says Simon Peter: ‘Yes, Lord, we have indeed understood it profoundly; yet this thing has its drawback in that, in my opinion and in line with Your teaching, if all punishment is to be abolished, then the transgressors would soon multiply like the grass on Earth and sand in the sea. Wherever a law is given it has to be sanctioned with a corresponding punishment, or it should be as good as no law at all. Or can a law prevail without sanction?’

75,2. I said: ‘My dear Peter, here you judge like one blind judges the color of light. Go and look at the zoos of the dignitaries; there you shall see all kinds of animals: tigers, lions, panthers, hyenas, wolves and bears. If such beasts were not kept in powerful cages, what life should be safe in the vicinity? But what folly to cage also the gentle lambs and pigeons?

75,3. Hell of course requires most severe laws, coupled with the most painful sanctions, but My kingdom, which is Heaven, requires neither law, let alone any sanction.’

75,4. I have not come to educate you for Hell through the sanctioned severity of the law, but for Heaven through love, meekness and truth. If I now liberate you from the law by My new teaching from the Heavens, showing you the new path through the heart to the true, everlasting freest life, who do you want to live always judge and condemned under the law without considering that it is better to die a thousand times bodily in the freedom of love than to walk in the death of the law just for one day?

75,5. It goes without saying that thieves, robbers and murderers must be caught and imprisoned, for they are like the wild, ferocious beasts that as images of Hell live in holes of the Earth, day and night on the lurk for prey. To properly hunt for these is even a duty for the angels in Heaven, but no one shall destroy them. They must be kept imprisoned to be calmed and tamed, and only in cases of violent resistance shall they be wounded and, if quite unyielding, their body may also be slain, for then a dead Hell is better than a live one.

75,6. But whoever will go on to judge and put to death an imprisoned thief, robber and murderer will once have to face My wrath, for the more severely men judge and punish their offenders, the more cruel, careful, furtive and hard the still free criminals will become, and when they break into a house at night they will not only take whatever they find, but will also murder and destroy all who could betray them.

75,7. If, however, you abolish the severe judgment and wisely suggest to all people to give the one who should ask someone for a shirt also the coat, then thieves would still come to you asking for this and that, but they will not rob or murder.

75,8. Once men will out of true love for their brothers and sisters, resulting from their love for Me, cease to amass the transient goods of this Earth and instead imitate Me, then there will soon no longer be any thieves, let alone robbers and murderers.

75,9. Whoever thinks that through severe laws and increasingly harsher judgment all offenders will eventually be eliminated is grossly mistaken. Hell has never yet lacked those. What use is it to you to kill a devil if instead of the one killed Hell sends ten, each of whom is worse than ten of the previous kind would have been? If the evil one when he comes finds that he is opposed again by evil, he becomes enraged and turns into a complete Satan, but if he finds nothing but love, meekness and patience, he desists from his evil act and continues on his way.

75,10. When a lion sees a tiger or another enemy approaching him, he soon gets enraged, leaps at him with all force and destroys his enemy, but he will allow a weak little dog to play with him and becomes quite gentle. And if a fly comes and settles on his strong paws, he will hardly look at it and let it fly away unhindered, for to catch gnats and flies is beneath a lion. That will also be every powerful enemy’s attitude towards you unless you oppose him with force.

75,11. Therefore, you should rather bless your enemies than catch, judge and imprison them, and you will gather live coals over their heads and thus prevent them from harming you.

75,12. With love, meekness and patience you will succeed everywhere, but if you judge and condemn people, who notwithstanding their blindness are still your brothers, you will, instead of the blessing of the gospel, sow only curse and discord among men on this Earth.

GGJ01-125 - The trust of Matthew the tax-collector (Jacob Lorber)

125,12. ‘See,’ say I thereto, ‘thus acts a righteous person in this world and does not complain that God abandoned him. And so it has always been and eternally shall be!

125,13. If a person trusts in God, he is trusted also by God who does not forsake him and does not let him be confounded. But those who like you do believe in God’s existence, but do not fully trust Him because their own heart tells them that they are unworthy of His help, are not helped by God either, for they have no trust in God. They trust only their own powers and means, which they regard as holy and inviolable as it were, and say: “Man, if you wish to be helped, help yourself, for charity begins at home and thus you have to look after yourself first.” And by the time he has provided for himself, the one who needs help has perished.

125,14. But I say: If you provide for yourselves first, you are abandoned by God and are without His blessing and His otherwise so certain help. For God did not create men for selfish reasons, but out of pure love and, therefore, men must in everything fully correspond to the love that gave them their existence.

125,15. If, however, you live and act without love and trust in God, you voluntarily reverse the heavenly element within you into a hellish one, turn away from God and become servants of Hell, which in the end will not fail to give you the reward you have deserved, which is death in the wrath of God.

125,16. You also state that the Essenes, who live in accordance with Pythagoras’ school, are not with all their philanthropy, given any regard, other than by a few Romans.

125,17. I don’t have any regard for them either, because they don’t acknowledge the immortality of the soul, yet the meanest among them is better than the best among you.

Loveletters from Jesus - Jesus explains... Everything seems Business as usual (April 7, 2015)

“What I want to say is that you mustn’t grieve over those who are left behind, no, this is their destiny because they chose to live in that layer of isolation where everything was provided by their own hand, where success was the entire focus of their lives. Yes, they chose this, and the world being such as it is, left them blind and naked before Me. And this I allowed to save their souls, for without it, well, Hell is filling up. They are not all bad people, just Godless, with no need for God. It is My act of mercy that their world comes crashing to an end. It is My love for them that allows such catastrophe. Only nakedness will bring them to Me, hungry for comfort and truth.”

GGJ01-139 -A promise to the faithful (Jacob Lorber)

139,9. Truly I tell you: whoever seeks the life of this world, and also easily finds it, shall lose life eternal and on judgment day, following the shedding of his body, I shall not awaken him to everlasting life, but cast him into Hell for eternal death.

139,10. But he who does not seek worldly life, even shuns and despises it out of true, pure love for Me, shall find eternal life, for I shall awaken him immediately after the death of his body, i.e. on his judgment day, or the first day of his new life in the spirit-world, and shall lead him into My Eternal Kingdom and adorn his head with the crown of eternal, immortal wisdom and love and he will then rule forever with Me and all the angels of eternal, infinite Heaven over all the material and spirit world.’

GGJ01-152 - The spirit world (Jacob Lorber)

152,8. It is extraordinary. One can of a truth deal and converse with these beings as with the like of us. But what astonishes me is that among so many spirits, of whom I personally recognize some very well, there is to be seen no patriarch, prophet nor king.’

152,9. I said: ‘My dear friend and brother, these are alive in the spirit world just as truly as these, but in order for them to not be accorded a kind of divine adoration by the millions upon millions of spirits, they are kept isolated from the other spirits in a special location called the Limbo , where they wait in their expectation of being, in this very time, freed by Me and then installed in the Heavens of the primordial dwelling place of My angels – which also shall indeed take place shortly.

152,10. Besides that however these spirits of the patriarchs, prophets and righteous kings constitute a kind of watch between Hell proper and the world of spirits, to prevent Hell from darkening, polluting and leading them astray.

152,11. Satan indeed from time to time is permitted to walk abroad in the natural world to cause mischief, but entry to this spirit world is blocked off to all devils everlastingly. Because where life proper has taken its actual inception, death remains far away forever. 'Satan', 'Devil' and Hell are judgment and therefore death itself and have therefore nothing further to do in the Kingdom of life. Do you really understand this?’

TrompetCall of God - Evil blotted out… Righteousness reigns (July 20, 2009)

Now hear My words and gain wisdom, for thus says The Lord… If in My Word, as it was written in the beginning by My chosen people, there was no trace of this doctrine of hell and eternal torment, as it is commonly spoken of amongst the churches of men, how has it now come to be in the New Covenant Scriptures? Again, I say to you, consider and pray, and seek My face by He who alone is the image of The Invisible God; for only through The Son shall the true nature of The Father be revealed.

My children, be wise and vigilant; do not be deceived. For I tell you the truth, from the beginning satan was a deceiver and a murderer; he has never been on the side of truth. From the beginning he sought to ensnare My people, saying, “You will not surely die.” And still to this day, the lie is widely spoken of and accepted, even fiercely defended by the churches of men for the sake of pride. For they uphold the lie, teaching that whether one believes and accepts The Son, or whether one forbears and rejects The Life, all have eternal life in Heaven or in hell… BELIEVE THEM NOT! See with greater eyes, for I do not change! I do not grant eternal life to the wicked in any form, nor shall the evil of heart see everlasting life! Their existence shall be taken from them; they shall surely be blotted out! There is no life in death, nor is there torment in My vesture, nor did it enter My mind!

Beloved, the churches of men speak foolishness, And their leaders teach doctrines of devils!…

GGJ01-167 - Beware of tempting women (Jacob Lorber)

167,4. Therefore I advise, but do not wish to make this advice a command:

167,5. If someone looks for a wife, let him make sure that the maiden he woos does not bedeck her body, except cleanses it with water which is needed for the body’s health, and does not bear an immodest face in the street, which does not befit a woman, and does not parade her attractions, but is in every way modest, has her body well covered with a linen garment and in winter with undyed cloths from sheep’s wool, also does not talk much nor boast as if she possessed something, for it is most beneficial for a woman if she possesses nothing but what is absolutely necessary. Such a maiden is then also worthy of a man, and you shall woo her. But I tell you: avoid like a carrion a maiden who is rich, bedecked, wears clothes with striking colors, bears an immodest expression in the street, likes to be greeted by the rich and distinguished, but says to the poor: “Just look at the smelly beggars.”

167,6. Such a maiden is a true image, on a small scale, of enticing Hell, and who woos such a one commits a gross sin against the divine order and may reckon with it that such a woman, who on Earth hardly ever changes her ways, if she dies before her husband, will – even if he was a righteous man and had loved his wife very much for her earthly attractions – draw him into Hell for at least a very lengthy period.

167,7. For in the same way that such a woman used on this Earth tricks to catch herself the man her lewdness had chosen, she will – only a thousand times more destructive – in the beyond come to meet her following husband with all imaginable charm and draw him into her hellish nest. And it will be most difficult for the husband to extricate himself from his wife’s influence.

167,8. Therefore, keep that in mind and let the one who woos get first will acquainted with his bride and examine all aspects, so that he does not instead of winning an angel become encumbered with a devil of whom it will not be easy to rid himself.

167,9. I have clearly shown you the distinguishing marks. Do heed the warning and you will succeed here and in the beyond. I do not actually give you this as a commandment that is to bind you, but only, as already mentioned, as good advice which will be most beneficial to you and all vain women in particular, if heeded.

167,10. For the one among you who will reprimand a vain and cunningly seductive woman to make her realize her wicked folly shall once in Heaven be richly rewarded.

167,11. Therefore, turn your eyes away from a tempting woman, for such a woman is secretly without knowing it in league with Satan and unconsciously serves him in his seductive designs.

167,12. If anyone of you wishes to see Satan in his worst form, let him look at an adorned whore or a decorated woman and he has seen Satan in his for a man most dangerous form.

167,13. When Satan comes as a dragon and spits war, famine and pestilence over the Earth, he is least dangerous to men, for in their misery men turn to God and begin to do penance, thereby avoiding Hell and its judgment.

167,14. However, when Satan clothes his dragon in the light-garment of an angel, he is most dangerous to the by nature sensually inclined man, just as if a ravening wolf came among the sheep in a sheepskin. If the wolf comes to the sheep as a wolf, they flee in all directions confusing the death-bringer, so that he stops and ponders after which sheep to run and finally has to leave without prey. If, however, he comes in a sheepskin, the sheep do not flee, but on the contrary happily welcome the new sheep that has joined them, which is a wolf that mangles the entire flock without a single sheep fleeing from it.

167,15. Look this instruction and this advice you should, therefore, keep in your hearts as a shrine and strictly stick to it as if I had given you a commandment. Then your marriages will have the blessing from Heaven, otherwise the curse from Hell.

GGJ01-168 - The holy Word, the world and mankind (Jacob Lorber)

168,1. Here a Pharisee steps up closer to Me and says: ‘Lord and Master, this all is very nice, good and true and not capable of contradiction. But if men do not gather all those materials which the Earth offers them so abundantly, to process them skillfully, then the Earth shall be like a desert and there shall be no sign of any culture. Do there not have to be dwellings and schools of all kinds? Take that away and mankind shall in the shortest time be reduced to a condition like animals. Therefore, the world cannot be set aside, so long as one is an inhabitant of matter?’

168,2. I said: ‘Your schools are fit for killing all spirit in the tender feelings of children already and therefore their complete disintegration would do no harm, for verily I say unto you: if your teacher be the world, what do you want to learn from it spiritually?

168,3. He who is not taught by God in his heart remains in the night of the world, and the light of life shall remain remote from him eternally.

168,4. But he who is not shone upon by the true light of life emanating from God is dead, were he to have learned from the world all the wisdom of the angels. How long shall it serve him?

168,5. Therefore remain in Me and I shall remain in you, and the wisdom of the Heavens shall eternally fill your hearts. Do you grasp and understand this?’

168,6. When the Pharisee had received such instruction out of My mouth, he spoke gravely and with a serious countenance: ’O great, holy and vivid truth, how glorious, how great are you. How happy all men could be on Earth if they were imbued with such holy truth and adjusted their life-style accordingly. But, o Lord, an immense “but”, so long as one drop of this Earth remains, or the Earth is inhabited by men, there shall be among them greed, envy, meanness, arrogance and the all-destructive domineering, – all those things from the bottom of Hell. And upon such ground this truth, undoubtedly from the Heavens, shall nevertheless never take root and will be persecuted to the last letter by the thousands times thousands of Hell’s disciples. Of what use then such celestial wisdom? To expect fruit fit for Heaven, the greatest part of mankind has to be eradicated from the Earth and a new one put on Earth and brought up in this truth from the cradle on, but the way mankind is right now, it is too evil for Hell, not to mention for such truths from the highest Heavens.

168,7. Even if You intended founding a small community, which is to endure and grow within this heavenly wisdom and truth, it nevertheless shall everywhere find itself among voracious wolves who, if not able to harm it spiritually, nevertheless shall constantly harass and intimidate it physically, and it shall never be able to maintain itself in its purity. And who but God knows what, after lengthy periods, the descendants of the pure communities shall look like?

168,8. Men are and shall remain men. Angels today, devils tomorrow. And therefore even the best are not to be trusted.

168,9. Did not Jehovah of a truth visibly lead the children out of Egypt? They saw Him day and night. In the desert where He gave them the commandments He fed them miraculously for 40 years. There it rained wonders upon wonders. Look up history and then glance at the present life, religions and social condition, and see the erstwhile children of God, and no trace shall be found of what they once were.

168,10. This is why I say and maintain, without wishing to pre-empt Your love and wisdom: what everlasting waste for such wisdom and deeds of Yours, because they shall never be worthy of them. Fire and brimstone from Heaven yes, of that they are worthy, but not everlastingly of such grace. I speak thus, confident of no betrayer lurking here. But once we get down there again, I shall be silent as a graveyard. Tell me, o Lord and Master, am I right? Is it thus or not.’

168,11. I said: ‘Terrestrially you are quite right. It is so and shall also become so. But all this must not hold Me back from proclaiming to the world the truth from the Heavens.

168,12. Because if the world is to be judged, then it has to be first given that which of itself shall judge and must judge it, namely: the truth from the Heavens, which now is coming through Me into the world and shall remain so, even if persecuted.

168,13. Your opinion is a good one and right in respect of the evil world, but most exceptional relationships prevail between God and the men of this Earth, known by none save the Father alone and he to whom the Father reveals it.

Trumpet Call of God - The Day of Slaughter, the Day of Glory (May 2, 2007)

Therefore, come out all you mockers! Step forward, every scoffer! Strike down My messengers, if you are able! Kill My prophets, if you have no fear of God in your hearts! Come against them, in your false righteous anger!… Come, says The Lord! COME! And you shall be broken in pieces! You shall be brought VERY low!… Abased in My hot anger, then lifted up because of My mercy.

And you, O wicked, true concubines of satan, even you wicked vipers who do shake your fists at Heaven and spit at The King, The Holy One… Come and hiss at My chosen, the redeemed from among men, the firstfruits to My glory in Christ, and you shall be brought down to hell!… Which is death and the grave. For from the dust had I formed you, you broken vessels of great dishonor, and to the dust shall you return!

Thus is the eternal state of My punishment, thus is the punishment by My own hand… Destruction of the wicked in the lake that burns, consumed in an instant, gone from My presence for eternity. Darkness, outer darkness, nothingness is your reward, and you shall never even know you had received it or received it not. You shall know nothing, nor shall you have ANY part in life. It is taken from you and shall never again be granted to you… Your inheritance is lost.

GGJ02-8 - About the Kingdom of heaven (Jacob Lorber)

8,4. Say I, 'Well, My dear friend, the actual true Kingdom of God for the true friends of God is everywhere, but nowhere for the enemies of God; because for these in turn, everything is hell, where you can and want to cast your eyes, and other senses. Below and above, all is the same. Look neither up to the stars, for they are all earths like the one you tread, nor sink your eyes down to the earth, because it is under judgement like your flesh, which once must die and decay! But instead, seek diligently within your heart; there you shall find what you are seeking. For into every man‘s heart is cast the living seed, from which the eternal dawn of eternal life shall bloom.

8,5. Behold, the space within which this earth floats, as well as the big sun, the moon and the countless stars, which themselves in turn are again nothing but suns and earths, is limitless! You could, with the speed of thought leave this earth and continue at such speed in a straight line - yet rushing along at such speed for eternities upon eternities, then after many eternities of flying at the speed of thought, you would yet come nowhere near to the end! Yet you would encounter everywhere creations of the rarest and most wonderful nature, filling and enlivening endless space everywhere.

8,6. After death of your body, through your heart you will step into the infinite space of God, and according to the state of your heart you will encounter it as either heaven or hell!

8,7. Since nowhere there exists a separately created heaven, nor a separately created hell, for everything comes out of the heart of man; and thus everyone prepares for himself either heaven or hell in his heart, depending on whether his actions are good or bad, and as he believes, wants and acts, he will live his believe, out of which his will was nourished and passed into action.

8,8. Let everyone examine the inclinations of his heart, and he will easily discover what kind of spirit prevails in his heart. If his inclinations draw the heart and its love towards the world and he feels within him a longing to become great and respected in the world, if the heart that is inclined to become proud feels discomfort with poor mankind and has the urge within to dominate others without having been chosen and anointed for it by God, the seed of hell is already lying in the heart and, if not overcome and nipped in the bud, will obviously prepare for such a person nothing but hell after the death of his body.

8,9. However, if a man‘s heart is full of humility and he feels happy to be the least among men, to serve all and disregard his own self because of his love for his brothers and sisters; if he willingly obeys his superiors in all things for the benefit of his brothers and love God above all, then in his heart the heavenly seed grows to a true and eternally living heaven. And this man, who thus has already all heaven in abundance in his heart, which is filled with true faith, the purest hope and love, can after the death of his body not possibly get anywhere else but to the Kingdom of God which he has already carried in his heart in all its abundance for a long time. - If you think this over you will easily comprehend what heaven and hell are really all about.'

GGJ02-9 - The Lord depicts the nature of heaven and hell in parables (Jacob Lorber)

9,1. Say I: 'So pay attention, because it matters to Me that you go home seeing!

9,2. Behold, two persons are living in a house. One is satisfied with everything that he with the sweat of his brow draws from the soil with God‘s blessing. Happy and serene, he enjoys the meagre yield of his hard work, and it is his greatest joy to share his laboriously gained supplies with his still poorer brothers. When a hungry one comes to him, it gives him pleasure to feed him. He never asks him with a vexed heart about the cause of his poverty and does not forbid him to return if he should be hungry again.

9,3. He does not grumble at the order of earthly governments and when he has to pay taxes, he says always as Job did: 'Lord, You gave it to me, it is all Yours! What You have given, You can take away again at any time. Your always alone holy will be done.'

9,4. In short, nothing can disturb this man in his serenity as well as in his love and trust in God and hence in his love for his earthly brothers. Anger, envy, strife, hate and pride are for him alien notions.

9,5. His brother, however, is the most discontented person. He does not believe in a God and says: 'God is an empty concept by which people denote the top grade of earthly heroes. Only a very stupid man can be happy in poverty just as the animals that have no reason or intelligence are happy as long as they are barely provided with what their dumb and dull instinct demands. A man, however, who with his intellect has raised himself high above the animal, can no longer be satisfied with the low fare of pigs, must not burrow in the earth with his own hands destined for something better - which befits only animals and slaves - but one must reach for the sword, strive to become a mighty general and enter through triumphal arches the great cities of the world which one has conquered. The ground must tremble under the hoofs of the charger which, decorated with gold and gems, proudly carries the mighty commander-in-chief of the troops.

9,6. A man with such a disposition then deplores his scanty existence, in his heart curses poverty and thinks of ways and means how to acquire great treasures and riches in order to realise his tyrannical ideas with their help.

9,7. He has only contempt for his contented brother and loathes every even poorer man. He shows not even a trace of mercy which he regards as a ridiculous attribute of cowardly slaves and society-apes. Only generosity befits man - but that as rarely as possible. When a poor man comes to him, he lets abuse fly at him saying: 'Go away, you lazy beast, you greedy monster with the ragged mask of a man! Work, you animal, if you want a feed! Go to that miserable brother of my body but never of my sublime spirit. He being himself a common beast of burden works for the likes of him and is as merciful as a society-ape. I am just generous and shall on this occasion still grant you your most miserable life.'

9,8. Behold, these two brothers, children of one father and one mother, live together in one house. The first is an angel, the other almost a complete devil. To the first the scantiest hut is heaven, to the other the very same hut the truest hell full of bitter torment. Do you now see how heaven and hell can be together in one spot?

9,9. But of course you will be thinking, ‗so what? Let the domineering one ascend the throne, and he shall be quite capable of protecting peoples and vanquishing enemies!' O yes, this could be so indeed! But where is the yardstick which shall prescribe to him the extent to which he can follow up his dictatorial plans? What shall he do with people who will not bow down low to him? Behold, these he shall have tortured in the most excruciating manner, and a human life will be to him no more than a trodden blade of grass! But what is such a person? Behold, that is a Satan!

9,10. There indeed have to be rulers as well as commanders, but understand this - they must be chosen and called to it by God and in future be descendants of long-anointed kings. These are then called; but let all those beware who would leave their modest hut, hurrying to wrest the sceptre to themselves by all sorts of means! Verily, for him it would be better to have never been born!

9,11. I shall give you another picture of God‘s Kingdom of Heaven: It is exactly like a good soil in which the noblest grapes grow and ripen next to briers and thistles, and yet they both grow in one and the same good soil. The difference lies solely in the application. The grapevine converts it to something good, the briers and thistles to something bad, useless and not enjoyable for any human.

9,12. Thus heaven also flows into the devil as it does into God‘s angels; but each of the two makes different use of it.

9,13. Heaven is also like a fruit tree which bears good sweet fruit. Now various people come under its richly blessed branches who want to enjoy such fruit. Some of them are moderate and gratefully enjoy only as much as is good for them. Others, however, who like the taste of the fruit will not leave anything on the tree but eat it all until the last apple has been consumed, so that the frugal may not later find some more. But they fall ill and have to die while the frugal ones feel strengthened through the moderate consumption of the fruit. And yet both parties had eaten from the same tree.

9,14. Thus heaven is also like a good wine which invigorates the moderate, but destroys and kills the immoderate, and so one and the same wine becomes heaven for one and real hell for the other, and yet it is drawn from one and the same skin.

9,15. Tell Me, friend, whether you now comprehend what is heaven and what is hell?'

Trompet Call of God - The Diviners divine false Visions (June 12, 2010)

Thus says The Lord to all diviners, false prophets and dreamers of dreams, even to all who speak falsely in My name, sharing visions of hell and torment… You shall by no means escape the Day of The Lord’s anger when it comes, for you have caused My people to err! You have led them astray with lies, by many dark speeches! By your false visions have you caused them to stumble into darkness!… Deceptive dreams and delusions brought forth from your own imaginations, all in all doctrines of demons which blaspheme My name and desecrate the truth of who I am!

GGJ02-108 - Relationship of a prophet with God and human beings (Jacob Lorber)

108,7. But woe betide those who forsake a prophet and sometimes in one or the other thing even distrust him, and even greater woe to the persecutors of a prophet. For these will hardly ever come to see God. But whoever lays hands on a prophet shall be punished with eternal fire in the lowest hell. A prophet‘s heart is God‘s and so is his mouth, his hands, feet, eyes and ears. Where the prophet is, there is also God; therefore, you shall enter his dwelling place with deep reverence, for the place where he is standing is holy. That must be observed within the heart, not for the sake of the prophet who is a man, but for the sake of God Who speaks and testifies in the prophet‘s heart.

GGJ02-169 - About spiritual possession (Jacob Lorber)

169,3. The earth is the carrier of two kinds of people. The one and better kind originally comes from above, whereby should be understood the children of God. However, the other and actually worse kind originates purely from this earth; their souls are so to speak a composition of separate life particles, which have been taken from Satan and kept imprisoned in the mass of the earth body as matter, from where they through the plant world progress to the animal kingdom, and finally developing through the many levels of the animal world as a potence, consisting out of countless primordial soul particles, into a world-human-soul who, by means of especially unblessed fatherings, take on flesh in the bodies of women and further, similar like the children of light from the spiritual sphere of the heavens, are born into this world.

169,4. Now, such children, for their whole being has been taken from Satan, are always more or less exposed to the danger of being possessed by any evil spirit, this means by a black soul of a devil of a person who already lived on this earth in the flesh, which especially and quickly can happen if such a young, from the Satan part of the earth taken soul, starts to take on a good and heavenly direction. Because thereby a life portion shears loose from the sphere of Hel, and such action causes the whole of Hel an intolerable pain, why it then does everything to prevent such injury.

169,5. You ask now of course how such action can cause Hel pain; for such a soul, compared to Hel, must be indescribable smaller and less insignificant than one little hair of a whole person. And I say to you that you have judged this correctly; but take the smallest hair on your body and pluck it out and you will become aware that such hair plucking not only at the location of the hair, but that you will feel an intolerable pinching pain in the whole of your body, which would drive you to despair if it lasted for only an hour ongoing.

GGJ02-176 - The disciples’ testimony to Christ, Matthew 16 (Jacob Lorber)

176,13. But Peter noticed My silence, stood up and said: 'Lord, I notice dissension about You even among the brethren! Permit me therefore, for the sate of the brethren to boldly add my own testimony about You!'

176,14. Say I: 'Do so! What therefore do you say?'

176,15. Says Peter, i.e. Simon Judah: 'From the deepest conviction of my heart I say and testify before all the world: You are the Christ, Son of the living God!' (Mat.16:16)

176,16. Say I to Peter: 'Blessed are you, Simon, son o Jonas; not your flesh and blood, but My Father Who is in heaven, has revealed this to you! (Mat. 16:17)

176,17. I furthermore say unto you: you are Peter, a rock; upon this rock I will build My congregation (church), and the portals of hell shall not over come it (Mat. 16:18) And I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven! Whatever you shall bind upon Earth shall also be bound in heaven, and that which you shall loosen upon Earth shall also be loosen in heaven (Mat. 16:19)

176,18. Said Peter: 'Lord, I thank You for such immense grace, for I feel the least worthy, for having been always and still am a gross sinner; but regarding the binding and loosening, I must admit openly that I can‘t understand it and don‘t know what to make of it; may it please You to make the thing more plain for me!'

176,19. Say I: 'This shall with time become completely clear to you; but I strictly forbid you all, for the time being to tell any man, before time, that I am Jesus, the true Christ' (Mat. 16:20)

GGJ02-185 - The angel’s manner of teaching (Jacob Lorber)

185,3. Says Josoe: 'Oh indeed, Lord of infinity; Yourself I can understand more easily than my spiritual teacher! But when same says to me that fundamentally, anger and love are all the same, then everything in me goes topsy curvy, as also when he states that at the deepest level, heaven and hell are all the same! Let whoever will grasp this; this is the most immense contradiction for my intellect!'

185,4. Say I: 'There too the angel is right, and it is so! I shall give you a lucid example, and you are bound to see the thing more clearly, and so hearken unto Me!

185,5. Behold the sun: when on some winter days it feels really pleasant and mild, how it then quickens you; but when upon the African deserts, its glowing ray starts to melt even the white sand and you were to journey in such sunshine, then it would become your hell! Do you understand that?'

185,6. Says Josoe: 'Certainly!'

185,7. Continue I: 'Good, hearken further! After a hot day, night certainly is the exhausted mankind‘s greatest friend and benefactress; but let us permit the benefactress to last just thirty days, and all men shall begin to curse and condemn it! Because such long night would transform the Earth into such numbing freeze up, that ultimately no organic life could persist! Behold, there too, mankind‘s great benefactress once again would become your hell!

185,8. If journeying on a hot day, thirst begins to torment you, and you come upon a rich fountain of water, what heavenly quickening from such quenching from a pure fountain! But deeper down in the valley, the same water has accumulated into a wide and deep lake. Falling in, you find unavoidable death! Behold once more: the very water that had quickened you so celestially upon an alpine road, shall kill you in the deep lake, becoming your temporary hell!

185,9. Furthermore, you enjoy drinking an occasional small beaker of good wine; but drink an entire skinful all at once and the wine shall kill you, once again becoming your hell!

185,10. You are fond of climbing a high mountain, and the extensive views quicken your heart. But let a mountain fall upon you and it will kill you and become your hell once more!

185,11. When on a hot day the wind gently cools your brow, how it quickens your entire soul! However, let it turn into a storm that starts to uproot the trees, shall it still quicken you? Certainly not! For you shall flee for shelter. And so the previously quickening wind shall become your hell again!

185,12. Therefore, in all things, man is given a certain measure according to his strength, being and state. If he remains within, he is in the right order in which God has placed him, and everything which surrounds him, is ‗heaven‘ to him; however, when he in whatever oversteps this order and places a world on his weak shoulders, it will crush him and become hell for him!

185,13. And as such a right measure in all things is for people as it is for spirits a ‗heaven‘; however, too much of the same things is therefore for people as well as spirits a complete hell! - Do you understand that now

185,14. Says Josoe: 'Yes, now of course I understand it well, and it makes me overjoys! - But why does my spiritual teacher not clarify his doctrine, so that I would understand it like that?!'

185,15. Say I: 'This too has its wise reason! If your spiritual teacher were to make everything as lucent as that, you would never reflect on anything, and ultimately achieve no independence; in that way however he makes you think, and independent, and behold, that is the right celestial method of teaching! When it becomes necessary and you shall have achieved the right maturity, then your spiritual guide shall also add lucent images for every doctrine; but you have to beforehand become spiritually active, or you could not possibly ever grasp the deeper truths of celestial wisdom! - Are you now completely in the clear?'

GGJ02-209 - About inner morality (Jacob Lorber)

209,10. Say I: 'The unclear point is: how a normally pure person can through committing a physical sin descend to hell, put things in order and to rest there, eventually returning completely pure.

209,11. Behold, this is quite easily understood, if one knows what is sin and hell, actually, both in particular and general terms! - Hence I shall try to bring these two concepts closer to your comprehension, and hence pay heed with your soul!'

GGJ03-21 - The healing of the five possessed murderer robbers (Jacob Lorber)

21,6. When the five are free they run towards Me, fall on their faces and cry, “Oh, You almighty son of David, since You have already saved us so far, save us from eternal ruin! We do not fear death to the body, but eternal ruin! For in this night we had as well as all our terrible bodily torment also the sight of the torment of the dammed spirits in hell! And we beg You to torment us for our crimes with every thinkable evil for a hundred years in our poor bodies on this Earth – only spare us the too terrible eternal torments and agonies of hell which are indescribably dreadful!”

21,7. That was the language of the true souls of these five in a moment of peace from the devil possessing their body who had to show their hell also in its worst nakedness; but immediately the bad in the bodies of the five come forwards and speak in a thousand voices out of the mouths of the five, “What do you want here, you mosquito-tamer? Do you really want to enter a war with us all-powerful gods? Just try it, and you will fight for the last time! Step back, you wretched one, otherwise we will tear you into tiniest pieces of dust and give you to the wind!”

21,8. I say to this, “With what right have you been plaguing these five people for years? Who gave you permission? Know that this is your last hour! The mosquito-tamer orders you now to leave these five people for ever and to go immediately to your deepest hell!”

21,9. The devils roar and say in a terrible howl, “If your power can force us, then let us rather go into the white ants of Africa; for it is better to be with them than in our hell!”

21,10. “No,” I say, “I have no mercy in my heart for you and yours, because you have had none for those you have killed despite their most desperate pleading; thus now without any mercy or pity, out with you!”

21,11. At my powerful command the evil spirits come out and pull the five down to the ground.

21,12. But I say, “Retreat, you miserable ones! Off to hell with you, and may you receive your reward!”

21,13. But the spirits remain a little and beg for mercy and pity; for their evil is abating.

21,14. I say, “But it is in you to be good, for you have knowledge of good and evil; but your arrogant will is evil and unrestrained and therefore there can be no mercy and no pity! You yourself want to suffer and to be tortured, so suffer and be tortured eternally! For My order lasts eternally and is unchanging, as you well know. But you also know what you have to do to profit from the eternal order; because you use it for your detriment however, so enjoy the damage too, and away out of my sight!”

GGJ03-59 - Good and bad qualities when reprimanding (Jacob Lorber)

59,11. If you want to be true children of God, as you have been called, any reason must never prompt you to commit an act which is not based in all its parts on pure love; there can be no trace of anger, a thirst for revenge or even the slightest gloating in your hearts, for that belongs in hell and not in heaven.

GGJ03-185 - On the nimbus (Jacob Lorber)

185,14. Do you and your dubious temple know better than I why God created the people and how God and man behave mutually?!

185,15. What is that then that you call a nimbus? Look, it is the actual, very worst and most poisonous smell from the very lowest hell with which Satan surrounds his similar, faithful servants so that they stand in a terrible reputation in order to thereby lead many human souls into the kingdom of Satan with little effort!

185,16. But it is written that everything which appears before the world surrounded by this nimbus is an abomination before God!

GGJ03-192 - On the blessing and curse of wealth (Jacob Lorber)

192,3. A great earthly wealth in the hands of such people is a true blessing from the heavens for a whole land; if such people also possess a higher wisdom, they can perform miracles for the true good of humanity.

192,4. But a great wealth in the hands of a greedy person or a usurer is a curse from hell for a whole kingdom; for he seeks only to seize everything for himself at the cost of all people! No misery moves him, neither affliction, nor the tears of poor, deserted widows and orphans. Thousands can be on the brink of starvation before the cold face of a usurer, but he will nonetheless never give anyone a piece of bread to satiate him!

192,5. Therefore I also tell you that the whores and adulterers and thieves and savage murderers will enter the kingdom of God one day, but the soul of a greedy person and a usurer never; for it cannot be corrected and therefore becomes the matter out of which the devils will build their deepest hell!

192,6. A usurer is a true machine of hell, constructed for the ruin of all man, and as such it will remain for eternity the full property of hell!

GGJ05-171 - The nature of Satan and matter. Gospel of Matthew 16:24-28 (Jacob Lorber)

171,1. Here I turned again to Peter in the friendliest way and said, “I have not disparaged you in the least if I have shown you in the sharp speech your human side! Everything that is human in this world in a person – his flesh and its various needs from pure earthly considerations – is under judgment, therefore hell and Satan, who is the epitome of all judgment, death, night and falsehood, for the whole so-called life of matter is merely a phantom-life and of no value at all.

171,2. He who sinks back into some aspect of matter is also Satan, insofar as he seeks his salvation in matter and its phantom-life.

171,3. If anyone wishes to break free of Satan in his flesh, let him deny himself and take up this cross that I already carry in spirit and follow Me! (Mt.16:24) For I say to you: Whoever wishes to save his (earthly) life will lose it (spiritually); but whoever loses his (earthly) life for My sake shall find it (spiritually) ! (Mt.16:25)

171,4. For what will a man gain by winning the whole world with all its treasures while at the same time he loses his soul? Or what can a man give that will free his soul from the bonds of matter, judgment and death? (Mt. 16,26)

GGJ06-33 - Heaven and Hell (Jacob Lorber)

33,1. Says hereupon Philopold: "Lord, I and certainly we all thank You from the bottom of our hearts for this fantastic and most superb clarification about the teaching of the old sages. Yes, now the matter it is evident and clear after sounding like total nonsense before. Sure enough I shall understand and perceive all this only fully when I shall be free of all elements of matter.

33,2. But for now it is enough to see how one can be according to the fullest truth totally outside the notions of time and space while at the same time being within time and space. There is only one more thing I would like to learn from You, namely, the whereabouts of both heaven and the loathsome hell, of which I have also heard and read much. It says: These will ascend to heaven, and those will be cast down into hell. Where and what is the 'above,' and where and what the extremely deplorable 'below'?"

33,3. Says the Lord: "Look, on this chair on which you are sitting, heaven and hell can be firmly side by side here on earth. Yet in the realm of spirit they are separated by an immense chasm. — And furthermore:

33,4. Here, where I am now with you, is the uppermost heaven, meaning 'above,' and here also the deepest and worst hell, meaning 'below'.

33,5. The material whereabouts do not matter, but only the spiritual which, as you have seen, have nothing at all in common with the material whereabouts, for in the realm of spirit only the inner state of life determines the true and genuine distance. There the material-spatial cannot ever be of any significance. To make this even more comprehensible for you, I will give you a few examples.

33,6. Imagine two people sitting here on one and the same chair. One is a pious sage whose bright spirit, full of light, is initiated into very many secrets about the effects of the divine forces in nature. The other is a hardened criminal who rests his limbs on the same chair or on the same bench and lets himself be served, like an honest man, with wine and bread to restore his strength, so that he can all the more easily perpetrate some evil deed once he is again outdoors. How closely together the two men are in a material-spatial sense and how infinitely far apart in spirit!

33,7. On the other hand, assuming that our sage were sitting with us here on this bench and at the same time, somewhere a thousand leagues from here, another, these two like sages would be very far apart materially-spatially, yet in the realm of spirit they would nevertheless be very close together, as is literally the case in My Kingdom.

33,8. From all this it again becomes quite clear that for every good man heaven will be exactly where he is at a given moment, and all the good and pure of his kind will immediately be very close to him. It is not a case of: 'Behold, here or there, perhaps beyond all the stars, is heaven and perhaps somewhere deep down below the earth is hell.' All this does not depend on this time and on this space and, being without any outer pomp like some idle temple ceremony, but within the innermost being of man himself.

33,9. Therefore, as man's innermost is constituted, so will be the world in the beyond which he has created for himself out of himself and in and on which he will then live in either a good or a bad way.

GGJ06-65 - The otherworldly guidance of the souls that incarnated as human beings before Jesus. On the Kingdom of Heaven (Jacob Lorber)

65,1. Said Peter: “Lord, we understand this quite well; but the only question remains: What will happen to those who have lived prior to Your descend, and this from Adam onwards? Can they still attain the true life completion, and how?”

65,2. Said I: “This is of course quite obvious! I have not opened the gates to life for only those currently living on earth, but also for all who have gone to the beyond long ago. And many of the old sinners will have to undergo somewhere another short flesh life trial anew, as I have shown it to you already.

65,3. However, in the beyond there are endless many schools, in which the souls can be instructed in the most practical manner. But of course in the beyond it is not that easily achieved as here, because there a soul has no other world and surrounding as the one, which originates out of her thinking, feeling and will and provides everything to the soul what she loves and want.

65,4. Now, it then apparently is more difficult, to guide a soul favourably, if she is full erroneous perceptions, than here where she is standing on foreign and firm soil and is surrounded by a large mass of likewise totally foreign surroundings. However, nevertheless also in the beyond there exist sufficient means, through which a soul can be influenced fruitfully. But this will be explained to you more closely at another opportunity.

65,5. This however, should serve nobody as a particular consolation; since if in the beyond a soul in herself and thus in her world, becomes more bad and evil rather than better, it goes without saying that in the same measure also her pseudo-world and her society and surrounding becomes equally bad. As the soul in itself becomes more truthless and lightless, so does also her world and her surrounding, which starts to press and torture her. With the increase in torture also her rage and thirst for revenge increases, and this is already the entrance to hell, and is truly a second death of the soul, from which it is very difficult to save her.

65,6. These are of course only pure means whereby a soul over a great length of time can be saved; but they truly look very sad! Since it can cost some arch-evil soul billions of earth years, until she through such agonising means comes to some betterment out of herself. Therefore, one day here on earth is worth more than a hundred years in the beyond, calculated in earth years. - Do you understand this?”

GGJ06-76 - The causes for the decline of human beings. Theocracy and kingship. Last days and Judgment (Jacob Lorber)

76,8. I say to you: For as long not true, pure love and its corresponding humility will order and guide the nations, for as long it will be dark on earth in general. That there always will be some who are in the light, is certain indeed, but those will always be few. Since for as long there exist worldly large and beyond all measure proud and glory searching rulers in the world, for as long in all layers of mankind the seed of haughtiness and rule-addiction will continue to proliferate, and night, darkness, selfishness, jealousy, stinginess, pursuit and betrayal as the true elements of hell will not give way from the ground of this earth until the time of the great judgment, when again I will purify the earth by fire. After such time no king will rule over any nation of this earth, but only the light of God. You will not experience that time in the flesh, but brightly and most clearly in the spirit in My kingdom.”

76,9. Said the innkeeper: “Lord, when, counted in years, this joyful time will arrive?”

76,10. Said I: “This is only known by the Father and after Him it is only known by him to whom the Father wants to reveal it. Until now the Father has not yet revealed it to Me, except that it will happen. But this you all can take as the full truth, that nearly every two-thousand years a large change takes place on earth. And as such it will also take place as calculated from now on. - However, nothing further about that!”

GGJ06-238 - The fights in hell (Jacob Lorber)

238,1. Said the Roman: “Yes, Lord, if this is what hell looks like, then of course no end can be reached in eternity, and the matter looks quite differently as what I have ever imagined it! Such spirits, according to their inner most evil state, are therefore never be able to become inhabitants of heaven?”

238,2. Said I: “Defenitely; even when left thousand eternities under such circumstances, they will never become better, but forever only worse! However, imagine now countless many such spirits, who are filled by nothing else than the most limitless selfishness and the most boundless haughtiness, how they act among each other! In addition, imagine still that they are totally free in the beyond, where no law in any way binds them, and everyone can do what he likes! If you imagine this quite vividly in your soul, you will see an anarchy of which no example can be shown on this earth.

238,3. Everyone wants to be the highest lord; only those who are equally evil and false, gang up against others, who share the same evilness and falseness, and there forever exist quarrels, brawls, wars and mutual mutilation of the most horrific kind. And once the mutilated are collecting themselves again, they really become revenge-greedy and try with their presentations and arts of deception to make themselves noticeable as all kinds of magicians and artists. Once they thereby have acquired quite a large following, then woe those who have mutilated them!

238,4. And as such there exists for every kind of evilness and falseness large societies, who for only a short while stay together in their pretended harmony. Once they have attacked any other society, broke it up and looted them, then everyone wants to be the leader when the loot is divided and thus insists on the biggest share. Thereby the winning society starts to quarrel among each other. First lots are drawn. If one is given the biggest share by a lot, then all kinds of other hellish test are assigned to him, to see if he dares to pass them. Great promises are made to him, even to become king and god of all societies. If he does not want to undergo the trials, he will be given the smallest share of the loot, which already enrages him secretly; if to the contrary, he accepts the trials, he is dreadfully tortured and must tolerate all kinds of abuse and endure the biggest pain.

238,5. Now your Roman proverb applies: Aut Caesar, aut nihil (Either Caesar or nothing!, which means everything or nothing.). He accepts the trials, and once he endured them, he becomes a pro forma king, - however, this honor does not last for very long. Soon mutinies arise and the tortured king is demoted, and a dictator takes his place and promulgates constitution over constitution, whereby each spirit provides for himself as much as possible. This then is not right to those who are served less, and this again produces new conspiracies, which soon leads to an opposing mutiny of a most horrific kind. And in this way, order can never be achieved.

238,6. From time to time also better teachers are send to such broken societies; but they are treated nearly not much differently than the angels experienced in Sodom and Gomorra. The evil spirits want to use them as strong beings, to destroy all their enemies. From this you can see what the betterment of these spirits entails.”

GGJ06-243 - The consequences of the wrong conception of the world beyond (Jacob Lorber)

243,1. Only the Pharisees were not in agreement and the scribe said: “This matter sounds of course quite hopeful; but it does not agree with the concept of an opposite everlasting reward. Since if the good person is compensated for his good actions, for his patience of pain and suffering of all kind, with an everlasting reward, also the malefactor, living in continuous luxury on this earth, should receive everlasting punishment.

243,2. And if one would preach to the people that finally also from hell a redemption is possible, then there will be even more malefactors on earth! Now, the fear for an everlasting punishment in hell, prevents many people from committing evil actions, and the hope for reaching everlasting bliss, encourages people to do good! But if we accept that also the damned have a possible chance to become blissful, then also the good will turn more and more to them, and the pure good will become so scarce on earth like diamonds. This is quite a consolation for a weak heart, - but the feeling for justice is thereby diminished. This is my very straight opinion.”

243,3. Said I: “For you it might be straight, but for Me it is very crooked! If you believe that either hell or heaven are serving as a motivation to prevent people from doing evil and guide people to do good, you are still filled by an utterly wrong believe; for the very evil person laughs about your hell and your heaven, and the very good is good also without your hell and without your heaven. Since heaven and hell as put by yourself, are really suited to make every person as evil as possible.

243,4. Since who does good for only the reward, lends his money against high interest, and who does this, has no neighbourly love and even less so any love for God. For who does not love his neighbour, whom he can see, how can he love God whom he cannot see?

243,5. But lets take away heaven and hell and afterwards look at your devout people! They will begin to rage and rave even worse than an extremely profit greedy broker, for whom his debtor has run away with his loan money; and because they do not have to fear punishing hell anymore, such people can only be restrained by sanctioned world laws.

GGJ08-36 - Where the personal devils are residing (Jacob Lorber)

36,5. And so also already on this Earth, it is unimportant for a pure and out of Me strong soul to know where a little or big dwelling place for personal devils is located, because the pure and out of Me strong soul carries his Heaven everywhere in and with himself, just like the personal devil carries his Hell or his judgment.

36,6. But because we are talking about this subject anyway, I want to show you more precisely the places which are specifically inhabited by personal devils. So listen.

36,7. Look at the people in those public houses and buildings where much deceitful business is carried out like for instance now in the temple and in many other business houses. These are also special habitations for the many personal devils. So also the houses in which all kinds of fornication, prostitution and adultery are committed are also special habitations where personal devils are residing. So also those mountains and holes where people with haste and lust are digging for gold, silver and other treasures of the Earth are places where personal devils are residing in great numbers. So also the forests and holes where thieves, robbers and murderers are residing. So also the army camps and battle fields, the roads of the merchant caravans and the rivers, lakes and seas where a great profitable business is carried out.

36,8. And further, the landed properties and pieces of land, pastures, fields, vineyards and forests of hard-hearted heathens, as well as of the rich, stingy and hard-hearted Jews are special favorite dwelling places for personal devils. And also the air above and in the indicated dwelling places, and the fire, the clouds and the rain, and also all idolatry temples and false oracles.

36,9. Further, personal devils can be found in great numbers where you can see great earthly presentations of pomp and with that the still related pride.

36,10. However, on places that are not inhabited by men and are also not polluted by their sins, the personal devils are not residing, except in the case when a caravan of people, lusting for worldly gain, would travel through it. Because of those people, the personal devils would then soon feel well at home.

GGJ08-162 - The order in the household of God (Jacob Lorber)

162,1. Simon Judah said: “Lord, in view of time, when will this happen on Earth?”

162,2. I said: “Simon Judah, because of your mighty faith I have given you the keys to the Kingdom of God and have called you a rock upon which I will build My church, which will not be conquered by the gates of Hell. You would be a new Aaron and sit on his chair. Yes, you will also be, because you will be, together with your other brothers, a spreader of My word.

162,3. But when after several hundred years this will be known by the heathens, they will claim in Rome that you have established that chair over there. And the nations, who will be forced to it by fire and sword, will also believe those false prophets that you as a first prince of faith have placed this chair of faith in Rome from where you are ruling in My name the whole Earth and its princes and nations. But look, that will be a false chair, out of which much disaster will be spread over the whole Earth, and almost no one will then know where you have placed the real chair, the chair of love, truth, living faith and of life, and who your real successor is.

162,4. Although this chair will stand for a long time, much more than a 1.000 years, but it will not reach the age of 2.000 years. Just count, if you can count.

162,5. When this chair will have become moldered and will have no more firmness, I will return and My Kingdom with Me. Then also you will come with Me to the Earth and will be My witnesses before those with whom we still will find the true and pure faith.

162,6. But at that time also a great purification will be necessary, so that the people will know Me again and will only believe in Me. But about that which I have now revealed to you confidentially you still should keep silent now. The time will come when it will be proclaimed aloud from all roof tops.”

GGJ10-115 - A prophecy of the Lord about the Last Time (Jacob Lorber)

115,9. In the future, until the end of the world, I will send My messengers from the Heavens, so that My word would not be destroyed and would not be too much slandered by the evil children of this world. But they also will be more or less persecuted for the sake of My name, till the time when I will come back as a flash of lightning that from sunrise to sunset will very brightly illuminate everything that does good or bad things on this Earth.

115,10. In that time I will let a big sifting come over the whole face of the Earth, and only the good and pure ones will be saved.

115,11. From this you can see that I always and very faithfully have fulfilled your wish since the very first beginning of men. And I am certainly fulfilling it now, and I likewise will fulfill it until the end of times of this world. Nevertheless, the will of man will remain free, and every person will in every time have to endure the temptation of the life of the flesh, will have to deny all the desires and lusts of the flesh as much as possible, and will have to be humble and patient in everything, in order to truly preserve and complete My Kingdom in himself. For everyone who wants to come to Me, will have to be as perfect as I am perfect, and in order to become like that, I Myself came personally to you in this world and show all of you the way to it.

115,12. So do not let yourselves be blinded and enticed by the world, by its matter and the lusts of your flesh, so that the judgment of the world, its matter and your flesh would not awaken in you, and with that the actual Hell, which is the true, 2nd death of the soul.”

Loveletters from Jesus - Money – Self Reliance… or Me – You must decide! (May 11, 2015)

... Our topic tonight is Money.

Whether you have little or much, money will become a thing of the past swiftly in the days of Tribulation. You WILL be forced at some point to make the decision: will I take the mark touted by the Anti-Christ – Obama and his new administration in order to live/eat/survive? Or will I take the better way?

Let’s look at what each of these decisions will involve.

It will seem logical. Cool. Intelligent. Prudent. “No big deal” once all the various money systems, coins, currencies are in chaos around the world as the world economies collapse. The idea is already in the works: take a simple computer chip in the hand or forehead, and Voila! Open a door, turn on a device, pay for a purchase with the wave of your hand. Once the demons disguised as aliens show up, there will be an issue of allegiance, too. So people will be brainwashed into believing that “they“ are right, but “they” are wrong….and be driven to follow one course or the other.

But the bottom line will be – follow Me or follow satan… No matter how convoluted the package appears.

I have said before that taking the chip into your body will forever seal your fate.

This is the reason: the chip will contain demon “seed” that, once it is implanted into your body, will release another DNA into your bloodstream, and this will begin to permanently change and transform your DNA into what was once called a Nephilim. This process cannot be reversed, and will not be forgiven.

This is why I cry out to you NOW to turn to Me, to give your life over to Me before it is too late. Better to be beheaded and join Me in Heaven and eternity, than to be able to purchase a few crumbs to keep you alive one more day. Rest assured, the powers in charge care not one whit whether you live or die, one way or the other. Their only goal, their only motivation in everything they are doing is to steal, rob, kill and destroy all of humanity, and convert them permanently into citizens of hell. Your life is worth nothing to them, no matter how strong you declare your allegiance to them might be.

Loveletters from Jesus - Why does God allow Suffering? Jesus explains… (June 1, 2015)

“For instance, there are those souls who, had they succeeded in their intended destiny, would have ended their lives going to Hell. But because I allowed an intervention it totally changed the course of their lives. They cannot see it, and so they become bitter.”

But… won’t that bitterness take them to Hell as well?

“It can if someone doesn’t intervene. But, I literally move Heaven and Earth to bring someone across their path that changes their whole attitude, many times at the very end of their lives, when it is their last chance. Not that I don’t try earlier! But some are so hardened and obstinate that it takes facing death to realize their mistake.”

HHG1-SUP - Supplement... (Jacob Lorber)

"H1" signifies hell as a fleshly appendage to the soul; the number "1" stands for the arrogance, tyranny and pride of hell in every person and thus in you, too. Hell is every mortal's closest friend, for it provides him with all the things that flatter his nature and fill it with all kinds of enticements pleasant to his flesh.

If I want to take someone into My Kingdom and educate him for life eternal, I must take his friends too from whom man, as long as he lives on earth, is never able to part completely. Therefore sin, as part of these friends, must appear before My eyes as fully eradicated, for otherwise a further education of your spirit is unthinkable. This means that if I want to preserve you I must with My holy fatherly hands embrace your personal hell too, thus to lift you up to My bosom together with your so far still most intimate friend. - Here you have now the first letter, which so far I had not explained to you for very wise reasons.

The "L" signifies all kinds of passions resulting from the H. That the passions, also as friends of men's sensual nature, must be seized, lifted up by Me and ennobled if man's spirit is to qualify for everlasting life, goes without saying.

"V1" signifies reason coupled with the intellect, as given to the external natural man by the world or hell. It is hardly necessary to point out that this couple ruling the world together with hell is most popular with every human, for he would let go all other things rather than these his best and most intimate friends. Even if a man is sometimes not particularly happy with his other inner world friends, he seldom has any argument with these two.

Loveletters from Jesus - Jesus says… A good Tree cannot bear bad Fruit (October 7, 2015)

So Lord, how do you discern if something is Spirit led and a new revelation of existing Scripture, or if it is doctrines of demons parading as a spirit of light?

At that point I just remembered this Scripture – 1 Timothy 4:1-2 1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. 2 Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron.

And teachers can look and sound good to the average person…but are they sincere and in You, Lord?

Again, I was reminded of 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 13 For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. 15 It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

“And you have just answered your own question, Clare. ‘Their end will be what their actions deserve.’ You will know them by their fruits. Plain and simple. Taste the fruit…is it bitter, corrupt, filled with rancor, criticism, accusation and anger? Or is it Sweet? Peaceable, gentle, kind, peaceful and leading to a deeper relationship with Me…which will always bear the fruit of increased righteousness, cutting off of sin, repentance and a new resolution to live the life I have appointed. These are clear evidences that what is being taught is from Me.”

“A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. Taste the fruit. My Love, you have been with Me and instructed by Me for long enough that you should know all these things, so why do you question?”

Ummmm…so that, after I have preached to others I, myself, will not be disqualified…

“Put away your fears, Clare. You are living the life I have assigned to you. You have My blessing and approval – what more could you want?”

Nothing Lord, absolutely nothing.

“My Brides, I have made discernment easy for you: taste the fruit. Do not reason or argue with your logical minds. You will always miss a point and that can lead to endless inquiries, contradictions and false conclusions. But one thing will always reveal the true nature of a source: and that is – the fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit.”

“Cherish these words, for they will lead you into all truth and keep you from error.”

SSUN2-106 - Consequences of lewdness (Jacob Lorber)

7. Before we give the example, we should make known a few principles that come from the divine order and in which the consequence of every action has been determined from eternity, and in this the cause becomes visible in accordance with the action.

8. The principles are as follows: every action has a correspondent consequence which is determined and sanctioned by God Himself. This consequence is the unchangeable judgment that is connected to every action. So it is determined by the Lord that every action will finally judge itself.

9. However, as only the Lord can be considered as the cause for every good action, so it goes for every bad action. Every bad action has thus also always one and the same cause. These are the doctrines.

10. Now we will explain these with examples. Let us take a fornicator 1). As long as he lived he committed unrestrained and ruthless lewdness 2). Externally no one could see the consequences on him of the evil, for this cannot always be seen on the body. Nevertheless, by his sinful actions this man degraded his spirit entirely as a coarse fleshly material love and by that he materially and spiritually wasted his life’s forces. What is there still left of him? Nothing but the life of a polyp for his soul. He will come into the beyond with nothing else than his sensual, fleshy lust for pleasure. His striving is the same as that of a polyp, meaning continuously lusting in his own way. There is no question of a spiritual guided reaction, because during his life in the flesh the spirit was united with the sensual soul and this up to the last drop.

1 Fornicator: 1) An unmarried person, male or female, who has relations with the other sex; 2) A married man who has sexual commerce with an unmarried woman (adultery). (Christian Post Dictionary).
2 Lewdness: unlawful indulgence in sexual lust.

11. Question: Will such soul in the beyond be still accessible or capable for a higher form of life? He who really wants to know should take out a polyp from the sea and see if he can make it jump in the air. Such task will certainly not succeed, for as soon as he picks up the polyp out of its mud-element and brings it in a dry place in the pure air, the polyp will soon die off, shrivel up, decay and finally dry up and become a loamy clump.

12. See, this is exactly how it is with such lascivious, lustful soul. He is a mud polyp who has only one life awakening desire, namely lusting for pleasure. His whole intelligence is directed towards acquiring this pleasure. What is the consequence of this? Nothing but the miserable and very pitiful condition of the soul himself, namely to ever fall back into a most ordinary and lowest animal condition. And it is now exactly this condition which is called the first Hell. So this is the very natural consequence that has been obtained according to the just order, so that by this forbidden way of acting the soul will finally return to the lower, animal condition from which he was led by the Lord in earlier times along so many stages upward to a free human being.

13. This resulting condition is however kept very miserable by the Lord in view of the lust for pleasure, so that the spirit that is still present in the soul would be able to detach itself more and more from the lewdness. This is the only procedure by which such soul with his spirit can possibly still be saved, for if the soul would be more and more fed, his desire would become ever stronger and then eternally there can be no more question for the spirit to be saved.

14. In the worst case, what is the second consequence of this necessary way of treatment?

15. Listen, since the spirit of such soul was completely one with him, also his entire love has turned to the lust of his soul. Now if he becomes free through the fasting of the soul, he will be offended and hurt because he had to languish by the deprivation of food to restrain his very own soul.

16. Since hr is offended and hurt, the spirit becomes furious and demands compensation. But where can it find this? In the second Hell.

17. Now what is this second Hell? Only the consequence of the first one. And by this consequence the real cause of the first action becomes already visible.

18. Because the anger is nothing else but a fruit of the excessive self-love and this has its roots in the lust for power which is the motivation of all evil, and its home is the third or lowest Hell. How finally a third Hell will develop from the second one and how our students will see and experience all this in practice, we will see next.

TTT28 - Death & Awakening in The Beyond

40. When the spirit of some great sinner departs from this material life to enter the spiritual valley, it is surprised to discover that hell, as it had once imagined, does not exist; and the fire, of which it was previously told, is nothing more than the essence of its works harshly judged by its conscience.

41. That eternal judgment and enlightenment which exists in the midst of the darkness that surround the sinner, will be more painful than the strongest fire you could have imagined. But it is not a torture prepared beforehand as a punishment for the one who offended me. No, this torture originates when one begins to understand his own mistakes, when the spirit begins to feel great sorrow for having offended the One who created him and for not having made better use of its time and of the many gifts it received from its Lord.

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